Giantess Stories: From my position on Dana

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    From my position on Dana's dresser I surveyed the room

that stretched out like an airplane hanger. The ceiling must have been at least

50 feet or more over my head. It was kind of hard to estimate but judging by the

scale I was about 11 inches tall! The carpeted floor was a least a twenty five

to thirty foot drop from where I stood. The walls were decorated with

billboard-sized posters of various pop stars. To my left was a bottle of shampoo

nearly as tall as I was and easily thicker around. There were various other

sundry items on the dresser behind me and to my right, including one of Dana's

black lace bras that I could have used as a hammock. I could see a tag on the

back that identified it as 35 C. Not bad, I thought. This incredible young woman

has the whole package. Slender, sleek athletic curves and an adorable face with

wavy blond hair tied back in a pony tail and crystal blue eyes. Plus in my few

short minutes here since she found me outside the sorority house I could tell

that she was not going to kill me, at least yet.

    I had been minding my own business just walking along the

street when I saw a flash and had suddenly shrank, clothes and all. No sooner

had I regained my bearings when I saw a beautiful young woman rush over, and

without saying a word to me, had quickly taken my in her fist. I barely knew her

from English class. She didn't know me by name and I doubt she would recognize

me at this size. She ignored my squeaky pleas to be put down and her huge fist

didn't even budge from my kicking and squirming. Holding my tiny body down at

the level of her flat stomach she smiled at me before popping me down her sports

bra and hurrying to her sorority house, where she proceeded to dash into her

room, shut the door, brought me out, and stood me on her dresser.


"What the @!#$ are you?" She chirped, standing in front of the dresser so that

her boobs were over my head. I was facing her trim stomach. Her pretty young

face was situated so I that had to crane my head back so that I could see her.

"You are soooo tiny! Yet you're alive! You're really alive! This is soooo

fucking cool! I can't believe this! How did you get so small, doll?"

She slowly extended a nicely manicured finger and gently poked me in the

midsection, causing me to stumble back slightly. I resented her calling me a

doll like that. I decided to try and reason with her.

"I am not a toy, miss. I'm a person just like you. I shrank by accident outside

today when you grabbed me. You might have asked my permission, you know. My name

is Kenny and if you would please, could you take my back to my apartment so I

don't get hurt? I'm rather fragile like this, you know."

She leaned in so that her face was only inches away from my body. I felt her

warmth as she drew near, and I could detect the faint smell of whatever scent

she was wearing. I tried not to notice her breasts hanging seductively down as

she bent over to examine me, head cocked to one side, her arms under her chin,

exposing the top of them behind the halter she was wearing.

"Oh", she said, "That's soooo cute! Ken like in Barbie and Ken! I love that. And

you're just about the right size, too, well maybe a little smaller. And your

voice is so squeaky! Like a mouse!" She burst into laughter. "Well, I don't know

where you came from, Ken Doll, but from now on you belong to me now, do you

understand? My name's Dana and you belong to me, forever. I can't believe how

lucky I am!"

And with that she stood up straight and brought her arms to her sides, taking in

a deep breath, which seemed to expand her pert breasts. She was looking down at

me with her mouth open in an expression of sheer glee. I nervously took a step

backward, my face contorting into a combination of humiliation and fear.

"Now Dana, please be reasonable! I am a person, not a toy! You can't own me like

a possession or something. I beg you to please take me back outside and let me

go. Let me down off this dresser at once! You can't just take someone and keep

them, no matter how small. Its kidnapping fercrissake." I demand that you let me

go immediately!"

"Don't worry, my Ken Doll, I'm not going to hurt you. But I'm not going to just

let you go either. It not every day a girl finds a prize like you. So I think

I'll just keep you for my very own, as a pet. After all, what are you going to

do about it shorty?" she laughed. "I think you are soooo cute like this. I bet

nobody's going to miss you, either. I mean I could hide you in my drawer or in a

shoebox in my closet. You'll be no trouble at all. And I can sneak some food

scraps without anyone noticing. It'll be such fun! Now C`mere you, I want to

touch you."

