Giantess Stories: For Ever And Ever By Kerrrunch

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For Ever And Ever By Kerrrunch

This is a story that was inspired by the girl I love and is both a Violent

and Affectionate GTS in one. Please forgive the rookie mistakes in spelling and

grammer! Also please post what you think about it in response! Hope you all

enjoy it.


I looked at Chris as she stood in the kitchen walking around lighting her

candles. I had been with her now for two years and she just keep getting more

and more beautiful. She had long blond hair, deep dark beautiful brown eyes, and

a body to kill for. The black nightgown she was wearing accented her beautiful

curves and showed off her beautiful legs. She was barefoot as both she always

felt most comfortable at home barefoot and she knew about my adoration of her

feet from a long time ago and how much I loved to see them. As a true Pisces,

she was blessed with the most beautiful feet I had ever seen on a woman and took

great interest in taking care of them. Because of her particular traits as a

Pisces she was very fond of having her feet worship and pampered by me. We made

the perfect pair.

Anyway dinner was great and she was settling into our favorite couch by the

fireplace which was ablaze on this cool early winter night. She smiled as I held

out her favorite bottle of Zinfandel and two glasses for us to share. “You are

so good to me baby” she smiled as she made room for me right next to her. “ I do

anything to make my princess smile” I answered. “ You would? “ she questioned

mischievously. “Be careful what you wish for baby, you may just get it. “ she

growled sexily while she initiated a brief but intense tickle match. We came to

a resolution of our tickle war with her laying on my chest face to face. “God I

love you princess” I soulfully whispered to her. “And I you” she answered. It

was an intense moment of love like I had experienced only with her before in

similar settings. She was without a doubt, my soul mate. After sealing our

intimate profession of love for each other with a series of rich deep soul

touching kisses, I paused and I said in a childishly anxious voice,” So tell me

about my surprise, I want to know now. “ “Do you think that you are ready?” She

answered in a playful voice. What I am about to share with you is going to

change a lot of things as you know it. She answered. There are some things about

me and about you that you do not know .” “ What do you mean” I asked with the

confusion and subtle alarm showing through. “Well, I will tell you. I have been

getting ready to tell you about this for a long time now but I wanted to make

sure that you were the right one to share this with.” “ Go on” I encouraged her.

We had had tough times together but always pulled right through it with no

problem in testament of our compatibility. “Before, we go any further, I need to

ask you something because if you are not sure of this just one bit than I can't

go any further. “ “Of course princess, whatever you need to ask, just ask it !”

I sincerely replied trying to ease her building apprehension. “ You said you

love me more than life itself”? “Of course I do princess” I replied, “Are

willing to spend forever with me? “ “Absolutely baby” I answered. “ Are you

willing to endure and do anything for me to make me happy? “ “What kind of

question is that “ I asked her. “You know that I will do anything for you”. “

Are you sure? “ She asked again. “Chris, what is wrong. I mean, why are you

asking me all this.” Chris inhaled and exhaled deeply as to build up courage.

“OK. I am making my decision. Once I reveal what I have to say, things will be

permanently set in stone and there will be no turning back. It is all up to me

to choose to bring you into this or not. You have shown me that you are the one.

So I am choosing to bring you in.” “Chris what are you talking about.” By now

the wine glasses were down and our romantic scene had dissolved into a confused

one. “I am going to start talking and explaining” Chris said. “Once I start

please let me go through the whole thing and then I will finish and you will

understand. OK ? “ “OK princess” I offered reassuringly not having a clue of

what was about to happen. “I am not who you think I am. I mean I am Chris and

the same person that you have been with all this time. I am just a little

different. I am kind of a goddess of sorts. All of us are born and raised on

this world but then once we realize who we are we have to move on to our world.

But we do not go alone. We have to take someone with us. A soul mate. You are

mine. That is why I had to make sure if I had finally found you. I will take you

to this world myself in a way that you cannot understand and I cannot explain.

All I can say is that your life like as you understand it is about to really

change. The reason I need you to go there with me is because I will need some

things from you in my world. Out of the love we have you will provide me with

what I need for ever and you will get to experience things that you never

dreamed you could.” Chris paused and looked loving me at me. “Here is the

important part. This place I am talking about and who I am has very much to do

with astrology. I am a goddess of the Pisces order. And as you know the biggest

trait of Pisces women is that they love to have their feet worshiped. You as my

soul mate will be expected to slave at my feet for eternity.” At this point my

excitement was growing deeply and I already had a full erection. Chris's voice

was sexy and sultry and loving at the same time. I thought to myself that my

surprise was Chris playing out a fantasy and giving me exactly this rush that I

was feeling right now. She always was a willing participant in my foot lusting

fantasies and seemed to actually get into them even more than me sometimes. This

was going to turn out to be a real treat. After she acted out the fantasy, I

fully expected that it would end up in a passionate fit of soul bonding

lovemaking as it always did with her . “ Do you know that fantasy we have baby?

The one with you and my feet?” “ Yes I do” I reply. “Well, remember when I said

be careful of what you wish for because you might get it? Well you are about to

get it.” With that she leaned forward and planted the longest and sweetest kiss

that I had ever felt even from her. It felt weird as my body first had a series

of gentle shivers cascade down my back and all my limbs and covered me in

Goosebumps. Then if felt like I was filling up with a warm tingling sensation

that flooded my entire body. As strange as this sensation was, it felt

mesmerizingly good. So much so that I didn't realize that I was feeling

something totally supernatural. The tingle suddenly changed to pulsating throb

that jolted me back into reality. Terrified I look at Chris.

