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I'm a Slave for You



Chapter One:

Thoughtless Ignorance

“Alicia come in here!”

“What is it my master.”

“My water is warm. I told you I wanted cold water. What part of cold don't you


“I'm sorry master. I…I…I will get you more.”

“You better or it's off with your head.”

“Yes my lord.”

I ran off as quickly as I could. I didn't want to cross my lord. No one crosses

my lord. He is the most powerful man on the planet. He owns nearly ¼ of Davbar.

I have worked for Lord Malcolm for 19 years now which would be my whole life. He

bought me the day I was born.

“Alicia! I don't keep you around here to dilly dally. I want my cold water!”

As I re entered my masters den I knew that I would be his until I die. I set the

glass of water down beside him. My lord is a bald man with ghost white skin. He

looks to be in his mid forties but I am not really sure. He has a slight belly

but it isn't too overweight.

“I am through with you for tonight. I don't want to see you again till morning.”

I left the room immediately and headed for my room. I lived in a separate

building behind his mansion. I ran the quarter mile to my small home. It was

just a small one room shack but it's the only place I have been able to call

home for as long as I can remember. I kicked off my shoes and lay down on my

mattress. I hadn't laid there too long when I heard the rain begin. It would be

a long night I thought to myself.

I started looking about my home. My entire house is the size of one bedroom.

It's just not fair I thought to myself. My eyes stopped on my shoes. My old worn

pair of tennis shoes lay astray on the ground. I walk over to my shoe and sat

down next to them. They have an old beaten up look to them. The insole has an

exact print of my feet in them.

I remember when I first got these. I was 8 year olds. It was the first thing my

lord had ever bought me. I asked them why they had to be so big. He told me just

because they do. I now know why they had to be so big. I would have to wear them

for 11 years now. My bare feet have grown to hate those shoes as much as I do. I

walk around barefoot whenever I am not in my lord's house just to spite him.

Just so he can't have the satisfaction of knowing I use something he gave me any

more then I absolutely have too.

I slowly meander towards my closet. I swing open the door and look and see my

clothes. My clothes are the only thing I have that I am proud of. I save all my

money that I get and buy new outfits. They are all so pretty and I never get to

wear them accept when I am here and then I usually just sleep. Why do I waste my

money on these things I can't even use? All I am allowed to wear is denim and

cotton tops. I must be ugly because my lord always makes me cover up as much of

my body as I can. When I see other lords make there slaves wear next to nothing.

I walk back to my bed and collapse. I welcome the unconscious state of sleep.

Then I am free, there I have no worries or troubles. I am free to live my own


I should really get a new servant. This one is getting to be a little

bothersome. She had a good run but I guess I will destroy her tomorrow. No use

having around the useless. I got up from my chair and started filling out the

paperwork on my way to my room. I just finished up the report and stuck it in my

desk drawer as I sat down on my bed. A smirk crossed my face as I felt like

having a little fun. I went over to the call pad and hit James's button.

“James I want you hear tonight!”

“Yes my lord right away. I am always at your disposal.”

“Right, you are now and hurry.”

“Yes my lord”

“I don't keep you alive because I like you. I keep you alive because you make me


“Yes my lord. I am on way.”

A few minutes later I saw James walk in. She always did have a perfect body. Its

one of those things you can just stare at all day and not get tired of ever

seeing. She is how I relieved my stress and pressures of ruling a kingdom.

Having billions upon billions of people look up to me and hang on my every word

knowing that if they would cross me that it would mean death. James started

stripping down to almost nothing the moment she walked into the room. My eyes

were locked onto her body and my problems dealing with Alicia speedily drip

away. James slinks over to my bed and I quickly shove her so she is on the

bottom and go to work on my prize, my gem, my jewel, my person.

After I finish banging her I shove her down under the covers and make her

pleasure me as I lay relaxing stretched out on my bed drifting off to sleep.

Just before I go to sleep I order her out of my room since I am done with her. I

smile as she quickly runs out of my room making sure not to spend a moment

longer then needed so as too not upset me.

Morning came much too early as I got out of bed but I remembered that I would

get to kill a growing problem today so it would be a good day. As I walked into

the main hall of my castle. I noticed a smell of vanilla aroma spread through

out the room. I didn't give it too much thought as even this nice touch will not

buy Alicia more time. I called her to come here immediately. After waiting 3 or

4 minutes I called again and she came in carrying my lunch.

“What took you so long? I had to wait 4 minutes for you to come in here? When I

call I expect you here immediately.”

“I am sorry my lord. I thought since your meal was almost done I could bring

them all at once.”

