Giantess Stories: Friendly Roomie  by DX5  The new semester seeemed to be starting of well

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Friendly Roomie

by DX5

The new semester seeemed to be starting of well, I had a new roomate and she

seemed to be really nice to me unlike my last semesters roomate, she was a

real bitch but i don't want to get into that right now this story isn't about

her. I am Heather a freshman in college studying chemistry, i am about 5'10

140 pounds and am full of curves, my roomate Heather is a smaller girl about

5'2' and a 110 pounds, but very pretty, she has blond hair blue eyes and like

i said very kind. Well we are still getting to know each other as the new

semester has only recently started.

Things go well until one evening my chemistry professor asks me to help him

out in his lab. Well it is always a huge honor to be asked to come in there,

he was some kind of leading researcher in a various number of fields and only

a few lucky students get to go in his lab. I walked into his personal lab

building which is right off of campus I just walked in the front door like i

was told to do and went down the stairwell and knocked on a heavy metal door,

i heard the click and slide of locks being undone and i see my professor

there, an older respectable looking gentleman.

'Hello Heather let's go ahead and get right into it, you are just to stand

back and observe and please don't touch anything and feel free to ask any

questions' He gestured me in and I shuffled into the corner a little away from

him and watched him turn on some switches of equipment i have never seen


'This equipment looks better than the stuff that the University owns,


'Welll it is dear the University can't afford most of this equipment I receive

many special grants from the governemt to purchase this stuff.'

'Just what are you working on then?

'Well I am working on a fertilizer to help trees increase their abiliy to

process pollution and produce more pure oxygen' he only half pays attention to

my questions as he is focusing hard on his work, these are way over my head

and i am not sure why he even asked me down here. He stops mixing chemicals

and nods then turns to me. 'I have heard that you have a real green thumb and

i wanted to test this stuff outside of the lab, and i was curious if you would

like to try this for me i know that you will take very good notes on the

growth and changes in your plants, all you need to do is check if it is

harmful to the plants, you have no need to test for O2 increases or anything i

just need to know it is good for the plants.'

'Well sir it would be an honor, but all i have is a few bonzai trees in my


'That would be perfect please will you do this, i have a lot of other

experiments going on and do not have time to do this inital testing'

'Of course i will, doing real research is what i have always wanted' We talk

some more and he hands me several jars of a clear liquid which need to be

refrigerated, they are only marked with a long chemical formula, i am to start

on monday and administer the fertilizer once a day. I get home all excited and

put the liquid in my minifridge, and go in our lounge to watch tv since my

roomate is out.

I return about an hour later and my roomate is back she is sitting on the

couch wearing a pair of boxers for shorts and a bare midriff t-shirt. She

looks up as i walk in 'Hey is it just me or is it hot in here?'

'No seems fine to me are you feeling ok you seem to be sweating?'

'No i feel great, hey come sit down and watch this movie with me its about

some stalker/killer its pretty dramatic'

'Sure sounds good' I turn off the lights and sit next to her and start to

watch the show, it is pretty good, after a little while Sarah starts scooting

closer to me bit by it, she leans over and starts to rub my neck it feels good

so i let her, and then she leans in and starts to kiss my neck, my eyes go

wide as she does this i can't beleive it, i sit still and she takes this as a

sign to move in closer. She climbs on me a bit and tries to kiss me again,

this is when i regain my senses and toss her off of me onto the floor, 'What

the hell are you doing? I am not a lesbian!!' I stand over her as she sits on

the floor looking up at me a little miffed, but not as mad as me.

'Well i thought we got along so well i just you know, you are so beautiful and

all i just must have you.' As she says this she moans a bit and i watch as her

clothes seem to tighten around her, her nipples poking through her small

shirt. 'Please don't reject me you know, it won't hurt to try it once this is

college.' She stands up and seems taller than before, the top of her head

level with her clothes.