“Oh shit ! Chris, what is happening ! “ I yelled. “Shhhh, It's going to be

ok” Chris consoled me in a loving tone. I found myself feeling paralyzed and

suddenly could not move. I started to scream out in despair only to have Chris

cover my mouth gently with her pretty hand and repeat her assurance that it was

going to be OK. Suddenly unable to move or even breath, Chris moved her hand

away. The throbbing suddenly ceased, and was replaced by a curious sensation

that I had never felt before. I suddenly saw Chris's beautiful eyes light up

with eager delight and she giggled out loud . I felt strange and could not tell

what was happening, suddenly I realized as I starred at Chris's beautiful face

that it was growing. It got bigger and bigger at an alarmingly accelerating

rate. No wait. It wasn't getting bigger. I was getting smaller and smaller as

everything around me was growing! Finally the shrinking stopped with me barely

taller than two inches. And I finally could move. By this time Chris's beautiful

hand had already reached down and scooped up my tiny little body. As she held me

in the palm of her hand., giggling Chris asked “I bet you thought I was kidding

all those times we talked about this?” Referring to all the times we talked

about the mutual fantasy we had about her shrinking me and smothering under her

feet for eternity. “ Well guess what ! You wish is my command! “ With that Chris

gave me a little toss and I felt like I had been flung off an amusement park

ride. I landed On the ground and bounced a couple of times before coming to rest

on my side in front of the fire place were it was done with brick work instead

of the plush living room carpet for obvious fire retarding reasons. I lay

stunned and groggy, but was puzzled that I was still OK from a proportionate

fall that should have killed me instantly. “Don't worry, you will find that

there are a lot of things different now that what they used to be. “ A gleeful

Chris blurted out. I was shocked! I realized that she could read my thoughts. “

However I have been here long enough and I want to go to my world. I have no

problem getting myself there but you, we have to do something about. “ Chris

said with a mischievous smile. “Chris what have you done to me ! “ I cried,

knowing full well what was coming since this was obviously following our fantasy

very closely. “ I haven't done anything yet honey, but that is about to change!”

she said giggling and raising her beautiful right foot up and stepping forward.

“I love you baby!” Chris said between giggles as her pretty foot's hard smooth

sweaty sole splatted down on me muffling out my screams and pleads. The force

and pressure were indescribable in human words and thoughts. All my bones

crunched and shattered into pieces in a split second motion from feet to head. I

felt my ribs all snap and my sides split open to allow all my insides burst out

the fresh openings with a juicy pop while my flesh was simultaneously compressed

into jelly all in a split second. I felt the mush that used to be me squish and

squirt around trying to find a way to conform to the lines, valleys and spaces

of Chris's sexy right sole. It became obvious to me that Chris had only rested

her foot on me as the sensation of the pressure of her body weight, already

unbearable many times over, suddenly skyrocketed to hundreds of times more

intense as she deposited all her body weight on her right foot. Even though my

brain and nervous system were now jelly I was still fully aware of my body even

thought it felt very peculiar as mush. Three seconds into this and in

unexplainable agony over the pressure of Chris's body weight bearing down on me,

an incredible thing happened. An indescribably intense orgasm exploded through

me and my remains like a super nova that eclipsed the sensation of the pressure.

So intense was this orgasm that it felt like my whole soul had been ripped in

half just like a tear in the fabric of the universe by the orgasm. Slowly as the

orgasm ran its course and dropped off, I felt a numbing sleepy sensation, which

grew more and more consuming until finally, I was blacking out. I died under the

sole of Chris's bare foot.


I woke up suddenly and went from the dark oblivion after being snuffed out

under Chris's foot to wide awake awareness. Chris's very familiar giggling

flooding the space around me. I opened my eyes to stare at Chris's

overpoweringly beautiful face lit up in total elation. “Welcome home Hun ! “ She

happily welcomed me as I found myself still tiny as ever and lying in her palm

only inches from her face. Still panicked and very shaken by what I had just

experienced I quickly look myself over in disbelief and find myself in good as

new condition. “Oh don't worry baby, every time I have my way with you, you will

get a new body to replace the last one that I creamed ! It will still be you in

there though ! “ I couldn't believe what I was hearing. On top of what she had

said to me, she had read my thoughts “ HMMM HMM HMM I can hear all your thoughts

just like if you were talking out loud to me. “ Chris giggled. “It is one of

many little special things that I can do here. “ With that Chris turned her palm

over and sent me on a free fall from her hand as I screamed all the way down.

Hitting the cool hard polished marble floor I bounced off of it and came to a

rest facing down between both of her lovely feet. Astonished, I found myself

completely unhurt. “You can't get hurt by anything other than direct contact

with a woman's body here. You are impervious to everything else. But that will

be of little help as you will find me and my friends more than you could ever

hope to handle. “ Being unhurt and remembering how unexplainably unbearable the

experience of being squished by Chris was, I jumped up and broke into a full run

to get away from her. “How fun ! “ Chris exclaimed and she gently stepped

forward and smothered me with her lovely toes gently cupping me under them.

Fully expecting the unimaginable to happen again I braced for the crushing

force. Instead Chris lifted off her grasp of me. “ STRIKE ONE ! “ she happily

announced. Suddenly free, I broke forward running between her legs and behind

her. With a giggle Chris took one step back and cleanly met my full stride run

by gently resting her entire left foot over me. The pressure of this alone was

unbearable even though Chris was actually holding most of all her foot's weight

off of me. Once again fully expecting the worst I was surprised as the cool gush

of fresh air swooshed over me as Chris again released me. “STRIKE TWO ! I know

you do not need me to explain what will happen on strike three do you my little

bugger ? “ Chris happily laughed. It suddenly dawned on me that due to our

mismatches in size, I would need to take hundreds of steps to make up one of

Chris's. So I realized that at this size I had absolutely no hope of ever out

running her or out maneuvering her. In addition to that she would always know

what I was thinking of so I could never trick her either. A overwhelming sense

of dread started filing up my miniscule body. “ What's wrong baby?” Chris

giggled as she could not hold back her jeering and satisfied laugh at my

realization of the severity of my eternal predicament. “Please Chris ! Don't

squash me again ! “ I begged of her while crying. “ OK! That qualifies as your

third try to keep from getting squashed by me ! My answer is, Too bad! “ Chris

laughed out loud. “Oh by the way, that is strike three !” Chris triumphantly

declared following it with several delighted giggles. Chris lifted her gorgeous

left foot up and over me giving me a full look at its overpowering beauty as it

rolled over me in a graceful movement. With the drops of pre cum leaking out of

me as a result of my erotic anticipation of what was coming, Chris planted her

foot firmly down on me snuffing out my tiny screams with a soft crackling pop of

my body squishing under it. Like before the pressure and orgasm were brutally

unforgiving. It was obvious that every time Chris squashed me, I would feel the

same titanic pressure and soul ripping orgasm.

