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Friends No More

By Lamarun

Jenny, Cindy, and Jill walked out of the crowded movie theater and into the

crowded parking lot. All three of the women were laughing and having an all

around good evening.

"Okay that is definitely the last time you choose the movie we see Jill, that

was horrible," Cindy said to her friend as they zig-zagged their way through the

parked cars.

Cindy laughed, "I know and I'm sorry. That movie was definitely for guys, I

mean how many times do we need to see cars and buildings explode?" The three

women continued their conversation until they got to Jenny's car.

"Well," said Jenny, "the night is still young, you ladies want to come over

to my house or should we call it a night? If you come over we can play with the

machine again."

"No offense," said Jill, "but we can only sit around and shrink the living

room furniture for so long...then it gets kind of boring."

Jenny looked excitedly at her two friends. "Not anymore," she said. "I've

discovered something really cool that we can have a lot of fun with. Why don't

you come on over and I'll show you?"

Cindy and Jill looked at each other and smiled. "Okay," they both said in

unison. The three women then piled into the small car and took off for Jenny's



Cindy and Jill sat and waited patiently on the living room couch in Jenny's

living room. They had both been told to wait while Jenny went into the bedroom

to get her 'surprise'. The two girls talked and continued to discuss the movie

they had seen earlier in the evening until Jenny returned.

The two girls didn't have to wait long, after only a few minutes Jenny walked

out of her bedroom carrying a small black device. "Okay here it is, look," Jenny

said to her friends.

Both women got up from the couch and looked at the small multi-buttoned black

device their friend was holding. "Yea," said Cindy, "So what? It's your shrink

machine, we've played with it hundreds of times."

"No look closely," said Jenny with a huge grin on her face. She turned the

device over in her hand to show her friends the changes that had been made.

Jill brought her face close to the shrinking machine and looked at it

closely. Something was different about the device. The plastic that had once

protected it's underside was gone. Jill could see exposed circuitry and dangling

wires that seemed to be flimsily soldered in place. Thoroughly confused Jill

asked, "You didn't break it did you? These things are expensive..."

Jill's sentence was cut short as Jenny interrupted. "No I didn't break it.

I've been seeing this guy and he's an engineer. Anyway he showed me how to

modify this thing. It took a long time but I've managed to disable the safety

protocols...and now it will work on organic matter!"

Both Jill's and Cindy's eyes went wide. "Wow! You mean you could use it on

people?!" Cindy asked.

"Yep!" Jenny said triumphantly. "I wanted to show you this tonight and I

figured for a change we could shrink each other instead of furniture and cars."

Cindy brushed away a strand of blond hair from in front of her still wide

open eyes. She felt like a child in a toy store. "That would be so cool! I mean

can you imagine being only an inch tall? I'll volunteer to be first!"

"Wait," said Jill, her smile turning to a frown. "Are you sure this is safe


"It's perfectly safe you guys. I tested it on my neighbors cat yesterday. I

shrunk it, waited a few minutes and resized it. The cat was fine and no harm was

done, it did give me a dirty look though."

"I don't know about this," said Jill.

Cindy put a hand on Jill's shoulder. "Come on it'll be fun. We can all take

turns and no one will get hurt, after all it's not like we're all a bunch of


"Exactly what I had in mind," added Jenny, "ever since I got this machine I

have wondered what it would be like to use it on myself."

With a sigh and a smile Jill somewhat reluctantly agreed. "Okay, let's do it,

it'll be one heck of an experience." Jill would realize later just how true

those words would be.

"Cool," Cindy shouted. "I want to be first! I want to be first!" Little did

she know that she sealed her own fate when she said those words.

Jenny laughed. "Okay calm down. Let's go in the kitchen and sit around the

table. Each one of us will take a turn being shrunk. We'll do it on the kitchen

table to avoid any potential hazards." The three women then left the living room

and walked into the kitchen.


The three women walked into the small kitchen and Jenny took a seat at the

small square table, Jill took a seat across from her. Cindy stood giggling at

the end of the table. "Okay what do I do?" she asked.

"Here, climb up on the table," Jenny began. "That way when you're shrunk

you'll already be on the table and there will be no risk of getting stepped on."

"Okay if you say so," said Cindy. Feeling a little silly she then climbed up

on the tabletop. The wood creaked and groaned under her weight and she was so

excited that she didn't notice her pink mini-skirt slowly inching it's way up

her legs exposing a small portion of her buttocks. "Okay I'm ready."

Jenny stifled a laugh as she saw her friends exposed cheeks, "Okay here it

goes." She then pressed a series of buttons on the shrinking device and pointed

it at her friend who was kneeling on the tabletop directly in front of her.

Suddenly a blue laser shot out from the device and impacted on Cindy's body.

Immediately Cindy was engulfed in blue light and she began to shrink in size.

