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Well, it happened again. Another visitor, overcome by the intoxicating scents of

a Woman, fell asleep where he shouldn't have. Yes, one visitor, who forgot rule

two, fell asleep in one of the tight fitting halter type tops of one of the

Goddesses, named Ivara. The result was the playful, accidental deaths of a

couple of visitors, while others either became loving pets, or slaves to the

whims of a Goddess. The explanation is simple. This guy somehow ended up in the

bra cup of this particular Goddesses attire, was overcome and fell asleep. He

apparently snuck in Her room as She entered, understandably infatuated by Her.

She took off Her top, laying it on a chair, and then She lay on Her bed, naked,

resting Her eyes. This visitor climbed the chair, trying to get a view of the

Goddess, but along the way he found himself near the top, and decided to

investigate. He was immedietly overcome by the female scents of the top, which

was still warm from the body of the Goddess. He intended to just revel in the

warmness and Her scents, as he watched the sleeping titanic beauty, but slowly

dozed off. After about an hour of rest, the gigantic Woman decided to go back

out with the others. She picked up the top and put it on, not noticing at first

that it was inhabited by a little man. The guy inside her top, was at first

awakened by the turbulence of a Woman dressing, tumbled about and almostfell out

of the top, but at the last minute found himself pinned tightly against Her

breast, with the huge nipple in his abdomen, and his arms and legs spread around

and conforming to the shape of the breast.


was stuck tight, couldnt move, as Ivara finished dressing. As She walked to meet

her freinds, the little intruder found himself bouncing slightly with each

immense step of the Goddess, swaying and bouncing to the left, the right, the

left.....and well you get the idea. It wasnt long before he realized he was more

than infatuated with Her, he was now under Her spell. That is when the Goddess

percieved that there was an intruder upon Her body, but kept walking, feeling

good knowing there was a little man in a place that was probably safe for him,

and very arousing to Her.

Ivara walked to where a

couple other Women were, and greeted them. The blonde haired Woman was Shara,

and the dark haired Girl was Ariana. "Hi are you ready to gather some flowers

with us?" "Yes but first I need to do something about my guest", She joked. The

other Goddesses looked at where She was pointing and laughed. "Why

should do something about looks uneven." You see, the shape of the man

was visible through the top creating a star like appearence with his body

sprawled about Her breast, whereas the other breast had the shape of her nipple

protruding slightly through the top. The Girls eyes lit up as the idea came upon

them at the same time. The Girls looked down at the ground around them,and as

usual, found a couple guys nearby. Shara grabbed one and said "Here, this one is

about the same size and shape," and gave him to Ivara, who immedietly stripped

his clothes off with a quick flick of Her nails, stuffing him in Her other cup.

She then did the same with the other guy, stripping him naked and replacing him,

making sure they were in the same exact positions. Both guys tried to squirm

out, but were thwarted by the sudden reaction of the Goddess.You see, the

sensation of their movements as well as the thought of having two little men in

such a pleasurable place caused her to giggle with delight, crossing her arms

across Her breasts and squeezing tightly. Both guys had all of the air suddenly

forced from their lungs, their faces forced and buried into the flesh of the

Goddess bosom. "Ooops! I hope I didn't smush them", She giggled. Peeking inside

She saw the confused little men gasping for air, but with looks of shock, pain,

and total devotion and sacrifice and love for their Goddess. "Oh, They will be

fine", covering them and patting them in place.

"lets go!" Not yet.

The other two Women wanted

a couple for themselves. Several guys looked up in time to see beautiful,

gigantic Women reaching for them. The sudden lifting of them caused them to

almost lose conciousness, and then suddenly finding themselves naked with a

Womans breast nipple larger than a basketball forced into their chests, their

arms and legs spread out and around the fleshy sweet smelling circumference.

The Women giggled at each

other, looking at the little star shapes that the men created for them in their

tops. "Ok now we are ready!" They quite actively walked off with a joyful bounce

in Their steps, laughing and talking cheerfully, forgetting about their little

adornments, as well as the remaining men at Their feet.

Meanwhile the "adornments"

were flattened against the breasts of these superior Women, hardly able to

breath or move. They bounced from left to right with each step, totally devoted,

aroused and under the spell of these powerful Women, who were stopping

occasionally to get the floral arrangements They were seeking. Finally they had

what They wanted, and went back to Their island estate.This is where the story

starts to take on a more serious note. When the Ladies got back, the Goddesses

all took note of the new fashion look, laughed and giggled, and immedietly went

out to round up a pair for Themselves. Guys who were napping under a leaf were

suddenly finding themselves dreaming that they were being smashed by a giant

breast, only to wake up and see that in fact they were! Other guys were panicing

and running, only to be grabbed, stripped and placed in position.

These guys would struggle

a bit, teasing the Goddesses most pleasurably. Evarella grabbed a couple. The

two guys were terrified of this Woman, and one of them bit Her causing a slight

discomfort. Unfortunatly the "slight discomfort" became very uncomfortable when

his head popped and spurted outfrom between Evarella's fingertips as She angrily

removed him from what could have been the lesser of two evils.

"Ugh! I hate when they do

that! I guess he just lost his head!" She tossed his headless body to the ground

and laughingly wiped the remains of his head from Her fingers on the backside of

Her tight cutoff jeans. She then found another who was more respectful, that is

to say, frightened into total submission.

Breena, with Her huge

breasts, made the mistake of using a couple smaller weaker guys at first, only

to find them flattened to death an hour later, the pressures of Her immense

breasts causing Her nipples to cave in the rib cages of her little adornments.

She removed them and placed them in a place where they could be food for the

exotic creatures that come out at night.

Then She found a couple of

stronger guys that were able to serve Her better. Sheeva decided that She wanted

star shapes in Her very tight fitting shorts also, so She placed a couple guys

there, the tightness of Her shorts holding them just as tightly against Her

lovely magnificant ass as well as thier counterparts at Her breasts. The

difference with these guys though was that they were in a much dangerous place,

because not only were they flattened permanently in their "star shaped" pattern

when She sat.....

.....but because Sheeva

didn't care whether they were flattened beneath Her or not.

Neither did a lot of the

other Goddesses that used little men in this manner. Thats not to say that there

weren't many survivors of this fashion statement, there were, and a many of them

serve their Goddesses in this manner to this day.....

.....which to them of

course is the most honorable way to spend the rest of their lives.



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