In a place that obviously had no time Chris spent what seemed like days doing

nothing but squashing me with her feet in every possible way that she could

think of. Like a little girl playing with her new toy, Chris mushed me under and

between her toes and also smashed under the balls of her feet, her insteps and

her heels. She also used her feet to mash me into the tops of her toes. Chris

always tried to have fun in everything she did and true to her nature she made a

game out of everything she did to me. Teasing and taunting me throughout the

whole time, Chris' naughtiness shown through as she carried out every dreadful

way she could think of squishing me under foot. She also added in any ideas that

she caught me worrying about by reading my mind some more.


“Please baby, at least give me a break! “ During one of these times I pleaded

with Chris in a broken up sentence and between agonized gasps as I lay on my

back, my body from the waist down lay ruined under her obnoxiously pretty right

big toe. Chris giggled happily “ Part of your worship of me is to endure

continuos punishment from me.” Chris said as she started to slowly twist her toe

back and forth on me causing my eyes to roll over and causing me to gasp and cry

out with my feeble tiny screams. Giggling some more in response to the pleasant

sound of my screams, Chris added, “You are gonna find that 98% of your waking

day will be spent enduring something or the other from me. Even if you are just

lying in my shoe with my foot in it while I have do something else besides have

fun with you. That is why you are given a brand new body every time I kill you.

Like that we can do this non stop for ever and ever. “ “Besides this is like our

honeymoon baby. “ Chris said in a very affectionate tone. “ I intend to enjoy

every second of it ! “ With that Chris gracefully rolled her beautiful toes over

me and in a spit second of unbearable pressure I felt myself crunching and

smushing up between her toes. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM” I hear Chris' pleasured

voice expressing how good this felt to her, filtering down between her toes to

my erotically agonized remains as I died mushed up between them.

This went on for what felt like forever with her squashing me underfoot and

bursting me between and under her toes. Finally Chris let up and did not send me

on my immediate trip to the ground. Instead she pulled me close to her mouth and

planted a huge sopping wet kiss on me. “You really enjoyed that didn't you

baby?” She amusedly said in an extremely affectionate voice. “Can't you tell! “

I stammered back. “I can't take it ! It's unbelievably impossible to withstand.”

“ I know it is. That is how it is supposed to be. But at the same time even

though you can't stand it, you are so turned on by it that you blow your cum

nine times out of ten even before my foot touches you.” She barks back. “It is

unbearable but you love it anyway.” “Chris I know that we always screwed around

about this when we talked about our fantasies and I swore that I wanted it to

happen but I had no idea it actually would!” I stammered . “ I also new there

would be no pain but the pressure, that crazy orgasm and all the other stuff I

feel it is impossible to take. Also the relentlessness of the punishment - I

cant take it! “ Chris breaks into a fit of laughter as she could mind read what

I was getting to. “ Please Chris take me back, I am begging you, this is

impossible for me! “ I pleaded. “ With an affectionate and sexy voice Chris

answered, “ You can't go back. Your body in that world is gone. I squished you

to death for real there. This is your afterlife. I wiped what was left of you

with a cleanex right off the sole of my foot. The only place you can exist now

is here in my world were you can have a unending supply of new bodies. Not only

are you here for good but there is no time or aging or nothing. So expect to

live like this for eternity.” “Oh my god” I started crying in her grip. Chris

giggled and reassured me in a very lovingly affectionate voice. “Now now. You

will be ok. This is just something that has to be from now on. I still love you

dearly and I can feel how you still love me the same. That will never change. It

is just that I need you to do this for me just like we needed to eat in out

other world. This was meant to be this way from the beginning of our lives. It

is were you belong. “ I was now sobbing in her hand. Chris gave me some more

affectionate smooches and the sensation of her lips and tongue encasing and

gently squeezing me with their sopping wet kiss instantly aroused me. I almost

instantly stopped crying. “ Hmm” Chris laughed. “That's better baby. There is so

much I can do to you that you would just enjoy. With that, Chris's lips parted

and as I sat in disbelief, she gently placed me right into her mouth and onto

her pink tongue. Almost immediately Chris began swishing and rolling me around

her mouth with her tongue, sucking gently on me all the time. Her mouth was hot,

steamy and sopping wet. The extremely familiar scent of her breath that I had

grown to love over the years completely surrounded me now. The sensation of

Chris's gently sucking, squeezing and massaging of my body with her tongue

against all the insides of her mouth was quickly working me up in excitement and

in a matter of a few more seconds, I could not hold back as she squeezed a

gushing orgasm right out of me and on to her tongue as I lay sandwiched between

it and the roof of her mouth. With it ended the ear splitting slurping and

smacking sounds as Chris's giggled in delighted satisfaction. Suddenly a sense

of dread hit me and she continued to giggle but now in a mischievous tone.

Chris's laughter intensified as she simultaneously read my thoughts and knew

that I had figured out what she was thinking. “ Oh god no Chris!!!!” I screamed

as her tongue violently shoved me far to the side of her mouth which had

momentarily parted and then with a horrific crunch, her perfect white molars

came down and mashed me between them. “ Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, munch,

munch, munch,” I both felt and heard Chris chew me up alive, apart from feeling

her chew me up the same orgasmic sensation that I felt when she squashed me ,

kicked in, peaking in intense waves with each chew. Suddenly there was a pause

and I felt her tongue squeezing the saliva loaded mass of mashed tissue that I

had become back deep in her mouth - forcing me far back and suddenly down. “My

god” I thought to myself, “ I am being swallowed.” I felt and heard the long

trip end with a gulp. Freshly in her tummy I could already feel as the orgasm

climaxed and then gradually died down as the sense of awareness quickly

dissipated. In a few more seconds I was dead.

