Giantess Stories: Freshmen Blues  By  AsukaFan    As I walked into school today I had no idea what was going to happen to me

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Freshmen Blues



As I walked into school today I had no idea what was going to happen to me. As I

saw a couple of teammates from the soccer team I pounded there fist as I walked

by and told them we were going to kick Groveland's ass tonight and win the

championship. As I walked up to my locker I saw Nicole's at her locker.

Nichole was a freshmen girl so I didn't really pay to much attention to her. If

her locker wasn't right next to mine I wouldn't even know her name or look at

her. Mainly because I can get any girl in this school that I want. I got the

lines, I got the smile, the look, I am going to win our soccer team the

championship and above all that I am popular. Second reason is something every

girl in this school knows. If you got small Breasts you don't have a chance with

Blake Myers (that's me) I openly admit that and I look at a girls chest first. I

love those breasts. The way they feel, The way they look, how when you rest your

head on them its like a warm pillow. I have been called a pig before and its not

like I am looking for the girl I want to marry. I just want to have some fun,

have some sex and move on. When I start college I plan on getting serious but

right now I want fun, fun, fun.

Nichole had short brown hair and a really small chest. It is not her fault but

it is not what I am looking for and on top of that she is short. I mean she is

only five foot three and I am six foot five 275lbs of pure brute muscle and for

all you who stereotype out there I got 3.7 GPA so I am not your dumb jock. So

when Nichole asked me out I was just honest with her. I mean that is what all

you girls want is a honest guy. So I sat her down and said.

“Nicole, I am flattered, I really am but you got small tits, your short, and I

don't really like your hair either for that matter. You're a freshmen and not

even really a popular freshmen. I am just not interested in that kind of person”

Then I got up and walked away leaving her balling. I felt a little remorse for

making her cry but its better them me lying to her and besides I had a girl I

was seeing. My girlfriend is a real ditz she doesn't have a clue what is going

on and what I do. I have her wrapped around my finger she pretty much follows me

like a little puppy dog and does what I say.

“Hey Small tits what's going on” I shouted to Nicole as I walked by.

Everyday since the first day I saw her I called her small tits. Its not that

clever but it gets under her skin so that's why I do it. As I turned the corner

I sighed as I knew it was going to be another boring day until the game tonight.

I walked into my Chemistry class and sat down. I immediately started tapping my

foot on the floor as I waited small tits err Nichole to walk in. I will give her

credit she is a whiz at chemistry. She is the only freshmen here so of course I

have to give her a hard time. I got up and walked over to Mr. Wendel's mini

fridge. I knew he had some soda in there because I always saw him with a can of

pop. As I opened up the door I saw some cola poured into a glass. Taking a quick

look around I took the glass and gulped the entire 16oz in one quick motion. I

then closed the door and started walking back to my desk. I looked over at the

clock and saw I still had 15 minutes before class started. I cursed at my

stupidity. No wonder no one is here my watch is 20 minutes fast. As I walked

over to my desk and reached for my books my arm started to shake as I extended

it. I Grabbed my books but they seemed so heavy so I set them back down on the

desk. I grabbed my stomach as it felt like I was going to throw up. I doubled

over on my knees and rested my head on floor. Tears started flowing out of my

eyes. I wasn't really crying it was more like when you have some dust in your

eye and your body tries to wash it out. It was the same thing here only it never

stopped. My eyes continued to water repeatedly. My head was just pounding it was

like I had a concussion and you have that feeling where you just want to sleep

even though you know you cant because you might ever wake up. My body was just

saying sleep over and over again. I finally gave in and fell asleep on floor.

I awoke a few minutes later. The tile floor stretched on and on like a vast

white desert. I then heard a low rumble spread across the floor. The boom, boom,

boom coming closer and closer sounded just like my beating heart. I wasn't sure

what was going on. I was more or less running around in circles. I finally saw

them appear out of no where two gigantic women that look more they are from some

cheesy science fiction movie with great special effects.

