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Freshmen Feet

Freshmen Feet ~ By Archer

Warning, the following story depicts scenes that may be offensive to certain

people. If you are not into female feet and shrinking, then by all means do not


Freshmen… unique in so many ways. Naïve, fresh, crisp, annoying at times. Many

being laughed at most of the time. No exception is made at St. Joseph's catholic

high school. To the naked eye, St. Joseph's looks like your average catholic

high school. One would see many young high school students pile in dressed in

their uniforms every morning, which is nothing out of the ordinary. However,

things aren't always as they appear, and unexplainable things may only be known

to a select few.

Mike was an above average guy at St. Joseph's. He was a senior, just turning 18

years old. He was popular, intelligent, and had a good family life. More

importantly, he had a personality that just brought out some sort of spark in

everyone. He was a great guy with a great future, and a good all around nice guy

to have around. Needless to say, everyone liked him, and he really didn't

dislike anyone. He was always nice to everyone, and managed to be nice to geeks

and nerds, yet still remain so popular. Many girls “liked him liked him,” as he

was quite attractive as well. He was out of reach for younger ones, namely

freshmen ones. Regardless, he was still sought after.

“Where is he? I know he takes the E train every morning. Is he coming to school

today?” said Lauren, a 5'6 green eyed freshmen at St. Joseph's. “He'll be here,

I know he wouldn't be able to miss a train ride with me,” giggled Jeanette as

she straightened out her white stockings. “Hah, he's mine Jeanette, don't kid

yourself.” Lauren and Jeanette considered themselves the lucky freshmen girls

because they lived near Mike, and were able to take the train with him every

morning to school. Both were cute, dressed in their schoolgirl uniforms. Lauren

had a semi short skirt with dark black stockings and 3” heels on, and Jeanette

was similarly dressed, but with bright white stockings. “Ahh here he comes.”

Mike approached the platform near the two girls, with his usual cool casual

stride and his cool appearance, with his loose dockers and his loosened tie and

collar. Mike gave a semi friendly “hey” and walked by, not saying anything else.

Afterall, they were freshmen. Lauren and Jeanette let out little sighs. “Geez,

some guys.” Mumbled Jeanette. “He is a senior, guess he just looks too far down

upon us,” admitted Lauren. “I wish I could just control him, and make him do and

say what I want. Just like my own little toy or something.” Sighed Jeanette. “I

do too, what girl wouldn't? just be careful what you wish for, it just might

come true as they always say,” said Lauren in a mocking-ominous tone. Both girls

giggled at the thought, and boarded the train ready for a long day of school.

Freshmen Feet Part 2

Lunch in the cafeteria was the melting pot of St. Joseph's High school. Students

different classes and ages ate together, depending on their schedules. Each had

their own groups and areas. Today was no exception. Our hero Mike ate with his

big group of stout hearted fun loving guys, and pretty girls, including the girl

he was sort of seeing, Michelle (whom the freshmen girls were obviously not fond

of and jealous of). Not far away from that table was the table of Lauren and

Jeanette, with many other of their freshmen female friends. Each of them looked

cute in their schoolgirl uniforms, wearing knee high socks or stockings, and

chunky heeled shoes that seemed to be the fab. “Ugh, I don't want to go to

English, I have it next period” mumbled Nicole, a 5'4 brunette. “It's better

than Math, if you'd like to switch I'd gladly do it” replied Jen, another

brunette freshmen. “You don't have to deal with Mr. Richardson, you have no clue

what I'd like to do to that asshole. He acts all big and tough. Sometimes I'd

just like to squash him like a grape” stated Nicole. “Hah, you'd make a good 4th

century evil goddess, I can just picture you 500 feet tall yelling out orders at

your subjects from the heavens, crushing all those who resist,” said Lauren. All

the girls at the freshmen table laughed. “haha very funny Law, well I know one

guy I'd like to be that to, and I don't think I have to give three guesses for

you to figure that one out.” Everyone looked over at Mike's table and giggled.

“How was your lovely train ride this morning?” asked Nicole. “He just said hey

to Jeanette and me, and walked to the end of the platform. Just his normal

friendly self, but never said anything else to us,” said Lauren. “yeah, I doubt

he knows we exist,” sighed Jeanette. “He's a senior, to him we're nothing. We

can't make him like any one of us.” Said Jen. “Hmmm, then I'd take you up on

that 4th century goddess bit, then he'd have no choice. If not, squisshhh.”

Joked Jeanette. Everyone laughed heartily. Just then, Mike passed by, returning

his tray to the conveyor belt. Catching everyone laughing, he looked over

puzzled. “Hi Mike!” said everyone. He just replied with another semi friendly

“hey” and walked back past the table. The minute he passed by the table Jeanette

stomped her chunky heeled shoe down, and everyone laughed. Mike nodded his head

and mumbled “Freshmen…” to himself. The Bell rang and everyone started to pile

out of the cafeteria. Everyone went to their lockers and then to their

respective classes. Jeanette was the lucky one that was off to Chemistry lab,

where Mike, coincidentally, was an assistant, as he volunteered one of his free

periods to help. Afterall, it made his college resume look good, and the lab

director, Mr. Richardson gave him a good recommendation for it. Regardless,

Jeanette was happy because she was in the same lab as him for 2 periods a week.

Many times she'd “accidently” screw something up so he'd have to come over and

help, so she could chit chat with him. Today lab consisted of the usual boring

stuff. Acids, bases, compounds, yadda yadda. Today there were a very high amount

of chemicals in which their properties were to be examined. Everyone gathered

their materials, and began the lab. Upon examination, Jeanette finally realized

she was missing something, which meant one thing… she had a reason to talk to

Mike! which was to ask him for it. Mike was busy helping another student, but

Jeanette still went up to him. “Miiiike I don't have a test tube full of NaCL,

can youuu get me one?” asked Jeanette in a sweet tone, with her hands behind her

back and twirling one foot from the toe. “Ahh, Jeanette is it? I'm sorry, I'm

kinda busy, can you go in the stockroom and get it for me? Mr Richardson just

left, he had to leave early, so I'm gonna run the lab today, so it's ok I don't

care if other students go back in the stockroom. It's up on the second shelf on

the right. Thanks,” said Mike with a courteous smile. “ok!” said Jeanette, as

she skipped toward the stockroom in a good mood because Mike smiled at her. In

the stockroom, there was a lot of supplies, to say the least. “now, he said on

the second left hand shelf, right?” said Jeanette to herself. She was wrong, but

she did not know. She grabbed a test tube full of something that was NOT NaCL.

