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By SmittySmith

So I'm sitting here listening to yet another suit across a desk rave

to me about how wonderful it is to be working with an artist of my

stature, about how great my music is, and about how much it means

that I chose him to direct my video. What I put up with for millions

of dollars a year and the ability to have 10 cars. I'm in this

meeting because this suit (who goes by the name of Richard McNary) is

the director of my next music video, the song's called “The Power You

Hold.” He's got this idea that he thinks is just great, its been used

before, but not real often. Basically the songs about me being

completely under the influence of a girl, so his brilliant idea is to

make me appear to be various sizes, most of them small, with a girl

of normal size. I tell him the same thing I tell all the directors:

“Look, you're the creative guy, just tell me who's the girl?”

He smiles at me, apparently thinking he did good “Stacy Shelly” Whoa.

That one nearly floored me. Stacy's a girl I've been hoping to get in

one of my videos since my debut 3 years ago. (She's basically Vida

Guerra, if you don't know what she looks like, find out! Hispanic

beauty with a great figure…..back to the story).  I kept my cool

though and nodded my approval.

“Fantastic! So I'll see you on Tuesday Babby!”

“My names Bobby. Bobby Robinson.”

“Right right. So I'll see you Tuesday!” Slick guys like him make me

so sick.

I roll up to the studios at about 10:00 Tuesday morning, everything's

set up and the stars are ready for makeup. I walk onto the set at

10:45 ready to do my thing like I've done so many times.

“Bibby! There you are!”


“Right right….Here's the deal, we're gonna shoot the full size scenes

through the morning, and this afternoon we'll get started on the

smaller stuff.”

I took my mark on stage as the sound crew hit the music. This part

was all pretty basic, lip syncing to a song I wrote and practiced

thousands of times. Then Stacy came out. She looked great as she

always does. It was all I could do to keep my composure, but as the

stylish vet that I am, I covered it. Kind of. This went on throughout

the morning. Maybe it was just me, but there was an extra bounce in

Stacy's step. Not that I could blame her, I tend to be the hottest

artist around. So the morning came and went with nothing worth

telling about. There apparently weren't many full sized scenes, so we

were done with this segment by lunch.

I ate alone, per my usual, directly across from Stacy. I gave her my

patented looks, and I know at least a few of them caught her eye. She

seems to be the shy type. I'll change that.

 I walked back into the studio expecting to see blue screens all over

the place. Instead I see the same basic set (which by the way is the

lobby of a hotel with an opening into an “outdoor” pool.) with one

small addition. There is this….probably 7' tall piece of machinery

standing in the corner.

“Hey Richie, what's going on here? I thought we were doing the

different sizes this afternoon. Where are all the blue screens? And

what is that monstrosity in the corner?”



“Right Right…..I don't use blue screens in any of my work. They make

for too cheap of a product. I go for that realism. And this

‘monstrosity' is what is going to give us that realism. That, my

friend, is a molecular defragmenter. Basically, it'll rearrange your

body's makeup into a much more compact form. Kind of like taking a

crumpled up piece of paper and making it smooth and flat. All the

material is still there, just in an easier to manage form. Oh, and

it'll also make you any size we want”

“Umm….I'm really not comfortable doing that Richie”

“Oh don't be a baby Bobby! Everything's still there, you won't lose

anything. And to boot, you'll be virtually indestructible, so there's

nothing to worry about! It's completely safe! Besides, you signed a

contract. As you said, I'm the creative guy. You just do the lip


As he said that I was walked over to the machine. That's always been

one of my problems. For all my showboating, I've always sort of let

people walk over me if they put any effort into it at all. The next

thing I knew I was locked into that dark machine. It wasn't dark for

long though, as it was shortly filled with a bright blue light. I

felt all warm and fuzzy for a few moments and it was gone. Then the

door was opened and I looked out into a room full of giants and


I was about 12 inches tall. This was the first of many sizes I would

experience this afternoon. It was anything but the standard video

shoot. Stacy was the first person I really saw and focused on after I

came out of the machine. She gently wrapped her hand around me and

carried me onto the stage, her hand covered my completely from my

knees to nearly my chest. I had never felt anything like that before

in my life! It was all I could do to keep that….um….to myself. That

eventually proved to be a moot point though, after all I went through

that week. She held me up to her beautiful face, and I scanned her

body as I was on my way up. At these proportions…..well…..lets just

say I Richie chosethe right girl.