”You thought? You thought?! I don't have you around here to think I keep you

alive to do what I say, to follow my commands I do the thinking around here. ME!

What part of me don't you understand?”

“I am sorry my lord. I won't do it again.”

“When you first came here years ago I told you the rules were simple. The rules

were easy to remember. You do what I say, you listen to what I say and in return

I will allow you to live. I do recognize everyone has momentary lapses in

judgment so I gave you 5 strikes. 5 mistakes you are allowed to make and you

have run out. You are no longer of use to me and your life ends now!”

“NO! My lord I beg you, please! I will not fail you again.”

“Wait here while I get my sword. There is no use running you cannot hide from


As I started to walk out of the room the distance to the door grew farther and

farther. I could hear the crying and sobbing of my slave in the background. My

legs burned in pain as I continued to walk. I spun around as the doors to

everywhere spread out farther and farther. Before I could even yell for help it

was much too late I couldn't even see the doors anymore. I screamed now for help

but my voice sounded weak and squeaky. All around the room I felt severe

shaking. I could hardly stand and I was sent tumbling to the ground. We have not

had an earthquake in Davbar for several hundred years. I looked up from the

floor to see a pair of well worn, shoes stomping towards me. I gulped as I

recognized whose they were. I looked further up to see the familiar old, faded,

ripped denim pants of my servant. How small am I? I can't even see her shirt

from here. Each of her shoes pounded down on either side of me. I could smell

the pungent odor toppling over the vanilla. All my nose could smell was the

rotten disease infested smell wafting off the shoes.

I soon new that I had to leave because my lord would be angry with me like he

usually is but maybe I can hope to get into this good graces. I throw on a

tattered pair of jeans which is the nicest pair that he allows me to wear and an

old faded white t-shirt. I walk over towards the old worn shoes that I have

grown to hate and slide my bare feet into them. As run out the door towards the

mansion. I walk into the backdoor and start working on his lunch immediately.

After about an hour I hear him bellow for me. Great, I think to myself. What

could that porker want with me this time? I decide to finish his dinner then

enter the hall. A vanilla scent fills the air and makes me smile. As I walk

towards my lord I can tell he isn't happy. Immediately he starts yelling at me

and telling me everything that I have done wrong. As he tells me that my work

with him is threw I already know what is coming up. No one has ever just left

Lord Malcolm's state of residence after he has gotten rid of them. Tears started

to well in my eyes as he threw me to the ground and yelled something at me but I

was crying too much to hear what he said. I saw him start to leave and walk by

me looking much shorter then usual I thought. I continued crying with my back to

him. After I figured he was gone I decided that I was going to try to run. I

would be dead anyway. I got up and with tears in my eyes I started walking

towards the door. As I grew closer and closer to the door I could hear a

squeaking noise. I then looked down at my feet to see my lord between my shoes.

“Well, well, well what do we have here?”

“Alicia! Help me please something happened to me. I will allow you to live

freely if you help me.”

“Of course my lord.”

I reached towards the tiny man. The closer and closer my hand drew towards him I

could tell he was getting nervous and scared. I couldn't figure out why. I have

never in my life seen Lord Malcolm show any sign of weakness. I carefully

wrapped my fingers around his body. He felt warm and squishy to my touch. I

lifted him slowly and carefully up off the ground as to make sure he wasn't

hurt. He looked to be no more then an inch or two tall. I held the palm of my

hand up so it was level with my eyes. As I walked towards his seat I sat down

and continued to stare at him.

As I sat down I noticed how soft and plush Lord Malcolm's chair was. I stretched

my legs out and rested my feet on the footstool as I continued to look at him. I

haven't ever felt such comfort before in my life. As I continued to look at him

I could see my lord growing more and more upset. Having worked for him for so

long I know his expressions and what he is thinking based on them.

“Listen here! Get out of my seat! That is the seat of power and you have none.

Your job is to do what I say now don't you do anything your going to regret. Get

some --

“Your voice sounds so squeaky and quiet. I have to pay such attention just to

understand you.”

“Well understand this. I want you off your down trodden ass and getting me the

medical attention I deserve. I own you my slave.”

The words slave rang through my head. I remembered how I was suppose to be dead

already. I am on borrowed time. I... wait a minute. When I went to pick up my

lord he was scared and nervous. Why would he be scared of me unless he knows

that I am now in control. Yes, that has to be it. Look at him, he is no position

to be telling me anything.

“Are you understanding me. I said”

“Shut up Malcolm. You listen to me”

“What did you call me? You ungrateful wench.”

