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Empire: Confused

By Gator




{not all the cubes from Deluthia are the center of attention in this

universe. For days now a single cube has set on Glenda's desk as she tries to

beg, borrow, and steal enough money to make herself rich off of the NB Borrac

Corporation. This story starts with her writing out a company memo on top of the

enemy cube and giving it to her secretary to distribute....}



The NB Borrac Corporation is the only industry on the fourth planet of

Ingessol. The rest of the colony is science and millitary bunkers as Tellat is a

strategically placed planet for the allied defences.

Tellat is a void planet where nothing grows unless it is planted in expensive

imported soil, or the not so effective "bio activated" soil made by the sewage

treatment plant of the only major city, Son Salamos.

The NB Borrac Cormporation sits in the small valley adjacent to the plains

used for starships to land. It's single road dead ends at it's front gate put

there for cosmetics and to keep children from riding their skate boards on one

of the very few parking lots on Tellat.

While the building is not small, it's capacity has been optimized for too

many years and an addition is immenent. The facility of 56 workers is handed the

official memo to declaire the addion will be done "in house" and will take the

least amount of time.

Allen Mitchell sat behind his desk smoking a cup of coffee (both in chain

sequence) reading over the memo. His crew of six maintenance men would NOT be

happy to hear this! He called over the walkie talkies for the brief morning


The six men and two women from maintenance supply came into Allen's office

and sat wherever they could on the mini fridge and book shelves not too

cluttered. "Glenda has handed out the work order to add on to the building. It's

been a long time coming, I've called the contractors and their bids are all too


That brought a whole room of rolled eyes and knowing looks of disappointment.

"Too high for that bitch Bonds!"

Allen just knodded. "Our crew will be in charge of the beams and materials. A

data base of materials should already be in you computer Melissa. You and Kim

make sure we have everything we need." He sighed and presented the paper Glanda

had distributed for every one to read.

"This is an in house job, so that means one of us will have to be grown to do

the crane work." Allen said with his eyes shifting back and forth over the crew.

"In Glenda's plan to minimize cost, there will be a weight annalysis this

afternoon in the cafeteria. Dismissed!!"


Mark and Keith looked at the weight bench with a snarl of sarcasm. "Shit.They

don't need that thing! Kevin is going to get it!" Mark said sitting in his

accustomed booth to eat lunch in peace.

"That boy had more 'roids than the rings of Plasmat IV!!" Keith said

dismissing the weight bench. "I might have to put the BAM on 'em though!" the

middle aged man was in good shape as he flashed his bulge of muscle.

Suddenly Kevin stood next to him and showed HIS bulge of muscle. It made

Keith's arm look like a pencil. Kevin didn't have the ripples of a body builder,

but he was definiately corn bread fed and stout. "Put the bam on 'em eh?" Kevin

grinned as Keith just threw his arms down in defeat. It was no contest.

Glenda came in with her usual anal expression and a clip board. "Okay,

everyone come up one at a time. Donnelly?" she called out. The skinny lady from

accounting came up and just looked at the thing as if Glenda was nuts or

something. But she was made to do a whopping 60 lb bench lift before she could

get on with her lunch.

Keith was next. He put in a good 200 lb lift to even his own surprise. The

lifting went on, but the big event was Kevin going up for a big 310 lb lift.

He'd won. Glenda just wrote it down and went on with her list.

When lunch was over, Rob and Keith and Mark were talking about good pornos'

they'd watched. Glenda got everyone's attention, and announced the "winner".

Mellissa Craig.

Jaws dropped.

"What?!" is all anyone could say.

The explaination was a perfect definition of Glenda's character.

"It's cheaper to grow a 100 lb woman who can lift 180 lbs, than it is to grow

a 260 lb man who can only lift 310 pounds. Melissa, Kim will be doing your job

untill the add on is complete. Come dressed in spandex tomorrow and shoes must

weigh less than 16 ounces. Every one dismissed."

Glenda turned on her heel and left. Everybody was shocked and amazed.

Especially Melissa who was in super shape being a stock clerk and helping on her

dad's farm all her life before moving off world.

"Her? A crane?" Keith grunted.

"Well. Might as well. Cranes don't have to have a brain!" Mark commented just

loud enough for everyone to hear. Everyone giggled as Melissa left the lunch

room confused.


