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By Hedin

Jenny had dreamt about it the night before. She remembered most of her dreams

and this one had been very special. She had seen herself driving down the road

to Pentiumville and suddenly the road had ended abruptly just where the town

should have been. Instead, she had stopped at the edge of a deep black hole. Far

down on the ground she had seen a sky filled with beautiful stars. Then the

dream had slowly vanished as she sunk into a deeper sleep. Jenny was curious.

She had often found that her dreams could be related to her real life. Her

dreams were somewhat coded but she had never been clever enough to guess their

meanings before they would happen. But then she forgot about the dream at work.

She was a social worker in the communal hospital and there were always people

whose fate was bad enough to capture her thoughts during the working hours. Then

in the evening, she was in her flat and had just seen the news. Now it was her

time for a nice book. She was a fan of Science Fiction, but today she felt more

like a good old Miss Marple. Nearly one hour later, the book had a scene on a

dark road out on the fields. Jenny was reminded of her dream. She was curious

again and with a nice tickle of excitement down in her stomach she got her keys

and left the house. The road to Pentiumville was nearly an hour away. Then it

would still be 40 minutes to the town. It was already dark as she finally

reached the road. The sky was filled with stars and sometimes she found herself

stargazing instead of watching the bad roads. She got her pay when she didn´t

see the potholes in the small carpet of light from the headlights. She was

nicely shaken when the shocks couldn´t take the large cracks in the road. But

her car was old and it didn´t matter. After 30 minutes she slowed down.

Somewhere ahead was the place where she had found the slope in her dream. The

tires were screeching and the car stopped just in time. The ground before her

car dropped off suddenly, just like her dream. The road suddenly ended. She got

out of her car and walked over to the edge. It was like being at the end of the

world. Far down, she saw stars and she was sure that this was no reflection on

water or something. There was a sky down in a deep hole. The walls were pitch

black, so she walked back to her car and turned off the lights. Carefully, she

moved through the darkness until she felt that she was near the edge. After some

minutes, her eyes had adapted to the darkness. The light of the stars was enough

for her to see that the walls of this large pit didn´t go straight down.

Carefully, she sat on the edge and removed her sandals. Climbing in heels was no

better than suicide, but leaving her shoes in the darkness was a waste of money.

So she closed the delicate ankle straps around the belt of her jeans and started

to lower her body down. Her jeans slid over the stones until she found a good

footing nearly three foot below the edge. It was like a natural stairway of

rocks that lead down into the darkness. Luckily, there seemed to be no sharp

edges, and the ground was still warm from the heat of the day. Jenny didn´t

waste a thought on dangers. This was more and more unreal. Like in an exciting

dream, she jumped down the next rocks. After twenty minutes, she looked back for

the first time. Against the star-filled sky she saw a small dark shape that was

the front of her car. She estimated that it was about 100 feet above her. The

steep walls had now turned into a soft slope and she couldn´t see any trace of

the stars on the ground. There were just rocks. She dissmissed the thought of

seeing stars as part of her imagination; it was probably the desire to recreate

last night's dream.

Now she had moved far enough. She knew the place, and the first small houses

of Pentiumville should have been right here. But there was only rock. She didn´t

feel too good about the disappearance of the stars, and now she was really

worried. It was like Pentiumville had disappeared along with the ground below,

leaving a crater with a depth of more than 100 feet and at least three miles in

diameter. Suddenly there was a light. She saw a beam of deep blue rays, only

slightly brighter than the surrounding darkness. The ray touched the ground

where she had estimated the center of the former Pentiumville had been. Jenny

fell into a run. The beam was more than a mile from her, but she was in good

shape and had almost reached it when it suddenly disappeared. As she arrived at

the spot it was completely dark again. She squatted and touched the ground. The

ground was smooth stone. After some searching, she found a small rock no larger

than her fist. Somehow the rock was strange. Jenny stood and tried to look at

it, but it was too dark. The rock was nearly a round slice, but it felt very

different from the stone ground she felt under her barefeet. Then it came to her

that the stone below was smooth. However, this stone had really sharp edges and

it was brittle. She felt that everywhere she touched it there were small pieces

breaking off. What had the blue beam done? What was the blue beam? She thought

about the possibility that a nuclear missile site had been in Pentiumville.

Perhaps there had been an underground explosion and the area of one hundred

miles around was a contaminated dead zone. But before other horrible

explanations came to her mind the blue beam was back. It touched the stone in

her hand and she somehow wanted to get out of the way. She jumped aside to avoid

the beam hitting her and the stone but the beam followed the stone. Before it

came to her to drop the stone, the beam disappeared. She touched herself.

Everything was normal. There was her T-shirt, her hair, her jeans and her shoes.

She squatted down again to put the stone back and retreat before the beam was

back. But then she was surprised. There was a small hole in the ground. A hole

that was just the size of the stone. She had to turn it a bit but then it slid

in place fitting perfectly. 'Strange,' she thought. She had been sure that the

hole hadn´t been there before. Perhaps the beam had created it and the form of

the stone had been scanned while she was holding it. But why? And now that the

stone was in place she couldn´t feel the slightest crack in the ground. Nothing.

Just smooth ground, somewhat dirty. Then she touched the ground again. Yes, the

ground was covered by a thin layer of dust. Something strange had happened. She

hoped that the beam hadn´t been a transporter. The thought of aliens was in her

mind. What if they had transported her for some experiments? 'I had better find

my car.' She thought. Quickly, she turned around and looked up. The stone walls

had disappeared and the dark shape of her car had vanished with them. Only the

stars had not changed. Jenny looked for known constellations. The great dipper

was there, Cygnus with the bright star Deneb, and all the others. She sighed.

She was still on earth. The constellations hadn´t changed. Perhaps she had been

transported out of the creater by this beam. The thought of aliens returned.

They had wanted her out of the way for some reason. Jenny knew to read the

signs. In the darkness, it would be impossible to find her car, so she had to

walk until she found the larger road. Then she had to decide if she should walk

back to her car or towards an emergency phone.