My blood courses through my now tightening veins in fear. My heart beat starts

accelerate rapidly while a million thoughts come rushing through my head but all

I can do is stand there like a deer in headlights.

I then finally make out what who it is. It is Nichole and one of her friends. I

watch frozen in fear as Nicole's Navy blue and black sketchers explode down onto

the earth next to me. I am sent on my ass and stare at her shoe.

“…she could a crushed me and not even realized it. It can't be small tits

I mean look at her she looks like a giantess standing hundreds upon hundreds of

feet tall.

“Meghan, I haven't done anything to Blake and he always makes me feel so

horrible. Is being in love with him a crime? He only broke my heart into so many

pieces even all the kinds horses and all the kings men cant ever put my heart

back together again.”

“Look, guys like Blake are just jerks. You can do better then him anyway. There

are guys who are interested in you. Give one of them a chance. But I gotta get

to class myself bye”

As her friend leaves I scurry towards Nichole's desk as a flurry of feet from my

fellow classmates walk by. I attempt to yell up to her but we would have to be

in a sealed room with not one sound going on for her to hear my voice. I walk

towards her shoe I start pounding on the side of it. I then look up at her and

see no response. As I walk back towards her shoe I start staring at her legs.

They look so smooth and soft like you would melt right into them if you touched

them. Everything about her is magnified now. I keep looking for something wrong

with her legs but there perfect, no marks, no blemishes or scrapes and no

bruises. They stand before me like immoveable pillars like you would see on

roman structures. Highly detailed and hand crafted like a monument that stands

timeless in its perfection.

As I reach her shoe again I snap out of my trance. I stare up looking for her

the rest of her but all I can see is her legs that stretch far, far into the sky

beyond my realm of sight. I reach her shoe and this time I kick at her rubber

sole. Still no movement. I walk around her shoe looking for a better place to

climb up onto her shoe on. I finally spot ropes dangling of her shoe. As I walk

up to the rope I realize that they aren't ropes at all but her shoe laces. As I

reach for her shoe lace I tug on it and it holds strong. I halfway hoped that I

would pull the shoe lace free but I don't even have the mass, weight, or power

to undue her shoelace how am I suppose to get her attention.

As I walk along the top of her shoe even now I cant see past her kneecaps even

now. I hold my head in shame and absurdity of the entire situation. I then

decide to make my move. If I am going to get anywhere I am going to have to get

somewhere other then her shoe. The bell then rings signifying the end of class.

I start running across her shoe looking for a place I can hold onto. If I fall

too the floor now I am likely to get trampled. I dive over the tongue of her

shoe. I smack into her leg and my back slides into the tongue of the shoe. I

quickly brace myself by pressing legs into her leg and my back into the tongue

of her shoe and place my arms on each side of the tongue of the shoe.

Each step she takes jolts through my body and I am almost sent flying off her

shoe. I try yelling up to Nichole but there is no ways she can hear it with all

the noise around. My stomach is churning and getting ready to explode. I start

feeling seasick and motion sickness all at the same time and my head is pounding

like I have a hang over. I breathe a sigh of relief as we pause at her locker.

Unfortunately the break is short lived. She lifts up the foot I am on and starts

playing with it while she grabs her books. Shaking it from side to side.

Standing her foot up on the toe of shoe and then wiggling it around. I feel like

I am riding a mechanical bull instead of a shoe. Then I cringe and almost tumble

off as she starts walking again. I look up in amazement as girls I would never

even pay attention to walk by.

Finally arriving at algebra I start to climb up Nichole's white cotton sock. I

never realized before that socks had holes in them but I am grateful because it

makes it easy to climb. About halfway up I take a break. As I rest my head up

against her sock. It feels so soft and plush. I push my hand into the sock and

it sinks in. I then stare up at her magnificently sculpted leg and start

climbing again. Finally reaching the end of her sock I start pounding on her


Her hand then juts down towards me. I smile as I see her hands continue lowering

towards me. Her long carefully painted finger nails dig into the skin above me.