Part 2

Mark had never been so humiliated as when he had to work WITH Melissa the

"bleach blonde bubble head" who could barely fill out an order form without

asking a stupid question.

His cheeks burned as he followed Allen's orders and showed her how the

building was built. He had to talk to her like she had an I.Q. or something.

"You see how each of these steel beams is anchored to the floor?" he showed

the skinny blonde clerk.

"Mmmmhmmm." she knodded and took notes.

"Don't take notes! They won't be big enough for you to see tomorrow!" Mark

wanted to slap the stupid girl, her niave ways were getting to him.

"Well.Goooolllll Mark! I'm tryin' to figure this dern stuff out!" she said

having been picked on all her life, she didn't need lessons on how to argue.

"Okay, whatever. Just pay attention. You hold the beams in the square we

paint on the floor, then we use a hammer drill to make holes for the widgets for

the concrete. Then you hold up a ceiling joist, and we bolt it to the column at

this end while someone in the scissor jack bolts it up at that end."

"Okay, what do I do?"

"You hold the beam for us." He said at his wit's end. She wrote it down. He

smacked himself in the face. She was too stupid to walk and chew gum at the same


"Okay, I got, 'I hold the beam'" she read off triumphantly.

"Yea." he knodded.

"That's it? That's easy!" she smiled at him as if he were just trying to make

it seem difficult.

Mark's collar would have steamed if he were a machine. "Only one

catch. If you drop it, we all die! If you hit one of us with it, we die!

If you screw up and knock something over, like the scissor jack, you cause alot

of destruction, and people DIE!" he was in her face like a drill


She just frowned and looked at her notes again. "Do you want me to write all

that down?" she finally asked at length.

Mark threw his hat and went home for the evening.


Mark called his lawyer and made arrangements for his ex-wife to get nothing

if he get's killed. He had it all left, instead, to his mom who didn't need the

money, but Mark began to see tomorrow as a suicide mission. He decided to wear

tennis shoes instead of steel toes.

If he was on his toes, it would get him out of the way of anything that steel

toes just won't stop.

Glenda had the maintenance crew unload the huge rented "sizer" off of a flat

bed truck with a big fork lift. It was four big pads they set up in the parking

lot next to the concrete pad that would soon be the addition to the building.

The control unit was a big panel with an equally huge power cable that had to be

run directly to the switch gear panel inside the building for the huge amp draw.

The skinny boss lady stood next to the cabinet guarding it like a hawk. She

had the one key it took to operate the thing (since she would be footing the


Melissa finally came out of the building wearing spandex pants and shirt like

ordered. She'd weighed her formal slippers on the shipping scale to confirm they

were less than 16 ounces. She was ready.

Another big lumbering 20 wheeler came rumbling up the road with a flatbed

full of steel beams.

"Want us to unload the steel?" Allen pointed at Keith on the forklift.

Glenda just looked at him, then looked at Melissa. "No. Melissa. Stand there,

then go unload that truck." she ordered the skinny blonde.

Melissa stood in place and waited. After a few moments, Glenda had the

simplistic machine figured out and doing a self check of the power connections.

When she threw the switch, a huge amount of power began to surge through the

system. The power cable going into the building began to writhe as if it were a

snake. The unit began to hum louded and louder as the power banks of the unit

built up to the demand of the system.

As if it were a mirrage, Melissa began to shimmer and grow, and grow , and

grow! Her shoes touched all four of the huge pads as her head dissapeared above

the curviture of her breasts.

"Puts her at about 40 feet. That's optimum size for her weight." Glenda said

powering down the unit and dropping the key into her bra cup.

"Safer than fort knox." she patted her tit looking at Allen.

Mark rolled his eyes. "Safer than a penny under a pile of shit." he scoffed

and walked closely to the building as Melissa looked at the truck unsuredly.

The metal beams were only a little longer than she was tall. She tried to

pick one up, and it bent in her hand.


up at the giantess. She just frowned at her mistake.

"Sorry." she tried to bend the metal back down, but it was no use.

Even Glenda seemed to see it was a disaster if Melissa didn't behave

correctly. "I'll take that out of your pay if you ruin anything else! You have

liability!" she yelled up at the blonde giantess. Melissa just gulped and

watched as the burly little trucker got out and began to unband his load.