I woke up again in Chris's palm. She was waiting for me to come to with a

grin on her gorgeous face. “ Oh I forgot to mention. When we get hungry, guess

what we eat? “ With this she broke into a fit of laughter and thrust me back

into her mouth. She repeated this over and over repeating her same behavior as

when stepping on me. Chris ate me alive in as many different creative ways as

she could come up with. She liked biting me in my midsection and letting me

struggle helplessly between her lips until she sucked me in and finished me off.

She also enjoyed starting with my legs and slowing nibbling up slowly until I

vanished past her lips. However her favorite without a doubt was to simply plop

me in and chew me right up. Finally after piling up just about three dozens of

my bodies in her tummy she stopped. “Ok hun, you taste very yummy. However I

have had enough of you for now and we have to go. We have really taken a while

and there are some friends that I really want to see that I haven't seen in a

long time !.” “ Thank God I am getting a break ! “ I yelled out in a relieved

breath. “Oh you think so huh?” Chris laughed back as she scanned the floor. “AH

HA !” she exclaimed and reached over to the corner and retrieved one of her

slightly worn white leather flats. “ You forgot how this works!” She smiled at

me. “Oh shit ! No Chris ! “ I swore as she dumped me into her left flat and

dropped it back on the ground. I had little time to absorb the experience of

seeing myself inside her favorite pair of shoes as her obnoxiously beautiful

toes almost immediately began stuffing into its open end. “ Time to go for a

walk I heard Chris happily exclaim just before her foot sealed out all external

sight and sound with a crunching “Ssshhhwooommpff! “ I felt everything in me

crunch as I completely flattened out under her step. But peculiarly I did not

feel myself pop like usual. “Of course, I should have known.” I thought to

myself. “ To fully experience this I would have to keep together somewhat so

that I could get the full effect of being in her shoe for the entire time I was

in there. Chris obviously had thought of this too and had a hand in doing

something to me to make it happened this way. As Chris read my thought way above

me, she acknowledged her delight at my figuring this out by shifting all her

weight on her left foot and arched it so as to concentrate every last ounce of

her body weight down on me and held this stance for what seemed like an

eternity. I honestly thought for sure I had burst under her step as the pressure

and erotic agony were as intense as ever or maybe even worse. But then suddenly

the pressure was heaved off of me to the peculiar amusement park ride sensation

of raising up very quickly and suddenly reversing right back down. All of this

stopped with a jolting thunderous crash of pressure. It lingered as Chris kept

this particular step down longer so as to smash in the fresh new experience into

me. Suddenly to my great relief the pressure instantaneously lifted off and the

raise and fall repeated itself. Again the murderous crushing smash hit violently

but this time raised quickly off. Steadily this repeated itself with colossal

brutality. Smashing blow after smashing blow with out stop or hesitation.

Whenever there was a break in the rhythm Chris made sure all her weight was down

on me. For hours this unearthly punishment went on non stop. I had endured much

punishment in my growing time here but as the hours went by this became without

question the most merciless brutality that I had endured yet . Along with the

brutal pressure, each of her steps carried a momentary spike of the same

intolerable orgasmic sensation as long as her weight was on me. After about half

an hour her foot was very hot and the sweat had completely saturated me along

with the rest of her inner shoe. The soft fragrant smell of her foot had quickly

grown to an overpowering and intoxicating odor. The odor seemed to be sucked

involuntarily into me when my body relaxed as the pressure dropped every time

she raised her foot and then out again as the pressure returned and squeezed it

all back out. She sweat and smell of Chris's foot became so concentrated that it

turned into overpowering taste in my mouth, throat, lungs and everything as it

seemed to leave a little bit behind each time it traveled in and out of me.

Finally after a particularly compressing long pause I felt the unbearable weight

lift off of me in a slightly different way. With a swoosh of chilly cool fresh

air and blinding light, Chris pulled her foot out of her shoe. I felt movement

of the shoe being lifted and shook around. I didn't realize I was in a free fall

until I numbly hit the ground face down. I heard a hysterical outbreak of female

laughter, of which one was clearly Chris's voice. “Man Chris, You really messed

him up. How long has he been in there?” I heard a beautiful but clearly unknown

voice ask. “ Oh I wanted to see some places on the way so I took the long route.

I know it was probably pretty hard on him but I didn't mind. “ Chris said as all

those present obviously found the double meaning of the line very funny in light

of what I had endured. “Let me introduce you to him. “ Hey sweetie, look up.” I

heard Chris' angelic voice chime out lovingly. I let out a larthargic gasp as

Chris rolled me over onto my back with a nudge of her pretty toe. “ He's not

going to answer . His insides are mush and his senses are scrambled from the

pounding.” Another different sexy female voice joined in. “ You are gonna have

to finish him off first and then we can start to have fun with him.” still

another sexy unknown voice added. “ You're right! “ I heard Chris's beautiful

voice add in. I heard series of small giggles as a dark shadow rolled over my

very blurred vision and could feel the heat and humidity radiating off of Chris'

still fresh out of the shoe foot. It pressed down on me in its familiar

sensation but this time my body let out only a soft splurch as there was little

left for Chris to smash in me. Peculiarly, this final release of my body giving

in under her foot felt extremely relieving and actually pleasant after the hours

of pounding in her shoe. I died very quickly barely noticing the sensation of

her grinding my remains back and forth under her sole.

“Hi baby.” Chris's beautiful voice welcomed me back into crystal clear

reality. “How did you enjoy our walk?” I craned my neck around and saw four new

beautiful faces looking happily at me in Chris's beautiful grip. “Oh no Who are

they?” I barked out sparking a shower of amused laughter. “This is Pam,

Michelle, Tina and Kelly. They are all girls who had to make their trip here

without a soul mate. So they are very eager to meet you. They are also all my

friends. I love company so expect to see them and many others quite a bit.”

Chris answered. “In fact, I think I will let them introduce themselves to you.

