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Family of four

Mother 'Diane' late 30's,average size, white, long black hair,

European looking.

Sister 'Kendra' 16, average size, white, long black hair

Brother 'Jake' 17, white

Adopted Sister'Ming'14,White Asian, long black hair

One day Jake was in his room studying, when Kendra came in and

started talking to him. He told her to go away. 'Which he always


She started making fun of him so he grabbed her and showed her out of

his room while calling her names. She got very upset and started

cursing at him through his closed door. She went to her room which

she shared with Ming; Ming was on her bed playing with something.

Kendra went up to her and asked 'What are you playing with Ming'

Oh nothing, just a friend.

A friend let me see.

Kendra looked under Ming's foot to and saw a little man about 3-4


Oh my god! What is that?

I told you, it's my friend, I call him Mr.Foottoy.

What are you doing with him?

Nothing, Im just making him smell my foot.


It's fun and addictive.

When Ming said this she scrunched her toes on the man's face while

smiling at her feet. This put a smile on Kendra's face too.

How long have you had him, Kendra asked interested.

Almost a year.

Is he stuck like that, no I can always make him normal.

So you did this to him? How and why?!

I did it to him because I thought he was really cute and wanted him,

and if you have to know how, my Mother was a very mysterious and

powerful person, when she died I think I got some of her powers.

How many of these guys do you have? Can I see him?

I only have 2, and yes you can see him.

Ming removed her foot and allowed Kendra to hold the man. Kendra

moved the man towards her face and smelled him. 'He stinks' Of course

he does, he's been under my foot all day, Ming replied with a grin.

How come you keep him under your foot? For some reason, that was my

fist instinct when I got him and ever since it's been the one of the

only things I really enjoy.

Can I try? Without waiting for a response, Kendra removed her shoe

from her right foot and gently put her foot on top of the man. 'You

don't have to be so gentle with him; I do wear him under my foot in

my footwear everyday. With that Kendra applied more pressure. It is

kind of exciting; Kendra said this while wiggling her toes.

After 30 minutes of playing with the little guy Kendra asked if Ming

could shrink a guy for her. Ming said sure but it has to be soon,

because she is loosing certain powers for different ones as she grows

up. Since Kendra felt like she may not have much time left, she

decided to shrink the closes guy around. That's when Kendra suggested

Jake, their brother. Ming was never close to Jake so she immediately

shrugged her shoulders and said sure.

That night Ming walked into Jake's room and woke him up. 'What do you

want Ming' I had a nightmare; Ming said this in a baby voice. So,

what do you want me to do? Can you come with me to my room? Jake was

really tired, so he simply got up and took her to her room. Alright

here we are, can you please go to sleep now? Ming proceeded to say Ok

thank you still in her baby voice and at the same time she shrunk


That's when Kendra came out of Ming's closet and grabbed Jake. The

lights in the room were still off and Jake was so confused and

delirious that he could not see anything. Kendra took Jake and

dropped him in a sock, then kissed Ming a couple times on the cheeks.

Can I go to sleep now; Ming asked this like everything was normal.

Sure lil sis, I'm gonna go to my room and let Jake know what's going



Kendra left the room that she shares with Ming so Ming could sleep.

She started going downstairs towards the living room. As she was

walking, Jake was inside this sock moving back and forth. He had no

idea what was going on. All he could think about was the odd smell.

Finally he stopped moving, Kendra was in the living room. She turned

on a small lamp and sat down by it. She slowly opened the sock and

looked into it. Jake looked up from inside the sock and saw his

sister's face. This is when he panicked and began to scream!


Kendra closed the sock again, paranoid that her mom might hear.

Calm down Jake, stop screaming or I'll never let you out of the sock.

Gradually Jake calmed down and stopped wiggling around.

Look Jake, I can understand why you are freaking out, but first

listen to what I have to tell you.

I don't know how to say this so Im just gonna tell you...I got our

little sister Ming to shrink you so I can keep you as my foot toy.

There was a pause for about 5 long seconds then Jake started to freak

out again.


Did you just call me a bitch Jake?!

I was trying to be nice, but I can see that's not working!

This is when she took him out of the sock and held him by his ankle.

Look Jake, before we go any further, Im gonna have to set some rules

for you.

What?! What rules?!

SHUT UP!! Don't speak unless I allow you to. That is rule number 1

2. If I tell you to do something, you do it.

3. You will address me as Goddess Kendra.

4. You will not try to escape

There will be more rules as the days go by, if you disobey me in any

way, if you even hesitate to follow my command, I will PUNISH YOU!

Do you understand Foot Toy?

Jake understood, and he knew he had no choice but to answer her.

Yes goddess Kendra.

Good Foot Toy.

Let's practice, with that she brought the heel of her foot up on the

couch where Jake was and placed it with her toes slanting in front of


Alright, smell my toes. Jake immediately smelled Kendra's toes. Now,

kiss my sole. Jake did as he was told. Now lie on your back and ask:

Can you please place your beautiful foot on top of me.

Jake lay on his back and was so humiliated by this whole thing.

Following his little sister's orders like this made him feel so low.

But He proceeded to ask 'can you please place your beautiful foot on

top of me?'

of course I can my little foot toy; Kendra then proceeded to place

her foot on top of Jake. His face was right under her toes and his

chest under her sole, his legs and feet ended right around the arch

of her foot.

She left him there for around 10 minutes, then moved her foot and

picked him up.

Alright foot toy, I'm tired so Im gonna go to sleep now. She stuffed

Jake into the same sock he was in earlier and took that sock and

stuffed it into the other sock and tied the whole thing up. She then

went back to her room and got her oldest volleyball shoes. She took

the right one and stuffed the socks that Jake was in all the way into

the toe section. She then said “Good night, hope you can sleep in all

that heat,” at the same time she placed him under her bed and

whispered “not to mention that entire stench”...................


the next morning Kendra got up around 12 in the afternoon. It was

Saturday so she had all day to train her 'little' brother into her

foot toy. Ming was on her bed playing with her little guy. Holding

him upside down and bringing his face directly towards the bottom of

her toes.

Hey Ming, didn't you tell me you had 2 little guys?

Yes I did, the other one is in one of my really dirty socks right


How come you always play with this little guy?