“Hey Mr. Robinson….I hope you're OK with this, because I've really

been looking forward to it.”

“Call be Bobby Stacy, and believe me, if I had to be in the palm of a

girl's hand, there's no other girl I'd rather it be.”

That made her blush. I have her right where I want her. 

The first scene was Stacy dancing with me in her grip. Thank God this

song wasn't that fast, or I think I would have lost my lunch. I

really had no idea what was going to happen throughout this shoot, I

suppose that's the drawback of giving up creative control over the

videos. So anyway, we were dancing, or at least Stacy was, and

suddenly I found myself stuck into her cleavage of her halter top.

This caught me completely off guard. She looked down at me with an

amazing look on her face and pushed her breasts together until they

smothered me. I was in a dream….a dream which I was suddenly yanked

from when I heard Richie yell “CUT!” He got all up in my face, but I

think he just wanted to jam his face into Stacy's overflowing chest.

“Buddy! You have GOT to keep your composure! Stacy's going to be

doing this and more throughout this shoot. I can't have you going all

loopy on me every time. Time is money and now we're going to have to

re-shoot this scene!”

Reshoot the scene? And that was supposed to be a threat? I was

prepared for it this time though, and I managed to keep my mouth

moving while I was surrounded by Stacy's tan smooth flesh on all

sides. When the scene was done Stacy ran off to change into a bikini

for the next scene. When she walked back in I had my back to her

standing on a stool near the pool, she walked right up to me. When I

turned around her stomach filled my view. A sight I would remember

for as long as I live. I was rudely awoken yet again by Richie and my

music blasting. I did my thing as Stacy danced around the stool. I

stole more than a couple glances at various parts of her body, after

the stomach shot, I couldn't help myself.  Once again I was caught by

surprise as I was lifted into the air and tucked into the top of her

bikini bottom, with my entire lower body hidden. We had to reshoot

that scene a couple times, but I'll admit that some of those I messed

up on purpose. Who could blame me? After that

  it was back into the machine to be changed back to full size. That

was it for Day 1 on the shoot. Probably the first time I felt any

disappointment whatsoever to see a video shoot come to a conclusion.

I fell asleep quickly that night. I think that molecular

de-whateverization takes a lot of energy out of me. I never had more

vivid dreams though. I dreamed I was alone with Stacy, but suddenly I

shrunk to my 5” height of the video, and suddenly the girls from all

my previous videos came in all at once. It was crazy. Before I knew

it I was shoved between a pair of warm breasts, but before I could

get comfortable I was grabbed and shoved down another girl's blouse

and squeezed. Then another girl grabbed me and dropped me down the

back of her panties, and on and on it went.  As I said, it was all so

vivid and lifelike, I could almost feel the warmth escaping their

skin. When I awoke the next morning I was still just as exhausted as

I was when I fell asleep the night before. It was almost as if I

didn't rest at all. But I knew I had to get to the studios, and

though I was normally late, I didn't want to keep Stacy waiting.

The day started like the second half of yesterday did, with me

shrinking. Down to 5 inches this time.

“Hey Bobby!” It was Stacy, she was walking towards me in her bikini

costume from the other day. This was really the first time I got a

good look at her in it, at least a full view anyway. The suit itself

was baby blue, the top was stretched nearly beyond its limits as

Stacy is a truly gifted woman. And of course there was her backside.

Though I couldn't see it now, I sure got a good look at it yesterday

as she was dancing around my stool. Her butt is really what has made

Stacy's career. It's full and firm and smooth, but not fat at all. It

was perfectly tan all the way across, and not wrinkled or speckled at

all. Trust me, I had the perspective to know. While she wasn't quite

wearing a thong, the bikini bottom was small enough to drive anyone

wild. I envied the guys behind her to a degree as she bent over to

pick me up, but I'm not complaining considering the view of her

cleavage she gave me.

“There are my stars! And already in costume!” Great….Richie

“Look…today's gonna be a little different. I'm not really going to

give you any guidelines until the final scene, which will be great,

but for most of the day, I just want the two of you to interact at

your size difference, show off for your public, you know what the

people wanna see. And Diddy, don't worry about the lip synching, we

have enough of that from yesterday's shots, today is just gonna be

the two of you and you're reactions”

“It's Bobby”

“Right right” Apparently he can still hear me just fine, if I could

only get him to listen to me.