Chris said as she tossed me down to their feet which they already had completely

bared in full expectation. For a second I lay their in shear erotic awe as I

first sat in awe of being surrounded by dreamily beautiful female feet and then

by their equally gorgeous gigantic owners towering over me. “Hi! I am Tina. “

Said the one directly over me. She looked exactly like a Selma Hyek clone down

to the long dark brown hair and beautiful bright red polished toenails. “Pleased

to meet you,” she said sarcastically as her right beautiful foot raised and

glided gracefully over me. “We are all going to be really good buddies!' She

said to me as it started the now quite familiar decent down on to me. Once again

my cum was shooting out of me in anticipation a full few second before the

impact of her step both snuffed out my screams and sealed out the laughter of

all the girls with a single rich squish.



“Thank you baby.” Chris's angelic voice chimed with it's familiar, pretty but

deafening tone. I lay naked in the palm of her pretty hand only inches from her

mouth completely awash from the waves her warm humid breath that accompanied

each word that she spoke. “I feel much better now. Especially after all those

fun and games today.” Chris said obviously making reference to having just

finished gorging herself on dozens of my little bodies after having worked up an

appetite with the day's activities. It wasn't until I felt Chris close her hand

around me clenching me in her dainty little fist that I was finally sure that I

wasn't heading for another violent mashing between her molars on my way down to

digestion central. If she had that in mind I would be pinched between her thumb

and forefinger right now about to ride them into her mouth. Chris sighed a

satisfied sigh and reclined back on her couch and held me up to her face looking

at me affectionately. “Well sweetie, looks like my friends approve of you.”

Chris giggled at her own joke regarding having met her friends and being put

through 5 hours of satisfying each of their individual fancies. “Am I going to

live long enough here to hold a conversation with you Chris?” I stammered in a

defeated tone to her. “Hmmmmm, maybe” Chris giggled her mischievous laugh and

gave me a playfully threatening look. A terrified streak of dread ran through

me, as I believed that I had stumbled into enticing her into doing something to

me again. Chris laughed a delighted laugh as my thoughts registered. I felt an

embarrassed and humiliated feeling quickly replace it as I realized that Chris

had again read my thoughts. “Don't worry sweetie. I'm just relaxing now. You can

worry about that later. “ She promised me. “That's great Chris. JUST GREAT!” I

barked out in a helplessly frustrated tone causing her to smile again. “Just how

much of what I am thinking can you sense?” I asked. “I hear each and everyone

one of your thoughts as if you were speaking them out loud. I also sense your

emotions. I can for example feel your fear of me along with how badly you are

getting turned on with me just holding you here.” I blushed, embarrassed as I

realized that she had known from the beginning that even though all these

actions were as dreadfully horrific as they had been, I still could not help but

being put through erotic overload by all of them too. “Yes hun. I knew you were

creaming yourself each time my foot smashed down on you or as I munched away on

you. Don't feel bad. That part is all your doing.” Chris purred affectionately.

“ “NOOO” I angrily yelled at her. It's not like that! I know that is also more

of your hocus pocus shit that you did to make it that way!!! “Now be careful.

Don't yell at someone that's bigger than you!” she barked at me sternly. Again,

the dread shot through me as I realized my mistake. “Ok that is better. You are

learning.” Chris said triumphantly. “Look, I am responsible for a lot how things

work here, but the part about you getting turned on by getting squashed or eaten

by me or any girl is coming completely from you. That was always in you even

before you met me. That is because you always were one of us. I am one of the

females from here and you happen to be one of the males. That is one of the

reasons why we were so attracted to each other in the other world.. “No Chris…

NO. That is not true.” I stammered starting to cry again. Suddenly I feel the

pressure starting to increase causing several pops and crackles throughout me as

my annoyed girlfriend tightened her grip around me. I let out a gasp as she

forced the air out of my lungs and she brought me up to her face. “I told you

that you are never to raise your voice at me! Do that again and I am going to

stomp on you.” Chris menacingly growled with her super sexy stern look on her

face. Getting stomped on I found out to be the most horrible thing I could

endure in this world. Somehow adding all that extra force and momentum when she

stomped on me multiplied the unbearable sensations of pressure and orgasm that

were already unearthly many times over. Hence having to endure this was a

horrific punishment and a supreme deterrent. “ Oh jeez baby! Please no! Not

that! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” I squealed pitifully with what air I could muster

in her clutch. “I am not going to tell you again”, she said in a softer tone as

the stern look eased away off her face along with the pressure of her fist. “ I

am feeling lazy otherwise I would just have let you have it. So be prepared for

hell if you make me get up out of my seat mister!” Chris opened her palm and I

collapsed onto it and gasped for breath. Chris waited until the color returned

to normal on me before beginning again. “Look at me.” Her voice affectionately

implored. I looked up at her beautiful face, which showed a touch of hurt. Hun

those feelings are all in you. You are naturally attracted to my feet my mouth

and everything. Being so tiny and helpless in my hand naturally turns you on.

Believe it or not hidden inside the dread that you feel about all those things

is an intense burning desire to have all those things done to you. You run

because you are not able to stand the way it feels but even as you try to as

hard as you can to get away you still feel a rich sense of erotic gratification

each time I do those things to you. It is also OK for you to run scream and

resist. Humiliation, helplessness, vulnerability and fear are very arousing to

some people too and believe me you are no exception. Your emotions have been

loaded with them as I have sucked them up each time. It is very gratifying for

me to make you feel all those things. It is most gratifying for me to feel how I

am forcing you to endure such erotic agony. All of us women here crave to

consume those feelings along with feelings of arousal from our soul mate. You

provide me with that sweetie.” Finally working up the nerve to speak I say, “

Chris it is just too overwhelming. You know I would do anything for you but I

can't help myself. I can't take it. I do love you. As crazy as it is, yes I am

going nuts when you are doing these things to me. BUT I CAN'T TAKE HOW IT

FEELS.” I weep in her palm. “That's OK” Chris answers. I will take care of that

part. If you haven't already figured it out, it is physically impossible for you

to get away from me or stop me from doing anything I want to you. So whether you

participate willingly or not, makes no difference. Also, as you found out the

hard way, I have ways of persuading you into doing what I want you to anyway!”