Looking for Polaris, she decided that it would be best to walk south. The

road was somewhere in that direction... Deputy Shane was just sitting in his

car. The lights were turned off and he was listening to the soft music from the

radio. He loved night patrols. If the night was starry like this one, he would

leave the highway to drive a few miles down a small road into the desert. There,

he looked up into the skies. Most of the time his job involved dealing with

human made catastrophies, crimes, or anything. So he enjoyed the few peaceful

moments. He would sit here like so often and hope that there wasn´t any distress

call, like another drunk husband beating his wife until she was ready for

hospital. Suddenly, he heard a noise like a tornado and the stars disappeared.

Before Shane managed to have another thought, his existence was terminated in an

earth shattering thunderclap.

Marton didn´t feel the earthquake. His truck was quite old, and the highway

through the desert had sunk for an inch or two from time to time so there was

nothing to think about when the truck bucked a little. When he heard the noise

of a storm, he grabbed the wheel with both hands. It was good to be prepared for

some bursts of wind. He had been blown off the road years ago. Since then, he

knew to be careful with the wind when driving a truck. His right hand had just

touched the wheel, when suddenly his life was snuffed out, heralded by another


After a few steps, Jenny saw a light in front of her. A female firebug was

crawling on the ground before her. A cold shiver ran down her spine. She was

still walking barefoot, and now she thought of all the insects that lived in the

sand beneath her feet. What if she stepped on a poisonous bug, or even a

scorpion? Quickly, she slid her feet between the thin straps of her sandals. The

soles should give some protection. The firebug had saved her from a possible

sting, but Jenny had no mercy concerning insects. Quickly, she stepped on it and

was surprised that there was nothing to be felt under her sole. But, as she

lifted her foot from the spot, there was no bit of light. Maybe the dust on the

ground had softened the noise and she had stepped down too hard to feel

anything. She tried a few steps and found the ground hard enough to walk in the

high-heeled sandals. Sometimes, she kicked up a little bit of dust with the tip

of her sole, but it was thin enough to be blown off whenever she moved her foot


Wesley Torben was drunk again. He was always drunk on Thursdays. He was

drinking for the loss of his wife two years ago. But if the people in town said,

'He´s always drunk on Thursday', they knew that he was also drunk on Monday,

Tuesday; simply the whole week. He had bought a small house in the desert and

was only seen in town to get some food and, of course, whiskey. He missed no one

of the living and no one missed him. This time he was laying in front of his

house, in the gateway towards the road. Somehow, he had run out of whiskey

before he was completely unconscious. But, on the other hand, he was just unable

to walk. So he was moving on all fours towards the road into town. His senses

were nearly out when he suddenly heard the sound of an airplane approaching. Old

pictures of war came up in his mind and he dropped flat and shouted. 'Wheee

areee unher aytaaack! Burb!' Then the plane was above him, and the bomb hit his

house. Suddenly, he was surrounded by flying debris. Splinters and chunks of

wood dropped down on him, then small rocks. The earth heaved and he was hurled

into the air along with the remains of his house. Then his almost deafened ears

heard the sound of the departing plane. The shock had cleared his head. One

minute later, he was up and walked through the darkness. Every part of his body

hurt after the debris of crashed wood and stones had shredded his clothing into

pieces. The explosion had torn cracks and fissures in the rocky ground and he

had to cross a large crack that was at least three feet across. Luckily, he was

still too drunk to think about its depth. He reached the place where his shack

had been. The large wooden poles that had been rammed into the ground were still

there but the air pressure had cut them off a foot above the ground. He moved in

the direction of the debris. Then he found the heavy metal case. It had flown at

least twenty feet and was now lying toppled over and broken before him. He

lifted the box and there, protected under the metal, was his flashlight. The

glass was broken but the bulb was OK. The batteries were fresh. He used it to

scare off rats when he was drunk. Now this nonsense had turned out to be indeed

useful. The ground was covered with rubble. Most of the wooden parts had been

driven away. Some fifty feet from his position, he saw the torn pieces that had

been the roof of the shack. Then he walked towards the house. This time he

didn't cross the large crack. The flashlight proved that it was at least fifteen

feet deep. Then he arrived at his house. But there was no crater. There was just

a mountain of rubble stretching out towards the east and the west. It was up to

200 feet high. His house had been buried by the rubble or blown away by the

explosion. He started to climb the hill. When he was on top, the moon was high

and he could see the large crater. He couldn´t believe this. The alcohol had

lost most of its influence on him, and now he saw the crater clearly. One third

of a mile in diameter and of a strange form. That was impossible. The

mountaineous ring of rubble he was standing on looked normal. But two hundred

feet below him, the crater had a completely impossible form. There wasn´t a

slope covered with debris. There was just a wall of perhaps 1000 feet. Some

parts of the wall were broken, and rubble and larger rocks had dropped into the

gigantic hole. He could see the places where the cracks in the ground radiated

outwards. Turning around, he could see that the crack running next to his former

shack was merely a fissure against the four other cracks that he could see from

his position. The cracks were like the grand canyon and there had to be at least

twelve more that he could not see from his position. He could not imagine what

had happened, but he wanted to find out. He climbed down into the crater.

Before Jenny could take another step, she just stopped. There was a bright

spot on the ground. It looked as if the dustcrumbs in this area were emitting

yellow and white light. Some of the lights were flickering like weak stars in

the sky. There were hundreds of these tiny dots some inches right of her right

sandal. Curious, she lifted her right foot and stepped over the spot so she

could squat down and watch it closely between her thighs.

Wesley Torben had reached the edge of the crater. Just in front of him, the

ground had sunk hundreds of feet and the walls fell straight down until they met

the ground in a perfect right angle. Wesly looked around and finally, he found a

place where one of the canyon-sized cracks had broken the wall. Large rocks and

rubble had slid back into the pit so there was a ravine to the ground. It would

be dangerous as he could not be sure if the stones wouldn´t slide down further.

But the alcohol that was left made the decision easy. He wanted to climb down.

'Strange' Jenny thought, 'just as I moved my foot, some of the crumbs darkened.'

