Giantess Stories: Evan

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Evan's Shrink Story



I was at school and everything was the same thing and until

at the end of the school .year I had to go to summer school . When

I go there was a huge girl and super fat but she had some good toes

and feet . The teacher wanted us to wear these rings if all of us

want to pass this class so she press a button and all of a sudden the

8 boys and even me shrank to 2 inches . The teacher wanted me to set

near Amber Steel my desk was behind amber steel's chair so while the

teacher was talking. I saw amber steel's shirt open a little bit to

see a opening into her pants so then while the teacher was passing

around the work sheets and she could not see me anyway because of

ambers fat. So while everyone working I sneaked away jumped on

amber's shirt and she did not even notice I was there . So all of a

sudden she moved I feel in her pants and It was hot in the so I moved

a cross her leg and she moved a bit .But I made it but see opened her

leg a I feel near her panties and then her le!

g came together and I was stuck between them but her fat was a

little sweaty so her fat jiggled and it toss me down her pants leg

and fell on her feet and start making the itch then she all most saw

me but I was under her toes . The End

P.S . Anyone who read this the 2nd part of the story will come out

Wednesday and Every Wednesday I will add to it .

Giantess Stories: Evan

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