"It's working," Cindy shouted, "I can feel it! It's

wooooorrrrrrkkkkkiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggg!" Cindy shrank further and further. First

she shrunk down to the size of a child...then to the size of a baby...then the

size of a doll...further and further she shrunk until the process finally

stopped and Cindy was no more than a quarter an inch tall. Standing up, Cindy

looked around her new landscape. The brown wooden tabletop seemed to be the size

of several football fields to her now. "Wooooowwww," she said in awe as she

looked around enormous features of the kitchen. In the corner was a

refrigerator, standing bigger than any structure she had ever seen. Next to the

fridge was a counter that stretched along the length of the kitchen wall. On

that counter sat a waffle iron, blender, and microwave...all as big as buildings

in Cindy's now tiny eyes. To her left Cindy saw Jill, who was now a giant,

staring down at her. Jill's long black hair hung down around her giant shoulders

like in immense forest of vines. To her right Cindy saw Jenny smiling down at

her with huge white teeth. Cindy realized as she looked up at the face of her

smiling friend just how small she really was. Jenny's eyes, mouth, even her

nostrils were absolutely huge, and the low cut shirt she always wore made her

cleavage seem to be like an immense chasm of soft flesh. "You're both like

giants," Cindy shouted up to her friends, "Can you hear me okay?"

"Fe, fi, fo, fum - I smell the blood of an Englishman," Jenny said jokingly

in response to Cindy's tiny voice.

Jill burst out in laughter at Jenny's words and all of her nervousness left

her. "This is so weird're so small! Actually you're kind of cute

like that, you look like a teeny little toy. How does it feel?"

"I feel really disorientated, it's like I'm in a dream," Cindy responded.

"Everything is so different!"

"I'm sorry," Jenny giggled, "but you are so cute I just have to pick you up."

"Be careful with her," said Jill starting to giggle a little herself.

Jenny reached down and very gently scooped up her friend in her hand. She

raised Cindy up in front of her face to look upon her tiny friend. Then as she

looked down at her hand strange thoughts began to enter her mind. Jenny thought

about how she could curl her fingers and crush Cindy to death, or she could

simply tilt her hand and let Cindy fall to the floor. Suddenly at the thought of

those horrible images Jenny felt really excited. She felt something she had

longed to have for such a long time...power!

Cindy crawled around on the soft skin of Jenny's palm, completely oblivious

to her friends dark thoughts. The soft warm skin of her friends hand was

strangely comforting. Then curiosity got the best of her and she slowly and

carefully crawled over to the edge of her friend's giant hand. Looking down from

her perch, Cindy's view was filled with that of her friends enormous bosom. If

she were to lose her balance and fall she would plummet down into Jenny's shirt,

becoming trapped between her mountainous breasts. Cindy laughed at the thought.

Jenny tried to clear her mind of her previous thoughts, the ones about how

she could quickly destroy Cindy's tiny body, and she placed her tiny friend back

on the table. "I have an idea," she said, "it's boring with just you on the

table so I'll go get some stuff for you to interact with." She then got up from

the table and left the room.

A half a minute later Jenny returned carrying several objects in her hands.

She sat back down on the table and placed the objects down around Cindy. Among

these items were; a cellular phone, a box of matches, car keys, a pencil, a

small compact, and an open bag of M&M chocolate candies. "There," Jenny said as

she finished placing the items all around Cindy, "I thought that it would be fun

to have some common household items to interact with."

Cindy looked at the huge objects that surrounded her. "Cool idea," she said

up to Jenny's still smiling face. For the next quarter of an hour Cindy ran

around the tabletop playing with the various objects laid out for her. She

climbed on top of the cordless phone and tried to dial it by jumping on it's

massive buttons, she tried to lift and move the tree size yellow pencil, and she

tried to hold and strike a gigantic match.

Jill watched her tiny friend playing with the box of matches and laughed. "Haaahahaha!

Do you know how funny you look trying to strike that match! I wish I had a

camera. Are you having fun?"

Cindy, breathing heavily from trying to hold the huge matchstick dropped it

and looked up at Jill. "This is amazing! You've got to experience this. Why

don't you have Jenny shrink you and then you can join me down here."

"I think I'll wait my turn," Jill replied. "Ha! What I wouldn't give for a

video camera right now."

Cindy laughed along with her giant friends and turned her attention towards

the open bag of M&M's that lay nearby. With a smile she walked over to the brown

bag, lifted up part of the torn corner and crawled inside.

From above Jill said, "What are you doing now Cindy? I think those candies

are a little too big for you right now, but you always have had a tremendous


"I think she needs a little help don't you Jill," Jenny said as she reached

down for the packet of candies. She then grabbed and tilted the bag upwards.

Cindy, along with a large amount of little round candies, came tumbling out onto

the table.

"Thanks Jenn," Cindy said in her small voice, "I was trying to pull one of

those M&M's out but they're really heavy. You know how much I like chocolate, I

just couldn't resist trying to get a hold of one of these candies." Cindy now

sat surrounded on all sides by red, green, brown, and blue candies, all of which

were the same size of her own body. "Wow look at me," Cindy said towards Jenny,

"I'm bite-size. I'd melt in your mouth and not in your hand right Jenny."

