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By: Cassandra White

November 18, 2002

This is a story of a freakish matter. The names have been changed to protect the

innocent. Read with caution and remember, you never know who your friends are,

so you better be nice to them.

She was only 9 when she realized that she was unlike other girls her age. She

was at the neighbor's house playing with her friend Cheryl. Cheryl was her best

friend. They had been friends since they were babies. Tina had another sister

and two brothers, she knew all about sharing, since her sister was younger than

her. Cheryl was an only child and was very territorial. Tina didn't understand

why she was like that. She liked her anyway.

They were playing hide-n-go-seek, and Tina was hiding in the play house behind

the stove. Cheryl was looking all over for her, and could not find her. Cheryl

being spoiled and used to things being her way began to throw her normal fit.

She started throwing toys, and beating the bat against the swing. Screaming

until her mother came out and asked what was wrong. She was in tears, and could

hardly talk. “She is cheating!!!” She shrieked, “She is hiding, I bet she is not

even in the yard!! She cheats she cheats!”

Tina hearing this burst out into tears, hearing her friend say something so

horrible about her, just because Tina was better than Cheryl at hide-n-go-seek.

Tina came out of her hiding spot and glared at Cheryl, she didn't say a word as

she ran home. Tina locked herself in her bedroom, and got more and more angry as

those words rang through her head. “She cheats!! She cheats, she cheats…” they

echoed through her head like she had been stabbed. Her best friend in the whole

world accused her of cheating. She cried, and she hit her pillow and raged in

her room. She was glad that her mother and father were not home and that her

brothers were somewhere around the neighborhood playing with their friends. Her

little sister was at the baby sitters.

Tina felt funny as she cried and raged. She felt her body swelling. She was

terrified; she didn't know what to do. Her hands were huge, and her feet had

grown bigger than her fathers. She looked in the mirror and saw that she was

taller and bigger, EVERYWHERE. This frightened Tina; she didn't want anyone to

know because she was sure her parents would punish her for it. She hid in her

closet, hoping she would stop growing and everything would be back to normal.

She cried herself to sleep. This time she was crying because she was afraid, not

because she was angry. She had forgotten what Cheryl had said to her. Her fear

had taken over.

When she woke up, her mother was shaking her, “Tina, why are you in the closet??

Is everything okay??” Tina looked up at her mother, and then looked down at her

feet and hands. She felt all over her body and realized she woke up normal

sized. Tina in a daze got up off the closet floor and collapsed in her bed. Her

mother was worried, and wanted to call the doctor, but Tina refused to be seen

by Dr. Aebi. She knew he would know what happened; she didn't want anyone to


As Tina grew up she noticed at the peak of her rage, she grew. She grew huge.

She would find her self hiding in the forest when she became enraged because she

was ashamed of this curse that haunted her.

There were many nights her parents had search parties out looking for her,

because she would have to go and hide. She didn't know anyone who was like her,

she was a freak! She would wake the next morning normal size and return home.

Her mother and father would be crying waiting for her. Their eyes were blackened

with circles as they had not slept in hours, sometimes days. They demanded an

answer to where she had been, and she could not answer them. Although she knew

where she was, she could not tell them, how could she tell them she was a

freak?? How could they know that she was a… a… she could not even think the

word, let alone speak it… a giantess… she just knew she was a giant freak.

Cheryl and Tina remained friends over the years, but as Tina became irritated

with Cheryl and her spoiled ways, she would just part her company, so the freak

in her would not come back. Tina did everything she could to keep calm, and not

allow that monster to appear. She hated seeing the fear, the hurt in her

parent's eyes every time she had to disappear. Cheryl would try to talk her into

telling her where she went on those nights she disappeared, but Tina kept quiet,

not wanting anyone to know, not even her best friend. Tina just told Cheryl that

she blacked out and didn't know what happened or where she went.