Melissa was forced to just stand there and do nothing as if she were an

inanimate crane. People were talking all around her, but she wasn't let in on

any of their conversations. She felt more like a piece of meat now than when

she'd been a topless dancer in college!


"It's too close to the Dravo air handlers!" Allen griped about the way Glenda

proposed they build the building.

"You said it would cost $2000 extra credits to get a trough for the rain

water!" the wiry woman was a bitch and a half today.

"But it's worth it when you want to cool the building in the summer. Or else

we'll have to move the air handlers so their intakes will have enough room."

"FINE! FINE! You just stay under budget, or you're fired!" Glenda frowned at

Allen one last time and went back to her air conditioned office. The maintenance

crew got ready. Soon Melissa had her first beam off of the truck and the flange

set in place on the sqare they'd painted on the floor where it went.

"Allright! You heard the lady. The faster we get done, the better chance we

got at keepin' our jobs. Let's hustle!" Allen picked up a hammer drill and box

of widgets. In a few moments the first beam was set and bolted to the ground.

Melissa was instructed on which way to hold it to keep it level.

Next the joist that went from the beam to the building was set in place.

Melissa had to hold up the heavy end untill Mark had the bolts through the

holes. He looked up at her face. "A little higher! Just a little higher!"

"I can hear you." Melissa said pouting a bit. She picked up and Mark got the

first bolt started and quickly put the impact wrench to it to tighten it quickly

with a metalic whir. With the height of the ceiling, Melissa was having to hold

the beams a little less than shoulder height. She began taking the rest of the

metal off of the truck as the morning turned to day all around them.

The sun didn't come out.

Mark was in charge of the laser level next. He stared through the scope and

looked at Melissa holding the beam level. "Left! Left!" He yelled up to her. She

held it a bit more to her left.

"NO! MY LEFT!" Mark barked.

Melissa just corrected and soon Allen had the holes drilled and the widgets

in place. Keith impacted the nuts on and the second pillar was in place. It was

going smoother than planned.

"Break!" Allen finally called and they all walked in the building.

Except Melissa.


They flopped down in the booths and took a breather. "Damn. I'm practically

giving them work today." Keith complained.

"Hey, I'm just glad I don't have to pay them to work here!" Mark said with

enough sarcasm to coat the walls.

"Allright already. This'll all be over in a couple of days. Three tops."

Allen said wolfing down a double cheese burger out of the vending machine.

"The way that cum burping gutter whore Glenda talks, we'll be done before we

go home."

"If she's a whore, she's gonna starve." Keith and Rob didn't even have the

energy to talk about pornos or sports. It was damn tiring work.

Mark looked out the hole in the wall that would be the new door to the new

building. All he could see was Melissa's hip and knee from his angle.

"Hey, what about her?" he asked drinking a tall cold root beer.

"What?" Allen was ready for a few bags of chips to settle his burger.

"What will she get to drink?" he asked.

Allen just rolled his eyes and they were at it again. Hand over fist.

Assholes and elbows. Another twenty posts and ceiling joists went up. Another

truck of steel came and Melissa unloaded the beams and covered them with a


"That's it for the steel. The roofing material comes tomorrow." Allen said

counting the beams himself. "Hey?"

Allen caught Mark staring.

"What are you looking at?" Allen punched Mark in the arm. He'd been staring

at Melissa's ass as she'd bent over and grabbed a beam to hold upright.

"Nothin'." Mark shrugged and found something elso to look at for a while.

"Heh. Whatever. I just suggest, if you get a piece of that, you wait 'till

Glenda wave's her magic wand. I wouln't want ya to fall in. HAR HAR HAR!!!"

Allen laughed so hard at his own joke he began to cough and mumble to himself as

he went back toward the building for "pre-lunch" break.

"Okay, okay. BREAK!" He called. Everyone again, went into the building.

Except Melissa. "Hey, what do I eat?" Melissa looked at the retreating men


"Didn't you pack a lunch?" Allen scoffed and went to his hoagie sandwich

stash in his office fridge.

Mark shrugged and went to Glenda's office on his way to the break room.

"Lunch break, Melissa's hungry." he said in the door. He didn't stay to watch

her reaction. But he was sure it was something she hadn't planned on.



Part 3

When they came back from lunch, Melissa was talking with Glenda.

