Giantess Stories: Faeries      It was a warm and humid June evening and the fireflies were just starting to punctuate the darkness of the swamp

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It was a warm and humid June evening and the fireflies were just starting to

punctuate the darkness of the swamp. Between the frog and insect noises of early

twilight and the quiet darkness of the deep night lies a period when your senses

can be dominated by the light shows of the firefly. Never tiring of such

displays I have been coming to the swamp specifically to watch these lightshows

for years. I settled back and began to enjoy the display that was just starting

to fire up around me.

As the show progressed, rich patterns emerged from the otherwise random flashes

. I thought I could hear faint music in the distance, but that didn't make

sense. This wouldn't be too unusual on a Friday evening as folk music was

regularly performed near the swamp then, but this was Tuesday. As I turned to

the South, where the music seemed to be coming from, I saw a blaze of reds,

blues, purples and any number of other colors erupting from a clearing a few

hundred feet away. Curiosity got the best of me and I grabbed my camera and

started towards the lights.

One thing was certain -- the music was real. I could make out a bowed instrument

along with a flute and several voices that sounded Gaelic to my ears . The

lights were not flickering like a firefly display, but rather stayed on and

seemed to dart about from the bushes to the tree tops about fifty feet above me

. There was so much light that the trees were casting flickering shadows that

reminded me of flames.

Moving slowly and quietly I finally made it to the bushes next to the clearing

and watched the display. The music was now very close, but I didn't want to

disturb whoever - or whatever - was making it. I felt for my camera and realized

I must have dropped it somewhere along the way. Even though it was expensive,

this was of immediate interest and I stayed fixed.

Abruptly the music stopped and the flying lights returned to a spot somewhere in

the clearing. A large bluish-orange flame erupted and wild dance music and the

chanting of women's voices in a language I didn't recognize filled the air. I

could only see the top of the flame over the bushes. It was time to find out

what was going on in there.

Rather than carefully calculating what to do in an unusual situation I tend to

burst in and do something stupid. With my curiosity getting the best of me there

was the potential for an act of world class stupidity.

"Excuse me" I said as I stumbled through the bushes. The music stopped abruptly

and spread out before me was a ring of tiny human-like creatures encircling the

fire. One of them flew over to meet me suspended by what appeared to be

butterfly wings. She was a perfectly formed beautiful woman only six inches

tall. She carried a staff with a that glowed an intense indigo. As I stood there

with my mouth open, she flew closer and touched me on the lips while chanting in

what sounded like the same strange language I had just heard.

Suddenly I was enveloped by a curtain of deep green light and a warm soft

feeling. The feeling was one of almost complete peace bordering on joy. Even

though I started to feel like I was falling I did not want the experience to

end. The light intensified to the point where I could not see through it and joy

was replaced by exhaustion as I fought to keep my eyes open.

I came to feeling very groggy. Somehow I had this dream that I had been kissed

by a faerie, but I was completely disoriented. I felt the ground around me and

could only feel something soft, warm and sweet smelling. I tried to stand up,

but the ground was sloping away from me. I could feel it pulsate rhythmically

and it slowly heaved in and out - looking up I saw an enormous beautiful face

looking at me. I was trying to stand on the breast of a giantess!

Her breasts were each much larger than me. Her nipples were hard and erect and

too big for me to place a hand around. Her big light-brown aureole were almost

as big around as my legs were long. Everything was glistening with a sweat that

had an overpowering erotic quality about it. She watched my amazement for awhile

and then delicately took me between her thumb and index finger. She held me so

we could maintain eye contact and we gazed at each other. The tip of her tongue

glided over her lips as we increase d the intensity of our silence. Not knowing

if she could speak I finally broke down and asked her who she was and what she

was doing with me.

In a thick Irish accent she replied that she was a faerie and that she had

claimed me for watching the faerie dance. I protested that faeries were small,

yet she was obviously a giantess. Now she laughed. She turned me around and I

saw others like her of her size gathered around to watch with a huge fire that

leapt hundreds of feet into the air lighting them from behind. Beyond the fire

were huge trees soaring into the darkness -- I had never seen anything so big.

It started to sink in that she must have caused me to shrink to a very small


"I made you as small to me as I was to you - you are now twelve times twelve

smaller than you were... " Now the whole troop of faeries gathered around me

laughing and became touching and stroking me with their long fingers. One of

them thrust an enormous nipple into my face and demanded that I milk her. My

giantess - the others called her Kyle - covered me with her hands. "The human is

mine" she announced with some authority as she started to fly away from the


Daylight was starting to break in the East and I was able to get a better look

at my new giant friend. Seventy feet looked a reasonable guess for her height

compared to my six feet. She wasn't wearing a stitch of clothing and was only

burdened by me and an enormous luminescent indigo staff that must have been

fifty feet long. Her wings were translucent with yellow, green, blue and red

patterns. Flight was effortless for her and we quietly glided through the

treetops accompanied only by her singing.

