Giantess Stories: Erics Desire

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Tiny Dan


“That's right,

you heard me anything you wish for…one wish no strings attached, no if and or

buts about it.”


The silver

clad Genie allowed a smile to grace her red lips, her arms tightly crossed

against her bountiful chest as she floated in mid air before a startled and much

suppressed Eric Myers. Eric had no clue what this old Mediterranean urn was

worth when he had picked it up at Doc Andrews rummage sale, but it had to be

worth slightly more then .99 cent he paid for it.


“You're a

Genie…a real Genie…I can't believe this…you even have the funny looking hat and

weird pants to boot, man this is sweet! But hey aren't I suppose to get like

three wishes? What's the deal?”


“It's a union

thing hun, one person one wish, that's all I am contracted for. No wishing for

more wishes, no wishing anyone dead and you can't make anyone love you…that's

not my department…oh…and listen closely hun this part is very important. You

can't contradict your own wish…we have a lot of problems with that one in the



“Man that

takes all the fun out of it…and what the heck are you talking about…contradict

my own wish?”


“You know…like

wish for something but cleverly word some sub contract or clause in your wish

that absolves you from the negative consequences said wish may bring up…”


Eric's vacant

expression spoke louder then words, reaching out to her hand the Genie slowly

messaged her temples. Mortals…why did they seem to grow dumber the longer they

infected the planet?


“Consequence…cause and effect my man, for every action there is a reaction, for

every decision made there are consequences…and you can't wish them away…so no

matter how clever you are…and I doubt that is a problem here… you can't wish

away something that negative that comes as a direct result of something you

caused by wishing what you wish…ya get me?”


Eric took a

moment to ponder his situation; clearly he hadn't been listening to a word the

Genie was saying. He was to enthralled with the prospect of having what ever he

wanted. Ideas of grandeur filled his head. He could wish for a million

dollars…he could wish for power, women and immortality…he could wish for all the

chocolate covered coffie beans in the universe! ANYTHING, the world was at his

fingertips supreme and ultimate power….all that awaited was his word, all he had

to do was ask and it was his.



are you listening…ERIC you heard me right…you have to be careful of what you

wish for…”


“…yea…yea I



“So…what is

your wish master?”


Eric remained

silent for a long wile. His lips scrunched into a concentrated  pattern and his

eyes narrowed. He had to word this right, he had to make sure he got what he

wanted and in the process kept out of harms way. The thought of money came to

mind, but then with his luck he'd end up in jail for theft or counterfeiting.

After all where would such a large sum of cash come from right? He thought about

immortality, but what good would the world be if he were the only one

left…friend family…where would be the pleasure in being the only one left empty

and void? No none of these would do…but…perhaps…what about…yes that would do



“ok…ok I know

what I want now…I wish I had the ability to make happen my greatest and wildest

fantasy at will…when ever I want”




With a smile

and a nod of her head, the Genie uncrossed her arms and waived her hands in a

odd dreamy like motion around Eric, and with that she was gone. No

confirmation…no warning and not a single word uttered. The clay urn that held

her was also now missing. Eric stood confused for a moment, looking around the

room as if to decide if what just happened was real or a dream.



the…where'd she go?”


Eric looked

high and low but there was no trace of the silver haired Genie or her clay urn.

Eric felt no different, and he certainly looked no different…had it worked? Or

was it all some sort of joke?


Part Two


Eric awoke to

the nagging sound of the buzzing alarm clock. Groggy and stiff he looked over to

the red lettering of the digital clock. It was 6:45, time to get up.


“mmmmummmnmmmbrermmm stupid clock”


Eric raised

his arm with great effort and slammed down on the Alarm clock; mornings were

simply not his thing. But it was the last weak of school, and this was his last

hear of high school; one more week of early mornings and long rides on the

city's public busses, one more week of hell.


“ERIC! Don't

be late again hunny, if you don't catch the 7:15 you'll have to wait till

quarter to eight!”


The nagging of

Eric's mom reminding him of his schedule made him long for the ear piercing

buzzing emitted by the clock alarm. Eric rolled out of bed and begun his morning

routine, shaving, a quick shower, breakfast a quick lecture about his slipping

grades, politics and finding a summer job, from dad and it was out the door.


The City of

Toronto was quiet, there were few cars on the road, and the air was still misty

from the morning dew. The walk to the bus stop gave Eric a chance to think…to

think about what happened last night? Would he really have the ability to

fulfill his ultimate desire when ever he wanted? Would it have to be is one and

only desire, or what he thought was his desire…his desire for the moment or

something he had longed for continually? Who could know what his REAL ultimate

desire was anyhow. This wish left so much un answered… but it mostly made him

second guess what he had wished for. Perhaps he could have been a tad more



The buss

pulled up to the stop right on time, which in Toronto is nearly un heard of.