Cheryl was leaving to go to Ohio State University after high school graduation,

and Tina was helping her pack. She was excited to be going to one of the best

schools in the nation. Tina was leaving the following week to go to New York

University. Neither girl had ever been far from home. Cheryl wanted Tina to go

to OSU with her. They both had earned scholarships to go to the University of

their choice. They both looked at the maps to their selected Universities, and

mapped out the distance from New York to Ohio and how long it would take for

them to meet half way and spend winter break with each other.

It was a hard day for Tina as she bid her best friend of 18 years a farewell.

Tina was glad that her sadness had not turned into rage. She had not become a

giantess in almost three years. She had almost forgotten about her little “Freak

Problem”. What a secret she kept from everyone for so long, even her best

friend. She hugged Tina as she boarded her parents' car as they drove her to the

airport and bid her off to fly to the city of Columbus.

Tina spent the next week with her family and her friends. She was ready to face

the fast paced world of New York. Her parents were worried about her going off

so far away. They begged her to go to the local two year college her brothers

attended. She wanted more than that for herself. Her brothers had no ambition.

They were going to die in that little town she lived in. That town that was so

little that the authorities could not find a HUGE giantess, when they looked for

her on those nights she disappeared. She was ready for some more intellectual

conversation. There was not intellect where she was from. She wanted to see the

world, and she was going to start off at NYU.


She had finally made it on campus. The flight was long and the bus trip from the

Airport to the University was longer. Her parents wanted to be there with her,

but she refused. She was determined to make it on her own. She found her dorm

and checked in and started unpacking when someone walked through the door.

“HI!!!” Tina looked up and saw this carrot top hair that was tied off in

dreadlocks. Her nails and lips painted black her face pale. From the sound of

her voice, Tina wondered if she could tolerate a roommate with that whiney fake

greeting. That was her roommate wasn't it? Tina extended her hand and introduced

herself. The pale faced redhead smiled and hugged her, “My name is Carrie. This

is my dorm too!” With a fake smile Tina welcomed in her roommate, and they

decided how they were going to divide the room up.

Her first day of school she left early so she could find all of her classes, so

she would not be late. Tina was very punctual. It was a habit she started when

she decided she was going to control the beast that lived inside her. She wanted

to be on time so that she could not be embarrassed by her tardiness, which could

lead into anger, and well, we all know what happens when she becomes angry. She

made it to her first class. She found a seat and got comfortable, and brought

out her notebook and pencil. She was quietly watching those around her. The

other students were communicating with each other as if they had known each

other for all their lives. She did hear a small portion of a conversation, an

icebreaker conversation. She smiled, glad that she was not the only one who

didn't know others. She looked around and saw a few other loners. Tina was not

very out going and was not going to college to become friends with anyone. She

didn't earn Valedictorian of her class by being a social butterfly. She decided

the less people she knew the easier it would be to keep her secret hidden.

As the weeks passed by, she developed a study pattern, which she didn't like to

have interrupted. Carrie was carefree and didn't have a care or concern in the

world. Her study habits left a lot to be desired. She interrupted Tina a lot

while she was studying. Tina surprised herself and had not lost her temper yet.

She figured her beast was totally contained. She tolerated Carrie, but she sure

didn't like her. Carrie really needed to mature and concentrate more on her

studies. Tina kept her thoughts to herself.

Carrie announced that she was going to have a party that night. Tina looked at

her in shock, “It's Wednesday for Pete's sake!! I have a test tomorrow; you

can't bring people in here to party! I have to study!” Carrie smiled and told

Tina that she needed to take her books and study else where, because she was

having a party and Tina was not going to stop her. Tina felt that strange

feeling, that feeling she had not felt in over three years. It frightened her.

She left the dorm to look for a place to hide. She was horrified that her beast

would come back to haunt her after all these years.