Im punishing the other one for hesitating after I ordered him to kiss

all my toes. He's been in that stinky sock for 3 days now and he has

1 day to go.

Kendra imagined being in a really dirty sock for 3 days without fresh

air or light, that's when she remembered about her brother.

She picked up the shoe Jake was in and pulled out the socks he was

wrapped up in. As soon as she pulled it out, she could smell the

stench. Her socks were pretty clean, but those shoes reeked.

She sat next to Ming on her bed and untied the sock, and then she

pulled out the other sock her brother was in. She reached into the

sock to pull Jake out and that's when her brother bit her finger.

Ouch! You little punk! She held the sock upside down until Jake fell

on the bed.

Jake just sat there looking at his huge sister.

Look you little foot toy, this is your last warning, DONT PISS ME


New rule, no biting me, no trying to hurt me in any way!! Got IT?!

I said GOT IT!!

Yes Goddess Kendra

good foot toy, Im gonna pretend that didn't happen.

Now As the saying goes, today is gonna be a long day....At least for


After Kendra said this, she picked her brother up and walked to her

closet which she shares with Ming. She got on her knees to pick out

the shoes she was gonna torture her brother in, but she noticed a

sock stuffed in one of Ming's old shoes. She figured the other little

guy Ming owns is probably in there. She then grabbed a pair of her

semi old Nike shoes. She put Jake on the ground and commanded him to

walk into her right shoe.

I want you to walk into my right shoe and lay on your back at the toe

section, so your head will be right under my toes. GOT IT??!!

Jake looked at his sister with a very sad face and asked, Why are you

doing this? Once Jake said this, Kendra did not move or blink. She

was giving her brother the worst look ever. Jake was terrified.

All of a sudden she started to speak very slowly.

Look.....I gave you the rules.....I even gave you one last

warning......but again you upset me......Now I have to punish you.

She grabbed Jake and walked back to Ming.

Ming are you sure he's durable?


So can I put as much pressure on him as I want?


He made me upset Ming, how should I punish him? 'Jake was in her

right hand during this whole time listening to the two talk.'

However you would like Kendra

Do you have any suggestions?

Sure, one of the punishments I inflict on my little toys when they

upset me is I put on a shoe, place them on the ground and step on

them with all my force. It's much worse than your barefoot. The

bottoms of your shoes are a lot harder, rougher and dirtier.

How long do you do it for?

Depends on what they did.

O.K, thank you Ming.

Kendra went back to the closet and put on one of her Nike shoes. She

placed Jake on the ground and looked right into his eyes before

moving her foot on top of him. At the same time she closed the closet

door. Meanwhile Ming was holding her little guy by his head in mid

air with her right foot when all of a sudden she heard muffled

screams coming from the closet. They were very violent screams and

Ming new Jake was going through a lot of pain.

Normal people wouldn't be able to hear his screams, but Ming does

have special powers, so she got to enjoy the sounds of agony coming

from Jake through the closet door.

After a few minutes Kendra came out of the closet looking kind of


Ming, I think I killed him

Ming looked up at Kendra, You killed him?

No!! But I bet it sounded like I did. They both giggled to each other

and then Kendra left the room. 'With Jake in her left shoe.'

Ming picked up her little guy and brought him to her face. Im getting

bored with you 'She has been playing with him all morning.' She then

sniffed her armpit....I stink, what do you think? She put the little

guy under her arm and shoved his head into her left pit. She held his

head there for almost a minute, then brought him back to her face.

What do you think, should we go take a shower? The little slave

replied yes in a very weak voice. ya I thought so, you could also use

a shower yourself............


Kendra was now downstairs in the kitchen eating cereal at the table.

She was tapping her feet on the ground like she was listening to a

song. That's when her mom entered the room and gave her a surprised

kiss on the cheek.

Good morning honey

Good morning mommy

Is Ming still asleep?

No, she on her bed playing with her toy

What about your brother?

He's lying around somewhere. Kendra scrunched her toes while saying

this. Jake could hear the whole conversation between his sister and

his mom.

After their mom got her breakfast she sat down next to Kendra.

There was nothing but silence for a while until Kendra's mom saw she

was wearing shoes in the house.

Kendra, what did I tell you about wearing shoes in the house?

But mom, dad never cared.

Well I hate to say this but he's not around anymore and I have to

clean the floors.

Jake is still in his sister's shoes burning up from the heat. Not to

mention the nasty odor coming from her feet and shoes. She was

wearing her old sneakers without socks on, so the sweat and smell was

rapidly getting worse.

Take off your shoes now young lady!

Alright mommy

Diane 'The mom' got up to put away her dishes, this is when Kendra

took off her shoes and grabbed Jake from the left one. As soon as she

pulled him out her mom turned around, so Kendra put Jake under her

ass. She was now sitting on Jake. This wasn't so bad for Jake, just a

second ago he was in her shoe under her smelly foot.

Baby, what are you going to be doing today?

Nothing, I might go to the mall with Ming.

How about we all go out as a family, I got my boss to let me have the

weekend off.

Kendra realized that soon her mom would find out Jake is missing, but

She knew that this was eventually gonna happen.

Alright mommy, I'll be ready in an hour.

Meanwhile, Ming was in the shower with her little guy. She had him

under her right foot while she was taking a shower. All the water and

soap was running down her body and onto her toy.

She would drag his body under her foot whenever she moved. All of a

sudden she heard a knock on the door.

Hey Ming, I gotta take a shower too, so keep it short. We're all

gonna go to the mall in an hour.

Ming picked up her little guy from the ground.

Did you hear that? Your gonna get to go to the mall with me and Don't

worry, I'll wear socks today.

Kendra picked up the famous sock Jake has been in since his time as a

foot toy and dropped her brother into it. She then tied it together

and placed it on her pillow.

Im gonna take a shower, but when I come out I promise to let you

accompany my feet to the mall.

when Ming came out of the shower, Kendra went in. Right away before

putting on any clothes Ming dropped her guy into a purple sock and

proceeded to put it on her right foot. She then finished dressing.