Okay, nobody talks to Glenda.

Melissa was arguing with Glenda about lunch.

Finally something was resolved and Glenda went storming into the building.

The guys all took their

positions and drug the many extension cords to the new half way done part of the

building's skeleton.

Glenda came marching back out with a sandwich in her hand. That was it. Bread

and ham. Nothing else. She

put it on the dirty ground of the parking lot and grew it to Melissa's

proportions. A giant hand picked up

the four foot by four foot sandwich and hoisted it to the sky. Within moments

the huge sandwich was

devoured by the enourmous mouth.

"They say a woman's twat is twice as big as her mouth." Rob whispered to Mark

in low tones. Mark just

gulped. It was really getting to him seeing the stock room girl like this,

bubble headed or not.

"I'm thirsty too..." Melissa said down at her ankle high boss. Glenda looked

ready to explode as she sternly

put the key back in her bra cup.

"NO! It's too costly!" she shook her fist. "I'll take it out of your pay.."

she threatened again.

"She can drink water. Get a grip!" Mark barged past Glenda toward the outside

fire hose cabinet.

He handed the end of the hose to the enormous blonde and turned on the valve.

Soon Melissa was gulping

down gallons and gallons of water greatfully.

"Thanks a million Mark." she said holding the hose away from her mouth and

accidently soaking Glenda

with it's powerfull spray.

Mark hurriedly turned the valve back off as the skinny boss lady got soaked.

(but not too quickly)


At quitting time, the whole team was ready to go home. Keith and Rob pulled

everything into the big hole in

the wall and left the skeletal structure of the new building bare. The skeleton

was done before they left.

Allen yelled at Glenda as she walked by on her way out. "Hey, come shrink

Melissa so we can go home."

The prudish woman walked right up to the edge of the large hole and shouted

back. "She's staying grown

until she's done!"

"How could she have gotten done today if the material doesn't come in 'till


"Do you want to quit?! Is that what you're saying?!" Glenda yelled up at


"Uh, no. No. I gotta keep my job to pay for my car." Melissa implored. Glenda

just gave Allen the Glenda

glare and went home.

Allen looked up at the giantess and shook his head as he dicided to call it

quits for the evening.

Melissa watched all the cars leave out of the parking lot except for hers.

She picked it up like a big toy and

put it on the concrete pad with her. She tried to get her radio to play, but was

discouraged when her nail

broke the tiny plastic knob off. She slammed the door with her finger and

slumped against the side of the


She was surprised when the metal buckled inward. She was near hysterics

trying to bow it back out without

doing any further damage. She hoped no one would notice the crease in the sheet

metal wall. She bit her

knuckle and layed on the concrete, at least it didn't give under her weight.


Mark took a shower and sat at his trailor for about two hours. It was burning

him up the way Glenda treated

people. He asked himself what he would have done if she'd treated Kevin that

way. "Busted her in the lip

and threaten to quit!" he told himself.

He didn't like Melissa's whining or ditzy ideas in the least. But he hated

Glenda even more. The way the

woman acted made Melissa look like an angel! He gritted his teeth as he

visualized Melissa lying in the

parkinglot. She'd be there the next morning. He didn't like it one bit.

Mark propped his feet up on the table and tried to go over his thoughts when

a streak of lightning outside

signaled a thunder shower. He looked out the window as the clouds rolled in.

Melissa was way to big to fit in even the big hole in the building. She'd be

stuck outside in the miserable

rain with no dinner at all.

He crushed the beer can in his hand as he visualized bashing Glenda in the

face with a brick.


Melissa just sat on the concrete as the rain began to fall.

She looked at the sky and her face became so wet her black eye liner began to

run. She promised herself she

wouldn't cry. It was better to just get this over with without being sad about


But she couldn't help it.

The head lights of a little truck nearly scared her silly. It came to a halt

beside her car and Melissa could see

it was Mark by the street lamps surrounding the parking lot. He was toting a few


"Mark! What are you doing?" Melissa asked as he went straight to the 'sizer'

and began to rig a key with a

small device. It began to power up and Mark grew the pile of things he'd

brought. Suddenly it was a big pile.


"Quick. Put this over the trusses!" he indicated a tarp he'd brought made of

light weight nylon.