Eric stepped on and deposited his student ticket into the slot and moved back to

the rear seats. The morning Avenue 61 was always empty save for a few people

here and there. Mostly other students…sometimes people heading home from the

graveyard shift. The only souls on the buss at that time were Eric, the driver

and an elderly gentlemen sitting on the very front seat closest to the driver.


“Maybe I

should have wished for world peace or something…”


Eric took his

seat and  pressed the side of his head against the window, the 25 min buss ride

was never something Eric looked forward to, it was always so uneventful and

plain, today would be different.


The first

three stops added no body the drivers carry load, however it was the forth stop,

approximately 5 minutes into the ride, a female passenger stepped on and made

her way to the back, taking a seat not to far away from Eric. The woman appeared

to be in her early to mid thirties with long brown hair, a slender figure and

somewhat casual clothes. She paid no notice to Eric and simply say down laying

her purse in the seat next to her. Eric tried to appear un interested as it is

typical to do so wile on a public buss, but his eyes still managed to find

themselves wandering her way every now and then. She was attractive, how could

he not look? Eric was a decent guy, sure he was horney but that was normally as

far as it went. Rude comments, whistling and the likes were not his style, even

though sometimes he found them hard to hold back. However things seemed to be

going ok for him, he managed to look away when she would glance in his

direction, and then sneak a look once more to satisfy his boyish delight.

However things changed when she pulled her bare foot out of her closed toe brown

sawed sandals.


Things changed

drastically for Eric as the woman rested her bare fear on top of her sandals.

Eric's melting point was feet, he had a thing for them and always had for the

longest time. A foot fetish, he kept it secret for the most part, but his closet

friends knew…how could they not?


Eric found it

hard not to stare now, her toes were painted red, her fear were pretty, worn but

pretty, and each toe was the perfect length and stood in its place perfectly. 

He began to feel himself growing hard, his member began to elongate, pressing

against the material of his Jeans. The woman glanced his way but Eric managed to

look away once more in the nic of time. Lust, he found him self full of it, and

all directed at her feet. God how they called to him, how just looking at them

send waves of unknown passion down his spine. Why? Why did he love them so? What

was so special about feet? Even Eric didn't know, but he also didn't care, he

just knew he wanted them, each and every square inch of them. God how he wished

he could be close to them, to see them from a different angle, to look at her

monumental feet from a bug's eye view and take them in fully for the wonders

they are. God how he wished…wished…wished he could be there where he knew he

wanted to be…and then in a flash, his ultimate desire became reality.


Eric found

himself in a strange new setting. It was quiet and dark, the smell of Public

transit was masked by a musky sent that dominated his senses. What happened,

where was it? It appeared he was in some sort of tunnel, at the far end there

was a light that looked somewhat like the light at the end of a tunnel. Confused

Eric began to move towards it. It took a wile but he managed to reach the light.

The are around Eric was strange; it looked somewhat like a junk yard; heaps of

paper and dirt everywhere. There must have been construction around because the

sound was defining, like the roar of a thousand engines at once. Eric looked

about a little more before a shadowy began to steel light from him. Eric looked

up to see a massive redish white wall descending towards him. The seemed to have

five long pillars extending from it, and it was falling…directly on top of him.


Eric let out a

petrified scream and ran back into the tunnel, running to the very end where the

walls rounded down blocking his way. However the wall followed him in,

descending toward him quickly, and then stopping just inches from flattening him

against the tunnel walls. Things didn't make sense, where was he? The smell…why

did it smell so much? Eric moved towards the wall before him, it was massave,

the five pillars stood at upper chest level and the largest dwarfed him. Each

pillar seemed to have a glossy top, painted delicately

with…a…fresh…scented…apple colour. Things made sense now, he wasn't in a

cave…and this wasn't a wall…and those wernt pillars?!


“Oh my God…it

happened…I'm here…and that's…and this means….HOLY CRAP!”


Eric's eyes

widened as he backed up against the cramped curve of the cave. He was in a

woman's shoe…not just any woman…THAT woman from the buss. Then it hit him, his

ultimate erotic dream…to sit in a woman's shoe and watch from a bugs eye view

wile her feet lingered above, that is what he wished for…his ultimate and

wildest fantasy.