After she was finished, she picked up the sock Jake was in and

sniffed it a couple times. Even though it smelled bad she didn't show

any expressions on her face. She just put the sock back on the pillow

and left the room. When she put the sock down it rolled off the

pillow and onto the ground, which hurt Jake and caused him to get a

little dizzy. Half way through Kendra's shower her mom walked in and

saw their room. It was kind of a mess. Normally, no one would

consider their room a mess, but their mother likes everything

perfect. She started to pick up the dirty clothes, there were only a

few shirts and shorts plus some socks, including the one Jake was in.

She had most of the clothes under her arm when she bent over to pick

up the tied up sock. When she picked it up she notic

ed it was tied together and could feel something in there.

She put all the clothes on Kendra's bed and untied the sock, when she

looked inside she freaked out thinking Jake was a big insect so she

dropped him and the sock on the floor. This was the second time Jake

hit the floor with such hard impact. Jake hit his head a little too

hard this time and was out cold. His mother looked down cautiously to

see what this 'thing' was. She finally knelt down to get a closer

look and that's when she realized it was her



Kendra came out of the shower in a pretty good mood, ready to play

with her little brother, but when she got to her bed she did not see

the sock anywhere. She searched the whole room and could not find it.

She dressed as quickly as possible and ran to find Ming. When she saw

Ming she immediately asked her if she had taken Jake.

No, I picked up the sock for a second but I put it back where I found

it. After Ming said this they both heard their mother call out their


KENDRA, MING come to the living room immediately.

They both ran to the living room and saw their mother sitting on the

couch with a very unpleasant look on her face.

Sit down girls.

Yes mom, they both replied.

Do yawl know what I found in your room? Do you?

What? They both replied pretending to be clueless.

Im gonna get straight to the point. I found your brother shrunk and

tied up in a dirty sock!

It's not that dirty mom. After Kendra said this Ming and Kendra

giggled a little.

Do you think this is funny!?

Who did this to him?

They both looked at each other then Ming replied Me.

Why Ming, why would you do this to your brother?

Kendra asked me too.

What were yall doing with him and I want the truth I'd ask him, but

he's unconscious right now.

Alright, I asked Ming to shrink Jake so I could turn him into my foot


WHAT?! That is ridiculous, why would you do that?

It feels good and it becomes real addictive mommy.

You should try it, Ming said this with a devilish look on her face.

IM not going to treat my son like a foot toy Ming!

It's not like he's your blood. After Kendra said this her mom slapped

her across the face. How dare you! I may have not given birth to him

but I am still his mother!

Ming began to speak again, At least try it out, it's not like he will

know. He is unconscious.

Trust me mom, you'll love it!

After a long and quiet pause she decided it wouldn't hurt to try it


Alright I guess I can try it out, she then proceeded to move Jake

slowly towards her right foot which she had know placed over her left


She began to rub his face and chest all over the sole of her right

foot. At first she didn't really enjoy it, but after a while she

started to get into it.

Kendra then gave her mother a suggestion. Mom why don't you wear him

in your shoes. What do you mean baby. Ming go get moms high heels,

the ones she wears to work all the time.

Ming ran real fast upstairs to grab the heels from their mothers

closet. She ran down just as fast and placed the heel by her mother's


Alright mom just put Jake in your shoe and place your foot in the

shoe like he's not even there.


Here, just give him to me. Kendra then took her mother's right heel

and placed Jake in it on his back with his head disappearing into the

toe section. Kendra then got on her knees and held the shoe to her

mother's right foot.

Alright mom put your foot in.

No, he will suffocate in there.

No he won't Mom, Kendra replied. In fact you could keep him in their

for the rest of his life and he would not die from suffocating. In

fact you could even walk on him like you normally would and he would

be fine.

After Kendra said this she pointed at Ming and asked her to take the

little guy out of her sock.

When Kendra said this, her mom looked at Ming's feet in shock.

Ming proceeded to take her right sock off and held her little guy

upside down by his ankle.

See? He's fine.

Diane got up and grabbed the little guy from Ming.

She then examined him with a fascinated look on her face.

How long have you had this guy Ming?

Let's just say a very long time. 'She said this with a big smile on

her face.'

Diane then handed the guy back to Ming and she immediately without

looking or talking to the guy put him back in her sock and shoved her

foot in.

Alright girls, I guess I can try this out before he comes to.

She then with lots of enthusiasm took the high heel Jake was in and

slowly placed her right foot in it. She then pushed her foot down to

get a good fit. Right away she started wiggling her toes on her son's

face. Her daughters could tell she was starting to really enjoy this.

All of the wiggling of her toes on Jake's face caused him to slowly

wake up.

When he finally came to, he could barely see anything. It was dark

and he couldn't move. Plus it smelled bad. He figured he was under

his sister's foot and he knew their was nothing he could do about it,

so he just laid there. His mother could tell he was moving now, but

tried to ignore it.

So, girls are we gonna go to the mall or what?!

Ya sure, just let me get my shoes mom.

Both Ming and Kendra ran to their room to get their shoes, meanwhile

Jake was still in the right high heel, not realizing it's his

mother's shoe he is in and his mother's foot on top of



Once Ming & Kendra got their shoes on they ran downstairs into the

living room. Their mother was sitting down on the couch waiting for

them. Once they were set to go, their mother finally got up and put

all her wait down on her son. Immediately Jake noticed that there was

more weight than before, but he didn't think much about it. They all

got into the car and began to drive off. During the ride Jake

couldn't hear anything from all the noise coming from the car. He did

however notice that Kendra was driving, because she would constantly

push down on the gas and the brake. He found this odd, because Kendra

hadn't gotten her driver's license yet. They finally got to the mall

and decided to go to Foley's first. After looking around in Foley's

for a little bit. Diane found some pants she thought would look nice

for work, so she took them to the Women's dressing room. When she got

into her room, she used her right foot to take off her left heel and

her left foot to take off her ri

ght heel. Then she immediately started taking off her skirt. It

seemed as if she had forgotten all about her son. Jake laid there in

her right heel at the corner of the room. All he could see was the

back of some woman, which he could tell wasn't Kendra or Ming. He

laid there in this smelly shoe for what seemed like forever until she

turned around. He couldn't believe it! Jake finally saw that it was

his mother. He realized he was in his mom's shoe under her foot this

whole time. He started yelling at her, but she ignored him. She went

on to take off the pants and put on her skirt again, then while Jake

was waving and screaming at her she casually walked towards her shoes

and put her foot back into the shoe Jake was in without even looking

down. Jake was immediately pushed down and back into the toe section

of his mother's right shoe.

