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Fairy Princess

by willie

When I went to bed last night, I thought I'd go right to sleep. It was Friday

night and I was tired from the work week that just ended. On top of that, I had

a couple of drinks. I had wanted to fool around earlier, but Sandy showed no

interest. Sandy is my lovely wife of six months.

Sandy and I dated for two years before I popped the question. Nine months later

she was Mrs. William Jackson. Up until I proposed, sex was awesome. Sandy never

seemed to get enough and I was more than willing to comply. Her desire for

lovemaking slowly dwindled the months before our wedding. Sure we still did it,

but no where near as often or as intense.

After the wedding, our sex life really took a dive. I soon realized that Sandy

used sex to get me to marry her. When I met her she was twenty eight years old

and the panic was beginning to set in. She feared she'd never find a husband, so

when I came along, she used her powers to entice me into marrying her. Don't get

me wrong. She's a great gal and a good wife. She's just a little deficient in

the "pleasing her man" category.

When I realized there'd be no sex tonight, I hit my bottle of whiskey. "Again?"

she protested as I poured myself a strong one.

"Give me a reason not to," I answered hopelessly.

She rolled her eyes. "I'm going to bed." I watched her walk up the stairs. I was

able to see part of her ass beneath the oversized T-shirt she was wearing. She

had a lovely ass. Her whole body was lovely, but I loved her full round backside

the best.

I knew that before she got into bed, she'd take the T-shirt off. She usually

slept naked, which I thought was very unfair. She wasn't willing to give it up

but she was sure willing to show it off. It's no wonder I poured myself a drink,

and another, and another after that.

Finally after Jay's monologue, I decided it was time for sleep. I went to bed.

Sure enough Sandy was naked. It was a warm night and the top sheet was at the

bottom of the bed. One look at Sandy's uncovered sleeping body was enough to

almost send me back downstairs to let Rosie and her five sisters go to work, but

with three drinks in me, the desire to go to bed vetoed the other desire.

I should have gone right to sleep, but for some reason, I couldn't. I kept

looking over at my dormant wife. She was laying on her side with her rear end

towards me, taunting me. I really thought I'd get a piece tonight. I was just

too damn disappointed to fall asleep.

Visions of my fantasy raced through my mind. I thought about being three inches

tall and having my way with Sandy's sleeping body. I often thought about it. I

knew it could never happen, but I still enjoyed dreaming about it.

As I lied in my bed wishing that my fantasy would be fulfilled for just one

night, a strange light caught my eye. Because it was so hot, Sandy had left the

window and drape open to let more of the cooler night air in. At first the light

looked like a star, but as I turned my attention towards it, I noticed it was

growing. It wasn't exactly growing. It was moving towards our window.

I sat up in bed slightly alarmed, but as the glowing ball entered my open window

I relaxed. I couldn't help but relax. My bedroom was filled with a kind of

strange calm. I watched the tiny star with open mouth as it began to transform

into the shape of a person. Within moments, floating at the foot of my bed was a

fairy princess.

"I'm here to make your fantasy come true," said the beautiful full sized woman

at my feet. The glow that surrounded the tiny ball, now shined off my fairy

godmother. "You have one night. Make the best of it." She raised her wand over

me and light exploded around me.

For seconds I was unable to open my eyes. The image of my guest, surrounded by

white from the flash, burned in my retinas. When I finally was able to see, the

fairy was gone. So was the star. Besides Sandy and myself, the room was empty. I

looked over at Sandy and couldn't believe my tired eyes. All I could see of her

was the side of her giant foot and it was almost three times taller than I was.

I wished I was three inches tall and my dream came true.

I instantly felt my second wind make a strong appearance. I had no time to

waste. Sandy was on her back, sound asleep. The light did not wake her. In fact,

it seemed to have put her into a deeper sleep.

Since that's where my current location was, I started at her feet. I wasn't a

foot man, but I had no problem with Sandy's feet. The undersides were so soft

and smooth. I often dreamt of pressing myself underneath her toes with my face

in the webbing between her first two toes, my nose taking in the gentle aroma of

her foot. I pressed my body into one foot then the other trying to determine

which was the softest. It was a tie.

From there, I ran up her right leg to her firm thighs. Sandy kept herself in

great shape. Despite being muscular, Sandy's thighs had skin as soft as the skin

of a baby. After spending some time squeezing myself between her them, they

magically opened up slightly, giving me a view of my next stop - her pussy.

Hours of spelunking was in store for me. It was a tight fit but I investigated

every inch of my promised land that I no longer was given enough of. Once

satisfied, I pulled my slimy body out and continue my trec north.

A half hour on each breast seamed adequate with another half hour between them.

I temporarily forget about the smoothness of her thighs. Her nipples, bigger

than my whole head, grew as I fondled them. I wanted to stay longer, but the

night grew thin. I had too move on.

I ran down my wife's right arm. Even with her arm relaxed I was able to feel her

biceps muscle. I stopped momentarily to kiss the inside area of Sandy's elbow,

but quickly resumed my run to her open hand. Once there, I lied face down and

began rubbing my face all over her smooth palm. I felt the chemistry we shared

in the aura it gave off. I worked my face up and down each finger, from the base Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

to the underside of her long nails and back down again. As I crawled across her

palm and made my way to her thumb, Sandy's hand closed tightly around me.

