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Family Hierarchy


Browsing through the items all neatly layed out, Jessica looked each object over

with a thorough precision. Indeed, they seemed quite novel as far as her world's

concerned. Never before had the twenty one year old seen such things. With an

ever increasing curiousity, the dark haired Hispanic girl picked one of the

objects up and felt its smooth surface.

Eying her with both suspision and a desire to make a sale, the old lady ask in

broken English, “Young senorita, you interested; do you want to buy?”

Taking in a deep breath, Jessica gazed around for a moment and took in the

scenery. The mountains of Peru stood majestically in the background, dwarfing

the small village. After musing for almost a complete minute, the five foot six

inch tall girl finally said, “Yea, no problem, how much?”

Smiling with the gaze of victory, the elder woman replyed, “Seven”.

Jessica returned the gaze and ask, “Oh, c'mon, it isn't worth that much.”

However, the old lady held steadfast to her price, saying, “Young lady, trust

me, you get more than money's worth.”

Making a sigh, Jessica said, “Alright, here.” The young beauty reached into her

purse and produced the money. Buying the item, Jessica reached for it, placing

the stone into her hand bag.

Walking away, the sexy thing saw a cafee ahead. Stopping in front of the place,

she moved forth and decided on a cup of coffee. With her order complete, Jessica

took the cup and sat her attractive ass at one of the tables. Drinking away at

the black substance, Jessica simply decided to look the purchase over. As a

result, she rummaged through all the feminine articles of her purse and

eventually produced the stone. Tilting her head to one side, Jessica marvaled at

its artistic decor. Upon its surface was carved an elaborate geometrical

pattern. Not knowing its meaning, Jessica only speculated about the intricate

pattern of circles, squares, and triangles. Aside from that, the piece seemed

like an ordinary chunk of black stone. Finishing her coffee, the dark eyed lady

replaced the rock in her leather hand bag, got up, and returned home.

Ascending the stairs of the old apartment building, Jessica made it to her small

abode, openned the door with her key, and went in. Upon relocking, the lady

threw her purse atop the old worn out couch and turned on the radio. Talking of

the nation's economy, the man on the radio went on and on about what should and

should not be done. Speaking to herself, the young feline said, “Another asshole

promising this and that; it's all bullshit!” Turing the tuning knob, Jessica

finally found the music of Haydon, causing her to relax back atop the couch.

Listening on for ten minutes, the woman decided to check her reservation at the

airport. Getting up, the jean clad feline went over to the phone and dialed the

number. A lady's voice answered. Jessica inquired, “Hello, this is Jessica

Rodriques, I've got a reservation for tomorrow to the states at eleven.”

On the other end, the receptionist said, “Ok, wait a second.” Thirty seconds

later, Jessica heard, “Yes mam, everything's fine, you can be here tomorrow and

catch the flight.”

Jessica replyed, “Good, thanks.” Hanging up, the lass smiled and finally said to

herself, “Great, can't wait to get outta here, money, that's what I want.”

Feeling somewhat happy and exhilerated about her new life in the United States,

Jessica spent the rest of the day packing her suitcase and dreaming about what's

to come. With all done, Jessica turned in for the night after taking a bath in

an old style basin tub. Lying awake in the darkness, the feline was overcome by

a strange feeling. Not ever before experiencing such a sensation, she sat up

upon the matress and stared off into space. However, to the side, she glanced at

her purse. The leather thing seemed to glow in some way or another. An obvious

curiosity overtook her. Getting out of bed, Jessica went over to her hand bag

and piered inside. Strangely, the stone radiated a soft floresence of a type she

had never seen before. Working up some courage, the wide eyed girl stuck her

hand in and took out the artifact. Surprisingly, it wasn't warm or hot. Viewing

it with the utmost in attention, Jessica turned it over and saw that the glow

eminated from all points. However, what she further observed was a small hole in

the front of the oval shaped thing. Inspecting the indentation, our young lady

observed a red glow come from the interior. Perplexed by both the blue outer

floresence and the red interior, Jessica placed the stone down upon the

nightstand. Immediately thereafter, the object went dark and returned to normal.

Intriqued and anxious at the same time, she said softly to herself, “Looks as if

the old bitch was right, there's more to this thing than one at first expects.”