“I said listen to me and listen to me good. I am in charge around here now. You

will be doing what I say from now on. If you're good I may allow you to live in


It felt so good to hold such a tiny living being. I loved how he twisted,

twirled, and curled in my grip hopelessly fighting against my superior grip. For

the first time I had power over something, no someone else. It was divine, it

was fantastic, I didn't want to let it go. I got out of the chair and walked out

of the main hall and into the kitchen. I could hear Malcolm yelling and shouting

at me but I paid his squeaky sniveling voice no attention. I grabbed a energy

jar and dropped him onto the metal plank. I smiled down at him as he ran to the

edge. At the last moment I pressed the button on the side and the energy walls

shot up into the air and I couldn't help but laugh as I watched the tiny man

fall back on his bottom from the shock of the energy walls. I placed the other

metal plank on the roof which made the seal absolute. I set the energy jar on

the counter and marveled at my little man.

I gulped as I looked at the gigantic steam ship sized shoes before me. I tried

to move but my body moved like a statue and my eyes climbed up this massive body

before me. The dirt ridden shoes rose above me like a monument. The tan,

powerfully sculpted legs exited out of the monument like shoes. My eyes followed

the well tanned ankles up into the denim pants. The once dark blue now faded to

almost baby blue pants. I shuddered as I realized that I couldn't see past her

knees. The more and more I looked at her it pained me as I realized how I never

paid more attention to Alicia. She's absolutely gorgeous. My eyes are willing to

pay any price just to see all of what I have taken for granted countless times.

I marveled as Alicia's body lowered down towards me. Her knee's allowing her

body to bend while supporting more weight then I can fathom at this point. Out

of the corner of my eye I spot something fleshy swinging around and then

striking towards me like a snake does its pray. Strong tree trunk like rods curl

around my body. I can feel her four fingers at my back. I start running away

from her fingers but her thumb slices down in front of me. I bounce into her

thumb and stumble backwards into her four waiting fingers. Her fingers and thumb

now firmly around my body I try to fight my way out of her grasp. As my feet

leave the ground I start to panic. The higher and higher I rise my ears start to

pop. As I speed past her waist I find myself freefalling back down below her

waist. I crash into the palm of her hand and I begin to restart my ascent


I am now level with her pool sized eyes that are staring intently back at me. I

scurry to the edge of her hand and look down. I gulp as I can barely see the

floor. As she continues to look at me I notice her starting to lower down

towards my chair. I can hardly believe my slave is going to sit and stare at me

in a time like this. I Jump to my feet and begin to yell at her. I notice that

she very smugly stares back at me. I continue yelling but it falls on deaf ears

as I can tell that she is starting to feel power struck as she holds me in her


My voice now sore from shouting but I start to think that my yelling is having

an effect as Alicia gets up starts heading towards the door. She takes the

twists and turns of the castle while continuing to stare at me. We pause in the

kitchen and I turn towards her but before I can say anything I feel myself

sliding out of her hand. I reach and flail my arms as I try to grab a hold of

anything to stop my fall but the only thing that stops my fall is a metal floor.

I look around the floor puzzled by what I am on. It looks to be a metal floor

that is about the size of a king sized and twin sized bed put together. There is

then a small off shoot of metal that has a gigantic button on it. Just before I

reach the edge of the metal floor I look up to Alicia holding a very similar

looking floor to the one I am on only that it is acting as a ceiling of sorts.

With a flick of the button energy walls shoot up and attach to the ceiling. The

energy wall burns my chest as it ignites and I stumble back towards the middle

of the floor.

I think back to my child hood and I remember catching grasshoppers, and spiders

in these cages. I never once thought I would be in one of these cages. As I look

out through the clear energy walls I see Alicia staring at me on the other side.

Her strong thunder like voice rings loudly as it resonates in the energy jar.

The jar is set on the table Alicia's eyes stare happily back at me. I watch as

she kicks off her grubby shoes and places her feet up on the table. The soles of

her feet are ridden with dirt that has been stomped and pounded into her sole

over the months and years of wear. She starts rubbing her foot and then pauses

and smiles at me and then looks at her feet and back at me. I shudder as I know

what is going through her mind.

Chapter Two:

Foot play

My world has been thrown into disarray. Everything that I once knew, once had,

it's all so different now. My freedom, my rights, my humanity all skinned away

from me like an animals hide. I had everything at my fingers tips and now I have

nothing. I worked so hard to get to where I was. I paid my dues to get my time

of bliss and that has now been taken away from me. My journey, my adventure, it

all starts now.

