Giantess Stories: FOR PRACTAL REASONS ONLY  Martha felt bloated

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Martha felt bloated.  It felt like her insides had solidified. She

sat on the toilet in the dormitory bathroom, staring down into her

immense cleavage.  Her nipples were hard, pressing out against her

cotton sweater.  It  was the third time today she'd tried to take a

dump.  She hadn't taken a shit since Monday, two days ago.  Even

though she felt sick with constipation, the cool air against her

spread crack turned her on.

 I'm sick, she thought.  In more ways than one.

 Sighing, she stood up, pulled up her skirt and panties, and pushed

out of the stall.  She checked herself in the bathroom mirror. She

brushed her blonde hair from her forehead, and eyed the front of her

sweater, making sure she calmed down before she went to see Rhodella,

her Resident Advisor.  If Rhodella saw she was excited, she wouldn't

help Martha a bit.  Martha made a funny face in the mirror, and

mocked Rhodella's voice, "For practical uses only, Martha." 

She took a deep breath and left the bathroom.  She walked down the

hall, past her room, to Rhodella's Number 10. 

She knocked on the door, nervous, afraid she's get upbraided again

for being frivolous.  The door opened and her RA stared down at her

disapprovingly.  Rhodella was a beautiful black girl, 21, six inches

taller than  Martha.  For a moment, Martha felt superior to Rhodella

because of how much more buxom she was.  But she glanced at

Rhodella's long tapered legs and rounded thighs.  Rhodella pursed her

thick lips.

 "What do you want?" she asked.

 "You have to help me today, Rhodella," Martha said

defiantly.  "I'm still constipated."

 Rhodella eyed her critically for a moment and her face softened.

She touched Martha's cheek.  "You do look pale. Alright, come

in."  Rhodella swung the door open and Martha stepped in the

dormroom.  It was the same size as Martha's, tiny, but the RA didn't

have to share it with a roommate.  Rhodella turned around and walked

to her desk.  The chair was pushed under it.

 Martha found herself, as usual, humbled by Rhodella's huge butt.  It

swished back and forth beneath her skirt like half the earth.

Rhodella turned to face her.  She grabbed the handle on the top right

drawer of her desk.  Her face turned serious.  "You know,

Martha.  I'm not giving you something to play with."

 "I know, I know, for practical--"

 "Uses only," Rhodella finished.  She nodded and opened the

drawer.  Immediately Martha could hear their tiny screams.  Martha

felt her heart quicken.  She stared down greedily into the drawer.

Hundreds of 1 inch tall naked men waved their

hands and clamored please to the titan women staring down at them.

Rhodella had them partitioned from each other in groups of two.

Martha felt herself  getting moist.  She reached out for one, but

Rhodella slapped her hand away.

 "Can't I pick one?" she begged.

 "Why do you need to pick one?"

 Martha was silent.

 Rhodella carefully pulled one out, and Martha was silently

exhilirated by the random choice. 

He was darkly tanned, but Martha couldn't make out any of his tiny

features.  He struggled between Rhodella's slender thumb and

forefinger.  Rhodella held him to her eyes, then dropped him into

Martha's awaiting palm.  The tiny man fell on his back, staring up at

her in horror. Martha grinned.

"It's late," Rhodella said, gesturing to her computer.

"I have to finish a paper."

 "Sure.  Thanks."

 Rhodella nodded, she seemed incredibly anxious for Martha to leave.

But just as Martha began to go, Rhodella pulled the chair out from

under her desk.  Martha gasped in disbelief.  The chair was wooden,

and the central portion was raised about a quarter of an inch, with

sloping sides. On the top of that portion was glued several strips

of red silk, an inch high.  A pale, tiny white man was glued to the

silk, face up. His miniscule mouth opened in screams when Rhodella

pulled the chair out.

 Rhodella raised an eyebrow at Martha's gasp.

 "What's your problem?" Rhodella asked.

 With her free hand Martha pointed at the struggling man.

"What're you doing with him?"

 Rhodella reached behind her, pulling up the back of her pleated

skirt and tucking it up under her waistband.

 She nonchalantly stepped around the front of the chair, her bare

asscheeks towering above the tiny man. He began to scream louder,

and the red silk was slightly moving from his futile struggle.

Martha stared in envy at Rhodella's round black ass.  Rhodella paid

no attention to the inch high man glued to her chair.

 "It's very practical, Martha," Rhodella said, still

standing.  "I've had terrible diarrhea for the past couple days,

and my ass is terribly sore from wiping so much.  You wouldn't

believe how soothing it is to have this itty-bitty white-boy scream

into my ass.  It feels wonderful.  When I sit down, his whole body is

shoved right up my butthole.  Nothing feels better."

 Rhodella pointedly sniffed the air.  "It doesn't smell like ass

in here, does it?"

 "No," Martha said slowly.

 "It should.  I've been farting all day."  Rhodella pointed

at the terrified man behind her, and finally looked at him.  She

glanced at the man in Martha's hand, then winked at her.  "He

just soaks all the stink up."  She grinned wickedly at the

prisoner in her chair, and said to Martha, "Though I have to

admit,, it's hard to concentrate on my paper." 

With that, Rhodella bent her knees, then grasped each of her enormous

asscheeks in either hand and pulled them apart, revealing her deep

asscrack.  Sighing, Rhodella slowly sunk down into the chair, and

Martha stood enthralled as the tiny white man shrieked louder than

was possible for his size.  Rhodella's huge buttcheeks lowered to his

either side,  swallowing him and his screams as they smooshed against

the seat of the chair. Rhodella wiggled around a bit and giggled,


 She looked around at Martha, and her deep brown eyes were

half-lidded.  "Don't yoo dare have any fun with what I gave


 Martha smiled, and dropped her human suppository into her cleavage.

He squirmed deliciously against the sensitive skin of her tits.  As

she let herself out, Rhodella released a long, wet fart that lasted

several moments.

 Rhodella said, "Only when I fart, he stops screaming for


The door shut behind Martha, but she could hear Rhodella's quick

breathing and the chair scraping against the floor as the black

bucked her ass back and forth on the chair.


Giantess Stories: FOR PRACTAL REASONS ONLY  Martha felt bloated

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