Stacy carried me over to the poolside set and sat down on a lawn

chair, she then rested me on her stomach as the music started. I was

caught off guard for a moment, but I don't need any choreographers to

tell me how to dance to my own song, so that's just what I did, on

the most beautiful dance floor I've ever been on. I was going pretty

good, until I tripped over her bellybutton. That drew a good laugh

out of my hostess. She picked me out of her belly button and covered

me against her stomach with the palm of her hand. Then she scooped me

up and raised me to her face. Just when I started to get nervous, I

heard “Cut!” from Richie. For once I was a bit relieved to hear his


Stacy set me on the small table near the chair as my voice blared

over the sound system again. She then went on doing her thing, and

she does it well. As she danced seductively over me, I decided to

kick back and enjoy the show, watching her butt swing back and

forth…over and over. I was so hypnotized by that movement that I

didn't even notice she had changed positions. She turned around and

began to lower herself over the table, she was leaning over like she

was looking for something on the other side of the table, put her

left leg in the air and let her chest come to a rest on the table.

Right on top of me. I was smashed beneath the weight of her right

breast. Thank God Richie ensured that machine made me pretty much

indestructible, because I don't know how else I was managing to

survive all that weight. I started to feel the weigh recede, Stacy

was obviously standing up. But instead of staying on the table, for

some reason I grabbed hold to the lip of the cup on her bikini

  top. She giggled and began dancing again, massaging her breasts

together making me swing like I was a human pendulum. Then she moved

her hands to the front of her breasts and rubbed me into her right

boob yet again. I knew the cameras had to be eating this up, but

suddenly I heard another “Cut!”

“Stacy! Bobby! You're fantastic! The cameras love you! We have time

for one more scene before we break for lunch, so make it good!” Oh

thanks Richie, now you get my name right.

Stacy lifted me off her top and holds me by my collar and lifted me

into the air as my music came on yet again. She licked her lips as

she lowered me into her mouth. This time though I was ready for it,

it was all just a part of the video right?. She can't hurt me, not in

front of all these cameras, so I decided to just enjoy it. I hammed

it up a bit for the cameras, but was suddenly enclosed in the

darkness of her mouth. I was being shaken up a bit, so I knew Stacy

was making a show of it as well. Then her tongue hit me, and I swear

I heard a slight “Mmmmm” from the back of her throat. Her tongue

pushed me towards her closed lips, and my head squeezed through, only

to be sucked back in again. Then I was pushed back out, this time to

the middle of my chest, but once again was sucked back in. Finally

she moved me out to my waist, and I heard Richy yell “Cut!” a final

time for the morning.

I slumped back against Stacy's hand as I was being carried back to

the defragmenter, as I said, the growth process takes a lot out of


“You don't look to great Bobby, are you ok?” Stacy's such a


“Yeah…I'm fine. Its just this whole process really expends a lot of

energy, and I'd rather not go through it only to get shrunk back down

all over again after an hour. Hey Richie! Do you think we could just

go through lunch and I wouldn't have to endure this whole process any

more times than I really have to?”

“Sorry Bubbly, but we can't do that. Union requirements and whatnot.

If you'd like though I can leave you that size and let you and Stacy

enjoy your lunch together.”

“Its Bo-“ I started, but he was already gone and distracted by some

other issue. So I looked up at Stacy, who had the most pleased look

on her face that I have ever seen. I couldn't quite figure out where

she was taking me, because it shouldn't take near this long to get to

the lunch tables. Soon enough though we were alone in her personal

trailer, and she set me down gently on the table as she quickly put

on a robe and got some food together. I recognized my chance here

with her alone, and I sure wasn't going to miss out on this. We got

to talking, and she didn't seem really overly interested until she

asked me about all the girls that I see at concerts and appearances.

“Yeah, they really are all over the place, and that was great for the

first year or so, but sometimes….sometimes a guy just wants one girl

he can call his own, who he knows will always be there for him for

whatever he needs, in the good time and the bad.” I answered,

shooting her the best look in my repertoire.  This got her to blush,

so I went on “This whole performing thing really isn't all its cut

out to be, I mean don't get me wrong, the money and the fame is all

great, but it wears on you after a while, you lose your own identity.

I miss being able to be Bobby Robinson, I'm tired of having to be The

Bobby Robinson.” That part was actually true, and Stacy was the first

person I've ever told that too. I don't really know what made me open

up to her like that, it just kind of happened.

She was just opening her mouth to respond when there was a knock on

the trailer door. ¿Qué tan buenas son las cubiertas Reno Highlander en Sunken City?

