Giantess Stories: Giganti by LBP      Part 1   An immense roar echoed across the stretch of once green turf

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by LBP

Part 1

An immense roar echoed across the stretch of once green turf, now trampled to

brown by the feet of hundreds. There was turmoil as people stepped and almost

fought, some trying to leave the scene, others stubbornly staying to see more.

Most rushed to their cars, trying to beat the inevitable traffic that would

block the roads for miles in a slow dead lock. By then it would be too late;

probably two or so in the morning and hardly enough time to find any other means

of entertainment.

There was one person, however, who wouldn't have such a problem. Nela signed a

few autographs and made small talk with the fanatical teeny-boppers who followed

her every move from day to day. Then, after almost fifteen minutes, her

bodyguards shooed everyone away, explaining how she had to get on the tour bus

for another day's concert. They had gotten their own performance well-rehearsed.

"Thank god...," Nela muttered.

Her primary bodyguard, Albert, handed her a bottle of water.

"I can't stand those chattery little twits," she seethed through gritted teeth.

Albert cracked a bit of smile, his pearly white teeth making a bold contrast to

his rich, black skin. Within seconds of turning the corner of the hall, Nela's

entourage formed around her. Another bodyguard took up the rear to ward of any

crazed fans. Gil was quite good at it and even seemed to enjoy the verbal

grappling needed to deter the mild psychotics.

Andrea Polster, Nela's manager, and Nela's personal assistant, Gina, were at

once by her side.

"I called ahead at the airport and had them delay tomorrow mornings flight until

ten a.m. so you had some time to get some sleep," Andrea started.

Nela immediately dug into Gina, "Where's my goddamn perfume?! I don't want to

smell like a fucking sweat factory!"

Gina was used to the berating from Nela, the Latin pop star who had soared into

success and acclaim all over in just a few months. But this was extremely

daunting because Nela had already asked for her 'goddamn perfume', something

which was usually requested as they reached the limo. Gina frantically dug

around in the tote bad used to carry all of Nela's necessities.

"The concert in Chicago as been moved up to Thursday," Andrea went on.

"Thursday? What happened to the sold out stadium in Atlanta?!"

"Chicago just sold out a couple days ago and its on the way," Andrea reasoned.

Nela turned on Gina again, "Come on! What's taking so long!?"

Gina grabbed the first thing that resembled the size and shape of the perfume

bottle and handed it to Nela.

"Cigarettes?!" Nela batted the box out of Gina's hand.

Gina must have stuck them in there without thinking. She didn't expect to have

Nela in such a mood this time. She continued to rummaged through the bag.

"What are you trying to do, ruin my voice or kill me?!" Nela shouted.

Gina was frightened with such a jolt, some the contents of the bag leapt out and

rained onto the floor. She got to her knees, trying to pick up the notebooks,

and dayplanner, the pens and sunglasses and earrings. The entourage went to a

dead halt, waiting for her.

"Do you believe this shit?!" Nela shouted to Andrea.

Gina turned to look up at Nela. She seemed imposing and strong, though without

any shoes on at all the twenty year old pop star was only four foot eleven. Nela

was also had skin quite pale for a Latin woman, it was simply a light tan. But

her incredibly dark brown eyes had the exotic curves and long, sensual eye

lashes that made her infamous, and, at times like these fiery. Her full lips

then rang out in a clear voice, "What is this bullshit?!"

"If you don't shut your mouth, we're not going to any fucking shows and you'll

sit on the goddamn bus for all I care," Andrea responded.

That shut Nela up.

Gina stood, having gathered all the things back into the bag. She handed Nela

the perfume, even now she towered over the tiny diva, standing at five foot

nine. Andrea herself was a giant to Nela; she stood at five foot ten. And

Albert, he was six foot four aside from being of the normal bodyguard girth.

Nela glared at Gina with her fiery eyes. She took the bottle of perfume from her


"Thank you," she said.

Her eyes lingered a second more. Gina could feel them burning into her. Gina

felt huge standing in front of her. Gina was rather thin, but then so was Nela.

Though, Nela did have a tight little butt and well-curved hips. This was still

nothing to Gina's obvious height difference and larger bust. Nela wanted to

shout at her, something, anything but withdrew. She walked ahead with Andrea,

discussing the problems of the tour dates. Albert and Gina took up the back

ranks letting the third bodyguard, Ralph, walk with Andrea and Nela.

"What the hell is her problem...," Gina muttered quietly.

"Her sister," Albert answered.

Gina wasn't prepared for an answer, not realizing he'd know what the hell she

was talking about. She looked to him curiously, tossing her light brown hair

over her shoulder. Her hazel eyes blinked expectantly at him.

"And her brothers actually," he went on. "You see, you look like her sister,

and... Her sister and brothers all picked on her. They still do. Even with all

this money and fame and perfume."

"Oh...," Gina pondered. It still didn't explain much. "Well, why?"

"She's the oldest, and they're all... well, much taller than her," he chuckled.

"Its kind of funny to see a sixteen year old kid pick up his sister and hang her

from a hook on the wall..."

Gina smiled, a bit guiltily.

"Man... Was she mad," he reminiced. "But all her kicking and screaming didn't do

nothing. They all just laughed at her."

"And where were you?"

Albert tried hard not to laugh, "Laughing right along with them..."

He couldn't contain himself and busted out laughing. Gina chuckled right along

with him. Andrea and Nela turned around; Andrea's look more inquisitive and

Nela's more annoyed. Albert and Gina straighted up, stopping their laughter.

Albert gave another smile of his pearly white teeth which was enough to make

Nela turn around.

Gina and Albert glanced at each other again, smiling secretively. They reached

the doors to exit the stadium, only to be met by a barrage of reporters,

photographers, cameras and more fans. It was useless to have the ropes up

because they all leaned over them with wreckless abandon. The camera flashes

started up at once. Some photographers just started shouting her name to get her



"Nela! Is it true you're delaying the Atlanta tour date?!"


"Nela, over here!"

"Nela, is it true you've disowned your parents?!"

"Are you having an affair with president of SuperStar Records?!"


"Over here!"

The madness was soon over as they piled into the limosine. Nela's face was red

with anger, embarassment, and fatigue. She sat alongside Andrea, having Albert

and Gina face her in the seat across from them. Gil and Ralph took their usual

seats section closer to the front so they could watch ESPN and catch up on the

day's games. The doors closed, but the people outside could still be heard and

the flashed still flickered against the mirrored glass.