If I was thinking I would have figured out what was about to happen but I was in

a state of shock over the fact she thinks of me as nothing but an itch. Her vast

fingers dig into her skin. It creates a scraping noise that sounds throughout my

entire world. Her fingers then slam into me. As I fall I grab onto her finger

nail. I hold on tightly as she scratches where I was pounding. My arms start to

burn in pain from holding on. My fingers start to slip on her smoothly painted

nails. In a state of freefall I grab for anything I can but everything is out of

reach. I smack into her shoe and my right leg gets lodged in her shoe while my

left leg is stretched upwards and back slightly with the tongue of her shoe. I

yell out in pain in my loudest voice that still remains inaudible to everyone in

class. Tears start to swell up in my eyes as my groin is under immense pain and

pressure. I use my hand to pound on any part of her foot I can hit but I don't

know if she can even feel anything through the thick sock.

I spend the rest of class like this hopelessly stuck in a very awkward position.

As she stands up my leg is further entrenched in her shoe. My right leg is

squished into her shoe as the small gap for my leg that was once there is now

gone as Nichole stands up. With each step she takes the tongue of her shoe hits

her foot which causes my leg to bend back even farther. It feels a lot like that

stretch track runners do when you lay flat on the ground and you have someone

press your leg towards your chest as far as it can go and then you hold it

there. Well if you ever someone stretch it to far and hold it and you get that

feeling like muscle tissue is ripping. With each she takes I have this feeling

coursing through my body. To make matters worse whenever Nichole stands up her

denim pants drift around her shoe and she takes a step with the foot I am on the

denim crawls up her leg and then when she steps with her other foot it drifts

back down below her leg all the while her pant leg has rubbed through my shirt

and is rubbing the skin off my back eating my skin away step by painful step.

As Nichole walks into the lunchroom my ears begin to ring like never before as

the conversation of thousands of teenage giants and giantesses assault my ears.

My entire body is being assaulted and almost ripped apart with each step she


As Nichole sits down by herself in the corner she starts eating. As she sits she

remembers that annoying feeling at her foot that she has been feeling all day.

It is time to get the bottom of it.

For the first time since this weird transformation Nichole's face comes into

view. Fear overcomes my body. I start to shake and wonder if it was wise to try

to get her attention but its much to late now. Panic races through my mind as I

stare into her eyes I realize she hasn't spotted me yet. I fight and try to rip

my leg free from her shoe. I look at my leg thoughts of biting it off run

through my mind but I try to shove them out. I look up at Nichole and I see her

staring at me. Just looking in bewilderment directly at me. I move my body to

the left and then to the right and watch her eyes follow me. Sweat starts to run

down my body like I am in the middle of a marathon.

“Bla…Blake is that you? It cant be you. This is silly I must be seeing things I

mean its just not possible for this to be him. I am just going to go continue

eating my meal here and when I look down later he will be gone.”

“No, please Nichole help me. At least get my foot out of here. I can't get it

out without your help Please.”

I continue looking at her wondering what she is going to do or if she heard me.

I just watch as she looks away from me and continues eating her meal. With

renewed effort I try too get my foot out but before I make any progress she

stands up but this time its just a short journey to the bathroom. As she closes

the door and sits down I know without question she knows about me. Her once slim

narrow fingers now appear chunky as they near me. She easily pulls me out of her

shoe and starts lifting me up to her face. I try fighting her fingers but I am

not even sure if she feels anything through her thick skin.

“Blake it is you isn't it. But how? I mean you have never been much of a


“Listen Nichole you have to get help. I was in Chemistry class early this

morning. I was thirsty so I drank some soda from Mr. Wendel's fridge and I guess

it must have disagreed with me because this is the result. Well that's the only

thing I can figure out. Please get me to a hospital or Mr. Wendell even.”

“Well okay I just got to find a place to put……… Well then again what are you

going to do if I don't help you Mr. Big shot Blake Myers. You never had time for

me before but I think you can make time for me now.”

“Come on small tits You cant very well mean that. I mean your just young is all

and I am older and I didn't want to date someone your age.”