Chris said with a mischievous giggle. “Yeah, sure - you'll stomp on me. Great!”

I blurted out in a defeated and exasperated tone drawing yet another satisfied

giggle from Chris's sexy lips. As I sat legs crossed on Chris's palm and

realized that I was in a really bad situation I momentarily forgot about her

ability to read my thoughts and thought to myself. There has got to be a way to

get away from her and this place. Chris smiled to herself amused. “Tell you what

sweetie. We are going to play a game. It is called - Hide Go Crunch -.” Chris

said in a playful voice. “Oh no Chris what the hell is that?” I asked. “It's a

game. A learning game sweetie and you will participate or else!” she happily

barked back at me. “What's the game?” I ask fearfully. “Glad you asked! Here is

the part that you are going to like. I am gonna put you down and let you go. I

am going to count from 1 to 1000. You can run, hide and do your best to escape

from me. That's the hide part of the game. Then comes my favorite. After I reach

a thousand, I am gonna look for you and when I find you - … you GO CRUNCH!” “Oh

shit no Chris, please no! No more. I begged as she giggled and placed me on the

floor. “ GO ON!” She happily encouraged with her musically beautiful voice. I

sat in shock on the floor as Chris's beautiful face sat beaming happily down at

me. It felt weird not being held or trapped in some way shape or form. Still I

was reluctant to participate in anything that would lead to more squashing.

Suddenly with a shudder of tremors and noise I saw Chris's outrageously

beautiful calves and lower thighs swing with a beautiful display of gracefulness

over me a split second before both of her feminine, sexy and slender feet

slammed onto the floor a few inches from me with enough force to send me flying

several inches ( several yards for me ) from them. I recovered and sprang up

horrified and wheeled around to see what was coming next from Chris who now was

sitting forward in full view and in a fit of delighted laughter did not move

from her spot on the couch. The shock and terror of her sudden action plus a

sudden realization of my desire to escape took full grip of me and I tore away

running as fast as I could. “Oh god you look so cute running!” I heard Chris

gasp in-between her thrilled laughter. I ran through the plush carpet of her

living room tripping and falling several times as I got tangled in its thick

knee deep chords of pile causing her to laugh even harder. I saw the doorway of

the dinning room and broke for it's easier to negotiate tiled floor. I

deliberately turned the corner to get out of her sight once through the doorway.

At this point Chris began to count though her giggles in a exaggerated and silly

tone. I though to myself, “I can't believe how cocky she is! She didn't even

bother to start to count until I made it out of the living room! “ “ I heard

that!” I heard her say in an artificially offended voice that was loaded with

her sarcastically silly tone and she started counting again over from one to

further drive the point home. Aggravated and insulted I turned the corner and

ran out of her sight. I ran to the middle of the floor and looked for an escape.

“ Dammit!” I swore to my self as I could not find a vent or grate or any kind of

small holes anywhere. I noticed as I had been in the living room with Chris and

as I ran into the kitchen that it was definitely a very expensive house very

lavishly furnished, much more so than the houses of Chris's friends. But even

so, it was very carefully made and furnished with no cracks crevices any where

that would allow a tiny guy to hide in I saw a door way on the other side of the

kitchen and I ran what seemed like forever to get to it. When I got there my

heart sank as I saw Chris's beaming face staring at me happily and counting. “

Shit, the door leads back into the same room.” I wheeled around and looked at

the other door that had to lead out of the kitchen with dread and to her musical

giggles between numbers. It was all the way to the other side of the kitchen and

my legs were already screaming with fatigue. Chris had done wonders to my

replacement bodies as they were identical to that of an Olympic athlete. However

I had run the equivalent of dozens on top of dozens of football fields and I was

almost out of gas. Then I knew I would never make it as Chris was breaking 800.

Suddenly something caught my eye. An electrical cord mustering up a second wind

I shimmied my way all the way up the chord and onto the counter. “One thousand”!

Chris gleefully yelled out. Tha-thump! Thud, thud thud, thud, I heard her

footsteps closing in I scurried under the blender on her counter which had a

space underneath it courtesy of the four rubber protectors built into its base

as Chris waltzed happily into the room. “HMMM! Were could my little sweetie be!

“ Chris's beautiful voice chimed out in an affectionate tone. “Not on the floor

I see!” After a few more barefooted thuds again I heard her beautiful voice

thunder much more closely “Not in the sink! “ Thud, thud, thud, my heart started

to settle as she was clearly getting further now. “Hmmmm, maybe he is not in the

kitchen anymore!” Suddenly I could see her as she strolled into view in the far

doorway. “Ha!” I thought to myself. I can fool you and I am going to get away

from you too!” Suddenly right as she was about to step out the room Chris

stopped right in the doorway and spun around and looked right at were I was

hiding. “I bet I know were you are! The door was too far away for you so you

climbed up the cord and are hiding under the blender!” Chris sarcastically

blurted out and ended it with one of her groin tickling girlish laughs. A

shudder ran down my back and my stomachs bottomed out as Chris thudded her way

to were I was hiding in about four steps. Whoosh! Just like that the blender

rocketed up off of me in Chris's grip. Standing up and falling on my back as I

stumbled backpedaling, Chris broke into an amused and triumphant laughter. “Did

you think you could hide from me? How are you going to ever hide from someone

who knows exactly what you are seeing and doing as you do it? “ Chris laughed

and reached her super sexy hand our to catch me. Before I could even react her

sexy fingers were laying me flat under their crushing force and her thumb slid

under me and locked me in her grip. Dejected, defeated, humiliated and totally

broken I almost lost my load in a erotic submission orgasm right in her grip.

