Giantess Stories: Faces

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Faces, faces everywhere. But not a single one to


I was on the subway again, my favorite sketching place. Every day after school,

on the long ride to my drab, tiny apartment, I filled the time by looking for

and drawing faces. The city is full of beautiful young women and usually I could

take my pick. But today I was having zero luck. Nothing but old men, middle-aged

women, scary-looking dudes.

I sighed and began to doodle on my pad. Then the subway lurched and screeched to

another stop, and about half the people got off. Across the aisle, a fat

businessman heaved himself to his feet and waddled to the door. After he did, I

spied a dark-haired young woman, previously hidden, sitting against the far

window. I immediately perked up and set pencil to paper. Man, she was gorgeous.

I only wished I could get closer.

Then it hit me: she was sketching too. Wait a minute! Isn't that...hey, it's

her! My mind was working fast. I knew her from school. She was in one of my

classes, and just the other day I had stood behind her in the computer lab,

waiting to use the scanner.

It's her! I thought. This would be a great time to say hello and at least learn

her name. As the car began to move again, I clutched my sketchpad, got to my

feet and crossed the aisle. I sat in the seat next to her.

She was looking down at her pad and didn't notice me. I made my pad level and

started to draw. And she glanced at my pad, then at me.

"Hi," I said. "I've seen you at school."

She seemed wary, unsure. Then she did an almost-smile and went back to her work.

I doodled some more, then said "My name's Tim." And you're...?"


"Hi Anna. What are you working on?" She turned her pad toward me. Her sketch was

of a female dragon-creature. "Oh, cool," was all I could think to say.

"I just do these for fun. My thesis is the female foot. You should see my walls

at home."

"Cool," I said again. I was really overusing that word. "Mine is...well, it'll

sound weird."

She smiled for real this time. "Tell me."

"Um...the female nose."

"Ah," she said, becoming thoughtful. "Do you like mine?"

I studied her nose for a moment. Nice, straight, elegant. Slender nostrils,

perfect tip. And very clear, blemish-free skin.

"Yes; yes I do. I'd love to draw it sometime." Anna flushed a little, then

started back on her drawing. So did I. Then she stopped and gave me a steady,

penetrating look with large brown eyes.

"Tell you what. I'm doing a photo shoot tonight with some friends. It was going

to be just girls, but you can come too. Have some wine, watch the shoot, and

then you can sketch me later."

Wow, I thought. This wasn't happening. But as Anna kept her constant gaze on me

I knew I had to believe it.

Now I was blushing. "Sounds great," I said, although I had some misgivings.

She leaned back and put her hand on my arm. The die was cast. I was actually

going home with her.

Anna's Place

As soon as I entered Anna's third floor apartment, I heard it. A weird voice in

my head that clearly told me to get out and get out now. Of course I didn't

listen. Anna seemed very nice and it would be rude to leave now. She left me

among the numerous feet paintings on her living room walls while she went to get

me wine.

But still, as I looked at her work that feeling remained. I leaned closer to one

of the paintings - what seemed at first to be a black smudge, was in fact a tiny

man running from gargantuan feet.

An old nursery rhyme about a spider and a fly floated around my brain. Here, in

this situation, I was definitely the fly.

Something nudged my arm and a hand holding a large glass of white wine appeared.

Anna was back. She must have noticed my change of expression. "Hey, don't look

like that. I'm not going to eat you!"

I managed a giggle and she smiled at me. "Now be sure to drink all of it. I

think it will help you later on. There's more in the kitchen. I'm going to

change for my shoot now. When Kat gets here, let her in, would you?"


"Yup. She's my photographer. I expect her any time now."

She left me with my jumbled thoughts. I looked at the wine and sipped a little.

Help me later on? What did she mean? Help me - with what? I moved down the wall

and studied even more feet, some anime, and a few purple she-dragons. Anna was a

talented artist; there was no doubt. But still...