At those words of her tiny friend something seemed to awaken deep in Jenny's

mind. Looking down at her friends tiny body among all those candies made her

feel powerful, as if Cindy was no longer a person but had actually become one of

those yummy chocolate candies. Desire welled up in Jenny's body and her smile

faded into a sneer. "I wonder what flavor you are Cindy." Before her shrunken

friend had even the slightest chance to react Jenny picked her up between her

fingers, parted her lips, and tossed the woman into her mouth just like the

popcorn she had eaten earlier at the movie theater. Jenny gently sucked on her

friend and she could feel Cindy struggling on her tongue. "I wonder if she's

scared?" Jenny thought to herself, "or maybe she thinks I'm just joking with

her, I wonder what would happen if I just...."

"Ewwww that is so gross Jenny," Jill said, still smiling as she watched the

sucking motions of her friend's mouth. "I think she was only kidding when she

said she would melt in your mouth, I don't think she actually wanted to be in

your mouth." Jill's smile faded and she wrinkled her nose. "No offense but it

must be really smelly and wet in there, she's going to kick your ass for doing

that. Ha, I don't want to be a human sucker today so don't do any of that stuff

on my turn okay." Jill was so busy talking that she didn't notice the bulge

traveling down Jenny's neck.

"Hey Jill. Look," Jenny commanded. Then after a somewhat dramatic pause she

opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and then as if in a doctor's office

said, "Ahhhhhhhhhh."

The happy expression drained out of Jill's face as if it had been slapped

off. She sat in total shock at what she saw. Jenny had her mouth wide open, her

tongue was stuck out and her throat was clearly visible...but Cindy was gone.

Jill drew in a sharp breath and raised a hand to her own mouth, "Oh my god Jenny

you didn't? Please say you didn't."

"I'm sorry Jill, I didn't really mean to do just seemed so natural. I

was just playing around and she was on my tongue and she was squirming and then

I just felt like I had to swallow. I really don't know what came over me."

Jill jumped up from her chair in a panic. "Oh my god what do we do? Come on

Jenny don't just sit there, stick a finger down your throat or something! You've

got to bring her back up! Wait, I remember hearing that you can make yourself

throw up if you tickle your throat with a spoon." Jill turned in a frenzy and

began to go through several kitchen drawers. Finally she found the drawer

containing the silverware and grabbed a spoon. She held the spoon out to Jenny.

"Here, use this to make yourself throw up. Hurry!"

"No," Jenny said in a voice that was both calm and defiant. Not being able to

look her friend in the eyes as she made her stunning statement, she let her eyes

fall to the wooden kitchen table.

Jill's heart leaped up into her throat and she dropped the spoon. The utensil

fell on the floor with a loud clang. This was supposed to be a night of innocent

fun...but now it had turned suddenly very dangerous. What the hell was Jenny

thinking? "What do you mean no? Jenny I've never heard that tone of voice from

you before. Jenny look at me this is serious!" Jill was starting to get

frightened. It had only taken a few minutes, more like seconds, for the fun and

games of the evening to turn into something dreadful.

Jenny raised her eyes back up and looked at her frightened friend once more.

"I'm not going to let her out Jill. Cindy is inside me now and I want her to

stay there."

Jill angrily placed both hands on the kitchen table and looked Jenny straight

in the eye. "Jenny listen to me, this is no time for games. Do you realize what

you've done. Cindy is in you stomach Jenny! My god she's in your stomach right

now as we speak! Don't you understand that if we don't hurry you'll end up

digesting her, that is if she hasn't run out of air already!"

"Don't get angry Jill, I didn't mean for it to happen, honestly I didn't, but

when I saw her tiny and helpless...I realized I had the power to do

anything I wanted. I put her in my mouth just to be funny, but then she started

squirming around and as I sucked on her body I realized that I alone controlled

her fate and could very easily just swallow her whole. So I did. I mean it was

the strangest sensation, it was like something I really, really wanted to do and

the more I think about it the more I want her to stay inside me. Just think

about it Jill, Cindy will become a part of me!"

"Jenny stop it!" yelled Jill who could hardly believe her ears. "We were

supposed to be just playing around, I never knew you had such feelings. Okay

you've had your little power trip and we can discuss that later, but we have to

do something! For god's sake Jenny our best friend is in your stomach!"

"She's alive Jill. I can feel her inside of me, and I love it! I'm sorry but

I've never felt this way before...and I'm not letting Cindy out."

Jill hovered over her friend in total shock and in a quiet voice she said, "I

can't believe this. I just can't believe this is happening Jenny. You're going

to let our best friend be digested in your stomach like a piece of

know you'll be a murderer. If I can't convince you to let her out...then I won't

be a part of this anymore. I'm calling the police." She then left the kitchen

and headed towards the phone in the living room. Jill was shaking all over and

tears gathered in her eyes as she realized that no matter when the police came

it would be too late to save Cindy. Even now as she raced towards the phone

Jenny's digestive juices would be assaulting Cindy. Finally reaching an end

table on the side of the couch, Jill picked up the phone receiver and started to

dial the police. Suddenly Jenny's voice came from the kitchen door.