Oh God, she was scared, she was angry at Carrie, she had to hide before people

noticed her growing. She found herself in the city; there were not forests to

hide in. It was nothing but city. She was scared and feeling herself grow. She

looked at her hands, then her feet, they were always the first to get noticeably

bigger. She shook them, and took deep breaths to contain her anger. She tried to

calm down. But she couldn't. She had learned in the past three years that she

could calm herself and keep the beast from coming out. Why was it not working

this time? Why was she growing? She was not that angry with Carrie. She could

not control it as she had taught herself to do through her life. She was running

down the street, hoping people would not notice her HUGE feet and her HUGE ugly

hands. She darted around a building and tried to hide there. She interrupted a

drug deal and the gangsta's pulled knives out on her. She gasped, and said, “You

really don't want to do this to me!!” They didn't say a word and they encircled

her. One of them said, “GODDAMN!! Look at her hands and feet, she's a freak!!!”

“FREAK! FREAK! FREAK!” Those words echoed through her mind. She became enraged

and again warned them to back off because they would regret making her mad. They

laughed at her and taunted her. She was mortified; no one had ever seen her that

way before, no one! She didn't know how to react or what to say, she just cried

enraged. They circled around her, for it was nothing for them to kill, why would

it be hard for them to kill a freak? They moved in closer, and Tina grew taller.

The gangsta's backed up a bit when they saw her grow. They didn't know what to

do. She didn't know what to do. She just knew that NO ONE could know about her

secret. Within minutes she grew to 100'. That was taller than she had ever

grown. The gangsta's tried to escape, but she entrapped them. They tried to

slash her with their knives, but she was unaffected by them, it just scratched

her and the blades broke off. She ordered them to tie each other up. She was not

an evil giantess, she just knew she had to escape; she had to keep those boys

quiet. She bound up the last one and tied the group together.

She peeked around the corner, she knew that she was almost taller than some of

those buildings, but thought she could hide between a building or two, until she

shrunk back down to normal size. She heard sirens rounding the corner where she

was as they cops surround the group that she tied up. She listens to their story

as they go on about a freaky lady who must have grown a thousand feet. The cops

laughed at them thinking they were too strung out on drugs to know what they

were talking about. They kept pointing in the direction she left, and told the

cops to look for her, they could not miss her, and she was HUGE.

How could she hide?? My God she thought, I am getting bigger and bigger. I am as

tall as the tallest sky scraper. She looked down and saw scores of people

gathering around her. They didn't seem afraid; they were curious and morbid

onlookers. She saw a TV helicopter swarm around her, and saw the camera's

shining her way. She was scared. OH MY GOD, she thought, I am going to be on TV,

and then EVERYONE is going to know my secret. She batted at the helicopter. She

didn't want to hurt anyone, so she held on tight to the closest building. She

shooed the copter away from her. She didn't want anyone to see her.

There were cop cars everywhere, TV crews, and the National Guard was called in.

Yet they didn't seem to attack her as she was not attacking the city. She just

gripped onto that same building. She was as afraid of them as they were of her.


“We interrupt this program for some late breaking news…” Tina's parents grumbled

because of the interruption of their favorite program. Her mother gasped as she

saw her beautiful giantess daughter on CNN. Tina's father looked over at her

mother and they both swallowed hard. Her mother and father both realized why

Tina had disappeared when she was younger. Tina suffered from the same curse as

both her parents did. Martin and Hilary met each other as they were hiding from

their families. They were both giants as the bumped into each other in the

forest in 1965. They were just teenagers, but strangely knew they would be

together for ever because there was no one else like them. They didn't share

their secret with anyone, except Dr. Aebi. Mike Aebi had run many tests on

Martin and Hilary. These tests of course where highly confidential. They were

never to be revealed to anyone. Hilary and Martin would be made out to be freaks

and Dr. Aebi would be discredited as a doctor.

They vowed to keep their condition a secret. However, now they knew that they

must, talk to Tina if she survived her adventure in the city. The phone rang;

Martin and Hilary knew it was the authorities, fearing to pick up the phone,

“Hello?” Martin asked. “Martin, Doc Aebi here, have you seen the National


“OH MY GOD Yes! We have to talk to her!”

“I Know, I know, I just hope she can calm down to shrink back to normal size so

she can blend in with the crowd. But this is horrible, she has made the national

news, her face has been plastered over millions of TV sets, and will hit all the

news papers by morning.”


