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Foreign Exchange



~Authors Note: Since very few of us on the board speak Japanese. When one of the

Japanese characters is speaking the main character will not understand them

unless stated otherwise. ~

I woke to my mom yelling my name. I rolled over and looked at my clock. I

sighed at first then slowly it all came back to me. Today was the day. Today I

was leaving home for an entire year. No more mom, no more dad, no more annoying

sister who thinks she knows everything. I leapt out of bed and threw some

clothes on. As I ran down the stairs I saw my family waiting for me.

Surprisingly even my sister decided to make and appearance and wish me well on

my trip. We said our goodbyes and then I threw my luggage in the back of my car

and headed towards the airport. As I was driving to the airport I was starting

to get second thoughts. I mean the only reason why I got picked was because my

dad practically owns this town. I don't know one lick of Japansese but how hard

can it be. Just shrugging it off as paranoia I parked my car in the long term

parking area of the airport. I grabbed my luggage and backpack and walked

towards the airport. I sighed nervously as I told the attendent my name and she

handed me my ticket. Everything seemed to be happening in a blur as I walked

towards my plane I put my carrion's on the conveyor strip and walked through the

metal detector. The moment I stepped through the alarms went off. Every head in

the airport turned towards me. I could feel their eyes staring at my baggy

pants, my black long sleeved t-shirt with Satan on it. My backwards hat and my

Oakley sunglasses. I was quickly cleared but I felt like an outsider as I walked

onto the airplane. I looked for my seat and shrugged as I saw it was a window

seat. I sat down and laid back. I most have dosed off because I stirred awake as

I felt the plane jerk ahead. I must have looked pretty sick because I saw a

blonde flight attendant make eye contact with me. She couldn't have been any

older then 22. She had nice long legs that jetted out of her short mini skirt.

Her long silky smooth legs are all I could see as she moved closer and closer to

me. She had a white shirt and a blazer that matched her dark blue mini skirt.

She leaned over towards me and I could see down her shirt. I could feel myself

getting excited as I saw her large breasts. My eyes promptly moved up to her

face. With a smile she handed me some pills and a funny looking drink. She

instructed me to drink it and I will feel better. She then turned around and I

watched her magnificent ass that even JLO would might be a little jealous of.

Following her instructions I took the pill and drank the really sweet tasting

water and fell asleep.

I awoke many hours later to the pilot saying we were arriving in Tokyo

shortly. I wiped the sweat from my face and was glad that this flight would be

over and I wouldn't have to fly again for another year. I couldn't stop from

sweating; I started to wonder what it was that flight attendant gave me. As I

walked into the terminal I saw my Japanese family. As they moved towards me I

noticed how tall they looked. I normally wouldn't have given it a second thought

but I always thought that Japanese people where short. I guess that just goes to

show you that you can't trust everything you read. Always having a little thing

for Asian girls my eyes speedily scanned up and down their daughter who was the

same age as me Machiko I believe her name is. There parents greeted me in

Japanese and I stared back at them blankly.

"Umm Hi, I'm Alec Doll."

Their parents then stared back at me in much of the same manner that I looked

at them. Then Machiko stepped forward. She extended her hand and we shook and

then she gave me a hug. I was pressed against her breasts and she smelled really

good. We then separated and she smiled at me.

"Hello Alec Doll I speak your English language. Don't you speak Japanese?"

"I am sorry but I don't. You see I just got to come because of my dad and I

was hoping to pick it up as I came. I didn't think it would be hard but from

what I have heard so far it could be quite hard."

"Well I will help you Alec Doll. Now lets go"

Machiko started talking to her parents in Japanese explaining the situation

to her parents. At least that is what I think she is doing. She smiles back at

me warmly and then we grab my luggage and we headed back towards there home. I

spent much of the night setting up my new room. Putting up a few posters that I

brought and then I fell asleep.

The next three weeks went by fast. Machiko was helping me with my Japanese

and I Could understand a few words but I was still pretty much ignorant. She

however was on quite the growth spurt over these few weeks. It seemed like she

had grown five inches just since I have been here.

As I woke up this morning I was in dread of what was coming. Today was the

day my uniform would arrive at school. It was nice to see Machiko in hers and

the other girls but I didn't want to have to a uniform. This would be the last

day I would get to wear my T-shirt and jeans to school. I got dressed and ran

out the door. Today was the first day I would walk to school by myself because

Machiko was going early to take a test. As I was walking past one of the other

schools here in Tokyo I started to sweat more then I have been lately. I felt as

I did when I first got off the plane but the feeling was much stronger. I

doubled over in pain and sweat was running off of my body. My clothes were

quickly drenched in my own sweat and were dripping out to the ground around me.

