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Dr. Dawn



Dawn was in a foul mood, brooding over her career success or lack thereof. Years

of college then the successive years of trying to work her way up the ladder

only to be slapped down. Mostly she thought it was because she was a woman, and

no matter what endeavor, women will never progress as well as men…..males in

society, what pigs! Taking a moment off from her introspection , Dawn looked

around her present surroundings; open ocean as far as she could see. Looking

back to the rear of the boat (if you could call it that, it was more a scow than

a boat!) She could see the two goons that crewed the boat leering at her. “No

surprises there” she thought, “just a couple more pigs.” “Oh well, a few weeks

of work away from idiots like this will be good for the soul.” Reflecting on her

task at hand, two weeks for a site survey on some island to see if there was

flora suitable for further company research. Being a wild life naturalist and

botanist can have its rewards once you get past its downside. Looking once again

in the direction they were headed she could see the slightest deformity on the

horizon, good! Hopefully she could be soon away from doofus and dumb-ass's

prying eyes and get some real work done!

Juan and Rudy were having inner turmoil's of their own. “No big deal” they were

told. Take Dr. Sleighter to the island with her equipment, drop her off and in

two weeks time pick her up. For the short 30 mile journey the $500. charter fee

was well in excess and should help repair the failing vessel with overhead. The

issue the two were wrestling with was leaving one of the most beautiful women

they'd ever seen alone on an island that although uninhabited definitely had

some nasty critters running around on it. The notion also of cozying up to the

Doc also ricocheted around their dimwitted nuggets. She did have a way of giving

the cold shoulder even at a distance, maybe a challenge?!

As the island drew nearer, Juan began steering towards the leeward side where

the inlet protected a small beach area. Coral reefs ringed the island far enough

out to that should they strike one the water would still be deep enough to

overwhelm the boat. Shuddering at the thought of finding himself swimming with

eels and sharks and the unknown, he redoubled his concentration to steer the

channel. Rudy, his not so bright younger brother used the situation to move

closer to the Doc under the guise of scanning for the reef. Standing next to

Dawn, He peered into the water off the bow while taking in her presence and

perfume. “God” he thought, “The things I could teach this bitch in the sack!”

Dawn though “Gees! does the bastard ever wash!” and moved away to the middle of

the skiff. Again looking toward the island she thought “Home @#%$ home, or

whatever I find” The beach was actually pleasant enough with calm water and fine

sand without many rocks at all. The foliage was a respectable 50 foot back from

the water line and had several favorable places to pitch her base camp. Beyond

the first trees the jungle blended into shades of ever darkening green to

finally merge into darkness. Progressively they slowed until the prow of the

skiff was a short distance from the beach. Juan shut down the motor while Rudy

threw a small anchor off the stern. Dawn collected her gear up and waited not

too patiently while the two “goofs” got a small raft ready alongside. “One last

time” she thought, “ Then I'll be clear of these two and into some well deserved

private time.” Making the beach Rudy jumped out and pulled the raft further up

so the Doc wouldn't have to get her feet wet. Dawn refused his hand and stepped

out on her own. Juan began handing across the gear while Dawn walked toward the

forest, hands on hips taking it all in. She mused that it looked like a scene

from that movie Hollywood kept resurrecting for sequels; Jurassic Park. “Well”

she laughed “If there are any dinosaurs in there, I'm screwed!” Eager to be rid

of her taxi driver and his yellow-toothed relation, Dawn grabbed her pack and

propped it up against a tree. Taking the tent out of its stowage bag, she began

to set up camp. Juan and Rudy watched for a moment, offered their assistance

then began trudging back down the beach to the raft after a fixed, cold stare

and a “NO” that was more the verbal spear than vocabulary could possibly convey.

Watching the skiff make its way slowly out of the lagoon, Dawn breathed a sigh

of relief. “There go living examples of Cro-Magnon man!” Having set up the tent

and organized it to her taste, Dawn laid out topography chart of her temporary

resort. The island was really not all that remarkable for a south pacific sort.

Maybe a whopping 30 mile circumference but definitely with an interior with high

ridges locking in a smaller hilled area. “Tomorrow” she declared “It's onward to

the interior!”

The following morning, Dawn was up with the sun. Bathing first in a campers

“shower” she appraised her figure. At 5' 9” she thought she looked like any

other plain-jane on the street. Always unhappy over her breast size she again

thought that she would have a reduction. “Lord knows! that is all anybody (at

least the male of the species) seemed to look at” “Thank gosh I'm not blonde as

well!” Her brunette hair was usually kept tied back but when down for

maintenance as she called it, it fell almost to the hip. “Oh-Kay then! whatever!

now for some exploring!” Having a quick bite from her rations Dawn set out, GPS

in hand, for the interior.

The first few days became a week in short order. Categorizing, classifying all

the samples found occupied the vast majority of her time. Occasionally she would

stop to take in the view from the upper elevations. Warm winds, pleasant

temperatures made her feel as if she was on vacation in Hawaii. Late Saturday

afternoon, Dawn found herself making way up what was rapidly closing into a

jungle canyon. Up ahead she could hear the rush of a waterfall and the moisture

from the spray filtered down through the air. Reaching the fall, Dawn found a

poolside smoothed over rock to use as a chair. “It's the most beautiful place

I've ever seen!” For some time she sat by the water, letting it lull her into a

peaceful state of mind. Finally rousting herself out of her reverie, Dawn got

down to business collecting more samples for her research. That evening back at

the tent, while placing the latest specimens into their containers, Dawn found a

clipping she didn't recognize. Excitedly, thinking she could have identified a

new strain (and make the books calling it by her name!) Dawn broke out the

micro-scope for a closer look. Under the lens she found herself correct,

although it appeared outwardly to be your standard gee-whiz moss, this sample

had blossoms she had never seen before. Saving it in a petri-dish, she sat back

to ponder her findings. Absently tapping her forefinger to her lips the entire

time. “I'll go back and collect more in the morning” she thought, “I can't be in

error when I make my claim to fame!” “I'm need to find a way to protect my

findings as well, one of those left-nutt bastards will no doubt try to claim

this for themselves”

“Ugh!!” “What the heck time is it?” It was still pitch black outside, the water

quietly lapping the beach. “I think I'm gonna' spew!” Dawn felt ill, just

downright sick. She opened her eyes but things kept spinning just like when you

first lay down after way too many cold ones. Trying to make her way out of the

tent was an effort all too much, colors whipped past with the burning sensation

in her throat. Dizziness beyond anything she had ever experienced before kept

her from standing. Her pulse rate was faster than a sewing machine on fast

forward. “I'm going to black out!” she thought in fear, then nothing…………

Slowly the sounds of the island woke her. The sun had been up for some time now

and the wind was making its presence known through the sound of palms rustling.