Maybe it had been a long day. Maybe it was the non-stop touring since New York

two weeks ago. Maybe it was all the crowds. Or maybe it was the all the

provcative questions. Maybe the camera flashes had something to do with it.

Maybe it was the fact that even now, everyone in the limosine sitting around her

looked so big. For whatever reason, Nela started to cry.

Andrea turned to her, reaching her arms around Nela so to hide her face.

Andrea's auburn hair sheilded most of Nela's head, but the sobbing was still

apparent. Gina stared in awe at this, it looked as though Andrea was consoling a

child, a little girl. Gina turned to Albert who guiltily kept his mouth shut


Part 2

By eight fifty the next morning, all of Gina's sympathy for Nela had subsided.

One of the reasons for this was that when she approached the door to Nela's

hotel room, it was obvious there was a loud verbal exchange going on. Gina

lightly tapped her knuckles against the door and found that the door was still

somewhat left open. She slid her way into the room quietly.

The scene she entered was a chaos of clothes and opened luggage. Nela had dumped

everything all over and was now on her hands and knees in search of something.

Andrea was impatiently standing over her like a frustrated mother.

"We don't have time for this!" Andrea reminded.

Gina turned to Albert who was sitting in a chair nearby the door. He slowly

turned to her and said simply, "Good morning."

"But I can't find it!" Nela argued to Andrea.

"What can't she find?" Gina asked Albert, who had resumed watching the scene.

"I don't know... A belt, I think," he answered. Then said, "Do you think they'll

serve breakfast on the plane?"

"Gina!" Nela shouted in her direction, though it wasn't an angered yell; a

strange change from the ordinary that took Gina off-guard.

"Come help, quick, please!" Nela waved her over enthusiastically.

Andrea rolled her eyes with more frustration as Gina approached them.

'This girl is crazy,' Andrea thought to herself.

Gina got on her hands and knees as well and began digging through the clothes,

"Um, what are we looking for?"

"It's my belt, the studded one I got from Prada... I've been looking all


Gina searched the floor for only a few seconds more before stopping and standing

up. She walked to the gym bag sitting on the center table of the hotel room and

unzipped it. It was a bag Nela frequently used to keep a change of clothes for

after concerts. And, since she had a couple advertisement contracts with several

designers, she had more than an adequate selection of clothes. Gina stuck her

hand into the gym bag and pulled out the belt.

"This one?" Gina asked.

"Yes! That's it!" Nela smiled, jumping to her feet.

She ran to Gina and wrapped her arms around the woman. Gina felt like she was

being hugged by a small child with an incredible grip. She realized Nela was

only a few years younger than herself, and that only made Gina feel quite large

in comparison.

Andrea looked to Albert, expecting to get the same thought that was running

through her head, 'Talk about mood swings...'

Instead, Albert vocalized the thought, "I wonder how the fans never figure out

she always takes a plane..."

Now two thoughts ran through Andrea's head. One, Albert must be high, and two,

the plane leaves in less than an hour.

"Alright, let's get moving," Andrea ordered.

Nela quit the embrace with Gina and began putting on the belt with a smile. Gina

smiled back, having to tilt her head down to Nela. Having to look up a Gina

bothered Nela a bit and her smile faded. She finished buckling the belt, just as

Gina's smile became uncertain and faded as well.

"Let's clean this crap up," Nela said and began scooping her clothes up back

into the suitcases.

By the time they piled into the limo, there was no way they were going to make

the plane. Andrea sighed and pulled out her trusty cell phone. She dialed up a

few numbers, did some sweet-talking and gave out a couple of tickets to the

concert in Los Angeles. That's all it took to charter a private plane to

Chicago. The technicians and equipment had been driving since last night and

were well on their way to the city. They never traveled with Nela and the

entourage. Even Ralph and Gil went ahead on their own separate flights. Andrea

had figured out that the less people around Nela, the better.

Smaller planes always feel more turbulence than the larger types. Despite the

fact that she knew this, it didn't seem to make Gina's stomach sit any stiller.

She had a horrible bout of motion sickness, even sitting in the back of the

plane which she thought was supposed to be better. Although now she was unsure

if it was the front or the back. Albert lay across four or five seats, dead

asleep. Andrea was sure he was high now, but her watchful eyes passed from him

and onto Gina briefly as the woman stood and made a bee-line for the on-board

restroom. Andrea then turned her attention to Nela who sat by herself several

rows up in a little lounge area. There were magazines piled onto the table with


CHARTS--AGAIN!" These were simply the magazine covering the tabloids which lay

below them. They had titles such as, "NELA AND JACOB SITTIN' IN A TREE, S-E-X!"


But Nela wasn't reading them. She was staring out the window of the plane with

vacant eyes. Once in a while she would push a few fallen strands of her dark

hair which was a couple inches short of shoulder length. Andrea's moment of

empathy was cut short by the sound of Gina's vomiting in the restroom behind

her. Andrea signed heavily with a slight bit of disgust. Her cell phone chimed.

Instinctively, she answered it, "Hello?"

It was Martine, the concert director at the next show.

"Yes, we're going to be a little late, but we'll be there... I'd say, maybe a

half hour. Hello? Hello?" Andrea pushed a button or two on her phone.


Just then, Gina groggily stepped out of the restroom. She was trying to make her

way back into her seat as Andrea was standing up and moving to the back of the

plane to get a better signal. As they fought to go their separate ways, Gina

looked up to see Nela sitting up in her seat, still staring out the window, but

more intently. She was definitely looking at something it seemed.

Andrea pushed past Gina, and Gina jerked forward. She thought it was her

footing, but then a huge jolt hit the plane. A blinding pale orange light came

through the window Nela was looking through. A second later, the plane was moved

so hard and so suddenly Albert flew off the row of seats and startled awake. The

plane was going down. Fast. Gina was freaking out. She was going to die she

knew. All at once, the world spun. Not just in her mind, the plane itself was in

a powerful tailspin. It gradually stopped, there was another jump that startled


They were alive. The plane regained altitude and the pilot came on the intercom,

"Sorry about that, I hit a pocket of turbulence that I couldn't anticipate fast

enough. We're all right, though. We should safely land in fifteen minutes."

"Hello? Hello? Andrea?" Martine's voice came through the phone.

"I'll call you right back," Andrea answered and quickly hung up. Gina got to her

feet, as did Albert who tried to appear as though he hadn't been sleeping. They

were all fixated on Nela who lie on her back staring up at the ceiling of the

plane. She was motionless, but seemingly unharmed.

