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The Stone


Just A Guy


English class was a bitch

Scott sat in the back of the class with his other male friends. Together they

all endured the hell of sophomore honors english class. There was nothing more

annoying then the papers they had to discuss among themselves instead of

discussing how they might spend the weekend. One thing made it worthwhile for

Scott, however. Nikki. Nikki wasn't the most popular girl, nor was she the

prettiest. She was just right for Scott. She was in the highschool class of

girls who are all cute and do the cute girl things. Very cute. Scott would

constantly stare at Nikki, at her breasts, her angled dancer's body, and of

course, her feet. She had the cutest feet he'd ever seen. They weren't large,

but they weren't petite. They looked as soft as silk. Each toenail was pedicured

perfectly, no extra toenail, just enough to show on top of her toes. What

angered Scott the most was winter. Nikki always came in wearing clunky mary

janes or sometimes, on the rare occasion, thick, soft socks and adida's sandles.

You could still see the outline of her toes and the graceful arch of her sole.

Scott was mesmorized.

Outside of class he went to the Assistant Principle's office to discuss why he

got a detention for being late. It wasnt fair, he couldnt get out of his

driveway this morning. Living in the 'boonies' section of the town meant the

plow hits your house last, if at all. Afetr lot's of bickering, he still had to

go to detention, which gave him less time to spend on his Geometry Project,

which was due the next day. Furious, Scott stormed from her office and turned

the corner to go to history.

That's when he heard a whisper.

'Hey Scott, c'mere and look at this'

Feeling rebellious against school, he followed a dark clothed figure into the

girl's bathroom. There he found a circle of 'Goths'. They were huddled around a

pile of green, glowing rocks.

'What the...'

'Shh, dont talk,' one Goth said, 'just listen. This is our secret order. Here,

in this bathroom, we make these special stones. We hate the world, and we hate

men. We know the world would be better when the women have more confidence. They

need to express it. These rocks will help us achieve our goal.'

Meanwhile, Scott, not really paying attention, was staring at the open toe

section of one of the Goth's shoe. The girl smiled

'This was a good find, girls. He'll be sold on this too easily'

'So what do you say Scott? You help us out, and you get to have your fantasies

come true. This rock here, for five dollars, will make your wildest dreams


Scott looked at the stone for a few seconds, and was mysteriously drawn to it.

He gave his five dollars to the girls (all whom giggled maniacally) and left

with the glowing green stone in his hand.

'Be careful what you wish for, little Scotty!' was the last reply from the


Heading to History class, Scott stopped at his locker to get a better look at

the rock. It stopped glowing. He noticed now he probably wasted his money on

some trick piece of crap. Angry once again, he grabbed his books and headed to

room 105. Looking through the window of his class, he saw the most popular girl

in school pulling her sock up over her ankle. Scott got an immediate hard on,

his hormones flaring. He silently wished in his head that he were small enough

to see that foot and toes better. That's when the stone in his pocket felt warm.

He pulled it out, and it was glowing madly. He got a dizzy head and staggered to

water bubbler. Yet when he raised his head from its downward slump, he slammed

his head


He looked up in fear as the bottom of the fountain grew larger and larger, yet

getting farther away. He soon realized what had happened. He was now 2' tall.

He started to his history class, thinking if he got someone's attention, maybe

they could help him. On his way over the hallway, he was amazed out how

effortlessly he used to walk across this hall, now it was a long run. Reaching

the doorway and sliding underneath, he was greeted by a fearful sight. Dozens of

pairs of shoes were infront of him, mammoth sized. That's when he realized,

maybe he didn't want to be helped, and remembered his wish.

He ran to the pair of sandles he knew only too well. He saw the pinky toe of her

foot through her sock, about the size of chest. His hormones raged as he came

closer and closer. He thought he would notice a smell, but it was a sweet,

perfumed smell. He loved it.