My soul screams out in my mind as I stare into the Alicia's damp, dirty sole

mere millimeters from my prison wall. I gulp as I watch a bead of sweat drip

down the length of her foot. My eyes follow it carefully watching its path. How

each crevice, crack, grain of dirt alters the path of the bead of sweat. My

tongue cringes and gags as the more and more I watch. The smell that wafts off

her foot makes my stomach churn and my nose want to go on strike. Her unwashed

feet tower above me like a skyscraper. I finally manage to pull my eyes away

from her feet. I frantically look for anywhere to go but there is none.

I turn back towards her foot and I watch in awe as her hand grips the energy jar

that contains me. As she lifts the jar I start to slide towards the wall. I can

already tell that she does not have concern for me as I slide into the wall of

the jar. I cry out in pain but she appears to not respond at all. The jar starts

to move towards her face. As it gets closer to her I began to slide towards the

other wall. I flail my arms out to try to stop my momentum but its no use. My

full weight nails the energy wall. My singed body falls backwards onto the floor

as the movement stops.

“Malcolm, I have job for you. That is if you want to live in my kingdom that


Alicia's voice painfully rings out and resonates through out the jar. I cover my

ears but it is no use. I find myself almost in tears by the time she finishes

the sentence. Her eyes bore down on me awaiting an answer. I didn't know whether

I should answer or do nothing.

“Malcolm! I am waiting for an answer. This is the last time I will ask you.”

“Fine, I will do anything. Please just help me!” I timidly reply.

As the energy field is lowered I am forced to run from the jar as the ceiling

crashes down onto the floor just behind me. I look up at Alicia as she only

merely laughs at my plight. She extends her feet back onto the table. I look at

her dirty feet and than back at my table.

“You listen here Alicia! That table is worth 800 times more then what your life

ever will be. Now get your damn feet off of it.”

“I don't think you quite understand your new situation my dear Malcolm. I

believe its Lord Alicia now.”

“Women aren't called –“

“Silence my servant, my feet need cleaning and I expect you to wash them


“You're what? You belong to me and don't you forget it.”

The sole of her foot starts to lower onto the table. I don't even have time to

move a centimeter before her foot is lying on top of me. I thought her foot

smelled before but her feet smelled like daises in comparison to how they smell

up close. My nose is shoved into her wrinkled, rough, sweaty skin of her foot. A

fertilizer or rotten disease like smell courses through my nose. I can only lay

here and take it as I don't have the power to stop it. Her foot starts twist and

turn back and forth on the table. My bones begin to creek and crack as it feels

like I am being grinded and crushed like fresh coffee beans. Just as quickly as

it all started I felt absolutely nothing as her foot is removed. The dirt, dust,

and grime from her foot washes across my body. Her sweat runs down the length of

my body like I had just run 8 miles on a hundred degree day. I could hear Alicia

sigh and grumble and I knew what I had to do.

I looked around for a wash cloth or more appropriately for this filthy a wench a

rag but I saw none. I turned back towards her and as if she already knew she

extended her tongue and made a licking motion followed by pointing at her feet.

I am not sure which one was running faster my stomach or my feet when I heard

the notion she put forth. She easily ended any thoughts of escape I had by

shoving me towards her using her feet. I then stand up and I am immediately

sandwiched by her dirty soles pressing on either side of my body. I almost throw

up right there on her foot but I wisely hold it in. As her feet part like the

red sea I am dropped onto the table like a useless trinket. Her foot is lifted

high above the table in a similar motion to when you are about to crush a bug.

With a deafening thud her foot is pressed down around me. Her dirt ridden sweat

made a seal with the table. I could feel the air getting staler and staler by

the moment. I can feel the pressure begin to subside and with suction like noise

her foot breaks the seal with the table and I am rose from the ground and moved

up to her face all the while I am stuck to her foot like a fly on flypaper. I

could hardly believe how flexible she was. If I would I have known that I would

have let her get in the sack with me a couple times.

“Don't try that again. Now wash my feet with your tongue you sniveling worm. You

worked me like a dog for so many years. It is only right you clean off the grime

you put on these feet.”

“Can't we talk about this like two adults?”

“What was it you always said to me? Oh yes I remember now. Your place is not to

question my orders. Your place is to do what I say. Now start licking.”

I still am completely amazed by the size of my lord. I couldn't pull my eyes off

of his tiny frame. He looks so fragile, so delicate, and as insignificant like Muestras gratis palas

as a house fly. I so often dreamt about being in power, being freed from my so

called life which is more like a prison in which I wait for the day the warden

decides I have suffered enough and gives me my peace.