“Small Tits huh? Do my tits look small to you now? Well do they? I think maybe

you should find out first hand just how small my tits are.”

“For christ sakes woman they could crush me. They are a lot bigger then me and

hell I am pretty sure they weigh more then my Mmmmpppffffff”

I was silenced as I was stuck inside her bra. I tried thrashing and kicking but

I couldn't move at all. I cried as I could hear Nichole talking to my friends

and I would yell to them but they wouldn't hear a thing. I swear she only talked

to them to make me feel insignificant. As she sat through her classes I was

tortured by the object of my affection. Her once small breasts now torture me

with every step. I cant believe I use to tease her over how her breasts didn't

jiggle because they shake so much I am getting sick. I start lose track of

what's going on as It takes my full concentration to breathe with my face

pressed into breasts.

As Nichole pulled her bra away from her chest I find myself hanging from her

nipple. As I look down towards the floor. Because of the unusually hot day the

sweat that was being soaked into her bra is now sliding down her breast and

falling to the floor below. You watch the droplets fall and then what seems like

years later they splash onto her hardwood floor. I look up at her chin waiting

for her to look down but I see a droplet of sweat just on top of her nipple. It

starts to pool around my fingers causing my grip on her nipple to fade.

“Nichole, please help. I am going to fall. I can't hold on too much longer.”

Her head doesn't even move. I keep waiting for some sign that she is even aware

of me saying anything but there is none. The sweat keeps collecting around my

hands and now starts to drip off her nipple smacking me in the face. My pants

start to get soaked in her the sweat from her breast. The damper and damper they

get the more the weigh me down. My fingers are slipping off of her nipple more

and more as I stare down. I blink my eyes hoping to see the floor, or even

hoping this is some horrible dream.

“What's wrong Blake? Cant you help yourself? Are you scared? I thought you could

do anything? Why would you need the help of a lowly freshmen? I am a nothing

right? I am useless right? I am a immature child who cannot comprehend the

vastly complicated Blake Myers.”

“I beg you to help me Nichole. Please, I was wrong you were right.”

“Oh and what am I?”

“Your Nichole now help me you f**king freshmen. I don't want to die.”

My fingers finally lose contact with her. As I slip away from her I cascade

towards the floor. Tumbling end over end. Nichole looks almost as if she is

growing taller as I fall. Millions of thoughts cross my head but none more so

then the fact that I am going to die at the feet of the very person I considered

in human. I then smash into something firm. I then see Nichole's face beaming

down on me.

She then vanishes from my sight. The very moment I see her walk away I crawl up

the side of this bowl. I however find the slope is too great and I slide back

down. I don't give up I spend the better part of the next 2 hours trying get out

of this whatever I am in.

“Hello there Blake. I believe you called me a f**king freshmen. Now what am I

Blake? What am I?”

“I will tell you what you are. You're a f**king bitch. That's what you are. Now

get me out of here right now or your going to have hell to pay. Do you hear me


“What's that? I can't quite make out your little squeaks. I do remember you

calling me small tits and I find it so ironic that for a girl with such small

tits in the entire time I was gone you couldn't even make it out of my little

bra. Come on Blake lets play. I like playing don't you.”

Her fingers reach around my body I have no where to go and no way to prevent her

from grabbing me. She has vice grip around my body. With every step she takes

she squeezes my body and smiles at me. Each squeeze almost brings tears to my

eyes. I intently try to make out where we are going but everything is going by

so fast I can't make out anything. As she walks over to the stereo she presses


“LET THE BODIES HIT THE FLOOR” Emits through the room.

I then stare up at Nichole and she just simply lets go of me. I tumble and turn

in the air. As I hit the floor I hear something's got to give pound from the

speaker. As my back hits her carpet I almost cry but I stand up quickly as I see

Nichole down on all fours. Her mouth looming over me. I start running as fast as

I can. I can see her patio door open If I can just make it to the patio I can be

free. I look up to see Nichole on all fours over me. I dash towards the Patio

doors and her arm crashes down in front of me and I fall on my ass. As I crawl

the opposite direction I am sent flying for what seems like 30 feet to me but to

her is probably just a few inches. I look back and see her stalking me like a

lion stalking her prey.