“My God!” “What the hell was that all about” Dawn thought. Her head was pounding

as though hung over. Nausea was still there but had retreated a distance. “I

don't want to open my eyes” she thought, “I need some water cause I feel like I

wretched my guts out,…dehydrated…...” Slowly, as she became more aware of her

surroundings, she stirred. Something prodded beneath her hip, “really frikking

uncomfortable” she thought. Rolling over to remove the offending object she

found herself in a puddle. “That's it! Now I'm really pissed” thinking she had

puked and had just located it. Sitting upright she moaned again for the

pulsating pain behind her eyes. Ever so slowly did she open her eyes to take in

whatever disaster she had created in the tent. Time stood still, then as the

minutes began to pass Dawn took in the scope of her surroundings. There was no

tent, she was feet first into the tide that seemed be nearly covering the beach.

“What the @#%$ over!” looking back over her shoulder another shock waited. The

first palm trees to come into view were slightly below eye level. The faster she

turned her head to the closer trees , the further the tops fell away. Blinking

and utterly uncomprehending her situation, Dawn stood up. “I don't do drugs, not

even the light weight stuff!” The tallest palm tree barely reached half way up

her thigh. Dropping back to her knees, she covered her face with her hands.

“What kind of a nightmare is this? and how the frik to I wake up?!” Stealing a

peek through her fingers Dawn saw the crushed remains of the camp along with a

few trees knocked clean over. Holding her breath she reached down with one hand,

pinching up the collapsed and torn tent with her thumb and forefinger she lifted

its remains until it was only inches from her stare. Crushed items fell from it

as she turned it around to inspect it; a cup, some clothes, papers fluttered

out. Eyes wide she flung it away from her, “This isn't real, I must be

hallucinating”. Another reality began to surface, “I'm [email protected]#%$-naked!” As

before, she took mental stock of her figure, her chest drawing her attention.

“Now those things are WAY to big, how the hell can I pay to have these things

reduced now!” Rolling over to a sitting position Dawn again supported her head

with both hands. Miserably she kicked out her foot in frustration, “What the

hell is happening!?”

The first few hours Dawn spent commiserating over her plight. The pain was

slipping away and for the first time she was able to evaluate things clearly.

Standing up, she surveyed the area at her feet. “Yup, everything just up and

suddenly got small or I've just set the book of world records record for growing

geeks.” Collecting up the fragments of her equipment, Dawn began to remove

evidence of her presence from the beach. “I've got to hide away somewhere and

figure this out.” Looking at the remnants in a single hand she marveled how

miniscule they were. “I've got to be somewhere in the area of seventy to ninety

feet tall now.” Stepping through the trees gingerly to avoid any further damage

she made her way towards the canyon. While striding towards the waterfall her

thoughts turned toward just how enormous she had become in comparison to the

rest of the world. “It could have some benefits, they would have to listen to me

instead of brushing me off.” Other concerns began sprouting up, “What the hell

am I going to eat?” She knew water wasn't a problem and shelter, at least

temporarily could be provided by an overhanging cliff a short distance down from

the waterfall. The more Dawn reflected her comfort increased with the events.

“Hell!, This could actually be fun!” “If I could only just stay here without the

bother of the world and its problems” The notion began to creep into her mind of

`disappearing' and living her time out in her jungle kingdom. “That isn't

realistic though is it?” “Some day some @#%$ will decide this will be a perfect

place for a resort.” Making herself busy in her new state, Dawn prepared a crude

“bed” of palm fronds on the sand at the base of an inset to the cliff. Plans

started to form for the simple things she would need to maintain her health.

Then, like a splinter, she remembered the goons would be back to pick her up.

“Could I hide from them? Will there be a search team once they can't find me?”

“How do I disappear?” Late into that night Dawn turned idea after idea down,

discounting them as too far fetched. The one point that remained; the goons were

coming back for her, if the two idiots came back without her then surely her

employers would make a search effort……..but…….”What if the two never make it

back?” “An accident?” Would it pass muster that the skiff sank and the three of

them drowned? “Could I actually take those two puny idiots and their boat and

create an accident scene that would be believable?” More darkly looking at her

hands with the tiny landscape in the background “Could I or should I…..?”

Reaching for the nearest palm tree she tore it from the ground. Pulling a

coconut from it she held it up against the sky. Adding more and more pressure

between her fingers she imagined for a moment it was actually a squeaking little

victim dangling above her, at her mercy , in her gigantic nude form. She shook

her victim slightly back and forth seeing how the terror made the screams for

mercy intensify….her eyes narrowed, then - `crack' and the coconut became wet

mush between her fingers. “Rubbing the remains between her finger tips Dawns'

reaction came from deep inside, heart racing and blood burning “Dear Gosh, I

almost had an orgasm!” Glancing down, she seized the other end of the palm tree,

in a quick, deft movement, `SNAP' the tree was halved in a split second. Tossing

it aside new ideas began to swirl as she pivoted on one foot leaving a deep

gouge in the sand witness to her violence.

The second week passed quickly, far too quickly for Dawn. Although she was able

to adequately survive on the islands resources, the day she dreaded drew closer.