I could no longer contain myself I just had to hold the jar again. I grabbed the

Jar and brought it up to my face. I wanted to laugh as I saw my lord flung into

the walls and given a mighty shock. Revenge is so sweet I thought to myself. I

purposely tilted the jar a second time just to see the look of pain and agony in

his eyes as he once again smacks into the energy wall.

“Malcolm I have a job for you? That is if you want to live in my kingdom that


I could barely hear his voice as he responded. I could tell by his body language

he had reluctantly agreed with my terms. I hit the button and let the energy

field lower. As the roof of the jar crashed down onto the floor I couldn't help

but laugh as the ceiling just misses landing on top of him.

As I stare down at the sniveling coward of a lord I realize he is standing on

his prize possession. This table is his pride and joy. He spent so much money on

this priceless one of a kind table dated back nearly 400 years. He has spent

more money then I can fathom on the upkeep of this table. I place my dirty feet

back onto the table next to him. I can faintly hear him yell something but I pay

it no heed as I rest my feet on this piece of history.

I slam my foot down on top of Lord Malcolm. I can feel the table shake as my

foot crashes down upon it. My lord starts to squirm beneath my foot. I have this

intense urge to just crush him but no, that wouldn't let him suffer. That

wouldn't be revenge that would just be murder. He feels amazing already and the

longer and longer I have my foot atop of him the more comforting he begins to

feel almost like he is massaging the soles of my feet with his every plight.

I finally forced myself to raise my foot so as not to kill him. As I raised my

foot up off the table I soon realized that Malcolm was stuck to my foot so I put

my two soles together and grinded and rubbed them up and down each other. I

watch as dirt from my feet falls onto the table like salt from a shaker. I have

never felt this happy in my life. Not wanting this moment to end with all the

weight that I can put my foot back down on the table. I put more and more

pressure on my feet I can hear a squishing noise of my sweat making a seal with

the table. I pull my feet off the table and watch my lord fall onto the table. I

gingerly stretch my feet back out. I can't help but smile as he scurries over to

my feet. His small tongue makes me want to laugh cause of how greatly it tickles

my foot but I won't give him the satisfaction of knowing he brings me one bit of


“Work harder my pet! Harder I say. If you don't please I will sentence you to

death with as much thought as you put towards ending my life. You are now a worm

that carries out my orders.”

A good two hours pass by like 10 minutes as I continue to relax and for the

first time pamper myself and get treated like a lady should be. I finally pull

my feet away and grab my lord.

For the first time in my life I walk through these walls with bare feet. I love

listening to them slap against the wood floor. It reminds me of the freedom I

now have. I can do whatever I want and I have the man who has brought me so much

pain, so much burden, so much hate in the palm of my hands. I close my hand and

ball it up to into a fist. I can hear my lord beg and plead for mercy but my

memories are burning with hate. With animosity for what he has done to me. I

squeeze my fist harder and harder. I want it all to end. All my years of torment

to just melt away like a winter's snowfall. So easily I can end his life, but I

can't. Not yet anyway. I look down at the ground and spot a pair of shoes.

“In you go Malcolm? Have a nice day.”

“Let me out of here!” I vainly yell

I grab a sock and rub it up and down my feet and body letting it collect the

dirt and grime from all over. As I shove it down into the shoe I can smell it

from where I stand. I can't help but enjoy my new sense of power. As I walk away

I naturally smile as I know what I have planned for him next is a far worse fate

then the human mind can imagine. As I walk away I look back at the shoe and

evilly smirk.

As I walk up to Alicia's foot my entire body starts to convulse and gag. As I

place my hands on the soles of Alicia's foot I nervously shake as I extend my

tongue onto the bottom of her feet. As my tongue makes contact with the surface

it immediately retracts and I take a few steps back. I uncontrollably continue

to cough. She slams the heel of her foot down on the table a few times and I

reluctantly walk back towards her foot. I begin to dig my hands into her foot

and rub, massage the bottoms of her worn feet. I move head closer and closer and

place my tongue on warm rough sole of her foot. Beads of sweat run down her foot

and over my body as I rub and lick her feet. Alicia sighs happily and continues

to relax as I work like a dog on her feet. The harder and harder I work the

worse and worse the smell gets.

It seems like weeks have gone by. My tongue is coated with a film of dirt and

sweat from Alicia's foot. My hands are sore and blistered from rubbing her feet.

“I am done with you for now.”

Fear runs through me as she pulls her feet away. Will this be the end of me?