Overcome with sleepyness, Jessica returned to bed, covered herself, and fell


Waking up the next morning, Jessica immediately took hold of the rock and looked

it over. Nothing, it was as plane as ever. As a result, she simply returned it

to her purse and got ready for her trip and consequent new life. Glancing at her

watch, the time was now ten to nine. Therefore, Jessica got up, got dressed, and

ate breakfast. With all done and ready, the woman called a cab. A half hour

later, a light horn sounded downstairs. She looked out the window and waved to

the driver. Acknowleging her, the man nodded and smiled. Picking up her

suitcase, Jessica left the apartment for the last time. Upon making it down

stairs, she entered the taxi with her bagage and said, “To the airport.” He

drove off. Finally, the vehicle pulled beforesica was up and on her way to a new


Striking the cement, the plane's tires momentarily screatched as the jet

gracefully landed on the runway. Coming to a halt, the side door openned and let

the people out. Jessica went over to the terminal and walked inside. After

retrieving her suitcase, she passed an overhang sign saying, “Welcome to

Indianapolis.” Out lady progressed further until she stood before an escalator.

Here, Ms. Rodriques stepped on board and was carried to an upper level revealing

the outside world via a large glass entranceway. Looking to the right, Jessica

observed a number of people holding signs with names upon them. Knowing what to

do, the dark haired girl went toward the placards and finally saw her name upon

one of them. Moving up to the man, she ask, “You're here to take me to the

Shaw's residence, right?”

The man in black nodded as he inquired, “I obviously take it that you're Jessica


Jessica answered, “Yes, that's me.” With nothing further said, the man escorted

the lady out of the terminal to a dark blue sadan parked along the curb. Holding

the door for her, she got in and sat her beautiful physique atop the leather

seat. Looking about the car's interior, she knew for sure now, that she'll be

working in an elegant looking place. Afterward, the chauffeur got in and drove

off to the suburbs.

A half hour later, the vehicle pulled into a long drive flanked on both sides by

trees. After what seemed to be a long time for a poor girl like Jessica, the

machine eventually pulled up before a mansion. Turning his head back, the neatly

dressed chauffeur said, “Ok Jessica, you can get out and ring the front door

bell.” After saying this, the man got out himself and removed her suitcase from

the trunk. Finally, he got back in and drove off behind the expensive home to a

parking area.

With suitcase in one hand, and her purse hanging to the other side, Jessica

slowly ascended the front steps. Standing before the elegant door, Jessica was a

sight in and of itself. Dressed in a pair of blue jeans, a cream colored blouse,

and a pair of high heeled black leather boots hidden under the pants legs,

Jessica rang the door bell. After hearing the chime within, the panel rotated

inward and a seventeen year old blond answered, saying, “Hello, you must be the

new house keeper.” Nodding in compliance, Jessica was escorted into the

beautiful home and led into the spacious livingroom. There, the girl took a seat

on the solfa. Standing upright with her hands upon her hips, the sexy blond

pointed in the direction of an ajoining entrance and said, “My mom will be here

in a second.” Sure enough, as Jessica turned her head in the direction the girl

pointed, her eyes fell upon an attractive middle aged female approximately

Jessica's own height. Further, this lady was dressed in a pair of white dress

slacks and an expensive looking silk blouse. Moroever, her hair was sandy

colored and shoulder length. Moving forward with her sexy physique, the lady

eventually stood before Jessica. Getting up, the immigrant extended her hand and

both females shook.

“Vera Shaw,” the mother indroduced herself; then she said, “Sit back down,

Jessica, make yourself at home, for this'll be your home as long as you want to

work here.” Taking a seat, the Latino girl was immediately followed by the lady

of the house who sat her curvacious butt about three feet from Jessica's lovely

rear atop the same piece of livingroom furniture. The daughter, wearing only a

pair of designer shorts and a T-shirt, together with high heeled sandels, turned

around and left, walking away with a sexy shake.

“Ok”, said the lady, “I'll explain everything to you; after that, I'll show you

to your room.” Starting off the general instructions, the wife progressed on and

on about all of Jessica's duties. She even left and returned with a list. After

over forty five minutes of talk, Vera stood up and said, “Alright, Jessica, does

everything sound ok to you?”

The attractive Hispanic girl replyed, “Oh yea, I think I'll like it hear; it's

so peaceful.” Smiling, Mrs. Shaw escorted the young lass upstairs to her

chamber. Upon openning the door, our dark haired girl was greated with a

beautifully furnished room, having all the necessities, plus more that a young

female could desire.