Noticing the little pegs that elevated her foot from the bottom of the sandle

(the common design of the shoe) he wished himself small enough to fit between

them. This time, he was not so dizzy. He actually kept his balance, and found

himself staring at her big toe, from inside her sock, only this time it was the

size of a tow truck (no pun intended) He slipped between the pegs in the shoe

and looked way up at her socked sole, suspended this time over the bottom of her


That's when he heard the bell ring

That's when the sole came crashing down

That's when two of the pegs crisscrossed across his body from her weight,

pinning him to the bottom of the shoe.

His face was greeted with the bottom of her socked foot, and his nose was

pressed into her foot. He now noticed a smell, this one wasn't perfumed. It was

of a sweaty, smelly foot. The girl gathered her books and swept from the

classroom, not knowing there was a little man beneath her smelly foot.

'Oh well,' thought Scott

'Looks like I'm not going to detention today'



The ride to the girl's locker made Scott so sick he nearly threw up. Finally

there, the girl turned to her boyfriend who just arrived. She leaned up to kiss

him on tip toes, and as she did, ground her foot further into Scott's face,

burying his nose deeply in the sock. Scott was pinned still by the pegs of her

sandle that he couldn't reach his rock to change himself back. His entire vision

was covered by this white, smelly fuzz being pressed into his face.

The girl walked out to her car, still unaware of little Scott's presence. Scott

didn't know she had a car, nor did he know she drove with the foot he was

trapped beneath.

Before he knew it, Scott's face was slammed into the sole of this girl's foot.

The pressure on his face was intense. His nose only stayed intact because of the

thick sock the girl wore on her foot. For what seemed hours, Scott was forced up

against this girl's smelly foot, unable to move.

Finally at the girl's house, she walked straight into her room and kicked off

her sandles, causing Scott to go flying. Luckily he landed in the cup of one of

her bras. Fishing for the rock in his pocket, Scott wished himself 3' tall,

enough to climb out of the bra and still stay unnoticed. It was then he saw the

girl's socks lying on the floor, the same socks he was under. In the distance he

heard the girl on the phone planning to have movie night at her house. Scott

slowly walked to the opening of the girl's sock. It was like walking towards a

dark cave, where something of a horrible stench laid inside. Scott pocketed his

rock and stepped off the girl's carpet and onto the edge of her sock. He got

down on his hands and knees and lifted the opening wide so he could fit under.

As soon as he let go, however, the top collapsed on him and he was left in

smelly darkness. Dizzy from the smell and struggling furiously to lift the top

of the sock, Scott crawled in what direction he thought to be the opening.

'Ok, I'll come and pick you up'

The girl's voice boomed through Scott's head and he wished sorely that she would

choose a clean pair of socks. No such luck. It was then he realized that he was

against the toe section of the sock, for as it was lifted effortlessly in the

air, he fell a short distance before landing softly and safely in the toe

section. What Scott saw next would never be cleared from his mind, nor nothing

he ever believed he would imagine. The sock began to move, and a sound similar

to sandpaper echoed through the smelly cavern. Finally a pink boulder came into

view, the size of his entire body. Next to it were 4 littler ones, and they were

coming straight at him! Realization struck Scott like a brick, yet instead he

was struck by a massive toe, carrying him like a QB sack into the bungee toe

section of the sock and pressing him there. Her toe was sweaty and slippery, and

when he hit the end of the sock his face thrust forward, pressing his nose deep

into the girl's smelly toe. The sock pulled tight against his back and he was

forced face up, face directly beneath her big toe, his own feet reaching the

ball of her foot. It was then he heard the girl scream, ripping the sock off her

foot and throwing it against the wall. Scott hit drywall hard, knocking him

almost unconsience.

'Oh my god there's something in my sock, Holly, I swear.......I can't look in

there are you crazy? What if it's a spider?.........Dump it in a jar? Ok....But

it was big, Holly, like 3'! I swear!'

Scott, hearing this, scrambled, with a terrible headache, only further into the

toe section of the sock. Within no time his world was shifted upside down, and

he tumbled out into a jar. He hit the cold glass of the jar with a thud, hurting

his back horribly. There must be something special about this rock keeping him

alive, but he could durely still feel pain. He looked up and attempted to focus

on two planets in the air, and between them a nose. Scott jumped up screaming

and backed into the back of the jar.