'No Sarah i don't like girls like that its just not the way i am OK lets just

forget it' as i watch her muscles seem to be pumping up getting bigger and

harder, her shirt now hangs just below her swollen breasts her stomach seems

to be hardening taking shape and definition before my eyes 'Oh my Ghod Sarah

what is happening to your body!' she looks down at herself, eyes going wide as

she looks at her firm hard body, she pulls her arms up flexing her biceps they

swell up forming to hard balls of muscle>

'Oh my God i feel so strong this is incredible look at me i am getting bigger

and bigger' and she does her heightincreasing as she grows as tall as me and

then bigger, now standing about six foot tall, and with big firm muscles, her

ass hanging out of her small shorts, she flexes and her muscles rubbing her

hands down her body, she looks down at me smiling a look of confidence in her


'Mmm i wanted you from the moment i laid eyes on you, and look at me, there is

not way you can stop me from taking what i want.' She grabs my shoulders

firmly i struggle but can't brake her strong grip she picks me up and starts

kissing me deeply and holds me tight her enourmous breasts pressed against me,

I hear a loud rippping sound as her shirt tears off, her massive breasts

revealed each on the size of my head and they swell even more before my eyes

her height rising more as my feet leave the ground as she continues to hold me

and kiss me.

'Oh god i always wanted to be able to take what i want, i am so large and

strong now, god how is this happening, oh wait i bet i know, it must of been

that weird nasty drink in the fridge oh yes i can feel it making me bigger'

She must be seven feet tall now with a rock hard body her lips encompassing

mine as we kiss i have to admit her body feels great against mine and its hard

to fight these feelings having seen nothing like this before, i realize what

she is saying that the fertilizer the professor gave me is doing this to her.

Her growth finally stops she stands a bit over seven foot tall now, and

thickly muscled, i have never seen anything quite so...erotic before.

'Oh god put me down please you are too much for me that drink is doing this to

you, maybe if i have some i can please you well, i really do want you now' I

look at her sexily in the eyes, she holds me in her firm grip level with her

head and thinks.

'Hey that sounds like a good idea why don't you have some, i only had a taste

so maybe you should only take a drop' She puts me down i look up at her in her

massive glory but i don't want to be some weird lezbo freak so i know i have

to get away. I reach in the fridge and take out a bottle of the fertilizer,

and begin to put it to my lips, suddenly she leans down and grabs the bottle

from me. ' I change my mind little girl, i think that maybe i am still not big

enough what do you think about that huh shorty? Let's go outside I think this

is getting to damn cramped in here' I get tucked under her arm like a rag doll

and carried out the door she runs quickly a bottle in hand and me in the

other, i get jostled and smacked by her big tit right in my face, the nipple

rubbing my cheeck as she heads outside, no one saw her i think and it is dark

out she heads to the stadium and goes inside it and lays me down on the

football field, she grins and puts the liquid to her lips and takes a full

swallow of it gagging a bit.

'Oh god yes i can feel it working again, mmm that was a lot more than last

time a whole swallow mmm it feels good.' She flexes her large hard ass and her

shorts tear right off she squats down sticking her ass in my face and starts

to rub it against my mouth, 'open up lick it now, you were bad so now you only

get the back end' having no choice i stick my tongue out and lick, slowly

sucking on her puckered hole, i feel her ass growing again swelling in my face

pushing my back towards the ground i place my hands on her thighs and feel the

pumping out bigger and bigger, she has to bend lower and lower to keep her ass

in my face as she keeps growing, i suck her ass and nibble on it thinking this

is not soo bad, kinda fun actually. She begins to moan like a low rumble

almost i open my eyes and look at her, oh god her ass is as tall as half my

whole body already, i stick my fist in her butt as it fits nicely, she

shudders and moans grabbing her titantic tits each one growing bigger and

bigger until one breast is almost as big as me! Oh god she looks down at me

seeing how small i am now and stands to her full new hieght, she must be

almost twenty feet tall now i only come up to her knee, the buttom of it at

that. She laughs and flexes her muscles still getting larger and thicker, her

thighs too thick around for two people to wrap their arms around it. Her body

is unbeleivable, as i look up at her, the thick creamy cum from her pussy

showers on me, having an orgasm from the pleasure of her size alone. I stand Egipto: El Festival del Sol enciende el templo de Abu Simbel

up now and hug her leg rubbing myself against it, the cumm streaming down her

leg soaking through my shirt. She smiles happily and leans down, quickly she

tears off my clothes, my sweaty naked body revealed, my own pussy wet from her

awesome show of power, we look at each other and that is when i decide its

time to get into it.