It was something unmarked, and something that was never combined with what the

freshmen were doing in their lab. It was used in the advanced placement senior

chemistry class, but Jeanette did not know. She proceeded to make her compound

for the remainder of the class. She was proceeding slowly, and was already

behind her classmates, and when the bell rang everyone was done with their lab

report and finished cleaning. Jeanette was still behind from her initial

setback, and didn't know what to do. Her compound, on top of that, wasn't giving

the reactions that the other students were getting. Finally, when all the

students left, she was still at her table with Mike. The Jar of her compound was

slightly bubbling, but other than that wasn't reacting. She just sighed in

frustration, and Mike, noticing there was still someone in the lab, came up to

her. “What's up? Is there a problem Jeanette?” said Mike through his usual

friendly temperament. “I don't know what I did, but this is some weird stuff

that I made. It's not doing anything. I don't know what happened, I followed the

lab book's steps.” Jeanette did not know that she put in a different substance.

“you alredy heated it up with the Bunsen burner? Lets try it again. Do you have

a free period next? Because I have one. There's no class here next period, so I

can help ya ” Said Mike. Jeanette did have a free period, and without hesitation

agreed. Mike worked on the compound with her, and throughout this time Jeanette

kinda flirted with him, but frustratingly got nothing back, as Mike just wasn't

interested, and kept on pushing on with the work. Finally, Jeanette reached over

to turn on the Bunsen burner and when she pulled her hand back she dropped some

burnt remains and it grazed her stockinged legs. “argh, why do I always wear

white stockings on lab days? Any little dirt always shows up.” Said Jeanette,

frustrated from two things now (Mike's being uninterested and her new stain).

“Go wash it off, I'll let this heat up and see what we get.” Said Mike. Jeanette

went to the bathroom and sat there, cleaning that little spot on her stocking.

“He's not paying attention to me, damn him, why doesn't he like me? I'll just

take my flirting to a higher level. I have to make him really notice me,”

mumbled Jeanette to herself.

Meanwhile, back in the lab, Mike let the unknown compound heat up. He was amazed

at the reaction it was giving. It seemed to be changing to a new substance, one

that he has never seen. It was greenish in color, and was rapidly rising in the

container. Rising very quickly, as a matter of fact. Mike was alarmed and

reached to cut off the burner's gas, but was too late. The substance shot out of

the top and all over Mike. “AHH crap!!” He went to the eye wash, and drenched

himself. It still didn't come off. “What the hell is this stuff?” Mike ran over

to get a towel, but didn't make it. Then and there Mike's world rapidly became

larger and larger. “What the hell is happening to me? HELP!!!!” Nobody heard

him. His voice was a series of squeaks in the gargantuan room. Mike had almost

instantly shrank. “What the?? How did this happen?? How did everything get so

big…? I… I don't understand, i.. sh-shh-shrank?? Nothing can shrink how can this

be?” stuttered Mike, in disbelief. It was so surreal to him. He just stared up

at the giant table that he was just at, dumbfounded. He saw a test tube near

him, which dwarfed him lengthwise. He couldn't believe it, he couldn't be more

than two inches tall. He was in utter shock, and just stood there, not fully

comprehending that he was as vulnerable as a bug, and almost anything could

crush him where he stood. His state of shock and staring at the table was

interrupted by a wake up call… a booming wake up call. First it was a series of

vibrations, then rumbles, finally loud booms. BOOM BOOM BOOOM. Mike turned

around in disbelief and saw two giant white pillars in the distance. Upon

further examination, he realized they were not pillars, they were stockinged

legs. “JEANETTE!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!”

Freshmen Feet: Part 3

“AHHHHHHH!” screamed Mike in disbelief upon gazing upon the enormous freshman

girl. Jeanette stood at the doorway looking around for Mike and was puzzled.

“MIKE?” her voice boomed and echoed throughout the gigantic room. She looked

around, and started walking toward the stockroom. Each step caused a loud boom

and a small tremor throughout the floor from Mike's perspective. Mike was

frozen, he was still having trouble comprehending his situation. He just stared

blindly at the giantess scouting the room for him. Even as she started walking

toward him he simply stared up in disbelief. At this time, and in his current

state of disbelief, he had no idea of how much danger he was in. Jeanette was

walking over in his direction, and he was still in shock. He was so vulnerable

that Jeanette's step could easily crush him like he was nothing. To Jeanette, it

would feel like stepping on a squishy French fry. But Mike still wasn't

comprehending his insignificance. His state of awe was broken by nothing other

than Jeanette's gigantic chunky heeled shoe crashing no more than an inch from

him. Her simple step caused a shockwave of air and an underfloor tremor that

knocked him off his feet. It also made such a booming sound that his ears were

ringing. Finally, Mike in his 2 inch figure stood up and looked staight up at

the two silky white legs above him, connected to under Jeanette's skirt. He

finally realized that he was about 2 inches tall, and right between Jeanette's

feet. Then the giantess spoke to herself, “What the heck happened here? What's

this stuff? Where did Mike go?” Mike screamed the answers to those questions as

loud as he could, but to no avail. It would have had to be dead silent in the

building for Jeanette to have heard Mike, and even then his voice would sound

like squeaks. “I guess he went to get something or to clean himself off. I

should clean this up.” Said Jeanette to herself. Mike screamed again, “No!!

Don't touch it!!” Jeanette obviously did not hear him, but luckily she played it

wisely. “This stuff looks serious, better put gloves on.” Jeanette did so, and

cleaned it all up, and saved a good amount in a jar. “No use throwing this out,

I'll get a better grade than an F if I have this to prove my effort.” Said

Jeanette, as she went to place the newly sealed jar in her lab locker. “Hmm,

I'll sit down for a few, and wait for Mike, if he's not here in a few minutes

I'm leaving,” mumbled Jeanette. This was bad news for Mike. All this time as

Jeanette was cleaning up, he was trying to get her attention, but to no avail.