How would she handle this? Her thoughts wandering, she did think her tan was

coming along nicely and that she had lost some of that baby fat around the

middle. Still not happy about her boobs she tried to imagine someone witnessing

her. They would have to look up from their pathetic size, see her from below in

all her glory….”I don't want anybody just checking me out!” She had made an

attempt to create some kind of clothing but her efforts had failed. Trying to

tie the reeds with palm trunks was an art for someone else, resigned she threw

it down and stomped off. “If it's nude I'll be then that's just what I'll be!

Damnit!” “Guess I had better start working the tan-all-over look”

The sun rose that morning with light winds beginning to sway the palms. Dawn

picked a point behind a ridge where she thought she could observe with out being

seen. Her pulse rate ratcheted up as the sun rose and the air began to warm.

What will she do; watch them come and go? Give them a chance to report her

missing? Or should she “create” the accident? Where the heck does that leave

those two dumb-shits? Over and over she mulled the question. Then time ran out.

The familiar putt-putt of the skiff reached her ears. “Little fuckers couldn't

wait till mid day!” she spit. She watched as the boat reached the edge of the

beach. The raft was thrown over and two figures made their way to shore.

Remembering the first morning of her transformation and her initial reaction to

her size, Dawn saw just how puny people would really be to her. Juan and Rudy

were toys, insignificant, mere objects to be played with then discarded. They

had no power over her and at the moment had no idea what lay before them. She

could grab them up and treat them in any manner she so chose. Dawns' thoughts

were moving a mile per second, “Who would miss them?” The possibilities suddenly

abounded, “I AM the fifty foot woman! @#%$! I'm damn near the hundred foot

woman!” As suddenly as the thoughts popped to mind they screeched to a halt, “I

can't just hurt them, just because of my size I shouldn't go hurting others for

my own needs.” “Could I?” Dawn thought about all the B.S. she had tolerated over

the years. No matter how hard she had tried to become a professional in her

field she kept getting knocked down. Hell, she deserved this, it was owed her

this serenity on her own island. Remembering how easily and erotic it was just

fantasizing with the coconut, Dawn looked again at the movement on the beach.

“They don't begin to know” Lowering herself from the cat like pounce her body

had risen to while she contemplated her move, feelings of arousal and how

powerful she was surfaced again. Dawn settled into the contours of the hillside

crushing the foliage back to the ground.

She watched. The two had worked their way up and down the beach several times

call out to her. At one point it seemed one had started into the jungle to

search but after several minutes he emerged. “Probably too scared of lions,

tigers and bears…” “Bettcha' he'd piss himself if he knew what was really

waiting for him!” By late evening it was apparent the two were going to spend

the night. They had thrown bedrolls up on the beach near where she'd originally

set up her tent. A bottle was drawn out and passed back and forth. “Good, you

little pricks, get drunk! it'll make this easier for me!” The sun set and the

stars began to appear on the horizon. “No moon tonight, this just keeps getting

better!” By what Dawn guessed was midnight the campfire had died down, no more

noise could be heard. “I wonder what they thought they'd wait for? I guess

facing questions when they returned scares them nearly as much as going into the

woods.” Dawn began to make her way down the opposite end of the ridge from the

beach. Crouching down she crept along the coast until she could see the skiff in

the harbor and the embers from the fire. Easing herself into the water she

dropped as low as she could until all that protruded from the surface was her

jaw and up.

Juan thought Rudy was a light-weight. Half the bottle and he was out like a

light. Leaning back on his bedroll he took another plug from the bottle and

wondered where, what they had come to call the Doc, was the “Ice Queen.” It

wouldn't be a good idea to leave without searching. The authorities would

suspect something of him, no he needed to look the island over, the crazy bitch

had probably fallen and killed herself off some cliff or been killed by a snake

or …………he thought up scenario after scenario. Taking another drink he looked out

at the ocean and stars. “Weird” he thought, “There are some stars missing.” On

moonless nights the stars would seem to come right down into the water, there

seemed to be a hole in the effect. “Whatever, time for some ZZZ's.”

Dawn was starting to emerge from the water as she moved closer to the beach. For

a moment she thought one of them had moved. Freezing in place she waited, ….no,

nothing. She realized she was beginning to loom above the two. “How do I keep

them quiet?” Remembering all the monster stories from childhood through the

Sci-Fi movies over the years she realized that it would have to be forceful even

though she knew this before she had started out. Squatting down over the

sleeping forms she moved both hands in from either side. Her intention was to

grab the two by their upper half covering their faces in order to keep them from

shouting. She made her move; it worked well with Rudy, he was out anyway. Juan

was a different story, still partially awake he sensed movement and opened his

eyes. Scrambling backward tangled in his bedroll Juan screamed. Dawn seized him,

his shoulders just sticking above her enclosed fist. Rudy dangled from her other

hand, only his hips and legs twisting in view. Standing, Dawn squeezed Juan

trying to press the breath from him. It worked, “Finally the little @#%$ shuts

up!” Rudy was coming around, his legs twitched then as he fully woke panic set

in and his flailing began in earnest. Dawn thought this was amusing, and no

doubt in her mind arousing, “Two adult males, just barely big enough to fit in

my grasp.” “They have no control and I can do what ever I want with them!”

Putting the squeeze on Rudy quieted him down as well. Opening her grasp, Dawn

inspected her catch. The two were helpless. shaking Rudy slightly she watched

his body roll to the side then settle back to the center of her palm, his arm

flopping to one side. She moved him in closer to her breast, “Little prick, your

head is barely bigger than my nipple!” She laughed out loud, this was something!