His mother then looked herself up and down in the mirror and

straightened out her skirt and gave herself a smile because she knew

her son had just found out about everything.

Jake was now terrified, confused, and ten times more disgusted

knowing it's his mother's foot on top of him. When Diane got out of

the dressing room she went and got Kendra.

Where's Ming honey?

She's in the shoe section trying on some shoes.

Meanwhile, Ming is sitting in a chair in the shoe section with her

shoes off.

She was trying on some boots when Kendra and their mom came by.

Ming, we're going to get something to eat, are you coming?

Ya, hold on. After she said this she took off the boots and decided

to take off her socks too, then she sniffed her little guy real fast.

'Just wondering how bad you stink little man.' She then put the guy

in her right shoe and put her foot in right after. She put on her

left shoe next, placed her socks into her pockets, stood up and

pressed her feet into the ground as hard as she could, smothering the

little guy under her toes and sole.

Next, they all went to the food court and got something to eat. When

they were sitting down Kendra asked her mom how Jake felt under her


He feels great. You were right, it is addictive.

Told you mommy. You can thank Ming, she shrunk him for me.

Because of all the noise in the mall Jake could not hear anything.

All he could do was lay there and smell his mother's foot.' Which

smelled worse and worse by the minute.'

During their meal his mom was wiggling her toes and pressing down

with her sole the whole time. Jake could swear his mom was doing this

just to bother him, which in fact she was.

After a couple hours of walking through the mall they all decided to

go home. During the ride back Kendra asked if she could play with

Jake now. Her mom immediately said NO!! She said she wanted to play

with Jake when they got home. Kendra thought this was unfair because

her mom got to keep him under her foot the whole time at the mall.

they finally got home and they all went into their rooms. Diane went

into her bedroom and slowly shut the door. Kendra stayed in the

living room and turned on the T.V, but she was actually wondering

what her mom was doing to Jake. Ming went into her room and

immediately took off her shoes. Right away she could smell the odor

coming from her foot. She had worn those old sneakers without socks

on for a while. She knew it was going to smell horrible in there. She

then started to order her little guy around.

Hey! Foot toy! Walk into my hand. her hands were right beside her

open and ready to grab him. He walked from her smelly feet right into

her hand. She then took him up to her face and took a very big sniff.

You really stink little man and that's unfortunate because your next

shower isn't for a week. She then put her right hand into her panties

and started playing with herself while smelling her stinky little

guy. 'Apparently Ming as some type of a weird foot fetish herself.'

Meanwhile Jake was still under his mother's foot in her high heel.

Diane layed on her bed and stretched her legs towards the end of the

bed. She then began to take her shoes off with her feet. When she

took off her right shoe, Jake tumbled onto the bed and crawled a

little to the right and saw his mother's face looking down on him

from between her legs and feet. He did not know what to say.

Hi Jake, how are you?


What do you mean Why?

Why did you do this to me?

Kendra and Ming talked me into it.

I don't under.....

Look! When I married your father, he promised to take care of me

forever, but after 4 years he passed away. Even though I didn't give

birth to you guys I took care of all of you on my own. Did any of you

ever thank me? No! You took my love and everything I did for you for

granted. Now You're going to take care of me. You are going to serve

me and make me feel good. Now don't worry, Im not going to keep you

like this forever, just for awhile until I'm satisfied. It could be a

week, or a month, or a year. Who knows! with that said, I want you to

stay put while I get some socks.

She got up and walked to her drawer and pulled out some socks, but

then she looked down on the floor and saw some dirty ones lying by

her bed. She put her clean socks back in the drawer and went and

picked up the dirty ones from the floor and sniffed them real fast to

make sure they smelled,' Which they did.' She sat next to Jake,

dropped the socks on her bed and crossed her legs. She then picked

him up with her right hand and picked up one of the dirty socks with

her left hand. Slowly she moved Jake and the sock towards each other.

She smothered Jake by pressing his upper body into the toe section of

the dirty sock.

How does my sock smell Jake? She was grinning the whole time while

pushing the sock and Jake into each other. She then wrapped the sock

around Jake's body from his head to his toes. 'Like a mummy.' She

left his head open so he could see everything. Then she laid down on

her side of the bed and lay him slanted on the pillow next to hers.

She turned on the T.V that was in front of them and started watching

the news while Jake was right next to her wrapped up in her dirty

sock. He had no choice but to lay there and watch the news with his



Kendra was downstairs watching T.V impatiently. Her left leg was

shaking faster and faster until she couldn't take it anymore. She had

to play with her brother. She decided to run upstairs and tell her

mother she wanted Jake!

Diane was still watching news on her bed with Jake wrapped up in her

dirty sock lying next to her. All of a sudden Kendra opened the door

and started talking.

MOM!! It's not fair; I got Ming to shrink Jake for me. Why do you get

to have him?

Baby, I never said he was mine. I just wanted some time alone with


Well can I please play with him now?

Sure baby, I didn't know you were so upset.

Here he is. 'She handed him to her while smiling.'

Ewww!!! Your socks stink, can you please unwrap him first?

Fine, whatever. She took Jake back and slowly unwrapped the sock from

his body.

Have fun with your sister Jake. She then handed him back to Kendra

who grabbed him anxiously and ran off to her room.

When she opened the door of her room she caught Ming playing with


Oh Im sorry Ming!! I'll leave you with your little guy!

No No NO, it's ok, I'd rather you stay.

Kendra found this odd and quite uncomfortable.

She did not want to be in the room while Ming was masturbating. She

decided to go into the closet and play with Jake. She sat down on the

ground next to all her shoes.

Alright Jake we're gonna play a game. It's called.....What smells

worse. Ya, that sounds like fun doesn't it?

This is how you play. You have to smell my foot for 30 seconds

straight, and then you get to pick 3 shoes out of all of these.