“Now my tiny love, I hope you have learned your lesson.” her sexy face beamed at

me in triumph. Suddenly I was in a free fall and came to a violent and bouncing

thud on the familiar tile of the kitchen. Like déjà vu I stood and made the

familiar break away from the beautiful two towers of Chris's sinfully curvy legs

over me. The warm radiating humidity, the familiar scent and the darkening

shadow were the only warning I got a split second before Chris's sole flattened

me to the floor in mid stride with crushing pressure. But to my surprise, the

crushing pressure and feel of the soft smooth grain and the warm flesh of her

sole against the skin of my back were gone. Standing up in panic and

embarrassment as I realized I was trembling in mid orgasm I looked up at the

awesome site of my giantess princess torn in a delighted laughter at my

accidental response to her teasing. Still in the throes of my orgasm I stumbled

to escape as best as I could for my condition only to feel the exact same

smothering press flatten me again. Over and over this went on for a few minutes

as Chris laughed at my miserable attempts to escape her. Finally totally

exhausted and battered from the repeated plasterings to the floor by Chris's

foot I gave up and laid there waiting for the inevitable, crying in total

despair and defeat. “Now I looked at me1” Chris's voice called down to me in a

playful way. I looked up. Even now in this state of complete and total

humiliation I could not control my body's reaction to the beauty of Chris's

intoxicating body and I instantly was fully erect again. “Now listen my little

bugger. I am going to smash you now. But this one is a going to be a special

squishing for you. As I smash you flat, I will also smash your spirit down to

the last bit too. You now know you will never get away from me any just like you

can't stop my foot from smashing you into goo. “ With a gentle nudge Chris's big

right toe tumbled me flat and onto my back coming within a fraction of causing

me to loose my load again. “Look at my sole as it comes down for you my love.

Get used to it as you will be seeing it for ever and ever” Chris giggled happily

and raised her super sexy right foot over me as I whimpered and cried in total

bankrupted dignity. “Now it is time for you to go crunch like a good little

sport Chris giggled as her perfect toes rolled over and past me. As the shadow

of her foot darkened my view the sexy curves of the balls of her foot closed in

over and down onto me. Chris's lovely giggles were snuffed out to the very

familiar scruffy sound of her sole's skin making contact with the floor around

me. Even in total darkness I could make out every line of the grain of Chris's

sole as its warm steamy flesh pressed down onto me with growing force. In a

sequence of events that took less than three seconds to transpire, I first felt

my body conform to all of details of her sexy sole. Still the unyielding

pressure came down on me even more causing my legs to pop and snap in multiple

places sending bolts of erotic agony though my doomed body. My ribs that had all

been bending in onto themselves along with my spine began their familiar

symphony of snap, crackle and pops as they gave. My pelvis, arms, skull and all

remaining large bone structures shattered with a crunch. I felt my hide begin

its peculiar stretching sensation as it stressed to hold it's shattered contents

together. Still more and more pressure came down on me. With a horrible ripping

sensation my legs and arms gave way first a split seconds before I felt Chris's

body weight squeeze my insides right out a full length split down my right side

with a noisy and juicy pop. I felt the secondary series of crunches of the micro

splintering of the remnants of my skeleton and the peculiar squelch of my flesh

and tissues compressing into jelly as Chris relaxed the remaining 95f her

delicious body weight onto her foot. Like a supernova, the orgasm exploded

through me like a tear in the fabric of the universe. I could feel Chris

grinding her sole back and forth on me squeezing out of me every ounce of erotic

agony that she could get. As the orgasm waned the familiar numbing sense of

oblivion rolled in replacing all of the previous sensations. A few seconds later

I expired under her sole.


Chris happily squished me a few more times under her left feet and then

squeezed me until I popped between her big and second toe. This she did in

response to a fleeting thought of mine of how outrageously pretty her toes were.

Finally after dinner…. Chris seemed to start to unwind. “Ok hun, I have a

surprise for you”. Chris said with a naughty look on her face. “ There is

something else you need to take care of for me.” I instantly recognized that

silly look on her face. It was a look I had become very familiar with long

before she turned me into her soul mate. “Chris, baby please. Not that too.” I

whimpered knowing what was coming. “Come on baby. How else did you think we

would take care of this? “ Chris said as she undid her shorts and pulled them

down. “You will be OK. Look I have already made things better for this.” She was

right I hadn't even realized it but I had grown to about 8” in height. I also

made your endurance a little better as you are gonna need it. Chris carefully

positioned herself and placed me on right were her thigh met her crotch.

Giggling Chris smiled waiting. “Ok baby, you know what my favorite is.” she

giggled. Still afraid I made a very hesitant attempt to crawl my way over to her

steaming opening. Chris met this with a disappointed look. “OK little man are we

going to have to handle this exactly the same way as.. “ That is exactly all I

heard as I new that I had exactly a few seconds before I was in deep trouble and

I made sure I had my face buried deep in her creamy lips before she could

finish. I felt a sudden jolt and then several tremors and she shivered in

sensual delighted response to my touch. Chris always was very clean and smelled

delicious down there. That had not changed. At first I shoved and worked myself

into her opening the best that I could to try to please her. Chris obviously

approved as she met my actions with increasing thrashing and squirming. As this

progressed I actually started to find the warm, wet soft folds of skin and the

fragrantly loaded massaged very pleasant. Without even realizing it I found

myself in an erotic state that I had not felt since before I entered this world.

Soon I was thrashing madly and violently into the mass of Chris's womanhood. I

felt her fingers roughly pressing into my back with her approval as it felt that

she was rocking the room with her violent thrashing. Through the sloppy wet

sounds of our lovemaking I could hear her making it very audibly clear that she

was enjoying this very much. I suddenly realized what that huge mound of

particularly soft flesh was just above my face and I wrapped my arms around it

and took as much of it and I could into my mouth. Chris let out a gasp of

approval as I squeezed and rubbed my arms as hard as I could on her clitoris.

“Oh shit baby that's awesome!” I heard Chris crying out in burning passion. I

used my legs to join in on the massage . “OHHHHHHH BABY ” I heard Chris thunder

in her titaness voice in reaction. Immediately after that I felt her wrap her

fingers around me and in one shove, she plowed me in head first into her body.

