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No shirt no shoes you shrink, A PSOCrafter's Tale

By Littletoy, based on a collage by Asukafan2001


It was a hot summer day in July

in rural Circleville, Ohio. I had been fired from my job cutting grass for

Loparo's Landscaping and still hadn't found another job. To be honest, I really

wasn't looking. I started Ohio State in the fall and was enjoying my last summer

or freedom. Mom and Dad were away in Europe for a two-month vacation and my

little sister who was in eleventh grade was busy with her friends most of the

time. With nothing better to do I walked to the end of the block to get a

Slushee from the local Quickie Mart. Quickie Mart was empty except for this old

women buying lottery tickets from Apu, the store owner. I knew Apu wasn't gonna

like the fact I had no shirt on but damn it was hot. I strolled over to the

Slushee machine and grabbed a cup. I saw they were all out of frozen Coke, my

favorite flavor so I filled up the cup with cherry instead.

“Sir you must leave, you do not

have shirt. See the sign says No Shoe No Shirt No Slushee.” bellowed Apu from

the front of the store. I put the plastic lid on top and went up to pay.

“Sorry man, I left it at home.” I

dug out two bucks from my jeans pocket and threw it down on the counter. Apu

didn't look too impressed. Instead of reaching for the money he reached out and

grabbed the Slushee away from me.

“I told you before, No shirt, no

Slushee. As punishment you pay anyway!”

“You DICK!”

“Do not temper with me young man.

I will not let this be happening.”

“Fuck off you dot-headed cow




I started out the front door but

not before flipping Apu off one last time. Apu raised his arms out straight and

started saying something in a strange language which he repeated over and over.



He then threw a slip of paper at

me. I caught it with one hand and shoved it in my pocket without a thought. I

figured it was my dollar bills back but it didn't feel like money. I would check

later I thought.

“Yeah same to you “I said backing

out the front door.





It was my sister Beth; I had

slammed into her and her friends as they were piling through the front door.

Beth in turn had fallen into her three best girlfriends' right behind her. Beth,

Kristin, Jenna and Brandi were all 16 and among the most popular girls in

school. I wasn't in my sister's social strata and she knew it.

“Sorry Beth” I said as I backed

out into the parking lot. Beth looked at me with contempt as she noticed my eyes

lock on to her best friend Kristen's breasts.

“Eyes front perv, I'm having a

party tomorrow night and don't try to stop me and you better not tell mom and

dad either.”

“You're cleaning up.”

I heard the girls giggle

something as I made my way out the door and across the parking lot. I felt dizzy

and lightheaded suddenly, so I decided to make my way to the little park across

the street. I hadn't gotten more than a few steps when suddenly the concrete

rose up to meet me. I landed on the ground with a crash as I blacked out. I

don't know how long I was out. I awoke because the ground I was lying on started

rumbling like the scene in “Jurassic Park” where the T-Rex makes his first

appearance. At first it was a thud, then another deep thud and another and

another. As I got to my feet I half expected to hear a blood-curdling roar but

it sounded instead like a whiny girl's voice only greatly magnified to

ear-splitting proportions.

“That guy in there smells funny.”

“I don't think they shower like

we do Beth.”

‘I think he was all pissed at

your loser brother.”

I looked out across a vast

concrete plain. Rising up in front of me were eight trees that seemed to sway in

the breeze. One of the trees lifted its trunk and rubbed against another tree.

The tree seemed to be strangely colored, almost fleshy. I screamed as the trunk

slammed down just in front of me, and with horror I saw the giant shoe and

realized it wasn't a tree at all.

It was my sister Beth…

“Beth! Beth! Down here!”

“Did you hear something Kristin?”

“I heard something too; it

sounded kind of tiny and squeaky.”

“Where's it coming from?”

I yelled again at the top of my

lungs. I looked up, up at the massive figure of Beth as she knelt down. Her

cutoff shirt and shorts were the size of circus tents as she searched the ground

for the source of the squeaking. All the girls had large soda cups with extra

long straws sticking out that must have easily been twice my height I waved my

hands over my head trying to get attention but it was Brandi who pointed at me.

“Beth LOOK!”

“What is that?”


”Kristen stop you're scaring it!”

I cringed visibly as Kristin

stomped her foot down only inches in front of me.