'Oh my god its...' the girl was about to scream the boy's name, yet she paused,

and a strange look came over her. 'It's just a spider, Holly, I'll empty him

outside, if you insist. Honestly I don't know why you want to keep these things


She hung up the phone and looked into the jar, looking horribly distorted from

Scott's view. 'You're Scott aren't you, from history class? What happened to

you, and why....' she paused, and she made a mock angry face, lowering her


MAN, YOU NEED TO BE TAUGHT RESPECT!' Scott couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Looking up, he saw a manicured hand reach towards him as a toy claw reached down

for a prize. She scooped up little Scott hard, knocking him upside down. His

pants fell off during his journey up, and the girl merely laughed at his tiny

erection 'No wonder you have no girlfriend, tiny! Now I have to go pick up Holly

for tonight, and I think you'd want to come with me, am I right?' Scott shouted

and protested until his lungs were sore, but she heard none of his futile

efforts. 'Sounds good to me too, little man! If you insist.' She grabbed her

smelly pair of socks and held him over the opening.

'You're in for a big night tonight little man, all my friends are coming over

and they would love to know you better!'

He was dropped in the opening of the sock, and down he fell, free falling until

finally hitting the bottom of the sock, bouncing up again. Her foot quickly

followed, and once again he was pressed against her foot. The smell was

incredible, and he was easily poked and prodded by the toes until he was snuggly

scrunched in her toe crevice. She squeezed her toes a few times, crushing Scott

in their smelly embrace.

'Enjoy the ride, little Scotty!'

With that she shoved her sandle on and bounced down the stairs, each time

slamming her toes into his face. As she reached her car, Scott felt down for the

rock. His stomach drained, and he became only more vunerable to the girl's

smelly confines of the scrunched up toes. He remembered, his rock was in his




Once again Scott found himself pressed into the foot of the most popular and

beautiful girl in school, only this time, he did not enjoy it. Being under her

smelly bare foot inside a sock was uncomfortable, but at least air came in

through the sock, and Scott could breathe fairly well. However, the girl now

knew there was a tiny man under the crevice of her toes, and occasionally she

would mash her toes down, pressing Scott's little body deeper into giant smelly

flesh. 'There's something different about having a little man in your shoe than

a pebble,' the girl thought silently, 'I can feel him squirming beneath my toes,

and there's nothing he can do, he is completely at my mercy. This will be a fun

night indeed!'

Arriving at Holly's House, the girl got out of her car and stomped to Holly's

door. Each stomp reminded Scott of where he was, and how terrible he felt there.

He would expect to be crushed to a pulp, but the stone somehow kept it's anti

crush effect. While waiting for Holly to come out, the girl rocked back and

forth on her toes, and little Scott's face was pushed deeper into the crevice

between her big and second toe. The smell was horrifying, and since it was

winter, there was no heat, he was actually getting cold. Holly eventually came

out, and off they went in the popular girl's car.

'Holly, could you drive, I think I have a pebble in my shoe,' the popular girl

smiled, and although Holly looked puzzled, she had no car of her own and agreed

to any chance to drive. Once on the road, the popular girl lifted her foot onto

her lap and took off her sock and sandal. Holly noticed her catch something that

fell from between her toes, and she could have sworn it moved.

'Hey Erikka, what was that, I swear I saw something there,' Holly said, actually

having excitement growing inside her. When Erikka gave her a smile, slight and

sneaky, Holly returned the same look. At first Erikka was taken aback, but then

they burst out laughing.

'Oh my god, no way, you got one too didn't you?' Erikka choked through fits of


'Oh yeah, you know that dweeb I kept talking about from Physics? I found him,

about 4' tall, and he fell from my breasts when I changed bras. Little shit

must've hid there!'

'Oh wow, where is he now?'

'Erikka, didn't you notice I'm wearing the same sneakers I wear for jogging and

cheerleading? The ones Dan won't go near because he said they smell so bad? He's

having a little 6-way party with five of my friends!'

