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By Jared Welsh

It was a bright day in Springfield, or at least I think it was. You see, we

haven't had too many bright days in recent months. I'm beginning to think that

we won't again. In fact, when I think about it, I don't remember too many bright

days. Let me explain myself.

You see, it all began back in 1993. Our loving and helpful government had just

approved a new project in molecular biology, one that would create massive

amounts of unicellular bacteria in a small time. This plan was of course for

warfare, and with a posible war with Iraq, we needed the biggest advantage

possible without using nuclear weapons. The project, at the time dubbed "S.T.R.I.C.T.,"

or Strategic Training for the Reproduction of Infinitesmal Cell Technologies,

started a year later.

There was little progress made, until 1998. After five years, and almost a loss

in funding, the people at S.T.R.I.C.T. managed to create thousands of bacteria

in just a few minutes. However, war with Iraq seemed less possible, so they just

continued to experiment. From the prokaryotic and basic bacterial cells, they

advanced to more advanced protists. Amoebas, euglenas, and paramecium all had

thousands of offspring in only minutes. The question was, "Could it work on

multicellular beings?"

Some of the top scientists on the S.T.R.I.C.T. project immidiately threw out the

idea as rubbish. After all, wouldn't there be chaos if the cells were to split,

and have 2 humans? Cloning is still an unethical process after all. However, the

problem wasn't with these intelligent scientists. Is it ever, though? The

problem was with some of the younger scientists.

The younger scientists, whose minds were still fresh with possibilities, all

decided to abandon S.T.R.I.C.T. with what they had. They formed a privately

funded research institute known as Multicellular Engineering Advancement

Technologies, or M.E.A.T. for short. These five men decided that with some

design improvements, and some equation fixing, the process would cause advanced

mitosis in any multicellular being. Instead of multiple cells, though, it would

cause the organism to grow.

Here's how it would work: the test subject would be placed in a clean room. The

clean room would have a single laser in it, and the laser's powers would weaken

the cell membranes. When the membranes were weakened, only for a time of 72

hours, any high electrical currents, usually from wires, surrounding part of the

organism would cause growth. They got the project done in 2000, and immidiately

searched for some test subjects.

Of course, human subjects were out of the question. As were most animals. They

experimented on plants and fungi mostly. But that wouldn't be for long. One of

the scientists, named Doug Freeman, had a girlfriend, named Heather. Quite a

looker she was. 5'9", 130 pounds, 36-24-36. She had long, blonde hair, and

sapphire blue eyes. Her breasts, as I said, 36's, were well shaped, and fit

perfectly on her body. They weren't out of proportion, they put a great match

with her body, as did her rounded and shapely hips. But that's not why she was


She wasn't chosen at all, really. You see, Doug and Heather had a thing for sex.

As long as there was a flat surface, they would be doing it, or at least making

out. It just so happens that Doug was staying late one night, and Heather was

there with him. In the clean room, there was a nice flat bed to lay on, so they

instantly began making out. The clean room door happened to be time-activated,

and after around 30 seconds, it slammed shut. The noise, or the vibrations from

it, caused a broom to fall from the back wall. And, it just so happened to

depress the button that would activate the laser. Because the machine was on,

the laser went on, and it silently hit Heather, who happened to have rolled on

top. Without even feeling anything, her cell membranes had been broken and

manipulated enough to allow growth.

It felt warm all of a sudden, or at least to Heather. She pulled her mouth away

from Doug's, and spoke softly to her man. She said, "Does it feel warm in here

to you?"

Doug's response was, "No. Why would it be warm? We have the area set to room


Heather replied in a bratty tone, "Well, I feel warm. I think we should stop in


Doug sighed, and took one last look at Heather's perfect body. Tonight, she was

dressed in a less than elegant manner. She was wearing a loose white wifebeater,

and a pair of baggy blue jeans. Her heels, at least five inches high, gave her

equal height to Doug. "Well," he said, "We can go back to your place. I was done

for tonight, anyway."

Heather smiled, and said, "Well, we can go back right now. Get in the car." The

pair ran out to Heather's car, a nice BMW Convertible. She put the hood up, and

blasted the air conditioner to it's highest extent, before screeching down the

way to her apartment. On the way there, they talked.

Doug started the conversation. "Does it have to be so cold?"

Heather replied, "Why yes. I'm hot. I need some cold air to cool me down."

"I don't know how in the hell you can be so hot, when you're wearing close to

nothing, and the air conditioning is up past the temperature of the dark side of

the moon."

"Very funny," she replied.

The two eventually reached Heather's apartment complex. They took the elevator

up to her room, on the fifth floor. They strolled into the apartment, and

instantly had long and passionate sex.

It was the next morning when Heather awoke. Doug had obviously left in the

middle of the night. He was nowhere to be seen. She was still hot, despite

having slept naked and with no covers. She put on the clothes from last night,

albeit reluctantly, and strolled into the kitchen. It was a mess. "Note to

self," she said. "Never have sex in a small kitchen area."