Back in New York, Tina watched the scores of people gather around her. There

were thousands of little people gathered around her feet. They were like ants,

or rats, it frightened her. She was crying, and scared. Yet there were no

advances by the troops that surrounded her, they were afraid of her actions if

they fired upon her.

A million thoughts went through her mind as she cried and tried to figure out

what to do. She didn't want to move, one slight move and she might step on

someone. She didn't want to kill anyone. There were more helicopters surrounding

and flying around her face. She tried to hide her face, but it was hard to do

since she was taller than the building she was holding onto.

“Step back away from me!” she ordered to the crowds below her. A few people

started to scatter, but the majority of them crowded her large feet. “I want to

leave without harming anyone, please back away from me so I don't step on

anyone!” A few others moved away. The majority of the crowd stayed surrounding

her feet. A few brave people started climbing up her pant legs. Slowly she

scooted her feet away from the building, she didn't lift her feet, because she

didn't want to step on anyone. The little men climbing her pant legs, lost grip

as she started to move. She had not realized they were there, and she gasped as

she watched them plummet to the crowd below. The crowd started to move away from

her now.

With every step she took the earth shattered below her feet. She could see the

troops follow her. She just wanted to escape without a word. She didn't want to

hurt anyone. She just wanted to get back home. They stayed right on her heels

until she was out of the way of the city. No other people were around and they

opened fire. They were sure to bring down this giantess. They didn't want chaos

in the city again. They realized her need to leave the city folk unharmed, so

they took that as a sign of weakness. Even though her height was intimidating,

they thought that she could be persuaded to be brought down and destroyed. The

bullets stung her legs like mosquitoes stinging at her. She rubbed at them, and

became angrier as the troops continued to fire upon her.

The troops stopped firing at her when they realized that it was just making her

grow taller and taller and their bullets were just bouncing off her. She turned

to them, in a rage of anger and swung her foot at them. She watched the tanks

topple over. She heard the fear of the troops as they screamed. She heard the

orders to retreat. The government knew they were going to have to do more than

just tanks and bullets to stop her. She stomped in their directions as she

watched them move away from her. The earth crumbled below her feet and the shook

for miles. Tina noticed a few brave TV News crews in helicopters surrounding

her. She batted at them, and shooed them carefully away.

Tina couldn't return to her dorm, she was sure that everyone saw her. She cried

as she tried to calm down and find a place to hide. There were cameras

everywhere taking pictures of her. She noticed that some of the crews were from

national news crews. She could NEVER face her friends or family again!

Tina woke up with the sun shining in her face. She looked at herself and

realized she was normal size. Tina thought about the night before and wondered

if it was a dream. She walked down the city sidewalk and kept her head down. She

noticed the morning paper, and her face was plastered all over the front page.

Her hair hid her facial features, and she made no eye contact with anyone. She

knew she had to change her look. She grabbed some hair dye and a change of

clothes from a local merchant. Tina rented a small room downtown. Once inside

her room, she took a deep breath and rested on the bed. She was exhausted. She

turned on the TV and the news was still buzzing about the gentle giantess that

was spotted in down town Manhattan. She cried, she was scared and all alone.

She colored her hair the carrot top red, the same color as Carrie's. Her black

lipstick and nail polish hid her beautiful features. Ratting her hair out in

spikes, she knew with this look she would fit right into the crowds of New York

City. The last thing she did was place some sunglasses on to hide her eyes.


Tina called herself Clarissa and had met a few people. One of her new found

friends, knew a friend who had a friend who could make fake ID's. This was her

perfect opportunity to have a new identity. Her friend made arrangements, and

soon she would be known to the world as Clarissa Ramsey. Tina Edwards would

never be known to the world again.

Clarissa got a job waiting tables, and she found a quaint little apartment. She

didn't want a roommate, because she didn't want anyone to know her secret. All

of the country had already seen her secret. She figured the less people she knew

and hung around, the better. Ms. Ramsey met with the ID maker now and then. They

together were going to establish a past for Clarissa. It was not Darin's job to

ask why she wanted to do this, he did it because he needed the money, this was

his way of making a living in NYC. They became friends, but they never asked

about their past lives. They wanted to live for just the future.

