Giantess Stories: Fast Food By Turbo      Linda sighed as she pulled into the drive

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Fast Food

By Turbo

Linda sighed as she pulled into the drive-thru. It had been a long day at the

office and she was tired. The three young girls in the back, chattering about

their day at school wasn't helping her headache at all. Linda glanced up into

the review mirror and cracked a slight smile at her daughter, Marleen. Marleen

was already a knock out at 14. She had long, wavy blond hair that had an angelic

glow to it. Her eyes were a light, aqua blue. Her skin was flawless and had a

gorgeous bronze tone to it. Her classmates, Lisa and Breanna were also pretty

girls, but not as beautiful as Marleen.

“OK girls, what do you guys want?” asked Linda.

The girls shouted out their orders quickly and continued on with their

conversation about who asked who out today. Lisa really wasn't paying attention

to what they wanted to eat, so she just got them all the same thing.

“They probably don't care anyway.” She thought.

“Can I take your order please?” The staticy voice of a younger woman barked from

the speaker.

“Um, yes, I'd like three number threes with large cokes, please.” Linda said


“Ok, that's three number threes with cokes. That's be $8.95 at the second

window, thank you.”

Linda stepped on the accelerator and pulled up the second window, holding a ten

dollar bill out the window.

The girl smiled and took the money, handing Linda some change and a bag with the


“Thank you!” Linda said as she drove off, setting the bag on the passenger seat.

She smiled slightly as she heard the tiny muffled screams coming from the bag.

She reached across and opened the top of the bag, the tiny screams became a

slight roar now.


My head pounded with pain. Everyone was screaming in confusion. We were all

crammed into the small plastic container, like cattle. Nobody knew what was

going to happen next. This was insane. I was never able to see much, but I did

see a giant lady with a headset on. She smiled at us as she scooped us all into

a container and then stuffed us into a bag with other container. I wish I knew

what the hell was going on. Then the darkness ended with flash of light from

above. The place shook violently for a moment and then the screams intensified

as a giant hand came down from above.

“We're all gonna die!” A man screamed hysterically next to me and he broke down

and started crying. Another lady was screaming out for her kids. We all wanted

to run somewhere, but we were all confined into this plastic prison. The hand

was huge. 50 of us could have easily fit on the palm. It's nails looked like

giant surfboards and they were painted a glossy red. The finger tips rested on

the ceiling of out container and the thumb came down below us, pressing against

the floor. People scatter away from were the thumb pressed up. Then, at

nauseating speed, our container was lifted from the bag and we were blinded by

the incredible light. That's when I got the first glimpse of our captor. She was

a beautiful lady. She had short blond hair and she had a nice, rounded face. She

gave us all a smirk as she peered through the plastic ceiling at us. Her lips

were plump and crimson. The look she gave us made us all feel uneasy and then

she slowly licked her lips, which made most of the people gasp and whimper. She

looked up for a moment and then set our container down in her lap. We watched

her anxiously, wondering what should would do next.


“Mooom! Can I please have mine?” Marleen asked with a slight whine in her voice.

“I'm really hungry! I haven't eaten all day.”

“Hold on, hon. I just want a few.” Linda said to her daughter.

Lisa had reached around the seat and grabbed both hers and Breanna's. Lisa

grinned at the tiny people as they scattered in all different directions.

“Mmmm....” She purred and drummed her fingertips on top of plastic salad

container. The loud booms her fingers made scared the hell out of all the tiny

morsels and they cowered to their knees, pressing their hands to their ears to

try and muffle the sound. Lisa loved to play with her food before she ate it. It

excited her. She bent down close to the lid of the box and parted her lips

slightly, baring her teeth to the tiny people. Slowly she ran her tongue back

and forth over the braces which covered her teeth. The people screamed in

absolute terror in response to her actions. She giggled as she looked at their

tiny faces.

“Oh God...” Breanna murmured. She shook her head at Lisa and chuckled.

“You're just plain sick.” She smirked.

“They're just so tiny and cute!” Lisa squealed.

“Yeah, yeah. Your still sick!” Breanna laughed.

Lisa just grinned at her friend and Breanna looked down at her lunch. Her

stomach growled slightly as her eyes wandered over the tiny people scrambling

about in the container. She could feel their tiny feet tap lightly on the

plastic floor as they tried to find away out of their prison.


We watched the giant woman loom overhead. Just over her huge breasts we could

see half of her face, her long hair hung slightly, resting on top of her

mountainous breasts. Most of us were silently waiting, but I could hear the

occasional whimpering of the women and children. Finally she looked down at us

and smiled slightly. Again, the tip of her pink tongue slipped between her lips,

moistening them slowly. She took one, giant, slender hand from the steering

wheel, gripping the edge of the container. Chaos erupted again as her fingers

popped open the ceiling. Everyone instantly ran the opposite direction. The

young children were trampled underneath the masses, but the ceiling folded all

the way back, completely exposing us. The giant hand that opened the lid rose

again and hovered above us for a moment before it began it's decent towards us.

The fingers came down upon a group of people far from me. They looked like

giant, ancient pillars. Slowly, the fingers began to pinch shut, trapping at

least 20 or 30 people between her fingertips and her giant nails. The screaming

was deafening now.