Madly and franticly I was shoved in and out over and over. Totally out of

control I felt as if I were drowning in her juices. But I seemed to be

tolerating the violent thrashing in and out of Chris I was also not drowning

inside her. Chris had obviously changed things around again so that this would

work. Suddenly the thrusting became faster and more violent that ever before. I

knew was coming as I felt the walls of flesh contracting and letting go in

response to the building tension. Suddenly, just like old lovers, I felt the

familiar final thrusts and knew she was close. Three more thrusts later came the

crushing sensation of the surrounding walls of flesh squeezing in one huge long

fifteen second squeeze followed by a series of smaller squeezes. A sudden gush

of female sensual fluid hit me like a wave. I had made Chris come. Chris gave me

one good more squeeze and I couldn't hold it myself any longer. In a trembling,

quaking fit, I came myself deep inside of Chris and collapsed exhausted. I

realized, as I lay inside of Chris who had stopped moving that I was no longer

alone inside of her, Chris had gently worked one of her fingers inside along

with me. She was gently caressing my back. A few seconds later I passed out



I lay next to Chris who was now asleep purring her familiar purr. She looked

as beautiful as ever. I loved her very much. I looked at that line that was

fastened to her wrist on one end and to my ankle on the other. Chris fastened it

there to make sure I did not run away from her while she was asleep. I

remembered how I had tried to run away from her earlier in the day. For a moment

I wondered, if that line was not there, could I run away from her? I was getting

sleepy. Chris mentioned something to me about work for tomorrow. I wondered what

that could possibly entail in this world. I knew however that it would probably

be a long day.

I woke up dreamily. I could still hear the soft pleasant purring of Chris's

breathing as I raised and fell semi sandwiched between her two beautiful D

cupped boobs. That and the entrancing “thugh-thump, thugh-thump, thugh-thump of

her athletically slow heart beat had lulled me into a deep and peaceful sleep

last night. “God she is beautiful!” I thought to myself as I scanned the lovely

landscape of her body from my vantage point. After last nights play, she had

picked me up and wedged me between her boobs and laid her sexy female hand over

me.. Even though she occasionally stirred she had stayed exactly in this

position the whole night. My ankle still was fastened to her wrist by about a

foots length of string. I thought to myself if I could get away, would I even do

it? . I stared again at her lovely face and slowly cast my gaze down her awesome

body. I loved her as much as ever. Even in light of the eternal future that I

faced at her hands, I couldn't bear the thought of not being with her. In a

sense, I found a deep sense of gratification in knowing that I now truly

belonged to her and was giving her these things that she needed to have. By now

my gaze had rolled down her legs and were firmly locked on her orgasmicly pretty

feet. Soon my princess would be waking up and it would only be a matter of a

short while before I would begin another day of non stop erotic agony under

them. I started to feel my groin stirring realizing that I was actually

beginning to feel the unthinkable. As horribly unbearable as being squashed

under her feet was, I was actually beginning to crave experiencing that.

Suddenly in a mix of sound and movement, Chris's sexy hand slid down off of me

and came to a stop with the tip of her index finger resting firmly on my

throbbing erection. Startled by the sudden movement, I spun my head and locked

eye to eye with my wide awake princess.. “You are up!” I blurted out in

surprise. “No I think you are the one that is up” Chris giggled gently and very

firmly rubbed my enraged member with the tip of her finger. Chris had a

different look on her face. She had a very, very happy look on it.. “ I thought

you were still asleep baby.” I nervously answered the best I could under the

heavy but actually very pleasant pressure of her fingertip. “I was. But your

thoughts woke me up. You know I can hear everything you think as if someone were

talking to me.” Chris answered. “And I heard what you said.” Chris purred with

her angelic voice taking on an additional degree of affection. “You are bad. You

were not supposed to hear that.” I answered her back as her eyes shone with that

deeply happy look of hers. “You like the way that feels huh?” Chris naughtily

smirked stroking an extra stroke between the rhythmic back and forth passes of

her fingertip. “I think you know the answer to that already. It is not like I

can lie to you anyway.” I answered generating a giggle from her. “No, you

can't.” Chris answered in a cute pout.. “Lay back and relax baby” Chris said in

a very sexy voice and she pick up both the pace and pressure of her strokes.

Within a few minutes I was thrashing wildly under her finger , groaning and

crying out to Chris as if we were making love together. Chris did not slow down

and instead picked up the pace and force even more. I looked at her lovely

finger covering almost all of my body and her perfectly glamorous ruby red

fingernail rolling up past my face and scraping down it and the rest of my body.

Suddenly, just a hair away from climax, her finger stopped and pressed down more

firmly than ever and almost too much. That did it. I exploded in a violent

withering orgasmic fit. As I threw my head back in the throes of ecstasy, I

caught Chris's eyes locked on me with the same deep happiness in them from

before. I kept my eyes lock on her smiling face as I screamed out my impassioned

words and cries of pleasure. I then collapsed and passed out, totally spent to

musical sound of her pleased giggles.

The sensation of Chris's fingers wrapping around and plucking me out from

between her boobs woke me up. “Wake up sweetie!” I let you sleep a little for

being so good this morning but it is time for you to get ready for work!” “

Work? What do you mean work?” I barked up to her with what air I could muster

out of me under the pressure of her slender fist. “You have to work for me Hun.

We have bills to pay. You didn't think that this huge house and everything in it

is for free did you? There is also a lot of other things I want to get too.”

Chris matter of factly answered as she made her way through to her bathroom. “

Thought you had gotten all this stuff yourself!” I blurted out. “ I did. I just

haven't paid for it yet. But I knew I had you so I bought it on credit.” She

answered. “I guess you do not work then.” I asked. “ Me work? Hell no. That is

what you are here for. Besides you will bring in much more money at your job in

one week than I could bring in a month anyway.” I remembered Chris's girlfriends

houses and apartments that we had visited and none was even as nice or as well

furnished as hers. “Wait a minute this doesn't have anything to do with the fact

that they do not have their own soulmates does it?” I barked as a sense of dread

hit me. “Listen we will talk about it a little latter” Chris said with a giggle

just before she tossed my tiny body into the shower stall. With a thud and

tumble I came to rest on the

Giantess Stories: For Ever And Ever By Kerrrunch

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