She had spread her thighs and looked down at the lightspot. It covered an area

she compared to the tip of her big toe and she had never seen anything like this

before. Using three fingers of her left hand for support, she leaned forward a

bit to bring her face closer to the miracle she found. But still she couldn´t

see anything more. So she just dropped her knees on either side of the spot, and

got on all fours. Again, she watched as the spot grew weaker. She knew about

algaes that emitted light. Maybe this was a kind that was sensitive to the

slight tremors of the ground when someone neared. So they darkened to hide from

possible foes. Now that she was on all fours, she stretched her legs and used

her arms to push herself backwards until her face was right above the spot.

Then, she lowered herself until she lay comfortably on her stomach. It took a

moment until her eyes focused on this short distance.

Wesley had finally reached the ground. There he stood, and he couldn´t

explain his surroundings. The ground was solid rock. He couldn´t explain it. He

could imagine that a really large meteor would create a crater of this size, but

he had often watched the moon with his small telescope. This wasn´t the crater

of a meteor. A meteor crater had a mountain in its center and the walls wouldn´t

rise vertically. The ground looked like it was compressed by an unimaginable

force. He sat down in astonishment, and as he did so he noticed something. There

was a pattern on the ground. It was a pattern of large structures. Every 50 feet

there rose a strucure that looked like a rounded pyramid with the upper half

missing. The structures rose about 30 feet and there was indeed a regular

pattern. This was stranger and stranger, but proved one thing. The ground had

been compressed by something that had been created by an intelligent lifeform.

He was drunk, and he knew it. But he couldn´t think of anything else other than

an intelligent lifeform that could create a pattern like this. He thought of a

large metal platform that could have descended here. Yes, something like the

supports of a giant spaceship. He thought of the airplane he had heard. Yes, the

pattern was the profile of a spaceship support. Perhaps he had blacked out when

it happened so he couldn´t see the ship. He rose from the ground.

Jenny looked at the light spots and couldn´t tell what she was looking at.

She was near enough to see an interesting pattern. The light dots formed small

lines that crossed each other like a net. Some of the lines were brighter;

others were so dark that she could hardly detect them. She saw dark spots where

the emission of light had stopped as she had moved. This was nothing like plants

or microbes. This was a regular pattern. It looked delicate and the dots that

were still shining made it look like a piece of jewelry. But it was so tiny.

Jenny felt her heart beating from excitement. She wanted to find out the secret

of this light. But how? She couldn´t see anything but light dots. With a little

fear and trembling from excitement she moved her index finger towards the spot.

Her fingertip would have covered at least one third of its area so she intended

to use her long, shapely fingernail. For a moment, the lights reflected on the

red paint that covered her nail, but then her nail touched the ground.

As the next earthquake hit the town there were again about thirty houses that

simply collapsed. There had never been anything to explain an earthquake of this

intensity out here in the desert. No one could explain. The Sheriff had finally

reached a deputy from Pentiumville. He told an unbelievable story:

Pentiumville was nearly erased. Everything had started with a faint blue beam

that suddenly covered the whole town. Then the beam had disappeared, but every

telephone line was suddenly cut. The radios didn´t work anymore. The power had

been cut. It was pitch black, and suddenly the earthquakes had hit the town. The

deputy said that most of the citizens were dead, since the heavy concussions had

levelled every house within a second. The houses had collapsed and their debris

had been sliding across the streets. He had been lucky, as he had been in the

garage beneath the hotel. Violent forces had hit him. He and his police car had

been sliding through the garage along with twenty other cars. Luckily, he had

been belted and the car had protected him. Now the car was just a wreck. It had

been as if the whole town had been turned over and then back again. Many cars in

the garage lay on their roofs, and all of them were terribly wrecked. Then

suddenly, the blue light had returned. With another heavy earthquake, the cars

had piled up in a corner of the garage. Then there had been an immense booming

sound, like a nuclear explosion, and after some heavy posterior quakes starting

two seconds later, it was suddenly over. The hotel itself had simply

disappeared. Above the garage, there was just the foundation left and nothing

else. He climbed back down into the garage and into the carwreck to get his

searchlight. Back on the surface, he found no house was left. There wasn´t even

debris. It lokked as if a hurricane had sucked everything away. The only things

that were left were some heavily mangled streetlights and the tarmac. There

wasn´t even a phone booth left. Then he had climbed back and tried his radio. It

was intact, and then he called the sheriff. The sheriff didn´t know whether or

not to believe the deputy from Pentiumville. But then again, he knew that every

phone line here was dead. The radios were working, but somehow, the satelite

communication was damaged. He couldn´t get any message out. Then, there was the

next concussion. Suddenly, the lights went dark. They ran out on the street.

They didn´t want to be smashed by the collapsing office. Just as they reached

the street and the Sheriff realized that the power lines for the northern

district had been cut, they saw the sky blacken.

Jenny felt a little guilty. Suddenly, there had been a tiny flash at the edge

of her fingernail, and at that moment the lower right half of the spot went

pitch black. 'It´s dying', she thought. She had to speed up if she wanted to

find out something. Carefully, she moved her fingertip towards the blackened

area. Then she lowered her finger. Nothing. For a moment, she had thought that

there were some tiny sparks were she touched the ground, but then she knew that

she was quite tired and her eyes couldn´t be trusted anymore. She lifted her

index finger and moved it over the still-illuminated part of the spot. Again her

fingertip touched the ground, this time more carefully. And yes, for a slight

moment, she felt something like a thin layer of moss under her finger, but it

disappeared within less than a second. Then she felt again the soft layer of

dust that covered the ground. Now every trace of light disappeared. So, it had

been a strange kind of moss, but it had been too delicate and died at her touch.

'Well,' she thought. 'Better than a hive of ants with tiny headlights.' A shiver

went down her spine. She made three sauntering steps before she stopped again.