The girls threw back their heads and laughed maniacally

'Who's the dweeb?' thought Scott from between the soft, pink manicured fingers

he was ensnared in. He had a friend, Tom, who always talked to him about a girl

who always made him do her homework just so she would slip her bra down the

slightest bit. This was a good friend of Scott, and he hoped it wasn't Tom.

Back at Erikka's house, Holly came inside and immediatley sat in front of the

fire, feet closest to the flames.

'Hey Scotty, guess who Holly brought? You're little friend! He can't come out to

play, though, he's occupied in a meeting!' Erikka giggled and dangled Scott from

her thumb and forefinger. 'Look down, Scotty! Like what you see?'

As Scott looked down, his stomach flew up. He was looking into the impossible

depths of Erikka's nylon. Only this one had a spot in the toe section. A dark

spot. Meaning these were nylons that hadn't been washed, and probably smelled

like hell. Sure enough, Erikka let go of Scott, and down he tumbled, like

falling down a flexible slide. When he hit the bottom his body bounced back up,

and finally rested directly on that dark spot, his face directly in the webbing.

He struggled to get up, but such was impossible. Erikka was slightly swaying the

toe section of the nylon, taunting the little man.

'Watch out, little Scotty, here come your friends! Boy, they need a shower,


Scott could only look on in horror as once again, the five headed monster came

rushing towards him. It seemed like slow motion, despite the fact Erikka was

making his endurement slow and painful. First his legs were pinned by her big

toe, like a giant rubber raft slamming on his knees. Slowly the toe dragged up

his body, and hovered mere centimeters from his face. It was like a staring

contest between Scott and and her toe. One guess who won. Her toe, without

warning, slammed into his face, his nose buried in it's smelly flesh, his eyes

pressed closed and his mouth pryed open. He was thrust to the back of her nylon

with the force of a raging bull, and the pressure on his face only increased as

Erikka pulled the nylon close against her foot and his back, pushing him deeper

into the soft, wrinkled sole of this beautiful goddess.

'Holly, how's Tom doing,' Erikka giggled and positioned Scott's lower body under

her toe crevice.

'I think he's all warmed up for a night of fun!' Holly laughed and kicked off

her sneaker. Cold air brushed Tom's back as light streamed in from behind. For

hours Tom's body had been pressed far into the soft, tanned arch of Holly's

foot. As she removed her sock, Tom actually stuck to the bottom of her foot. He

shivered lightly as the cold air swept his back, drenched in Holly's foot sweat.

Her arch was moist, and gallons of sweat now completely saturated Tom's little

body. His glasses were gone and broken, but there wasn't much to see, especially

when your eyes are squishy with foot sweat.

'Aw, look at the little nerd shiver!' Holly cooed, and as she flexed her foot,

Tom glided down a few inches towards her heel. With another squelching scrunch

of her sole, Tom slid off her heel and onto her sock on the floor.

'Wow, you really like my feet don't you?' Holly teased, with mock surprise.

The girl's started talking, and Tom crawled off Holly's sock and onto the floor.

He cautiously approached the foot on the floor in front of him in which his

friend was imprisoned. He yelled up to Scott. With great effort, Scott turned

his body until he could see Tom.

'OO, I know, I just love how he squirms under my foot!' Erikka giggled,

squeezing her toes together and mashing Scott's head.

'Scott, you okay?' Tom asked his friend.

'You look worse, Tom.'

And indeed he did, his normally oily hair was pressed flat against his head,

drenched in Holly's foot sweat. When Tom talked, foot sweat sputtered from his

mouth and dribbled down his wet shirt and pants.

'How the hell can it get so hot in there?'

'Look we gotta get out of here. You got a stone right?' Tom nodded 'Ok, use it

to grow, kick the shit out of these bitches, and run upstairs and get mine. Its

in my shrunken pants in a jar on her....what, why are you shaking your head?'