'There were about 50 pairs.' Then I will smell each one of the shoes

you chose and if one of them smells worse than my feet I will wear

you in them. But if none of them smell worse than my feet, you will

be penalized! Now begin smelling. With that she stood up and put her

foot on top of his body. He was lying on his back; she was gently

pressing her sole into his chest with her toes putting much pressure

on his face. The smell was pretty bad, but not as bad as you would

think. She ended up making him smell her foot for over a minute. She

then sat back down and told him to point to three pairs of shoes

which he thought would smell worse than her feet. He picked some old

sketchers; he figured these would smell real bad because he

remembered her always wearing these barefoot. He also picked some

black leather boots. He just figured these had to smell. Hi

s third choice was a pair of old torn up Adidas. These were Ming's

shoes, and he knew Ming purposely likes to make her feet and footwear

smell as bad as possible all the time.

Alright foot toy, the moment of truth. She grabbed her right foot and

brought it to her nose; she then took a big sniff....Ya, that stinks.

I hope you chose well. She then grabbed Jake and placed him back on

his back and placed her foot on top of him. She left his head

sticking out so she could look him in the eyes as she smelled the

shoes. She picked up a Sketcher and brought the opening to her nose.

She took a big slow sniff while staring at Jake.......Sorry; they

smell but not as bad as my stinky feet. She put the shoe back down

and picked up a leather boot. She again brought the opening to her

nose and took a big sniff........Sorry again, they don't smell bad at

all. They just smell like leather. Horrible choice foot toy! You

shoulda known better. She finally grabbed the third shoe and brought

the opening to her nose......GOD DAMN!! THIS ONE STINKS!!!I DIDN'T

KNOW SHOES CAN SMELL THIS BAD!!!!..............Oh wait a minute,

what's this? She looked closer into the shoe then

pulled out a scrunched up sock. She then remembered Ming's little

guy that she had tied up in her dirty sock as punishment. I'm sorry

foot toy, but you've been disqualified. I told you to pick a smelly

shoe, not a smelly shoe and a smelly sock. You know what this

means......You have to be penalized now!!!

Guess what your punishment is Foot toy.



You're going to step on me with your shoes again?

No silly foot toy. You wanna know what Im gonna do?


She picked him up along with Ming's tattered up adidas.

Hey Ming can I ask you for a favor?

Sure sis.

I just finished playing a game with my toy and he lost, so now I need

to punish him. I was wondering if I could use these shoes.

Ming noticed they were the ones with her little guy in them. She

decided to let Kendra borrow them anyway.

Sure, I guess my little guy has had enough. What do you think Kendra?

Maybe...... Thanks for the shoes. She then pulled out the sock Ming's

little guy was in and handed him to Ming. After that she went off to

her mom's bedroom.

Ming was still on her bed with her little guy under her right foot.

She was simply keeping him under there while watching T.V. She had

the other little guy in that smelly sock in her hand.

She decided to finally let him out after almost 4 days. She untied

the sock and dropped him onto her stomach. She picked him up and

examined him. He looked very unhealthy and couldn't keep his eyes

open from all the light. She started sniffing him all over his body.

Oh my god you smell so bad my little foot slave.

You have no idea how horny you're getting me! She then took the hand

her little guy was in and moved it down her stomach and into her


Meanwhile, Kendra was in her mom's bedroom. She had Jake in one

Ming's horrible smelling shoes and she was talking to her mom about

the game she just played with him.

Mom now I have to punish him, so I was wondering if I could borrow

those dirty socks you had him wrapped in earlier.

Sure honey, here they are. Just keep them away from your face, they

could kill someone.

They both laughed and while they were laughing Kendra took the socks

and shoved them into the shoe Jake was in. She then ran downstairs

into the living room and sat on the couch.

Hey little man guess what your punishment is?

That's when she pulled out the socks along with Jake, then dropped

Jake into one of the smelly socks. Jake fell into the toe section. It

was moist and it smelled horrible. He then looked up to see his

sister's foot coming in on top of him. She pulled the sock on and

proceeded to stretch her leg up and pull as hard as she could on the

sock to get the sock as tight as she could on her foot. She then took

the right shoe of Ming and put it on. The smell for Jake became 10

times worse along with the heat. The heat was worse than anything

throughout this whole trip. Except maybe for the whole idea that his

mom and sister have been using him as a foot toy.

Kendra then stood up and said ' Im gonna go out for a long jog now, I

hope you don't mind.'

She then left the house and began to jog...........


Ming was in her room playing with her little guys. She had one in her

right hand and the other in her left. She was about to start

torturing them again when her mom came in.

Hey Ming, Kendra is out with Jake right now and since you have two

guys I was wondering if I could borrow one?

Sure mommy, have your pick.

ok, what's their names?

This one in my right hand is Stinky and this one in my left is


That's funny baby, can I have Stinky?

Sure, but he really smells right now, he just came out of my dirty

sock after almost 4 long days.

I don't mind. Thank you honey.

As Diane left the room, Ming looked at smelly and said are you ready

to have some more fun? She then ran off to the closet.

Meanwhile, Jake was having the worst experience of his life! It was

getting hotter and hotter as his sister was jogging. Not to mention

the atrocious smells. He was getting the worst of all his family

members. He was in his mother's horrible smelling sock, which was in

his sister Ming's hideous smelling shoe, and under his sister

Kendra's sweaty, nasty smelling foot!

Plus, all of the movement was making him horribly nauseas. He was

getting pounded by his sister's foot every second. After 30 minutes

of this torture his sister sat down on a bench at some park. She was

sitting next to some old woman. She decided to take off her shoe and

sock to see if Jake was ok. When she took her footwear off, the old

woman gave Kendra a look of disgust and walked away. She brought Jake

to her face for a second until she smelled the stench coming from him

so she lowered him down to around her stomach.

How are you doing Jake?

Please Kendra, let me go.


Now I have to punish you Foot toy. I was gonna roll you up in mom's

sock and carry you back home, but now your going back the same way

you came here. You ignorant little Foot toy.

She then dropped him back in her mom's sock and put her foot in it,

then put the shoe on and started jogging back home.