Amber saw what looked like a giant woman running down the hall with what

looked like her former roomate tucked under her arm. Walking down the hall

amber reaches Heather's room and walks into it the door unlocked. Amber looks

around seeing torn clothing on the ground and starting to suspect something

unusual is going on, being a goth type girl, about 5'6'' pretty thin with dark

dark hair, she does have an affinity for magic and beleives its possible for

unusual things to occur such as a woman growing bigger. She sees the fridge

still slightly ajar and look inside of it seeing a strange couple of bottles

in there. The light bulb in her brain goes off, and she has some wicked


to be comtinued possibly.

this is my first story and i just wrote it as it came to me, it had a little

longer intro than i like, i prefer to go straight to the growing. Let me know

if i should continue or not and what you would like to see.

Friendly Roomie 2

If Only They Would Play Nice

Sarah holds me in her huge hand, having just removed my clothes, the strong

smell of her pussy filling the air, almost intoxicating me. She presses me

tightly against her body, now about 25 feet tall, and she seems to have stopped

growing. I feel myself smeared tightly against her firmed breasts her huge

nipple about the size of my own formerly ample bosom, I reach out and grab her

nipple and begin to squeeze and rub it in my small hands, she moans deeply, a

low tone that rumbles through my body, I feel her nipple grow larger and harder

in my grip as I touch and feel it. Sarah slides me down her long stomach, I feel

each hard ridge against my body, pushing me lower against her until my foot

touches her pussy and slides down its slimy wetness, I twirl my foot around her

engorged clitoris and I know she is really getting pleased with me. She sits

down and lays back allowing me to please her on my own. I go down lower her slit

is about the size of my shin, which I use to rub and massage her wetness. I lick

her belly button which is about the size of my hand spread open.

“I told you, Heather, this would be fun, you are enjoying my big body aren't


“Sarah I just can't help myself its like you just pulled me into you, you are so

irresistible now, I just want to experience you honey.” These words sound

strange in my mouth, like a while ago I would never say them, but its hard to

focus and I am having so much fun. Back at the dorms…

Amber looks closely at the bottles in the fridge she sees three left and has no

idea how much it took to make the other girl so large. Seeing that there are no

open containers she naturally assumes that a whole one must have been taken. She

looks at her long black lacy dress and high heels and wonders if she should take

them off first. Better not I want to feel them getting tighter on my growing

form, feel them give way under her new power. Opening the lid Amber smells the

stuff, perfect it smells nasty, something this powerful has to smell gross, that

is the way magic works. Plugging her nose she drinks the whole bottle down, her

eyes water a bit as she drinks it but wants it all. Spluttering and coughing at

having chugged such a nasty brew she looks down at herself wondering when it

will start.

Starting to feel a warmth enter her crotch she reaches down and starts to run

herself slowly in a tight circle, she then starts to feel her dress slowly creep

up her legs, her heels starting to tighten on her feet, she looks at the bunk

beds in the room as it starts to get shorter against her height. Amber grows

inch by inch at first she feels her breasts through her dress at it starts to

tighten around her breasts her hard nipples poking out, she grows faster now

soon the bunk beds are level with her breasts and that is when the tearing

starts, her breasts burst out of her dress, flopping freely in the air large and

firm, soon her ass follows, looking in the mirror she sees how big and hard her

butt is, flexing it as a firm deep dimple creases her check . Next she tenses

her firm biceps as she starts growing faster and faster, her head bumps the

ceiling quickly now as the rest of her clothes shred off of her, her shoes being

crushed under her increasing weight.

“oh god I am already bigger than that other bitch and I can steal feel the

pressure building, and I love it” She squats down now unable to stand up

straight as she keeps growing and growing, getting bigger and stronger. She sits

now and even then her head hits the ceiling again, the floor starts creaking

under her 20 feet of muscle and breasts.