Her voice trailed off as she quickly reached out with her right hand and

snatched me off the dresser, her fingers pinning my arms to their sides as her

fingers gently but firmly squeezed me around the middle.

"Hey! No! Dana! D-don't! P-p-put me down! PUT ME DOWN! HELP! Put me down at once

and let me go! Hey! Please! Dana, please! You put me down right now! Help! Help!

You're hurting me! Don't squeeze so hard! Put me down! Put me down! Let me go I

beg of you! Let me go!"

The dresser surface dropped away as Dana easily lifted me. The swell of her

breasts filled my field of vision as she held me just in front of her chest. Her

melodious laughter surrounded me as she enjoyed my helpless predicament. Here

other hand came up to gently pinch my wildly kicking legs so that I was

completely at her mercy. She pressed me gently between her breasts, covering me

with her huge hands.

"Now stop struggling Ken Doll, I said I would be gentle with you. You'll just

have to trust me because I am never going to let you go. So you better start

getting used to being this little. I never dreamed I could have a guy small

enough to pick up and play with like a toy but now I have. You're not going

anywhere you little man you." She was now holding me against her breasts, in her

cleavage while stroking me slowly. I could feel the warmth of her body all

around me. I was totally humiliated by her. I decided try and protest to her


"Nooooo! Please! Help! I'm afraid of heights! Dana, please! You're squeezing me

too hard! P-put me down! Put me d-down right now! I-I-I said put me down right

now and let me go! PUT ME DOWN! Help me please! Dana! Let me down! P-p-p-put

m-m-me d-d-down! Noooooooo! Help me! Let me go! Dana.!"

"Awwww, are you afraid of me, little doll? That's so cute! I'm only 5'5" so how

can you be afraid of my height?" She teased, still clutching me tight as she

walked over to the window with me. "You are just so adorable, so precious, the

most adorable man I have ever seen! You cutie! We're going to."

I twisted in her grip and looked upward to see her looking out the second floor

window. She was watching the sun set.

"@!#$, it's getting late. I have to get ready for my date tonight, Ken Doll" She

said, slowly sauntering back over to the dresser. She lifted me from her breasts

to her face and kissed me gently, her lips covering my whole head. I could just

feel the faint brush of tongue against my tiny face has her lips parted slightly

then the dresser surface was beneath my feet once more as she set me down

exactly where I had been standing previously. Her chest came back into focus as

she backed away a step, smiling down at me and snickering at my helplessness.

"Now be a good little man and stay put while I get ready for my date. I'm not

sure where to put you while I'm gone. I don't want you to get lost. You need me

to protect you from the big world now, she announced matter-of-factly."

"Who's going to protect me from you?" I retorted, "You just handled me like a

doll. I'm not a doll, you know. Why should I trust you? Please, please, please

let me go free"

"Oh, shush now, you have no choice you tiny toy man. Now be quiet and let me get


She reached out with her index finger and playfully mussed my hair, knocking me

over in the process, then began scurrying around the room, untying her ponytail,

brushing her blonde locks, stripping to her underwear and changing clothes. I

had a great show of her magnificent young body clad in only her bra and panties.

She walked over to her closet and started looking at clothing combinations,

turning to me and modeling the various outfits by holding them in front of her

while they were still on their hangers.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

"Hey Dana, are you in there? Can I borrow your shampoo?"

@!#$. I didn't want anyone else to see me like this. Dana looked at the door,

and smiled, then looked at me, hesitated a bit before answering.

"Sure Carmen, come on in, I was just getting dressed to go out with Tommy."

I froze like a stone statue. I didn't know what else to do. What the hell was

this Dana girl doing? Showing me off like a toy? The shampoo was on the dresser

right next to where I was standing!

The door swung open and in walked a tall, thin, raven-haired girl. I estimated

her true height at about 5'8", with straight hair, full lips and large brown

eyes. I held my ground nervously as Carmen entered the room. I was afraid to

move and I hoped she would grab the shampoo bottle without really looking down

at me.

"Tommy again?" snorted Carmen, walking slowly in the direction of the dresser

and looking at Dana.