"Put the phone down Jill. I can't let you call the police. I know we're

friends and all but with this device I feel like I have all the power in the

world. With this I won't need friends anymore, I can shrink whoever I want and I

can do whatever I want to them. It's a great feeling Jill, and you're not going

to ruin it for me."

Jill turned around and let out a gasp when she saw Jenny. Her friend was

standing in the kitchen door, she had an evil look in her eye and in her right

hand she had the reconfigured shrinking device. Jill dropped the receiver of the

phone in horror. "Jenny what are you doing?" Jill asked as she saw the shrinking

device pointed at her.

"I can't let you call the police Jill," Jenny replied as she took several

slow steps towards her friend. "I'm sorry but I want to keep using this device

and I can't let you report I'm going to do to you what I did to Cindy.

I'm going to let you join her in my stomach. I'm going to eat you Jill!"

Jill took several fearful steps back from her deranged friend, all the time

shaking her head from side to side refusing to believe what she had just been

told. "Jenny no! You can't mean that! Come on we've known each other for

months...but you do mean it don't you? I can see it in your eyes. I just don't

understand. What's gotten into you Jenny?" Receiving no answer, Jill quickly

turned and bolted for the door hoping to escape so that she could contact the

police. As she scrambled for the brass doorknob Jill found herself enveloped in

a blue light and she knew that she had been hit with the beam from Jenny's

shrinking device. The doorknob slipped from her grasp, her hand was now too

small to turn it, and her body continued to shrink. "JENNY

NOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooo!" Jill screamed the whole time as she shrank.

Living room furniture transformed into towering structures around her and the

carpet seemed to turn into a thick meadow of fiber. When the shrinking and the

screaming had stopped, Jill was a less than an inch tall.

Jill was completely horrified at her new surroundings. The ceiling of the

room seemed to be hundreds of feet up in the air, looking up at it was like

looking up into the sky. To her left was the couch, Jill could see the dirt and

loose change that had accumulated underneath. Next to the couch was an end table

complete with a lamp that lit the room like a sun. She felt like an insect,

trapped in a world she could no longer understand or control. Speaking of

insects, under the end table was a small spider web complete with a common

household spider. Jill freaked when she saw the arachnid that was at least half

her size. Then came the loud booming noises.

Jill turned around, her long black hair swinging in front of her face and

sticking to the sweat that had begun to accumulate on her forehead. The loud

thudding noises were coming from Jenny's giant feet as she crossed the living

room. Closer and closer the giant came and Jill, thinking that she was going to

be stepped on, raised her arms in a pathetic attempt to shield herself.

The giant feet stopped just short of squashing Jill's tiny form. Jill opened

her eyes that she had previously clamped shut when she thought she was to become

a carpet stain and looked at her friends giant sandal feet. Tilting her head far

back Jill let her eyes explore up Jenny's huge silky legs...all the way up past

her fleshy thighs until she could see the white cotton panties up the giant's

skirt. Suddenly Jenny the Giant kneeled down in front of her. Jill saw that

Jenny was wearing a broad smile, but it wasn't the happy fun smile she wore

earlier, the smile she had now was more of was evil. Jill turned

her head quickly away from Jenny's blood red lips and she didn't even see the

giant had reaching down for her.

Jill felt soft flesh close around her, and then she was lifted high into the

air, away from the enormous couch, the dust bunnies, the spider and his web, and

away from the front door...and freedom. Jill remained perfectly still, not

wanting to risk squirming out of Jenny's hand and falling to her death. Jill's

body bounced slightly with every step that Jenny took.

Jill counted the steps in her mind...9..10..11..12...then finally she felt

her stomach lurch as the hand she rode in lowered her down. Jenny's huge fingers

uncurled and Jill scampered off her palm. Breathing heavily, Jill found herself

on the kitchen table amidst the M&M candies where Cindy had been only a few

minutes before.

Jenny took her seat at the table once more and looked down at her shrunken

friend. "I thought about squashing you out in the living room Jill, but then I

felt something. I don't know how to describe it but I could feel something in my

stomach. Cindy's still there Jill. I wonder what she's doing? Maybe she's trying

desperately to climb out, or to just keep from drowning in digestive acids. It's

an amazing feeling Jill. I want you to join her and enhance that feeling. I must

admit I'm really glad I decided to swallow her or else I may have never known

what it would be like. Just think Jill, with this shrinking device, if anyone

messes with me...they become dinner!"

Jill sat among the M&M's and wiped sweaty strands of hair from her face.

"You're crazy Jenny! What the hell has happened to you? Please change me back to

normal size!"

Jenny loved the sound of her friends tiny voice. She laughed. "Oh no I can't

do that now, but looking at you surrounded by all that delicious candy has given

me an idea." Like a kid playing jacks Jenny swiped her right hand across the

tabletop picking up Jill and a handful of M&M's. She lifted her hand to her eye

and opened her palm Looking upon Jill she said, "Okay here's the deal, you're Swatch Touch Zero One

going to feed me those candies and as long as you do a good job you'll avoid

joining Cindy in my stomach, but remember, whenever I get the urge you're going

down the hatch."