“Stacy, they need you over in costuming, and go ahead and bring out

Bobby too. Richie wants to fill him in on the final scene of the


So Stacy once again scooped me up, this time she dropped me in the

pocked of her silky robe, which felt so smooth….not to mention it was

rather thin, and I copped a bit more than just a feel during the walk

to the main studio area. She lifted me out of her pocket and set me

on a padded chair across from Richie. I looked at her for as long as

I could until I was forced to focus on Richie.

“Ok Bobby, focus up here. This is going to be the final scene of the

video. We're gonna have you lip syncing to the last few bars over on

that stool near the pool. After you say the last words, I'm going to

need you to turn around slowly and most importantly, don't move. Can

you do that for me?”

“Uh…yeah, sure. Last few lines, then turn. Gotcha.”

“Turn and freeze.”

“Right.” I must admit, I was trying to catch a glimpse of Stacy as

best as I could. Wardrobe was doing something to her butt, but I

couldn't figure out what.

Richie lifted me over to the stool as Stacy walked over. He's not

nearly as enjoyable a ride as Stacy is, I thought to myself. But its

back to work again and the music hit. I did my bit, lip synching to

my own voice “Its amazing/The power you hold/Over me….” Right into

the camera, giving it my best “I love you” look. The words faded out

and I turned. Nothing could have prepared me for what I saw next.

Stacy's gorgeous butt descending right on top of me, I wanted to run,

but where could I go! I was on a stool! Besides, if I did get away,

Richie would only make me shoot the scene over again. Stacy slowly

rested her rear fully onto the stool, and on me. At first impact it

wasn't too bad, in fact even rather enjoyable, but then she put all

her weight on me, and that hurt. Once again I had to thank God that I

was indestructible. I was pushed about as flat as I could possibly be

beneath the best left cheek in Hollywood. Then I felt the pressure

receding, slowly. But instead of stay

 ing on the stool, I was unable to move myself from Stacy's butt at

all! What wardrobe wanted with Stacy was to put this sticky solution

on her butt! I was furious, but only for a moment. That's because I

began to feel sick as her butt began to swing back and forth. “Cut!”

Later on I was sitting with Stacy, rather than beneath her, and I was

back at full size once again. She told me how badly she felt to have

to do that, but she was just following Richie's instructions, but I

knew that she enjoyed it deep down. I wasn't going to hold it against

her though, I mean its not as if it was her idea. I knew one thing

though, this would be the last time I worked with Richie.

“So you're not mad?”

“Of course not.”

“So I'll see you at the party on Friday night?” Ah yes, the party. It

was the one tradition that I truly enjoyed. In fact I instituted it.

After every successful video shoot, I like to have a little cast

party. I took the idea from film companies, but I used it as a bit of

a launching pad with my leading ladies.


I decided to hold the party this time around at the studios where we

filmed the shoot, the pool provided a perfect indoor atmosphere. I

rolled up about 11:45 Friday night in my khaki shorts and a new loose

shirt. I always try to look my best. I walked in just in time for the

unveiling of the video. I must admit, for as much of a pain as Richie

was to work with, the video did turn out very nice. Even the last

scene. As I was singing my last line, Stacy's face and then her upper

body rose into view in the background, kind of a la “Jaws”. I

couldn't help but wince at the moment of impact, but from this angle,

seeing my body plastered to Stacy's butt as she casually sauntered

off, and then the screen go to black (All but her butt, which

gradually faded out as well) got quite the rise out of me. It was

easily much more comfortable to view it than to experience it.

“Hey you!” It was Stacy, she had snuck up behind me. She was wearing

the same bikini she wore for the shoot “They let me keep the costume,

isn't that great?”

“Yeah…fantastic.” Our bodies were as close as they could get without

touching, that changed in less than a moment and we were all over

each other. She led me down the hall and back into a dark corner. We

were really going at it. All of a sudden though she was gone, and I

heard a loud metallic clang, and was in complete darkness. Suddenly a

sense of doom welled up inside me as a bright light filled the room.

She had pushed me into the defragmenter! She opened the door once the

process was complete. I found myself back at my now familiar height

of 5 inches. Why had she done this too me? I tried to ask her, but

before I could get two words out she slid me beneath her bikini top,

between the fabric of the cup and her smooth skin. Her nipple pressed

into my chest. Things got even darker as she put her robe on around

her body. Then I heard the familiar voice…

“Hey Stacy! Have you seen Boobie around?” It was of course Richie.

