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Giantess Jess



*note: Handluva do you have the rest of this? it got cut off.

Hi my names jerrod and this is my story on how i became the

palything of my girlfriend jessica. We were once a very happy, loving

couple, walking down the street holding hands, sharing sodas at the

movie theater, but that all soon changed... well she was still happy.

two days till my birthday i woill be 20, let me tell you about

myself, i am 6'0 tall and weigh about 140 brown hair, brown eyes,

descent looking i guess. my girlfriend was absolutly beutiful she was

5'11 and had long blonde hair, size 34 c, and the longest legs on

the block. i always like taller women, and she was the closest one

that have gotten to really know. sometimes shed wear 4 inch heels and

be a little taller than me, i would love that. but anyway back to the

story. i had just gotten back from an audition, i wanted to be an

actor. i walked in our two story house and saw jessica sitting on the

couch with her legs crossed and a ig smile on her face. "hey

babe, why are you home so early"? i aske d "well i skipped

a class to be with you and i have a surprise for you, and i think

youll love it." "what?" i asked. "Youll have to

wait till later." we sat down on the couch and wacthed a movie

she rented, "Attack of the Fifty Foot Women". i thought to

myself how much i lo!

ved this movie but i never told her. 'Wouldnt that be cool if i could

pick you up in the palm of my hand, jerrod"? i was a little

caught off guard with that question. "Yea" is all i got

out. "Ill be back, she said im going to go get us some

drinks." she came back and handed me a coke in a glass. which

was unusual because i normally drink out of the can. i was really

thirsty and drank all of it in no time. something didnt feel right, i

was kinda dizzy. "i think there was something in that

drink." i said trying to stand up. "your right, there was,

i put a shrinking pill in there, that i made in class today."

tsh, yea right there no way to shrink ppeople." then everything

went black. when i awoke, everthing was blurry, i was on something

soft. the smell was familliar. when everything got clear, i realized

that i was in a humongous bra. it was jessicas, but it was huge, it

looked like i was in cereal bowl. i was in jess and my room, and the

door finally opened, and in came the m!

ost beautiful girl i have ever seen. it was jessica. she came walkin

Giantess Stories: Giantess Jess

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