"You know you're my first man" came the heavy Irish accent. We spent the next

hour of flying getting to know each other. She was nineteen and had a reputation

for being fascinated with humans. Faeries keep away from people in general,

despite the fact that faerie magic is strong. She told me she had a normal human

friend but this was extremely unusual and she would be ostracized from her troop

if this was discovered. We were going to see her friend who would watch after me

when Kyle had to attend to faerie business. "Twas good we got away as my troop

is prone to orgy...".

Although that would normally sound very interesting I decided not to pursue that

line of though and changed the subject.

We were now flying over enormous structures that turned out to be part of a

modest subdivision. Kyle swooped down and we slipped through a partially opened

window of a lighted room. Judging by the easel and brushes we were in an

artist's studio. Everything looked familiar, but so large that the whole place

seemed surreal. "Kyle!" I turned around to see where the voice came from and was

staggered to see a mountain of a woman. She was both young and pretty, but also

impossibly huge. Kyle held me up to her friend's eyes and offered introductions.

Standing on Kyle's hand I bowed and both of them laughed. They started into the

conversation of close friends, but I was unable to pay attention be surrounded

by such massive giantesses.

Everything was almost one hundred and fifty times larger than "normal" to me

(one hundred and forty-four times exactly from Kyle's comments). Suzi was

wearing a denim top that left her midriff bare. I am normally taken by bare

middles, but her size was focusing my attention much more strongly. Her mouth

must have been thirty feet across and her aureole seemed bigger than a two car

garage (I later paced them off at just over twenty five feet in diameter).

"You're both humans and you're going to be good friends" With that the smaller

of the giantesses leapt into the air and flew over to and out the window.

Watching giant faeries fly is not something that I was used to and I found

myself staring at her as she flew away.

The larger giantess walked over to the window to watch her little friend fly

away. It stuck me that I was amazed by the fact that something as large as my

faerie giantess could fly and the human giantess was probably amazed that

something as small as a faerie could exist. As she reached up to close the

window I noticed that she was wearing some well-worn cutoffs. Her back was bare

and beautiful - I found myself daydreaming about sliding from the small of her

back down to the cleavage of her firm young ass. As she turned around she was

arranging her breasts in her top.

The huge giantess returned to me, towering over me like a skyscraper (at her

scale she was a skyscraper at over seven hundred and fifty feet tall).

"Hi again ... don't worry, size isn't important to me" she said laughing as she

knelt down to have a better look. You're so tiny ... see if you can climb onto

my hand.. Her huge hand came down next to me and her fingers spread out before

me. I pulled myself onto Suzi's four foot high finger tip and walked along her

thirty foot long little finger to her palm which could have easily held a norma

l house. She gently picked me up and walked over to a shelf where she located a

magnifying glass. All she could say was "so tiny, so pretty..." as she examined

me. Despite the warmth of her breath and body I was covered with goosebumps from

my excitement.

So as to not get too horny I complained that all of this was more than a little

embarrassing ( I didn't have any clothes) and was surprised that she agreed -

after all, she was certainly in control. She was just curious what I looked

like. I half jokingly mentioned that I didn't know what she looked like only t o

be placed on the shelf while the woman-mountain shed all of her clothes in what

looked to be a schoolgirl's attempt at a strip tease. She laughed and told me

that no one had ever had so much luck getting her to take her clothes off so

early in a date. I noticed that her nipples were very erect as I gazed up and

down her well-proportioned statuesque physique.

She offered her hand again and took me up to her face so we could talk. She wa s

twenty three (she looked more like eighteen or nineteen) and had been living

here for about a year after having graduated with a degree in art. Her aim was

find work as an artist, but no one liked the fantasy paintings she tended

towards. Like me she spent time in the swamp and came across Kyle near daybreak.

Kyle couldn't make it back to her troop in the daylight, so she befriended Suzi

and asked to stay under Suzi's protection that day. The two of them became fast

friends and have been seeing each other on a daily basis since.