Andrea ad Albert looked to each other, then to Gina. If anyone was going to be

the brunt of Nela's fury it might as well be her. They both nudged Gina forward.

She hesitantly stepped toward the young woman's quietly resting body.

"Nela?" she said softly, with a slight crackle in her voice.

There was no answer.

She neared the young woman cautiously.

'God,' Gina thought. 'Has she gotten smaller?'

Gina stood over Nela, looking right down on her face. Nela's dark brown eyes now

looked blacked due to her pupils being so hugely dilated. Her expression was

complacent, but without a smile.

"Nela?" Gina asked again.

Albert and Andrea moved toward Gina, more for Gina's sake in case Nela decided

to kick her in the face from her position on the ground (something which she had

done before and was quite amazing as it seemed she had such short legs). Albert

and Andrea stood right alongside Gina, the three of them looking down on Nela

who lay there motionless. She only blinked rapidly, once in a while.

"Are you O.K.?" Andrea asked.

No words crossed Nela's lips, but a single thought did cross her mind as she

stared up at them, 'Everything looks gigantic.'

Part 3

Very little was said by anyone after the jaunting plane ride. The pilot, of

course, apologized in person but really there was no more than a few words

exchanged between the travelers, all for different reasons. Albert was fairly

embarassed he had not been awake during most of the incident, realizing also he

could have died in his sleep. Gina, aside from fearing death on her own part as

well, was also thinking about that strange illumination that had hit Nela,

wondering if anyone else had seen it. Andrea was shaken, but concerned with the

concert, and more importantly, her performer, who even now, was wide-eyed and

vacant and hadn't said more than three words since they stepped off the plane.

Now that they were in the limo, Andrea felt the need to ask, "Are you O.K.? Can

you go on tonight?"

Nela nodded. But Andrea wasn't convinced. It took another hour in traffic before

they reached the arena and by then Andrea persisted, "Are you sure you can go


"Yeah," Nela answered.

'Well,' Andrea thought, 'at least she's speaking now."

To Andrea's relief, the concert went on without a hitch. In fact, Nela gave the

best performance of her young career. That seemed to be enough to awaken the

status quo of Nela and her entourage. After the concert and the backstage

mingling, it was the same thing.

Albert swept her away from the fans and led her down the hall, handing her a

bottle of water.

"Thank god...," Nela muttered, taking a swig of water.

Albert only cracked a smile in response.

As soon as they turned the corner, Andrea and Gina appeared, taking up ranks on

either side of her. Gil took up the rear, fending off more fans.

"That was magnificent!" Andrea grinned. "We're going to knock them dead in L.A.

next week! And we'll probably sell out seats in Dallas now..."

"We hadn't sold out in Dallas?" Nela asked with some annoyance.

Andrea's cell phone rang, "We did now!"

She answered it.

Nela gave a slight roll of her eyes before taking another drink of water. She

turned to Gina, and ordered, "Perfume."

Gina was already ready for this request and handed Nela the bottle instantly.

She spritzed herself liberally with the perfume and handed it back to Gina as

they walked. But Gina was unprepared for the reception of the bottle, as it was

she was digging through the tote bag for the next thing Nela might ask for. And

so, the bottle, brushing Gina's fingertips and leaving Nela's, hung in mid-air

momentarily before falling straight down to the linolieum floor below. Albert's

eyes went wide and he gritted his pearly white teeth in his jaw, knowing there

was nothing he could do to stop the impending situation.

Glass and liquid odor shot across the floor from the epicenter of the impact.

all movement stopped. Nela looked to Gina with those dark fiery eyes, and didn't

waste a second, "You clumsy, useless idiot!"

Her shouting seemed to cut short. There was a brief uneasiness. A

light-headedness. Was she back on the plane? Nela swayed a bit, being caught by

Andrea whom she fell back into a second later.

"Are you all right?" Andrea said, clutching her cell phone between her shoulder

and ear.

"Uh... yeah, yeah... I think so," Nela said softly.

Gina finally exhaled.

"I'm sorry," Gina said weakly.

"It's fine," Nela answered in her normal tone. She stood from Andrea's grip.

Andrea hung up her phone conversation.

"Are you all right?" she asked again.

"Yes, for the last time I'm fine!" Nela responded. She felt a shake run through

her, almost losing her footing again.

Albert caught her this time, "Maybe you should see a doctor."

"Yes, that's an excellent idea, Albert," Andrea agreed.

"No, no, really, I'm fine," Nela answered. "Just, like... stressed, you know?"

Andrea looked to Gina, not angry at her, but moreso to see how startled she was.

It was apparent Nela had erupted on Gina with great intensity because Gina

looked as pale as she did on the plane.

"Alright," Andrea shrugged. "I guess we're good to go."

"Good," Nela said.

She go to her feet and turned to Gina, "I'm sorry..."

They continued to make their way out the arena doors, into the crowds, where

Nela added, "Sorry you're such a fucking moron."

Instantly, the light-headedness returned, much less this time so Nela was able

to pass it off as nothing more than a near stumble as they reached the limo. All

she wanted to do was get to the hotel and fall into bed. They had a whole day of

nothing to do before they would fly to Denver for the next concert and Nela

wanted to spend that whole day sleeping.

As soon as they checked in, Nela made her way upstairs to her suite and jumped

right onto the bed. She didn't bother to turn down the sheets, and simply passed


The next morning, the slight rapping of Andrea's fist on the door to Nela's

suite awakened her. It was eleven thirty and so she was satisfied with the

amount of sleep she had recieved. Nela climbed out of bed, smirking when she saw

she was still wearing the clothes she had worn to the concert that night. She

opened the door.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Andrea smiled, wearing Spandex clothes and slinging

a towel around her neck.

"Morning...," Nela smiled rubbing her face awake.

"Sorry to bother you, Nela, but you have the key card that opens up the weight

room downstairs," Andrea said.

"Oh," Nela said.

She dug into the pocket of her tight-fitting black Lycra pants trying to reach

the key card she had stuffed in there the night before. Try as she might, she

just couldn't seem to squeeze her hand in far enough. Nela struggled to get her

fingers in far enough to grasp the key card, "I...uh! can't seem to... get...

this... fucking... thing... out!"

Andrea watched her battle her own pants for the moment before suggesting, "Here,

maybe if I hold the pocket open."

