Giantess Stories: Family Woes  By  AsukaFan   This weekend had been just too long

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Family Woes



This weekend had been just too long. When you have two unruly 17 year olds in

your house you never have a moment of peace. I looked over at my alarm clock and

it said 7:20am. Just lie in bed and wait for the kids to leave and then you have

the house to yourself Preston Phillips. That's the best part of having kids.

When there not here.

I started to roll around in bed trying to get comfortable but it somehow didn't

feel right. I would roll to the left and then to the right and somehow this bed

didn't feel like my bed. I pushed down on the bed and the spring seemed not as

firm as they use to be. I finally opened up my eyes and looked about my room.

Everything seemed in place but different. I stepped out of bed and my feet hit

the cold hard wood floor.

“My slippers? Where are my slippers?”

I started walking across the hard wood floor hearing the slap, slap, slap of my

bare feet hitting the hardwood floor. The sound of my feet however strangely

didn't echo. Usually they echo, this was my parents house, for over 60 years and

now it's my house and in all those years it has always echoed. I slowly make my

way down the hallway. Along the walls there are pictures of my family, my two

beautiful daughters, my wife, and a few close friends. As I walk down the stairs

I notice the drapes in front of the staircase are closed. There never closed,

how odd I think to myself. I whip open the drapes excited to see the weather.

Instead of seeing my oak tree I see a gigantic eyeball peering in at me. I

tumble backwards in shock of what I have just seen. An eye the same size as the

window looking at me as I look at it.

The big brown eye stairs at me intently as I look at it frozen place. Time seems

to not pass at all as the eye and I stare at each other unable to look away. I

am amazed with it as it with me. I start to crawl up the stairs in a crab walk

like fashion almost. With each movement I make the eye watches me. I watch the

eye slowly rise locked on me like a cruise missile. As I reach the top of the

stairs I take off running back towards my bedroom. I trip over a pedestal like

stand as I run. My chest slams into the pedestal crushing it and the vase that

was atop of it. The shards from the vase cut up my arms but I take no time to

pick up the pieces. I crawl over the smashed wood and glass pieces and run into

my room. I slam the door behind me and run towards me window. With my blinds

closed and my heart beating I nervously reach over for the string. My arm is

shaking and wobbling as I try to muster enough strength to open them. After a

few moments of contemplating in one quick swift motion I pull the blinds open.

The moment I open them I once again freeze. The eye is staring at me still. The

closer I look however I realize that this is a different eye. This eye is blue.

A light icy blue color. I watch as the eye blinks rhythmically staring back at

me. I start open the door when I realize that the other eye is at the other

window. Having now where to go I shut my blinds lie on my bed in fear and


My breathe is erratic as my lungs fill and release the cold tension filled air.

I stare around room in a panic searching for the eye. I know it cannot be in my

room, I know it is outside but the fear courses through my body. My heart

racing, my blood is pumping through my body like the oil through the engine of a

racecar. I then hear rumble and squeak rip through the air. The rumble sounds

like and earthquake type noise but without the shaking and squeak was more like

an old door that needs oiling. I stare up at the ceiling wondering what is going

on. That is when I see my ceiling, no my roof lifting up higher and higher. A

white tanned arm comes into view. Around the arm is a bracelet. The bracelet has

a Native American look to it with wood beads of different sizes and shapes

evenly spread around it. I watch as the fingers easily curl around one side of

my roof and shove it up like it's on hinges. Each fingernail is painted red, not

just red but blood red. As I stare deeply into the fingers nails I can see my

own panic stricken reflection like it is a mirror into my soul showing my fear.

A breeze of perfume potently fills the air in the room. The smell is so

overpowering its all I can smell. I no longer breathe fresh pure air but this

perfume filled air.