Watching the reaction of Suzi's body when she spoke of her friendship to Kyle I

started to wonder if there might be some sparks stronger than just a friendship

there. If they weren't already lovers, Suzi was certainly interested in her

little faerie. Apparently faeries are as strong as normal humans and the two o f

them enjoyed wrestling and rough housing together. Suzi showed off her arm

muscles that she had been working on for their next match. Although Suzi is

slender, her flexed upper arm was probably over forty feet in diameter. All of

this continued to be very distracting. She was a good conversationalist and I

welcomed talking with her to divert my attention from what my body was telling


Aside from our sizes we had much in common. Both of us spent quite a bit of time

watching everything that happened in the swamp and both of us laughed at the

same jokes. We talked about her work and both of us thought that she could do

some very interesting fantasy art with giantesses - it isn't often that a

fantasy artist can have a model. I asked if she was uncomfortable with my tiny

size and was relieved when she said she thought it was kind of neat and, well,

kinky. It turned out that she considered herself short at five foot three and

had never been with a man shorter than herself. Until now of course - I was only

a half inch tall. We were quickly becoming close friends. The funny thin g was

that I had never been interested in women as short as Suzi was in real life. Now

I was very interested in her.

Suzi was very curious about the nature of my relationship was to Kyle. As far as

both of us could tell I was now Kyle's. Apparently faeries like to use captured

humans as sex toys, but Kyle seemed a bit different -- at least I thought she

was as she hadn't done anything yet and she had "saved" me from the faerie orgy.

Suzi was clearly interested in doing something with me, but was worried that

Kyle might be upset. She told me she was worried about upsetting Kyle as she was

told that a faeries' magic on humans is permanent. I had better get used to

seventy foot faeries and skyscraper human women as that would be my future.

Suzi said that she was having a hard time listening to me and that she had some

work to do, but that she wanted to continue talking. I suggested that she coul d

put me in her ear if she didn't mind not having eye contact. Once again I

climbed onto her lowered finger and up into her palm while she transported me t

o her right ear. She pulled her hair back and watched me get in with a mirror.

Finally she tied a piece of her long light brown hair around my waist so I

wouldn't fall out easily. Bondage has always seemed a bit racy, but I had neve r

imagined being confined to someone's ear.

I could just stand in the entrance of her ear and decided to sit down and Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

continue the conversation. I joked with her that she had to much ear wax and

felt everything around me heat up and go bright red as I had embarrassed her. I

quickly reassured her that I was just joking and she quickly came back to


We started talking about relationships as she started painting. She had bad luck

with men and felt that her only close friend was Kyle - except for me she added

(of course being in someone's ear makes you very close to them). As she talked

about their relationship she mentioned that Kyle liked to play with her nipples

and other areas. As she mentioned this she became embarrassed and I found myself

surrounded by her glowing ear.

This shift of conversation was getting me aroused again and I started playing

with her big ear lobes as well as stroking the beginning of her ear canal with

my left foot. "Oh god that feels good - WHAT are you doing?!?". As I slowly

described what I was doing in lurid detail Suzi became even more aroused - her

pulse quickened about me and the surface of her skin started to become covered

with beads of sweat. "Are you getting as horny as I am?" she giggled through the

lowest voice she could muster. She was starting to slowly sway and I could only

imagine that she was playing with herself.

I started to work my way up her ear as they seemed incredibly sensitive judging

by her protests and moaning. The folds of her ear were just big enough to hold

me and I made a point of telling her what part of me was rubbing against what

part of her ear as I moved up to the upper folds. Her ear was very red and war m

and throbbed in time with her pulse. Something crashed and a huge shudder move d

through her body and into her ear. "See, you've made it so I can't even hold a

paintbrush!" I wondered if she was using it to paint or to play with herself.

I continued and another shudder ripped through her body. She gasped and I found

myself holding onto her ear and checked the knot in her hair around my waist. I

asked her if she was feeling all right (my ears needed popping as I had fallen a

few hundred feet in a second or two) and she gasped that I had knocked her to

her knees. I asked her if she wanted me to quit. "No way!" boomed my giantess.

She said she needed me to come out and play with her. I told her that would be

fun, but for now I wanted to keep playing with her ear. I found myself dangling

from her hair with her palm stretched out under me. "You don't have a choice in

the matter. I've got a few ideas."

She helped me roll off her palm onto a handkerchief that she had placed on the

hardwood floor as she stretched her huge naked body out on along the floor. "OK

-- you're free to do what you want with me Gulliver." I asked her if she c ould

roll over and place me on her belly. "I'll roll over, but its up to you to

continue from there." This wasn't going to be easy as she was so huge. I nudged

her fingers tips signaling that she should open a space between her ring finger

and pinkie. I walked between her fingers and started climbing onto the soft skin

that separates the fingers. She was very sensitive there, so I spent some time

rubbing my penis across her stretched skin. She had propped herself up and was

watching . Her trembles communicated the fact that she wa s excited. After

playing with her for a time I climbed up onto her outstretched palm and started

the three hundred foot trek along her warm sweat-covered arm taking tim e off to

give sensual attention to the inside of her elbow.