If she leaves not knowing of him, he would be left in the lab overnight. As he

thought more and more of that, many scenarios of his downfall played out in his

mind. He could end up being stepped on when the next class comes in, or worse,

he could be mopped up by the janitorial staff. That brought an even worse

thought to his mind, getting spotted by Cindy, one of the janitors. The thought

of him being in the clutches of that grimey woman brought chills to Mike, and he

instantly made a break for Jeanette. Jeanette was sitting on one of the benches

with one foot out, rubbing it. He ran and ran and ran. Finally he made it to the

shoe. “I can't believe he left me. Forget it I'm out of here” sighed Jeanette.

“oh crap!” cried Mike. Jeanette slipped her foot back into her shoe and Mike

lunged for it. He made it just in the nick of time, and hung on to the edge of

the toe area. It was a wild ride as Jeanette walked to the other side of the

room. Luckily Jeanette stopped to grab her bookbag and Mike took the opportunity

to secure himself in on of the folds/design marks of the front of her school

shoe. He wrapped his arms and legs around anything he could find, and was

secure. It was at this point that he could start to feel heat emanating from

below him. He thought of how long of a day Jeanette has had and how long she's

been on her feet. Just then the bell rang, and off Jeanette was to Math class,

not knowing of the tiny being at her foot, at her control, and at her mercy.

Freshmen Feet: Part 4

The ride to Math class was hellish, even if it was only a for few minutes. The

motion was sickening, and the claking sound of Jeanette's shoes were deafening

to Mike at his size. Nevertheless, Mike dealt with it and Jeanette finally

arrived at Math class. It was here, after she sat down, that Mike would begin to

make attempts to get Jeanette's attention. Coincidentally, unbeknownst to Mike,

he was beginning to make the worst mistake of his life. Regardless, Mike climbed

out of his secure area and climbed further up the shoe. When he reached the end

of the flap, he looked down and saw a sea of bright white silkiness. “Wow, what

a sight” admitted Mike. Mike then jumped down into this sea of white silk and

landed with a soft thud. Mike spread himself out from head to toe on this nylon

spread. It was so soft and smooth he felt like he could just fall asleep. “Wow,

stockings are comfy” He laid there for a few minutes, simply admiring something

that's unique up close. He played with each individual knots in the stocking, as

he could fit the tips of his fingers in them. ‘it's like laying down on one of

those puffy clouds,' Mike thought to himself . Finally Mike said “what am I

doing? I have to get her attention.” Then began the poundings. Mike drove his

fists into the soft whiteness over and over. Jeanette's leg began to twitch, and

Mike kept on pounding. Finally, the giant hand of Jeanette came down to scratch

that spot. Mike almost was sliced in half from a long curved fingernail, but

kept on pounding. Jeanette kept on feeling the itch, and finally both of her

hands came down and scratched, then pulled up the stocking and stretched it up.

This caused Mike to fall backwards, as it was like someone pulling a carpet out

from under one's feet. Mike fell to a position that was semi in the shoe, yet

still somewhat outside. Mike's bottom half was pinned, and felt the heat

emanating from inside the shoe. “Dammit, I'm not going to give up that easily.”

Mike continued to pound , until finally his fate was sealed. Jeanette, feeling

the constant itching, asked to go to the bathroom. Mike braced himself as

Jeanette got up and his body was ever further pinned into the silky white mush.

Jeanette went to the empty bathroom into the stall and was ready to get to the

bottom of this itch. The minute Jeanette closed that stall door and sat down, it

was the beginning of the end for Mike. Jeanette took her foot out of the shoe

and crossed it across her lap, and stared down at the itchy spot. Mike, with one

hand holding onto her smooth stocking clad arch, waved frantically. He was now

as clear as day to Jeanette. A moving, tiny 2 inch being on a white surface.

Jeanette just stared dumbfoundedly, similar to when Mike first encountered the

situation. Mike was in good spirits, shouting “hey! It's me!, etc.” Jeanette

finally spoke in a soft whisper. “Mike?? is that you? Yo-you-you're so tiny! How

did this happen? How?” Jeanette gently scooped Mike up in her hand. Mike shouted

as much as he could. “I can barely hear you, you're so tiny!” chuckled Jeanette.

Mike felt a wave of tranquility, as if the hard part of his ordeal was over. It

was then that Mike began to realize how he had sealed his fate the minute he

caused the last itch. Jeanette's stare of awe slowly turned into a smile. “Yes…

you're so tiny. The world's only 2 inch man, and I'm the lucky one to have found

you.” Mike's heart jumped into his throat at this point. He shouted to the

giantess, which was a low tone to her, but still slightly audible.... “

Jeanette! You have to help me! You have to get help!!” Jeanette smiled even

more. “Have to? I ‘have' to help you? Hahaha, that sounded like an order.” Mike

was scared shitless, what has he done? “You know Mike, I've always loved those

little ironic twists at the end of sitcom episodes or stuff like that, you know

when the tables are totally turned? I remember a Mike who was the best cutest

guy in school, and the desire of many, but wouldn't give a nice girl such as

myself the time of day. I know you've heard this before, but my my my how the

tables have turned Mikey,” giggled Jeanette. Mike didn't know what to say. He

couldn't believe a little freshman was doing this to him. “Teeheeheee, this is

so cool, I have my own little man, and that little guy is who everyone's been

sweating, wait till the girls hear this. But what do I do with you now hmmm?”

Mike started to say something in his defense, but was rudely interrupted by the

booming voice of Jeanette. “Well, I did discover you on my foot. Hmmm, I'll tell

you what, I'll cut you some slack. Being that you love my feet so much, I'll let

you hang out around them for a while.” Jeanette placed the tiny Mike in between

her thumb and index fingers and brought him to her white stocking clad foot. She

stretched her toes out and pushed him into the crevices. “You wont get crushed

under there, just watch out, it's a little tight,” chuckled Jeanette. “NOOOOO

JEANETTE DON….MMMMFMFMFFFMFF” Mike's objection was reduced to muffles as

Jeanette crunched her nylon covered toes over Mike's tiny form. She then

proceeded to further imprison her tiny captive as she put her chunky shoe on.

With her foot fully inside, she uncrunched her toes and Mike was left under

them. Instantly a wave of hot smelly air hit poor Mike. “MMFMFMFMFMF” is all

that came out, as his entire form, including his face was covered by the damp

sweaty stocking. Jeanette left the bathroom and the wonderful ride for Mike

began, as his prison was moving violently. Jeanette returned to Math class very

chipper. Her friend Amy, who sat behind her, wondered why. “Oh, no reason, I

just love Math so much” giggled Jeanette. She was as giddy as what she is, a

schoolgirl. Meanwhile, Mike was not. He just stared in the darkness at the 5

pack of rolls that were Jeanette's toes, screened by the stocking over his face.