Will I die here? Instantly I am picked up. I am squeezed harder and harder in

her fist with her every step. My body is about to give out and she continues to

press harder and harder. I am then dropped like a sack of potatoes. My body

bounces as I land in a shoe. Before I can even clamber up to my feet the shoe is

tilted and I slide down the toe end of the shoe. I run as fast as I can back

towards the opening but a gigantic sock is plunged in plugging the only way out.

Her foot steps pound off into the distance and I am forced to sit here as there

is no escape.

A familiar voice awakens me. I stand up forgetting I am in a shoe and bonk my

head on the roof. The voice is so loud she must be close by. Who does this voice

belong too? I rack my brain trying to figure it out when I feel the shoe being

lifted up.

“Thanks Mrs. Benetiz. I left them here awhile ago and I can't go jogging without

my jogging shoes.”

I am going to die is all I can think about. A white cotton clad foot runs

towards me. I sprint off towards the back end of the shoe but I am already

there. As the foot gets closer and closer I can feel my death growing nearer and

nearer. I look around and I see only one possibility for escape but it may be

too late.

Chapter Three

Hopeless Battles

A foot with the weight of a thousand worlds speeds towards me. I reach towards

the top of the shoe and try to widen the whole for the laces enough so I can

squeeze out. The roof of the shoe is quite worn so I make quick work but the

foot slams into my body and sends me reeling to the floor. The sock clad foot

runs over my body and stops. I lay horizontally on the ground beneath the arch

of her toes. I feel like I am in a coffin as I lay I here. Dark bleak blackness

is all around me. My arms are pinned down along with the rest of my body by the

weight of this girl's foot. I can't imagine anything being worse then this. I

fight, squirm, wiggle, shimmy, but nothing works I hardly am able to move at


I can feel everything start to shake and move with amazing speed. Everything

feels weightless around me. For the first time since this ordeal started I feel

no weight on myself. This isn't going to be that bad I think to myself and then

her foot bears down upon me as she steps back down onto the floor. Thousands

upon millions of pounds force and shove me into the insole of her shoe. I can

see the padded insole of the shoe rise above me as I am shoved deeper and deeper

into the insole. I find myself level with with insole as she finally shifts her

weight over to her other foot I slowly rise back up out of the confines of her

insole. As I hear the door to my estate slam shut with a thud everything starts

to happen quicker and quicker. I am shoved into her insole and then I feel

weightless for only half a moment and then I am shoved back down with a force so

great it feels like I am going to break through the floor of the shoe itself.

The smell which at first was only unbearable is growing stronger and stronger

with every moment that passes by. The relentless pounding seems to go on

forever. The only way I have to help pass the time of this horrendous torture is

to count the seconds that I am in here in my head.

I just reach 7200 seconds as I feel everything stop. The smell is so agonizing

that I halfway hope that she just crushes and grounds me into the sole of her

shoe however her foot starts to retreat from the shoe. As she pulls her foot out

I am rolled end over end beneath her foot the entire length of the insole and

finally I am carried out with it. Just as I clear the shoe my body peels away

from her foot and my body rockets to the ground.

I awake sometime later with my body throbbing in pain. I weakly stand up and

start to look around at my surroundings. I stare up to see the underside of a

bed looming countless feet above. I nervously start to creep out from beneath

the bed. I look around at what appears to be a bedroom for any sign of who my

captor is but I see none. As I continue to walk the smell of feet is all around

me. I keep looking around for a pair of shoes or old socks but I eventually

determine that the smell is me.

It feels like I have been walking forever. My feet burn and my mind futilely

attempt's to grasp the understanding of my size but cannot. I look back and see

what that I have barely gone anywhere. Probably just a few feet to a normal

person, before I can turn back around I can feel a rumble rolling across the

floor. The ground quivers and dust gets kicked up into the air, with each

passing second. I spin around trying to figure out what is happening. Two

monolithic legs come into view. I begin to back pedal at the sheer sight of her.

I struggle to see her face but my eyes can't even make it past her waist.

My whole body glues itself into place as she continues to walk forward. My mind

says move but my limbs just shout back yeah right. I begin to hack and cough

with all the dust that is in the air. As a stocking clad foot glides past me I

can't help but shake and shiver in fear as thoughts of being trapped under that

foot once again race back into my mind. I finally convince myself that I need to

move somewhere so I start heading out not really knowing where to go. This room

stretches out miles upon miles in every direction. I barely get a start at

moving when a shadow is caste over me. A monumental sized bra drops over me. I

run to the side and try to futilely to lift up the bra. I started to walk away

but I decided to go back and try one more time. As I put all my weight into and

I could feel it moving up! Yes I shouted, I wasn't to weak to do something but

it continued to raise up higher and higher and I looked up to see the astonished

face of James looking down on me. Her eyes had radar lock on me running down the

length of my body catching every bump, every bruise, every small imperfection my

body now had.