A giant women with control over anybody man or woman. Squeezing the two again

Dawn marveled at how tiny they really were and how sexually arousing it was to

have this control. “Coconuts and fantasy have nothing on this!!!” Taking the

next step she stripped the two down to their birthday suits. Thinking it was too

easy at how effortlessly their clothing tore away, Dawn made a game of trying

not to tear them off. It worked for the shirts and pants but the under shorts

just were too difficult. Holding them both with her thumb and forefingers under

their arms she laughed when she moved her hand in an up and down motion watching

their appendages flop all over, heads lolling side to side. “You call those

dicks!?! not even worth calling those slivers!” Collecting all the clothing and

leaving her toys in a heap on the beach, Dawn made her way to the skiff. placing

the clothes on the deck she pulled the anchor up and began to drag it all out of

the lagoon. Swimming for what seemed forever to here out away from the island

back toward the mainland, she turned on the boat. Grabbing it with both hands in

glee, she pushed it together then wrenched it in half. Again thinking how

glorious her power was to be able to create such damage. Throwing the forward

section as far as she could she then overturned the stern so it would leak fuel

and oil, a boat accident. A small skiff run down in the dark by a passing

freighter. The clothing spread out around the stern to complete the effect. Dawn

smiled, a smile mixed in with a smirk and a snarl, then a laugh! “My do I have

the largest swimming pool, anybody else want to play?”

Juan awoke first. His chest hurt badly, breathing was a task. He saw Rudy only a

few feet away laying nude on the beach. Taking in everything he realized he was

no better off than his brother. “What the heck happened?” Vaguely recollecting

what had happened he had trouble believing it. Going over to Rudy he saw bruises

on him similar to his own, “Is this for real?” Rudy was brought around with a

splash of water. “What happened?” Juan shook his head “I'm not sure, what I

remember couldn't be real.” Rudy stood up and looked around, “Where is the boat?

and what happened to our clothes?” again Juan just shook his head, it was hard

enough to breath. The sun was beginning to create the early morning sky when

Rudy pointed and asked another question “What is THAT!!??!” that Juan could not

answer, not from difficulty breathing this time. Down the shoreline, water

foaming around her magnificent hips as she moved forward through the water, Dawn

strode from the ocean, water cascading down her legs as she stepped from the

water, Dawn set foot on the beach. Teasingly she slowly turned her head towards

her victims tossed her hair over her opposite shoulder then lowered her eyes to

meet their fear stricken gaze, “Morning you little shits, run while you can

because I'm only going to count to one hundred, then we will see just what `men'

you really are!”



“Little Games”

As Dawn started counting loudly with a tinge of threatening inflection, she

decided to head back to the waterfall and wash the salt off herself. “Let them

believe whatever they want”, then pausing with a slight twist back to the frozen

pair, she allowed them a glance at her figure looking back over her shoulder

with her breasts projecting against the skyline. A short growl, then the

counting began again. Walking on “This should give them some time to talk and

really work themselves into a frenzy, that'll really make the chase more

exciting!”. The waterfall was her place of serenity, standing below the fall

while showering, she let herself fall into her fantasies, notions that she knew

were becoming further from the morals she used to believe and yet reservations

kept showing up. “Wouldn't it be something to find myself in a small town or

city?!” “What would it be like to tower over hundreds of piss-ants, stomp

through the streets doing what ever struck my fancy at the moment?” “There would

be no stopping me, it would be my “game' and their lives!” Then, as before,

another dark picture flashed to mind “Rape, pillage, loot, ….the image of her

colossal nude figure with a handful of screaming men and women squeezed in one

fist while she hurled some mode of mass transportation and its occupants

hysterical with fear into the side of skyscraper” Flushed with arousal, the very

idea made her dizzy. “Plant my ass down in the middle of a street teaming with

frightened squeakers', herd them up under my twat then slowly roll my hips

forward over them doing the grind, feeling their final struggles against my

sex!” That was too much! “Skyscraper!” she snorted, “Crotch scratching post

filled with more toys!” Wringing her hair out Dawn thought of the people she had

known that putting a `squeeze' on would be so very gratifying. “That idiot that

they promoted over me, Steve something-or-another, would make an excellent

crap-rag!” “And that busy-body bitch Paula, yeah, I could get busy with her

body!” All these ideas went pinging around in her mind, then she remembered her

“game” with the two mental cloth-less midgets that should be trying to find some

way to avoid her finding them. “Yee-Haw Boys! Giant Dawn is coming, you two

pricks better run!” “That is if you have plans past today!”she added.

Juan and Rudy talked, panicked at first then with time they settled down into

reasoned, thoughtful conversation. Juan, the more insightful of the two “We need

to find a way to hide and still watch for any help in the direction of the

inlet, that would be the natural approach for any boat” Rudy was still shaken,

“That bitch is gonna' kill us! I know it, she is gonna' KILL us!” “O. K. then,

lets get the hell out of sight at the very least for now, see what we can find

for shelter, like a cave or something” Juan gestured towards the jungle. Once

under cover of the trees, Juan decided that away from the direction the Doc had

left would be the best. Heading further into the trees they turned to parallel

the coastline. After about a mile they found a copse of brush mixed with palms

that looked like a decent place to hide. Rudy made his first rational thought

known “Man, I don't like this no clothes thing, do ya' figure we could use some

leaves or something to cover up?” After some searching around a reasonable front

and backside cover was fashioned from reeds and palm fronds. “@#%$ friggin'

itches” complained Juan. “It's apparent she's not coming after us any time soon.

It's been at least a couple of hours since we last saw her” The sun was full up

and the sky was clear with a deep blue hue. The normal breeze was giving sway to

the trees and the surf on the beach lulled a false sense of peace. “All right

Rudy, here's what I'm thinking; a raft, that's what we need. We'll build a raft

and at night paddle our way the hell out of here. It's only going to take a few

days if we take enough to eat and drink….and if we are lucky we will be picked

up by passing shipping earlier!” Seemingly always the pessimist Rudy pointed out

“That is if we live long enough!” Ignoring the comment Juan started looking

around for the materials he needed to build a rudimentary raft so they could

escape this unbelievable situation.