While tossing her suitcase atop the bed, Jessica heard Vera say, “ Dinner will

be ready at six; you can start working tomorrow morning as instructed.” Nodding

in return, Jessica watched as Vera turned around, closed the door behind her,

and left.

Returning her attention to the suitcase, Jessica openned it and began to unpack.

She removed all her belongings and started placing them in particular locations.

Observing the closet, the young lady went over and put her clothes inside. With

the job all done, Jessica tossed her curvacious and seductive looking frame upon

the matress and piered out the window. “Lovely”, she remarked to herself as the

dark haired one reached over for her purse. Zipping it open, Jessica retrieved

the stone and placed it atop the nightstand. She spent the time before dinner

just laying there and taking a nap afterward. Finally, she awoke to find five

thirty stated upon the digital clock. Getting up, Ms. Rodriques adjusted her

hair before the mirror and yawned herself to awarness. Ten minutes before six,

Jessica descended the steps and entered the kitchen. She was alone. However,

dinner was already atop the table and some coffee was brewing in the maker.

Being still slightly sleepy from her afternoon nap, Jessica reached for the

glass pot and poured herself a cup. Walking over to the refrigerator, she got

herself some milk and poured a little into the coffee.

While Jessica leaned up against the counter and sipped away, the blond daughter

entered and said, “I'm glad you work here now; from now on, I ain't making

supper anymore.” Jessica only smiled in response as the sexy seventeen year old

placed her ass into one of the kitchen chairs.

As the girl pulled her chair toward the table, Jessica ask, “So, I didn't get

your name?”

Eying Jessica with slight agitation, the spoiled rich kid replyed, “Wendy.”

Afterward, Vera entered followed by a six foot tall man. Mrs. Shaw stopped for a

second upon noticing Jessica, then turned to her husband and said, “Oh, Roy,

this is Jessica, the girl we hired to take care of the place.

Extending his hand, the dark haired and blue eyed man said, “ Pleased to meet

you Ms. Rodriques; I hope you really like it here.”

They both shoke and Vera said, “Well, let's eat dinner.” Everyone sat down.

Jessica took a seat to one side of the table next to Wendy.

As they ate, Jessica ask, “So, Mr. Shaw, what do you do for a living?”

The man answered between bites of his food, “I own a company that manufactures

pots and pans.”

The Hispanic girl quietly nodded as Vera looked in her direction and said, “So,

Jessica, I hope you plan to be with us for a while; we really need the help.”

Replying, the young lady said, “Oh yes, I intend to stay in the states

indefinitely; hopefully they'll give me the citizenship after a year or two.”

Continuing with supper, the family ate away until all was done. Roy got up and

left. However, Vera said to Wendy, ok dear, clean up and wash the dishes.”

Turning her head quickly in her mother's direction, the blond snapped back,

“What the fuck do we have her for; I don't wanna do that shit anymore!”

Without any reservation, Jessica stood up and said, “Mrs. Shaw. that's ok, I'll

clean up.”

The mother ask, “You sure, you know you don't start work officially until

tomorrow morning?”

“No problem,” answered the Latino girl. While Jessica went to work, Wendy

stormed out of the kitchen, followed by her mother.

With everything off the table, our young lady stood behind the sink and began

scrapping the cooking pan as the dishwasher hummed away. Cleaning the said item,

Jessica had a strange feeling overcome her. Sure enough, she turned and saw Roy

had come back, now staring at her ass! Immediately the man turned his glance and

went over to the coffee brewer. Speaking in her direction, he said, “You're an

attractive girl, got a boyfriend back where you came from?”

She only shook her head and replyed, “I had, but we broke up.”

Causually, he simply said, “Well, have a great time here.” With cup in hand, Roy

left the kitchen. Finally, Jessica was all done; after placing the dishes back

in their place, she went up to her room and closed the door.

Night flew by faster than she thought. Sleeping soundly, Jessica dreamt away

about her new life in the United States. Immages went in and out of her head

until she was startled by the sound of the alarm. Rolling over, the darkhaired

one was greated by six o'clock. Her workday started at seven, hence during the

next hour, Jessica showered off in the stall coming with the room. That done,

the sexy beauty dressed herself in a fresh pair of jeans, another T-shirt, and

ofcourse her boots. Jessica went downstairs, ate her own breakfast, and then

began preparing the morning meal for everyone else.