He pondered many things for the remainder of that Math period. He fully realized

how his fate was sealed 10 minutes ago, and couldn't believe how this happened

to him. He thought of the irony of how much he had enjoyed being in contact with

her soft, smooth stockings, and how contrastingly bad it was right now. More

importantly, Mike thought to himself, ‘How can a freshman girl's feet smell so

goddamn bad?'

Freshmen Feet: Part 5

Life, past experiences, bright future, good times, good friends, good life. When

they are stripped away from you, your life means nothing. That is the poetic

outlook on Mike now. A popular smart young man with a great life and a bright

future was now practically a piece of dirt underneath Jeanette's toes.

The rest of math class wasn't fun for Mike. So many factors made poor Mike's

very existence awful. First and foremost, Jeanette's feet smelt bad. To a normal

sized being, they may or may not have been smelly, perhaps just a bit. However,

Mike was no more than 2 inches, and everything in his world was magnified,

including his sense of smell. Therefore Jeanette's slightly smelly feet

presented a powerful, hot, musky odor to Mike. It didn't help that Jeanette was

on her feet most of the day, and it was a long school day for her. Stockings

naturally made her feet sweat too, and they soaked most of it up, and poor mike

was molded into them. Aside from the smell, Mike was in such a restricted

position that there was nothing that he could do to feel better. It was smelly

and sticky, and he couldn't move. Mike was never one to give up easily though,

so he constantly struggled in his prison. Jeanette, however, enjoyed this. The

wiggling action of the tiny teenager beneath her foot gave her a warm pleasant

feeling. Mike's resistance was only pleasing her more. She would periodically

wiggle and scrunch her toes, which made life worse for Mike, as the damp

stocking would rub all over him, moistening his clothes and stinging his eyes

with some of the slight foot sweat that the stockings had absorbed throughout

the long warm schoolday. Regardless, Mike would still wiggle and struggle and

Jeanette would giggle to herself and scrunch again. Toward the end of the Math

period, Mike finally lost energy and gave up. No more than a minute later, the

bell rang and the fun ride for Mike began again. Each step that Jeanette took

seemed like a one year cycle to Mike. He was crunched, in mid air, crunched, in

mid air, then crunched again, then in mid air again. This trip stopped somewhere

unknown to Mike, where he heard the voice of Jeanette and her friends faintly.

“You girls have to come over today, I have to show you something. Can't explain

now, I'll be late for class.” The girls agreed and Jeanette was off. Finally

Jeanette arrived at her final class of the day, Gym. Jeanette sat herself in the

corner of the girls locker room, slightly aside from the rest of the girls, and

started to get her gym clothes ready. She then took off her left shoe, then the

right shoe (which was the one Mike was in) next. The pressure on Mike was lifted

as the freshman's giant foot exited the shoe. A wave of light and fresh air

instantly hit Mike. Jeanette peered down at the shoe at Mike, who was numb and

still laying down in the toe area, and giggled and began to dress for Gym.

Meanwhile, feeling returned to Mike's body and he stood up, examining his

surroundings. The laughter and chatter of many freshmen girls filled the outside

of the shoe, and he caught glimpses of Jeanette undressing. “Oh no, Gym class,”

mumbled Mike to himself. “What else more can she possibly do to me? This is a

joke right?” said Mike. The cold air that filled the shoe eventually began to

dry him. He was moist from the damp foot over him, and now he was beginning to

become dry and sticky. “Eww, I really smell. Damn girl's gotta put some foot

lotion or something on.” It didn't matter, no matter what, at his size the

girl's foot is going to smell bad. Any girl's foot would, he's just too tiny.

Finally, Jeanette, having finished dressing for gym, approached the shoe and

picked it up and tilted it. Mike tumbled down to the heel section, and looked up

at the giant girl peering down at him with a huge grin. “How's my little guy

doing down there? Hope my feet didn't stink, hahahaha. I kinda like you down

there under my toes. You felt all warm and squishy, and I like being tickled

down there. Now what am I going to do with you for gym class?” Mike shouted back

at her… “Jeanette! This has gone far enough. Is this some kind of sick joke? You

have to help me get back to normal!” Jeanette responded with a chuckle… “There

it is again, ‘have' to help me. I don't ‘have' to do anything, I'm not the one

who's an eeeety beeeety person here. Now, what to do with you… hmmm… I know! You

can come with me for the period.” Jeanette reached into the shoe and her giant

fingers enveloped Mike. “No Jeanette! You'll crush me! It's gym period!”

Jeanette didn't want to risk foot duty for physical activity other than walking,

as she didn't want any danger of returning to the locker room with her prize

being a red stain on her sock, so she found another place to put Mike. She

pulled out her shirt with her other hand and dropped Mike in her cleavage. “My

my, Mike…. you're so close to my heart! Didn't know you cared so much! Hahaha”

Mike bounced around trapped in between her breasts. “Hold on down there, it's

gonna be a bumpy ride.” Jeanette skipped off to the gym where she spent the

period doing the class' usual physical activity. Mike, on the other hand, was

having a rather unique time. To put it simply, he was in between two giant

boobs. The ride was extremely bumpy, but Mike managed to hold on for most of the

period. Toward the end, however, he finally couldn't hold on longer and slipped

down her stomach onto the band of her sweatpants. He held on for dear life, as

the deadly plunge was just a slip away. Jeanette, catching a breather to the

side of the gym, felt his tiny body and looked down. “How'd you get down there?

Hahaha, you have no clue how cute you are, hanging on down there. Oh well, back

you go upstairs.” Jeanette plucked Mike and dropped him back in her cleavage.