Doing all she could to stifle the laugh that was welling up inside

her, Stacy replied “You mean Bobby? I think he was on his way out.”

She practically yelled the last two words, as Richie was already

bustling off the other way.

With that out of her way, Stacy and I bounced off to her car. She

pulled back the cup and looked inside, giving me one of those “You

are so cute!” looks. I started to yell, trying to figure out what was

going on, but she just put her finger to her lips and let her top

slip tight again. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my situation, but

I wasn't able to really fully enjoy it. Hey! You wouldn't either if

you were as freaked out as I was! But I decided to enjoy it as best I

could until I could get some answers out of Stacy. For now, I was

just thankful that I'm not claustrophobic, because between the

tightness of the bikini and the sheer size of Stacy's breasts, there

wasn't exactly much room to move around. I made the most of it

though, and buried my face into her smooth flesh, and manipulated

every body organ I had as much as I could. And I could tell Stacy

enjoyed it herself.

When we reached Stacy's place, she jiggled out of her car and

upstairs to her bedroom. She then plucked me out of my warm nest and

sat me on the bed. Before I could say anything though, she started to


“I know I caught you by surprise Bobby, and I'm sorry, but I had to

have you. I love you Bobby, and I always have, even before I worked

with you. And I just couldn't stand to be another one of your one

night stands. And when you said what you said about the superstar

life, I identified with you completely. I knew we were soul mates. I

experience the same thing, do you know how it feels to make a living

by being gawked at by horny high schoolers?” She was starting to cry

now. I really do care for this girl, and I couldn't stand to see her

cry. Not when it was in my power to stop it.

“Stacy….” I put my hand on her thigh, if she felt it I still don't

know, “Don't cry. I care about you with all I am, but I can't live

like this! 5 inches tall!? Now c'mon…you've got to make me normal

sized again.”

She scooped me up with both hands. “I'm sorry Bobby, but I can't do

that. You see…Richie is dismantling the machine as we speak.” Now it

was my turn to look disappointed, “Don't be down though…This way I

can take care of you forever, and you can escape your life of fame

without having to part with the lap of luxery.” As she said this she

set me down so I was sitting on the crack between her thighs,

“Besides, I know you enjoyed doing that shoot with me, and we haven't

even scratched the surface of what we can do together. Now I'm going

to go change into something a little….less, and you make yourself


With that she moved me to the middle of her bed and sauntered off

into the bathroom. Despite what she did to me, I still couldn't take

my eyes off of her. When she disappeared around the corner, I looked

around me to see if there was anywhere I could go to escape,

but…where would I go? Even if I managed to get down the edge of the

bed, and out of the room, where would I go from there? Besides,

Stacy's a fantastic girl, and I meant it when I said there was no one

I'd rather be forced to be small with. I walked over near the far

side of the bed and sat there relaxed until I felt something heavy

push on the other end of the bed behind me. I stood up and turned and

saw Stacy there, her arms outstretched, back arched, and butt

sticking straight up in the air. She was wearing nothing but a black

thong and a tight black lace bra. I don't think I've ever been more

turned on and more scared at the same time. I wanted to run towards

her and away from her all at the same time, so the r

 esult was that I froze with my jaw wide open. She giggled. Then she

wrapped her left hand around me and lifted me up to her butt, which

was still raised in the air. I couldn't take a step, if I moved one

way I would fall into her crack, and if I moved the other way I was

in danger of falling onto the bed. While it wouldn't kill me, it was

still an experience I wasn't itching to go through. Then she raised

her butt probably just an inch more, but it was enough to send me

sliding down to the small of her back. She just looked back and

smiled. Then she began to roll over. I ran up the inclining slope of

her back but at some point, it went completely vertical, and I lost

my footing and fell to the bed.

“Ok Bobby,” She said lifting me back in front of her face, “Its time

we did a little free styling of our own.” She rubbed me up and down

her stomach, then lifted me to her mouth and gave me the biggest kiss

I've ever experienced. Suddenly I felt my shirt rip off, and I saw it

dangling between Stacy's bright teeth, giving me a very coy look, she

let it drop and went for my shorts. I fought her all I could. Giving

her a signal that I would do it myself. That could be just a bit to

devastating if she were to…well….miss. Obviously the shorts weren't

all she wanted off, because she nudged me with her tongue after they

had fallen, and was threatening to use her teeth until I peeled off

my boxers as well. I was now fully nude in front of the hottest woman

I have ever worked with.