The day progressed as she expected. However, one thing the girl did notice is

that the pleasantries of Vera were beginning to fade. The lady became more and

more demanding. In fact, there wasn't much difference between Vera and her

spoiled daughter. Further, when Roy arrived home, she noticed his constant

interest in her. Indeed, whenever either his wife or daughter wern't looking,

the man glued his eyes to her rear as if he desperately wanted her.

The days became weeks and months. Eventually, Jessica had a system set up.

Nevertheless, the work wasn't as much fun as she thought, for the family became

increasingly hostile, nothing was good enough for them. It was always, “Jessica

this, or Jessica that...” Wendy in particular became a real bitch. In fact, one

day the spoiled individual was lying upon her bed in her room with a pair of

headphones on. Listening away, the blond yelled out, “Hey Jess, get me another

piece of that cake!” Immediately, Jessica responded and brought up the food.

However, as the girl was about to leave, Wendy hollared after her, “Hey Jess, go

downstairs and get me that video dad was watching last night!” It went on and

on. All Ms. Rodriques ever heard from the seventeen year old was, “Hey Jess, hey


It didn't end with rudness on the part of the family. Things went much further.

Jessica's worste fear was realized the evening Mrs. Shaw accompanied her

daughter to the school for a student-parent-teacher interaction night.

Consequently, she was alone with Roy. When Jessica finished things in the

kitchen, she went up to her room and sat upon the bed. However, ten minutes

later, a knock was heard. Getting up, Jessica walked over and answered. Before

her stood Roy with a seedy smile upon his face. Without even asking, the man

pushed his way into her chamber, closing the door behind him. Staring into her

eyes, he said, “It's been a while for you hasn't it?”

The dark haired girl repleyed with, “What do you want?”

He said, “You know what I'm hear for.” Reaching toward her, the man placed his

hand upon her ass.

Caressing her sexy rear, he next went for her belt. However, Jessica started to

struggle with him yelling, “No, no, don't!”

It was all useless. He forced off all her clothes and finally pulled down his

pants. With enthusiasm, the man raped her cunt. Finally, he stepped back and

said, “If you tell this to anyone, I'll see that you're fired and sent back to

were you came from.” Crying, Jessica let her exposed ass fall atop the bed. Roy,

on the otherhand, turned around and left after pulling his pants up.

Despite her duress, the young lady put herself together and got cleaned up.

After showering off, she put her clothes back on and stared out the window for

the rest of the evening. Getting tired, Jessica eventually drifted off to sleep,

not even taking off her attire.

The next moring, she went through the routine. Taking all the negative things

from the other two members of the household, she performed her duties without

complaint. Further, as the weeks transpired after the rape, Jessica realized

that Roy would try again. Sure enough, the next time he was alone in the

dwelling with only Jessica, he forced himself upon her. Again, Jessica said

nothing, and again the routine continued. Finally, she became resigned to the

fact of abuse if she intended to stay in the country.

Returning to her room one fine evening, Jessica happened to lay eye on the

stone. It just sat there from the day she moved in. Curious that she didn't see

any further glow from the object, the darkhaired Hispanic feline walked over and

picked it up. Raising it, she looked at its outer contour. However, as she

caressed its smooth surface, the strange blue glow appeared. Holding it steadily

in her hand, she tilted it afterward to see if the interior was still

illuminated with a red light. Observing the openning, Jessica saw the red light.

Out of nothing but pure idol speculation, the girl crossed her index finger

across the geometrical pattern engraved upon the stone. Then, to her surprise, a

red beam emerged from the hole and struck a picture hanging on the wall on the

opposite side of the room. Startled, the young woman stepped back as she

observed the painting. Rubbing her eyes in disbelief, Jessica stared forth at a

reduced representation of the same oil on canvas. Walking slowly toward it, the

curious and perplexed lass saw that it was the same work of art, only reduced to Freidora Segunda Mano Sin Humo Valencia

a much smaller size. Again, with wide open eyes, Jessica pointed the hole at

another thing, namely a magazine atop the bed. Crossing her finger over the

carving, she observed the beam come out. After it struck the subscription, the

magazine shrank down to only a small fraction of its original size. By this

time, Jessica had herself under control. Hence, she fidled around with her

discovery for a while longer and found that the initial glow is activated by

picking it up and turning it over twice, and bringing it back upright. Smiling

with contentment, Jessica Rodriques now realized her increased status in the

family; indeed, with a sadistic grin, the dark haired sexy girl said to herself,

“This place needs a change in hierarchy.” Laughing out loud, she turned the

thing off by rotating it in the opposite direction.