Again she seemed ver y aroused by this attention. Ripples of excitement swept

through her muscles. Her upper arm was somewhat muscular and she toyed with me

by flexing her biceps and triceps as I struggled up to her shoulder. Ridges of

muscle as tall as I was would rise up whenever she flexed herself. She could

bounce me several feet into the air and she seemed to love doing this. Her

laughing indicated that this was more in the line of being fun rather than

erotic. It was a struggle, but I finally made it to her shoulder where I was

only about a hundred feet hike to her left nipple. We made eye contact with each

other and it was clear that things were going to get erotic again.

Her breast was like a smoothly curved, warm living hill and it was frankly very

exciting to have her watch me as I climbed and crawled towards her towering

nipple. Her nipple was erect and somewhat taller than me. I grabbed as much o f

it as I could and hugged it to myself. "You've been so naughty I'm going to have

to do something with you." I felt a silken rope against my back and ass and

looked up to see that she was tying me to her nipple with a few of her hairs. "I

need to exercise for Kyle and you'll have to be my prisoner."

I could feel her pulse through my feet on her aureole as well as against that

huge nipple of hers that I was being tied to. My bindings changed their

tightness with her heartbeat and they were getting tighter as her nipple swelle

d to an even greater size. I moaned and asked to be released, which she did with

a tiny flick of her index finger and thumb.

"You'll have to start the exercises. Let's see you do some pullups" she said

looking directly at me and her nipple. I slid off a few times as she was very

sweaty and quivering by now . She finally tied a strand of her hair around my

waist and then around her nippl e with about ten feet of slack. "I think you're

shaking as much as I am."

She was obviously trying to be careful, but her exercising was so vigorous at my

size that I spent most of my time bouncing around on the edge of her aureole.

She must have thought this was fun as she started flexing muscles to do nothing

other than bounce me around. All of this was getting both of us very horny and

her smell began to take on a decidedly sexual character.

"God I'm wet!" Now I realized why I was seeing only one of her hands. Her right

hand came up and plucked the hair that tethered me to her nipple. She held me by

the hair around my waist and moved me over her crotch. Indeed her other hand was


"Now I'm ready to show you something." She parted her labia with three enormous

fingers and I literally gasped when I saw the size of her juicy squirming tunnel

-- she was holding it to at least twenty feet in diameter.

I pleaded with her not to put me in there as she wouldn't feel much and it woul

d be very dangerous. "You're right -- you'd probably down in there or get

crushed. It's too bad as I liked the idea of someone walking around in me." I

suggested that she place me on her clit instead and was surprised that she

didn't know what I meant. I gave her instructions which had her to expose it

with her finger tips and had her deposit me next to it while she kept it

exposed. It was slightly smaller than I was - perhaps five feet long - purplish

red, warm, wet and throbbing. I climbed onto it and started touching it with my

hands. "Oh God that's wonderful! Please do whatever you're doing only more!" I

had to cling to it as tightly as enormous shudders ripped throug h her body as

she cried out and came again and again. "Stop stop - pleaaaassseee stop!", she

gasped without really meaning it. This was too much fun nibbling and biting her

as well as stroking her beautiful organ with my hands and legs. For awhile I

seemed to be in control of my giantess and both of us loved it. Kneading her

with my arms or legs would quickly bring her to a climax and nibbling her

brought on violent bucking orgasms. It was like the two of us were performing an

orgasmic dance and I was leading despite being so tiny.

We were both completely absorbed in the act of love making and I was covered

head to toe with her wetness when a pair of big fingers seized me around the

waist. Something was wrong as Suzi's fingers were far too large to hold me in

this fashion - these were still big at about four feet long, but they were much

closer to my size than Suzi's digits.

I quickly found myself looking directly into Kyle's face. "Suzi must think

you're pretty sexy to steal you from me so quickly" she laughed. It seemed that

she had been slowly teaching Suzi about erotic pleasures and still had man y

lessons to give. "You seem to have real talents working down below." I looked up

at her face and saw a slightly evil grin.