The arm now vanishes from my sight with my roof being stood up on edge. My

breathing is almost non-existent as I start to hyperventilate. Just before I go

insane with terror, and confusion long wavy blonde locks of hair enters my

vision and fall around my room. The hair belongs to the icy cold blue eyes. The

skin on her face has the same smooth overtone of her arm. A smile is parting

from her lips. As she smiles I see the deep, dark cavernous mouth. Her tongue

twirls around as she says something but her loud, almighty sounding voice easily

over powers my ears. Maybe it was my lack of concentration, maybe it was my

fear, maybe it was the insanity of this whole situation but it was as if she was

speaking gibberish. Her warm, minty breath flows the air as she creates powerful

air currents with each word she forms. I watch her nose hairs move in and out,

in and out as she breathes. Fear has rendered my body helpless as this god like

creature stares at me. I finally pass out; darkness is all I can see. Safe,

darkness, blackness that makes sense and brings no fear. Darkness, which I can

understand. I welcome what the darkness brings however I am still conscious


I feel something wrap around me. I can feel something warm yet strong, Soft yet

unforgiving in its touch. Its warm gentle touch encases me. My tomb of darkness

has now put me at a disadvantage. My mind is reeling to see what is going on but

all I can feel is something soft and gentle stroking my body, relaxing my mind,

Slowing my erratic breathing. As I slowly return to normal I regain the ability

to open my eyes. The moment I do words are thrusted upon me.

“Hello Mr. Phillips. How are you doing today? You look surprised to see me? How

come? I am here every morning. You know that, every morning since I was 9. I was

such a little girl then but I am quite grown up now.”

It can't be Kristen Daniels from down the street. How can it be she isn't this

tall, this strong, this must be a dream, or something in my imagination. This

looks exactly like her, only bigger. She is only five foot five not this

impossible, numberless height. Kristen Daniels or Kris as my daughter calls her

is almost like a daughter to me. Now she looks like a god to me. What is going


“Mr. Phillips is you okay? You look like you are in shock? Penny for your


Everything she says reminds of that scene in Jurassic park when the T-rex is

right next to the jeep then it lets out that mighty roar. That deafening,

unmistakable noise that is how each word sounds to me. I roll over onto my chest

and try to pick myself up however I seem to be on a very unstable surface. Its

warm yet oily somehow. As I push myself up my hands are covered in oil and I

soon fall because of the surface is seems not totally stable. Like there is no

chance of it breaking but you can't really stand on it.

“Kristen? Is that really you?”

“You spoke great, just relax I know this overwhelming and probably scary to you

but I am here for you and I will protect you. I promise little guy don't worry.”

A ground shaking pounding erupts everywhere. The boom, boom, boom sounds strong

and yet I seem to be far away from its destructive strength. Coming to view,

appearing from what looks to over the horizon line I see my daughter Kelly. Her

athletically perfect body is soon overhead. Her brown hair flowing over her both

sides of her shoulders. Her matching brown eyes staring at me with a smile in

each eye and a smirk on her face. I haven't seen my daughter without a shirt on

in sometime and I was surprised to see her like this now. Her mighty abdominal

muscles glisten with water as it flows down her chest. Her hair still wet from

just getting out of the shower. Her abs look strong enough to crush me. As her

head looms over Kristen's hand my heart skips a beat. My fear and terror filled

heart pumps panic stricken blood flowing through me.

“K, K, K”

“Awe what is wrong daddy dearest? Cat got your tongue?”

“K, K”

“Umm we have established that there is a K in my name. Now I don't have all day

to listen to you sputter out letters and sentence fragments so if you're going

to say something say it now.”

“Kelly what is going on? Why are you Kristen so massively colossal? How come

you're bigger then our house? If we aren't in our house then where are we at


“Well I don't have time to answer your questions because I have to get ready. If

you beg Kris maybe she will be nice enough to give you your answers.”

I watch as my daughter speedily walks out of my vision. I make my way to the

edge of Kristen's hand and I see my daughters baby blue and white-checkered bed

spread. Her bed is in its usual disarray look with a few articles of clothing

lying atop her bedspread. I then look up at Kristen who has yet to look away

from me.