I pounded the ground and was forced to close my eyes because of all the sweat

that was falling over my eyes.

Finally everything stopped. I wiped the sweat from my face and stood up and

opened my eyes. Everything around me looks out of whack. Then all around me I

hear a thump, thump, thump steadily getting stronger and louder each moment. I

end up crashing down the sidewalk. I try to stand up but each time I try I get

slammed back into the ground by this earthquake. Finally it all stops and while

I am standing up I see a black wall in front of me

"Look at the little bug Mika? I haven't ever seen anything like it. It looks

so human like."

"I know what you mean Kyoko. One of the tourists probably brought it along

and it escaped. It's so gross. I am going to squish it. Bugs are nasty, icky,

dirty, filthy creatures who don't deserve to live."

I couldn't believe what I just witnessed. This wasn't a black wall but a

person. Two girls were literally standing in front of me and they don't even see

me. People don't shrink, what is going. I mean Wow, this is my dream here. I

have always wanted to shrink and I have written so many stories about shrinking

but to actually have it happen wow. Wait till everyone hears about this back at

Giantess Magic.

Before I could think any further about my situation an ominous black shadow

appears over my head. I stare up and see the underside of the very shoe that was

in front of me. The smooth bottom is now my sky. I can see all the little

defects that are in the bottom of the shoe. The tiny miniscule holes in the

rubber bottom of the shoe. The clumps of dirt hanging from the bottom of the

shoe. The shadow stretches outwards as far as I can see. I wanted to run but all

I could do was curl myself into a ball and shake in fear.

"Don't kill him. I want to see what kind of bug he is first. Then you can do

whatever you want with him."

"You are always the student aren't you Mika, I just want to crush the filthy

thing and get it over with."

I kept waiting for my impending doom but it wasn't coming. Before I could

even move a gigantic black shoe shoved me over. All I could now see was a

hideous looking face. Well I am sure if I was looking at her face to face at my

original size she would be pretty but from here everything looks so big. It's

like taking a thumbnail image you find on the net and stretching out big enough

to be your wallpaper. Since it's so big it's blocky. That's exactly how her face

was. I could see every detail on her face. I tried to run but her eyes just

followed me. I couldn't escape her vision.

"Help me!!, I don't know what happened but I shrunk somehow. Can you get me

some help?"

Both girls stared blankly back at me. I stood up and started waving my arms

hoping they do something. I was then grabbed by one of the girls. Her hand

engulfed me before I could even think of moving. I could feel myself being

lifted up into the air. My ears popped a few times and then I could feel that

she was walking and talking. The way she moved her arm was starting to make me

sick. I just wanted to vomit but I tried my best to keep it all in. Her warm

strong hand was everywhere keeping me warm. I didn't realize until I was in her

grip how cold I was and that I was naked. With each step I would be jostled up a

down so not only was I sick from the way she would swing her arm around I was

getting turned on because my dick was pressed up against her hand and it would

slide up and down against the palm of her hand.

"What are you doing with that gross bug Mika?"

"I don't think it's a bug Kyoko. But I wont be for sure till I get home."

I felt her move her other hand over her other one and then slowly part her

hands. As her hands parted it was like god said let there be light and there

was. The bright florescent lights shone down on me laminating her hand. I kept

yelling for help but she obviously doesn't understand English. I saw her pull

out her purse and her hand tipped slowly. I tried to scurry up the side of her

hand but soon the angle was too steep and I tumbled into her purse. I pounded

against the knit wall of the purse. I felt it sway from side to side as she

placed it in her locker. With a deafening slam I heard her door close and I was

all-alone. I yelled for Machiko and pounded against the wall hoping to be heard

but it was no use. I spent the rest of the day exploring her purse because what

else is there to do.

Spending much of the day inside the very hot purse I had become accustomed to

this girl coming and going. I was quite startled when she grabbed for the purse.

I was sent plummeting to the bottom of her purse. Without any chance to recover

or move I find myself being pummeled with various items from her purse. It

seemed like I was stricken for hours or days with objects until everything

finally stopped. My stomach and body thanked her for the relief. I had expected

to be let out immediately but I was quite surprised as I heard her talking on

what I assume is her phone. I then hear her enter and leave her room and talk to

various people and I cannot understand a word.