'Scott, Holly knows about my stone. She saw me shrink and kicked it out of my

hand. It's somewhere in my guidance counselor's room. She got me when I shrunk,

but couldn't find the stone. I-I...was hoping...y-you had one....'

Both boys nearly cried, but instead they heard the final fragments of the

conversation between Holly and Erikka.

'Yeah, the other's will be here in an hour or so, I can't wait to show them

these little guys' Erikka said, shaking in excitement. 'I wonder how they got

like this?'

'Oh I know, they have these little green stones that can do as they wish with

them. Apparently there are different stones for different things. For example,

little Tom here can be crushed, cheap bastard must've bought a shitty stone.'

Holly glared at her little man.

'Hmm...I wonder why I can't crush little Scotty,' Erikka said with mock wonder.

'Oh I know, he must've paid for the upgraded stones!' She clapped her hands in


'Well why doesn't Scott just use his stone to grow back to normal?'

'Why doesn't Tom?'

'Tom's is lost, I kicked it away and it went in Susan Locosta's office, you

know, from guidance'

'Then I know where Scotty's must be, and I think there's more to his stone then

he knows.'

Erikka looked at her ceiling, apparently able to see Scott's pants pocket

through the ceiling. Only this time, the rock wasn't glowing green, it was

glowing red.



Erikka jumped up off the hearth and slid her feet into fluffy white slippers. As

Scott was face down against her nylon, he watched from the inside as his whole

world was being rushed to this new dark cave. While the last bit of light left

his vision, Scott could clearly see five dark spots in the back of the slipper.

He knew he'd be meeting these spots in a short time.

The last thing Scott wanted was a broken nose, so quickly as possible he

squirmed and shifted beneath Erikka's monstrous toes. She scrunched down with

him, catching his face and squealing in delight. He managed to get his face in

the space between her big and second toe before her foot began it's slide along

the roof of the slipper, making a noise like sandpaper on cloth. The air was

getting more stale and the area left in the slipper was rapidly decreasing. Not

knowing when he was to hit the bottom of the slipper, his back was brushed by

the furry sole and soon after was pressed into it. As Erikka stood up, she

spueezed her toes, causing Scott to get a few drops of foot sweat on his face.

The heat was beginning to rise in the small area, as Erikka decided it may be of

no harm to wave her foot near the fire a few times. Soon she could feel her toes

were moist and could slide back and forth. Scott noticed now HE could slide back

and forth, beneath her toes, his entire body being covered in the slimy filth of

this girl's bare toes. She ran upstairs, each step causing her smelly flesh to

close in on the small space that occupied Scott's head.

In her room, Erikka tipped her jar upside down. Out fell Scott's tiny pants.

Grabbing her eyebrow tweezers, and squeezing her toes around Scott's head in

excitement. She extracted the miniaturized contents of Scott's pockets. One pen

and pencil, 35 cents, and, to Erikka's surprise, a condom.

'I highly doubt you'd need this, little Scotty. Who would want to have sex with

you? Especially at your size?'

Scott was angered, but knew she was right. He kept it in his pocket merely to

pretend he had a hot date each night. Getting a magnifying glass, Erikka

carefully inspected the remains of his pocket. Something glowing red caught her

eye. Pushing her finger on the rock, allowing it to stick to her finger's pad,

she brought it close to her eye for inspection. Silently in her head, and

absentmindedly, she wished that this strange object were bigger. The small red

dot on her finger began to grow, and soon rolled off Erikka's finger and onto

her toe, hitting it and causing it to slam, with much force, into Scott's face.

She bent down and picked up the stone, heading back downstairs. There was a ring

at her door. She quickly stowed the rock away in her pocket, and opened the

door. It was Julie, another close friend who she invited over for the party.

'What are you doing here now, Julie? I thought you were coming in an hour?'

Erikka asked, puzzled.

'I just had to show you guys something, I swear you'll never believe it.'

Erikka looked instinctively down at Juli's feet, on which she wore simple black

flipflops, yet barefooted. Julie gave Erikka a wink, and Erikka returned the


'Oh I think I will, Julie,' Erikka smiled and led her into the living room.

