Giantess Stories: Exploring Avril

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Exploring Avril's Room





            I awoke finding myself still glued to the sock

but on a floor. I looked around from the sock seeing a gigantic bed spread

hanging down in front of me and a pair of feet planted firmly on the ground.

”Mike? Mike!!”


“Yeah, I'm here. Where are we?”


“I don't know it's really dark.”


“That smell, its really starting get to me. Avril, pretty

girl, but bad smelling sweat”


“Can you get free?”


“I think so”


            Several minutes pass as Mike struggles his way

free from Avril's sock then pulls Tom free. As Tom stands up Mike looks over at

him shooting him a puzzled look.


“What's wrong with you? You look like you have seen a ghost



            Tom can only point as he looks at there new

found world. The strands of carpet tower above them like an ant looking up at

the sears tower. The ground is covered in rock sized balls of dust that cover

the ground like sand on a beach. The sky is dark and un seeable blocked out by

the tall carpet strands.



They dash away from the sock

deeper into the confines of Avril's bed. As they run deeper there eye's catch

movement. They look up trying to see what could be looming above the carpet.

They nervously exchange glances as a cockroach walks towards them. They

nervously wait for it to pass by. They squirm in there spot as it looks like the

cockroach is looking directly down at them but they both shake it off as nerves.

The cockroach meanders by but leaves an imprint in there minds of the new true



The two followed as best they

could the cockroach giving it a respective distance since now even a small

cockroach looks more like a house. As the cockroach crawls out from beneath the

bed a foot immediately comes down and smashing it to a pulp. The shockwaves send

both Tom and Mike back on there butts. They gulp as the house sized cockroach is

smashed to bits beneath the foot. They then saw the massive planet sized face

come into view.




“That's, that's AVRIL!!”


            Both men stare blankly up at her face which

appears to be thousands of feet up taking up the entire visible sky. Mike

quickly grabs the camera and takes  a few shots of Avril's face hovering up in

mid air. As it disappears and her monstrous foot reappears above them descending

ever so closer as each moment passes.




            Both men scurry as fast as they can running to

the left and right of the massive carpet fibers. They look up to see Avril's

foot now closer then ever. As it lands atop the carpet fibers her massive weight

of her stocking clad foot pressed down everywhere around us. The tree like

carpet strands began too flatten around me. We both dive onto our stomachs and

begin to army crawl. Avril's voice booms everywhere around and can be heard

clear as day even beneath her feet and some thousands of feet below her. Both

Tom and Mike continue to crawl out form beneath her foot which is literally

miles wide.


“What the hell it's raining, how?”


“I think she is sweating”


            Her sweat beads down on the ground like rain

drops in a thunderstorm, both Tom and Mike wipe her sweat from there brows and

continue on. As they crawl her sweat drips into there eye's which make them

water and burn. The pressure continues to increase to almost unbearable

proportions. The carpet fiber, like trees are pressing Tom and Mike into the

ground. The air has turned ripe and raunchy. Just as they both think its going

to be end of there journey her foot lifts back up into the air and slams down

some where up ahead of them. Un sure of where we are going and even what we are

heading towards we just walk away from her bed.


            Several hours later I look back only to still

see her bed looming behind us.  I can't believe how small we are. We have been

walking forever and have barely made any progress. As we walk we finally come

across something resting atop the carpet fibers. We look at each other and up at

the tarp like thing above us. We began climbing up. The carpet fibers have small

holes in them all over making climbing rather easy as the wholes make perfect

footholds. The area we are on seems to have had something spilled on it as it

feels sticky. The higher we climb I actually feel my ears pop. I than reach for

the tarp and pull myself onto it and then reach down and help Mike up. As we

make it onto the tarp we both breathe heavily and then turn to around to see

what if anything is on the tarp. The tarp has a wax like feel to it and a giant

red ball with a white rod intersecting and going into the red ball. We both near

the red object trying to figure out what it is.  We both place our hand on it.

It feels oddly wet and slimy. When we go to pull our hands off it we find we

can. We instinctively place our other hand onto the red ball too give added

leverage and push but we discover our error a moment to late.


            The familiar sound of footsteps nears and stops

just before us. Avril's face once again clouds our vision as she grabs the white

rod and raises it up to her face. We both realize what we are now stuck too. A

sucker, we try to peel our arms off it but we are stuck like an ant in super

glue. We both panic as we move towards her face. Her mouth opens up and extends

towards us. We fight relentlessly but as her tongue runs over our body we both

know we are doomed. Each lick spreads of the sticky cherry sucker over our



            We are finally pulled away from her mouth when

the phone rings. Her giant maw re opens and we are sent hurdling in. Her lips

slam shut. Her tongue rolls around the sucker again and again covering us deeper

and deeper into the sucker like quicksand. The suction was incredible. It was

like a wind tunnel we could feel the air and liquid all around us falling to the

back of her maw.


Finally she starts to pull the

sucker out of her mouth. As she pulls it out her teeth scraps along the sucker

and we feel ourselves dislodged from the sucker. We grab a hold of her lip. I

look over at Mike as he looks at me. We both have the same relieved look on our



Avril's thunderous voice was all

around us. We found ourselves holding on for dear life as her lip raised,

lowered, curled, and contorted in all different directions. Mere inches from us

is the end of her phone. We made a daring leap onto the receiver. As she began

to pull the phone away we saw her eyes lock on us. I knew our journey was

finally over and we would be changed back to normal soon enough. The video may

have been a bust but I am glad our lives weren't.




Giantess Stories: Exploring Avril

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