“James, something terrible has happened and you have…” For the first time in my

life I was cut off by James.

“My Lord, but how, what happened, you're so short.”

“NO, James Wait, DON'T”

I couldn't stop her as she wrapped her fingers around me. Only my head poked out

of her fist as I am lifted up. The closer and closer I get I notice her nose

crinkle up and she pulls me away from her face.

“How'd you get like this?”

I wanted to say something, or anything but I couldn't find the words to answer

her. I watch her eyes dig into me and await an answer. I want so badly just to

climb into the sack with my sex toy but I can't even find a voice as I am held

in her grip. Her eyes feel like a microscope looking down on me.

“Don't worry my lord. I will help you. You don't need to be afraid.”

Her voice is so soft and comforting, it cuddles me into a sense of security. I

start to tell her the story and events of everything so far. As I tell her I see

no reaction at all. I expected some sympathy, or an I am sorry but I got nothing

at all. As I finished my story the door to James's room swings open. I can

hardly believe my eyes as I see her roommate glide towards me.

“You got him already! That's great!”


“What do you mean you got him already? I demand to know what is going on at

once. By command of the house, I order to be brought into the light at once do

you hear me.”

“Oh, that's so cute how he thinks he still has power. Have you not watched the

news cutie? You have been proclaimed dead.”

“Lies, Lies I tell you. I run this kingdom, my word is supreme I cannot be dead

until I allow it.”

“Viewer on” bellows James

The entire walls flicks on almost instantly to reveal a news reporter who bears

a striking resemblance to Torrie Wilson(WWE Diva).

“I am here at Lord Malcolm's manner live where we have been following the

shocking tragedy all day. Where lord Malcolm has been pronounced dead at the

scene. In this difficult time of turmoil no one wants to move forward but we

have been forced too. Our kingdom must move forward the way the late, great,

Lord Malcolm would have wanted it. We have just recently found his will and we

have a WTXY exclusive here. We bring to you, the person who Malcolm himself

picked to be his replacement according to his will. Newly crowned Queen Alicia

Walker, The ruler of Davbar.”

“FUCK No, you two bring to my mansion at once! Do you hear me bring at once!'

“Well, isn't this an interesting change in events. I think this mean that this

little toy has no power does not it Christina?”

“I believe your right James! But don't worry little man, I am sure we can find

ways for you to earn your keep around here. We have always wanted a slave.”

“Slave, I am not a slave I am the most pow---“

I was quickly cut off by the squeezing of James's rock solid grip. I was still

in a state of shock from the events that I had just heard. I didn't even feel or

notice James walking out the room with me. I was in a daze like coma just

staring at nothing at all. How could this happen? Where did I go wrong? Was I

too nice? No, that Alicia Walker will pay. She will pay dearly for what she has


I am thrusted back into reality with a splash and hot steamy water all around

me. I look up at long, tall white walls reaching upwards and standing even

beyond them I see James. I, I can hardly speak as she steps in and sits down in

this steamy lake. I swim towards her and clasp onto her naval ring.

“Awe, you want to be my little bath toy? How sweet.”

I scream as I am plunged beneath the water. A dark tunnel submerged in the

depths of steamy water draws closer. I am then plunged into her waiting cunt.

Her pussy grabs me like it has a mind of its own. Her Vagina's vice grip pulls

me in and then out then back in like I am just a toy for it. Inside of the

steamy bowels of her vagina the walls grow slicker and slicker. I now cascade

down into her further and then her muscles manipulate me and shoot me outwards

until just my knees are submerged and then I am pulled back in millimeter by

millimeter. This timeeverything seems much different. I continue to go in deeper

and deeper I can hardly see the opening anymore as I slide deeper and deeper in.

Her muscles manipulate around me. I try reaching outwards but everything quivers

and is so very warm. The air is growing staler and thinner. I can smell James's

scent everywhere. Her inner workings have me in there grasp. My mind starts to

panic and my body kicks and fights wildly in every direction in no intelligent

pattern. A deep rumble ahead of me grows louder and louder. I can tell what is

about to happen. Her cum washes over me and I am sent along with it like I am

tubing down a river. I am shot out of her and float to the top of the tub. I can

only lay here on my back motionless unable to move as James continues to wash

herself like I am not even here. My body is helpless and will no longer respond

to my commands. Her fingers curl around me and finally pick me up all in one

motion as she gets out of the bathtub. As she steps out the water automatically

drains out. James walks back to her room not even bothering to dry off. As we

enter she opens up a small dollhouse in the corner of her room and drops me in

the bed.