I watched those unfortunate people slowly get lifted from the container. It

looked like a tangled mass of arms in legs, flailing about wildly. 2 people

slipped from the grip of the giantess and fell below, bouncing off her bare Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

thigh and slipping down the smooth bare skin, coming to rest against her

panties, up her business dress. The giantess slowly lifted the mass of people up

to her lips and tilted her head back. A lady slipped from her grip this time,

falling down the front of her blouse and between her giant breasts, screaming

the whole way. She held the clump of tiny people above her gaping mouth for a

moment and then released her grip from them. All, but the few who clung to her

fingernails fell into the dark, moist cavern. Their piercing screams were cut

off completely as the giantess closed her mouth, they were doomed to die in the

belly of this giantess.


Linda smiled as their tiny bodies squirmed about on her tongue. The tingling on

her tongue was almost unbearable and she felt her panties get a little wet from

the excitement of it all. She swirled her tongue around inside her mouth,

squishing the tiny bodies against her teeth and then swallowing, ending their

meaningless lives. She shivered slightly, knowing that she just ate a whole

bunch of people, with lives, just like hers.

“Here you go, hon.” Linda said to her daughter as she handed her the box of tiny


“It's about time!” The little girl huffed as she glanced down at her lunch. Lisa

had already popped the lid off hers and was lapping up tiny people by the dozen.

Lisa's tongue would dip down, catching the tiny people against the wet bumpy

service and then she would draw her tongue back, chewing loudly on the tiny

bodies.The people ran in panic below and they even tried scaling the giant

walls, but it was all in vain. They would all share the same fate.

Lisa smiled at the tiny people and lifted the box from her lap up to her face.

She slowly began to tip the box back towards her mouth. The tiny people toppled

onto of each other as they slid to the edge the box, screaming and clawing each

other, trying to get away from the waiting mouth. Little by little, she'd tip

the box further back, and the people would get closer and closer to their death.

Finally, the first two fell over the side, landing on top of the giant teeth

below them, clinging to her braces. Then ten would go over, then twenty and so

on, until her mouth was full of tiny, squirming morsels. Then, she started

closing her mouth, crushing tons of people, filling her mouth with the tangy

taste of their blood and she swallowed, sending the mangled bodies and some live

bodies down to her stomach. Lisa turned to her friend and smiled. Breanna

wrinkled her nose as she saw a tiny live woman clinging to the wire on her front


“Yuk,” Breanna said as she popped a few people into her mouth, swallowing them


Marleen started to dig into her lunch, picking them up by the handful.


Now a young girl was holding our container, she shoveled scoop after scoop of

tiny people into her mouth, not bothering to chew. And then, my turn was up. Her

giant hand blew right over my head and then came back around, scooping me up

with about 20 other people. Then her hand jetted up to her mouth, making me

loose my stomach. Her giant lips slowly parted and a slimy, pink tongue poked

through to greet us. I froze with terror as her fingers tilted down and we all

began to slide down towards her mouth. Someone bumped into me and I was knocked

off to the side. Pulling a young girl with me, we slipped between her giant

index and middle finger. We were only stuck for a moment and then her fingers

parted, we dropped quickly, bouncing off her bottom lip and falling down to her

jean shorts, far below. The fall winded me and the girl that was with me seemed

to be ok.

“Run!” I shouted at her.

She jumped to her feet and took off ahead of me, I followed closely behind. We

darted down her smooth, bare thigh, hearing slurping and chomping noises from

above. Finally we came to her knee. We both peered down her long leg and we

could see her feet, strapped into some platform sandals far below. I wasn't sure

what to do, but without me saying anything, the girl leaped from the knee,

sliding down the girls shin and landing ontop of her foot down below. I was

shocked! I couldn't believe that the girl actually jumped and she made it! I

watched below as the girl ran down the giant foot, climbing over a strap and

continuing on, but when she leaped over the finally strap, she fell between two

huge toes, wedging herself in there pretty well. The girl screamed and wriggled

around, but should couldn't free herself. I think the young giantess felt

something though, because she peered down at her feet.


Marleen jumped a bit as something tickled between her toes.

“What the hell?” She said softly as she glanced down. She glared slightly as she

saw the tiny girl trapped between her toes. She slowly bent over, picking the

tiny girl out between her fingers. “Ew, I can't eat this one.” Marleen said.

“Why not?” Breanna asked.

“Hmmm... here, you eat it.” Marleen grinned as she held the tiny girl up to her

friends lips.

Breanna shrugged and stuck her tongue out slighly. Marleen grinned and dropped

the tiny girl onto Breanna's tongue and watched Breanna's expression.

“Why does this one taste like feet?” Breanna asked as her face went sour.

“Because I found her between my toes!” Marleen giggled.

Breanna cringed and spat the girl out the window. All three of the girls burst

into a fit of giggles. Then Marleen looked down again, spying the tiny man on

her knee. She gasped and quickly seized him between her fingertips. Marleen got

a mean look on her face as an idea flashed through her mind.

“This one should be punished for trying to escape.” Marleen grinned. She reached

forward and pushed the cigarette lighter in to warm it up. In afew moments it

popped and Marleen pulled it out of the socket, pointing the hot end up with one

hand. The other hand came down over it, holding the tiny man just inches from

the red hot metal. The girls giggled with excitement and then Marleen released

him. He gave off an unnerving shriek, and then he hit the hot metal coil with a

sickening sizzle. The man turned black instantly as he charred. The girls just

laughed and stuck the lighter back into the socket. After they finished their

meals, they slurrped down their cokes to wash it all down.


Giantess Stories: Fast Food By Turbo      Linda sighed as she pulled into the drive

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