Three days had past before she would be alone with Roy again. With the coming of

evening, the two other females had another meeting at Wendy's school. Upon

completion of her kitchen work together with a few other trifals, Jessica went

upstairs to her room. Standing in the center of the floor, she reached for the

stone and slipped it into her pocket. After folding her arms, the darkhaired

Latino girl watched as the door knob turned. As expected, the man of the house

entered with a grin on his horney face. He said, “Alright Jess, it's you and me

now!” Smiling all the while, Roy removed all his attire and finally stood naked

before the housekeeper with a full erection.

“So, what do ya think?”, he ask conceitedly, “Like my dick; I know you do; let's

have a go at it, shall we?” With total confidence, the rapist made his advance.

Nevertheless, when the man was no more than three feet away, Jessica removed the

stone, rotated it, and then ran her index finger across the engraving. Suddenly,

the red beam emerged and struck Roy in the chest. Afterward, the male was

completely engulfed in a light blue hallow. Perplexed and stunned, Roy stopped

dead in his tracks and exclaimed, “What the fuck...!” Jessica stood there with

the object in hand, her other hand upon her hip, and her weight shifted to her

right leg. Staring at her frame, Roy began to notice the girl getting higher and

higher. Shrinking ever further downward, the man was gradually moving his head

back as she grew before him. A minute later, her ascent upward stopped. Looking

up, Roy eventually realized that she had shrunk him down to two inches in

height. Being tiny and naked, Roy was now at eye level with the base of her

elegant stiletto boots.

Placing the stone atop the nightstand, Jessica made a couple of steps toward him

and said, “So, little man, it looks as if the tides have turned, I'm in control

now here, not you!” Squatting before her little prize, Jessica reached for him

and raised the creature up by one of his arms. Standing up straight again,

Jessica said to the male, “I want it all, I want this house, your company, and

everything else; I own both you and all you have.”

Shaking with fear, Roy responded, “But what about Vera, she won't go along with


“Ha, ha, ha!”, Jessica at first responded. “That whore, together with your

spoiled brat of a daughter have something coming to them also!” Then she said

wickedly, “Let's go downstairs and see what we can do about transfering

everything over to my name.” With the little man dangling between her sexy

finger tips, Jessica made the descent to the study. After walking into the room,

she placed Roy atop the computer work center and turned on the screen. Inquiring

in a very demanding tone, Jessica requested his bank account information, his

deed to the house, etc. Getting herself on line, the sexy girl entered all the

pertinent information, together with her own bank account number, she transfered

the lot of his assets over to her possession. Afterward, she did the same with

the title to both the estate and the company. Finally, the lady had it all, she

had shrunk him both physically and socially.

Jessica stood up again and took her pet with her. Walking over and out to the

livingroom, Jessica placed Roy atop the solfa and returned herself up to her

room to retreive the stone. The object in her pocket, our newly rich feline went

back to the livingroom couch, sat down and placed her sexy jean clad ass next to

the shrunken man. Again reaching for him, Jessica crossed her legs and lowered

him to the floor. Piering down at him, she ordered, “Little slave, you can begin

kissing my boots!” With no choice in the matter, Roy began with the sole edges

of her left stiletto masterpiece. Kissing away, the little man was overwelmed by

the towering female above voloping in her new found power. Indeed, Jessica was

now experiencing a sexual rush! Nevertheless, she held back the desire to

masterbate until after she delt with Vera and Wendy upon their return home. As

the little man kissed away, the front entrance openned. Turning to look, Jessica

didn't expect the ladies yet. In fact, her eyes fell upon the chauffeur.

Reaching in her pocket, Jessica pulled out the stone and aimed it at the man.

