Giantess Stories: Giantess Neighbor Part II

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Giantess Neighbor Part II

I could give you the powder again and shrink you down to about 1/8 of an inch


Update: 29/06/1998 to giantess

I have spent the last few months living in

Christines pantyhose draw. Even though I love the silken world that I

now live in, I am begining to miss the normal life I once had.

Christine has been keeping me hidden from her mother for sometime now.

With each day that goes by the SMALL Organization gains new members

and with each day that goes by her mother becomes more and m ore

wicked. Christine fears for my life now and takes me with her just

about everwhere she goes.

One evening Christine takes me out of the draw and puts me on her bed.

She lies down next to me and strokes my body with her long fingers and

beautiful red p ainted nails. I really feel relaxed with her now, she

treats me so well. I know that she is not always the gentle giantess

she appears to be with me. Every once and awhile she gets the urge to

shrink a man and step on him. Their is something about being a

giantess, these women get these feelings where they have to feel

powerful and show their domination of their little shrunken

playthings. But I know that Christine will never hurt me, she will

always watch over me.

She leans down and puts her beautiful lips near me and whispers, I

have the urge again. Right away I know what she m eans. She says, I

need to shrink a man. I am going to go out tonight and get on e. I

know that whatever I say to try and stop her wont work. So I dont even

try an ymore. Sh e says, Tonight I feel sexy. I am going to go out to

a nightclub in my sexiest outfit and pick up the guy that hits on me

the most. I love watching her as she gets dressed. I love the way she

puts on the silky black stockings. She puts in one foot and p ulls

them up over her kness and up to those great thighs. She put on a

micro mini-skirt and a pair of sexy strappy high heeled shoes. She

leans over and gives me a kiss goodbye and says, Ill be home later

tonight with a little friend. Do nt wait up. Sh e then turns and

leaves. I realize there is not much for me to do now. I lie ba ck and

think about my future, what it holds for me and what lies in store for

t he men of the world. I wonder if someone will be able to thwart the

plans of th ese women or if th ey will really succeed in shrinking

mankind. As I pondered my fate I drifted o ff to sleep.

I awoke to a warm wind blowing over me. At first I am not sure where I

am, but as I regain my senses I see where the breeze is coming from. I

look in horror as I see Sandy leaning over me with her hot breath

blowing on me. She then smiles at me and I know that smile can only

mean trouble. She then stands up to her full height. She is wearing a

black satin nightie that is untied halfway down revea ling her

beautiful round breasts. She looks down at me and says, You must think

you have died and gone to heaven. Young men always get turned on by a

sexy older woman. But what about a giant sexy older woman. I was

amazed at how sexy she was for a 40 year old woman. She also said, I

know you love it when me and Christine wear our pantyhose so I bou ght

a new pair of very silky sheer pantyhose for you. She backed up and

spun ar ound showing me her legs. She had on a pair of beige sheer to

waist pantyhose t hat looked great . She then laid down on the bed

next to me. When she came down her breast fell out of the nightie. She

rolled over and pinned me to the bed with it. She said, Suck on my

nipple and make me feel good and I will make you cum like you never

have before. Sh e didnt have to twist my arm. I took her giant erect

nipple in my mouth. I lick ed and sucked it making her whimper and

moan. I did this while she masturbated. As she was reaching climax her

body was convulsing and shaking. I couldnt hold her nipple any longer

and when she finally came her whole breast was lying on top of me,

crush ing me into the bed. I couldnt breathe anymore. I was

suffocating. I thought I was going to black out when she finally

lifted off me. I lied there trying to c atch my breath wh en she said,

Sorry, little man did I hurt you. We wouldnt want that now would w e.

You really shouldnt go around having sex with giantesses, you might

get hurt . She was laughing loudly now and had that evil look on her

face again. She smi led at me and said, I do keep my promises. Are you

ready for the feeling of a lifetime. She p icked me up between her

fingers and stroked my penis until it was stiff. She th en took my

naked body and put it on her thigh. She then started to slide me dow n

her leg. She s lid me down her thigh, over her knee, down her shin to

her foot and across her toes. That incredible silk feeling of her

pantyhose on my naked body was absolu tely fantastic. She then pulled

me back up her leg and back down again. She did this over and over on

each leg. She then took my hands and held them above my head and took

m y feet in the other hand a stretched me out. She then started to

pull me back a nd forth over her beautiful toes. The silky sheer

feeling of the nylons was killing me. Back and forth I went gliding

over the silken toes until finally I couldnt contain myself anymore

and I came all over her toes. She then held me over her mouth and

lowered me in. She licked the sw eat and cum off my body. She held me

between those luscious lips sucking on my body. She then dropped my

into the palm of her hand. She looked a t me and said, It looked like

you really enjoyed that. I must say, I do know ho w to treat a man.

Even if he is only 4 inches tall. I was so exhausted that I h ad

trouble answe ring. I told her that if I was going to have that done

to me all the time I won t mind being so small the rest of my life.

She replied, Well the only problem is, that the rest of your life is

about to end now. I cringed as she said this. She then close d her

hand tightly around my body and was putting a great deal of pressure

on m e. She said, I have that urge to kill again and there are no

other little men a round except you. Squeezing you to death would be

to easy though. I have to th ink of some new w ay of making you die

horribly. I didnt think it would end this way. One minute I am in

ecstacy, being rubbed on her stocking legs and now she wants to kill m

e. Sandy continued, I could put you on the floor and step on you with

the spik e of my high he el shoe. Or I could slowly eat you starting

with your feet. Or maybe I could give you the powder again and shrink

you down to about 1/8 of an inch tall. Then I could just squash you

between my toes. I think that is what Im going to do. She put the

powder in a glass of water and begun to pour it over me. I held my

mouth closed but she squeezed me until I screamed in pain. The water

then went down my throat. T he powder began to shrink me. She had me

down to 2 inches then 1 inch then all of a sudden the bedroom door

opened and Christine walked in. She looked at her mother and screame

d, What are you doing to him. Sandy answered, Im shrinking your litlle

boyfriend until he disappears. Christine then grabbed her mother and

pulled her away fr om me. She sc reamed, Ma, I cant believe you did

that to him. He was mine. I dont care what y ou do when you torture

and kill other men but not Anthony. Sandy said, You save d him this

time, but next time he might not be so lucky. She then turned and l

eft the room .

Christine turned and looked down at me and said, Anthony I am so sorry

that I left you alone. I told her it was not her fault that her mother

is this way. She said, It is go ing to be so much harder for us now

that your so small. It is going to be hard to keep track of you.


Giantess Stories: Giantess Neighbor Part II

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