“Well, hmm what is going on and why are we so big is really mixed together you

see Mr. P. You are shrunk is what is happening and we are in total control of

the situation. How we did this is none of your concern. Now as for the house

well I am good with wood. I have been working on an exact replica of your house

and I believe I have done a bang up job. You see the big house no longer belongs

to you and you no longer live in it. You have your own little house down there,

which is owned by Kelly and Katie your two wonderful daughters. Oh and of course

me, we mustn't forget me now shall we.”

“Kris are you ready to go? Bobby is waiting for me!”

“Oh alright I will put you in your home now okay?”

I then my hear daughters loud voice over all and yet I am unable to see where

exactly she is.

“Oh and dad I expect yourself cleaned up and that house looking spotless because

when I am bringing guests home after school and now that you live under my roof

I expect your home to be spotless”

I am then set down back on my bed where I was first snatched up by Kristen. She

waves goodbye and blows me a kiss as she lowers the roof on my home. The moment

they leave I quickly check every window, every door for a way out but there is

none. The only way out is if they let me out. Not wanting to make either of them

mad I do as I am asked and then walk back up to my room and lie in my bed

waiting for them to come back.

The deadening silence starts to drive me mad as I am prisioned in my daughter's

room in this stupid dollhouse. I have been reduced to the level of

insignificance and am now a slave to my daughters. My mind is filled with

terrifying thoughts of things they could do to me. However the worst part of all

is the silence, the sitting, and the waiting. All I can do is lay here until

Kelly returns. No longer do I have the freedom to set foot outside these doors.

No longer am I able to live in world with people of my own size I am now sealed

away from everyone. Everyone who I ever thought was my equal, who I was better

then, smarter then, and stronger then. I am now nothing more then a trinket for

the amusement of my daughter Kelly. I am nothing more, nothing less.

Footsteps shatter the silence and my thoughts as I rush to the window to see who

or what Kelly's surprise is. I am however shocked to see that is my wife Sarah.

Sarah is a former tennis player turned advertising agent. She has short blond

hair that falls just above her shoulders. She has sparkling blue eyes that

glisten like the crystal clear waters of a hidden spring. The pure, cool,

untouched spring water that I long to hold. She has on a pair of tan cargo pants

and an adidas hooded sweatshirt. Her black shoes with 4-inch heels, which I use

to love, now bring fear to me. I wonder if I am even 4 inches tall. I run to the

plastic window and pound away as I see Sarah enter Kelly's room. Each step she

takes causes this house the floor shake slightly. I watch her set down some

t-shirts and sweatshirts from various popular companies like Nike, Reebok, etc.

Most of the products athletes usually endorse. I pound and ram myself into the

plastic window but she doesn't even seem to hear me. I watch painfully as she

walks out of Kelly's messy room shutting the door on the way out. As the door

shuts she tugs it making sure to hear the click of the securely shut door. I

sadly walk back to my bed and fall back on it. With tears rolling down my face I

wonder what will become of me.

For the second time today I hear familiar poundings of powerful footsteps and

the laughter of teen girls. This time for sure I know who it is. I rush to my

window and see that it's Kelly, Kristen, and two other girls. I watch as they

all still have there soccer jerseys, shoes, and pads on. I look down at Kelly's

floor and watch as mud from her soccer shoes is imprinted on the carpet. The

roof is then lifted up and this time I am not nearly as scared as before. I

stare up at her as she looks down at me rising to her full height with her arms

firmly placed on her hips.

“Well Preston have you done as I have asked? Don't you forget whose roof you

live under now? How did you always put it? As long as you live under my roof I

make the rules well whose roof do you live under now huh? You live under my room

Daddy. M-I-N-E!! (She clearly emphasizes the word MINE by saying it slowly and

articulating each letter.) I am the master, and ruler of your world. Do you see

where I am standing? I am stand in the world of giants. You stand in the world

of which I a reign supreme. You better get use to the way today played out

because that's all you will see. My bedroom or Katie's bedroom for the rest of

your life. Oh yes daddy there is a identical house to this one in Katie's room

and I am sure she can hardly wait to come tonight. For now however you have me

to worry about. Now why don't you say hi to my Friends and teammates Heather and


Kelly's hand swiftly and precisely curls around my body and lifts me out of my

home. I look around the room as she dangles me at what looks like hundreds if

not thousands of feet above the ground. My screams of panic, and plea's for help

only bring laughter to all the girls. I start swinging wildly hoping that I can

dislodge myself but my strength is nothing compared to what my daughter and her

friends have.