"Really Dana I don't know why you waste time with that conceited jerk. Just

because he's on the football team."

"He's gorgeous, that's why", said Dana. "You can bring my shampoo back later",

she said with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Thanks", said Carmen, turning to grab the shampoo. The giant brunette turned

her head toward the dresser. Her huge body loomed closer as she neared me. Like

Dana her breasts were not huge but where pert and perfect, jutting out from her

Greek letter T-Shirt. She was wearing tight fitting jeans and socks but no

shoes. Her chest loomed over my head and I started to sweat as her arm and hand

shot out from her, snaking forward toward the shampoo bottle to my left. Her

long length brown hair fell luxuriously to her sides and over her breasts. I

tried not to stare as her bosom rose and fell with each breath she took. I could

see that the skin of her exposed neck was tanned and smooth. As her huge fingers

grasped the shampoo bottle next to me I instinctively flinched just before she

turned her head away. She was looking down at me.

"Dana! What the @!#$ was that girl? Did that doll just move? What the hell are

you doing with a doll anyway?"

Suddenly her torso lowered and her thin, pretty face came into view as she

squinted down at me, looking for movement. Her sweet breath surrounded me and

her voice boomed with every word she spoke. Her nose and full lips were only a

couple of feet from my face as she bent over the dresser, inspecting Dana's Ken

Doll. I couldn't hold my pose any longer; my muscles ached. I ended up

cautiously taking a step backward away from her. Her eyes widened at my renewed

movement and I heard the shampoo bottle drop out of her hand to the floor."

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! It did move! What the @!#$ is that thing?" she asked. "It

looks real! Like a tiny person! What's going on here?"

She turned briefly toward Dana, who had stopped trying on outfits and was

looking across the room at us, and then turned back to me, looking me over down

her nose.

"Dana, you've got to tell me what is this thing? Is this real?"

"Of course I'm real, young lady. I'm not a thing, Miss; I am a person like you.

I was somehow shrunk in size when your friend decided to kidnap me. I've tried

to appeal to her to let me go but she won't. Maybe you could help me, Miss, er,


She was still watching me intensely when Dana spoke up.

"Its true Carmen, I found him on the street today. He was so cute that I took

him before someone else found him. His name is Kenny, and now he's my Ken Doll.

I'm gonna keep him. Wanna help me take care of him?"

"WOW!" blurted Carmen, her hair splaying down her shoulders and over her nice

breasts. "He is so cute! Look at how TINY he is! He must be less than a foot

tall. This is so fuckin' cool! Is it really kidnapping if the person is this

tiny?" Carmen reached out gingerly with her left hand as if to poke me, but

instead her index finger swept my legs out from under me, causing me to fall on

my rear."

She burst into a squeal of laughter.

"Hey!" I shouted. "What do you think you're doing young lady? You could have

hurt me! Leave me alone if you won't help me out of here!"

"Oh my fucking god! Oh my fucking god!" she repeated, "This so awesome! Can I

really help you take care of him? That would be way cool!" Her hands came up to

rest on the dresser and her chin came down to rest, as she looked me over, a

twinkle in her eye.

"Well sure Carmen", said Dana as she pulled on a green University sweatshirt, if

you promise not to hurt him. Can you watch him while I'm out with Tommy?"

"I'd love too. I wouldn't hurt him for the world! He's absolutely adorable. I

can't believe you actually found a man the size of an action figure! He is

totally unbelievable."

Carmen looked right at me. She puckered her lips and playfully blew on me,

laughing as my hair flipped back. I was still on my rear from when she tripped

me. I raised my hands in front of my face in a useless attempt to ward her

breath off.

"Stop it at once! Let me alone dammit! I'm not some toy or doll for you two

girls to play with! This is humiliating! Please step away from the dresser young

lady. I'd like to go home now."

"Awwww, are you a frightened little man? Don't be. We'll take good care of you,

little Ken Doll. You obviously don't know how lucky you are, do you? Even If we

were to let you go where would you go? You'd be killed accidentally or even

captured by someone else. Dana and I aren't gonna let that happen, will we Dana?

