Giantess Stories: Genocide of the planets  About a year after my beloved Earth was lain waste by the Xenon and the population transported like cattle to

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Genocide of the planets

About a year after my beloved Earth was lain waste by the Xenon and the

population transported like cattle to the planet Quillum, I and millions like me

have been in transit for months aboard a giant spacecraft for a lunch date we

all wish we could postpone and forget. We are all prisoners of the Xenon,

mechanical fiends who capture entire planets to provide food for their

mistresses, the Femquims. The Femquims are a race of females, human in

appearance but a thousand times bigger and whose diet it seems consists of live

flesh and enjoyed like prawns. The spacecraft is being unloaded of its human

cargo and I have been waiting my turn for months to disembark from this

hell-hole. There must be fifty million souls aboard this ship. The Femquims

supervise the unloading of the human cargo; they sort us out into age, size and

sex. The spaceship, which to them is the size of a car is the size of a huge

oil-tanker to its prisoners. Four spaceships are unloaded at a time with one

female supervising the unloading of each craft. They are young, blonde and

tanned with bodies like athletes. Wearing skin-tight black material one-piece

suits like those worn in Bay Watch, finished off with a pair of sheer soft black

material gloves and black knee-length platform- soled boots, they perform the

task of unloading us with cruel distain. The worst time to be unloaded is at

lunch-time because the young, beautiful girls select handfuls of humans from the

unloading ramp and devour them like sweets. I've seen people fall from their

grasp only to be crushed like bugs under boots rather than waste any time

retrieving the fleeing snacks. Some of the girls try to eat as many as they can

in one go. I saw an assortment of about twenty humans disappear into one young,

wet, sticky mouth, and she chewed on her human meal quite unconcerned by the

screaming, she continued her work, and casually chatted to her colleagues

occasionally selecting additions from the descending prisoners making their exit

from the craft, slipping them between her soft red lips as room became available

in her mouth of hell. I watched in horror as one girl bit off the arms, then the

legs and then nipped off his head. She played with it awhile before sending it Lección 2: Eventos y Compuertas BPMN

rolling down her gullet. Old men and woman are separated and disposed of

immediately; they are chosen and plucked as they emerge from the craft. After

selection by the cruel fingers of their giant mistresses they are dispatched

with a single pinch to the head and neck and their lifeless bodies dropped into

a waiting bucket without even a second glance. The bucket is checked over in

case anyone survives their execution; if still alive they are re-executed

immediately and without mercy. The bucket is taken away to be processed into

things like lipsticks and pet food. The Femquim females eat their prey alive so

as soon as you're unloaded you can expect to be processed that day and available

for sale in the shops immediately. This is my last transmission on my makeshift

radio to anyone who is listening as I am just going down the ramp of death, and

it's nearly break time. O, God, she's such a pretty girl but so ruthless. She's

just taken in her fingers a batch of my group. O, my God, they're going up to

her mouth. They're screaming, struggling. She does not care. Her pretty mouth

opens wide, her tongue is lolling out, now it's flattening out. O, my, there

they go! Her lips are closed, her cheeks are bulging and her jaw is moving. I

can only surmise what those poor devils are going through as those teeth of hers

start their crunching and chewing. There, she's finished masticating those

twenty or more souls. She's just swallowed. Her bloodied tongue flicks out to

lick her equally bloodied lips, and now looking in my direction.....

O, no, she's coming for me! That look in her eyes - no emotion at all....Ahhhhhhh!!!!

Epilogue: One can only surmise the last moments of that despairing individual as

he is lifted to the rosy full lips of that Femquim girl...the terror he must

have felt as that girlish mouth opens to receive him. Had he been dismembered

first before being popped into her ravenous mouth or was he leisurely sucked

until his skin had all been peeled off by her rasping tongue then mashed by her

teeth and swallowed all pulped down to her young stomach to join the many souls

being digested?

Giantess Stories: Genocide of the planets  About a year after my beloved Earth was lain waste by the Xenon and the population transported like cattle to

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