Dawn stretched her full length, her tan beginning to conform to her entire

frame. “Now how do I outsmart the un-smart? They will expect me to come from the

same way I have each time sooooo….if I come around the opposite side….Oh

@#%$-on-it! I'll just climb straight up the ridge behind the beach and see Colegio Izansdance [Colegios de España ]

what's moving around.” Dawn left the canyon and re-crossed the hilled area to

the large ridge that sheltered the island interior. Finding the surroundings

more and more familiar she began to call areas by names: front room, bed room,

shower, back forty. Moving up the ridge she slowed as she neared the top. Moving

`inch by inch' she raised her head to peer over toward the beach. “Humph! Little

bastards are smarter than I thought! Nothing is on the beach…” Raising up

further “Ha! I didn't think so!” noting the two sets of foot prints leading away

from the clearing into the tree line. “Wonder how far they went before they felt

safe……Got some news for them, there is no SAFE!” Backing down the ridge Dawn

moved off along its base until she reached a point where it shot up sharply in

height. Clawing her way up its escarpment she found herself a few miles up from

the beach. “I'll just work my way back from here, those two wimps wouldn't have

gone too far”. Moving to within a hundred feet of where the sand ended in the

ocean, Dawn began what she mused to be “cutting the grass.” On her hands and

knees she began to scrutinize left to right moving what seemed to her inches at

a time. Careful not to cause any more damage to her precious island, she found

she felt a deeper sadness when she accidentally crushed a bush beneath her hand

or knees. Occasionally one of her pendulous breast, playfully swaying side to

side as she moved would push a tree off kilter. A quick press to either side of

the roots corrected any of the mammary mischief.

Juan wandered further inland trying to find more reeds that seemed to be

particularly sturdy for tying the raft pieces together. “I'm not used to real

work! and this damn palm outfit is scraping the hell outta' my jewels!” Rudy had

stayed behind to hide in their `fortress' of brush and trees. They hoped that if

somehow, someone did decide to come to this forlorn island they would be able to

hear them or at least sneak up to make a visual check every so often. Caught up

in remembering the past events, Rudy shuddered…”Who could have ever dreamed such

a thing could happen? What does that woman have against me?” The crushing vice

of her grip he had been in flooded back, “That was a woman, a female, just damn

huge doing that too me” Rudy had lost more of his self confidence, his world

shattered now that he was no longer the dominant one of his world. Above the

steady rustling of the palms and muted crash of the surf……something went

`swish'….Rudy froze, silence, the noise of the world became deafening to Rudy,

“I heard that! What the @#%$ was that!?!” …….nothing…….. Rudy looked around

finding himself hemmed in by the jungle. “Am I loosing it? Hearing things now

too?” After a time he settled down, “Must have been my imagination” Laying back

Rudy entertained the notion he was too stressed, need some rest, That was it!

get some sleep then things will come into focus. Allowing himself to let the

kinks loose themselves from his muscle, the tension eased and for the first time

in hours he relaxed. Taking in a deep breath then letting it out slowly, Rudy

eased his eyes ease open to take in the blue sky up through the tree cover.

Juan was reaching for another lashing of reed when the hair literally stood up

on the back of his neck, goose bumps and gut wrenching fear enveloped him as a

blood curdling scream echoed through the trees. “Rudy!” Dropping his collection

he turned and ran toward the hiding place. The screaming had changed to pitched

shouts intermixed with more screams. Rudy slowed, “What can I possibly do? spank

her and tell her to behave?” “What is she doing to him? What will she do to us?”

Rudy's' doubt made for a continued but less than urgent pace. Ahead he could

make out movement, movement that sounded like pure pressure against the ground,

an area where the sounds of nature were blocked, walled away by sheer presence.

He knew she was back, the overgrown bitch with a power problem that he was

fruitless to do anything about but to hide or submit to her vagaries.

It was too easy. Dawn thought as she gazed down at Rudy. “Looked like he was on

to me at first, but then this kick-back thing.” “Freeze here you sexy monster

Dawn!, let your prey figure it out in his own time.” Still on her knees and both

palms bracketing Rudy, Dawn watched, even teasing herself by giving her boobs a

little rock from side to side motion. She watched smugly as Rudy opened his

eyes, first uncomprehending then replaced by abject fear. When he coughed his

first squeak of panic Dawn became a bronze beauty in motion placing all her

weight on her right hand, she moved her left in making Rudy her immediate

prisoner. Lifting him before her face, dangling from one leg where it

disappeared between two sculptured gigantic fingers, Dawn gave him her biggest

smile with her eyes closed to slits. “Hi ya' squirt! Ready for some action?”

“Gees he's so tiny!” “Found a clothing store? Well, that's just gotta go!” Short

work of the leaf coverings, Dawn just made a quick pinch at the frond and ripped

it off the hapless squirming man. Looking him over stem to stern, taking in

every detail she thought “Lilliputian meets Sexy Goddess! how he flails about

because I'm making him!” Rudy couldn't have spread himself any wider in the

natural reaction to his predicament. Arms wide, hands out , fingers outstretched

and his free leg trying to obey gravity but for the feminine force in control of

his existence. He saw it all, her enormous beautiful face, wet lips and gorgeous

brown eyes. Beyond he could see those gargantuan breasts swinging as though in

slow motion side to side, and the ground below. Rudy lost it again, totally,

completely, he screamed so loud his ears crackled. Then he lost his self control

and last vestige of dignity. Rudy soiled himself. Dawn yanked him away from her

face and continued to watch as he vacated himself, the mess running down towards

his head before dropping off to the ground. “Messy little @#%$ aren't you!?”

Standing, Dawn brushed off her knees then made way toward the beach. “Going to

have to wash your bitty' ass off now aren't we?” Dawn knelt down on one knee and

extended her catch out over the water. “In you go!” She lowered him into the

water then began to pull him back and forth in the surf. She continued until

satisfied that he was clean enough, “Clean enough for what? Consumption?” That

brought a sharks smile to her lips and a hearty laugh. “O.K. you little prick!

Lets check the merchandise out!”