She, being a neat freak, instantly began to clean up the area. The last thing to

do was the floor, which she vacuumed. She plugged in the vacuum cleaner, and

turned it on. A small area of the floor was wet with water, though, and she

didn't see it. She slipped on the area, and began to fall backwards. She grabbed

the vacuum wire for protection, though, and that's when it happened. The warmth

absolutely overtook her.

The warmth controlled Heather. She was covered from head to toe with heat. The

high temperatures were so bad, she went on the verge of passing out. However,

the heat only lasted a matter of seconds. Everything was back to normal,

including the previous heat, when Heater opened her eyes. The problem was,

though, that her shoes felt tight as was her bra. The baggy pants weren't as

baggy, and the straps of her shirt seemed bound to her body. She used a lot of

strength, but she eventually stood up. It turned out that she couldn't see a

thing, and she stumbled around half-blindedly. Her sight came back when she was

in the bathroom, and on the scale. She looked down, and gasped when she saw that

her weight had gone up.

She was 130 pounds just one night before. Now, she was 160 pounds! She looked

around, and there was a constant look of shock in her eyes. She didn't look any

fatter, either. She decided to take a look at a measuring tape. She removed her

shoes, and measured up to 5'8". She screamed, "That's not right! I'm not wearing

my heels! I shouldn't be this tall!"

Before she could figure anything out, she decided she wanted a meal. She plugged

in the toaster, and turned it on. After a quick bout of dizziness, she put her

hand down. Unfortunately, she grasped the toaster's wire. She had to close her

eyes again. The next thing she knew, her shirt, bra, and shoes, were getting too

tight. She let go of the wire almost immidiately, but the damage was done. She

opened her eyes, and everything looked lower. She immidiately opened the

measuring tape again, and she had grown 11 inches! She was 6'7", and, since it

was proportional growth, over 250 pounds! She totally freaked. Her baggy jeans

were no longer baggy. Her heel barely fit on her shoe. It was like the apartment

was outgrowing her.

"I've got to do something," she said.

It was obvious that she didn't know why she was growing. But, she was. She

simply waited for her toast, and then left the toaster alone. After devouring

her toast, and not quite feeling full, she decided to take a shower. She barely

fit in the shower, and realized she didn't have a towel large enough for her.

So, after getting out, she just airdryed. Except for her hair. She put her

clothes back on, even though they didn't fit, and plugged in the blowdryer. The

second she turned it on, she had another hot flash. This one was bad. She fell

to the ground, and actually put some cracks in the tiles. But, she didn't feel

it. When she got back up, she had grown. A lot. She had to duck to prevent

hitting the ceiling. The shoes were gone. The pants were midway up her thigh.

Her bra was incredibly tight, and her shirt was halfway up her abdomen. After

crawling under the door, she got the tape measure again. 9'11" was the exact


"Fuck!" was the only word suitable for the situation at hand. "I think I know

what's going on." She looked back on her last 24 hours. She thought to the clean

room. And the wiring. "It's obvious!" she said. "I can't leave the house like

this, though! What can I do? I'll just wait for Doug."

So, she laid in bed for 3 hours. She didn't move, for fear of breaking the bed.

After all, she weighed well over 800 pounds. Finally, Doug came in.

"Heather, I'm here!" were the words uttered from Doug's mouth. He ran into the

bedroom to see his love, and instead saw a giant woman. "What the fuck happened

to you?"

"I think I got hit by that laser in your labs! I've been around wiring all day!

I'm scared, Doug!" She embraced Doug. And held her in his arms. At her size, he

appeared almost dolllike.

"Don't worry," he said. "It will all be fine. Just stay away from active wires.

If you can do that, I'll bring you to the lab tonight."

"Fine," she said. "But I don't know if I can. I'm getting hungry, and I will

need some food."

"Your wish is my command," he said. Doug left for a McDonald's, and went to get

something to suppress Heather's appetite. Meanwhile, she began walking around

again. She went to turn off the air conditioner, but lost her footing..

Unfortunately, when that happened, she touched another wire.

"Shit!" she exclaimed. The hot flash wasn't as bad. She was getting used to

them. She managed to keep her eyes open, and watched herself grow. She watched

this time as her bra snapped. She watched her breasts overflow into her shirt,

and almost out. Her shirt was almost gone anyway. Her pants barely reached past

her hipbone. She liked the way she looked. The only problem was that she had to

sit down to prevent going through the roof. She couldn't even fit through the


Doug came back around a half hour later. He was astonished that she had grown

more. "What did you touch?" he asked.

Heather replied with, "I accidentally graced the air conditioner. I like this,

though. I could get used to it."

"Well, how tall are you?" he asked.

Heather responded with, "Well, little man, I don't know. I can't fit through the


Doug got a tape measure, and took leg and upper body measurements. "Well, you'll

be glad to know that you are 13 feet, 4 inches. Let me do the math here. That

makes you... 2,084 pounds! You weigh more than a ton! How is the floor

supporting you? How can you keep alive?"