So Andrea pulled the rim of the pocket out and Nela dug her whole hand in, still

finding the effort to be arduous and the fit far too snug. She was, however,

able to pull the key card out and hand it to Andrea.

"Here," she said with an exhausted breath. "I hope you don't need any gum later,

because I'm pretty sure that's lost forever in my other pocket..."

Andrea smiled, then looked to Nela, "Would you like to come along? It's always

fun to see Albert benchpress two hundred and eighty pounds."

"No thanks," Nela sighed. "I have a date with the TV and the room service boy."

Andrea laughed, but gave Nela a curious look after a moment. Nela caught this

and was a bit troubled by it, "What? What is it?"

"Oh... it's nothing, dear," Andrea shrugged, feeling the need to pull away from

this conversation immediately.

"No, no, no... You looked at me like I had three heads, what's the matter?"

"Well...," Andrea began, she couldn't think of a lie. Why couldn't she think of

a lie. She lied all the time to people, all day. Maybe it was because they were

on the phone and couldn't see her face to face. Shit, she thought, if only I had

a decent lie.

"You're looking a little... chunkier."

Nela gave Andrea a look like her eyes were shooting ice picks at her, "What?"

Oddly, Nela felt her pants go even more snug.

"Forget it, I just better go," Andrea said.

"Yeah, good idea," Nela answered and shut the door before Andrea could turn

away. She got a degree of satisfaction hearing the muffled, "Ow!" from her

manager. But upon walking away, Nela did feel as though her pants were too

tight. She turned from side to side in them.

'It must have been because I slept in them,' she thought. 'It crinkled the


She yanked them off and switched to a pair of basketball shorts, and did nothing

but lounge in the hotel room all day long.

Part 4

A little time away from one another was probably what the entourage needed most.

They had been on tour with each other for over two weeks now having started in

Europe and making their way across the Northeastern United States. The long

distance of traveling just made it feel longer. Andrea took the extra day to

relax, and turn off her cell phone. Unfortunately, when she turned it back on

the next morning she had accumulated twenty-seven messages on her voice mail.

Albert had taken the day off to sit around the hotel's pool and that night he

even took some of the women he met poolside out to the clubs. The next morning,

hoever, he had to get them all out of his hotel room.

Gina had vanished completely that day. She left the hotel and roamed Chicago at

her leisure. When she awoke, however, she had found her credit cards cut up and

bags of clothes set around the room. She wasn't the only one who had been a

spend-thrift, though. Despite the fact that Nela wanted no human contact that

day, she had tallied up quite a bill charging room service. It was so much so,

that when Gina knocked on her door the next morning there was a loud rustling

and clinking of food wrappers and silverware as Nela approached the door.

The door opened and Gina saw a half dressed Nela trying to zip up a pair of

low-rise jeans.

"Yeah, come on in," Nela muttered walking away from the door.

Gina was in awe of the mess all over the floor and on the counters and tables.

"What the hell is all this?" she whispered in amazement.

A second later, a little knock came to Nela's door. Andrea pushed the door open

and in her usual hurried pace said, "Alright, let's get mov--holy shit..."

She looked to Gina with the same amount of shock with which Gina had entered.

"You've to be kidding me...," Andrea said, stepping over the bags of take out.

"I-I-I don't know what the hell she was thinking," Gina tried to offer an

explanation, but fell flat.

Andrea sighed. There was no time to clean it all up, or any reason to bother.

The hotel maids would take care of it, Andrea would just have to leave them a

decent tip. She dug around in her coat pocket looking for some extra cash.

"Nela? Are you ready yet?" Andrea asked.

"No!" Nela called out from the bedroom.

"Go see what's taking so long," Andrea said to Gina.

Gina headed for the bedroom. She often wondered why she did everything on

command like that, without thinking about it. She knew she was inevitably going

to get yelled at or berated. Maybe she just didn't care any more. Or maybe she

enjoyed it.

She stopped at the door to the bedroom, "What's the matter, Nela? Need me to

help you finish packing?"

Gina fished for reasons, knowing the right one anyway.

"No...," Nela struggled. "These jeans are too tight..."

"Can't imagine why...," Gina muttered, looking to the mess that was even in her


Nela swung around, "What's that supposed to mean?!!"

Gina grabbed the door frame with a start, she didn't think she had spoken loud

enough for Nela to hear. Nela felt her jeans squueze tighter on her thighs and

hips. Her underwear felt like it was going to nearly cut off her circulation.

But she didn't seem to notice these slight pains much as she stormed toward

Gina, pains which she simply recognized as being due to her aggravated movement.

"I-I-I-I-I-I-I...," Gina stammered.

"Are you saying I'm fat?!" Nela shouted up at Gina.

"N-No, no, no, I was just..."

"Then what were you trying to say?!" Nela's eyes blazed at Gina.

She suddenly felt her ass grow too large in her jeans. Nela's mouth dropped

open, her eyes lost their fix on Gina, and she quickly slapped her hands onto

her bottom. Gina's mood suddenly changed as well. She was now very curious as to

what Nela's problem was because from her standpoint, nothing of notice had


"Uh, are-are you all right?" Gina ventured.

"I-I'm fine," Nela answered, trying to give Gina that same look as before, but

coming up short.

"I was just saying I can't imagine why you'd have such a problem since

everything is tailor-made for you," Gina finally got out.

It was a good enough cover for her first mistake, she just had to hope Nela

bought it.

"Yeah, I know," Nela said quietly.

She sat on the bed and felt the stone-washed denim of the jeans pull against her

thighs. She looked to her ankles. Did the cuffs always reach that far down? She

though so. Not wanting to dwell on something so meaningless at this point and

already behind on Andrea's itinerary, Nela stood up.

"Alright, we need to be out of here in the next three minutes!" Andrea called to

them from the next room.

Seeing as how she was already stuffed into this pair of pants, Nela decided to

just wear them.

"Could you do me a favor and pull the zipper up on these," she asked Gina.

"Um, sure, right," Gina moved closer to her at the odd request.

"Just, um, stand behind me, I guess," Nela suggested.

"Uh, O.K.," Gina did as she was told.

While Nela held the button and button-hole together, she also sucked in her flat

tummy as far as it would go. Gina pulled the zipper up, with some effort, so

that Nela could button up her pants.

Nela sighed, "See? Easy."

"Are we ready or what?" Andrea asked at the door to the bedroom.

"Yes, let's go if it'll shut you up," Nela answered.

"Ohhh, someone needs more sleep," Andrea smiled.