She knew that she could never find her car in the darkness. She would have to

wait till dawn. Pooh! A stupid dream, and now she was stuck in the desert. She

had to work tomorrow. She had to sleep. She murmured some curses and decided to

lay down. At first she thought that it would be a hard ground, but somehow, the

dust felt soft and smooth under her body. Quickly, she fell asleep. The Sheriff

and his policemen froze as they realized something black above them. A

searchlight went up and they saw a giant something descending down on them. They

cried out in fear and before they could catch another breath, the descending

thing touched the roofs. Within a tenth of a second, the houses were flattened

and too quick to allow the realization of pain, the men were crushed into the

ground along with the remains of their town. A mere three seconds later the same

fate struck the other half of town. The streetlights were still working and the

people saw this big rounded shape coming towards them. A pattern of thirty feet

high rounded walls covered the surface that looked somehow familiar. Only three

or four were quick enough to think of a fingerprint before the pink masses came

down and flattened them mercilessly.

The hours passed. Finally, the day started to dawn. A distance of 500 miles

on the other end of the desert, a technician made a distress call. At 5:30, one

of his men was in his jeep and drove along the phone line to find the damage.

The sun rose some fifteen minutes later. The brightness reflecting on the walls

of the crater awoke Wesley. He had somehow fallen asleep. Now there was still

this nightmare of a crater and a raging headache to be cared for. He stumbled

towards the rubble and rocks that led out of the pit. With a yawn, he climbed

up. He was thirsty, so he doubled his efforts. Then, after only half an hour, he

reached the edge of the vertical part of the crater. Another ten minutes later,

he stood on the mountain ring. And then he saw it.

Jenny was used to sleeping long. She had to be at work at 9 in the morning

and she could afford to sleep until 7:30. Today, she awoke a little early as the

sunshine tickled her nose. She sat up and wiped her eyes. Finally, with a yawn,

she stood and looked out for her car.

Wesley stumbled and fell down. Then he raised himself up again and sat down

on one of the rocks. The mountain range that rose some hundred miles from him

had shocked him almost to death. The shape was familiar. The long shadows

couldn´t hide it. Finally, he saw what had destroyed his house, nearly killing

him, and what had caused this crater. There, in a distance of at least one

hundred miles, was a leg. A female leg in bleached Jeans. And there, at the end

of this leg, he saw a bare foot that was stuck in a gigantically large

high-heeled sandal. The thing that had caused the pit was simply the lower part

of a heel. The unimaginable weight of the giantess that stretched along the

horizon had crushed the pattern on the rubbertip of the heel into the stone. In

disbelief, his eyes followed the glorious and gigantic body. He started to

shiver. She was miles tall. He looked for something to compare her with. Then he

saw the telephone line. The poles stood a distance of 300 feet apart. He started

to count. There were still too many poles. Then he started to estimate. One

thousand poles at least. And she was longer. That was impossible. 70 Miles. It

was physically impossible. But there she was. 70 Miles! He sat down. With his

finger he started to draw some figures into the dust. 5ft and perhaps 8 inches.

Now 70 Miles. Oh damn, he couldn´t use these figures. Try it another way.

European standards were easier to handle. 5 foot 8, let´s say 9, that's about

175cm. And 70 miles? One mile is about 1.6km long, so 112, no let's say 110.

110,000m from 1.75m. He calculated a minute and sighed. More than 60,000 times

the size of a human. And then her weight? Maybe her weight was about 120 lbs.

Had she ever been a human? No, stop thinking, do the calculation. 60 000 times

120 lbs - no its 60 000 cubed. Ahm 6*6*6 is 216, so 216 000 000 000 000 * 120

lbs. She is titanic. She can´t exist! She has enough weight to be a large

asteroid! And then she moved. Suddenly she sat up. It was an amazing display of

power. Something that big moved just casually like any human being. Her head

moved up with supersonic speed. She wiped her eyes and then suddenly, she arose

to her full height. He felt like an insect. There, some hundred miles away, the

titaness rose and he craned his neck to see her head way above the thin wisps of

high clouds. Then he felt the earthquake caused by the movements of her feet. In

fear, he looked at those heels. They were 3 miles tall and there down at the

ground he saw it. Another crater like the one he was standing on. Suddenly, he

realized another thing. The giantess was completely unaware of her size. 'She

must have been a human' he thought. Nature was playful and chose different ways.

Under no circumstances would an alien look just like a brunette woman at the age

of about 30. No way! She must´ve been a human and she had somehow grown. Then

his gaze wandered towards her toes. He realized that he had to look up at her

toes! Resting on the sole of that gigantic sandal, they reached one mile up into

the sky. Her big toe reached nearly two miles high. He felt tiny. He felt like a

dustcrumb, and he doubted if she could ever recognize a human like him. To her,

they were tiny dustcrumbs within millions of other dustcrumbs. And so were their

houses. What did a human being care about the sand and the rubble when he walked

through the desert? So what would she care if the largest skyscrapers would look

to her like rubble. And then she started to turn. She scanned the horizon. Her

left foot rose into the air and moved. With the right of the powerful, she

didn´t care about the telephone line. She stepped on it. Then she started to

walk. The ground shook under her terrific weight. Again and again, her heels

thundered down, creating craters. The smallest of her strides was 30 miles long.

And now, she passed him some 150 miles away and he looked after her. She was

leaving the desert. Then her toes stepped down behind the horizon. She would

arive at the city now. Jenny looked around. This was really weird. There was no

trace of her car. Everything had changed. Whatever or whoever had done this had

transported her far away from home. Maybe she was indeed on another planet. No,

the stars hadn´t changed. This was still Earth. But where on Earth was she, and

how could she get to work in time? She walked a few steps towards the sunset.

But it was so useless. Wherever she looked she saw just nothing. No clouds in

the sky. No distant mountains at the horizon. No trees and no rivers. The

Sahara? That could be possible. She had been told that there were sandy parts

and stony parts in the Sahara. But where could she go? She should look out for

an oasis or the heat of the day would kill her. Perhaps there were some wisps of

grass or other plants that could show the way. She looked at the ground and

froze in amazement. There, just a foot from her left foot, was a great grey spot

in the yellow dust. Instantly, it reminded her of what she had seen the night

before and she made a step towards it. This spot was much larger. About the size

of a dinner table. Not perfectly rounded, but with many small edges. The

interesting pattern of lines that crossed each other was there and she could see

it from her standing position.