You're new home is here with us. We are gonna keep you, you're so adorable."

"Please, don't do this" I argued, I can take care of my self, I'm a full grown


They both laughed at my assertion that I was a 'full grown' man. Carmen turned

away and rose to her full height, still looking down at me in wonder. Dana was

now applying the final touches of her makeup and looked ready to go.

"Dana, what should I do with him why you're out?" Asked Carmen, looking over at

her friend.

"Why don't you take him to your room and I'll see you when I get back. If I

don't stay the night at Tommy's that is."

"You mean hold him? Pick him up and carry him?"

Carmen bent over toward the dresser and reached out with her right hand but

stopped short of picking me up. I cringed in fear seeing her huge fingers hover

over me. The shadow from her body covered me completely as she loomed over me,

inspecting me, her head tilting from side to side.

"Of course silly" said Dana. "How else are you going to get him to your room? He

very well can't walk at his size. He'll just have to get used to it, right Ken


She smiled over to me, then grabbed her purse and stood by the door.

"Lock the door when you leave Carmen, OK?" With that she blew me a kiss.

"Now be nice to Carmen while I'm gone OK, Ken Doll? Be a good little man and

maybe she will give you a treat. See you later."

The door slammed and I was left with the brown-red haired beauty.

"Holy @!#$. You are like the coolest thing ever", she said to me, "I bet you

never expected to be caught by giant sorority girls. Did you Little Ken?"

Her hand still hovered menacingly in front of me.

"Please Carmen, let me go. Don't listen to Dana. I am a real person. If you'll

just help me down off this dresser."

Carmen didn't answer me. Instead she reached down and over to the floor with her

left hand and retrieved the bottle of shampoo. That done she reached out with

her right hand slowly.

"Now don't try to run away and I won't hurt you."

Once again I panicked as the soft fingers of a giant young woman closed around

my tiny body, plucking me up off the dresser into her free hand. I began kicking

and wiggling in her grip frantically.

"Hey! Hey! P-p-put me down! PUT ME DOWN PLEASE! Help! Let me down! Let me down!

Hey! Where are you taking me? Let me go! Put me down this instant! No! Carmen!

Your fingers are squeezing me! You don't know your own strength! Put me down and

let me go! Carmen! Noooo!"

"Awwwww, aren't you adorable! You're so frightened! Such a frightened, tiny

little man! I think you are so cute I could just eat you up! I love this! You

are such a neat prize. I want you for my very own but I guess I'll just have to

share. This is too much!"

She lifted me up to her face, her lips in a pout, and before I knew it her plush

lips got closer and closer and enveloped my whole face in a soft kiss."

"Nooooo! Carmen! Mfffffffph!"

Her lips sucked the wind from me as she held me against them. I thought she was

going to eat me or something but she was just being playful.

"So did my little Ken Doll like that?"

She moved me out in front of her again, squeezing my middle playfully to

emphasize her complete power over me.

"I'll never get over this. You are so tiny and I like, own you! This rocks!"

She puckered her lips again and quickly kissed me, then settled me in against

the folds of her shirt. Like Dana she was not busty, but at my size what did it

matter anyway. I was sure that either one of their boobs weighed more than I

did. She pinned me against her and started to walk out of the room. I started

struggling and fighting her again.

"Please! Noooooooooo! Where are you taking me! I can't breathe like this! Put me

down! Put me down! Put me down! Help! Anybody! Carmen! Let me go goddammit! I am

not a doll for you to play with! Let me go! Let me down! Carmen! Carmen! Don't

take me away! Put me down! I demand to know where you're taking me! Put me down!

Put me down! Put me down! Help me!" Once again I was surrounded by soft

melodious laughter that penetrated every fiber if my being.

"Now quit that little man. I'm only taking you down the hall to my room. Now be

quiet because I don't want the whole house to know about you just yet. Don't

worry Ken Doll, I promise to be gentle handling you."

"Hey! Noooooooo! Put me down please! Put me down! Please! Help!"