Seconds later, he began shrinking. Finally, he was reduced to two inches in


Eying her accomplishment, Jessica got up and stroled over. Standing before the

frightnened little man, the darkhaired vixen bent down and raised him up. After

standing straight again, Jessica brought the chauffeur over to Roy and set the

freshly shrunken being before the tiny naked one. Looking down at both of them,

the sexy giantess said, “ Hey Roy, wanna see what'll happen to you if you

disobey me?” Next, Jessica raised the sole of her right boot over the chauffeur.

Afterward, her foot came down and crushed the life out of the helpless creature.

Laughing out loud, the dark haired and gothic one exclaimed, “With all the money

I got now, I'll just hire a new driver, ha, ha, ha...!”

Knowing now that everyone of her threats are serious, Roy started to make a run

for it. However, she was too quick for his small steps. Bringing her boot down

before him, he stopped and froze. She bent down and raised him over to the top

of the solfa cushion. Dropping him like nothing, Jessica laughed away at his

helplessness. Feeling an ever greater desire to humiliate, the good looking

Hispanic girl turned around and stuck her sexy curvacious ass above Roy. Turning

her head back, she also unbuckled her belt and let her jeans go down to her

thighs. Afterward, the lady pealed away at her white panties and pulled them

also down just above her knees. Enthusiastically, she said, “ Respect my ass,

you little shit, or I'll shit on you!” Lowering her rear evermore, the feline

was now directly above the little man; she ordered, “Kiss and lick my ass crack,

now!” Staring at her sexy and attractive female behind, Roy began his task.

Slowly, he kissed and stroked away with his little tongue. Viewing his progress,

the giantess adjusted her butt's position to accomodate his servitude. As she

watched on, the new mistress of the estate said, “That's right, this is how it

should be; I'm superior; from now on, you'll address me as Ms. Rodriques, is

that clear?”

From the back of her gorgeous ass, the lady heard a feight and squeeky, “Yes Ms.


Also, while caressing her rear with the palm of her right hand, Ms. Rodriques

said, “Oh yes, I'll have all of you worship my butt, sexy Latin women rule!”

Bathing in her glory, Jessica said to the slave, “ Tell me how great I am, tell

me how right it is that I rule over you; I'm the power; tell me you respect and

ador me, for I'm your mistress, owner and ruler of this estate!”

Again, from under her shit hole, she heard, “Ms. Rodriques, I worship your

greatness, you own me; I'm hear to serve and obey your superior greatness.”

Satisfied, the mistress pulled up her attire and sat herself next to the

defeated one.

Spending the next thirty five minutes toying and harrassing her new pet, Jessica

awaited the arival of the other two whom she would unleash her newfound power.

Playing away, the young lady teased and terrified Roy with her long fingernails,

pretending always to cut him in half or decapitate the tiny slave.

Finally, while seated upon the solfa, Jessica heard the front door open followed

by the sound of lady's footsteps. Vera and her spoiled daughter entered.

Glancing in the said direction, Jessica noted their confident and conceited air.

However, as the women neared, Roy embarassingly crawled behind Jessica's ass so

as to not be seen by the females, holding still like a frightened rabit. After

both ladies neared the solfa, Jessica said up to Wendy with a sarcastic grin,

“Hey Wendy, go get me a glass of water.”

Stunned, the blond girl replyed haughtingly, “Why don't you go get me a glass of


Joining with her daughter in indignation, the mother said to the darkhaired one,

“If you wanna keep this job, you'd better mind your place.”

Laughing with confidence, Jessica said to the lady dressed in causual slacks,

“Hey bitch, this place is mine now; you'll do as I say.”

Giving Jessica an aggitated stare, Vera replyed, “You're fired; you can leave


Jessica answered, “I don't think so; see look for yourself.” Pointing in the

direction of the study, Jessica went on, “Go in there and look at the computer

screen, all your assets have been transfered to me.”

With an expression of disbelief, the suburban socialite ventured into the study.

Less than fifteen seconds later, Vera ran back out yelling, “You bitch, what the

fuck have you done?!”

Smiling with contention, Jessica only calmly replyed, “Your dear husband, Roy,

decided to sign everything over to me.”

Radiating pure hatred, Vera said with anquish in her voice, “You did something

illegal, I'm calling the police!”

Walking over to a telephone stand near the solfa, the woman was just about to

reach for the receiver when Ms. Rodriques stood up and said, “I don't think so;

in fact, you'll never be able to reach for a phone again.”

Hesitating with slight curiosity to the Hispanic's words, Vera ask, “What the

hell are you talking about, bitch?”