"I'm not cranky, just bitchy," Nela smirked.

Gina collected up the last of Nela's luggage in the bedroom. An odd thought

passed through her head, though, it seemed much easier to zip her up than Gina

had expected. Maybe not so much the strength involved, but, she didn't seem to

have to reach down as far. This thought pestered her only up until the moment

when Albert entered the hotel room, a big pearly white grin on his face. Gina

saw the shoes. Nela was wearing a pair of sandals with heels so thick they

probably boosted her up another two inches. That must have been it.

Gina's contemplation was broken apart by a spill out of Nela's clothes all over Free Games for Mac, Free Games for ipad and Free Games for Iphone, without in app purchases or something like that Free Browser Games

the ground. She hadn't closed the suitcase right.

"Not again!" she said, shaking her head at the fallen garments.

She carefully strained to bend over in her tight-fitting jeans, but Albert


"Oh, no, please, allow me," he smiled with his white teeth.

He began putting away the clothes with happy fervor. Gina couldn't help but

wonder why he was in such a good mood.

Part 5

This time they stuck to the iternary. Everything ran smoothly, especially the

plane which was an air liner and not a private plane subject to turbulence.

Though, as a precaution, Gina had bought dramamine during her shopping bender in

Chicago. The pills were working so well, Andrea had to move to another row due

to Gina's head constantly bobbing into her shoulder. She left her to slump over

the seat and a half.

Andrea took comfort in reading the magazines Nela had passed up on the trip

before. Albert sat wide awake, staring dreamily out his window, quite happy.

Nela's thoughts, however, were much more obtrusive. She was very much bothered

by this whole business of touring. Not so much the schedules and time tables, or

ticket sales, but her image and reputation. The press was already at her.

Right now she was off to Denver, then to Las Vegas and then to Los Angeles for

enough time to perform three more times. It was in Los Angeles where the most

press scrutiny would occur. She suddenly remembered her tight fitting jeans. If

she had gained so much as an ounce, the press would call it a ton. Nela dropped

her head into her hand with an agonizing sigh.

A slight hang up occurred when they started to leave the aircraft. Gina was so

doped up, she was unable to move, or hear apparently. Albert ended up having to

carry her out of the plane and through the airport. Whenever a gawker gave him

an odd look, he simply said, "We've just been married" or "Long honeymoon."

It was harmless enough and it brought a good deal of laughter to Nela and

Andrea. Gina started to come to in the limo. It was a slow, gradual process that

was quite entertaining to watch and brought at least another hours worth of

entertainment until they made it to the hotel.

Unfortunately, the good people at the area's best hotel had somehow lost their

reservation. This really was of little consequence and they simply moved to the

Denver area's second best hotel, dragging Gina much of the way. Gina was in much

of a stupor, still, even after most of the dramamine had worn off. She did

remember most things, even the numerous requests Nela made while she prepared

for the evening's performance.

More unfortunately still, Gina's motor skills and coordination were affected,

making her usual clumsiness worse off than usual. Nela was in a good mood though

and bared much of Gina's bumbling for the time being. She laughed a good deal of

it off, too. But it was a bit more than she could take when Gina forgot the

carry-on luggage in the plane (something that they discovered two hours after

the fact), and in a hurry to get out of Nela's way, stepped on the young woman's

bare foot.

"O.K., maybe you should just leave for right now," Nela suggested.

She knew her patience was running out and Gina surely knew it. Most

unfortunately, Gina's room was an adjoining suite to Nela', so on her exit, she

unwittingly slammed the door into Nela's face as Nela was going to ask her where

she had left her make-up bag. The resulting blow to the head was enough to smart

in Nela's nose and cause her to struggle back astonished for the moment.

Gina realized her mistake and quickly opened the door back up to help Nela.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Gina begged.

As she advanced to help, Nela backed away to retreat, "No, no... don't worry..."

Nela tripped over the coffee table, flew onto her backside and hit her head on

the sliding glass door to the outdoor patio.

"OW! Fuck!" she screamed.

Her head pressed against the glass harder.

Gina didn't have enough time to question her thoughts and immediately

backpeddled as Nela leapt to her feet and almost simultaneously stumbled over

the coffee table, landing face first onto the ground. Gina watched for a split

second as Nela's buttocks filled out her jeans and her body seemed to lengthen.

Was it too much dramamine?

She couldn't be sure because a second later Nela was on her feet again, grabbing

Gina by the arms and forcing her against the nearest wall.

"You stupid, incompetent clutz!!" she shouted.

They both became aware of a slight creaking sound coming from Nela's vicinity.

Nela became more aware of how big her hips had swelled in her jeans. The

tightness was so great in around her stomach that she reflexively let go of Gina

to keel over in pain.

"AHHHH!!" she wailed.

Gina backed away not knowing what to expect next.

"Help me you fucking moron!" Nela shouted, standing up straight briefly. In that

second, the slight creaking from before made itself known again and the button

to Nela's jeans popped off, hitting Gina in the gut. Nela dropped to the floor,

reeling in pain. The scream drew in Albert, Gil and Ralph, and pushing past the

mountains of muscle, Andrea.

She dropped to her knees to go to Nela's aid, not giving Gina a second glance.

Albert solemnly moved Gina aside, "Uh, maybe you better wait in the hallway."

"I-I-I didn't...," Gina tried to form a sentence.

"I know, but...," Albert shrugged.

Gina quickly stepped out while Andrea whipped out her cell phone and called for

an ambulance.

Part 6

There was no way around it. The Denver concert had to be canceled. It simply

wasn't possible once they had gotten the ambulance and riden to the hospital.

Only Andrea seemed to be upset about that much of the problem. Most everyone

else was curious as to what had happened to Nela, especially Nela.

The bodyguards didn't much care. They were getting paid either way and so

lounging in a hospital lobby suited them just fine if they could watch the

evening's basketball game. While they hung out in the lobby, Andrea, Gina and

Nela waited quietly in an examination room with Dr.David Moran. He was a skinny

man, tall, with a bedside manner that was quite good by all accounts.

He looked over Nela briefly, checking out the possibilities he had laid out in

his mind when he had heard the symptoms first. He checked her throat, then her

hands for clamminess, her mid-back for any kidney soreness, and her stomach and

around such areas for any feelings of pain.

Nela said she had no pain in all such places and only had a complaint with the

paper gown she was wearing which made her a little cold. At that point, the

doctor told her he was done with his examination and that she could get dressed.