Carmen carried me down the hall to her room. I was struggling against her soft

bosom, her hand pinning me firmly between her breasts. With her free hand she

held the bottle of shampoo over my tiny body in a clumsy attempt to hide me in

case she should encounter one of her sorority sisters. The walk to her room was

jarring for my tiny self I shook with each mighty step she took. I thought I was

going to be sick when she finally stopped and I heard a door open. Then I felt a

lurch and heard the door slam shut. I felt myself swing out from her chest as

she held me up to her comely face and smiled.

"I've got you now, Ken Doll. You're mine! Don't you want to stay with me for a

while? Hmmmmm? I wanna play with you, if you don't mind." She held my squirming

body out at arms length, and then slowly rotated her fist so that I was dangling

upside down.

"Hey! Nooooo! Please don't drop me! Carmen! Put me down right now! Put me down!

I'm afraid of heights Carmen, please!"

I heard her giggle as she cocked her head from side to side, enjoying my

predicament immensely. "Ok little doll I'll put you down for now. You're too

little to escape me anyway so here you go." With that she quickly lowered me and

I felt a soft surface give slightly beneath my feet.

I looked at my captor towering over me. She had set me down on her bed. I had an

impressive view of her sleek body from the knees upward. She was bent over

slightly, arms on her knees, laughing down at me. I regained my bearings and

looked around. The room I was in was larger than Dana's room. There was more

furniture and, to my horror, I could see to my left in the distance a second


"My roommate Jay will be back soon, so I guess I'll just have to introduce you

two. Just wait until you see her, or more to the point, wait'll she sees you."

Carmen said.

I couldn't believe her. Being shown off again? Before I could reply I saw her

huge hands fumble with her jeans. In a pinch she was pulling them down to her

ankles and stepping out of them. Her long legs rose up like fleshy tree trunks.

Then she pulled off her shirt, revealing a lacy red bra and matching panties.

She slowly touched herself on the stomach and on her breasts as she looked down

at me.

"I hope you don't mind if I check you out some more, Ken Doll. I can't get over

how adorable you are. Let's get a bit more acquainted, OK?" Without really

waiting for an answer she lunged forward over the bed, scooping me up with

alarming speed and power, lifting me up to her now half-clad breasts yet not

actually placing me in contact with them. She smiled down at me, slowly walking

to the side of the bed and sitting down.

"What are you going to do to me, Carmen? Please don't hurt me. I'm begging you,

put me down and let me out of here. Why are you only in your bra and panties?

This is really embarrassing! I'm too small to for you! P-put me m-me d-down!"

I started kicking out with my legs again, desperately trying to free myself from

my impossible predicament. She leaned back against the pillows and swung her

long legs up on the bed, stretching out full length on the bed. I felt myself

being set down on a soft surface but I realized that it wasn't the bed surface

but her flat stomach. I could feel the soft skin rippling with her laughter as

she giggled at her teeny tiny prisoner.

"You look soooo cute on my tummy, Ken Doll. My belly button is like a pothole to

you and my tummy is like a queen size bed, only better, isn't it?"

"Isn't it?" Carmen demanded.

I stared up past the small hills of her breasts at her face.

"What to you want from me young lady?" I asked. I tried to take a step toward

the edge of her stomach but I got only a step or two before her fingers

descended upon me again, seizing me up and laying me face down lengthwise on her

tummy. Her scent was everywhere and the warmth from her body permeated my being

as her hand pushed me gently flat against her. I struggled against her with all

my strength but her fingers didn't even budge one inch.

"Let me go off your stomach right now Carmen! Please let me up! I know you're

just playing with me but this is embarrassing! I don't want to be played with

like this. You might hurt me. I want to go home right now. Let me up now,


"No way, little man. You just better start getting used to the idea of being a

tiny toy because that's what you are now. You are too fantastic to just let go.

Dana and I and Jay and some of our other girlfriends are going to see you as

well. You can struggle and fight me if you like. In fact I like it better when

you try to resist me. I think that's so cute! You're just a living doll! Let me

bring you up here."