Before Jessica could say a word, Wendy screamed forth, “Mom, look!” Pointing her

finger at the solfa, Wendy went on in trepidation, “That's dad, look he's small

and naked!” Turning her head, Vera piered over and did indeed glance at the

figure of her shrunken husband. Filled to the capacity with fear and curiousity,

the woman ventured over to the couch and stood before it next to her daughter

who was dressed in her usual high heeled sandels, but this time wearing sexy

blue jeans just as Jessica. Looking upward with wide open eyes, Roy gazed up at

the three women as they looked down at him.

Vera ask, “Roy, is that you?”

He replyed in a tiny voice, “Yes Vera, it's me; Jessica has something; she

shrank me!” As Vera looked in Jessica's direction, the mother noticed the

darkhaired feline had made several steps back and now stood six feet away. After

reaching into her pocket, Jessica produced the stone and aimed it at Vera.

Smiling, Jessica said, “Alright bitch, take this!” Next, upon rotation and

caress of the object, Jessica let the red beam emerge. Shocked at the sight of a

blue glow encompising her mother, Wendy held her hand to her mouth as Vera

shrank away. The woman got smaller and smaller. However, when she stopped

shrinking, she still towered above Roy, for Jessica let her stop at one foot in


Yelling upward, Vera screamed, “What's happened to me; what are you doing?!”

Jessica moved forward and placed her hand upon her hip and eyed the lady saying,

“There, now you're all mine; take off all your clothes, now!” In horror, frozen

Wendy watched as her mother undressed. With Vera completely naked, Jessica said,

“Ok, now put your pumps back on.” Slipping into only her white leather shoes,

Vera now stood nude before the towering giantess. Laughing wildly, Jessica said

to Wendy, “Now, you spoiled brat, go get your daddy and stand him next to

mommy.” Confused, yet compliant, the blond bent down and raised Roy by his arm.

Afterward, she squatted and placed him next to Vera. Standing next to his wife,

the two inch high male looked up helplessly at her twelve inch high frame, to

him, even she was a giantess. Continuing with her laughter, Jessica exclaimed,

“We're gonna create a new structure in this household; I'm the boss and owner of

you all, next comes Wendy, she obeys me, then comes Vera, she must obey spoiled

Wendy, and after that, at the very bottom, is little Roy, the two inch nothing;

he obeys everyone!” Turning now in Wendy's direction, Jessica aimed the stone.

Frightened, Wendy begged, “No, no, Jessica, please, don't!”

The blond ran for the front entrance and grabbed the door nob. Rotating the

golden ball, she was afterward overcome by a strange sensation. It went on for a

few moments as the door swung open and Wendy ran outside. However, as she

approached the base of the steps, the girl realized the worste. Running toward

her car, she now found that she couldn't reach the door handle. Looking back,

Wendy watched in fear as Jessica's towering stature came ever closer.

Eventually, the blond was looking strait up to the dark haired one and awaiting

her fate.

Standing before Wendy, Jessica piered down and said mockingly, “ Well you two

foot tall midget, don't you think it's time to go back inside?” Reaching down,

Jessica took Wendy up from beneath her arm pits and carried her inside, seating

the girl next to her reduced parents. “ There”, the attractive Hispanic girl

said, “Now we're all together as one happy family.” Looking sadistically at the

blond, Jessica said, “ Gee Wendy, you're so cute and pretty, aren't you?” With

her right hand, the new boss lady ripped the front of Wendy's blouse open and

pulled off the attire. Next, she torr off the bra. After that, the newly created

tyrant pulled off both Wendy's jeans and her panties. Finally, little blondy

stood naked save for her footwear. Totaly absorbed in self infatuation, Jessica

ordered, “Wendy, go get Roy and sit with him atop the solfa.” Obediantly, Wendy

bent down and raised up her father. After sitting atop the cushion, she heard

the dictator's voice, “Now you know what to do; start playing with daddy; shove

him up your cunt!” Hesitantly, the girl began to insert Roy head first up her

vaginal openning. With fear and hate in her eyes, Vera looked on and watched her

daughter use her husband as a dildo.

While Wendy pushed Roy in and out of her slit, Jessica began to slip out of her

clothes. Finally, she took it all off save for the kneehigh black leather

stiletto boots. Completely naked, Jessica bent down and raised up Vera.