“I can't

believe this…holy CRAP”


As Eric spoke,

the massive walls receded once again filling the cavern with light. Her foot,

she took her foot out again. This was his chance, just his luck, to be blessed

with a second chance, now he could escape…and avoid spending the rest of his day

in a woman's shoe! Eric began to make his way to the opening, when he caught a

glance of her foot hovering above the sandal. Her legs were crossed and her foot

was bouncing up and down in a relaxed fusion. God she was even more breathtaking

from this view point. Now he could stare all he wanted and she wouldn't spot

him. Her eyes were fixed in front of her, and her foot bounced directly above

him. He was captured, captivated by the sheer monumental sight before him. His

mind screamed run, but his body was solidified.




Eric smiled

boyishly and as he did so lost his balance, falling back into the shoe once

more, landing on his side in the indentations where it appeared her large toe

was use to resting. He could smell her sent, he could see her feet, hardly…but

he could see them. They hovered above the mouth of the shoe like nothing words

could dare describe.





The pressure

was to much, his member screamed to be released…he had to listen….otherwise he

would never be able to live with himself. Given the chance to fulfill his one

and only ultimate erotic dream…he could never pass this by.


Quickly Eric

released his belt and lowered his pants, followed by his boxers. His member

flung its self out embracing its new found freedom. It called to him, begged him

to answer its plea. And answer he would, running his hand up and down his

swollen member he began to close his eyes. Waves of pleasure washed over his

body all at once, and in one explosion he released himself all over the inner

portion of her shoe. Pleasure like he had never thought possible. Pleasure like

no human had ever known existed. It was a magical moment that screamed through

out his existence causing him to shutter with delight. But as quickly as it

came, it was gone, leaving Eric in stun silence, exhausted, he lay his head down

on the soft soul of the shoe, and let out a sigh….and then…


           “NEXT STOP MELROS!”


A thunderous

voice echoed in his head nearly causing his ears to bleed. Eric lurched up and

covered his ears franticly to stop the pain.




A louder voice

thundered from the heavens, in what appeared to be a German accent. It sounded

somewhat female, but it echoed loudly and sounded more like a  mighty titan or a

god. Eric's heart skipped a beat as a sick feeling took his stomach. That had to

be the voice of the woman…and that had to mean?


“Wait, wait

help! Stop! Look down here! Don't put it on, don't put your shoe…”


Eric looked in

total horror as the woman's foot moved towards him once more, it almost seemed

like it was slow motion. Eric stood and began to run for the exit, however his

escape was curly prevented by a thick but soft wall of flesh. The toes of the

ignorant woman flicked Eric in the upper chest and face as they descended to

their places, knocking him back into the indentation formed by her foot. He

watched the heavenly foot pass above him, the toes first and then the errie

bottom of her bare foot. The pale white plane of doom passed over him, and then

stopped suddenly…a ray of hope?


“Help! Take

your foot out…please….please…please...”


Eric began to

cry as the woman's foot just hovered above him, not moving…could she hear

him…was she trying to figure out where the voice was coming from? She had to

be….she had to hear him…that meant she would not crush him!


“I'm in

here…I'm in your…”


Eric's last

ray of hope was cut of as the woman rested the soul of her foot comfortably in

her shoe. Eric screamed until the flesh of her foot ensnared him, cutting off

his oxygen and muffling his screams to nothing more then silent terror. The

thick soul of her foot filled with hard worn skin pressed him mercilessly into

the soul of the shoe. He struggled madly, both for air and for freedom, but

nether came. Still he prayed, she would take her shoe off….just one more

time…give him one more chance? His lungs begged for air, and his body screamed

with pain. Sound and light were cut off, he felt as if he was buried under a

thousand pounds of dirt…left in a grave…alive! Thoughts raced through his mind,

who would tell his parents…would they look for him,  who would tell his

girlfriend? They had to find him, they knew where he was going…would they look?

What was going to happen when this woman stood up? The Genie…did she know this

would happen? Cause…and effect…he dreamed for what he got…but not for this…why

did this have to happen? Why hadn't he thought of this? Why wasn't he more

careful? Why didn't he listen?




“Melros....this stop is Melros…”


The dull plain

voice of the driver spoke over the crackling intercom as the Brown haired woman

stood and began to walk towards the buss door, stoping before she reached the

door. Her attention moved down to her foot, her right foot.


“That's odd…it



The woman

wiggled her foot around for a moment and then rose her foot the air and quickly

brought it down hard, slamming her foot into her shoe. She repeated this process

three times before smiling to the driver.


“Sometimes the

soul comes lose…and I have to give it a little pressure…”


With that she

stepped off the buss into the busy streets of Toronto, she had quite a walk

ahead of her…

Giantess Stories: Erics Desire

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