Jill stared into Jenny's giant brown eye. "Jenny please no! Why are you doing

this to me?" Then Jenny's hand began to descend, down past the slope of her nose

and huge nostrils until finally coming to rest in front of her red lips. Jill's

view was now completely fill with that of Jenny's mouth. Suddenly the huge lips

moved and Jenny's mouth spoke, "Okay Jill, you know what to do." Jenny then

opened her mouth wide and held her palm level with her lower lip.

Hot air and the strong scent of saliva bombarded Jill as Jenny's mouth opened

in front of her. "Oh my god!" Jill exclaimed as she looked deep into the pink

orifice. From her perspective Jenny's oral cavity was like an enormous pink

cave. Surrounding everything were two white rows of teeth stuck in pink healthy

gums. Jill noticed a black patch on one of Jenny's molars where a cavity had

been filled. Jenny's immense tongue, slick and wet with saliva, waved and

rolled, it's taste buds waiting for the chocolate candies that it would receive.

Sometimes her tongue would dip far back in her mouth causing Jill to get a good

peek at Jenny's throat. The entire interior of Jenny's mouth glistened and

sparkled in the kitchen light due to it's saliva coating. Jill knew that if she

were to be thrown into that mouth she would have no hope of escape, the quick

glimpses of her friends throat told her that she could be easily swallowed


"Feed me," Jenny commanded, savoring the feeling of power and control she had

over her friend.

Jill stood up in Jenny's palm, her knees level with Jenny's soft lower lip.

She would have to do what Jenny asked until she found a way to get out of this

mess. Shaking and frightened she turned to her left. Bending over she picked out

a brown M&M and started to lift the piece of candy. It was heavy. The round

candy was half as big as her own body and she struggled and strained until she

finally lifted the candy up on end. Then taking a much needed rest she leaned

the candy up against Jenny's lower lip. More hot breath beat down on her from

Jenny's lungs and Jill could see even more saliva building up in Jenny's mouth

as she awaited her chocolate snack.

After wiping some sweat from her brow Jill bent at the knees and got a grip

on the lower portion of the candy. Then with a tremendous effort she lifted the

candy with all her might. Her muscles groaned but she managed to raise the candy

up over Jenny's lip and lower teeth. The candy came to rest on the tip of

Jenny's tongue. Jill took a step back, almost tripping over a green M&M in the

process, and waited to see what would happen.

Jenny's mouth immediately went to work. Her tongue took the piece of candy

and tossed it around on it's surface. Her saliva started to melt the sugar

coating on the candy and her taste buds absorbed the delicious flavor. Then she

maneuvered the candy between her molars with her tongue and began to chew with

her mouth open so Jill would get a good view of what was happening.

Jill did indeed get a good view of what was happening. She watched Jenny's

teeth come together again and again, destroying the piece of candy. Then Jenny's

giant tongue twisted and gathered all the chewed chocolate along with a mouthful

of saliva and pushed it far back in her mouth. The red lips in front of Jill

closed and then there came a loud wet *gulp* sound. Jenny's mouth opened wide

again and Jill saw that it was empty and awaiting it's next occupant.


Jill fell down on the soft chocolate stained flesh of Jenny's palm. She was

totally exhausted. It was impossible to tell how long she had been feeding

Jenny's enormous hungry mouth but she had lifted at least six of those candies

into that mouth, and now there were none left. Jill couldn't move, she had lost

all of her energy. She knew that since the candies were gone, she was likely to

be the next one to take a trip to Jenny's stomach, but all she had the strength

to do was to lay in the giant palm and stare up into the blackness of Jenny's

nostrils. Then, as expected, Jenny's voice came booming from above.

"Well I guess the candies are gone now Jill, so that means it's your turn.

I'll give you a few seconds to prepare yourself and then you'll join those

candies in my stomach. Of course I won't chew you like I did the candy, I'm

swallowing you whole and alive. I hope you like chocolate." Jenny brought her

hand away from her mouth and held it in front of her beautiful brown eyes so

that she could gaze at her shrunken friend one last time.

Jill mustered up some hidden strength and propped herself up into a kneeling

position. Holding her hands out in front of her body she began to plead with the

giant face in front of her. "Please Jenny you don't have to do this. Just let me

go and I won't tell anybody. I promise I won't tell anybody what happened to

Cindy, just let me go PLEASE!!!"

Jenny found that she was really enjoying Jill's begging. "Nope, I'm sorry

Jill but I can't let you go. I know you too well. If I were to let you go you

would call the cops, you're too much of a goody-two-shoes to forget about what

happened to Cindy. After I am done digesting you both then there will be no

evidence to let anyone know what happened. It will be as if you and Cindy have

vanished off the face of the earth."

Jill struggled to her feet, she was now determined to escape. Being held high

up in the air Jill came to one avoid being eaten alive she would

jump from Jenny's hand. She would likely fall to her death but that would be far

better than being digested alive in Jenny's giant stomach. Taking one last look

at Jenny's smiling face, Jill closed her eyes, took two steps forward and leaped

from Jenny's palm.