Maybe the spot had grown overnight. It had not been damaged as she had

touched it with her finger. But then she thought over it a bit more. Which plant

could grow that fast? Maybe it was an alien plant? Maybe the plant was supposed

to cover the earth and poison any lifeforms. No. After all, she had touched it

and was still alive. She had to find out more about it. So she lifted her right

foot and stepped down on it. It didn´t feel any different than stepping on the

dusty ground before. Small clouds of grey dust covered the edge of her sandal Everything about nails and manicure products Nails Trends

and she felt that her heel sunk into the soft ground, but nothing else. She

lifted her foot again and placed it next to her left foot. The movement had

twirled the cloud of dust, and she could see the perfect print of her high

heeled sandal. A large triangular impression with rounded corners from her sole

and a small round hole from her heel. The grey color had vanished in the imprint

of her sole. The ground looked nearly white with a few darker spots. The pattern

of lines had vanished. The plant, or whatever it was, seemed to be quite

delicate. But what if it would grow again? If this was the same spot that she

had seen last night, there should be the imprint of her finger. She walked

around the spot and looked for a small white spot but there was nothing. That

meant that it was really growing fast. There were two possibilities. One, that

the plant grew fast enough to recover from small damage within hours. The other

was a little more frightening: The plant was not killed and withdrew into the

ground when stepped on. This would make it more difficult to defeat it if it was

really alien. She thought about the blue beam. If the plant was able to survive

being stepped on, and if it was created to conquer a world, it would surely be

protected against any imaginable poison. She should try to destroy it. But what

if this plant wasn´t anything alien? What if it was just as likely to find a

plant like this in the Sahara? It didn´t matter. If it was alien it needed to be

destroyed. If it was Earthborn, then others would surely exist. Determined, she

started to step on the plant. Slowly, she moved around the plant. To be sure,

she moved with small steps. Step down, lift the other foot, and move it an inch

forward to crush another piece of plant. Looking back, she smiled. She left a

double line of stitches from her heels. Soon ,she had surrounded the strange

lifeform. A small strip had been cleaned. With that, she started the next

smaller circle.

Within minutes, everyone in Barber City was up. Seconds later, the people

knew that they were doomed. There, southeast of their city, was an unbelievable

being. The fact that it looked so familiar made everything only worse. There she

stood. A woman clad in jeans and a white blouse. Her face was beautifully framed

by a thick mane of hair. The bright eyes looked towards the horizon. The

earthquake woke nearly everyone. The first shocks promised the really big quake

the scientists had warned of. As they had fled their houses, they stood in the

streets. Most of them just in gowns or pajamas. Some of them even barefoot. And

right then, the quake had stopped.

Then the shouts had started. The people craned their heads and looked up in

disbelief. Everone could see her. Her toes were large enough to tower over every

skyscraper in the city. The thin leather straps that attached her titanic

sandals to her barefeet were as broad as an unbelievable twenty lane highway.

Defenseless, they stood in the streets as the giantess suddenly looked down at

their city. A fearful gasp rose from the thousands while the giantess scanned

the ground. They ducked under the weight of her gaze. Some of them fled to hide

behind the skyscrapers or in their houses. The remaining watched her face while

she was thinking. Then suddenly, the giantess moved. A cry of fear from the

thousands rose into the sky but it was nothing against the thunder of crushing

and grinding as the giantess simply put her right foot down onto the city.

Hundreds of houses were covered under the black sole and before anyone on the

ground could even lift an arm to ward off the impossible, it was too late. The

sole pressed down with an unholy speed. At a length of 5 miles and 3 miles

across, it covered nearly twelve square miles of city. There was no difference

between 400 ft skyscrapers and 15 ft houses. The gathered strength of these

human buildings couldn´t put up a microsecond of resistance. The sole was faster

than the debris could´ve fallen. The houses and skyscrapers didn´t collapse,

they were simply crushed and compressed, and finally flattened with the

insignificant carpet of humans and cars. Then the weight started to rest on the

ground. The soft earth sunk quickly. The remains of human culture were more and

more flattened and compressed along with the ground they had once covered.

Finally at a depth of 150 feet below the former surface, the ground had been

compressed enough to take the weight of the giantess. There was not the tenth of

a second between the first touch of a skyscraper and the end of everything as a

compacted mud under the sole of the giant sandal. Then the shockwaves of this

terrible impact spread through the city. Houses collapsed, skyscrapers dropped

debris onto the mob of people in the streets. Windows simply exploded, and when

the silvery rain of glass reached the ground, it left bloodcovered people

collapsing onto the tarmac. The woosh of air that had been pressed out under the

giant shoe rushed through the nearby streets. People were blown away and smashed

into housefronts and cars were piled at intersections before a sandstorm rose

and hid everything under tons of dust. An eerie quietness spread over the city,

broken only by the sudden crushing noises coming from deep under the city where

the ground still ached under the weight of the giantess. But before the clouds

of dust settled, the remaining people saw that she lifted her foot again. The

ones that survived could only hear the grinding and sucking sound in the

dustclouds, as the sole parted from the crushed ground. Then all that was left

was dragged towards the center of destruction, as the air was sucked back under

her foot. Hundreds fell to their death as they were blown into the deep

footprint where they left tiny red spots as their bodies splattered on the

ground. Then people looked up into the sky to see what the giantess would do

next. She was definitely thinking about something, but of course, no one knew

what. They only knew that she had just crushed 50 000 people by simply stepping

on their city with one of her sandals. They would learn very quickly, however,

what the giantess was going to do. Another two steps accounted for 10 000 people

who ceased to exist in the subburbs each. She had simply turned towads her left.

When given a choice, most people choose their right, and so did most of the

people on the ground below the giantess. Too bad that they were quickly in the

center of destruction. The giantess could be seen moving slowly around the city.