Kendra's mother was in her bedroom trying to have fun with Ming's

little guy, but he wasn't the same as her son. She wanted to play

with Jake; it gave her much more pleasure. Either way she decided to

do with what she had until Kendra got home. She decided to wear

Stinky in her pantyhose. She went and got some from her drawer. They

were some black ones, but unfortunately they were clean. She did not

have any dirty ones at the moment. She dropped her Stinky in the

right leg, he fell until he hit the toe section; she then brought the

toe section to her face and let it hang for a while. She was trying

to intimidate the little guy. She then lowered it and began to put it

on. Once she had it completely on, she sat down and wiggled her toes

until she positioned Stinky to the way she wanted him. She then got

some of her old black pumps and put them on. After that she went

downstairs to get herself some wine from the kitchen. All she had on

was a black robe, black pantyhose, and blac

k pumps. When Kendra got home she was breathing very hard and soaked

in sweat. Her mother had gotten kind of drunk but not too drunk. She

immediately smelled her daughter all the way from the living room.

Hey!! Kendra!! Get over here! 'Drunken Voice.'

What mom?

Where's Jake?

Take a guess. ‘She said this sarcastically.'

Get him out of your shoes, I want him now.

But mom I just......

I said NOW!!

Fine!!! She then sat down and began to take her shoes and socks off.

When she pulled the sock with Jake off, she made sure to take it off

so Jake would still be in the sock. She then rolled it up a little

and handed it to her mom. Her mom immediately saw and felt how sweaty

the sock was. She could also smell it's horrible stench.



Don't yell at me young lady! Come here!

Kendra walked over to her mom. She handed the sock with Jake to her

daughter. She then began to take off her pumps, then her pantyhose.

She pulled Stinky out of her pantyhose and handed him to Kendra.

Here! You can play with Ming's little guy for now.

Kendra took the little guy and at the same time her mom grabbed the

sock Jake was in from Kendra's hand. Kendra with a upset look on her

face went upstairs with Stinky.

Diane put her hand into her sock and pulled Jake out. He was covered

in Kendra's foot sweat and was breathing pretty hard. And of course

he smelled really bad.

Hey my little foot boy, how was the jog.

Jake could clearly see that his mother was drunk.

Please mom, let me go, I've had enou....

Shut UP!!! Guess what Im gonna do to you.

Before Jake could even move, his mom brought him to her right foot

and began to rub his chest and face all over her sole. She had her

index finger on the back of his head. She was pushing it into her


How does it smell honey? This actually wasn't that bad compared to

what he went through while he was with his sister jogging. She and

Jake were both on the couch, she was sitting down with her right knee

bent and her right foot on top of his body and his head in-between

her big and second toe. She was making him look up at her face the

whole time.

You wanna know what Im gonna do to you tomorrow? Im gonna wear you in

my old stinky high heels when I go to work. Im gonna wear you under

my foot everyday when I go to work. I don't think there will be a day

in your life where you won't be under my smelly feet.

Jake knew his mother was drunk, but he was still terrified that his

mother may never allow him to become normal again.

Now Jake, I want you to say this to me: Please place me in your black

pumps mother and put your beautiful foot on top of me.

Jake paused for a second, so she pushed down on him with her foot.


Please place me in your black pumps mother and put your beautiful

foot on top of me.

Why do you want me to do that son?

Jake knew he had to play along so he did.

Because you are so beautiful and so are your feet.


Because I am your foot toy and that's what you should do to me.

Good answer my foot pet. With that she placed him in her right shoe

and looked down at him for a couple minutes. 'Remember she's drunk.'

Finally she very slowly moved her foot towards her shoe and when Jake

thought his mother was about to put her foot in she pulled back a

little. Then she would move in again then pull back. She did this for

a very long time. After a while of this she began to stroke her son

with her big toe. She would start at his neck because his head was in

the toe section, then she would stroke him down to his penis. She

would then swirl around that area and move back up to his neck. She

did this over and over again; she did it harder and rougher every

time until she finally made her son cum. Even though it felt really

good for Jake, he was still uncomfortable with the fact that his

mother did this to him, plus the smell was pretty bad. She finally

placed her foot all the way into the shoe, scrunched her toes a

couple times then stood up and walked to her



When Diane got to her bedroom she decided she needed to get out again

while her little guy was under her foot. She took off her heels so

she could change her clothes. She placed her heels on her bed and

told Jake not to move. Jake just lay in his mother's heel and waited

for her to change.

Meanwhile, Kendra was with Ming in their room playing with the little

guys. Ming was playing with Smelly like a cat plays with a ball of

string, except she was using her feet. Slapping him around with her

feet, grabbing him by his head with her toes and lifting him then

dropping him down. Kendra was trying to have fun with Stinky, but

wasn't really into it. She was sitting down on her bed Indian style

watching T.V while rubbing Stinky under her right foot.

Hey Ming, I was wondering, where did you get Smelly from?

He's Stinky's brother. When I got Stinky, I found out he had a

brother, so I decided to reunite them. Kendra never really noticed

that they looked alike; she never really paid attention to their


How old are they?

This one is 17. 'She poked him in the chest real hard with her toes

when she said that.'

Stinky is 15.

Kendra then decided to try and have some fun.

Hey Lets come up with a cool game to play with these little guys!!

Meanwhile in their mother's bedroom, Diane was almost finished

dressing; she just needed to put her son where he belonged. She had

on some black work pants, a white shirt with flowers on it and black

socks. Once she checked herself out in the mirror, she picked up her

son from her high heel and brought him to her lips.

Im going to my friend's house, Im gonna wear you in my shoes and not

in my socks. But I want you to rub and kiss my feet every chance you

get. If I even notice you not kissing and rubbing my foot, I will

wear you barefoot in these leather ankle boots. Trust me, you don't

want that!

She then put her right boot on the bed and placed Jake next to it.

GET IN!! Jake climbed the side of the boot and fell in.

YOU know the drill, get to the toe section and lay on your back. I

need to fix my make up just a bit before we go. Jake did as he was

told and crawled to the toe section of his mother's boot and laid on

his back waiting for her foot. He couldn't help but notice the smell,

it was pretty bad. Normally it wouldn't be, but at his size the smell

was killing him. He then remembered that most of that smell is

probably coming from him from when he was under his sister's foot.

After a couple minutes he saw his mother's gigantic foot rush into

the shoe without a warning. Her foot was now on top of him; she

wiggled and scrunched her toes a little like she always does then

started walking to Ming and Kendra's room.

Hey guys, Imp going to my friend Cindy's house. Be good and don't get

into any trouble.

Ming smiled and waved bye to her mom, but Kendra had a mean look on

her face. Her mom didn't notice it and ran down the stairs and out

the house to her car.

