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Ever wondered what it would be like to have your biggest fantasy come



A shrinking story by shrink_meister2003

Ever wondered what it would be like to have your biggest fantasy come true? No,

I mean for it to really come true. Have you ever really considered the

consequences? Timothy Longman didn't; he was just too caught up in the idea that

he didn't think the whole thing through, didn't take into account real world


Timothy was your average 25 year old guy. Granted, he was a very good-looking

guy. He was six foot tall, with a strong muscular body, dark hair and eyes and a

boyish face that melted every female heart. But Timothy was taken. He had a

girlfriend, Tanya, who he had been living with for almost a year.

Tanya was beautiful, most guys' sexual fantasy come true. She was tall, blond,

buxom with the cutest bum and legs a guy ever laid eyes on. The two had a

relatively normal relationship, their sex life was great and they both had good

jobs. Timothy was a police officer and Tanya was a school teacher. After dating

for three years, they more or less knew everything about one another. There was

one thing though that Tanya didn't yet know about her boyfriend. He had a

fantasy. More of a fetish really. Something he had been obsessed with since he

was fifteen.

He fantasized about being shrunk down in size gradually and of being dominated,

controlled and teased by a taller woman. Besides chatting online, Timothy had

never dared share this secret with anyone; he knew full well what their reaction

would be. It would sound weird, freaky. Timothy had a problem though. Over the

past few months this fantasy has pervaded his every waking thought. It was

starting to drive him insane. And it was starting to affect his sex life. Tanya

was a gorgeous woman, but he was becoming less and less satisfied with their

relationship for one reason: he was taller than her. He felt so superficial when

he thought about it. She was an amazing lady, so caring and loving and sexy and

funny… but she was four inches shorter than him, and that just didn't turn him

on anymore. He wanted to look up to her, to have her peer down at him and

snigger at how small he was. Over the past week or so he knew that Tanya had

started to notice that something was wrong. They were having sex less; he wasn't

as flirty around her as he used to be.

One night Tanya came home from work to find Timothy sitting on the sofa looking

glum. It was his day off. He was sitting with his feet up on the coffee table, a

half-eaten packet of chips on his lap and a cigarette in his hand.

“I thought you were trying to give up,” she said, dropping her handbag onto the

chair and smiling at him.

He took a drag of his cigarette and blew a stream of blue smoke up to the

ceiling, then smiled back at her. “I am… just not right now.”

“You're a very naughty boy,” she said, pretending to chastise him.

“Hey, you're not at school now, Miss Longman!”

She sat down next to him on the sofa. “I'm not Miss Longman yet, mister!”

“Yeah, well… it's just a matter of time.” He winked at her.

She laughed and put her arm around him, eyeing him up provocatively. Timothy

stared at the TV, his expression was sadder now. Tanya snuggled up to him, her

face on his chest and looked up at him, worried.

“Hey hun, you would tell me if something was up, wouldn't you?”

Timothy glanced down at her. “Yeah, sure, babe. Why do you ask?”

She thought for a minute then answered, “well, you just seem to have been a bit…

off lately.”

“Off?” he feigned a laugh. “What d'ya mean, ‘off'?”

She ran her hand up and down his arm softly. “Oh, I think you know what I mean…

you just haven't shown as much interest in me lately. Don't you think I'm sexy

anymore?” She pretended to pout, jokingly, but he could see there was more

behind this. She was upset.

“You're the most beautiful woman in the world, I'm just having a rough patch

that's all; nothing to do with you.” He tried to avoid her gaze.

“Hmmm, I think it's more than that. I just want you to know that you can talk to

me. You can tell me anything that's on your mind. You do know that, don't you?”

He stuffed a handful of chips into his mouth and mumbled, “yeah, sure, babe, I

know… you know, I think I'm gonna turn in early, I have a headache.” He got up

from the sofa and headed for the bedroom.

“It's only 6pm!” She got up to follow him.

“I'm tired… I'll see you in the morning. Night.” He closed the bedroom door

behind him.

Tanya slumped back onto the sofa and threw the half-eaten packet of chips across

the room. What the hell was going on with their relationship?