Her feet alternately raised to a height of 10 miles to flatten the ground under

her stomps. People that were streaming through the city had no chance. With each

step, the giantess placed her foot only one toelength forward. Every square inch

of the six mile wide path she left behind, was at least stepped on twice by the

giantess. Nothing that was covered by her great soles could withstand the

pressure. Everything on the surface was first flattened, and then crushed into

the ground. Subway tunnels and military bunkers collapsed as the ground was

compacted under her weight. They died by the thousands. Each second had more

then 10 000 people seeing the rapidly descending black sole above them before

their bodies squished under her shoe. Twenty thousand more saw them as the

giantess came over them and stepped on them too fast for them to bring up their

arms and try to ward off the inevitable SQUISH under the beautiful but careless

girl. Then, the people in front of her foot heard the deafening boom of her

step. They lost their footing and fell as the ground heaved under the impact of

her sandal. Then, they watched as her foot sunk down hundreds of feet as she

compressed the ground. They looked at her toes with the nice red nails and saw

how the gigantic masses of toeflesh spread to take her weight right before her

other foot came down some two miles aside and the rocking ground send them

tumbling over the tarmac. They could hear again the powerful noise of her foot

compacting the ground before they realized that they were just about to be

stepped on. And again, there was no chance to lift arms or cry out in fear as

the sole came down and ...SQUISHCRUNCH. Before any human being had moved more

than 400 foot without being flattened or knocked down by falling debris, she had

surrounded the city. Two especially mighty stomps that caused all but twenty

remaining skyscrapers to dissolve into heaps of rubble ended the circle of death

around the city. Then there was a horrible break as the giantess looked down at

the remaining parts of her target.

Jenny was pleased. She had stomped out the outer areas of the plant. Now

there was an area left that she compared to the size of a tire. She looked at it

for a moment, and started stepping forward again. But then after about ten steps

she thought better about it. Why bother to step down twenty or forty times? A

squeeze between thumb and forefinger, then a zip and a drag. Smiling, she

squatted down and stretched her arms backwards to support her weight. Two

seconds later, her ass, covered by a black g-string, hovered above the remaining

part. Three seconds later, she sat down.

As the remaining citizens looked in horrible fear at the two asscheeks that

were parted by a black string of black garment, they had just enough time to

realize their fate. As they looked at giant pubic hair and the outline of cunt

and asshole of a giantess, they cried in vain. Some simply said 'Why?' while

others shouted out 'Almighty god, what was our sin?'. But most of them simply

screamed their lungs up their throat. Then the ass came down and they were sat

upon. Most of them hadn´t time to appreciate being crushed and flattened by this

nice and warm ass instead of being stepped on by a cold high heeled sandal.

Again , the ground was compressed, and this time it was a perfect assprint that

had enough detail to show every hair on her ass and every stitch of the

g-string. Then the giant ass raised again. There were still small parts of

unflattened city. Two quick strikes of a one woman sit-in took care of the


Jenny wriggeled a little to be sure she had crushed everything and rose to

her feet. Looking around, she made a decision. It was quite warm and as there

was no one around, she simply stepped out of her jeans. She nearly fell because

her left foot stuck in the leg as she had left her white sandals on, but after a

mighty struggle she finally got out of it. Then she opened her blouse and

dropped it next to the jeans. Now she was only clad in her nice black g-string

and a matching bra that consisted mostly of two very small triangular pieces of

cloth and spaghetti-straps. And, of course, she was still wearing these white

strappy sandals.

For a moment she looked at her 3 inch heels. The sand would be heated by the

sun and she was rather used to walking in heels all day. This was surely better

than walking on burned soles. Then she had to think about her next moves. She

looked back at her trails. The few steps that had taken her to the strange

plants came from the direction of sunrise. Why divert from this course? It was

also much more comfortable to have the sun behind her, so she could better make

out things on the horizon. She started to walk westwards.

The people in Keeferville had watched the destruction of the city. They had

realized that the giantess had done this on purpose. She had squashed the

suburbs first to keep the people inside the city. No one should escape as she

had finally sat down on them. Then the giantess moved towards them. To the

giantess, Keeferville was only two steps away. The first step made sure that

everyone dropped helpless to the ground. Then she made her second step. Jenny

simply raised her left foot and swung it forward. Then she lowered the foot,

heel first. The heel came down and a tenth of a second later she settled her

toes on the ground before she lifted her right foot. Slowly, the heel of her

foot rose from her sandal before the sandalheel was lifted from it´s imprint.

Then there was a supporting movement from her toes, and the mighty force of her

foot pushed her body forward before the sandal rose from the ground and

disappeared. The foot appeared above Keeferville and came down without mercy.

Everything and everyone was crushed under her weight as the town ceased to exist

under the area of sole that was covered by her big toe. The inconsiderate

giantess had had the pleasure to step down on it. It never occured to her that

intelligent life and the work of their lives were flattened in the same instant.

To her, this had been a comfortable place to step on, and she had thoughtlessly

used them just for this purpose. Jenny had moved westwards for just a minute as

she suddenly came across another grey spot. There was the same plant again. This

was finally some good news. The plant seemed to grow here naturally. It wasn´t

alien. But then again: where was she? She knelt down in front of the gray spot.

This one had a little different color but was still covered with this amazing

pattern. She wanted to find out what kind of a plant could look so strange.

Carefully she moved on all fours and finally lowered herself so her chin came

down at the edge of the spot. After a moment her eyes focused. Jenny gasped in

shock. She closed her eyes. Then she had to look again. Her eyes focused and she

let out a sigh. Thoughts ran through her mind. Her dream had never told her

about this. It was horrible and disgusting and even great.

She had seen skyscrapers.

Yes, real small skyscrapers. The larger ones about the size of a grain of

rice. She had seen a city. A really big city, with more than twenty of these

miniscule skyscrapers. And there on the ground was a pattern of roads and

avenues. She could see a highway. Her eyes looked over the city. There were

those cityblocks. Just big enough to be seen and a colorful stream of what had

to be cars moving around between the blocks. Suddenly, she looked at the world

with different eyes. Now she realized the thin clouds at a height of about five

inches. She saw the mountains that rose near to the city. There was a highway to

the next metropole and this thin line had to be a power-line. And down there in

the city, there were thousands of people. And they were most surely in panic and

trying to flee from her. With a feeling of guilt she looked at her elbows. She

estimated that each of her elbows had just destroyed an area of fifty blocks.