Carmen removed her hand for a second and I thought she might be reconsidering,

but all thoughts of that evaporated as I felt her fingers pinch my ankles gently

and, holding them together, lifted me upside down off the surface of her


"Hey!" I shouted, arms flailing uselessly as she slowly lifted me to her face,

"Stop it! Put me down! Put me down! Put me down Carmen! Carmen! I'm getting

dizzy! Let me down right now!"

I heard her softly giggle. "You want down, teeny? OK. Here you go. I can't

believe you're dangling above my body like this! Its soooo cool!" She quickly

thrust me against her lips, kissing me on my torso, and then suddenly released

my ankles, causing me to drop in a heap in her cleavage.

"Oh my god! You're in my cleavage! I have a doll-sized man in my cleavage! I

can't believe how small you are!" Her hands quickly came up to her chest,

trapping me between her youthful boobs. When I was wedged in, she gently pushed

her breasts together over my body, squeezing tightly.

"Carmen you're crushing me with your breasts! Please let me out! Let me go

Carmen, you're smooshing me! Let me out! Let me out! Help!"

"Awwwww, am I hurting you with my boobs? I'm sorry, you tiny man. I guess I

forgot how weak and puny you are. I wonder if you're puny everywhere, Ken Doll.

Are you?" She released the pressure and quickly seized me in her fist again,

holding me up to her sparkling eyes."

"I said, are you?"

"Just what do you mean by that Carmen?" I squirmed against her fingers.

"I was just curious. I'm stripping you. I want to see you without your clothes

on. I bet you're just adorable when you're naked."

She brought up her free hand and pinched my shoes and socks off, oblivious to my

struggling. My shirt flew skyward like a tornado had ripped it loose.

"Carmen, don't! No way I'm going to let you do this! Put me down! Don't do this

Carmen, please put me down! You have no idea how humiliating this is! Give me my

shirt back! Let me down!"

"WOW, this is so cool! Look at your tiny arms and your chest! I bet you work out

don't you? You are so awesome like this!" She pinched my left pant leg and

gently eased my trousers off. "Look at your little legs, you're adorable!"

She leaned forward and I felt her lips against my bare torso. She kept me there

for several seconds before pushing me away. Before I knew it she slid her index

finger of her free hand down my underwear and stripped them off. Completely

naked, I was dangling from her fingers over her chest, next to her face. Her

triumph was complete, and she looked me over anew. She was clearly enthralled

with my now tiny and exposed member.

"Awwww isn't that cute! You have such a small cock! It's soooo tiny! Well, I

suppose it's not so small by normal standards. But now..Hey! Does it still work

OK? I wanna see! Its fascinating!"

She began to touch my cock with her index finger, gently flicking it back and

forth, up and down, pushing it this way and that, trying to view it from every

conceivable angle, cooing with satisfaction as she examined me, turning me

upside down and around, laughing heartily as my cock and balls wobbled to and

fro at her whim.

"Oh god, Carmen, stop it please! Your making me come! Put me back down before I

get hurt! You're bending me! It hurts!"

"Ohhhhhhhh! Ok then here you go my new doll lover!"

She didn't put me down of course but I looked up to see her huge tongue snake

out to my member. Suddenly pleasure overtook my fear as licked and kissed me up

and down my body like a Popsicle, paying special attention to my penis. My body

was covered with kisses and licks and I lost all sense of time and space and

control of myself. I came but I don't think she noticed right away because she

continued to kiss me up and down. Out of the corner of my eye I could see one of

her arms caressing her panties. She gently squeezed me in a fist and brought her

free hand up to her bra and pulled back one of the cups. I was placed face

forward inside the bra, then felt the fabric snap back over my back. My face was

against her huge erect nipple. I felt Carmen's hand start to knead me into her

breast in a rhythmic motion, followed by her body rising and falling with each

breath she took. I heard her giggle and I realized how ridiculous I must have

looked half trapped in her bra against her breast. After several minutes she

pulled the cup open and dragged be back down to her tummy by my ankles. She

deposited my clothes next to me and permitted me to dress.

"That was so kewl! You certainly have some interesting uses Ken Doll. I can't

wait till we go all the way. I don't want to hurt you before Dana gets back so

we'll just have to wait for that but at least I can play with you. You're mine.