She decided to make a microwave meal and watch a movie on TV to try to take her

mind off things. She found it hard to keep her mind on the movie though, she

kept wondering what was wrong with Timothy. Didn't he like her anymore? Had she

done something to upset him? God, was he having an affair? Now she was really

paranoid; what if he was having an affair? That would explain his behaviour.

She looked back cautiously to the bedroom door. It was still closed. Then she

went to the computer and connected to the internet. She was going to check his

email, something she would never have considered doing before, but now she

couldn't see any other way. He wouldn't talk to her.

When she accessed his email account, she was surprised. Most of the emails where

from some internet group: [shrinkingfetish]

She frowned as she read the subject lines… what the hell was this? She decided

to read some of them, after all, she could always mark them as unread later.

After reading through six or seven emails, she started to get a clearer picture

about this group. These people had some sort of fantasy about shrinking and

being shrunk. It seemed to turn them on sexually. Intrigued, she decided to

visit the website for this group. She joined the group and read through some of

the older messages. God, Timothy had posted quite a lot. She pulled one of his

messages to the group up:

I don't know what to do, I love my girlfriend very much but lately my shrinking

fetish has been playing more and more on my mind. It's like it's consuming my

whole life. I feel that if I could just experiment with it, or at least talk

about it, then maybe I could get it out of my system. But Tanya is shorter than

me, and as much as I hate it, I find myself being drawn to taller women more and

more lately…

And so it went on. Tanya sat in front of the computer, jaw open, confused,

amazed and hurt. All at the same time.

As she lay in bed that night, thoughts and ideas raced through her mind. She

decided that she wanted Timothy to be happy, at any cost.

* * *

The next morning, Tanya was awake before Timothy. She had a shower and got

dressed for work. She put on her four inch heels, which she didn't wear very

often, and woke Timothy up just as she was about to leave the house.

“Morning, gorgeous!” She said, kissing him. “Aren't you gonna get up to give me

a hug and a proper goodbye kiss?”

He smiled and rolled out of bed, still half asleep. As he moved towards her to

kiss her again, he realized that he was eye level with her.

“Hey! You're wearing your heels; they really suit you, you should wear them more


Tanya giggled at how excited he seemed to be. “Maybe I will,” she said, hugging

him. “OK, I gotta run. I'll see you later.” She left and Timothy realized that

he had an erection. He laughed and thought to himself that he should buy her a

pair of six inch heels.

* * *

When Tanya arrived at school, she decided to see if Susana was in her classroom.

Susana was the head of the History department and she was also a Wiccan Witch.

She was one of Tanya's best friends.

As luck would have it, Susana was in her room. The two sat down and had a long

and interesting chat. Susana listened carefully as Tanya told her all about

Timothy's shrinking fetish. It turned out that there was a spell that they could

carry out right there and then in a few minutes. All it took was some chanting

and a photograph of Timothy. Tanya took a photograph out of her purse and gave

it to Susana. The two laughed and giggled like two schoolgirls and disappeared

into the stockroom with a candle, a spell book and the photograph.

* * *

Later that morning, Timothy was standing outside the backdoor of the police

station with his partner Matt. They were on break and they always went to that

spot to have a smoke and catch up on the latest station gossip.

Timothy had been having dizzy spells all morning and at one point he thought he

was going to hurl. Luckily he didn't and he seemed to be feeling a bit better

now. It was amazing what a cigarette and some air could do. He was slouched

against the wall enjoying the end of his smoke.

Matt punched him in the arm playfully, “hey man, sure you're not gonna faint on

the job? Don't wanna be out there with a little wuss.”

Timothy laughed, “who you callin' little? I'm taller than you, short ass!”

They both laughed. Matt was 5'10, two inches shorter than Timothy and he was

never allowed to forget it.

“Short ass? You callin' me short, tough guy?” He faced up to Timothy and squared

his shoulders. Timothy laughed again and blew smoke in his friend's face,

standing up straight. “Yeah I…” he stopped short. What the hell? He was eye

level with Matt. He saw the expression change on Matt's face too. He must be

standing on a slope or something. They both looked down at the ground at the

same time.