And there was her blouse. The weight of her tits had buried several quarters

under her cloth. She could swear that there was at least a million of people

under her blouse. Then she corrected herself. There had been some people and now

she wouldn´t want to imagine what was left of them. Then she thought back. That

million was nothing against the grey spot she had met minutes ago. She had

completely finished a whole city. And she had been carefully to keep the people

inside as she had surrounded them first. Again she closed her eyes and she could

see it. People running for their lives and then the shadow of her foot. Her

weight must be beyond imagination. The houses and skyscrapers collapsing from

the quake of her tread. And the others that were hit by her heel. The

skyscrapers crumbling under the sole of her sandal. The unstoppable descent of

her foot. The cars and people that were flattened just as her sole touched them

and compressed them into the ground. The few that survived next to her foot

looking up at her sandal and the enormous toes. The people flattened under her

sandal - the survivors looking fearfully at her gigantic foot - the people

flattened under her beautiful sandal - the survivors staring at her towering

toes - her beautiful sandal -the nicely painted toenails - her soft barefoot...

She suddenly felt that she was pressing her crotch onto the ground. It felt good

and she was wet. From one moment to another she felt excited. She sat up and her

fingers shivered as she opened her blouse. Then she dropped her bra onto what

she now recognized as the suburbs and she watched carefully as she rose and

placed her foot into a highly populated residential area. The small clouds of

dust that appeared around her sole and high heel made her smile, and she

tightened her love muscles to enjoy the feeling instantly. Then she enjoyed the

crumbling feeling under her foot as she put weight onto the foot and raised. The

sole and most of all her heel sunk down into the soft city ground, and then she

felt the same sensations as she placed her other foot onto the ground. Now, she

could finally wriggle herself out of her slip. Carelessly, she released the wet

cloth and it slipped down her legs until it literally smashed into the city.

Smiling, she raised her right foot to step out of her slip. With most delicate

movements, her left foot did the same. Again she was able to enjoy the feeling

of little things crumbling under her step. Now everything was perfect. She was a

superbabe nude and in high heels. Now it was time to take some careful steps of

destruction. The feeling of little things was just too sexy since she knew what

she did with her almighty feet. She didn´t need to move her hand into her crotch

- it was already there, and the sensations from her clit raised with every

crushing step and made her juices flow. As she felt a large underground

structure being crushed under her right foot, the feeling of lust and sexual

power over everything on Earth overwhelmed her. She dropped to her knees and

fingered her cunt furiously. Then she threw herself forward to experience the

joys of crushing with her large sensitive breasts. It was great. First her

nipples brushed over a carpet of exploding skyscrapers, and then the soft masses

of her tits came down with brutal force. She rolled her tits over the city and

simply smashed everything before she suddenly pulled her finger out of her red

hot cunt and moved a little backwards. Feeling hundreds of little skyscrapers

being crushed by her most sensitive and lustful bodypart, she came with a

scream. For nearly a minute she kept grinding her pussy onto the city. Each

lustfully wet crush found new areas that had some houses and people left to be

smeared over her labia. Finally she stretched out and lowered her soul from the

heights of orgasm. But she would never ask anyone out for a dance to drop him

the next moment. Lazily, she rolled her body over the remaining parts of the

city to complete her work. With that, she simply fell asleep.

Millions of miles away there was a small Spaceship. It looked not at all like

a flying saucer. It looked a little bit like a hovercraft and was painted in a

friendly white. Somewhere inside the spaceship there was a stone, not much

larger than a human fist. And next to the stone that was carefully supported by

a thin wireframe, there was an alien. Yes, a real alien. The alien lifeform was

just thinking about this small piece of rock. With this rock they could learn so

much about the life on Earth. And it was so easy to use a whole town for their

scientific work. They didn´t even harm anyone on earth. Yes, they had just

shrunk the whole town several thousand times and then they had cloned anything

except the lifeforms before they had enlarged the town again. Except for the

blue beam they could´ve seen nothing. And there was no evidence of their

experiment left...



70-Mile-Jenny Part II

Jenny had taken just a short nap. Then she opened her eyes again and looked

into the still young morning. She sat up and looked at the ground. It was a fact

that she was a giantess now. A 70 mile tall fact but a boring one. What should

she do now? She really had no idea. She thought about the things she had done.

She had always fingered her pussy in the morning since she was 12. And today she

had needed it like so many days before. She felt alright with it. Then there

were the people. If she stood, she had no chance to recognize them. The smallest

things she could spot from this height were some mid-sized trucks. Laying on her

stomach she had seen people as small dots with traces of arms and legs. With a

sigh she looked at her ass. How many people would be laying flattened under her

warm flesh now? They were too small and she couldn´t count them. And there were

so many of them. Everywhere she looked there were the small speckles that used

to be towns and villages the day before. She thought of ants. How many ants had

there been in her life? Stepped on unrecognized or uncared but always unfelt.

But they were even smaller than that. Their trucks looked like ants. A car

looked like a louse. And they looked like... there wasn´t anything living she

had known to be comparably small! But she knew they were people. She had to make

a decision.

She could try to contact them. Perhaps they could find a way to speak to her.

The speakers of a stadium might do. But what could she do to interact with them?

They would demand that she stopped crushing them. But how could she avoid them

as her feet covered acres of land? Would they send her into a kind of reserve in

the desert? She didn´t want to spend her life on a desert the size of a carpet.

So there was the other possibillity. She could simply ignore them. What could

they do to stop her? Stadium speakers would be loud enough to reach her ears at

ankle height. Their jets were no larger then those small fruit-flies. And their

ceiling would still be below her crotch. Could she ignore the fact that they

were humans? Could she deal with them like flea pilots? She thought back and

forth. One moment she thought about the mayhem that she must´ve caused with each

step but then she found out that she couldn´t imagine any details. After all the

city had mostly looked like a grey kind of moss on the ground. She remembered

how she loved to sit on the mossy ground of a forest on a hot summer-day. It was

warm and soft and she had loved to lift her skirt so she could touch it with her

bare ass cheeks. No! She had been distracted. She needed a decision. Again she

thought about the facts. One minute passed. An unpleasant pressure below her

belly finally made the decision for her. Worried she looked around. The largest

mountains were topped by her sandal heels. There was simply no place. It was

just a great indifference where she did it so she just lifted her ass and

squatted on her heels. A large farmhouse with hundreds of cattle around

disappeared under her grinding sandal as she spread her thighs. she placed her

hands on her knees and looked down. Thunderous rumblings were produced in her

lower abdomen. Then it happened. An unbelievable jetstream of morning piss

errupted between the upper third of her pussylips. Two thousand feet across was

the main stream as it rushed through the air towards the towns and villages. The

smallest drops around the main eruption were each enough to turn a stadium into

a night bowl. Half a second later, the piss crashed into the ground. The large

industrial complex was smashed to the ground by tons of piss and then torn apart

by the brute force of the impact. The ground dissolved quickly. Just a second

later, mile sized rocks were driven out of the crater she had dug with her piss.