Jill's stomach lurched and her heart thudded in her chest as she fell. Any

minute now she expected her tiny body to smack against the linoleum of the

kitchen floor...but that didn't happen. Instead, Jill landed on something soft.

She bounced up in the air as if she landed on a trampoline and her body came to

rest on a tight piece of black fabric. Opening her eyes Jill saw that she had

landed in Jenny's lap, specifically she had landed on the tight fabric of

Jenny's skirt. Cursing her luck, Jill knew that she had messed up her one chance

of escape.

Jenny laughed heartily as she looked down at her lap. "Not so fast Jill,

you're not getting away that easily. Okay no more fooling around, I think it's

time I gave Cindy some company. Goodbye Jill, it's been fun."

"Nooooooo! Please Jenny!" Jill screamed as a giant hand came down for her. A

huge thumb and finger grabbed the back of her shirt and she was lifted high into

the air once again. Jill squirmed and tried to escape but the only thing she

managed to do was kick off her sandals, leaving her bare feet dangling in the

air. Up she went, past Jenny's massive bosom and neck until she came to rest in

front of Jenny's huge mouth once more.

Without saying a word Jenny tilted her head back slightly, opened her mouth,

and ran her tongue out like a great wet welcome mat.

Jill was now dangling slightly above Jenny's open mouth and outstretched

tongue. Jenny's tongue was wet and waiting, it's pink surface glistening in the

kitchen light. Her throat was fully exposed to Jill, complete with her uvula

which dangled over the dark chasm of her esophagus.

Jenny started to lower her victim into her mouth.

Jill screamed and kicked as she was lowered towards Jenny's awaiting mouth,

but there was no chance of escape now. Her bare feet touched Jenny's tongue.

Immediately saliva seeped between Jill's toes and tiny bumps tickled the bottoms

of her feet. Her feet then slipped along Jenny's tongue as she was lowered

further onto it. Jenny's throat loomed closer now, so terribly close that if

Jenny were to bring her tongue fully into her mouth Jill would find herself face

to face with that immense bouncing uvula. Jill wondered if she could grab that

uvula to keep herself from being swallowed, but considering how slick and big

the uvula was the notion seemed impossible.

Jill felt Jenny's huge fingers release their grip and she fell fully onto

Jenny's thick slippery tongue. Jenny had her head tilted back just far enough so

that Jill's body began to slide down the length of her tongue towards her dark

throat. Saliva from her tongue soaked into Jill's clothes making them wet and

heavy and Jill's struggling movements only persisted in soaking her with more of

the smelly liquid.

A dark shadow fell over her body as Jill slid fully into Jenny's mouth.

Looking around in a panic Jill could only see teeth, gums, and the wet roof of

Jenny's mouth. Then Jill looked down at her feet...and regretted it when she saw

that her feet were now at the very edge of the tongue, on the very brink of

Jenny's huge throat. All the while Jenny's uvula danced happily above Jill's

wriggling toes. Scared and frustrated at not being able to get even a handhold

on the slippery tongue, Jill lifted a leg and kicked Jenny's uvula . The soft

fleshy ball swung back from the impact but quickly bounced back to it's natural

resting place between Jenny's tonsils.

Suddenly things began to happen very fast. Jenny retracted her tongue back

into her mouth and Jill found herself propelled towards the dark pit of Jenny's

throat. Jill only kept her body from taking a downward turn by firmly planting

her feet against the mucus covered wall of Jenny's throat behind the swaying

uvula. Then, breathing heavily, Jill looked turned her head and took her last

glimpse of the outside world through Jenny's lips.

Without warning Jenny's lips came together and her mouth closed. Jill pushed

with all her might against Jenny's hard palate that pinned her body against the

tongue, but it was no use, Jenny would not open her mouth again. Jenny's tongue

dipped and suddenly there was a strong suction. Jill felt her feet slide over

the edge of Jenny's tongue and she knew that her former friend was about to

complete the act of swallowing her whole. Mustering up what remained of her

strength, Jill let forth an ear-piercing scream, a scream so loud and powerful

that it even rattled Jenny's tremendous skull. Jill screamed with all her might,

and continued to do so as pushing movements from the tongue pushed her into

Jenny's throat.

Jenny swallowed....her epiglottis closed over her windpipe, her uvula rose

high in her throat, and powerful muscles forced the woman she had known earlier

in the evening as a friend down her esophagus like a piece of food.

As Jenny swallowed Jill felt her body being gripped tightly on all sides by

wet flesh. At her feet she could feel something grab and pull her down...and her

saliva coated body slid effortlessly and with lightning speed into Jenny's

esophagus. Jill stopped screaming, she was now traveling down a slick tube that

gripped her body on all sides and she knew that the unthinkable had

happened...Jenny had swallowed her.

Almost as quickly as the ride had begun, it was over. Jill felt her downward

motion slow to a halt and then at her feet a circular doorway of living tissue

opened. With one last push Jill's body squirted through the newly opened

'doorway' and she fell into Jenny's busy stomach.