She looked down and gave me a cute frown “You got your clothes all

over me! I think you should collect them.” I followed her gaze and

noticed that my shirt, shorts, and boxers had all fallen between her

cleavage. She dangled me by my waist just millimeters out of reach of

my clothes, or anything else for that matter. Then though she plopped

me right between her boobs. I struggled to get my footing as Stacy

watched. I had just grabbed my shirt when she pushed her breasts

together, smothering me between them. I dropped hard against the soft

bed, and she plopped herself down on top of me. She went up and down

on top of me, smothering me with her left boob. I was able to feel

her warm skin even through the lace, and at times, the holes in the

lace corresponded just right to certain body organs, which enhanced

the experience 10 fold. Once I had climaxed (right inside her bra in

fact) she lifted me up once again and told me that it was getting

very late.

“We'll have a lifetime to share together Bobby, and I am going to

enjoy every minute of it. But for now, its time we went to sleep for

the night. But its just a matter of where you are going to sleep? I

cant have you trying to get away on me, and I don't want you to get

lost overnight.” She saw me eying her bra again and gripped her

breasts with her the hand I wasn't in, “Don't you think you've had

enough of these for one night? Ah…I know just the place for you. Now

don't worry, don't freak out, you will be warm, and most importantly,

perfectly safe.” She moved me around her back and to my horror, began

to pull aside the back of her thong! I tried to scream my protests,

but they were to no avail as I was squeezed between her enormous butt

cheeks. I was surprised though at how gently she managed to get me in

there. Then my whole world went black as she replaced the fabric. I

was trapped! I tried struggling against the fabric, but that

succeeded only in motivating Stacy to rais

 e her thong so it rode up even tighter against her body, that and

get her to moan slightly, so once again I was left hopelessly trapped

inside Stacy Shelly's lingerie. All I could do was try and enjoy it.

That wasn't as difficult as you may imagine. The hardest thing was

keeping myself away from her anus, but in doing that, I was able to

squeeze myself between her smooth flesh as possible, and there was

nothing but enjoyment out of that. Knowing I wouldn't want to be

forced inside her rear exit, she slept on her back. This may sound

cruel, but while the pressure was rather immense,  it kept the forces

of gravity on my side rather than pushing me closer. And I did manage

to sleep that night.

I know this because I was woken by a bright light, as Stacy again

pulled back her thong and plucked me out. She looked worried that I

would be angry with her, but of course I wasn't. It was almost out of

fear than anything else on my part though.

“How was your night?” She asked

“In all honesty…it was wonderful.”  That obviously made her happy.

“You still look kind of tired, I know something that will wake you

up…” She said flirtatiously. She then carried me over to and set me

down on top of a wooden chair. “Now stand still, and don't move.”

This is the second time this week I was told to stand still on a

chair, and the last time I ended up plastered to the beauty's butt. I

couldn't even guess at what would happen this time.  She backed up

off the chair and did a little strip tease for me. First her bra, the

left shoulder, then the right. Followed by the thong. She seductively

turned and bent as she glided them down her legs.

“You're right! That sure did wake me u-“

“Shhhhh……” She sauntered back to the chair. I started to get fidgety.

As she stood over the chair, she comforted me, “Don't worry Bobby, I

love you and I would never do anything to hurt you. But I want

to….consummate our relationship,” She giggled as she said that last


Then she began to lower herself over me. Not like when I was on the

stool, this time she was practically squatting. I looked up and saw

her woman hood drawing nearer by the moment, until I was completely

swallowed up by it. Then she stood back up and released the hold she

had on me “Mmmmmm…” was all that I heard before she lowered herself

on me again, she kept repeating the process, and it was getting

faster and faster. I learned to breathe when she was erect and hold

my breath when I was covered. Up and down on the chair she went,

swallowing me over and over again. Her grip on me was getting

tighter, suddenly she stopped and sat down completely, with just my

knees and below sticking out between her legs. She grabbed them and

began pumping vigorously. In and out I went, if it weren't for the

grip she had over my entire body, I would have felt like I was

flying. Then the squeezes became as tight as anything I had ever

experienced, including the previous night, and she orgasmic

  with a scream and a sigh.

She slowly removed me from within her and took her time licking me

clean, not missing a single inch of my body. After that, she silently

carried me into the bathroom to prepare for the coming day. I was

officially hers forever.


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