Watching the TV one summer night, Clarissa, saw her mother and father on the TV,

they were pleading for her to come out of hiding, if she was still living. They

wanted her to contact them one way or another. She was afraid to do that, she

threw Tina in the trash. Tina and that freak that lived inside her were gone

forever… she hoped.

Ignoring her parents' plea to contact them, she went on with her life and tried

to be happy. She collected pieces about the night the giantess invaded NYC, and

told her new found friends that it was a hobby to keep track of the unusual and

unexplained. Every day she made changes to her appearance to look more and more

different than that freak that she used to be.


Serving a group of kids at the diner she worked at, she noticed them to be the

ones she tied up on that terrible nightmare of a night. She really tried to

avoid eye contact with them. Snake, the leader of the group, spoke up and said,

“Bitch, don't I Know you??” Startled she looked at him, “who are you calling a


He looked around, and said, “There are no other bitches around here. I know you

from somewhere, I'll find out, and I'll come and remind you where we met.”

Clarissa avoided that table for the rest of their visit. She was convinced he

was going to remember where they met at, after all who could forget that

terrible night?

She really wanted to gain her degree and get the hell out of NYC. She felt

trapped, trapped in a city that wanted her. She spent all her free time at the

library studying, and taking a crash correspondence online course. Her degree

would be in the name of Clarissa Ramsey, and one day she was going to make a

name for herself. She dreamt of one day returning to her little hometown and

seeing her Mother and Father again.

It was dark as she left the diner, she was headed to the library as usual. Snake

and his group of buddies stopped her about a block away from the library. Again

they circled her. This time she stayed quiet, they started shoving her, back and

forth to each of the boys. There were nine of them. “Bitch!” “Whore!” “Freak!”

were just a few of the things she heard them call her. She was frightened. She

didn't know what they were going to do. She worked hard on maintaining her

temper so that beast would never show her face again. One of the boys smacked

her in the face, knocking off her glasses. Though they were not glasses to see

with, they were strictly cosmetic to help disguise her. Other boys hit her in

the face. She became angry and started to fight back. They were for sure they

were going to have a good time with her tonight. Clarissa kicked one right

between the legs and dropped him like a fly. Her arms and legs flailed wildly at

the others. Injuring their friend was not what they liked to see, they became

rougher with her. Hitting her with their fists slamming her into the ground. She

looked up at them, enraged… her hands and feet started growing… One of the boys

yelled, “oh my God it's another freak, like that last one. They are all


Within seconds she grew to about 400'. The gangsta's tried to escape. She was

furious; she took delight in popping them under her feet and feeling their

bodies become lifeless. Enraged she moved through the city knocking down the sky

scrapers, and kicking over cars, stepping on the little people. Not caring who

was in her way this time. The troops called in again with a whole new respect

for this giantess. This time she was not careful, this time she did take lives

of innocent people. This time it didn't matter. Many structures were destroyed

and there were people inside. She just thought this is their unlucky day.

A life time of fear and anger and not knowing what type of a freak she was, she

finally snapped, and went on a rampage and started destroying the city. She

crushed anyone who came her way. Their puny bodies popping under her feet,

exploding as their guts and bones grind into the ground. The concrete and

pavement buckling under her feet, like she was walking in dirt. She looked

around and basked in the glory of the power she had. She knew that no one would

mess with her now. She was upset with herself knowing she could have done this

the last time but she didn't want to hurt anyone. @!#$ that, she thought to

herself. I have the power of a giantess, and I am going to use it.

The troops followed her as she kicked and knocked over everything in her path.

She stopped and turned to them, and she stomped on a few of them. A couple of

others she picked up and crushed them with her bare hands. Oh the power, the

thrill she has over the world. She didn't need a degree to make her mark on the

world; she has the beast that lives inside her. The beast that no longer

controlled her, she finally grabbed a hold of it and controlled it. Nothing can

stop her now!!!

The End

Giantess Stories: Freak By

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