A buzzer sounded. I walked to the door and opened it. A young woman around my

age and slightly less tall than Anna stood outside the door. Slim, like Anna,

and long hair just a shade darker. Over her shoulder was a huge photographers

bag; the kind you see at weddings.

"Are you Kat?" I asked.

"Sure am," she said, handing me the bag. "I also go by Kitty, Kitt, and Kitten.

You like cats?"

"Love 'em," I said.

"Hey, I like you. Now I wanna set up. Any more of that wine?"

Kat was all business. She took my wineglass, swigged from it, then forgot to

give it back. She spoke in a clipped, New York fashion and seemed to have energy

to spare. She had taken back the bag and was now pulling out camera after camera

and laying them on a coffee table.

Well, I don't know beans about photography, but one of those cameras looked

strange to me. I picked it up. "So what kind of camera is this, anyway?"

Kat turned red. She lunged herself at me and snatched it away. I was shocked.

"Sorry," she said, still flustered. "That's very delicate. I use it for


"Ah, I see. Will you be using it tonight?"

"Most definitely."

Damn. There was that feeling again. Did I really want to spend time with these

women? Would I ever get out alive? It was not too late, I reasoned. All I had to

do was...

"Hi Kat!" Anna was back, and she was wearing a sexy, low cut dress, almost like

lingerie. Her beautiful hair hung down past her bare shoulders. Her feet were

large but well proportioned, with red-painted toenails. She smiled at both of

us. Hmm, I thought. Maybe I could stick around for a while.

"Hiya, Anna. Well let's get rolling. Did you bring the props?"

"Oh, no. We won't need them tonight." She said this is an odd way, looking first

at Kat, then at me. Something was going on here.

Kat grinned, then drank the last of my wine. She picked up the close-up camera,

pointed it at me and clicked the shutter.

Looking back, I really wished I'd had more of that wine.

Photo Shoot

I must have blacked out for a minute. When I opened my eyes I was looking

straight up from a prone position. Anna and Kat were now giant, massive beings,

crouched down and bending over me. As I lay on her living room carpet, Anna's

fingers came down and lifted me, like those machines that lift logs onto a

truck. She deposited me in her other palm.

"Hey, you OK?" Anna looked worried.

Kat, on the other hand, made a 'pfft' sound. "Eh, he'll be fine. Can we get

started, please? So what first; feet, breast, vore?"

I was still a little bleary and wondering what 'vore' was all about when a third

giant head came into view. She had a round, pleasant face and a fantastic smile.

She wore a wooly sweater with a turtleneck. I felt better just looking at her.

"Save the vore for last," said the new face. "He's not used to gigantresses, and

we don't want to scare him to death."

Anna looked up in surprise. "Jess! When did you come in?"

"Just now. Hey, this one's cute. Maybe we should ask him what his preference


"Jess, remember? They can't talk at this size - something about the vocal


"Oh, yeah. Sorry, little guy." Jess made a sympathetic face. "Why not do feet to

start, just to get him warmed up."

Kat nodded. "Good plan."

I was set down on a startlingly red, shiny floor. Anna's feet soon joined me and

she did a variety of poses with them while Kat clicked away. Anna held one

enormous sole over my head ("Crush!" yelled Jess) and completely surrounded me

with both feet ("Trapped!") But I was really shocked when Anna slid me between

her toes and got out some nail polish.

"Human cotton ball!" enthused Jess. And yes, Anna actually did her toenails

while I was firmly held in place. Jess held her own sketchpad and her head would

drop now as she drew.

I was free to walk for a moment. I noticed that all of the women had their shoes

off and their feet were all the same size. Nice feet, too. Strange to think I

was walking among giant girls, but now that I knew the night's real agenda I was

able to relax.

"One last foot shot," said Kat as she gently picked me up and set me on top of

Anna's foot. "Try to balance. Anna, no sudden moves."

The three women grinned as I managed to stay atop the foot. Then Anna stood and

I slid down into a waiting pillow.

I would have loved another break, but no. Kat was unstoppable.

"Jess, help me out. I need some breast. Put him in while I focus, will you?"