I finally saw some light peek through from where I lie at the bottom of her

purse. Her gigantic hand shoved into her purse. I couldn't comprehend how her

large hand could move so quickly. It was lightning fast and was so very precise.

She picked part her purse in no time finally finding me. Her middle finger

touched me and I saw her face light up. With her middle finger she shoves me

into the floor of her knit purse. I pound her middle finger unaware if she even

feels it. The rest of her fingers slip around my body. She pulls me up with

middle finger pressing at my chest and her and the two fingers on either side of

her middle finger at my back. She pulls me out from of her purse. She carelessly

drops me from her fingers. I scream as I freefall. Her room is speeding by me

faster then my eyes can make out any objects. I am then slammed into the palm of

her hand. The palm of her hand feels like a rock as I struggle to stand up. I

can see everything on her hand. Her dry looking fingers. The indents on the palm

of her hand and I can smell her powerfully fragrant perfume. She raises her hand

upwards so I am level with her eyes.

"You're not a little bug. You're a tiny man. Your just so adorable!"

The only part I understood was little bug. This made me furious. I mean, look

at me I am a man. My dad can buy her home and everything in it a million times

over and she is calling me a little bug. I knew she wouldn't understand anything

I said but I just had to yell back at her."

"Get me someone who speaks English. Do you understand the words that are

coming out of my mouth? Any part, I am no bug and put me down and I will call

Machiko and boy will she be mad at you when she finds out how you treated me."

I could tell she wasn't paying attention to a word I was saying. We were

moving across her room and my stomach begged her to stop. This time I couldn't

hold it in and I puked over the side of her hand. I am not sure if she knew what

I did but I hope she didn't. I was then placed on her study desk and she left

the room. I ran to the side of her dresser and peeked over the side of the desk.

It looked to be thousands upon thousands of feet down. Not liking heights I

quickly retreated towards the middle of her desk. I saw the giant return and

this time she brought someone with her. It looked to be a younger sister but

could be a friend. The other person is lugging a fish tank. She sets the fish

tank down on the top shelf of the bookshelf which is eye level with the older

looking girl (Mika) I would guess she had to be around 5'7" or 5'8". They both

now headed back towards me. I could feel the vibration run through my body with

each step they took. The closer they got the better idea I got of how big these

giants are. As the younger looking one (Kyoko)

"Hi, maybe you speak"

I was quickly cut of because before I even had a chance to react or see her

hand move I was enclosed in her grip. I was held up to her face and she

carefully inspected me. I could see her intently looking over every inch of my

body. She then stared at her sister then down at me then backs at her sister.

Her eyes focused on me and with her other hand she ripped my shirt off and let

it fall to the floor. I already knew what was coming next but I was powerless to

stop it. I looked over at the other girl but she was just laughing. This time I

didn't resist as she plucked my pants and boxer shorts off. Out of instinct I

covered my private area but she flicked the side of my body with her pinky

finger then moved my hands away from my private area. I was then placed back

down on the desk and I saw both girls placing various items in the fish tank. I

was then grabbed and dropped in the tank. Both girls smiled at their handy work.

"He will make a good pet Mika"

"Yes he will Kyoko. His closed looked American. Tomorrow we should bring

Naoko over and she can see if she can talk to him since she knows English."

"Good idea sis."

The younger looker girl who was called Kyoko left the room leaving just Mika

and me. The rest of the night Mika worked on her homework but she would keep

glancing over at me. I could tell she wanted to do something with me but she

kept on doing her homework. I walked over to the bed laid down. The bed looked

like a real bed it was just really low to the ground and tiny. I even had a tiny

table, which looks more like coffee table in height, but I keep forgetting that

they have low tables here. I immediately fell asleep.

When I awoke Mika was gone and having no clock or any way to tell time all I

could do was sit in this fish tank and wait. The walls of the tank extended up

what looked to be 15 to 20 inches in height making it quite impossible to

escape. I tried running at the wall hoping to shove the tank off its shelf but

the tank weighs a good 2 or 3 tons. At least to me it does.

A few more hours went by I would guess I have no real clue how long it was

but finally I saw the two girls walk in and this time they brought someone else

with them. They all conjured around my fish tank slash home. All three of them

talked about something but then the new girl tapped on the side glass wall of

the cage. Her tapping echoed across the cage and made my ears ring. She then

spoke to me in English.