‘oh well,' Mike thought. ‘It's better than under her foot.' The Gym period

ended, and the girls filed back into their locker room. Jeanette sat in her

corner and immediately pulled Mike out from between her breasts. “Guess that

wasn't a secure place was it? My itty bitty Mikey almost fell and killed

himself. Oh well, guess it's back to where you belong.” His home perhaps? In his

nice warm bed at his normal size? Who was Mike kidding, he knew he was going

back under her toes. Once again before Mike could squeak out an objection he was

enveloped in fingers and dropped. Mike fell and fell and tumbled, but this time Aquarius Sun Libra Rising

he was somewhere different. He bounced around and eventually came to a stop. A

familiar smell was strong where he was now. He looked around and saw his giant

locker room world shaded bright white. “Aw shit, she put me in her stockings,”

Mike mumbled to himself. The Smell was worse than it was in the shoe. The toe

section, which he was in, was slightly less smooth than the rest of the silky

prison, as there was some dried up sweat. Mike turned around and saw Jeanette

with her gym clothes off, in her undergarments. She was cute for a freshman,

Mike thought to himself. “What the hell am I thinking? What's gonna be cute

about her when those toes are squishing me to death?” Jeanette finished putting

on the rest of her uniform and picked up the stockings. “Lonely in there? Don't

worry, here's some company” Mike's nylon prison shook violently as she inserted

her left foot into its leg. He watched as the giant limb entered his neighboring

stocking leg. Then came its mate. A loud “sssssssssssssssslt” sound filled his

ears as her foot and leg entered against the smooth stocking material. The toes

that were leading the way became bigger and bigger from his point of view, until

they were over him. Jeanette picked at the stocking around him and positioned

him into the crevices underneath her toes, where else. She pulled up the

stocking and Mike's new prison was molded. He sat with his head underneath her

big toe and his feet just touching her second to last toe. Immediately a more

powerful odor than before hit Mike, as he was now inside the stocking instead of

outside. On top of that, Jeanette just finished gym class, which is self

explanatory when it comes to feet. “Time to go home, the girls are going to come

with us, as they have to get a load of you, my little guy.” Said Jeanette. “I

guess you're sitting with me on the train finally. Then again, I guess you have

no choice!” giggled Jeanette. Mike didn't even bother to object, which was

rightfully so because immediately she placed her feet into her shoes, and a

hellish ride for Mike began yet again. She walked for what seemed like forever

to Mike, and all he could hear were the muffled voices of Jeanette's friends.

“So what are you going to show us at your house, Jeanette?” Said Lauren. “Yeah,

why keep us waiting? Why not show us now?” Said Nicole. “Gotta keep you two in

suspense, hahaha,” replied Jeanette. “Wow, it must be something big,” said

Lauren. “No no, it's far from it. It's actually pretty small!” chuckled Jeanette

as she coincidentally scrunched her toes over Mike at the same time. Mike merely

groaned at her pun, and squirmed like a worm hyped up on caffeine. Jeanette just

smiled at the warm squishy feeling under her toes, and began the trek to the

train station with her two freshmen friends. Mike was in for more fun at

Jeanette's house, but at this point he had to think to himself one thing…

anything must be better than being Jeanette's stinky toes. Then again, he could

be wrong….

Freshmen Feet: Part 6

Mike's trip to Jeanette's house was awful. Jeanette was coming home from a long

day at school, and from a last minute gym period, thus making Mike's position

horrible. He was in direct contact with her toes, on top of that, and the

stocking was holding him up against them. Jeanette also insisted on scrunching

her toes constantly. It was bad enough that the air was moist with her foot

sweat, but the scrunching wiped much of the sweat all over poor Mike. The salty

substance burned his eyes, and made his body itch. The smell was awful, and his

nose burnt. On top of that, so much of the moisture and what was rubbed over him

from the scrunching had gotten into his mouth that all he tasted was Jeanette's

feet. Sure, Mike tried screaming for help constantly. Nobody would ever have a

chance to hear him though, as it was all muffled into her toes and stockings,

and the sound would never have a chance of passing through those shoes. The

sweat gradually made it tougher, as it was quite an obstacle for his voice to

gurgle over it. It was in the back of his throat, and his nostrils. It was a

pitiful existence for Mike.

Meanwhile, from the giantess point of view, it was a normal train ride home with

three freshmen girls and nothing more. One fidgeted often with her right foot,

but who would ever think that there was a tiny living being in there? “Whew,

what a long day” sighed Nicole. “Yeah, Mondays are always tough. My feet hurt so

much,” said Lauren. “Mine did too, but for some reason my right one feels

better, I wonder why,” said Jeanette, trying not to break a smile. “Um ok,” said

Lauren in confusion. “I'd sure go for a nice massage right now. That 14th

century goddess bit we talked about at lunch sure looks good right now. I'd have

all my tiny subjects rub my feet,” joked Nicole. “That would be evil, you'd blow

out their nostrils and kill them all,” said Lauren. “My feet smell just fine

thank you very much. I'm not the one that can never wear white stockings cuz the

foot area turns yellow!” replied Nicole. All the girls laughed. “Hey! That's a

lie, I just like black stockings that's all. I bet yours smell 10 times worse

than mine!” defended Lauren. “Girls girls girls, please calm down. We'll have a

professional decide whose smell worse,” said Jeanette, with an evil idea popping

into her mind. “Here's our stop, lets get off.” The girls got off at the train

station near Jeanette's house. Once again began the hellish cycle for Mike of

enduring Jeanette's walking. They were near the bus stop, waiting for the q11.

“You know what, why don't we walk to my house, it's only a few blocks,” said

Jeanette. Everyone agreed, except for poor little Mike, who was doomed to 5 more

minutes of smelly hell. The girls walked the rest of the way to Jeanette's house

on that unseasonably warm day, and worked up a small sweat. They arrived at

Jeanette's house to take a load off. They went straight up to Jeanette's room

and locked the door. Lauren and Nicole immediately sat down and kicked off their

shoes, with a sigh of relief. Lauren stretched her long black silky legs and

Nicole picked at her smooth burgundy stockings at her feet, where the silky

material had folded and stuck to her skin and in between her toes. Jeanette left

her shoes on. “Ok, so what is it? What's this thing you have to show us?” asked

Nicole. Jeanette went over to the bed and sat down and said “Whoever would like

the honor, please remove my right shoe.” “Eww I'm not going near your feet, this

is stupid,” objected Lauren. “Whatever, I'll do it, I wanna see this surprise.