"Would you like to test yourself on me while I teach Suzi how it is really

done"? As she said this I found myself being lowered between her legs while she

worked her way into the canyon formed by Suzi's towering thighs. A piece of

leather found its way around my ass, between Kyle's legs and around her ass to

hold me in place. "It would be a shame to loose you in Suzi's vagina...", she

said with that wicked twinkle in her eyes.

I quickly found Kyle's clit and started playing with it with my tongue while I

reached under her and traced out her vaginal opening with the palm of my right

hand. This place was about the right size - I could be a dildo for Kyle.

Their smells were as different and strong as they were wonderful. Kyle had an

extremely rich almost floral odor, much that was stronger than Suzi's woody odo

r when you were close to it. Suzi's odor, although not as intense as Kyle's, was

everywhere. As we heated up the humidity increased to the point where it felt

like it would start raining sex at any minute.

"You seem to know your way around here very well little human" came the Irish

accent, which now seemed to be filled with pure lust.

As I was licking and holding my faeries' pleasure I found myself looking up and

took an occasional glimpse of her tongue on Suzi's clit about forty feet away.

Suzi's excitement mounted and she started bucking and yelping. Kyle knew what

she was doing when she tied me to her. Kyle reacted to this with trobs, moans

and wildly beating wings. Warm salty moisture started dripping from Kyle's

crotch and she started rubbing my ass with a fingertip that she had dipped in

her own juices. She held my cheeks slightly apart and filled my cleavage with

her hot fluids. Her wings were beating so wildly that Suzi had to work at

holding the powerful faerie in place.

I was now sliding on Kyle despite the leather straps. Suzi was getting off

pouring oil over Kyle's rear and in her enthusiasm we were being covered. Kyle

sensed my plight and snapped the leather straps so she could take me to her

thick lips. She carefully licked me off while Suzi carefully watched and did the

same with her. The oil that covered me was an oil that heated up with moisture

and I felt like I was being microwaved. At the same time I could feel both of

them breathing hotly on me.

Soon I was up to my chest in the faerie's mouth with her tongue working me over

. It turned out that Kyle was incredibly skilled with her tongue. It would dart

up between my legs, briefly touching my penis and balls and then it would rub

against my ass and go back down my legs leaving me with a tingling sensation as

she toyed with my feet. She had a great sense for rhythm, pressure and speed,

going very slowly at times flicking the tip, while racing around all of me at

breakneck speeds at other times. Suzi asked her to describe what she was doing

and was probably trying the same thing as Kyle started moaning even more. Our

faerie started singing something in her Gaelic tongue which vibrated all of my

privates driving me to the brink of coming. I could feel Kyle's movements and

Suzi's rhythmic responses to her movements - the act had become music. These

games continued for some time until I finally could take no more and came in

Kyle's mouth as my rhythm and intensity finally matched hers. Kyle had already

come numerous times and seemed exhausted. Suzi took Kyle from her lips and

placed her between her breasts while Kyle, in turn, took me out and placed me

between her breasts. I drifted off to sleep with Kyle stroking my rear.

I awoke to a warm breeze and looked around wishing I could continue the amazing

fantasy I had been dreaming. I rolled over to get a bit more sleep and felt a

warm pillowy feeling. Startled I opened my eyes and found that I really was

laying between the breasts of a giant faerie -- it was not a dream!

Kyle was still sleeping and Suzi had placed us on some silk near her easel. He r

warm breath was the wind that woke me up. "I'm sorry for waking you up" she said

as quietly as she could so as to not wake Kyle. I have this great idea for a

painting and needed her to change position. In the bright daylight I had my

first good look at her. She was truly magnificent - a radiant smile,

proportionally small perfectly shaped derriere, firm "little" breasts and a

stunning face. I really didn't appreciate her beauty until she was a quarter

mile away where I could really see all of her.

Kyle slowly awakened and prepared for her trip back to the troop. She was stil l

excited from our little orgy and was delighted to learn that Suzi and I had as

much fun as she did. I was now time to get to know each other deeply so we could

become a threesome. There were clearly things we could do together sexually and

otherwise. Kyle even promised to come up with some clothing for me to add a bit

to the mystery.

Kyle fluttered off leaving Suzi and I alone with each other. "Are you hungry or

thirsty?" I told my seventy five story woman I was thirsty and asked if she

could give me anything to drink. She ran through the list of orange juice, water

and coffee. I asked if she had any milk. "I don't know, let me check" Her hand

went under her shirt started to play with her right nipple. "I probably have

more than enough for you -- do you like it warm?"

Giantess Stories: Faeries      It was a warm and humid June evening and the fireflies were just starting to punctuate the darkness of the swamp

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