Holly had her shoes back on and was bouncing her foot up and down near the

fireplace. As Julie sat down she removed her flipflop. Both Erikka and Holly saw

Julie's manicured fingers remove tape. Underneath the tape was a white hand in

black cloth. Another piece of tape revealed the same, and then legs, a torso,

and soon a body. The girls recognized the person on the bottom of Julie's sandal

to be a Gothic girl.

'Oh my god, Julie. That's the third little person today!' Erikka giggled.

'Yeah, I assumed as much from your wink that you knew. I was just in my bathroom

when I looked at my sweater. There was something moving and I thought it was a

bug. When I looked closer, I noticed it was little Gothy here. She told me

something about a rock and how she shrunk and now she wanted help. I hope she

didn't think that Julie Callahan would ever help out a Goth!'

The little Goth got up, and was very dizzy indeed. As she stumbled around the

floor, she was covered in a shadow. She looked up in horror as a beautiful,

elegant tan foot was poised just inches above her. Slowly it began it's descent.

Although the Goth tried to run, she tripped on her long black dress, and Julie's

toes closed around her. Julie then began to roll her foot back and forth,

rolling the Goth beneath it. The girls all laughed and began planning what was

in store for the little people tonight. Erikka kicked off her slippers and

showed Julie little Scott.

'Whew, Erikka, your feet smell like hell!' Julie held her nose and laughed.

'Ah don't worry, Scotty'll be the judge of that!'

'Here Julie, check out this nerd!' Holly removed her jogging sneaker. Tom felt

cold air once again brush his wet back. As Julie took off her sock, she tipped

it upside down, and little Tom tumbled onto the floor. He landed with a squelch

on the floor, and foot sweat drained from his body. He got up and threw up on

the floor, but only foot sweat came up. The girl's laughed again.

The Goth had crawled from beneath Julie's toes and walked over to Tom. Together

they came to Erikka's nylon and called up to Scott. He turned again to the

outside to see them, Erikka prodding his back and head with her slimy, smelly


'I see you guys got caught too.' The Goth muttered, shaking her head. 'Who's got

a rock?'

Both boys shook their heads.

'What the hell is going on here,' Tom said, quickly followed by more sweat

vomit. Tom did not have an attraction to a girl's foot, and endured hell in

Holly's sneaker.

'I am from the secret order. I had a rock of mine in my pocket. It was merely

for experimental purposes. As I was going to my bus, I felt a presence behind

me. It was that Julie girl. She just glared at me and said 'You Goth's are

filth, if I had the chance I'd make all of you suffer' She must have wished me

tiny at that point. Next thing I knew I was on the ground, around 2' tall.

Someone came up behind me, accidentally kicking me, and I landed on Julie's

sweater. At Julie's house, I tried to get help, but instead she taped me to her

flipflop, face up, and next thing I knew I was spending two hours beneath her

huge toes and sole.'

'So how do we get out of here,' Scott said, growing impatient.

'We need to get a rock, that's the only way. Mine was thrown out of my pocket

during the kick. We'd better hope they don't have a rock, then we have about as

much chance as winning the lottery.'

It was then that Erikka pulled from her pocket the stone. It had an eerie red

glow to it.

'Why is it glowing red,' Tom asked, scared that he knew the answer.

'When a stone is confiscated from the original wisher, it becomes limitless in

power to the confiscator. It glows red when it is in the hands of the person who

would use such power,' The Goth said, trembling.

The three giantess's eyes were drawn to the mysterious red glow. Slowly their

eyes turned to the two little people and the one trapped in Erikka's nylon.

'Hey Julie? How would you like to feel that Goth pop beneath your toe?' Erikka


'Not as much as I'd like to see that nerd to be a speck of dirt between a

wrinkle in my sole,' Holly said before Julie could answer.

The three little people all shivered as the light from the rock began to grow,

and Erikka began to moan with power.


Giantess Stories: English class was a bitch   Scott sat in the back of the class with his other male friends

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