Juan burst through the brush a few hundred feet down and behind the Docs'

peripheral vision. He saw the miniature figure now pressed upright between thumb

and forefinger at the waist, struggling with little jerks, legs swinging in a

circular motion, arms out clawing at the vice of her fingers. “Oh @#%$!” was all

he could say, easing back to the safety of the trees. He watched as Rudy was

handled, dangled, prodded and scrutinized. The big bitch would occasionally rub

him against her nipples that seemed impossibly huge and rock hard. From time to

time she would cast out a remark, usually loaded with sarcasm with a twist of

lusty overtone. Then she sat down, reclining back so all Juan could see was her

legs jutting out into the sand, the waves running just past her feet. Making his

was along the tree line, he moved closer. Finding a spot where he could take in

the entire picture, he dropped down into the foliage hoping to blend in with the


“Don't you ever work out?” Dawn asked “I've seen women with more definition to

their figures, you look like you were on your way to a professional couch-potato

if it weren't for your tan!” She had found a slight incline to lean back against

that was located just far enough in from the water where she could cool her feet

and take in the sun. Placing her `treat' on her stomach, she uprooted one palm

that seemed to be just too close and tossed it to the side. “I'll replant it

later, first things first” Dawn had never felt quite any emotion like this

before. Her wildest fantasies were true and now she was going to live one out.

Glancing down between her breasts she evaluated the puny pricks condition. For

certain he was frightened as he was panting hard and had a panicked look with

eyebrows raised high and eyes wide. He had come to rest with his knees dropping

down into her belly-button giving the appearance he was climbing out of a

fox-hole. “So where do I start, I'm on fire all over and just handling him

triggers new feelings that seemed to work into her sexual desires. Reaching down

for him again she picked him up only this time by his head. She watched as he

clawed frantically at her fingers and swung spasmodically with his kicking

little legs. Lifting him well up against the sky she felt herself getting wet,

the itch burning hotly. Remembering the coconut one more time she eased the

pressure and brought him in closer to her right breast. She felt the need to see

and feel him desperately clinging to it. At what was just over 10 feet to Rudy,

she let him go. The fall seemed to last forever before she was pleasured with

his small form landing directly on top of the nipple. He hit face down crotch

first, flailing legs and arms close behind. Grabbing for purchase to keep from

falling further he looked up to see Dawn drop her eyelids halfway, a feline

statement forming with that terrifying sneer. Before he could even begin to form

any idea of what she was doing with him an anvil of weight came down from behind

him. Pushing him into her nipple with her finger pressing on his ass, Dawn made

small circles with him, reveling in the pure ecstasy of it all. Rudy was loosing

his energy quickly, this pummeling was about all he could take. Noting the

flagging efforts of her toy, Dawn eased up, “Not yet you little bastard, you

still have some work to do!”

Juan knew something Rudy didn't and that would be where the Docs' other hand

was. While she was using Rudy to tickle her tit, she was also giving her crotch

a good stir. Her eyes almost closed to slits, she was watching Rudy fight for

his life, Dawn was beginning to become lost in that glorious haze of raging

hormones. Juan recognized she no longer had what he and all his old drinking

buddies had called `bedroom eyes', she was beyond that. She was close to the

wildcat stage where grinding was the next step…. Juan knew some women in his

past that could really grind; Rudy might be in more than just trouble!

Dawn felt herself rotating her hips in the natural reflex into a would-be lover.

Opening her eyes a scant more she gave Rudy one more shot “Little-man, it's time

you got to work!' Dawn drug both her feet back up the beach digging deep furrows

the entire length. Brining her knees up to full height she pushed herself

further up the incline, “Just like in my old favorite arm chair” Her left hand

lowered again to her crotch, rubbing it vigorously, her lips extending with the

arousal. She didn't think she had ever been this wet, ever! Rudy could hear what

sounded like someone shaking brush, a rustling sound that crackled and popped.

Straining, he could see her left elbow jutting out just below the breast then

the forearm angling further down across her rippling stomach. Unable to twist

any more, he could only imagine what she was doing guessing the noise came from

her pubic hairs as she swirled her hand about. Dawn lifted her finger slowly

from him, watching to see if he would move. Rudy rose to a crouch then

hesitated. Dawn grabbed him again encircling him from the waist down. Pushing

her tongue through closed lips she deliberately move it the circumference of her

mouth. Rudy felt forward motion as the tip of her tongue retreated back behind

those huge wet, rose red lips. His heart was at it again, picking up speed as he

was moved ever so closer to her mouth. His arms out to try to stop himself, he

brushed against her lower lip. She kept pushing him inward until she could feel

his miniature head.

He couldn't breath, the sight of what was happening to Rudy had Juan rooted to

the spot, fear choking him. He thought he saw the titanic tanned bitch with huge

dark nipples raise her eyebrows in an evil statement. The moment lasted forever

when suddenly her tongue darted out under Rudy. Her mouth opened and Rudy

disappeared. Juan, unable to control himself yelled out in protest a useless

“No!” As quickly realizing how he had endangered himself Juan dropped back down

into his hiding place and froze.

“Yeah, I knew you were out there somewhere, thanks for letting me know how

close, sawed off little crap!” Dawn wasn't going to stop though, feeling Rudy's'

tiny body moving in and out of her mouth, across her tongue was going to cause

her to cum without any other action. Holding his legs pinched just above his

feet, Dawn used her people popsicle to take her to new un-encounted levels of

ecstasy. “This is just right, a little person, one of millions I could do this

to. So small, his pitiful cries, useless struggles as I use him for my own

personal gratification” She was ready, wanted it badly now. Taking one more suck

coating him in her saliva, Dawn pulled him out with pressure on her lips to take

in every sensation. Opening her legs as wide as she could, feeling the stretch

of her crotch as another wonderful sensation of her power and sex, she drug Rudy

down her breast plate, up over her nipple. Fighting still the whole way was

Rudy, knowing where he was headed. Words failed him, only startled frantic

noises issued from his throat. Across her belly, past the belly-button, into her

bush. Rudy could smell her woman-hood, felt the heat, her trembling with

excitement. Through her glazed eyes, Dawn watched as he reached the edge of her

pubic bone, half deep in her hair. “Edge of eternity pipsqueak!” Still pinching

his legs, she gave a small tug and watched him drop over the edge. She could

feel him against her lips, still trying to save himself grabbing for hand hold.