That's all I can hear at almost a deafening level. I try to get up by my left

leg buckles in pain. Nichole lowers her mouth and swirls her tongue around as

she approaches me. She fully extends her tongue. The strength of her licking my

back lifts me well up of the ground. I then tumble back to floor. I stare up at

her looking to find her eyes but I see nothing but her chin and her now massive

breasts dangling down. Her face finally comes into view. Her eyes locked on me.

Her tongue fully extended swirling around and around . My body now covered in

her saliva as she lifts me up off the ground by her tongue but this time instead

of letting me fall She tilts her head back as I hear

“Driven by hate, Consumed by fear”

Her mouth snaps shut. I can feel the inside of her hot steamy mouth everywhere.

My body starts to sweat already as I am covered with more of her saliva. She

uses her tongue and smashes up into the top of her mouth and then swirls her

tongue around my body ripping my clothes off. I watch as her tongue slants

upwards. I grab the tip of her tongue and watch my pants and boxers, and socks

tumble into the dark black abyss of her stomach as I hold on for dear life in

her mouth. In one swift motion she tilts her head forward and spits me out of

her mouth. I hit the ground like a missile. My body explodes upon impact as the

words “nothings wrong with me” echo across the room. I wobbley try to get up

towards the patio door but I collapse. I start dragging my body across her

carpeted floor. I extend my arms and grab onto the fiber of her carpet and pull

my body forward with my remaining strength.

“What's wrong Blake? Am I too much woman for you? Who am I Blake?


Her fist finally slams down in front of me just millimeters from my body. Her

fingers dart around me and she has me in her clutches once again. I look up at

her in fear but I am shoved into her breasts as she sways back and forth

cuddling me into her cleavage. She pets my body up and down. I smile as her

warmth from her body warms my now nude and cold body. She then lets go and slide

down her stomach and finally reach the floor. She then stands up and leaves the


I breathe a sigh of relief as I look towards the patio I weakly lift my body up

and start to stagger towards the door. Each step I take pain rings through my

body. I am about half way there when I hear a jingle then I turn around to see

nothing. I start walking towards the door again and I hear a jingle, jingle I

then turn around again see nothing. I start walking again and this time I look

back and see a kitten running towards me at top speed. He is almost on me by the

time I realize what is going on. The kitten dives at me and I duck. Luckily the

kitten misses me but he catches himself and is in pursuit of me. I Dash well

more of a quickened limp but whatever you want to call it I just make it under

the sofa as the cat lets out what sounds like a loud roar. His/her paw reaches

under the sofa for me. His claws scrape across my chest and I tumble backwards.

When I get back up I see nothing. A good 14 minutes pass by and I still see

nothing. I decide to walk out from under the sofa and I am tackled by the

kitten. A loud stomp screams across the floor.

“PATCHES!!! Come here baby. Come on patches. Come to mommy!!”

I look up to see Nichole cuddling with the cat as she walks forward I see her

staring at me. She puts the cat outside and then slams the patio door shut and

turns towards me.

“Awe are you okay Blake? Did patches hurt you? Who am I Blake? Who am I? “

I look at her blankly. As her fist closes around me I collapse and I very great

fully fall unconscious. I awake much later to see Nichole laying nude on her

bed. I am at the very bottom of her bed and she stretches on and on like a

mountain range. I climb up her ankle and start walking along her leg. With each

step I take my feet sink into her warm soft skin. I can smell a peach like scent

emitting from her skin. As I reach her knee my feet now make a slapping like

noise as they hit her hard knee cap when I walk across it. Just as I pass over

her knee cap I look back at the distance I have walked. Just half her leg looks

like such a long distance I wonder how small I really am. I sigh and then decide

to continue on as I finally reach her stomach. As I walk on her abs I try to

press them in but my strength is nothing compared to hers. Her strong washboard

stomach comforts me. I lay down in the crevice of her four pack. I sink farther

down in the crevice and her abs almost blanket me. I curl up and drift off to

for the first time a very pleasant sleep.