Jill landed on a wet pile of a substance that felt like mud. A strong aroma

of chocolate wafted up into her nostrils and that's when Jill became painfully

aware of where she was. The large pile of mud that she lay on was not mud at

all, but was what remained of the chewed candies that Jill herself had fed to

Jenny. Back when she was feeding those candies into Jenny's enormous mouth Jill

had known that she was to end up in the same place as those candies, but now she

was actually Jenny's stomach.

Jill ran her fingers through the wet hill of chocolate on which she lay as if

she had to convince herself that this was all real and not some nightmare. In

the darkness she lifted a chocolate and saliva covered hand to her face. "No.

No! Noooooo! This is impossible! This can't be happening!" she cried. But it was

happening. Jill knew she was in no dream, everything around her was horribly

real. Jill's ears were filled with Jenny's thunderous heartbeat as well as the

sound of air entering and leaving huge lungs from above. The smell of chocolate

was strong, but Jill could also make out the salty smell of popcorn...and the

vomit smell of digestive juices.

Digestive juices! Jill's eyes opened wide as she thought about the deadly

digestive acids that must be all around her. It was too dark to see clearly but

Jill knew that the small island of chocolate she lay on must be the only thing

protecting her from the wrinkled floor of the stomach and the deadly gastric

acid that must be pooling up there. The air was hot around her and Jill knew

that the safety the chocolate provided would soon melt away. Jill wiped a saliva

coated strand of hair away from her face, looked up at the ceiling of Jenny's

stomach and yelled at the top of her lungs, "Jenny! Help me! Let me out please!"

Jill was shocked when a voice answered.

" that you?"

The weak voice came from the opposite end of the stomach and Jill recognized

it at once. "Cindy! Oh my god Cindy is that you?"

"Jill?" came Cindy's very weak voice. "Jill is that you? It's so dark...I

remember being on the kitchen table...and then Jenny grabbed me...then I

remember her mouth...oh it was so wet....then she swallowed me! This is all a

horrible accident, thank god she sent you here to rescue me."

Jill felt her eyes well up with tears at her friends words. "No Cindy. I'm

sorry but I didn't come to rescue you. Jenny swallowed me too, and she means to

digest us both."

No answer came from the direction of Cindy's voice.

"Cindy? Cindy are you still there? Where are you?"

"I don't know were I am, but it sounds like I am deeper in her stomach than

you are. I am shoulder deep in partially digested food and I can't move my body,

I've gone completely numb."

"I must be up on the slope of her stomach wall," Jill yelled towards Cindy.

"Can you climb up to me?"

"I can't, my body won't move...wait something's happening!"

Jill felt it even before Cindy had finished her sentence. It felt like the

entire interior of Jenny's stomach was in motion. All around the stomach walls

rippled like waves of water.

"Jill help me!" came Cindy's frantic voice.

"What is it?" Jill cried as she scrambled to stay on her hill of chocolate

that threatened to melt away in the harsh movements of the stomach walls.

"I'm being carried away! Oh no, her stomach wall is opening! HELP!"

"Cindy! Cindy!" Jill called but all she heard in response was thick wet

squeezing sounds coming from where Cindy's voice had been a moment earlier. Then

the violent movements of Jenny's stomach stopped and all was calm once more.

Jill called for her friend again. "Cindy! Cindy!"

No answer.

Jill buried her face in her chocolate covered hands. She was alone in Jenny's

stomach now. Cindy had been swept away along with the remnants of movie popcorn

and cola in order to finish the digestive process in Jenny's small intestines.

Jill's hill of chocolate slid down the slope of Jenny's stomach and filled in

the void left by Cindy's departure.

Jenny felt extremely proud of herself. Now that her two friends were in her

belly, she was all alone in the house...and all was quiet. Springing up from the

kitchen table Jenny almost ran upstairs to her bedroom. Once there she stood in

front of her full length dress mirror. She looked at her reflection in the

mirror and couldn't believe there were two people inside her. This idea

fascinated her and caused goose bumps to appear on her arms. Jenny took a step

closer to the mirror and then took off her shirt. Then she gently rubbed a hand

over her bare belly, almost wishing she could feel her friends movements through

the skin. Grinning from ear to ear she began to talk down at her belly, not

realizing that Cindy was no longer in her stomach but was in fact in her

intestines. "Cindy? Jill? You can't believe what an amazing feeling this is. I

could go anywhere and no one would know that you two are inside me. Don't be

scared, you should feel honored to become part me...body and soul."

After she finished talking to her victims, Jenny leaned close to the mirror

and continued to rub her belly. With her face only a few inches away from the

glass she opened her mouth. She rolled her tongue from side to side and tried to

imagine what it was like for her two friends inside her hot mouth. As she stared

at her own swinging uvula she imagined Jill climbing out of her stomach and up

her esophagus in an attempt to escape. Up and up Jill would climb until she

could peek up over the edge of Jenny's tongue. Jenny imagined Jill's face

turning to horror as she saw her reflection in the mirror. Then Jenny would

swallow her down again.