I was unable to move in her grasp, but nonetheless I was still enjoying myself

immensely. My head was sticking out of her closed fist with my face pressed into

her thumb. My erect manhood was positioned between two of her fingers and I has

able to slowly move my hips back and forth. I had sex with Sandy's hand for

minutes. I was quickly reaching my exploding point when the hand that held me

moved violently.

I moved with lightning speed up over and back down again as Sandy rolled over

onto her stomach. My internal organs felt like they were left behind. For a

moment I felt nauseous, but the joy of being in Sandy's clenched fist was

greater. By the time I felt well enough to resume my pelvic action, Sandy's hand

moved again.

Sandy was now lying on her stomach with her head turned to the right side, the

same side I was on. Her hand with me in it was straight out away from her until

she began slowly pulling it in towards her face. I saw her beautiful face

getting closer and closer. Her lips grew larger and larger. Sandy's hand

delivered me inches away from her giant lips and opened up. I was now under

Sandy's open palm.

I slowly made my way to freedom and stood up before the lovely lips of my wife.

They were four times fatter than my whole body and so sensuous than I couldn't

hold myself back if I had wanted to. I threw my body into Sandy's lips. I buried

most of my body between those lips and began pumping like there was no tomorrow.

In seconds I was releasing my load into Sandy's sleeping mouth. Minutes later I

was still pressing myself between her soft lips pumping away. In a way I felt

like I was violating my sleeping wife, but she deserved it. I was just taking a

little of what she owed me anyway.

Finally I had enough. I let my body fall to the sheet where I lied still for

minutes catching my breath. Sharon's steady breathing out of her nose sent a

warm breeze over my spent little body. I opened my eyes and stood up. After

locating my alarm clock, I saw it was almost four. I still had my favorite body

part to explore. I had to get a move on.

I walked past Sandy's closed eyes, half expecting them to open suddenly, and

began climbing through her hair. Once again I was experiencing a scent I craved.

I crawled my way up and over Sandy's head until I emerged just over her right

ear. After a gentle kiss on her earlobe, I made my way down her neck to her

back. As I crawled down her back on all fours, planting kisses as I went, my

excitement level rose. I stood when I reached the small of her back to partake

in the beautiful terrain that rose up before me.

I ran up the left cheek and threw myself down. With my arms and legs extended, I

pressed my face into Sandy's ass. As I laid there smothering myself in fatty

flesh, I knew I would never experience again the joy I was feeling at that

moment. Without lifting my face, I moved forward until my face was in the crease

where the ass meets the back of the thigh. From There I moved sideways to my

left until I was at Sandy's buttcrack. By twisting from side to side, I was able

to maneuver my body between Sandy's cheeks. I ended up with my body completely

encased in ass meat with my face sticking into the bottom of her pussy. Now I

was in heaven.

I thought to myself how nice it would be if I could do this every night. The

fairy princess, or whoever she was, hadn't hung around long enough for me to

find out. Or I could have asked her if she would at least slow down time for me

for the night. One night was just not long enough. As I lied still just basking

in the feel of Sandy's ass and the smell of her pussy, I felt for the first time

in months sexually satisfied. I planned on staying right where I was until

morning came and I grew back to size. I didn't know how right I was.

Suddenly, the muscles around me contracted and Sandy rolled onto her back again.

I wasn't just trapped, I was entombed. The pressure on my body was immense, but

bearable. My face was pressed into her vagina, but somehow I was still able to

breathe. At first when I realized I was unable to move, I felt panic. I soon

calmed down. I was in no real danger, and I was still right where I wanted to

be. I had no choice but to relax and enjoy myself again.

As I laid there wedged in my wife's nether region, I wondered if this was real

or some kind of weird lifelike dream. All five of my senses told me it was real

enough, but fairy godmothers were myth and people couldn't just shrink. I had to

just let the night play out and see what happens.

Sometime in the wee hours of this morning, my fatigue got the better of me and I

fell asleep. I really wanted to stay awake, but was unable to fight off the sand

man. I woke up to Sandy's normal sized face staring at me. "It's about time you

woke up," she said impatiently. "I been nudging you for hours. What time did you

come to bed."

I had to think about that one. I went to bed around midnight, but I had a really

weird dream. Or maybe it wasn't a dream. Sandy didn't give me a chance to figure

it out.

"I woke up so horny," she blurted out. "I don't know why. Let's do it."

"Sure," I said. I was horny myself. I took Sandy in my arms and we had the best

sex since before we were married.

It's night time again. Sandy is sleeping nude again on her side showing me her

bottom. I'm wide awake replaying what I dreamt or didn't dream last night. Was I

or wasn't I three inches tall and buried in that gorgeous ass next to me? I

wonder what it would look like and feel like if I were only a half an inch tall.

I pull my eyes away from the object of my desire and look out the open window.

Is that a star, or a tiny ball of light coming my way?

Giantess Stories: Fairy Princess  by willie      When I went to bed last night

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