Giantess Stories: Geri

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Geri's Diary

Steve Crandall c. 1993

I've been lying here for nearly an hour in anticipation as Frank works at tying

me into my restraints. The long wait has become very erotic and my crotch is

very hot with anticipation. Both of my legs are restrained as is my right arm.

I glance over towards my left wrist and he waves to me - "I'm almost there, hang

in tight!"

I feel the silk rope slowly tighten on my wrist - he must be using the little

hand winch to get things tight. I feel him on my wrist and watch him walk along

by forearm. Now he's sitting down near my elbow and stroking the inside with

his bare feet. A shiver goes up my spine and its all I can do to keep my left

arm in place.

I'm getting covered with sweat as he moves along my biceps. "Nice - I do like a

big woman!" he says as I show off how hard it is getting with the exercising

that I'm doing.

To say that I'm a big woman would be an understatement. Without going into too

many details I'll mention that my friend and mentor Krysti shrank Frank to four

inches several months ago as part of her increasing her magical skills. Frank

and I really hit it off from the beginning and we've been living, loving and

playing with each other since.

"No fair!" I cry out as he starts rubbing my ear lobe. He knows this is one of

my most sensitive areas and he's gotten very good at bringing me to climax. I

rip out of my bindings and pick my startled little man up between my thumb an

index finger. I hold him close to my face and gaze at his delicate little

features. He has the sinuous build of a runner and a tiny little apple ass that

neatly fits between my fingers. I can tell by the bulge in his pants that he's

excited and he raises his arms up as I pull of his t-shirt. "Whoops" - as usual

I manage to rip the flimsy little garment. Fortunately Krysti regularly shrinks

clothing to his size for us, but it is getting expensive.

I lightly touch his chest with my pinkie, which is much larger than his legs.

"Oh Geri!" He squirms so exquisitely when I touch him softly like this. It is

like playing with my sensitive clit, only I am much gentler with him. As I

lightly blow on his chest I notice his chest hairs have pilo-erected. I turn

him over and notice that his back is just as excited.

I start to take off my top, but it is too cumbersome with Frank in my hand. I

kneel down and carefully put him on the coffee table. He starts whistling at me

and I perform a striptease for him.

The top comes off quickly and I sling it over my shoulder. As always I'm a bad

shot and it falls a few inches behind him and he is nearly blown over by the

windstorm it produces.

Slowly I grind down until my bra and its clasp are directly in front of him. I

watch him struggle in vain for ten seconds as my breasts have it under too much

tension for him to overcome. "Hang on, I'll fix that." I slowly rise up with

my left hand a few inches under him just in case he slips. I pass through

vertical and start bending on my back. He is now laying on me just under my

breasts sill clinging to the bra clasp. Although my breasts are small (34A),

they slide to the sides under gravity and put the clasp under even more

pressure. "You men are all alike - you never can get a bra open without help."

That said I squeezed the outsides of my breasts a bit until there wasn't any

pressure on the clasp. It popped open and I took him between my fingers again.

By now my aureole were excited and my nipples were rock hard. As I brought him

towards my left breast he started to reach out to my nipple. "Not yet, I want

to have a little fun with my little man." It is soooo sexy rubbing my nipple

against his tiny little breasts. If I'm careful and if he is very excited I can

actually feel his tiny little nipples against my big nipple. The first time I

did this my nipples weren't hard yet, but I could tell his were by the feeling.

He groaned softly and both of my nipples shot up. Since then we've had races to

see who can get the biggest erection fastest. I always win the size as my

nipples are longer than his penis.

I quietly hold his chest to my aureole and can feel his heat beating away.

"Geri!" He always seems to feel my orgasms before I do. Almost without warning

I feel a pulse of delight shoot through my crotch and through both of my

breasts. I gasp and things get warm and slightly out of focus for a while. My

pulse is much quicker and I'm covered with sweat and panting. My crotch feels

like a thunderstorm hit it.

I want him so badly now. I start unzipping my cutoffs, but I don't have much

coordination. "You're better off lying down Geri." I agree and drop to my

knees where I can carefully place him on the hardwood floor. I have the sense

of mind to pull the rug under myself so I won't hurt my backside.