Gina had brought a change of clothes for her and cautiuosly moved to Nela.

"Well, what is it?" Andrea asked.

"I... don't know," Dr.Moran shrugged. He made a few checks to his chart.

"What do you think it is?" she persisted.

"Well, from everything I hear, it could have been an ulcer," he said. "But...

all the blood work came back fine and she doesn't seem to have any other

soreness there."

"So...," Andrea struggled to think of another question.

Dr.Moran answered for her, leaning forward and speaking low, "But, I did think

it was weird that she just had this problem out of nowhere."

Andrea nodded.

"And, the paramedics had to practically cut her out of her jeans," he added.

"That might of had something to do with it...," Andrea agreed.

"I would think so," Dr.Moran continued. "Maybe it was just a problem with her

clothes being too tight. It's pretty uncomfortable and if it stays that way for

a long time, your body reacts violently. Like, whenever you've worn pumps for

too long, or well, something to that effect."

Andrea nodded slowly, understanding the comparison. She watched Nela dress as

Dr.Moran continued to make notes on his clipboard charts. Nela slipped on a pair

of button-fly jeans with some effort and put on the tank top that Gina had

grabbed as they hurried out with the paramedics. Nela struggled to button-up her

jeans, making it to the fourth one and not being able to quite get the fifth.

"Jesus...! What is with you?!" she grumbled.

Andrea suddenly remembered Nela's frustration with getting the key card to the

work out room from her tight pants eariler. Gina was standing near enough to

Nela to hear the odd creaking sound resonate from her again.

"Nela?" Andrea said, more curious than anything else.

Nela ignored her and turned on Gina, "Are you purposely giving me clothes that

are too small?! Trying to make me think I'm gaining weight?!"

The creaking resonated. Nela stretched an inch taller. Gina gasped, backing

away. Andrea wasn't sure what she had seen, but she was sure the doctor hadn't

seen it. She grabbed his arm instinctively to get his attention. Dr.Moran looked

up from the charts and to Andrea, then quickly to Nela when he saw Andrea's eyes

fixed on her.

"You probably think this is so fucking funny, don't you?!" Nela shouted. "I

should fire your sorry ass the next chance I get!"

This time the creaking caught Nela's ear. She stretched an inch or so taller and

the buttons on her jeans popped off, bouncing across the room. Her eyes went

wide and suddenly her anger transformed into bewilderment. Everyone else in the

examination room was already past that point, feeling a disturbing sense of awe

that bordered on fright. Such things that they had just seen don't happen to


"What the hell was that?" Dr.Moran said, unsure for the moment if he was asking

himself as a reality check.

"You saw it, too?" Gina asked desperately. Finally, someone else had noticed it.

Andrea carefully moved toward Nela who was petrified of herself.

"How tall are you now?" Andrea asked.

Nela couldn't answer, still in shock.

"She should be five foot one," Dr.Moran said, scanning the charts.

"Five foot...," Andrea began, amazed. "No, that's not right..."

"Those are the measurements the nurse just took when she came in twenty minutes

ago," Moran argued.

"She's four foot eleven," Andrea argued, now marching to Dr.Moran to get a look

at the charts.

"I'm telling you...," Moran persisted.

"This is wrong," Andrea shook her head.

"Why don't we measure her now?" Gina suggested.

Andrea and Dr.Moran gave each other a glance.

"Nela, could you step up on the scale for me?" the doctor asked.

Nela nervously shook her head slowly.

"Please, Nela," Andrea said in a motherly tone. "Just to settle this little


Nela stepped to the scale with some hesitation. Dr.Moran and Andrea went to her

side. Moran pulled out the measure that was built into the scale and raised the

leveler to lie atop Nela's head. The final measure...

"Five foot four?" Moran said with a crack in his voice.

"What?!" Andrea was double checking every part of the scale's ruler, but Nela

backed off the scale frightfully quick.

"What's happening to me?" she whimpered.

"You're growing," Andrea said, still unable to believe it herself.

"And pretty damn fast at that," Moran added. "Nobody gains three inches in

twenty minutes."

"Is that why my clothes have been so small on me?" she asked in a peep.

"I'd say that's a safe bet," Dr.Moran nodded.

"Ha!" Gina smiled. "See, it wasn't my fault!"

Nela looked to her with watery eyes, "I'm sorry... I didn't... What the fuck is

happening to me?!"

Her body creaked again. They all watched as Nela put her crying face in her

hands and grew another inch. They watched her sob for a moment, all unsure if

their collective correlation was true or not.

"Nela...," Andrea began, "Could you stop crying for a second...?"

She shook her head with a sob.

Andrea smiled, "Please?"

She walked toward the young woman, putting her arms around her.

"I think I know what the problem is," Andrea added.

"What?" Nela sniffled.

"It happens every time you get mad," Andrea hypothesized.

"Really?" Nela sniffled.

"I think so," Dr.Moran said. "But I'd like to run a few tests to be sure. You

wouldn't mind, would you?"

"I-I guess not," Nela shrugged, wiping her eyes.

"Alright, come with me," he said, walking them out of the examinstion room.

Gina stood there by herself, a blank expression on her face. Was she the only

one who saw the danger with this strange disease afflicting Nela of all people?

Part 7

The lab results were finished by twelve thirty that night. By that time, Gil and

Ralph went back to the hotel and Gina had taken a taxi with Albert to get Nela

some decent fitting clothes. Dr.Moran had to call in a specialist who originally

had the night off, but he was one of the best in his feild, and an avid Nela

Giganti fan--hence, having the night off. Since he couldn't go to the concert,

he might as well get the next best thing.

Dr.Sergi Fonta was a man older than Dr.Moran, and he spoke with a slight accent

being that he was originally from Argentina. Tonight, his already charismatic

personality was at a high point having at several cups of coffee to stay awake

and being so excited about meeting this pop star.

Nela was gracious, of course, and more so due to the fact she was unsure what

getting angry or annoyed at anything would due to her. Andrea stuck by her like

a good maternal figure, asking all the questions and all the right questions for

her. It had been a good two hours of light conversation before the lab results

were finished processing and Dr.Fonta was able to make some sense out of them.

"Alrighty," he said examining the information through his bi-focals. "This is...

ah... But where... hm... I see..."

Dr.Moran stood alongside him after a moment, looking over the charts. He had a

limited understand of oncology, but enough to make sense of the information

before him. Dr.Fonta gave him a sideways glance that caught Dr.Moran's

attention. He tapped his finger on the pages, then scrolled down a whole

column's worth of the print out. Fonta point out a row of chemical compounds and

then the row below them, muttering something about "completely normal levels but

an understated pattern."

