Giantess Growth Pool Remix (Sound)

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Avoid SexyBlimp. (Dude harassed me hard for things I didn't do. Psycho)

Fixes and additions:

Miku breast twitching. every single instance where there was an extra transition keyframe, Miku had no expression changes when she first steps in the pool, Miku's hair doesn't suddenly stop rotating while growing across the neighborhood, saturation boost and darks darkened, additional endings, sound added, voice actresses patched in, Miku's heart eyes don't fade in but instead are there right after the blink, breast slip during head pat now not as extreme, hand above building when Miku peeks from cover doesn't judder, my own voice added to jeep car guy, hyphen and underscore added for Dead-Pool3_Sij6

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Giantess Growth Pool Remix (Sound)


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