I wake to see that its still night out. I stand up from in between her abs and

walk a short distance when a metal loop comes into view. It glimmers in her dark

room. As fast as I can I run towards it. The closer I get I realize that its her

Navel ring. I look the loop and then at where it burrows into her skin. I place

my hands on her navel ring and the cold hard gold sends chills over my body. I

then feel around the area where it digs into her skin. I try to pull it out but

its hopless as I am much to weak. I kick her ring and then start to move on

sadly as I wonder if this what my life is going to be like.

As her breasts come into view they reach towards the sky in the same way the

sears tower does. I crane my neck upwards trying to see the top but its

hopeless. I run towards her now gigantic breasts in blind lust. I try to reach

my arms as far around them as I can. I can hear her rthymic heartbeat through

her breast. I start trying climb her breast but I slide back down. I try again

but her skin is too smooth. Just as I am about to give up I feel something at my

back and I am lifted up and placed atop her breast. As I reach the top I stand

up straight and almost fall off. I know sit down and grab her nipple. This

causes Nichole to laugh and the breast to wobble from side to side. I almost

tumble off many times before she stops laughing.

“Your so pathetic Blake. I thought my tits were small but you couldn't even

climb then and now you can barely stay on them.”

“Nichole please get me help.”

“I will consider it. Who am I Blake?”

“You, you are Nichole. Well I am sorry you feel that way. I tried to demonstrate

what I could do to you. All you had to do was answer my question simply. It has

a very simple answer. I would have loved you and cared for you like I do patches

Blake. You could have been me whitto baby. YES you would, yes my little, little

Blakey would have. He would have been Nikki's whitto baby. When you wake up next

you will have a surprise.”

I smell a very familiar sent. I see a face appear over the crouching Nichole's

Breast. A new set of fingers curl around me and I am lifted high up into the

sky. I am then face to face with my girlfriend.

“Oh god Sarah thank god you're here baby. You got to get me too the hospital.

You see I drank this soda from Mr. Wendel's fridge and I shrank. This is

horrible you got to help me Sarah honey.”

“Oh Blake the moment Nichole phoned me I rushed here as soon as I could. She

mentioned what happened so I stopped by Mr. Wendel's room and talked to him

about a few things and he mentioned his formula was gone and I asked what it did

and he told me and I asked if there was a way to reverse and he said yes and

showed me this other liquid. Then he got a phone call so I snuck some and its in

this little syringe I have in my purse here. So lets go back to my place and I

will make everything better Blake.”

I smile up at Sarah as I then turn my head to Nichole who has a evil sneer on

her face as if everything isn't going as she planned. I heard vaguely the two of

them argue but I drifted off to sleep exhausted from everything. I am not sure

how long I was asleep but as I started to wake up I felt myself sleeping on a

weird surface. I rolled over a few times but it all felt the same. I started

running the stuff through my fingers but it still felt rather odd. I decided

finally to open my eyes and just see for myself what was going on. I sat up and

stared out at silver bars everywhere. I feel like I am in gigantic prison. I

look at the floor of my cage and see wood chips all over the floor. The kind you

would see in a hamster cage. As I walk towards the bars I start shaking them

like a caged animal trying to get out. I look through the bars and see that I am

in Sarah's room. In fact I am in the corner of her dressing table. I am in cage

about the size of a cereal bowl and half. I can see her make up, perfumes, and

now gigantic mirror. On the chair she has a few shirts draped over it. I shake

the bars profusely trying to get out but its hopeless. I then see her door swing

open and Sarah is standing in the entry way. She immediately walks over to her

dressing table and sits down.

“Hello there Blake. How are you?”

“Hey what are you doing? what is the meaning of this? You said there was a cure

well give it to me Sarah. Give it to me now.”

“There is a cure its right in here in my purse see. It such a pretty shade of

pink in fact here I will set right here on my dresser.”