It better not be some new foot lotion or something,” stated Nicole. “Just pull

and see.” Jeanette stretched out her foot, and Nicole slowly slipped off her

shoe. Just then, Mike's world was flooded with bright light and fresh air as the

contaminated air spread out and away from Mike. Nicole backed off as the smelly

heat spread from her foot. “Ugh, okay so now what's this surprise?” inquired

Nicole. “Look closer” said Jeanette as she stretched her toes up. The two girls

looked closer, and saw an object underneath her toes. Mike was petrified. He was

stuck to her toes, as the moist foot sweat had cemented him there. Furthermore,

he knew two new gigantic freshmen girls were looking at his tiny helpless self

in awe. The girls were staring in amazement. “Wh.. what is that in there? I

don't get it” said Nicole. Immediately Mike's tiny body dislodged from her toes,

and he was turned around and looked out through the moist white stocking.

“AHHHHHH!” screamed Mike upon seeing the two giantesses staring at him. He

pounded on the stocking trying to break through, having some wild idea that he

would somehow escape and evade the clutches of the three giant high school

freshmen. It was all in vain, as the stocking bounced his feeble attacks back.

“It's moving! It's a tiny thing!!” said Lauren in amazement. “Oh my… oh my God,

that's… Mike! from school! It's him look at his tiny face. I'd know that cute

face anywhere!” said Nicole. “Very good, yes it is him. It's MY Mike” said

Jeanette with a HUGE smile on her face. “Told ya girls he'd be mine someday.”

“How is this possible? How did he get so small?” asked the girls. “I don't know

how, but let's just say some extra help with chemistry resulted in me getting a

tiny Mike. Regardless, I think it's time I let my Mikey out of his home. Excuse

me girls,” said Jeanette. She got up and went in the corner, and reached up her

skirt and began pulling down her stockings. Her giant foot left Mike's prison,

but he was soon to follow. She turned the stocking upside down and Mike tumbled

down and out, into Jeanette's waiting open palm. All Mike could think about was

the total foot-less fresh air he was getting. Jeanette walked back over to her

bed and sat down. She dropped Mike onto the floor. He stared up at the three

giantesses gazing down on him. Three freshmen girls that never really existed to

him were now gargantuan pieces of reality. All Mike could think of was escape,

and that's what he impulsively attempted. He broke for under the bed, but the

carpet fibers slowed him down. Lauren's giant finger came and knocked him down,

and pulled him back out into the open. All three girls giggled at the feeble

attempt of tiny Mike. “So what are we going to do with him?” inquired Nicole

with a smile. “I think it's time we settled the little argument you two had on

the train. Girls, here is your professional,” said Jeanette as she pointed to

the tiny helpless form on the floor. The girls giggled menacingly. “You're going

down Lauren,” said Nicole. “Not a chance, we'll see about that,” replied Lauren.

“A generous prize goes to the winner, which is the girl with the smellier feet.

Little Mikey, be a doll and go smell their feet,” stated Jeanette, as she

couldn't help chuckling. The two girls sat down and stretched out their feet.

Mike could not believe what was happening. “This is ridiculous, get a life,”

said Mike, as he just stood there. “I guess I was supposed to understand your

little squeaks down there, but I didn't. More importantly, I don't see you

smelling. I'll let you know right now, if you don't listen to me, you will be a

stain under my foot,” threatened Jeanette. Mike still refused to believe he was

in this ridiculous situation, and stood his ground. Jeanette then stomped her

gargantuan foot down right next to Mike, and Mike was hit with a thunderous BOOM

and a tremor that knocked him on his ass. Mike regained his bearings and saw the

giant bare foot next to him, and was scared shitless. He did not want to end up

as a stain, he thought. Mike ran over to Nicole's foot. “Good, now let's begin.”

Nicole brought her burgundy colored stocking foot over Mike and pushed Mike's

tiny body into the crevices of her toes. “Get a good whiff Mike,” giggled

Nicole, and he pushed Mike's tiny head into the stocking. Mike was overwhelmed

with a pungent odor as the moist stocking covered his face. The long day of

school and the walk home had almost soaked the soft dark burgundy stocking, and

boy did it stink. It was a different kind of stench than Jeanette's feet. It was

unexplainable, but it sure was smelly. Nicole finally let go and Mike coughed

and ran as far away from the smelly boat sized foot as he could. “Hahaha, see

that? I'm a shoe in for the prize. Hahaha, get it? Shoe in?” joked Nicole. The

girls laughed, Mike didn't find it funny. “Ok my turn” said Lauren as she

suddenly brought her foot over Mike. Mike had a split second to react only to

look up and see a mountain of pitch black silk overwhelm him. Lauren spread out

her toes and caressed them across Mike's face. Once again, it felt like Nicole's

sweaty stocking foot, as the moisture was massaged into his face and nostrils.

Lauren's feet were not as powerful, but for some reason they where stinkier than

Nicole's. It was unexplainable, but Mike just felt more grossed out by Lauren's

pungent foot. Lauren finally released the tiny guy and he just sat there

coughing and gasping for fresh air. “Ooooooooh, somebody's feet stink” said

Jeanette. Jeanette picked up Mike and brought him to her face. “So little guy,

whose smell worse?” ‘This is utterly ridiculous,' thought Mike to himself. He

shouted out, “The black ones, the black nylon foot smelt worse.” “Looks like we

have a winner! The fabulous prize is now yours,” stated Jeanette. “Aw man,”

mumbled Nicole. “Oh what have I won tell me!” said Lauren. “You, my friend, get

to own this little guy for one full night.” “Alright! That's so cool, you're

mine for now Mike! Isn't that great?” said Lauren. Mike didn't know what to say

really, he knew it would be hell for him in any of the girls' hands. “Just

remember Lauren, he LOVES feet, give him the presidential treatment!” said

Jeanette. “Oh most definitely, I guess my aching feet won't hurt anymore!” said

Lauren. All three girls laughed menacingly. Mike just braced for the inevitable

as Lauren's giant fingers approached and engulfed him.

Freshmen Feet: Part 7

Mike was given a surprising break from all the previous torture he had endured.

Lauren had admired her loaner from Jeanette for a good 15 minutes, doing the

standard poking and feeling in disbelief at the existence of such a tiny being.

That was it for a while though, and Mike was given a rest. Most of the girls'

time together in Jeanette's room was spend talking. Mike was placed on the floor

in the middle of the circle of the three giddy giant schoolgirls staring down at

him still in awe. “I still can't believe this Jeanette. How did he get to be so

tiny? This is impossible,” asked Nicole. “Beats me, I was staying after Chem.