At this point, Moran was lost.

"So what does this mean?" he asked Fonta.

Fonta let out a heaving sigh, "It means I've never seen this before."

He turned to Andrea and Nela, still holding the print out, "I don't think anyone

has. I suppose I could check the medical journals, open some medical history

books... But I doubt I'd find anything close."

"What is it?" Andrea asked.

Fonta took off his bi-focals and rubbed his nose with a sigh. He put the

bi-focals back on, double-checking the print-out to make sure there was no


"Alrighty," he began. "The human body reacts to different situations with the

release of certain chemicals or hormones. Some of these are reflex, habit,

others are personality, which are also some form of habit. These reactions cause

a build up of certain chemicals in the body..."

He could see that his attempt to simplify the diagnosis wasn't sinking in with

Nela and Andrea.

"Um," he started over. "Like, when a bodybuilder builds muscle... He overloads

his muscles so that they produce a chemical to supplement their normal state.

The result is the release of another chemical to repair this first chemical

because the muscle is depleted, and damaged to a degree."

There was a glimmer of understanding from all in the room.

Fonta continued, sure he had his audience in the right frame of mind, "So, in

the same way, we have chemicals in our emotional response that build up and are

pushed out by others to return us to our normal state."

Dr.Moran suddenly had an incredible tidal wave of understanding. He approached

Dr.Fonta with wonderment.

"What does that have to do with...," Andrea began, and Moran quickly answered.

"It means whenever Nela gets angry, her body's natural response is to release

this chemical, as it is everybody's natural response. But then, in order to make

up for too much of this chemical, our bodies release another one to bring us

back to our normal state."

Fonta nodded, "Yes... But, it seems that there is something attached to this

second chemical, so when it builds up, it actually releases... Well! A couple

other things that don't belong!"

He smiled, trying to get some levity from them. It didn't work.

"So why did she grow when she was crying?" Andrea asked.

Moran shrugged, "No idea. Maybe a residual action of the two or three other

compounds in her body..."

"What other compounds?" Nela asked quietly. "I mean, if all this happens in a

normal body, why is it different in mine?"

Fonta shook his head, "It's not completely normal. These extra chemicals..."

He took a moment to read the print out again, "Ah! One of them is obviously

human growth hormone, the other is-is, well, is a hormone that should not be

there after puberty."

Moran took a look at the print out, "The hell?"

"It's a chemical that tells the body when to grow and when to stop," Fonta


"And its attached itself to the human growth hormone," Moran added.

"This other chemical I have never seen before but it looks closely related to

H-G-H," Fonta nodded.

The discussion had become purely academic and Andrea needed to find a way to

chisel her way in or she would be left behind.

"So what are we supposed to do?" she asked.

"Right now," Fonta said. "Nothing! We go to sleep."

Moran thought this was somewhat humorous and smiled.

"I'll send this to a friend of mine at a laboratory in Las Vegas," Fonta added.

"She'll be able to give you more help than I can here."

"Las Vegas?" Nela asked with some relief.

Fonta nodded, "Yes. There's more than just gambling out there!"

Andrea still didn't find Fonta's attempts at humor funny, but played along.

"For now," Fonta added, "just keep her calm. Don't let her get mad. Watch lots

of cartoons."

"You think you can handle that?" Andrea asked Nela.

"I don't know," Nela answered unsure of herself.

"We'll get you some dramamine," Andrea smiled.

"Valium might be better," Moran added.

"I reccommend it, personally," Fonta added. He pulled out a pen and pad, "Now,

about that autograph?"

He smiled and Nela, of course, signed. They chatted a bit which was enough time

to get Dr.Moran and Andrea one on one.

"I'm serious," Moran added. "Anything to keep her from getting any kind of

emotional stress. Valium, quaaludes, dramamine, whatever it takes. After seeing

her blow up at that assistant a few hours ago, I for one am fucking terrified of

this girl right now."

"Wh-Why?" Andrea asked quietly.

"Because we don't know how this little anger-causes-growth mechanism works right

now," Moran explained. "And I'm not even sure if it has a peak."

"A-A peak?"

"A stopping point. A plateau. Something that will cause the reaction to level

off," Moran was almost jittery now. He lowered his voice, "She could potentially

grow forever."

Hearing a doctor say this with a grave amount of serious was enough to give

Andrea a tingle of fear in her chest. She knew from first-hand experience just

how much hell Nela could raise. She looked to the smiling pop star with tense

eyes, knowing she was watching a ticking time bomb.

Part 8

Getting Nela to take the valiums was easy. It would explaining to her that she

had been drugged hours later that would pose a problem. Andrea had given her the

pills saying it was a "stronger kind of aspirin." It was the sort of lie that

could be taken any way. But for now, Andrea's guilt stayed firmly in the back of

her skull. All she could think about on the plane was Dr.Moran's words over and

over as she sat in the eerie and calm darkness of the plane's cabin, staring at

the unconcious Nela. Gina sat quietly, tensely, a cloud of guilt hanging over

her head. Albert was asleep, unaware of any of the night's events beyond the

hotel room incident.

He had been fed the same story as everyone else in the world. It was simply an

ulcer brought about by too much touring and stressful conditions. The cover up

would work for now, but it was inevitable, Andrea felt, that Nela's size would

become more noticeable, more of an issue. It was late, or early, depending on

the state of mine one was in; 4:34 a.m.

So, she thought it best to put the call off until the next morning, deciding

that sleep for herself was more important. As soon as they touched ground in Las

Vegas, Andrea pulled out her cell phone. She dialed up the only man who could

pull more strings than her, her could manipulate the public on a grander scheme.

He was the same man who could raise controversy, and yet somehow avoid it

himself. That's what he had done with Nela. The forty year old man and the

twenty year old pop star had went on a fling of sorts. Oddly, he wasn't

portrayed as the dirty old man with the incredibly young and innocent girl

fawning at him. Instead, Nela was portrayed as a loose, scandalous villaness.

It was more than enough to raise sex appeal and supply the media with enough to

blow up her career in just a few short months. And Jacob Risling knew it from

the start. He was a crafty man with a shock of silvered hair, once dark brown,

that was also thinning, yet in a dignified manner. The old Brit was

sophisticated, despite his usually crude means of business negotiation.

"Hello, hello?" he answered cheerily.