“Look at this carpet Kelly. Its covered in mud! Our brand new white carpet is

stained by mud from you and your smelly teammates. I want this cleaned up


I have no idea what came over me. I am not sure if it was instinct to just scold

my daughter when I see her doing something wrong or if it was all my

frustrations of everything that has happened. But I do know my response brought

many suppressed giggles from the girls as my once powerful and menacing voice

(Boy did I have a set of lungs. I could holler with the best of them) has been

reduced to a pathetic squeaky voice, which couldn't even strike fear in a two

year old let alone 4 17-year-old girls.

“Did someone forget who is in charge? Did you hear him try to tell me what to do

Heather? What do we do when you are disrespected? How does that go? You are

supposed to show respect to your elders and people of authority. And yet all I

hear is a little man throwing a temper tantrum. Well I know how to teach this

little man a lesson.”

I watch as all 4 girls look around at each other almost as if they are talking

with out using words. Kristen looks to be pleading no with her eyes but I can

also see an encouraging glee. While Heather and Robyn is shouting yes, yes, yes

with there eyes. I can only close my eyes and shake my head, as I am helpless to

do a thing about it.

Kelly walks over to Robyn with me dangling and twirling about her hand. With

each step she takes I am slammed inter her knuckles and wrist. With her other

hand I watch as she pulls Robyn's waist band away and drops me in. With a loud

thud of the elastic band sealing around Robyn's waist I can hear then all

laughing nearing hysterics.

All around me is complete darkness. There is no one point of light at all. My

nose is screaming for mercy, as the smell of sweat is everywhere in here. I can

feel her damp cotton panties from soccer practice but not only do I smell sweat

but I smell sex. A mixture two peoples cum. I can hear and feel the juicy cum

leaking out of her pussy and the stuff that has already soaked into her panties.

I can feel Robyn stand up and start walking around. As she walks down the stairs

I am sent sliding down farther and farther. I squirm and struggle as she

continues to walk.

“Umm Kelly, I love the way your dad feels inside there and all but you know how

I had to leave practice 15 minute earlier. Well I really wanted to see your dad

so sense I wouldn't see him tonight Jeremy and I kind of had quickie that ended

up lasting 25 minutes. I didn't even get a chance to shower. It must be awful

for him in there.”

“None of us showered Robyn, and don't worry bout it. Its not like he is one of

us you know.”

Robyn has a very quizzical look on her face. A look of puzzled look of


“What do you mean Kelly when you say not one of us?”

“I mean he isn't a person. He is just a tiny toy now groveling for respect from

the people who clothe him, feed him, provide him with shelter, and he is to do

as he is told and if he doesn't do as he is told he must be shown that there

will be punishments. As my dad always said. Rules are the most sacred part of

our society and it is the foundation to which all is formed on.”

I could barely make out what is being said but I am positive it's nothing good.

I pound against Robyn's cotton panties but I am much too weak to even rip a

seam. I can feel her wet, warm cum surround my body. And soak into my clothes

along with her panties. I can tell that she must have had sex recently, which

makes this whole thing worse because I know it's not just hers. I can now feel

Robyn in a quickened motion as with each step she takes I slide farther and

farther down and soon I can see her pussy above me. It doors are closed but with

juices dripping out and onto me. I scream and yell hoping to be let out or hear

by someone but all I get is cum in my mouth. The horrific scent of sex, sweat,

and ass burns my nose and drives my senses wild. My organized thoughts are in

too much disarray to clearly think of a way out of this situation. I spend what

feels like hours squirming around in her pants.