Timothy laughed nervously. “So, what's the deal, big guy? You wearing different

shoes or what?”

Matt looked confused. “No, man. Same old standard issue shoes. What, you

shrinkin' or something?” He looked his friend up and down.

Timothy didn't know what to say, he punched Matt in the arm and walked towards

the door. “Told you a slump sometimes.” Matt smiled… but he knew that Timothy

had been standing up as straight as he could. Weird.

That afternoon, Timothy and Matt were in the office doing their paperwork.

Timothy was in the middle of writing a report when he dropped his pen.

Matt looked up from his desk. “What's up, man? You OK?”

The dizzy spell passed quickly and Timothy nodded. “Yeah, I'm fine, just another

dizzy spell that's all.” He got up and went over to the shelves to find a file

he needed. He reached for the top shelf and stopped dead. He couldn't quite

reach it. What was going on? This was crazy. He had always been able to reach

the top shelf easily.

Matt saw what was happening and walked over to Timothy, put his hand on his

shoulder. “What's going on with you, dude? You sure everything's OK?”

Timothy turned around and found himself eye level with Matt's lips.

Matt looked down at his previously six foot friend. “Shit, man! You are fucking

shrinking or something, this is crazy, look at you!”

Timothy was scared now, he didn't know what was happening or what to do. He

walked over to the other side of the office, away from Matt. He hated the

feeling of him peering down at him like that. That's when he noticed that his

pants felt a little loose.

“Fuck, this is ridiculous. This really can't be happening.”

Matt was staring at Timothy as if he was an alien. “Well it looks like it is

happening to you, bro. You're somehow getting' smaller… short ass.” He laughed

and took the file Timothy needed from the top shelf and took it over to him.

“Here you go. I'd go see a doctor if I were you. In the mean time, if you need

me to reach anything for you, just ask.”

“Shut up, Matt. You're not funny.” He held his head. Another dizzy spell. When

it cleared, he walked back to his desk and as he was walking, his gun belt fell

down around his ankles.

Matt couldn't contain his laughter, Timothy looked so funny standing there with

his baggy shirt and his belt around his ankles.

Timothy grabbed for his belt and ran out of the office. He needed to be by

himself, to gather his thoughts. He ran into the bathroom, checked that no-one

else was around and stood in front of the mirror.

Shit. He must have only been around 5'5 now. How was this possible? Was he still

shrinking? When would it stop? His shirt was hanging off his smaller frame and

he had to hold his pants up to stop them from falling. He sighed loudly. He had

to get out of here, go home and think things through. He was too embarrassed to

tell his boss, so he discreetly left the building and ran to his car. He could

call his boss from home. Tell him he was ill.

He cringed as he had to readjust his car seat, then drove away, tyres

screeching. He had another dizzy spell while he was driving home. Luckily it

wasn't a bad one and he managed to stay focused on the road. Soon he was at

home. It was 3:30pm. He had over two hours to think things through before Tanya

got home. Tanya… suddenly it hit him. With all the shock and the panic, he'd

forgotten that this was his wildest fantasy. This was what he had dreamt about

all these years, read stories and looked at pictures. He had wanted to be

shorter than Tanya and now he was. For real. He figured he was around 5'5 now

and who knew how much shorter he would be by the time Tanya got home. But what

would she think? How could he possibly explain this to her? He couldn't even

explain it to himself. Would she be able to accept him at this height?

There was nothing he could do until she got home, so he paced the apartment,

watched some TV, paced some more, made some dinner (and realized he had to

tip-toe to reached some of the kitchen shelves now), and sat down to wait for

his girlfriend. As he ate he had another dizzy spell. He'd lost another inch. It

was now around 5:30, Tanya could be home any minute now. He was starting to get

anxious. Should he stand or sit? Maybe he should pretend to be asleep?

“Hi, hunny! I'm home!” Her voice rang through the apartment like the tolling of

a bell. He went to stand, but decided to stay sitting in case he frightened her.