Lab because I was behind with the work and it wasn't working out. This lucky guy

stayed to help me. Some soot got on my stockings and I went to wash them off.

When I came back he wasn't there, so I waited and waited, till the bell rang so

I just left. During Math class I felt a funny itch at my foot. It continued and

I went to the bathroom, figuring there was something in my shoe or stockings or

something. I checked it out, and viola, there he was, my new tiny Mike,” said

Jeanette with a smile. “Wow, what a story. I still don't get how he got down

there and why,” said Lauren. Jeanette responded with a chuckle… “I don't either,

just figured he liked my feet or something. Maybe it's time we figured this

out.” Jeanette reached down and picked Mike up and brought her hand up to the

girls faces. “So what's the deal anyway? How'd you get to be so small?” Mike

stood up in her palm and shouted, “Why should I tell you? This is all nonsense

what you all are doing to me! You girls have to help me get big again!!” All

three girls laughed. “Awww he's so cute Jeanette! Even cuter than he was at

regular size. You have to let me borrow him after Lauren does,” said Nicole.

“Hahaha, yeah Jeanette, that's adorable. He's so tiny and helpless, and his

voice sounds like little squeaks. I can't thank you enough for letting me borrow

him tonight.” replied Lauren. Mike was getting very angry. Here he was shouting

out and being serious, only to be laughed at by three freshmen. “You damn little

freshmen! Grow up already! Let's stop all this nonsense and find a way to make

me bigger!” shouted Mike. The girls stopped laughing. Lauren and Nicole looked

up at Jeanette then down at Mike, still smiling. Jeanette's face, however,

brought chills to Mike's spine. She looked down at him like a mother looks down

at a disobedient child. She said nothing, and merely brought her other fingers

down to her palm, where Mike was. Mike just blocked with his arms as if to

somehow ward off the inevitable. Jeanette curled her index and thumb fingers up

and flicked the tiny teenager hard. Mike flew back, but was caught by her other

fingers. Mike was in so much pain and was dazed and confused. He finally

regained his bearings and looked up at Jeanette. Jeanette sternly looked back at

her tiny captive and spoke… “Ok now, I think we have established who's the

‘little' one here. No more of this. Don't get yourself hurt again. Now, let's

talk. How did you get to be so tiny?” Mike, battered and beaten, sat up and told

the story. He told the girls everything, about the substance that shot out of

the beaker in chem. Lab, and how he shrank immediately. He told how he grabbed

onto Jeanette's foot, and how he got her attention. He began to tell what

happened from there on, about how Jeanette put him under her toes, and all the

torture he had to endure, but the girls were uninterested. He was placed on the

carpet at their feet. They were staring at each other. Finally, Jeanette spoke…

“What a story, that stuff I made in lab shrunk him.” “I can't believe this, what

did you make?” asked Lauren. “That's the thing, I don't know. I must have

grabbed some other substance to mix in or something. I really don't know.”

“That's a shame, if you remembered we could, well… you know, make some more of

it” said Nicole with a smile. Jeanette nodded her head, then a thought instantly

came to her mind. Slowly her face produced a mischievous smirk, until she spoke…

“I saved some of that stuff. Yes, I know I definitely did. I put some in a jar

end left it in my lab locker.” Mike, witnessing this whole conversation, felt an

uneasy feeling in his stomach. It was as if he were being witness to a

diabolical scheme made by three witches, only he was witnessing three normal

freshman schoolgirls dealing with a powerful thing. “I know a few guys I'd like

to have for myself,” said Nicole. “Let's get this stuff, I'll get it out of my

locker tomorrow. We'll see what we can do with it,” said Jeanette, still with

that mischievous smile. “I guess we should rest up, we have a big day tomorrow,”

stated Lauren. All three girls stood up, and Lauren reached down and picked up

her loaner for the night. “Thanks for lending him to me, it'll be fun tonight,”

said Lauren. “Don't mention it, you won the contest, you had the smellier feet,”

replied Jeanette. All three girls laughed. “Now remember, I'm being generous

here. Give him back to me in homeroom tomorrow. And most important of all, be

very careful, I don't want a red stain back tomorrow. He's so tiny, don't squish

him,” said Jeanette to Lauren, as she was seeing Lauren and Nicole out the door.

“No problem, I'll be careful. You know me.” “Also, don't kill him with those

feet of yours. They could knock out a cow,” said Nicole. All three girls laughed

yet again, which was something Mike was used to hearing around him. They said

their goodbyes and split up. Lauren was on her way home with her new toy for the

night in her hands. It was only a 5 minute walk from Jeanette's house to

Lauren's, and luckily Mike was spared the travel conditions that he previously


Eventually Lauren arrived at her house. She greeted her mother and little sister

and ran right upstairs and placed Mike on her desk. She wasted no time in

getting comfortable, kicking off her shoes and unbuttoning her shirt. “Ahhh, it

feels good to relax after such a long day, doesn't it Mike? I sure worked up

quite a sweat. My feet hurt so much, you think you can help me out with that?”

Mike knew there was no answer he could give that would result in him not having

to smell her feet in some way shape or form. He just stood there. Lauren got up

and walked over to the desk. “I knew you'd come home with me someday Mike, just

never knew that it wouldn't be your choice.” She laughed almost maniacally and

picked up Mike. In the other hand, she ripped off a tiny piece of scotch tape,

one that was merely a millimeter. “This will make things interesting for you,

because afterall, I hear you like feet.” Mike responded in anger, “What the hell

are you talking about? You girls are making these things up there's no way in

hell that I would enjoy smelling those disgus….mmmfmfmfmfmmfff.” Lauren placed

that tiny piece of scotch tape over his mouth. The adhesive was too powerful at

his size for him to take it off. He had no choice but to breathe through his

nose. Lauren's voice boomed down at him.. “Ahem, it's time for my massage my

dear Mike.” Lauren brought him over to the bed and sat down. She first placed

him down at her legs while sitting Indian style. She pushed Mike's tiny head

into the ball of her black stocking foot. Mike's world became nothing but a

moist black blob, as he was forced to smell her giant foot yet again. Lauren was

not joking about working up a sweat in the day, and that last 5 minute walk made

her foot even sweatier. Lauren's giant finger kept tiny Mike molded into the

foot. All Mike could do was smell. She did not let off for at least two minutes.