Dawn pushed him against herself, into her soaking wetness. Moving a single

finger up to his backside again she began to rub him against her in clockwise

motions, slowly at first, increasing with each lap. With her free hand she

grabbed at her thigh, squeezing for all she was worth, working up her lithe body

until she had her breast cupped. Massaging her tit, gripping it with the

strength to crush a city bus, she pressed the frantically fighting little man

harder against that special spot. Her mind was reeling with flashes from her

fantasies; “Scores of tiny people in my palm! Spread my feet apart sweeping

through their flimsy town destroying buildings, cars, all the things on a city

street. Move my knees outward to show them my gigantic lips dripping with lust.

Slowly so they all can comprehend what I am doing, move the tiny victims in my

hand to my @#%$, then move it up until I can feel them moving beneath me. Press

them into me and make myself cum in front of all while ripping the top off one

of their `great' skyscrapers…!!!!” Dawn didn't hear it, she was in the throes of

an orgasm, one so overpowering and long she didn't think she would remain

conscious; Rudy's frail body couldn't take the pressures. With a small crack he

was crushed against Dawns @#%$ soaked in slickness.

Juan ran, he heard that sickening crack between the overgrown bitches noises.

“I've gotta get away! That's not going to be me! No woman can do that to me”

Although he was ignoring the real reason, being scared shitless and shocked to

the core over what she had done to his brother, his macho still made it through

to the surface. No woman could do that to him!

The wave of sheer pleasure passing, Dawn became aware again of her surroundings.

The soft sounds of the trees and ceaseless rush of the waves made her moment in

the sun complete. “I've never been so satisfied in my life!” “If is the middle

word in life, I do believe I have found my `if' in life!” He thoughts finally

made it back to her “itty-bitty” partner. Sitting up she looked down between her

thighs, “That's what I call wet!” commenting on the slick spot below her.

Rudy's' form was sliding slowly down her vagina, when he reached the area

separating her love from bung hole it made a short head over heals roll to end

in a heap covered in her juice. “That tickled!” Hmmm, he's not moving. Flicking

at Rudy, she knocked him over to see that he wasn't going to be playing anymore.

“That's alright, there is another chase to be run yet, But not just now”

Grabbing the lifeless form She stood and turned to walk away from where she all

to well knew the other one was hiding. Back into the interior, she found a place

in the back forty she thought was suitable. Using a boulder she dug out a hole

that to Rudy would have seemed to be nearly 20 foot deep. Gazing at his form in

her hand she wondered again what it would be like….”It doesn't matter to him

now, so what the hell!” She pinched his head between thumb and forefinger,

closing her eyes she imagined herself in the center of town with all the noise

of cars, screaming running people …then….she squeezed. The `plupp' sound was

faint to her ears but audible nonetheless. Rubbing her nipples lightly with one

hand she slowly looked at the mess dangled from her closed fingers. She dropped

him into the hole, covered it over and then slammed the rock down on top to pack

it all down solid. “I can't get enough of this! It feels good to be enormous, to

have such strong sexual vibrations pulsing through me with all the world my

toy!” Turning back to the canyon and the shower she wondered how exciting the

next chase would be.



The More the Merrier

Juan was fast becoming an animal in survival mode. After witnessing the demise

of his brother in a way that the average person was not yet capable of

comprehending, his movement was more ferret like. Staying hidden and motionless

for long periods, listening for the slightest change at all, Juan had become the

hunted, the rabbit, a victim in waiting. It had been days since the colossal

woman had used his younger brother as a tool, his tiny size bringing her the

satisfaction of power intermixed with sexual pleasure. A psychologist could

probably make some tangled sense of this all but the bare fact remained that the

Doc was a giant with lustful desires unfulfilled. Drowsing fitfully, Juan

imagined that there was hope, a way back to normal life as he had known it. He

could hear people talking, remembered the crowded streets of his hometown

village and its familiar faces. “damn, dry throat!” trying to stiffel his cough

as it roused him, “Water, damn it!, I can't even have a drink of water without

worrying about becoming her amusement” Rolling over he looked from his hiding

spot. “Only 100 feet or so to the stream”, “I have too or else I'm on the

downhill road”. Gradually he made it to a curve in the shallow creek that fed

down from some distant source inland. Cupping his hands, he shoveled as much as

he could into his face. A sound…..”Oh yeah, now I'm on the fast track to

insanity!” He imagined he could hear laughing and shouts faintly in the roaring

silence of his world. Then; as suddenly and faintly as before, a peal of

laughter…..”Holy smokes!” The sound came from the beach, the very inlet where

this nightmare had all begun. Caution guided his movement, shadowing the tree

line he made his way to the inlet. The sounds grew louder until he found himself

at the stump of a long weathered away palm. His eyes drank it all in with some

disbelief. In the channel was a yacht, not the largest of the line but it spoke

of money no less. On the bow stood a taller blonde, looking to be in her late

twenties/early 30's, she gazed wistfully back out over the ocean. At the rear of

the boat was a young male taunting a similar aged female with flowing red hair

as she attempted a dive into the clear waters. “I remember the first time I

swam!” he called. She hit the water with an awkward splash. On the upper deck,

two more adults were in various stages of lounging about. A man and woman. Both

had drinks and were casually throwing conversation about. “I dare not move,

she's sure to be nearby and I don't want to become part of a group thing!” The

drive for survival competed with being in the company of his `kind' broke Juan

from his newer instinct. Breaking from cover he ran to the beach shouting the

entire way.

His first real vacation! “Man! It's about time” Bob was reveling in just how

nice things were for the first time in almost 15 years. having worked his way up

the corporate ladder, he had finally the time to take his wife on a jaunt. All

the money he had pumped into this boat, it was about time he made use of it.

“Too damn bad we had too haul along the baggage as well! He referenced his

spousal units newly divorced sister Heather and her two kids. “Those two have

been leaching off her for years!” Glowering at the two `kids' he thought about

all the extra dollars he could have saved were it not for the `lending' to

Heather while she was ripped off then dumped by her looser husband. “Free

loading buggers! They could both be finished with college by now, but Noooo,

free ride - why work!” Bob took another pull on his drink, looking toward his

wife Tammy, “Those two kids are old enough, why doesn't you sister send them out

on their own? They have to start sometime and she needs to get her life back

together?” Tammy rolled her eyes to the heavens, “Gees! Here he goes again!”