I half expected my life to end

right then and there, but a something soft coiled around me. I panicked as the

ground fell away and I was lifted high in the air. As I rose higher I could see

their titanic bodies before me, staring at me in shock and surprise. I came face

to face with the hugeness that was my sister and her friends. Beth gripped me

firmly in her hand while she examined her find.

            ”Beth you've got to help me please something's happened!”

“He said your name Beth; I can

hear his funny little squeaking voice.”

“Darrin, is that you?”

“Oh my god its Beth's brother!

Look at him!”

“What happened to you?”

“Please get me to a hospital,

help me.”

“Oh don't worry ‘little' brother

I will help you. Kristin give you your cup.”


“Oh hush you big baby.'

“Let's take him across the street

to the park.”

I saw Beth laugh at me as I

pleaded not to go in the cup. Kristin held out her cup and popped the lid off,

and Beth moved me over the top and let go. I dreaded being covered in sticky

syrupy soda but was relieved when I had the liquid and realized it was only

water. Kristin smiled down at me, telling me how cute I looked before snapping

the plastic lid back on while the girls talked and walked over to the park. I

had to tread water and finally grabbed on to the straw to keep from drowning.

Several times I felt the cold water go through the straw I was clinging to as

Kristin took massive sips from her water. The water level would drop as she

sucked then slightly rise again as she released the straw from her lips. How

humiliating. My pants and shoes were soaked and I was shivering as they made

their way over to some garden tables and chairs. They sat down in a circle.

Kristin popped the lid off her cup. I tried to ward off her thumb and forefinger

but she pinched my midsection and lifted me up. I was held by Kristin in the

middle of the group of girls. I saw Brandi smile at me but I was quickly grabbed

by Beth as I hung in midair, the water dropping off of me.

“Aww you got him all soaked


“At least you didn't get him all

sticky since you didn't get soda.”

“I couldn't I'm on a diet.”

“Again. You could hide behind a

wire coat hanger as it is.”

“Hey! At least I'm not a heifer

like Sarah MacDonald”

“Ugh!” The girls all broke into a

wave of disgust at the mention of the name.


well, my dorky brother, cut down to size at last I see. Looks like I'm about to

become an only child.”

“Don't hurt him Beth. He was so

cute. He was clinging to my straw.”

“Yeah look at the little thing

he's shivering.”

“Yeah poor little doll, lets dry

him off girls.”

I screamed bloody murder as Beth

held me out in front of her. I saw the girls all pull their straws out from

their cups and aim them at me while putting the other end in their mouths. Their

eyes were locked on me as I struggled in my sister's hand. Then the blast from

the straws hit me, washing my face and body with their breath. They aimed the

straws up and down me for the next several minutes while all the while I

struggled helplessly in Beth's hand. I tried in vain to bat them away but they

seemed to come at me from every direction and angle in their relentless pursuit

of drying me off.  I felt myself becoming drier by the second until finally they

stopped. Brandi snatched me up and held me upside down before her face.

“There all dry little man. You're

so light.”

“Lemme go lemme go!”

Beth then snatched me back up and

held me up to her face.

“Well little brother, I don't

know how this happened but it looks like you will have to get used to things

being different from now on. And it looks like I won't have to share the house

with you until Mom and Dad get back and after that even.”

“W-what are you going to do to

me? Beth I'm your brother don't kill me please!”

“Kill you? Don't be silly you're

far too valuable this way. I got a better idea. Girls pick a number between one

and ten.”

“Seven.” Said Kristin.

“Two” Said Brandi.

“Three” Said Jenna

“Beth you can't be serious!”

“Shush doll man, the girls are

discussing things.”





           Beth casually flipped me up in the general direction of Jenna. The

blond girl with the ponytail deftly plucked me from the air and dangled me in

front of her face. Her hand smelled like strawberries and was soft and supple.

“Jenna can you keep him for a

while? You can play with him but remember he is my brother and he belongs to me

until I say otherwise.”

“Cool. Come on little Darrin lets

get you home.”

“No wait Mffffppt”

           I was thrust against this blonde's shirt between her breasts as she

quickly got up and started walking. Her breasts shook against me slightly as she

walked at a brisk pace to her house. I listened for the sounds of the other

girls, especially my sister. How cold she do this to me? I know we weren't

exactly close but I never expected her to just hand me off to Jenna like some

meaningless possession of hers.