Tanya paced through into the living room and stood there in front of him, taller

and more beautiful than ever. Man, he had forgotten that she was wearing her

heels. She looked like a giantess.

She smiled at him. “What, no hugs?”

He looked away, nervous. “Ummm….”

“What's wrong, hun? Come give me a kiss, it's been a long day.”

Reluctantly he stood up and walked to her, watching for the expression on her

face. He was a full ten inches shorter than her because of the heels. He was eye

level with her collar bone, Jesus, she was huge!

To his surprise, she threw her head back and laughed loudly. “How you doin' down

there, little fella?”

“W-w-what? You're not surprised about this? Look at me! I don't know how this

happened, I'm so scared.”

“Awww, it's OK my little man. I thought this is what you always wanted. I read

some of the messages from your shrinking group, I know all about it.”

“You what?!” Timothy's face was bright red now. “How could you do that? Read my

private email?”

“Oh, I'm sorry, hun. Is tiny Tim mad at me? Why don't you punish me for being a

naughty girl? Ohhh, sorry, I forgot, you're too small to make me do anything.”

She laughed again and Timothy didn't like it. It was an evil laugh. A laugh that

said you're mine now, shorty.

Timothy turned his back on her and was about to make his way to the bedroom when

he felt a big hand on his shoulder.

“Hang on a second, cowboy. You're not going anywhere. It's rude to walk away

from someone in the middle of a conversation.” She pulled him back with

seemingly no effort. “Besides, I didn't get my kiss.” She puckered her lips

dramatically and closed her eyes waiting for him to kiss her.

Timothy gazed up at her lips far above him. He knew he couldn't reach them and

he felt smaller than ever.

She opened her eyes and looked at him angrily. “What are you waiting for, Lehergailua | Party flauta

pumpkin? I asked you to kiss me.”

Timothy blushed and stammered quietly, “I-I c-can't reach.”

“You're not even trying, short stuff. I wanna see you try, c'mon!”

He stood on tip toes, making himself as tall as he could but it was still no

use. She was way too tall for him.

Tanya laughed at the sight of him struggling to reach her lips and took pity on

him. She took her heels off, making herself four inches shorter.

Seeing that his girlfriend was still six inches taller than him barefoot made

his situation hit home. He tried again to kiss her, straining on tip toes, but

he was still just a little too short to reach her full lips.

“Oh, come here, “she ordered somewhat impatiently, grabbing him and picking him

up so that he could reach her lips.

It was the strangest feeling for Timothy. He was used to being a six foot tall

muscular man and now his girlfriend was picking him up without much effort. He

kissed her, tentatively at first, then more passionately. He realized at that

moment how much of a turn on for him this actually was. All of those memories of

fantasizing and dreaming of being shrunk came flooding back to him and he found

himself getting hard.

Tanya put him down and looking him up and down. She smirked seductively. “Has

little Timmy got a little hard on?”

Being degraded and talked down to like that made Timothy even hornier and his

erection strained against his loose pants. He was suddenly overwhelmed by

another dizzy spell and soon found himself two inches shorter. 5'0. He was now a

full foot shorter than he used to be.

Tanya noticed this and moved closer to him, forcing him to tilt his head right

back to see her face. He was now eye level with the top of her voluptuous

breasts. He could think of worse views, that was for sure! He could see her

hard, big nipples poking through the thin silk blouse.

“Go on, my short little cowboy, squeeze them. I know you want to.”

He reached up and placed his small hands over her huge tits, enjoying the

feeling of there increased size. As he let go of his pants, however, they fell

down around his ankles and his hard dick was exposed.

Tanya squirmed under the touch of her little boyfriend's hands then stepped back

and took in the sight of his full hard on.

She giggled sexily. “I see your height isn't the only thing that's lost inches

today.” She winked at him.

“What do you mean?” he asked, peering down at his dick. Shit, his once eight

inch cock was now only five inches long. His jaw dropped open as he took in the

sight of his newly sized member. He blushed again.