“Lay off it Bob!” “Heather will pull through this, she just needs a little moral

support and understanding” Bob was about to retort when a shout was heard from

the beach. Standing, shielding his eyes from the glare off the water he observed

what appeared to be a half naked man running along the beach edge waving his

arms over his head at them. “Is that what I think it is?” Tammy asked out loud

while thinking that the flimsy covering the person was using for cover was about

as solid as a screen door. “I can't make out what he's saying, can you hear him

at all?” Bob strained to hear but it was all unintelligible. The redhead climbed

the ladder at the stern. Grabbing up a towel she and her brother watched the

scene. “Billy? Do you think there are savages on these islands?” Billy, a whole

year older than her at 23 with the superior attitude a wise-assed man, “Of

course not you idiot!” “These islands have been explored so many times over the

years, there is no one out here un-civilized!” He wondered how she could be so

stupid, maybe that's why they named her Candy, she had the IQ of a chocolate

bar! At the bow Heather had turned to take in the events. Shaking her head in

mild disbelief “What now! God, are you ever going to give me a break and let me

have some space from the weird!” The man on the beach jumped up and down

frantically, putting his hands to his mouth trying to make himself heard. With

his back to the beach, Juan wished fiercely that the idiots on the boat would

send a raft. He was frustrated at their apparent lack of concern over his

appearance and couldn't believe they could not hear him. “Don't they hear me?

Can't they understand we are all in serious danger?

Dawn gritted her teeth. She had been laying in hiding a short distance into the

jungle watching for awhile now. First spotting the sails in the distance that

morning, she had quickly dropped to her knees and searched for an area she could

conceal herself from these new intruders. That had been a few hours ago. Her

plans up to the point where Juan had run out onto the beach had been to simply

wait the day out and that night in the darkness make her way back to her cliff

walled dwelling. Her hopes completely gone that the boat would spend a night and

leave without even coming ashore. “Well, new plan then!” The boat clearly had a

radio judging from the amount of antenna jutting from a bar looking support on

the upper cabin, and if the shrimp managed to convey his story to these people

and they believed it, no, even if they didn't believe it they would still call

for some kind of help. “Unacceptable! so how to deal with this?” “Radios first!”

Standing to her full height dawn she stretched the kinks out from being cramped

on the ground for so long. Taking another second she brushed the sand from her

body before striding forward determinedly toward the beach. It wasn't until her

first earth shaking step on the sand that Juan noticed her approaching. Turning

slightly to face the Doc, Juan raised his tiny arms in a defensive posture. Dawn

drew closer to him in short order, glaring down over her breasts, her anger at

his giving the secret away getting the best of her. Clenching her fists,

grinding her teeth together Dawn watched her shadow envelope him. Her seething

anger boiled over.

The reaction on the boat to the picture emerging on the beach was varied but

definitely agreed on one point; “Oh My God!” Everybody missed a heartbeat or two

when the golden colossus rose up, higher and higher. Billy couldn't tear his

eyes from her chest, clearly the biggest pair of tits in the world with a

wonderful yet threatening wobble as the giant made towards the man on the beach.

Bob fighting to compose himself with reality, realized that the man was in a

direct line to the boat, “What is happening here? Are we in danger?” The three

women were locked in place, wrestling with emotions of fear, shock and just a

bit of curiosity. “Great gosh!, She must be almost 100 feet tall!” from Tammy.

“She's naked, big and naked, is she mean?” wondered Heather. “Daaaaad!” was all

Candy could call up. They watched riveted as the giant moved onto the beach and

the tiny mans reaction. In horror they saw her raise her foot higher than with

her previous steps coming to the only logical conclusion of what was

transpiring. His shrill squeak before she stomped down on him, his body

disappearing beneath the mass of her foot where it imbedded itself deep in the


Dawn twisted her foot some getting a good “squish” on him, grinding him further

into the beach. “Ohhhh, now that was something!” “No doubt about it, I like this

giant stuff!” Continuing toward the yacht Dawns first step into the water

displaced tons. It geysered up her ankle and foamed outward. Making her way

steadily toward the boat she fixed its puny occupants with a stare. Water

boiling around her waist it was nearly up to her belly-button before the lagoon

bottom planed out. Intentionally moving up to it until her stomach brushed its'

side knocking the small ones off their feet, Dawn grabbed the antenna with both

hands. Ripping the entire bar like fixture loose with a quick yank, she smiled

in satisfaction “No calls out ya'll!” Casting it aside it splashed down,

disappearing immediately below the surface. Leaning slightly back she placed her

hands on her glistening hips and looked down her ever darkening tan at her

latest conquest. “I don't recall inviting anybody to my island for a party, do

you?” She addressed them with a tone meant to strike fear into them, to make

them feel as small as they really were! Making her mind up, Dawn began to scoop

them up without any restraint on the force she was using. The woman on the bow

was the first and easiest. The two on the stern were locked together in a

panicked support for each other, pinching the two to each other at their waist

they made a quick dizzying journey to the other hand and its blonde captive. The

man and woman on the upper deck were still sitting in a tumbled pile starring up

her front, teasingly she bent even more over them till she actually spanned the

width of the boat. Looking from her now upside down viewpoint back at the two

she could see her breasts catching their full attention. Behind them she could

see her waist and the tan she was becoming so proud of down to its meeting with

the water. “I'm too sexy for your boat” sprang to mind. Lowering her right

breast over them, Dawn grinned in anticipation. Settling down the last few feet

she began to feel them, faint at first but as she increased pressure more

frantic struggles could be discerned. “That's it, work it! Come on you do better

than that! Give your giant her dues and maybe I'll let you hang around a little

longer!” Get it you puny people? “Little” longer!” Standing erect again she

seized them both at the same time bringing them to her eyelevel. “Hmmm, the man

wasn't all that bad looking, I could use him


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