Melissa took it as if it were a bed sheet and quickly she had a tent made of

steel beems and nylon. The next

item was Mark's wooly winter coat. It was a trench coat made for the arctic.

Melissa made a handy bedroll

out of the oversized comfortable coat. It was thicker than a sleeping bag!

"Ha! Dinner!" Melissa's eyes went wide as she saw an apple and peach and a

16oz Coke in the brown paper

bag he had grown. "Oh, but Mark! Glenda is going to be sooo mad!"

"She's got the key. She'll think the higher power bill is because of the work

we're doing." he shrugged it off.

Melissa looked at him with big greatfull eyes as he took shelter on the concrete

pad with her in her "tent".

"I don't know what to say..." she began to eat the apple and felt her hunger

pains going away. The warmth

of the thick wooly coat beneath her was a million times better than the cold

hard concrete.

"Well. You ought to have your hubbie come out her and camp out with 'ya." he

said feeling he'd done his

good deed for the decade.

"Ha! Donnie said if I even tried to come to our house, he'd shoot me dead."

"Huh? I thought you and your husband got along?" Mark said confused.

"Got along? His idea of getting along is smacking the hell out of me when he

feels like it. I don't blame him."

she savored the taste of the cold Coke. She had needed some caffene all day.

"Wha? You mean he's not gonna come out here and give you any company?! You

look like you could use


"I sure could! But, Donnie absolutely despises the fact that I was grown

today. I thought he was going to

leave me when I told him I had to do it. I don't want to be so big, but

everybody hates me for it." she said

solemnly. She then gave Mark a feint smile.

"I guess you're my only friend in the world, but I didn't even know it! I

thought you hated my too." she said

placing the seven foot half empty plastic container of Coke beside him. He

stepped back from the enormous


"I was thinking, well, I hate how Glenda treats people!" he said frustratedly

balling his hands into fists.

"The more I thought about you out here by yourself.. why..." he kicked a 2X4

block across the floor as he

thought about it more. Suddenly his head was struck by something... wet and


Melissa had puckered up, and kissed his whole head with her giant lips. He

looked up and saw her face still

mere inches from him. Her face was as big as the face of a van, only a whole lot

prettier. He'd never noticed

that her lips and eyes were too big for her face. It made her large blue eyes

seem like Japanise Animae now

that each of them was over a foot wide!

"I'm sorry. I should have asked first." Melissa said looking at his lip stick

smeared forehead. Mark reeled as

he looked up into her beautiful eyes. She wore a slight smile for just him.

"You don't have to appologize. I was wondering how was going to ask for a


"HA! But, I'm not even a girl now. I'm a monster. I'll kiss you when I'm a

girl again."

"Huh? You're no monster. I... I like you like this." he said. His erection

came as a surprise to both of them.

He kept looking at her hard nipples bulging from her spandex top. Her braless

breasts were huge now and

he was dying to see them.

Melissa just grinned. "I'm afraid I'd hurt you, but you can come sleep with

me, if you want?" she offered,

patting her belly and laying back on the thick down of the coat. Her torso was

as big around as a van as he

dared climb up her leg and walk to her belly.

She grinned and layed on her back. Her giant hands came up and each was the

size she 'used' to be. The

long nails were as big as long as two liter Coke bottles. Each of her fingers

was as big as his leg. He was

drug to the valley of her satellite dish sized boobs. Her heart was a booming

base drum as her hands began

to give him the rub down of his life with her delicate finger tips.

"Let me know if you don't like it." she said. Her voice had the bass of her

massive chest beneath him. His

whole body vibrated with her voice. He was snuggled in the warm ultra soft down

of spandex and boobs

bigger than fat women!

"No, this is fine. As a matter of fact. This is better than I'd thought!" he

patted her left boob to test the

firmness. Her warm hands kept him patted down. It was like getting a message

from ten gentle body builder

women. Any one of them could squash him, but each was being light and soothing.

He quivered when his first orgasm caused him to ski off in his underwear. He

hadn't done that since his first

date in high school! It was so embarassing he didn't say a word as he layed in

her warmth.


Melissa held him gently and her wrists were brushing her turgid hot nipples.

She bit her lip as she had an

orgasm cradling the warm caring man between her bosoms. She felt so guilty, she

just kept quiet and kept

patting his Ken doll sized body.


Giantess Stories: Empire

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