Feel myself dropping to the soft-carpeted floor in my daughter's room. 4 titanic

teens are all around me. I spit out as much of the cum as I can when I notice

that Its not the white carpet that I am laying on bud a muddy footprint left by

one of the girls. I weakly pick myself up off the floor and wobbly stand up


“You f**king bitch KELLY, I am your father not some stupid pet you can toy with.

I am not some beetle you find on the ground and toy with till you feel the need

to crush it. I”

“You can stop right there because I am sick of your bullshit dad. I am in charge

now and just for this outburst I have a wonderful Idea.”

I watch as Kelly crawls under her bed and shoves things around. When she returns

I see a clear plastic ball. The kind of ball you can stick a hamster in. The

moment I see it I already can tell what it is planned. Heather grabs me from

behind and drops me inside the clear plastic ball. Heather then seals the ball

and picks it up. She tosses it up in her hand and catches it a few times like

you would do with a baseball. All 4 girls walk to the back yard and then drop

the ball down on the ground.

I can hear someone from behind run up. It sounds like they are crushing trees

with each step they take but they are only stepping on the grass. Deep,

footprints are engraved where they step. The spikes on the bottom of their

soccer shoes dig into the wet muddy ground. I turn around just in time to see

Kristen roll me and the ball up her leg. She then bounces me from knee to knee

and I am sent tumbling around in the ball. I try to yell for her to stop but the

wind is quickly knocked out of me. With one mighty bounce I am knocked high into

the sky and with her head she passes towards Heather. Heather then catches me

with her left knee and bounces me forward. The ball and me lands right in front

of her path. She kicks the ball with her left and right food and then places her

muddy, grimy shoes on top of the ball. Mud drips off from her shoes onto the

ball. She then with the inside of her left foot passes it to her right and then

kicks it towards the goal. I then see Kelly at the goal. The ball and me are

twirling and with each twirl I am sent from the top of the roof smack down onto

the bottom floor and then the process repeats itself. Kelly unfortunately misses

the ball and slams into the net and fall the ground. All 4 girls stand around me

like gods. All of them laughing as Robyn lightly kicks the ball and door opens

up. I end up shooting out of the ball and into a deep muddy pile.

“Oops, I forget how weak he is now. My little weak kicks are too much for him to


All 4 of the girls start walking towards me. The ground shaking and mud now

making waves and assaulting me. They all stand around the puddle watching me

sink and helplessly flail for help. The mud is too strong and sticky for me to

break through. It is like a quicksand with me being sent to my death. I finally

break one arm loose of the mud but I still remain sinking. I then watch as

Heather lifts her foot up a dangles it above me. Her laces from her shoe hit me

in the face like a thick sailing rope. I grab hold with my one free hand and she

easily pulls me from the mud.

The moment I am free from the puddle I let go her lace and hit the muddy ground

hard. Before I can get up her muddy cleats slam down atop of me. Me and the

muddy ground around me gush up between her cleats. As I am lifted up I see Kelly

shaking hear head in a disapproving look. She gives me that no, no, no look. As

heather lowers her foot onto the muddy ground I scream like I am watching my

parents be murdered as the 4 girls walk back into the house. Once they reach the

house they kick off there muddy shoes on the porch and then they all walk

inside. By luck along the cleats in heathers shoe are faced upward so I can

watch as they walk inside.

“Well dad, I think you can stay out here for awhile and think about what you did

out there by trying to get away in the mud once heather showed you mercy by

allowing you to grasp her royal shoe laces. Do you see that mud you are stuck

in? That mud is above of you. That mud gets more respect then you ever will. I

think heather might stay over tonight and you can remain stuck to her shoe while

you think about what have done.”

With a heavy slam of the glass patio door I watch al the girls disappear

upstairs. Hours pass by and I remain stuck to heathers shoe. It started raining

several hours ago but there is nothing I can do. The water beats down on her

muddy shoes causing the mud to run over me. Then the rain slows and stops long

enough for the mud to solidify a little before it picks up. Breaking through my

misery I hear the warm friendly voice of my other daughter Katie.