The torrent started to move across the land, smashing nearby villages and

forming a giant lake. Like the Nile: a large river formed in the desert.

Shredded corpses and debris were dragged with it. Ten seconds later, the

pressure weakened and the jet of piss ebbed away to some mountain-sized drops

that bombed the farms that had been avoided by her ass. Jenny looked at the

ground without much interest. Just like pissing in the desert. A small puddle

and a little trace of water flowing from it. Careless, she used her

crotch-muscles. The force sent the resulting squirt of piss thirty miles into

the land before it flooded some fields near a larger town. Without even thinking

about it, she aimed her next squirt and pressed again. The very large squirt was

a full hit. The village was turned into a lake. Another four careless squirts

and she was relieved. Looking to the puddle again, she sighed. The needs of her

body had made the decision. There was no place to hide for her duties. There was

no place that was suitable for that much pee. If she had pissed into the ocean

she would´ve spoiled square miles of beach and pested the water for weeks. On

the land, she devastated towns and countless people, along with animals and

plants. The ground was spoiled for years. Somehow, this allowed her to accept

the fact that everything she did killed life. She was helpless about it. Her mom

had never told her what to do if the move of her smallest toe could crush out a

town with some thousand people inside. She ignored it. She tried to produce

another squirt, but her bladder was emptied and only a drop fell down between

her feet. Quickly, she rose up and looked for her clothes. She made two steps

towards the bunch of cloth, grabbed it, and walked away from her puddle. Looking

at the small mountains, she finally found something suitable. It was only twelve

or fifteen steps away. She slowed down for the last steps. Carefully, she placed

her sandals on the ground. She had to avoid stepping on the river or the nice

lake in front of her would be filled with the dirt. Unlike before, she didn´t

feel any sexual excitement as her sandals flattened town after town while she

tried not to damage the river. Then she finally crushed a mountain under her

left knee and used some nearby farmland to support her hands. Now she could

lower her head and started to slurp the cool water. A flock of sailboats got

sucked in and down her throat before a large steamer remained unnoticed as it

was flattened between her lips. Then with the next gulp it followed the smaller

boats into Jenny´s stomach. After five gulps her thirst was stilled and the lake

had been nearly emptied. With that she rose and started to think about the next

problem. She was feeling no hunger but she would need to eat soon. She thought

about it but found no answer. Finally she realized that she just had to wait for

her hunger. Maybe she would die from starvation. Quickly, she put those thoughts

away. She looked around. It was no later than breakfast and the day started to

get boring... Jonathan had desperately tried to open the door of his house. He

was afraid of burglars so he kept the door locked overnight. Now his house

threatened to be a deadly trap. He had heard it as his clock radio had started

up with a special news report instead of soft music. He though about it as a bad

joke until he suddenly felt the tremors. He had jumped out of bed and tripped

over the carpet. The next quake, which he knew to be the tread of the giantess,

was forceful enough to drop some shelves while he stumbled towards the door. But

before he could reach for the key, the next step made the house leap into the

air. He toppled over and was thrown against the door while every piece of

furniture skitted through the rooms. Even before he could jump for the door knob

to turn the key, her next step thundered down and a large shadow covered the

entire city. One moment Jonathan feared being buried by his collapsing house,

but the walls just developed some large cracks. The house couldn´t survive the

next step. Just then the door fell out. It had been torn from its hinges. His

weak legs pushed him out just as the next step came down. The house collapsed

behind him. He dropped into the dirt and looked at the city. There were only

large heaps of rubble and debris left. People cried from underneath while others

started to dig for them. He waited for the next step. Perhaps it would be heavy

enough to throw him around and kill him. But somehow this step was much softer.

He found time to look up for the giantess. Then he saw her. Gloriously nude

except for those sandal heels and with a perfect body to die for. Then he

realized how many citizens had already done so. He looked at those toes poking

out of the sandals. It was unbelievable. There, about two miles from what had

been a city minutes ago, she had placed her feet. She had stopped moving just

before ending even the last hope of survival with a final step on their ruined

city. And what terrific feet. He wasn´t good at estimating heights but this one

was easy. The soles of her sandals had been crushed deep into the ground but

there was still a platform of two hundred feet in height upon which her toes

rested. The big toe was more than just overwhelming. It was perhaps 3500 feet

high and at least one and a quarter mile across. The small toes were between one

and two miles long and the airfield sized toenails glistened bright red. He

estimated the layer of nail varnish to be fifty foot thick and the nail of her

big toe was two hundred feet thick. Her skinlines looked like roads to him and

the height of her sandal heels was beyond his imagination. He looked up and up

and up her perfect legs until his eyes found a thick forest of black hair. And

between the hairs that had twice the diameter of a jumbojet´s fuselage he saw

her cunt. A four-mile long valley surrounded by pussy lips like mountain walls.

The folds of her inner lips poked out of her and he suddenly felt insane as he

realized his erection. Quickly, he looked up at her smooth tummy. A navel, large

enough for a Michael Jackson concert greeted him before his eyes jumped at her

tits. Tits, breasts, boobs, all these words couldn´t tell anything about the

masses of sweet flesh that rose from her chest. The cool breeze had hardened her

nipples and he saw them rising a full mile above her mountaineous tits. And the

tits themselves? These boobs stood three and a half miles from her chest. The

slope was longer than four miles. And now as the giantess moved, her breasts

jiggled and swayed reve

Giantess Stories: 70

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