Alright Ming are you ready to play?

Ya, but the question is are these little guys ready?

Alright foot toys, we came up with a game and now Ming will explain

the rules, Ming if you will.

O.k., this is how we play. I am going to put my right foot on top of

one of you and my left foot on the other. Your whole body except for

your arms will be covered under my foot. I will allow your arms to be

free, I will explain why in a second. The sole of my foot will be on

your chest and my toes on your face. Then I will press down on you AS

HARD AS I CAN!!! The object of the game is to last as long as

possible without tapping out. The person who taps out first will be

HORRIBLY TORTURED!! The winner will be rewarded by Kendra. There will

be 3 rounds; the person who loses 2 out of 3 rounds will be put

through the worst torture of all for the rest of the weekend. Any

questions? 'Before any of them could even talk she cut them off.'

OK!! I guess not. Let's began..............

Jake was now under his mother's socked foot being pressed down

constantly from all the pedaling. The radio was on, but low enough to

where he could hear her singing along. After a couple songs she

lowered the sound a little and started talking to Jake.

You know Jake, this is the first time in months that we've spent so

much time together. 'She was obviously mocking him.'

Im glad we can finally spend some quality time with one another. I

have to tell you, Im having a great time with you. I hope you're

enjoying yourself too. 'While she was talking to him all Jake could

do was lay their in his mother's smelly boot and listen. She was

constantly wiggling her toes on his face while talking to him.

Jake I know we haven't ever been that close, but from now on I will

make sure that we are as close to each other as possible, I



Ming and Kendra were now ready to play the game with their little

players. The two guys were on their backs. Stinky was under Ming's

right foot and Smelly under her left foot. She wasn't applying much

pressure. She was simply keeping her feet on their waste down until

Kendra gave the signal.

Kendra then began to speak....

Alright!! Are the players ready!?

Both guys just laid their motionless.......

Answer her you idiots!!

Yes, we're ready.

Good! Let the crushing begin!!!!!

Ming then covered their whole bodies with her feet. At first she

applied just a little pressure, and then she began to apply more and

MORE and MORE!!! It got to the point where you couldn't even tell she

was standing on anything. The guys were as flat as they could get

without being dead. She then began to lift off her heels and apply

all her weight onto her toes. She noticed Stinky's face popping out

between two of her toes. She could see his face going from red to

purple. Finally after 30 seconds of this Stinky tapped out.

DING DING DING!! Stinky has lost round 1!!

Ming stepped off both of them and gave Stinky an evil grin.

I guess Stinky will now have to be violently tortured.

Yes, you are correct Ming, but Smelly on the other hand will be


Kendra then picked up Stinky the loser of the 1st round and Smelly

the winner and brought them to her face.

Are you ready for your punishment Stinky?

Yes goddess Kendra.

Are you ready for your reward Smelly?

Yes Goddess Kendra.


She then dropped Stinky on the floor and told him to spread his legs.

He did as he was told. She then held Smelly up to her mouth and told

him to spread his legs too. He also did as he was told. She then

placed the big toe of her right foot on top of Stinky's balls and

pressed down as hard as she could. At the same time, she put the

lower half of Smelly into her mouth and began licking and sucking his

private area. Both little guys began to moan and scream. One of them

because of the intense pain, the other because of the pleasure. 'I

think you can guess which one's which.'

Meanwhile, Jake was still in his mother's right boot. He was

gradually getting use to the heat and the odor, but it was still

torture for him. For his mother it was great. She's never done

something like this before and she was loving it.

Finally he heard the engine stop along with the radio. Then the boot

began to move. His mother got out of the car and started walking

towards her friend's house. Before she rang the doorbell, she leaned

against the wall and brought the bottom of her right boot as close as

she could to her face.

Look my little Footboy, Cindy is my best friend, so you behave

yourself and do whatever her and I tell you to!

Jake then realized that his mother was going to tell her friend about

him and that both of them are probably going to torture and humiliate

him very soon.

Kendra rang the doorbell and started tapping her right foot onto the

ground while waiting for Cindy to open the door. Jake thought his

mother was trying to annoy him again, but in fact she wasn't, in a

weird way she forgot about him while waiting for her friend to open

the door.

Finally the door opened. It was Cindy's daughter Stephanie. This girl

is a beautiful 17 year old Greek goddess. Average height, dark skin,

long black hair with purple highlights and a big punk rocker.

Hi, Come on in Mrs. Pajera.

Thank you sweetie, is your mother home?

Ya, she just finished exercising. I'll go get her. You can go ahead

and have a seat.

Thank you honey, I know Jake would like a break.

Stephanie gave Diane a weird look before running up the stairs to get

her mom.

Back with Ming and Kendra.........

Kendra just finished torturing Smelly for losing round 2 and finished

rewarding Stinky for winning this time.

Alright, it's the moment of truth!! The last round!! Stinky vs.

Smelly!! The winner will be pampered for the rest of the weekend

while the loser will be tortured worst than he's ever been tortured

before......Let's began!!!!!!!

After Kendra said this Ming immediately stepped on top of both guys

and began to put as much pressure as she could. This time she was not

only lifting off her heels but she was also twisting her ankles like

the guys were cigarettes and she was trying to put them out. After

only 15 seconds of excruciating torture Stinky tapped out. Ming

decided to ignore him and to keep squishing them. After almost 3

minutes, Ming yawned and decided this was getting boring. She had

stopped pressing down on them, but was still standing on the little

guys while talking to Kendra.

So, how are you Kendra?

Oh, Im doing fine. Thank you for asking. How are you doing Ming?

Im doing fine myself, Im just kinda bored. 'Obviously the girls are

just messing with the guys right now.'

So, you wanna see how our little foot toys are doing?

Yes I would Kendra.

Ming stepped off the little guys and noticed they had both passed

out. Smelly had actually passed out a long time ago, that's why he

never tapped out.

Awwwe, their so cute, they look so peaceful.

After Ming said this she pulled down her shorts and her panties.

I think we should wake them up Kendra.

She then crouched over Smelly so he would be right beneath her pussy

and then looked at Kendra......

Maybe you should leave sis.

Kendra knew what Ming was about to do. She decided to watch, she

wanted to see Smelly's reaction.