Jess proved to be just as careful and gentle as the others. Anna giggled as Jess

slid me between Anna's delectable cleavage. The feeling was indescribable.

Click. Then I was wedged between her dress and her right breast. Click-click.

Kat took these pictures from below, to give Anna "that goddess look" as she put

it. She certainly looked like one from my point of view.

"We have time for a handheld." I had a small inkling what a handheld was, and I

was right. Anna held me in her open palm, arm extended, and looked at me with a

dreamy expression. I had never seen giant bedroom eyes before and the effect on

me was intoxicating. Click. Click. Click.

Now Anna brought me to her face and spoke. I was struck by how different it

looked now, compared to the subway and before the shrinking. There was an

awesome beauty there, like seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time.

"Don't worry," she said. "We're going to do something new. Try to relax."

Oh yeah, right. Relaxing is never a problem when a lovely giantess is holding

you over her mouth, tongue glistening, jaws open wide. She held the pose while

Kat took several shots.

"Careful, Anna," teased Jess. "Don't swallow him like the last guy."

The trio of giantesses laughed, and I really, really hoped they were kidding.

Then, without warning, Anna set me inside her mouth, right on her tongue. "Human

guitar!" said Jess, which totally confused me. What a feeling, though. Her wet,

pink tongue was my floor, and balancing there was even scarier than her foot.

After all, there was a pillow waiting for me then. Here...

Anna took me out with delicate fingers. I sighed with relief. Then she lowered

me inside again, and closed her soft, moist lips around me.

Click, click, click, click. I had the feeling Kat liked this pose.

Anna took me out for a breather. I sensed the shoot was almost over. Kat said,

"What about teeth?" and I heard Jess give a little gasp.

Anna shook her head, tossing her long, brown locks. "Too dangerous. We want him

to come back, don't we?"

"Yes!" said Jess. "Anna's right, as usual." Bless you, I thought.

Kat wasn't too disappointed. "Yeah, I guess we do. All right, no teeth. Guess

we're done then."

I felt elated but very, very tired. And curious. What would happen now?

It's a Wrap

It seemed late. We finished off the night with more white wine and conversation.

The lights were turned down low and the giantess girls chatted excitedly. For my

part, I was handed from one to the other in a casual, absent-minded way. Stroked

by soft, enormous fingers and nestled into wooly sweaters and atop warm,

inviting thighs, I enjoyed it as much as they did.

Anna made some kind of signal, and Jess and Kat reluctantly got to their feet.

Kat gathered her equipment into her bag, but I noticed that she left the

"close-up" camera where it lay. Jess came over to where I reclined on Anna's


"I've got some great ideas for new drawings. Who knows, I might even post them

on the 'net. Nice meeting you, Tim, and let's do this again real soon."

I didn't speak, but Jess knew that I would if I could. So I gave her a little


Kat blew me a friendly kiss, then both girls left. Anna took me to her high

table. My sketchpad and pencils were there - Kat had evidently shrunk them for

me - and I wondered what Anna had in mind.

"You wanted to sketch me. Remember?"

Oh my God, that's right. I scrambled to get my things and set to work. Anna

moved her face close to mine and the view, as before, was breathtaking.

As I sketched the infinite angles of her nose, part of my mind was occupied by

the weird events of the night, the strangest of my life. I had bumped into a

nice girl, met her friends, and now I was sketching a pretty face. All I had to

do was endure the most bizarre, frightening and wonderful photo shoot of all

time. Ah well, I mused, no one ever said art was easy.

I finished an hour later, exhausted but happy. If only I could sketch all my

subjects this way. Anna reached for Kat's unusual camera. She gave me a

questioning look.

"I can enlarge you with this, but there's also a setting for 'forget.' Would you

like to forget what happened tonight?"

I'd never made a decision so fast. I shook my head 'no.'

Anna was a good girl. She didn't use the 'forget' setting, and she did enlarge


At 8:14 the next morning, to be exact.


Giantess Stories: Faces

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