“You can stay here when you aren't needed by me. You used me like a toy Malcolm

for so long. You are now my toy, and will stay here until I need you. I might

need you in an hour, I might need you in a week. You fit to my needs. If you

decide to be brave and leave your little home don't get caught underfoot my toy.

Oh and if your smart you will stay away from Christina.”

“You can't do this.” I weakly respond

“Your wrong, I can, I have, and I did, do this and you are mine for as long as

you are useful then I will show you the courtesy which you showed me and kick

you out into the streets of residential sector which is fullof the common

working class which you took for granted and alienated. Have a nice day Malcolm”

I can only lay here as I feel like her pussy has crushed my muscles to a pulp. I

fall asleep knowing that I must escape. I want, I need my life back. I will

regain my throne. The last thought that enters my mind before I sleep is Sarah.

Sarah I am sorry.”(You didn't miss anything. You just don't know who she is yet)

I grab my shoes and quickly toss them on. I am quite excited to get to running.

It has been so long since I went on a good jog. I take my first step and smile

as I feel something small beneath my feet. I wiggle my toes around grasp it,

then. I shove it beneath my toes and continue to run. As I run I scrunch up my

toes with every step. I squeeze the little rock in my shoe and then as I step

down I release it and let it fall onto the insole only to be squeezed again as I

step down on it. I continue to play this game throughout my jog. As I reach the

residential or common sector I start to relax as I know I am almost home.

As I kick off my shoes I can hardly believe how good it feels to get out of

those shoes. I love how the air cools my musty feet. I walk out to the main room

and curl up in my chair and continue reading my book. I want so badly to just

walk into my room but I patiently wait knowing that I don't want this messed up.

I smile as I can hardly wait to get payback for those years of Trauma. Using me

like a toy.

I walk into my room carefully looking at the floor making sure not to miss step.

I am dripping with anticipation as I draw closer to my prize.. I spot my subject

next to my bed. I non chalantly walk near him.. I make sure my feet fall right

next to him so he knows who has control. I look about my room pretending to be

busy doing something. I revel in this. My ex king now looking up at his new

queen. His new savior, one of the only people who can help him if I choose too!

I look down at the floor slowly and let a surprised look fall across my face. I

jump up and down all giddy like a schoolgirl. I bend down and pick up little

Malcolm. I hold back my smiles and laughs as I listen to him and his story

trying to sound concerned.

In the background I can hear the door to the house close. It must be my roommate

I think to myself. I pray that she doesn't come in here. Everything is going

along perfectly. I look down at Malcolm and smile just to make sure he thinks

that I am listening to his story when in reality I know it all already. I know

how he got here, why he is here, and why he is this way. I know much more then

this shrunken half pint will ever know. As Christina walks in I try to motion

with my eyes to just not say anything but she immediately blurts out too much.

As she flicks on the news I start to realize how perfect this is. He can find

out first hand for himself what his new life holds. As the news cast ends I look

at Christina and know that she cannot be fully trusted. Not yet anyway.

I quickly as possible get out of the room as so Christina doesn't ruin anything

more. I look around at where to go and head into the bathroom. I look down at

Malcolm and he looks to be off on another world as I walk into the bathroom and

undress. This is the first time I believe that he hasn't watched me undress with

his full attention. I slide Malcolm up and down in the palm of my hand as I walk

into the bathtub. As I sit down I let him drop to make sure he knows how

worthless he is to me.

Immediately Malcolm swims up to and I grasp him in my grip. As I hold him like

this I struggle between my two halves. My decent side and my ruthless side, both

halves of me at war with what to do. I am torn in between. I am not sure what to

do so I stuff him inside of me as to not show indecision. I can feel him glide

in and out. He feels so good down there as I work him in out ever so slowly with

the muscles in my pussy. I grow nearer and nearer to ecstasy that I have to let

it all go. With a sudden rush and everything ending at once I watch Malcolm

float to the surface to weak to do anything.

As we walk back to my room I explain to him the rules. Yes, this will finalize

my grip on him. He will soon be broken. As I set him down in his new home I walk

towards the door or so I make it seem. The moment he thinks I am gone I leap up

onto the bed and wait. I know what he has planned.



Giantess Stories: I

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