Afterward, the dark haired vixen put the one footer next to Wendy and said, “Ok,

little Wendy, time to share with mommy.” Eventhough Vera was now only half the

size of her daughter, Roy could still fit into her cunt.

Taking the little man from the blond, Vera held him and began begging Jessica,

“Please, let's stop this, can't we work out a deal?”

Jessica replyed, “You've got nothing to offer, remember, it's all mine now; now

get busy and shove that bug up your crotch!” In fear, Vera pushed Roy up her

vulva openning. He slid in and out as his wife moved her hand back and forth.

After three minutes of pychological satisfaction, Jessica placed her open palm

before Vera and said, “Give him to me.” With Roy in hand, Jessica lowered her

prize to her beautiful harry box. She too inserted the man into her womanhood

and moaned forth as her clit swelled up. While the dark haired giantess played

away, Wendy and Vera sat by helplessly and watched Roy's body give Jessica an


Refreshed and invigorated by her burst of ecstasy, Jessica yelled at Wendy,

“Well just don't sit there, slave, go get me that glass of water!” Immediately,

Wendy got off the couch and ran into the kitchen. There, she pulled up a chair

before the counter and crawled up. Upon standing, the two foot tall female was

able to reach into the cupboard. She took a glass, went to the sink, filled it

up, and crawled back down to the floor. Returning to the livingroom, she handed

the self proclaimed goddess the drink. After drinking down the entire contents,

Jessica said, “Good, little girl, from now on, you're to do all the house work

here, I mean all of it; you're little, but not that small that you can't do

whatever I ask.”

Staring happily at her three objects of property, Jessica said, “ Alright, just

to demonstrate the power structure here, we're gonna have an ass kissing party.

Pointing at little Roy standing helplessly upon the floor, Jessica said to

Wendy, “Get your mother and stand her next to daddy.” Wendy obeyed. Next, the

gothic Hispanic girl said to Vera, “Bend down and stick your ass in his face.”

Forever frightened, the lady complied and placed her attractive rear before Roy.

Jessica said, “Kiss.” Roy did as he was told and kissed away. Then, the dominant

one said to Wendy, “Go squat before your mother and shove your nice ass into her

face. Again, fear caused obediance. The blond went over and stuck her sexy butt

into Vera's face. Again, Jessica commanded, “Kiss, kiss her ass now!” Vera

kissed away as Wendy turned her head back now and then to observe her mother's

humble progress. Finally, Jessica squatted before Wendy and presented her

spectacular rear to the blond. Turning her head back also, Jessica said, “Now,

you slut, I'll show you who's boss here, kiss my ass, that's right, kiss my

ass!!” With tears running down her face, Wendy kissed her new owner's butt.

Indeed, all four made quite a sight, the pure representation of a power

hierarchy. Jessica let the adoration ceremony go on for exactly forty four

minutes. Keeping her gothic head turned back, she gazed on as the three

subordinates gave her all the respect she so craved. With the suck time over,

the dark haired vixen stood up and said down to the three, “From now on, you're

my slaves, to servioce me as I demand.” She went on, “Further, your tasks shall

be given relative to your sizes.” Pointing first at Wendy after the shrunken

family stood themselves strait, Jessica said, “You, you bitch, will be as I

alluded to earlier, the housekeeper.” The Hispanic one went on, “Vera, my little

doll, I'll keep you as my body servant; you'll manicur my nails and massage my

feet.” Finally, the dominant mistress turned to Roy and triumphantly said,

“Since you liked my cunt so much, you're to be my pussy pleaser; whenever I need

stimulation, I'll simply shove you right in your place.” As an after thought,

Jessica said, “Oh yea, at times you can do the same for my asshole, you little

asshole!” Indeed, while mocking her new possessions, Jessica sat her naked sexy

ass upon the solfa and snapped her fingers, giving orders and demanding the


From poverty, she attained wealth and power. Truly, the world about Jessica was

all at her feet!

The End


Giantess Stories: Family Hierarchy By FK      Browsing through the items all neatly layed out

Browsing through the items all neatly layed out, Jessica looked each object over By FK By FK Family Hierarchy Family Hierarchy



Giantess Stories: Family Hierarchy By FK      Browsing through the items all neatly layed out

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Giantess Stories: Family Hierarchy By FK      Browsing through the items all neatly layed out

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