I look at Sarah's smiling face as she knows its just out of my reach and even if

I could get to the syringe I am not strong enough press it in and there is no

way I could press in and stick myself with it at the same time. I shake the bars

to my cage and kick the bars a few times but I end up hurting myself more then

the cage.

“Well, well, well it looks like someone is having a little fit isn't he. Well

don't worry your going to be my little man for a long, long time.”

I intently look at Sarah. I have always loved her soft dark hair. I can remember

many times I would just play with her hair. As I look at her I realize how much

I long to hold her, feel her soft skin. I think I might even love her for more

then just her tits.

“Dude, I jus luv ya this way. Member you thinking I was a ditz and you bossing

me round. Well not no more.”

The top of the cage swings open and scurry in fear to the corner as Sarah's hand

enters the cage. I try to avoid it but there is no where to go. I find myself in

her clutches being set down on her dressing table. I look over at her other hand

and see that she has a cookie in her hand. She then dangles the cookie above me

out of my reach. I can see the happiness in her face as now I am no longer in


“Is my little pet hungry. Beg Blake, You must be hungry you haven't eaten since

who knows when. Beg me for this piece of cookie. You always made me ask you for

things. Now if you want to eat beg me.”

I stare at her perfect face, her soft eyes. I can't believe she is saying this.

She is really going to make me beg like this. I stare around the room and then

back at Sarah. She has such a snug look on her face it fills me with anger. I am

the one who should be in charge. I am Blake Myers not some pet. I get what I

want always. Girls are play things nothing more. They are sex, they are

something for me to stick my dick into and that's all they will ever be. Sarah's

fist smashes down in front of me. I practically jump at the force of her fist. I

take a few steps back as I realize even my girlfriend who isn't really all that

strong can now crush me without a thought.

“Please Sarah, Please let me eat. I can't survive without you. I am nothing

without your benevolence”

A smirk crosses Sarah's face as she leans back in her chair intently. She coyly

plays with her hair as she laughs at the sight of seeing me beg. Seeing the once

big strong, guy who everyone wanted to be with literally begging for a small

piece of a cookie. Sarah takes a bite of the cookie making sure some crumbs fall

nearby me. As I walk towards them she lowers her head to the table and blows the

crumbs away just as I reach them.

“That was Kewl but , now roll over Blake, Roll over hehehehehehe”

I stare up at Sarah and plead with my eyes but I can see her impatiently

waiting. I then roll over onto my back like a dog and then I am then instructed

to oink like a pig, bark like a dog, and lastly Blake watches as Sarah moves her

Gucci shoes up onto her dressing table. As she moves her shoes up onto the table

Blake takes a few steps back as he can just about imagine the smell that is

encased in those shoes. Sarah quickly instructs him to lick her treads.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa I made your little noises. I begged you, and I did everything

you asked but I refuse to lick the dirty bottoms of your shoes or go anywhere

near those feet of yours. I have dated you long enough to know those things

smell worse then rotten milk. Hell I would rather have to live in a carton or

rotten milk then go near those feet.”

I watch almost painfully as Sarah plops the entire cookie into her mouth. With

each chew I watch as she makes it look like it's the first time she has ever

eaten a cookie and it's the best one in the world. However it works because my

mouth is watering, longing for that cookie.

“Okay okay, I will do it just please feed me.”

I walk over to the bottom of her shoe. I turn my head quickly as I give a second

thought to the whole thing but as my stomach growls I realize I have no choice.

I slowly move my tongue towards the bottom of her shoe and lick the tread. I

quickly back away and look up at her.

“There I did it now can I please have some food Sarah. I throw myself at your

mercy. I love you Sarah please.”

“Nopers your not getting anything till you tell me one thing.”

“If you think I am going to answer that your wrong. I am the master of my own

domain. You can shut it Sarah now give me that damn antidote. You know I cant

inject myself just make me big again.”

“Dude, shut up already!”