To Mike, it felt like 2 years, smelling and smelling. He could not breathe

through his mouth, which was exactly what Lauren intended. Mike eventually could

not take anymore, and started to bang against the giant sweaty stocking blob of

a foot. Lauren, not being totally sadistic, finally let her finger go, leaving

Mike at the base of her feet gasping for air. “Now that you've been acquainted

with them, it's time to rub them,” said Lauren. She repositioned herself and

made herself comfortable, laying down longways on her bed. As for Mike, he was

placed at her feet, where else. “Ok, I'm waiting.” Mike knew he had no choice.

He hesitantly started for her giant left foot, which was probably about 3 times

as long as him. Once again his nostrils were filled with the pungent odor of her

foot, but he had no choice. He stretched out his arms and began massaging her

silky, yet moist foot.

Lauren was enjoying her massage from the tiny hands of Mike. She was

comfortable, watching tv, and periodically would tell Mike to switch feet.

Finally, she told him to stop and lay down. Mike did so, wondering what she

wanted. He soon found out. She took her right foot and placed it on top of Mike.

She started rolling him back and forth under her toes, under her arch, under

every part of her foot. She was using him to massage her own foot. She just

smiled in relief at the tiny massage she was getting. Mike, on the other hand,

was as good of a good time. Although he had to do nothing, he still was being

tortured. Her feet were still sweaty, and she was basically rubbing it all into

him. Once again, foot sweat entered his nostrils, causing a salty taste in the

back of his throat. His eyes were once again burning. The one saving grace for

Mike was how smooth her feet and stockings were. Although he was being tortured

by smelly feet, the silk did feel good, but that was it. He still was being

tortured, what was he thinking? Finally he just gave up trying to struggle and

let her do her thing. Finally, the ordeal was over and Mike was left laying on

the bed. Lauren got up, and started undressing. Slowly she unrolled her pitch

black stockings, and tossed them aside. Next came the skirt, and the shirt,

until she was down to her bra and panties. She walked over to the bed and Mike

stared up at the half naked freshman goddess. “Ahhh my feet feel very relaxed,

thank you. You should go into business massaging giant girls feet, you can make

some good money!” joked Lauren. Mike was not amused. She reached down and

brought her fingernail near Mike's mouth. With a snatching action, she ripped

the tape off of his face, causing Mike the expected pain. Before he could react,

she picked him up and held him in between her fingers. She brought him up to her

nostrils and smelled him. Mike's moist clothes were practically sucked up as if

there were a giant vacuum pulling him. “Whew, you really do smell. My feet don't

smell that bad do they? I'm sure the other girls' feet made you smell this bad.”

Mike didn't care, he was ignoring her. This was ridiculous, he thought. He

didn't care whose feet made him smell worse, he just knew how he had to endure

smelling them all. Before he knew it, he was in the bathroom with Lauren. “It's

time to wash you up, stinky.” Lauren's giant fingers removed Mike's tiny clothes

and he was left naked. Mike was placed on the bathroom sink and watched as the

giant schoolgirl removed her remaining garments. She stood before him totally

naked. Before he could fully admire the naked girl, he was once again snatched

up and brought into the shower. “Time to smell good again little guy.” Mike was

sent gasping for air as Lauren's giant fingers washed him. She washed his entire

body, nether regions and all. Her giant finger caressed his manhood, and as hard

has he tried to resist it, he grew hard. Lauren saw this and giggled.. “Try to

control yourself Mike, I know you've always had the hots for me.” She continued

to manipulate his manhood, through a sea of shower water and soap, and

eventually the inevitable happened. He reached his climax, only to have his tiny

seamen washed away like it was nothing. Lauren saw this and giggled… “You're too

cute, I can't believe you did that.” She laughed heartily and placed Mike on the

shower shelf as she washed her own body. Mike sat there, embarrassed and naked.

He thought to himself.. ‘I can't believe this, look at what I have been reduced

to…. ‘Foot smelling and now I've blown a load for a freshman.' Lauren finished

up and performed the rest of her night routine, such as brushing teeth, etc.

Finally Mike was taken back to her room and placed on her desk, as she dressed

into her flannel pj's and a worn out St. Joseph's t-shirt. “Now that I have a

guest tonight, I guess I should figure out some place for him to sleep,” said

Lauren. She looked around her messy room and found the place. “I got it, just a

place you'd like.” Lauren plucked Mike off the desk in between her fingers, and

walked across the room. She reached down and picked up the same pair of

stockings that she had worn all through her long day. “I'm sure you're familiar

with this, so you should have no trouble sleeping.” Mike's protests were once

again ignored as he was dropped. He was dropped into the stocking and tumbled

down to where else, the toe section. Once again, the awful odor that he had

experienced before was around him. The top of the stocking was tied by Lauren,

cutting off his escape. His stocking prison was placed over the chair. Lauren

looked down at her tiny prisoner and spoke… “Get some rest in there, there's a

big day tomorrow. You might have some company soon. Goodnight little Mikey!”

Lauren shut off the lights and slipped into bed. Mike was left hanging in his

smelly silken prison. It was uncomfortable, damp, and smelt awful. It wasn't

even smooth, as most of the foot sweat had dried up, leaving the material

harder. All he could do was think. He thought about the whole day, how he went

from being one of the best most popular guys in school, to being a mere toy to

freshmen girls, and smelling their feet. A new thought came to his mind… what

were they gonna do with the stuff that shrunk him? He had an uneasy feeling of

what was about to come the next day. Regardless, he curled up in his stinky bed

and fell asleep.

Freshmen Feet Part 8:

Mike was well into his first night's sleep as a tiny guy, inside the stocking of

a high school girl. It wasn't easy to fall asleep in such a smelly prison, but

nevertheless, Mike found a way, as he was exhausted from the day's ordeals. It

wasn't a sound sleep, however, as Mike seemed to have begun dreaming. Judging

from his tossing and turning, it was more of a nightmare.

Mike's nightmare involved many surreal happenings. He dreamt that he was

constantly changing form, and all of these forms were at the mercy of the three

giant freshmen. First he was a shoe sole. He dreamt that his whole existence was

there to soak up sweat and make Jeanette's foot comfortable. Then his dream

shifted to him being a piece of cotton that Nicole put between her big and

second toe to paint her toenails. Then the dream course took him

Giantess Stories: Freshmen Feet

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