Heather snapped back. "I don't know! What am I, a scientist?"

Doug replied, "I'm sorry. But we've got to get you to some open land before the

floor caves in. The sun is long down. Let's go."

Heather, without hesitation, squeezed through the door. She went to the kitchen,

and to the long sliding window. She worked her way out, and for the first time

in a while, she stood straight. She managed to climb down the balconies, and met

Doug at the bottom. "Let's go," she said.

They kept under the cover of hidden things and obscured buildings. They kept

away from traffic, and luckily made it to the outskirts of the city. She was

standing there, holding Doug in her arms. She kept on walking, but there was

something they didn't plan on. Under the cover of darkness, they couldn't see

any power lines. And there were a lot in the outskirts. She stepped right into

some, and instantly grew.

As her clothes fell from her body, and she grew into a towering, naked beast,

Doug became smaller in her massive arms. Heather had to be at least 27 feet

tall. She stopped dead in her tracks, and screamed. "SHIT!" It eminated

throughout the night, and woke up Doug.

He looked up, and realized immidiately that she had grown. "What the fuck

happened now?"

The voice of Doug was barely audible, but Heather understood. "I walked into

some power lines. I'm sorry."

Doug sighed, and went back to sleep. She kept on walking, until nearly 1 in the

morning. Then, she went to sleep. When the morning came, she went back to

walking. Unfortunately, she was too tall to see power lines. She tried to step

over them, but to no avail. Doug woke up after Heather had stepped on 10 sets of

power lines. By now, she was 91 feet tall. He appeared like an action figure to

him. "Why do you keep growing?"

Heather had been liking this for some time, and she was annoyed with Doug. "What

do you mean, why? If you keep interrogating, I can crush you with my toe. I must

weigh hundreds of tons. Why, my womanly muscles could finish you off. In fact!"

Before Doug could respond, Heather had put Doug in. It didn't feel like much,

but it was enough to arouse her. She kept on walking, and even had some orgasms

along the way, as Doug tried to get out. Heather had an idea in her head, and

she was unsure of going for it. It was too late, though. She reached the power


After a few seconds of anticipation, she took the top off the roof. There were

hundreds, if not thousands of wires. "Jackpot," she said. And with it, she

stepped directly onto the center. Although the direct area had a blackout, it

still provided the energy for Heather. She shot up like a rocket. From 91 feet,

she went to 178, to 367, to 492, and finally stopped at 600 feet! The patter

from Doug was gone. He must have been swallowed. She turned back to the city

where she had been just hours ago. In only 1/6 the time it took to reach the

power center, she arrived in the city, among buildings just as tall as her.

Hundreds of people died under her feet. Buildings fell under her little toe. She

took a building, and inserted it. She wailed to deafening measures, and kept it

in. It was the same scenario as before. But now, the city was hers.



The city folk, having no other option, obeyed. She began looking for more power

lines, though. She found them, and that was unfortunate for the city folk. One

step was all it took, and she was 900 feet high. But that wasn't enough. She

wanted more. She started butchering the townspeople. Stepping on them. Eating

them. Using them to pleasure herself. And that's when the army was called in.

Seeing a lack of people left alive, they chose nuclear weapons.

Let's flash back for a moment, though. Electricity had been used to manipulate

cells. But what about radioactivity? Well, in 1996, M.E.A.T. secretly achieved

it with one scientist, who promptly hung himself. Thus, it was possible when

radiation hit to grow. At an alarming rate, none the less.

Four bombs were dropped in all. Within minutes, she was no longer a naked 900

foot tall goddess. She was a naked 3700 foot tall goddess! She stood up, and

swatted what she could make out. She began walking around, making strides to

other major cities, and using the buildings to pleasure herself. She finally

figured out what she wanted to do, though.

At 3700 feet tall, everyone was at her mercy. She found the largest power plant

in the country. She decided to do what she had to do. She stepped on it. From

3700 feet, she achieved 9460 feet! And, from there, she found a nuclear missile

deposit. And, guess what? She stepped on it. Mind you, this was a LARGE deposit.

The largest in the world. So...

Basically put, this large deposit caused a huge amount of growth. Her voice was

higher than can be heard, and she couldn't hear anything else. After 9460 feet,

she reached 105000 feet! She was 19 miles tall, and that still was not enough.

She ordered, by carving the letters into the earth with her fingers, 10 times as

many missiles! She stood still, and had them detonate at her feet. 105000 feet

was gone. She had achieved 400 miles!!!

That was enough to float off the earth. Those who survived rejoiced, as she was

floating towards the sun. She reached it, and sure enough, she reached well over

the size of the Earth. She could fit it in her special area. In fact....

Well, that's where we survivors are now. We float in the pinkness that is her

insides. There's only a few million of us still left alive, and I'm not sure how

it is possible. Luckily for us, we've found out that she has stopped growing.

But, she has everything orbiting her. Heather has found a way to keep alive in

the vacuum of space, and we live underground to avoid drowning..


Giantess Stories: S

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