“Daddy! Dad, are you out here?”

I watch as Katie enters my realm of site. After staring around the room a little

her eyes lock on me. She immediately starts laughing as she crouches down. My

daughter Katie is well the best way to put it obsessed with fashion. I swear

that's all she thinks about fashion and animals.

Katie's big slender fingers are lowered towards me. She plucks me from heathers

muddy shoes and then carries my inside. She runs downstairs to the basement,

which is her room. As she flicks on the lights and walks into the bathroom she

washes me off with warm water and carries me back inside and I can see her best

friend Aimee sitting on her bed Indian style. Katie then joins her and places me

between them both.

“Are you alright dad? I am sorry for not getting you out sooner but Kelly

wouldn't tell me where you were and then we went shopping and finally I found

out where you were so.”

“Hold up a minute pumpkin. You knew all along what was going to happen to me?

And yet you just let I happen? Why?”

“Easy daddy, You know for 12 long years I begged you for a pet and you always

said what? No, you don't need a pet pumpkin. Pets are messy and dirty little

animals. Well daddy now you get to be my pet and I guess you were right. When I

found you, you were certainly a messy filthy little animal who needed my help.

Now I am going to talk to Kelly so lets go.”

“Umm honey what do you mean lets go? Cant I stay here and rest I mean”

“ Daddy, no you are my pet you do as you are told. Now lets go”

I am set atop Katie's shoulder. Her hair long blonde hair, which is dyed brown

with the roots turning back to blonde, is everywhere. I grab hold of her hair

for balance as she climbs up the stairs and shoes her friend out. I then see

Kelly and her crew sitting in the living room.

“Kelly how could do this to little Preston. I mean he is just a helpless little

creature and you treat him so meanly.”

Kelly then looks coldly at her twin.

“Easy Katie, you see Preston is nothing more then a pet to you but he is my

little slave. When I have him I will do whatever I want with him”

I run across Katie's shoulder and hug her neck as tightly as I can. I know now

Katie is my only chance for survival in this world.

“Well Kelly, you wont get Preston tonight because he will stay in my room


“Oh and daddy just remember. Your little savior Katie wont always be around to

protect you.”

As Katie walked away I clung to her neck. Her hair was flowing all around me

swaying from side to side. Her soft skin made it hard for me to hold onto so I

had to grab her hair with one hand and try to balance myself with the other. I

was then plucked from her shoulders and set down on her bed.

“Daddy, its time you learn the rules of the house. The way I see it is since I

am your divine protection from Kelly I deserve a little respect around here. So

rule number on being you do exactly what I say, when I say, how I say. Rule

number 2 being you never question me. Lastly being this world out here is for

big people. You can only step foot out in this world if Kelly or I allow it. Any

other time you are expected to say in your tiny home that we provide for you.

(She makes sure to stress that they provide it) If you can do that I will help m

little daddy stay safe but if you don't I will leave you for Kelly and her

friends to play with.”

“Okay, pumpkin you win. Just keep me away from Kelly.”

A smirk crosses her face as she realizes she has full control. I walk towards

Katie's tan mini skirt and white midriff, as her door swings open with Kelly

walking in. She stands at the end of the bed larger then life. I then look back

at Katie and then I just lower my head and sit at Katie lifts me into the

dollhouse in the corner of her room. I look out my window staring out at my

daughters. Remembering what use to be.


I spent the next part of my life a slave to my daughters. Unfortunately I was

forced to go with Kelly off to college where I am constantly toyed and

tormented. I have set routine of chores I am expected to do or else I end up

punished and there is now no Katie to stand up for me. I am prisoner of my own

flesh and blood. I do get to talk to my wife Sarah every night on a specially

designed phone. I just can't tell her where I am or what is going on. Someday, I

hope to escape to her. Maybe over Christmas, this year I can only hope for an


The End


Giantess Stories: Family Woes  By  AsukaFan   This weekend had been just too long

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