I start running across the dressing table to try to get out of this crazy

situation. I am fed up with this bullshit from Sarah. Before I get far I am

Seized by Sarah and she drops me back in the cage.

“Laterz, I need some chillaxin and grab me some food. “

Sarag lowers her face to my cage as I rattle be the bars as she take her finger

and shoves it through the bars into my chest. I double over in pain as she

giggles in glee and then walks out.

Hours pass by as I sit in this cage kicking around wood chips thinking. There is

not to much to do when your in a cage. Hours pass, time goes by slowly. Finally

I see Sarah walk in. I leap to my feet I have never been so glad to see any one

person in my life then I was right now. I then however see Nichole walk in. Both

Sarah and Nichole look very dressed up like the got back from dates. Nichole

closes the door behind her they both start making out with each other.

After a long intimate kiss both Nichole and Sarah turn towards me. They both

walk over to me and lower there face so its level with the cage. There eyes are

locked on me with the largest smiles I have ever seen.

“Duders Hey did ya miss us?”

“Please Sarah grow me back. I don't want to be like this forever.”

Nichole then brings her face so close the cage its all I can see. She licks the

bars and me in one pass of her tongue. I fall back onto the woodchips and stare

back at Nichole from my back.

“Then answer me Blake. Who am I?”

“Yo….You are Goddess Nichole. There I said it finally, your a Goddess Sarah,

Nichole you both are goddessses now please grow me back. I can change. I mean I

realize how badly I treated you and all women. Please just give me a second


“Well Blake, Do you want out of your cage? If you do just beg to me. Beg to

Small tits to let you out.”

“P..Please my Goddess let me out of your mighty enclosure.”

“So Blake how does it feel to have to now beg me for everything. To beg your

well My girlfriend, your ex girlfriend for everything. You know Blake I am going

to love you like this. Tommorrow we are taking you to school and all the girls

there will see the new Blake Myers. Wont that be great?”

Sarah then grabs a small piece of cookie and grabs Blake in the other hand. She

pushes Nichole on her bed and then sits on here chest. She then takes the cookie

and shoves it into Nichole's pussy. She then drops Blake on top of her pussy.

Nichole then starts to lick and rub Nichole's nipples as Blake struggles to open

up Nichole's pussy. He finally squeezes a arm in there but as Sarah adjusts her

self she accidently shoves him in. Blake tumbles down inside Nichole and lands

next to the cookie. Very animal like he dives on the cookie and starts eating it

as Nichole's juices dampen the cookie but Blake no longer cares. As her walls

tighten he devours the small scrap of cookie just before her walls completely

tighten. Blakes body is pressed and squeezed inside Nichole. As his body is just

about squashed like a bug He sees Sarah's tongue enter in and stroke Nichole's

Walls. As Nichole cum's Blake is shoved into Sarah's mouth. His fingers scrape

across her tongue as the flow of cum tries to push Blake down Sarah's throat.

Her mouth then opens and tilts forward and he slides into Nichole's mouth. He

then feels himself in both there mouths. Blake cum's several times and then all

three of them collapse on Sarah's bed breathing heavily.

“Dude that was so f**kin Awesome.”

Blake stares at Sarah who intently looks down at him. Blake can hear Nichole

snoring away. He now knows that he has at the complete mercy of both these

Titanic Teens.


After that night both Sarah and Nichole ended there one time fling. Blake

however ended up in the firm grasp of Nichole as Sarah quickly found another guy

and no longer cared for him. Nichole kept Blake shrunk for 10 years until she

finally grew him back on the day of there wedding. However now even back to his

normal size he lives a life of fear from his spouse as he knows that if he slips

up he will return to his small stature.

That night both Nichole and Blake return from there honeymoon. As Blake carries

the sleeping Nichole to bed he then stares out the window wondering if he will

ever true love. He then sighs and joins his spouse bed atleast knowing that he

got his real size back but also knowing that he wont ever get his life back.

The End

Giantess Stories: Freshmen Blues  By  AsukaFan    As I walked into school today I had no idea what was going to happen to me

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