Meanwhile..... Cindy and Diane were in a conversation. They were just

talking about work, friends, and men. After a while of talking, Diane

decided to tell Cindy about Jake. She told her the whole story,

everything from Ming shrinking Jake to him being in her right boot.

I don't believe you Diane. That has to be the dumbest thing I've ever

heard in my life. Not to mention the sickest.

You don't believe me?

No of course not, Im not stupid.

Alright, if im lying, I will give you my car, it is yours to keep.

But if im telling the truth, you have to do whatever I want you to do

for the rest of the day!

Even though Cindy thought this was real stupid, she decided to go

along with it. They both looked into each others eyes and swore on

their lives.

Diane then bent over a little while sitting next to Cindy on the

couch and pulled off her right boot.

Go ahead Cindy, reach in and pull him out.

She put her hand into Diane's boot and immediately felt the heat and

moistness on her hand. She was suddenly surprised with what she felt.

She instantly grabbed the 'Object' and pulled it out. When she saw

it, she easily recognized that it was Jake. He was soaked in sweat

and smelled real bad. He was breathing real hard while staring into

Cindy's eyes. She was beautiful. She was a 44 year old divorced

mother. She like her daughter has tanned skin, long black hair and

dark green eyes. She also has a great body, because she exercises so

much. She was a very beautiful Greek woman. 'At least for her age.'

Oh my God Diane. You are fucking crazy. How could you do this to him?

I don't know, it's just addictive. Anyway, we had a bet and you lost,

so now you have to do what I say.

What do you want me to do?

I want you take him and place him on the ground then I want you to

place your foot on top of him. Make sure his face is under your toes.

Cindy seemed a little confused but she did as she was told. Once he

was under her foot, Diane told Cindy to tease him by wiggling her

toes on his face. She began to wiggle her toes and that's when she

felt something weird run through her. She was actually enjoying this.

After a couple more orders by Diane, Cindy started doing some tricks

of her own. She picked Jake up by his legs and started to sniff him.

You know Diane, your son really stinks. You should give him a bath.

She then placed Jake headfirst into her mouth and began sucking on

him like a lolly pop. She didn't care that he was dirty from being

under feet all day. After a couple seconds she pulled him out of her


You taste horrible little guy, but I guess I don't really mind.

She then put him back into her mouth and began sucking on him again.

Diane just watched with pleasure as Cindy held the lower half of him

and sucked on his upper half. Diane got a little horny and decided to

join in. She grabbed the back of Cindy's head and pushed Cindy's face

towards her's. She then took the lower half of Jake into her mouth.

Both women now had half of Jake in their mouth. Their lips were

pressing against one another's. They then started kissing and using

their tongues to wrestle Jake back in forth in their mouths. It was

really hot for Jake and he was covered in both of their saliva's.

After about 10 minutes of kissing and tongue wrestling both women

moved their heads away from each other. Diane allowed Cindy to pull

the lower half of Jake out of her mouth as she moved away from her.

She then grabbed Jake and pulled him out of Cindy's mouth while

staring at her with a sexy grin.

Hey, why don't you call Stephanie to come join us...................


Ming and Kendra were laying next to each other on Ming's bed looking

down at the two little guys who were now covered in Ming's pee. The

two guys just laid there staring at each other. They were very soar,

soaked from all the sweat, pee, and saliva, Plus they smelled


Alright Ming, I think you should wash them up before we do anything


Why should I clean them up?

Because you peed on them and Im not touching them.

So, you had them in your mouth.

Fine, let's play paper, rock, scissors. The loser has to wash them.

After Kendra won, Ming picked up the two dirty guys and took them

over to the sink.

Back with Jake..........

Stephanie!! Come downstairs!!

After screaming her name a couple times, Stephanie ran down the

stairs and into the living room where Cindy and Diane were.

What do you want?

I want to show you something. Remember Jake, Diane's son?


Didn't you tell me he was a dork in school?

No. 'Stephanie was very embarrassed because Jake's mom was looking

right at her.'

It's ok Stephanie, I don't care, and I think he's a dork too.

Stephanie didn't know what to think of this.

Why did you call me down here?!

Open your hand honey.


Open your hand.


Listen to your mother and open your hand!

Fine! She opened her hand and waited. Cindy took Jake and placed him

in her daughter's hand.

OH MY GOD!! She dropped Jake to the floor and took a step back. What

is that!?

It's my son Jake.

No way!!

Yes it is, Diane then picked him up from the floor and told Stephanie

to sit next to her. Stephanie sat down in-between her mother and


Diane brought him up to Steph's face so she could see him clearly. At

first she thought he was just a toy, but then she noticed him

breathing and moving a little.

Oh my God it's true. But he stinks, can you please move him away from

my face.

Sorry, you're right. Im going to go wash him in the sink if you don't


Go ahead, I'll explain to Stephanie what's going on until while

you're gone.

Diane took Jake to the restroom and started washing him. She rubbed

his whole naked body through very hot water for a couple minutes. She

then turned him towards her face.

I know you probably hate me more than anything; you probably hate

your whole family. But Im hoping you will be able to forgive us and

try to move on. I am just going to have a little bit more fun with

you until Sunday night, and then I will tell Ming to turn you back to

normal. Just a day and a half longer and you will be your full size

again. But until then I am going to try to have as much fun as I can

with you. It's nothing personal, I hope you understand. Now give

mommy a kiss.

She brought him closer to her left cheek and Jake knowing he had no

choice kissed her like he was told. He knew by tomorrow night he

would be strong enough to beat the shit out of his whole family and

never look back.

Alright Im finished washing him, what do you girls want to do now?

Let's let Stephanie play with him a little. I explained everything to

her and she seems anxious to get a shot at him.

Whatever mom, I don't really care.

Come on honey, I promise you will like it.

Fine! Without even thinking or looking at anyone, she reached out her

hand in a very cold way and waited for Diane to give Jake to her.

Diane placed Jake in Stephanie's hand; she wrapped her fingers around

Jake still looking forward and then bent down and placed him under

her right foot. She didn't even think of Jake as a human, she was

just trying to satisfy her mom.

There! Are you happy?

Honey, please give this a try, I promise it is a lot more fun if you

get into it.

Diane is right baby, go upstairs and play with him for a little bit.

Is that ok with you

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