“Awww! Don't be embarrassed, little one. It turns me on that you are getting

smaller, it really does. I didn't think it would at first, but I love it.” She

took hold of his little dick and ran her long nails lightly up and down the hard

shaft. She smiled at the look of total pleasure on his face.

Timothy looked down and saw how easily her big hand enveloped his little dick

and that made him really horny.

Tanya grinned wickedly and moved her hand to the head of his dick, lightly

tickling it with the tips of her nails. He was so turned on now that he started

to thrust his hips, trying to fuck her hand. She let him for a few seconds, then

moved her hand higher, just out of his reach. He stood on tip toe, an

exasperated look on his face as he tried even harder to fuck her hand. Again,

she let him for a little while, then moved her hand even higher.

Timothy looked up at her pleadingly as he fucked thin air.

“You want to ask me something, ickle man?” She laughed at the sight of him

standing there with his little hard on.

“Ummm…erm…. Yeah… I want you to jerk me off. I'm so horny right now.”

“I think the little man forgot a little word.”

A pause.


“Good boy, that's better.” Tanya laughed and grabbed hold of her little

boyfriend's little member and began pumping. As she did, another dizzy spell

came over Timothy and he was reduced to 4'7 in a matter of seconds. He realized

that the more excited he got, the more he seemed to loose in height. But right

now he didn't care, he just wanted to cum. He peered up at the giantess towering

above him and revelled in the total control she had over him right now. He was

now eye level with her nipples and he clumsily undid her blouse buttons as she

jerked him off and realized she wasn't wearing a bra. He took one of her big

hard nipples into his mouth and licked and sucked, making Tanya pump harder. A

few seconds later he had an explosive orgasm and shot his thick load all over

her leg. As the last drops of cum dripped from his little dick, he suddenly

shrank down to just 4'0 tall.

Panting and disorientated, he clung to Tanya's leg and wept. “I'm so small, I

feel like a little boy.”

Tanya looked down at Timothy, who was now eye level with her belly button. She

bent over, her melon-like breasts bouncing in front of his face. She pinched his

cheek. “It's OK, my little munchkin. Everything's going to be just fine, don't

you worry. Let momma Tanya take care of you, OK?” She picked him up like a

little child and carried him into the bedroom, placing him gently onto the bed.

“Now you just relax, OK, pooky? I'll even go and get your cigarettes for you so

you can have a smoke and calm yourself down.”

She returned a minute later and he lit a cigarette. It felt strange, it was

thicker between his fingers than he was used to and it even felt bigger in his


He could see that Tanya was getting excited watching him smoking at his current

size and he blew smoke over her perfect breasts.

When he finished smoking, he reached out for her tits and squeezed them, running

his little hands all over them. He used to be able to cup them in his hands, but

now they were more than he could handle. He decided to use his mouth instead and

kissed and sucked every last inch of her tits before moving up to her neck and

then kissing her on the lips. As they kissed he found himself shrinking down to

3'6 and he actually felt his dick getting smaller.

He suddenly had an urge to pee, so he struggled to get down from the bed and ran

to the bathroom. After a few seconds, Tanya heard a little voice squeaking from

the bathroom.

“Babe, can you come and help me please?”

Tanya went to see what was wrong and as she opened the bathroom door she almost

fell down laughing. There was little Timmy, his tiny pee pee in his hand, on tip

toes trying to reach the bowl so he could pee.

“Stop laughing and give me a hand here. I'm bursting to go here!”

“OK, calm down, little man, mommy will help you go pee pee.” She lifted him up

and took his tiny member in her hand and held it while he peed. She couldn't

believe how small it had gotten.

When he was done, she gave it a little shake and set him back down on the floor.

“Is my little boy OK now?”

Timmy lowered his gaze to the ground and pushed passed her, making his way back

to the bedroom. Tanya was hot on his heels. She grabbed him and picked him up.

“Oh cheer up, squirt! How about I give you a nice blow job?”

Timmy, who was now eye level with his girlfriend's pubic hair, was a little

reluctant to loose more inches. But he figured he was going to loose them

eventually anyway with his dizzy spells, so he gave in.