“This place can't take much more of me, ahh too bad I kinda liked this dorm, oh

well soon this whole place will be mine to toy with.” She looks at the mini

fridge and wraps a hand around it wanting to make sure she does not lose the

contents. The floor crushes under her feet and she falls into the basement the

whole building shakes as women start to wake up all over wondering how there

could be an earthquake here. Amber stands up and pushes through the wall and

crawls out of the basement, she marvels at how easily the wall gave way with her

new strength. The dorm room is about 50 feet high give or take so she guess she

was no about 40 feet tall. She looks down at the tiny women who start to stream

out of the building, looking so tiny next to her. She watches as the ground move

farther away, as she rises higher and higher. She bends down and grabs a girl in

each hand at random and presses her nipples hard into their crotches and begins

to rub herself against her huge nipples, pressing them hard against their tiny

vaginas. Soon she passes the height of the building as she keeps growing. She

puts down the two girls realizing that the fridge is gone from her hand.

“Little ones find me a brown minifridge that should be around here, do it and

you will be rewarded if not..” She places a huge foot over some girls

menacingly, and then places it back on the ground. God how big will I be I hope

this doesn't stop, the dorm room only comes up to below her engorged breasts,

even though they are soo huge they feel light with her powerful muscles

supporting them. She sits down carefully to see if anyone has found the fridge.

There is a crowd of girls waving their hands at her and she leans in and sees a

small brown object which must be the fridge. Grabbing the tiny object now only

about the size of the tip of her finger. She ties a hair carefully around it

keeping it in place so she doesn't lose it again.

“Good job girls now for your sweet reward” Laying back Amber spreads open her

legs and begins to rub her clit which has expanded out of proportion her long

black hair covers the ground as a few women lay in it its softness, Amber

manipulates herself to orgasm quickly growing even faster now because of the

stimulation as she grows more reaching over a hundred feet in height her thick

leg muscles pumping and sweaty, flexing and relaxing her giant leg muscles

flexing thickly showing deep curves, her thick diamond calves pushing into the

grass leaving deep impressions whenever her legs kick. With her free hand Amber

reaches out and grabs two girls who seem mesmerized by the recent events they

have just been watching Ambers bust grow bigger and bigger, her legs pushing

outward as she keeps growing, her head taking over the skyline as she keeps

growing. She pushes the two girls against her sex, right under her clit, the

slide in easily their tiny butts rubbing in her cumm as being so close to her

makes them go nuts with pleasure. Amber moans waking the whole city as her butt

bumps up and down causing some buildings to shake as she starts to cum hard ,

she looks around seeing the tiny building as her height shoots up, she continues

growing, getting bigger and bigger her head rises over the dorms like a parade

float lifting off as she continues to grow. Finally breaking 175 feet she

finally reaches orgasm flooding the lawn in her thick creamy juice. She sighs

and stands up to her full size, finally done growing, the dorms come up to about

mid thigh on her now, as amber flexes and checks out her new body, marveling at

the hard lines crossing over her thick muscles.

I hear a loud moaning sound and this time it was not coming from Sarah, we had

just finished pleasuring each other, and I was exhausted to say the least. Sarah

had heard it too and I slide off of her between her legs getting a slight thrill

as I slide over her still wet vagina. Sarah stands up and walks outside the

stadium as I follow as we reach outside we see a giant head that must be to

hundred feet in the air looking around over the buildings. She is emourmous

making Sarah look like a lightweight, she also looks somewhat familiar to me as


“Oh god that is Amber, you know my old mean roommate look at her she is

unbelievable holy shit, how did she find my formula, no one new about it.”

“I don't know but she looks so hot I can't believe you never told me how

beautiful she is.”

“God I don't remember her being so irresistible we should go to her.” They feel

themselves being drawn under the spell of a much larger force, and in the

distance they hear an overpowering laughter.

Should I do more?


Giantess Stories: Friendly Roomie  by DX5  The new semester seeemed to be starting of well

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