I own you. That is so awesome! You're the best pet I've ever seen anyone have.


She was interrupted by the sound of jingling keys just outside the door. Carmen

quickly seized me off her tummy and set me on the other bed, motioning me to be

quiet. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Carmen quickly got up and

moved toward the door just as it swung open.

"Hi Carm. What's up?"

A huge blonde entered the room. She appeared to be a couple of inches taller

than Carmen. Her pretty face was framed with shoulder length straight dirty

blonde locks. She had on just a pair of cutoff jeans and a midriff @!#$. She

threw her keys on a desk and walked over to her bed, not noticing me. Before

Carmen could say anything she flopped on the bed. I saw her beautiful, tight

rear descend right on top of me, pinning me to the bed face down, crushing me

into the mattress.

"Jay!" Carmen screamed. Jay felt something beneath her and the bed and quickly

scooted over.

"EEK!" It's an animal! Kill it!"

"Wait! No!" I screamed up at the new giant girl. Sitting next to me on the bed

she was not looking down at me with wonder.

"Holy @!#$! Did somebody say something?" She asked.

"I did! You almost crushed me!"

"What the hell is THAT?" She was looking down at me, and then looked over at


"Dana found him today. It's a doll sized living man. He's real and we're keeping

him. Isn't he sweet?"

"Oh. My. God! I can't believe this! He's real?" The blonde leaned over my tiny

body and pulled her legs up on the bed and lay on her side so that her huge body

surrounded me in a semicircle of girl.

"This is unfuckingbelievealbe! Does he have a name?" She spoke down to me.

"Do you have a name little doll?"

"I'm not a little doll, I'm a man. I was accidentally shrunk. My name is Ken and

I need your help to get home. Your friend here has been treating me in a totally

inappropriate manner. I hope you will see me differently, as a man and not a


"Plaything? Carmen, you didn't!"

"I stripped him. He's just so adorable that I had to play with him a bit. Isn't

he the most precious thing you've ever seen Jay?"

"Little man, may I play with you too?"

She was smiling down at me and she slowly edged her hand near to me. I backed

away toward the edge of the bed only to see her arm and hand swing over my head

and block my escape. I heard her laughing softly. I tried to go in the other

direction but her other hand blocked that path as well.

"Certainly not, Miss. I am NOT some plaything despite what Carmen says. I am a

free man, not a toy. Help me to get out of here, Miss, er."

"Jay" She said. "Short for Jacqueline. You're not going anywhere little doll. I

wanna play with you too! Come here."

Her hands were slowly closing in on me. There was nowhere for me to go to as she

reached for me.

"Please Jay! No! Don't! No! Don't!"

Her fingers closed around my torso, holding me firmly as she lifted me

effortlessly off of the bed. Her face broke into a mask of sure glee and I

detected a touch of arrogance as she snatched me up.

"Put me down! Put me down! Please! Jay! No! Let me down! Let me down! Put me

down! Help! Please! Miss! Put me down!"

"Ooooooooh! You're a feisty little toy. Carmen is he always like, this

frightened?" Jay was holding me up to her face, gently pinching at my flailing

limbs with the fingers of her free hand.

"Yeah" Carmen laughed from the other side of the room. "Isn't he great?"

"Oh he's really something! What an adorable creature! Don't worry little Ken

doll, I don't want to hurt you. I just want to see you. You are too much!" She

laughed at the struggling figurine in her fist. "Well, actually you are too

little! I think I'm in love!"

Carmen had put on a bathrobe and had grabbed the shampoo and was heading for the


"Jay I'm going to take a shower. You can have him for now but please don't hurt

him. OK?"

"Oh I wouldn't hurt him for anything. I want to play with him! I want to strip

him too!"

Carmen left the room, leaving me in the clutches of the slender blonde. She

gently set me down before her on the bed, her dark blonde hair cascading all

around where he sat.

"You are soooo adorable, so tiny and helpless! I can't believe this! This must

be a dream! Are you really for real my little doll?"