Tanya placed him on the bed again and her huge hot mouth came down on his tiny

prick. Before he knew it he was hard again and as she worked her giant tongue

over his minute member, he knew he wouldn't last long. He only lasted 30 seconds

in fact, before he squirted small droplets of milky cum into her waiting mouth.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, and swallowed his diminutive load. As she did, little Timmy

found himself becoming even littler. He now stood at just 3'0 tall.

Tanya placed Timmy back on the floor and stood towering over him. The little

mite was now eye level with the top of her thighs and when she ordered him to

eat her, he had to tip toe to reach her dripping wet pussy.

She moaned and groaned as his tiny tongue worked its way around her pussy, but

she realized she would have to bend down slightly for him to reach her clit.

Soon little Timmy's face was covered in her hot juices and Tanya was on the

verge of an orgasm.

Just then there was a knock on the door and the fright brought on another

shrinking fit. Timmy shrank down to 2'6 within two seconds.

“I'll go see who that is,” Tanya said, searching for her pants and trying to do

up her blouse buttons.

“No! Don't let anyone in, I don't want anyone to see me like this.” Timmy

yelled, except his yell was now a tiny squeak.

“It's OK, micro man, I'll be right back.”

Tanya rushed to the door and opened it. It was Matt, Timmy's partner from work.

He stood there in his police uniform, his broad shoulders filling the doorway.

“Hi,” he said, his voice deep and gruff.

“Oh…erm…hi,” Tanya answered, eyeing up the muscles under his tight shirt.

“I've come to check on Timothy. Is he OK? What's going on with him?” He looked

concerned, but also extremely curious.

Now Tanya by this point was hornier than she had ever been; on the one hand,

having her boyfriend so small and under her control was a turn on, but on the

other, he no longer had the equipment to satisfy her.

“Come in, Matt. I'm sure little Timmy will want to see you.” Tanya winked

seductively at Matt and pressed her ample breasts against his muscular chest as

he entered. He was so big and strong. She was practically drooling.

Matt sat down on the sofa and Tanya shouted through to Timmy to come on through.

He couldn't believe that she had let him in! And now she expected him to go

through and show himself like this? No way! But he had little choice in the

matter. Soon, she came into the bedroom and swept his tiny frame up in her arms,

carrying him through into the living room. Timmy kicked and yelled; he wasn't

even wearing any pants for Christ's sake!

It was no use, Tanya set him down in the centre of the living room floor, right

in front of Matt.

Matt just stared in shock at his once six foot partner and friend. He was 2'6

and shrinking before his very eyes. He stopped at around 2'0… and his dick! It

was so damn small.

After he got over the initial shock, Matt couldn't help but laugh. This was the

guy he had looked up to for the past five years.

“Fuck, man! What in the name of God happened to you?!”

Tanya snuck up behind Timmy, bent down and pinched his tiny botty. “He's had a

belittling experience.” Matt and Tanya laughed together and Timmy, feeling

insecure and threatened, found his hand unconsciously wandering to his tiny

little pee pee. He fingered it and rubbed it and soon he had a two inch


Tanya fell to her knees on the carpet and pulled Timmy closer to them by his

tiny pecker. “Look at this! This is supposed to make me scream and yell and cum!

It's a fucking thumb tack!”

At first Matt wasn't sure what to say, but then Tanya undid the buttons of her

blouse and he got an eyeful of her cleavage. He looked over at 24 inch Timothy

and realized that there was nothing stopping him doing what the hell he liked.

He'd always had a secret crush on Tanya, hell once he even had a wet dream about


Tanya ran her hands over Matt's big strong chest and slowly undid his shirt

buttons then removed his shirt.

“Mmmm, such big muscles. You must work out a lot.”

“Hey!” Timmy squeaked, trying to get nearer the two of them, but being held back

by Tanya. “What the fuck are you doing??”

Tanya removed her blouse and ran her hands over her 34DD tits. “I'm doing what I

like, little dude. It's not like you can make me cum now, is it? Or can you?”