Jenny almost wished the vision would come true so that she could swallow her

friends all over again but she knew that there would be no escape from her

stomach. Jenny closed her mouth and swallowed the large amount of saliva that

had accumulated. Now thinking about swallowing her friends all over again made

her feel hungry.

Jenny walked back downstairs to the kitchen. From the pantry she produced a

yellow twinkie from a white box. Greedily she tore off the plastic wrapper that

encased the tasty snack cake and looked at it as if it was alive. "Okay girls,"

Jenny said, once again looking down at her belly, "here's a tasty treat for you.

I know you'll enjoy it." Then Jenny began to eat the twinkie with the air of

someone who was eating their favorite food.

Meanwhile in Jenny's stomach, Jill swam in a pool of melted chocolate. The

mound of chewed candy she had been lying on was no longer solid, it had

succumbed to the intense heat that came off the stomach walls. Jill was now

waist deep in the thick liquid and she could feel her feet pressing into the

stomach floor. All around her Jenny's stomach was producing acid and Jill could

feel it biting at her toes, but overall the chocolate mess she was immersed in

was still protecting her. Suddenly Jill heard a noise from above. Jill knew what

the noise was because it was the same sound she had heard as she was falling

down Jenny's esophagus.

Something was moving down Jenny's esophagus...something was coming to join

Jill in the tight quarters of Jenny's stomach.

Jill raised her chocolate covered arms to her face as something big fell into

Jenny's stomach. The object was large and landed in front of Jill with a noise

that sounded like wet mud hitting concrete. Jill considered herself lucky (as

lucky as someone can be who is about to be digested alive) that the she wasn't

buried under whatever Jenny had just happened to eat.

Jill sniffed the stale air around her. She could definitely smell cake of

some sort...and cream. It wasn't long before she figured out what the pile of

mush in front of her was a twinkie, a snack cake that she herself had

eaten many times before she cared about her waistline. Knowing that digestive

juices were pooling up around her, Jill struggled forward and climbed up onto

the chewed twinkie. It was still solid enough to climb on and should provide

more protection, that is unless digestive acids started to drip from the


Out of breath now, Jill let herself sink a little into the pile of twinkie,

that's when she heard that familiar noise again. "Oh no, not again!" Jill

screamed as Jenny's stomach opened above her head. More chewed twinkie crashed

down into the stomach just narrowly missing Jill's body. This new heap of

masticated food landed on the curved stomach wall and slid down to where Jill

had been only a few seconds before. If Jill had stayed where she was in her

chocolate pool, she would have been buried for sure.

Jenny could feel Jill's tiny movements in her stomach and she was taking

immense pleasure in them. She knew that it must be Jill moving around in her

belly since she had swallowed her recently, but where was Cindy? With a shrug

Jenny figured that Cindy must have already been digested, little did she know

that at that very moment Cindy was being pushed through her intestines as her

body continued the digestive process. Jenny smiled and looked at what remained

of her twinkie. Then smiling with those bright red lips of hers, she opened her

mouth and took in the final bite of her snack.

Jill knew that it was only a matter of time. Cindy had not been able to

escape, and Jill knew that there was no escape for herself either. She was at

the mercy of Jenny's body now, and so far it had only been a matter of luck that

she hadn't been digested yet. She had been trapped in Jenny's stomach for 12

minutes now, a length of time that felt like ages to her, and little did she

know that her luck was about to change.

A sound came from above, it was the sound of Jenny swallowing. Then came that

wet sound as food passed down the tube of Jenny's esophagus. The entrance to the

stomach opened above Jill's body and the last of Jenny's twinkie came raining

down...but this time Jill would not escape. What felt like truckloads of yellow

cake and cream mixed with saliva came pouring down on top of Jill. She tried to

move but it was too late. A second later and she was buried.

Jill screamed as she felt the weight of the masticated twinkie pressing down

on her. Jill found that she could still breath although saliva and cream

threatened to pour into the small bubble of air around her head. Jill screamed

again and tried to dig her way out but her hands sunk into the soft mound of

cake and she was unable to move it. This was it. Jill felt her strength give way

and her body went limp. No matter how unreal it seemed she was going to become

part of her best friend.


Jenny sat at the end of her bed, staring down at her belly. It had been one

hour now since she had swallowed her friends and she knew that they were gone.

Her stomach felt empty and Jenny was surprised to discover that she missed those

struggling movements coming from inside of her. Another trademark smile lit up

Jenny's face. It didn't matter if her friends were gone, after all she had the

shrinking device and if she wanted to she could use it on anyone she wanted to.

Jenny wanted to feel powerful, and the shrinking device made that possible for

her. She had swallowed Cindy on impulse and found out that she liked the feeling

so much that she had to do it to Jill too...and now she could to it to anyone.

Jenny picked up the shrinking device and looked at it with hungry eyes. "With

this device no one will stand in my way. If anyone messes with me they'll end up

in my belly." Jenny then went to sleep, dreaming of who her next meal would be.



Giantess Stories: Friends No More By Lamarun      Jenny

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Giantess Stories: Friends No More By Lamarun      Jenny

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