 Jenna dashed inside her house

and made a beeline for her room but was stopped in the middle of the hall. I was

buried so I couldn't see but I could hear another feminine voice.

“Hi Jenna what'cha got there?”

“Go away brat I have homework to


“HOMEWORK? It's July!”

“Summer reading now beat it.”

I heard the sound of a door slam

as I was lifted away from Jenna's chest and set down on her bed. I looked around

at her gigantic room, then at the floor far below.

“Now don't get any ideas about

trying to escape little Darrin doll. You wouldn't want my sister Samantha to

find you now would you? Be a good boy and hang out on my bed while I clean up my

room, ‘k?”

I pleaded to Jenna to release me

or help me get to a hospital but she pretended not to even notice me as she

moved about her room picking up clothes and magazines and generally tidying up.

When she was done she sauntered over to the bed and just fell forwards. I

screamed in terror as her massive body slammed down on my but her hands came up

at the last minute to brace against the bed, creating a small space between the

mattress and her breasts or I would have been crushed instantly.

“Scared you ha ha ha.” Jenna

teased as she gently lowered herself down on my. I beat against her with my

fists for only a second before the massive weight of her body forced my arms

against my sides and pinned me to the bed. Her warmth was everywhere, as was the

mango-guava scent from the Bath and Body Works she used to shower with. She then

flipped on her back, suspending me above her breasts as she did so.

“I can't believe its you Darrin.

Don't be mad with Beth, I won't let her hurt you ok? Besides you're so cute like


“Dammit Jenna I am not some toy

to be looked after put me down.”

“Of course you're not a toy.

You're my little Darrin doll to be looked after for as long as Beth says.”

Jenna then set me down on her

chest. I rose and fell with her breathing as her b-cups jutted to either side of

me. I cringed at how a high school girl's chest could easily hold me and move me

up and down with it without so much as noticing one iota my weight displacement.

I started crawling down her chest across her stomach, which caused Jenna to

start giggling, which started her stomach bouncing up and down, which caused me

to fall flat face down.

“Careful. Trying to escape me?”

“No I -“

We were interrupted as the door

abruptly burst open and a tall girl seemingly a year or so younger than Jenna

burst in. I already knew her to be Jenna's little sister Mallory, who was a

sophomore this fall. She had roughly the same build as Jenna but had dark brown

hair in a ponytail. She had on cutoff jeans and a T-shirt.

“Get out of here you Brat! You're

supposed to knock!”

“I know you're hiding something

Jenna and I-what is THAT?”

I closed my eyes as I knew what

was next. I felt myself gripped in a tight fist of steel as Jenna's stomach fell

away. In a flash I was upside down hanging in front of Mallory's astonished

face. She twisted me in her grip while I fought and struggled and screamed to be

put down over and over again but that just seemed to strengthen her resolve to

overpower me.

“Oh god Jenna it looks like a

tiny man, and he looks just like Beth Dremmel's older brother!”

“He is Beth Dremmel's older

brother. Darrin do you remember my sister Mallory?”

“How did he get like this? How

did you get him?”

“Beth asked me to look after him

for a while. Isn't he the cutest little thing?”

“Hi there little Darrin you are

so cure, yes you are, yes you are. Do you want to come to Mallory's room for a


“Jenna please tell her to put me

down dammit I'm not you girls pet dammit.”

“Oooo such language Darrin. For

that you can go with Mallory until suppertime.”

“Heeeeelp noooooo Mallory put me

doooooown let me go! Beth I will get you for this BETH…BETHHHHHH!”

As Mallory stared at me while

carrying me down the hall to her room I reflected that my life as I knew it was

over. I was nothing more than a trinket at the whim of my sister and her popular

friends, to be passed back and forth against my will, never to see my house or

bedroom again. I would not be going to Ohio State in the fall; no I would be

staying right here in Circleville in the possession of some spoiled high school

hotties. All because I had to have that damn Slushee and I forgot my shirt.  I

remembered the paper in my pants pocked Apu had given to me. I somehow managed

in Mallory's hands to reach it and pull it out. Despite being rocked back and

forth in Mallory's grip my eyes managed to focus on the paper. When I read it,

the hair stood on the back of my neck:

It read:



And below it, the following



*No shirt no shoes you shrink!





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