"Can you understand me?"

"Yes, Yes I can, please help me. I was shrunk by some weird drug the airlines

gave me and can you tell them to give me my clothes back?"

I watched as she stared back at me blankly. I soon realized that my voice

wasn't strong enough to make it through the glass and into her ears.

"Its no use he doesn't understand English either oops"

I started pounding on the cage. I wanted to cry when I heard her say that I

don't understand English to her friends in English by mistake and then change

back to speaking Japanese. I was then grabbed out of my cell and set down on the

floor. This was quite the sight to see. Three magnificently sculpted beauties in

there cute Schoolgirl uniforms. I started running towards new girl they called

Naoko hoping that if I got close enough she could hear me. But I was quickly

shoved to the floor by Kyoko's tongue. She licked my cold, naked body up and

down and covering me completely in her warm, wet saliva. I could smell her

pungent breath. With her being so much larger then me I could pickup even the

slightest smell that I wouldn't normally be able too. Her mouth looked like

dark, deep endless cave. I started to crawl backwards but her mouth lowered over

me. Her face was shoved onto the carpet and her mouth engulfed me. Her smelly

breath passed over me and I could see her wanting to laugh. Her teeth would want

to snap shut and laugh but she would force them to stay open. I could faintly

hear her friends laughing outside.

"Kyoko that's mean [giggle] your scaring him stop." (she said it in the kind

of tone that encourages Kyoko to continue)

Kyoko's tongue presses me down into the carpet and then wraps around me. She

curls her tongue with me in it up and into her mouth. I then feel her do

somersault and lay on her back. She opens her mouth wide open and sticks her

tongue up into the air. I am now holding onto the tip of her tongue for my dear

life. As I look down into her mouth I can see the back of her throat and then

darkness. Kyoko moves her tongue from side to side with it still full extended.

All I can do is scream which makes all the girls erupt in laughter. I catch a

glimpse of Naoko who looks to have a concerned look on her face but I have no

clue what she is saying. Kyoko then spits me up into air and shuts her mouth I

land very roughly on her lips. Her lips feel like a plushy floor. I am covered

from head to toe in her lipstick as she opens her mouth slowly. I grab the

bottom of her lip and feet are on the upper half of her lips. I feel my feet

lose contact with her lips and slam into her teeth. I cry out in pain as they

are scraped against her teeth. I start climbing out but her tongue starts to

tickle my feet which causes me to start laughing. I start to lose my grip and I

cant maintain enough composure to secure a better grip. I start to fall and I

hear both Naoko and Mika gasp a worried gasp but Kyoko slams her lips closed. I

can feel her lips pressing against my upper chest and back. I have one arm

outside her mouth and one arm inside her mouth.


I look over at her but I am still much to far away for her to hear me. Kyoko

shoves her tongue into my feet and fly up into the air for the second time and

this time crash into her skirt. I tumble end over end towards the edge of her

skirt. At the last moment I grab the end of her plaid skirt. As I look forward I

see her white panties with hearts all over it. I can hear her tell her sister

something and she gets up and puts a CD in. I wonder what Japanese song they

would play. I then hear an ear rattling "OOPS I DID IT AGAIN." The sound

Brittany Spears's voice echoes through my entire body. Her voice so powerful

that my ears start to bleed. Kyoko then raises her feet into the air causing me

to slam into the underside of her skirt and then slams her feet into floor and

with her ankles raises her body into the air. I twist and turn and slam into her

skirt numerous times. I cant believe I travel around the entire world and I


Kyoko starts dancing along with the song. She bend backwards and touches

floor and shakes her ass and I almost fall off numerous times. The song finally

ends she sits down. The weight of her sitting down causes me to lose my grip. I

watch her sit Indian style on the floor enclosing me in between her legs. I can

smell her rich scent everywhere. The ceiling which is the top of her skirt looms

over me reminding me of my diminutive size. Off in the distance I see her bright

white panties with heart shapes on them. I can hear her voice bellow down

something towards me but its all gibberish to me. I am pulled out from between

her legs and set in the middle of the floor. I watch as Kyoko stands up and

walks out of the room. I breathe a sigh of relief as I see her leave. I turn

back towards Naoko and start heading towards her. I then feel something at my

back. I am being lifted up into the air. As I spin around I see that it is……

To be Continued.


Giantess Stories: Foreign Exchange By AsukaFan

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