Once again I'm standing up towering over him - he barely comes to my ankles and

sometimes I put on my spike heels, which are taller than he is as a joke. He's

watching carefully as I strip off my cutoffs and sling them against a wall. I

pull of my panties as seductively as I can. "Wow Geri, even though you're fifty

feet over me I can see that your pubic hairs are soaking!" I reach down to see

if he's right and can't remember being wetter. "We won't need any oil or butter


I slowly go down on my knees over him. He is so small that sitting on my legs

puts my privates impossibly out of his reach. "Geri - you smell so wonderfully

wet and sexy..." That does it. I was thinking of toying with him, but now I

really want him badly. I lay down on my back and hold my legs up in the air

while I watch in one of the many mirrors I've put in the apartment. "A little

lower Geri" I scrunch my ass a little until I can feel his fingers touch my

labia. He pulls himself up and I open my labia with my fingers (he's too small

to do that himself, it doesn't bother me and pulling myself open now is an

incredibly sexy and seductive act). "You're awfully wet - I should slide right

in. Do you mind if I'm not wearing a condom?" I start giggling and try to calm

down as it is making it very difficult for him to hang onto me. Finally I feel

his little legs slip into me and I lay back to enjoy the sensation.

I'm not a big one for feeling completely full, which is great as Frank is far

too small to fill me up. When we first started making love he accidentally slid

completely inside of me and my vaginal muscles tightened too much for him to get

out. Fortunately he could breathe or I would have freaked. I've heard of women

having all sorts of strange foreign objects removed from their vaginas and knew

that we have to get him out by ourselves rather than risk a hospital. We both

relaxed as much as we could and finally he freed one of his arms. I held a

paper clip next his hand and he was able to take hold well enough that I pulled

him out. Since that time we've made sure that his arms are well extended.

My labia are quite sensitive and he is a master at playing with them. He is

even better at playing with my clit and I help him expose the hood. When I play

with myself I only notice general (although incredibly strong) feelings when I

touch it. That was even truer when normal sized men played with it. The human

finger or tongue is too large for my tiny little quarter inch organ. Frank's

hands and tongue are just the right size for my clit as it is about the size of

the palm of his hand.

He has touched me with what must be a fingertip and a wild feeling ripped from

my clit right up my spine. I'm pouring sweat now and am desperately trying to

control myself so I don't buck him off. Wooooww that was an explosion - I look

at the mirror and he's still hanging in there. He's not giving up and and and

AND GODDDD!!!! I'm trembling now and can barely feel my hands. My nipples need

attention and I'm playing with one with my left hand while I move my right hand

down to my crotch. He's not going to stay on without help 'cause I'm really

going to buck from here on out. I touch his little butt with my index finger to

hold him in place. That's not fair - he's shifted back to playing with my labia

and is toying with the rim of my vagina.

Its time to take control of the situation. It is hard to explain, but sometimes

I feel he's very tiny, sometimes I' a giantess, and sometimes - like now - I

feel both. I pick him up between my thumb and index finger and bring him up to

my mouth. I must be incredibly wet as he is completely covered with my juices.

He still hasn't come, but I know how to get him. Its too bad I don't have any

milk like a few weeks ago when I was around the baby - that got him.

I hold him to my mouth and start to softly kiss him. He groans as I toy with

his little penis - this is very sexy and I'm playing with myself with my other

hand. I part my lips slightly and place him across them inhaling just a bit to

hole him in place. He has his erect member pushed up against my trembling

tongue and I can feel him tremble through my lips. I hope he comes before I do.

Now I can feel his breathing change and his back tense up. He's ramming against

my tongue and I can feel a tiny warmth and salty taste. He has almost a minute

and I'm trying to retain my composure. I'm holding his legs with my fingers

just in case and DAMN that one snuck up on me. "I got to see about giantess

insurance and of these days" I've blown him out of my mouth and he's dangling

from my fingers. "Sorry about that" I lay back in complete exhaustion and

place him between my breasts where he drifts off to sleep.


Giantess Stories: Geri

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