She smiled wickedly and pulled him closer. “I have an idea. You fuck me here and

now, on this floor, with that little dick of yours and make me cum, and I'll

tell big strapping Matt here with his big cock to go home. Deal?”

Timmy didn't see that he had much of a choice. Tanya lay on her back on the

floor, took off her pants and spread her legs invitingly.

Matt sat back on the sofa and sniggered under his breath.

I'll show him, Timmy thought and climbed on top of his giant girlfriend. His two

inch dick was hard, and as big as it was going to get. The sight of her gigantic

tits had done that. With a bit of a struggle, and feeling extremely

self-conscious, Timmy pushed his shrunken cock into Tanya's huge wet pussy.

Feeling how big she was compared to his tiny member made him feel even smaller,

and he started thrusting in and out slowly at first, then with more speed and


After a few minutes, Tanya asked, “are you in yet, little man?”

Matt's booming laughter filled the room and Timmy almost died with shame. He

instantly shrunk to one foot tall and his dick was now one inch, fully erect. He

pounded as hard as he could now, knowing that this was his last chance, but it

was no use, he was so pathetically minute, there was no chance that his one inch

pecker was going to make Tanya cum.

He was mad now. He rolled off of her and ran up to Matt's calves. He pounded

them with all the force he could muster, but it was no use. Matt was laughing

hysterically at the sight of a 12 inch naked man punching his ankles.

Matt picked his tiny friend up and stood up. He walked over to Tanya and pushed

the little man between her huge tits then squeezed then around him, leaving him

dangling there, helpless, between her cleavage.

Timmy struggled against the heavy, warm mounds of flesh, but then another wave

of dizziness came over him and he found himself just six inches high. He was no

longer a man, he was a toy, a plaything.

Tanya suddenly yelled out, “take me, Matt, I want your big fat dick deep inside


Matt took is pants off to reveal a nine inch long, thick dick. Tanya was so

horny, she almost came there and then.

“Patience, sexy, patience,” Matt said softly and he took the six inch Timmy in

his hand and rubbed his tiny dick up against Tanya's hard nipple. After just

five seconds Timmy cam, two tiny droplets of cum hung off Tanya's nipple.

Matt roared with laughter. “You're pathetic, little man!” he licked the droplets

of cum off of Tanya's breast, then placed Timmy inside a glass vase on the

coffee table where he could watch the action.

Matt cupped Tanya's huge tits with his big hands and massaged then gently. Tanya

moaned and groaned under his manly touch and undid his fly, pulling down his

pants to reveal a pair of white boxers encasing a huge erection. Tanya ripped

the boxers off and Matt's nine inch rod sprang out.

Timmy could do nothing but watch as his gigantic friend fucked his girlfriend,

making her moan and yell louder than he had ever made her. His massive dick

thrust in and out of her moist pussy and she clawed his big muscles as they


When they'd finished, Matt took one of Timmy's cigarettes and blew a stream of

smoke up to the ceiling. He then got up and walked over to Timmy's vase.

“See how it's done, little dude? That's how a real man fucks a beautiful woman.”

He laughed and blew smoke into the vase. As Timmy coughed and spluttered, Matt

got dressed and kissed Tanya.

“Going so soon?” Tanya asked, winking at the hunky Police Officer.

“Yeah, I'm sorry, hun, I have a girlfriend at home waiting to be satisfied too.”

He winked back at her. “But hey, if you get horny, you can always use little

dude over there are a dildo.”

Matt leaned over and gave Tanya a kiss. “Thanks for the fuck.”

He turned to Timmy. “Ciao, Tiny Tim, I'll see you tomorrow evening when I come

and satisfy your girlfriend for you again.”

Timmy didn't know what to think. He had secretly been really turned on by

watching another man fuck his girlfriend, especially when he was so small and

helpless. But what now? Was he going to stay this way forever? What was Tanya

going to do with him? He didn't know. But one thing was sure; his life was now

in the hands of his girlfriend. Literally.


Giantess Stories: Ever wondered what it would be like to have your biggest fantasy come trueTiny  Tim  A shrinking story by shrink

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