"Stop calling me that! I am NOT your little doll! I'm a person who has been

shrunk. I'm just as real as you are, understand?"

She looked annoyed as she snatched me aloft again.

"You ARE my doll, doll. I'm holding your whole body in my fist. Just try to get

away from me. You're lucky I'm nice; otherwise I could punish you for trying to

defy me. You can't you're so weak and tiny. I wanna play with you, OK?

"No! Jay! Please put me down! Please don't hurt me! Let me go! Let me go! Help!

Put me down now!"

Suddenly her free hand came up to pinch my ankles and she released her grip on

my body. In a second I was dangling upside down from her fingers before her

delighted face.

"Help! Put me down Jay! Put me down right now! Put me down! Put me down!"

"No way, I told you I wanna play! I'm gonna strip your little clothes off right

now. Oh, this is too much!"

She grabbed hold of my shirt and stripped it off my swinging upside down body.

"You don't need that, little toy man. Let's have the pants too." She pulled my

shoes and socks off, then upended me and, gripping me around my bare torso,

tugged at my pants until they came off.

"Give those back! This is embarrassing! Put me down!"

"Awww, just a second here." She dropped me on the bed and in a swift motion

pulled her own shirt off and let it fall to the floor, exposing her bare breasts

to me, as she was not wearing a bra. Then she leaned far over and trapped me

between the bed and her chest. I felt her soft, firm 34C breasts press me

gently. I could tell she was not pressing me with her full force but I still had

trouble breathing for several seconds until she let up the pressure and her hand

came down again for me.

"Now, off with your underpants so I can see you better." I frantically tried to

hold on to my underwear against the shear force of her finger. She laughed, as I

was unable to prevent her from stripping me naked. That done she lay back on her

pillows just as Carmen had done. My tiny body was helplessly splayed in her

fingers as she suspended me above her bare chest while her face hungrily

examined me.

"Whoa. That is one tiny little cock, doll. Did Carmen check it to see if it

still works?" She burst into a bubbly laugh.

"I bet she did. Did she do this?"

She started pushing my now erect member back and forth with her index finger,

testing its rigidity. At every touch she seemed to shudder with delight. She

adored bouncing my tiny sack on the tip of her finger. She could have hurt me

seriously but she was making at least some attempt to be gentle with me.

She lowered my body to her left breast, centering my face on her nipple. Her

fingers squeezed me roughly into her boob, grinding me into her. Then she

manipulated my tiny body so that my cock was rubbing against her nipple."

"Ooooooooh! That feels good little doll. Look at how tiny your cock is next to

my nipple! That is so precious! I'm going to keep you like this forever! You are


"Hey you're squeezing me too tight! Let me down! Put me down! Let me go! You're

too rough. Leave me alone already! I've had enough!

"Oh but I haven't, Ken Doll. This is nothing compared to what we're going to do

with you at bedtime. I can't get enough of you till then!"

Jay proceeded to press me into her cleavage and press her breasts together over

me, laughing hysterically the whole time. I was enveloped in girl flesh. Then

she grabbed me again and began rubbing me up and down her body, over her smooth

stomach and over her boobs then back down to her stomach. She took special

delight when my cock would drop into her navel and then 'pop' back out again as

she rubbed me all over. Finally she got bored with that and she ended dangling

me by my ankles over her mouth, dropping me within reach of her tongue then

hoisting me up high over her body.

"Please young lady, aren't you tired of this? Put me down! Put me down! I'm

getting dizzier by the minute! Jay! Put me down at once! I'm begging you to

please put me down right now! Help!"

"Oh, OK then, here you go. You may rest up a bit, you precious little thing."

She set me gently on her flat stomach, my cock and balls into her navel and held

me down against her. I was like that when the Door opened and Carmen came back

in, her hair still wet from the shower.

"I just talked to Dana on the phone. She's staying the night at Tommy's. She

asked us to watch him tonight and she said we could show him off a bit.

"Kewl!" Said Jay, looking down at me, the little prize she had imprisoned

against her tummy with her hand. "Now we can have some more fun!"

"Yep!" Said Carmen as she walked over to where I was trapped against Jay's





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