"Jacob," Andrea sighed. She kept her voice low in the limo. "Thank god."

"Andrea, good to hear from you," Jacob answered. "How's out little songbird


"Um, better," Andrea answered.

"Good, good."

"But, wait, not entirely good, good," she hesitated.

"Oh. I see," Jacob muttered. "So, it isn't an 'ulcer', right. What did the

doctors say?"

"A lot of things," Andrea said, trying to beileve it herself again. "This is

going to be hard to explain."

"Well I am a fairly educated man, Andrea," he said good naturedly."

"So are the doctors and they almost didn't believe it."

"Oh my."

"Oh yes," she said quietly. She turned away from Gina and Albert, both of whom

were engaged in some other conversation.

"Jacob," she went on, "she's growing."

"At her age?" he said surprised. "That is quite peculiar."

"No, no, no," Andrea interrupted. "It's more than that. Look, I can't explain it

all right now, but she may grow a lot more soon."

There was a moment of silence from the other end of the line. Jacob finally

answered, "Hm. This is an odd set of circumstances."

"You have no idea."

"Well, I would like to have some," he said commandingly. "Fax me a full medical

report to my office as soon as you get to the hospital."

"O.K. What do I do til then?"

"About what?"

"Her height?"

"How big in blazes is she?!"

"Five foot four."

"Well that isn't much of a stretch now is it?" he said with some relief. "You

had me thinking she'd become a bloody giant, for Saint Peter's sake..."

"Still, it's five inches in less than two days," Andrea tried to explain.

"But how many people have measured her at these concerts, hm?" he argued slyly.

"How much time has she really had around other people? And have they all had

time to discuss such things?

"Well, no."

Jacob's voice took on that dashing wit, "So, she had a growth spurt. She's been

touring for weeks now, no one's seen her for quite some time, and growth spurts

in women can happen as late as age twenty."

"I thought it was nineteen," Andrea asked lowly.

"It's twenty," Jacob reassured. "And that's what all the doctors are going to


"O.K., O.K., twenty," Andrea agreed.

"Now, if you'll excuse me," he digressed. "I have some pressing matters to take

up with this new production label."

"Don't let me keep you."

"A pleasure talking with you, Andrea," Jacob said in his usual charming tone.

"To you, too," she smiled.

"Bye for now."


She hung up. That solved one problem. The next was going to wake up in just a

few hours when the valium wore off. Andrea gently stroked Nela's cheek as her

head lay across her lap. The laboratory was only an hour away now. Hopefully,

all this could be straightened out before show time, Andrea prayed.

Part 9

They reached the Las Vegas Institute for Scientific Research at around ten

fifteen that morning. It was about that time that Nela began to stir and make

faint whimpers and garbles like an infant. The valium was wearing off and Andrea

now felt as though she needed some. She decided it was best to keep the details

of Nela's intoxication out of Nela's knowledge.

"It's O.K.," Andrea said softly. "We're here."

"We are?" Nela groaned.


"Wait, where's here?" Nela squinted, and barely pushed the words out.

"Las Vegas," Andrea answered.

Nela was about to sit up with a start, but found she didn't have the capacity,

or at least the energy.

"No, no," Andrea warned. "Don't worry about it."

"But... How? Did I sleep that whole time?" Nela asked groggily.

Andrea smiled, "Yeah. We didn't want to wake you."

"Oh," she said, a trace of doubt lingering.

She was confused, but, maybe that was just her oversleeping. The thought passed

out of her mind as the limo pulled up to a stop in front of the laboratory. Her

mind now thought about what a chore it was going to be trying to stand and then


Andrea and Albert escorted her in while Gina kept her distance. There was

tension mounting in the air. An already unstable relationship between the women

had been formed by the working relationship they shared. Now, it seemed, there

was more to it than that. It was an odd exchange that Gina herself didn't quite

understand to begin with, and this new problem posed a whole new dilemma.

They were greeted by a tall, skinny woman with her shiny blond hair done up in a

tight bun. She wore glasses with narrow, almond-shaped frames that only seemed

to illuminate her green eyes more. Dr.Moira Andrews smiled as the four traveling

companions made it to the front desk at the lobby. A security guard was already

prepared to check them in through the metal detector and allow them access to

the labs that lie within.

"Hi, Ms.Giganti," Dr.Andrews smiled. "We've been expecting you."

Nela made an effort to turn the edges of her lips up in a smile as she nearly

dragged her feet across the floor.

"Hi," Andrea spoke for Nela and then rest, well, except for Albert.

"Hello," he said with a toothy grin.

"And who might this be?" Dr.Andrews said with a little more of a smile.

Gina felt a rash of jealousy suddenly come over her. It washed away when she

realized she had no idea why it started in the first place.

"The bodyguard," Andrea said, interrupting the possibility of any flirtation

between the good doctor and Albert.

"Can we get this started?" Andrea asked, trying not to sound as pushy as her

words would indicate.

"Of course," Moira smiled. "Right this way.

She led them through the security check point and into the halls of the lab.

"The results of our tests on the blood samples were very intriguing," Moira

explained. "It looks like Nela has some kind of reaction going on in her body

like the way a chameleon changes colors to suit its environment, or how a bird's

feathers molt when the seasons change."

"So she's got some genetic flaw?" Andrea tried to understand.

"Not exactly," Moira said. "We're still not sure how this happened. Her genes

are fine. They're perfectly normal human genes. But for some reason, her body's

suddenly manufacturing this mechanism that alters her size and shape from

stimuli, um, usually anger, it seems."

"So how do we fix this?" Andrea asked.

"We can't right now," Moira answered. "We need to figure out how this mechanism

is working. At this point, we don't understand how it got there or what part of

her body is making these new chemicals or why the glands have been turned on

again, or why they're being turned on and off. Hell, we're not sure why there

isn't an off switch for it!"

"Off switch?" Gina muttered.

"Yes, explain that one," Andrea added.

"In most RNA strands," Moira went on, "there is a code that tells the body to

stop making this protein or performing this action. The mechanism in Nela's body

either doesn't have this stop code or it ignores in a way we're not


"So...?" Andrea coaxed.

"Oh, it just means once the first action has been performed, it continues on

again in a loop," Moira explained. "Waiting for the next, exact same

stimuli--anger--to occur."

Gina and Andrea both winced quick looks of worry, both of which went unnoticed

by everyone else present. The concept was a horrible one that Moira prattled on

about nonchalantly. No one else seemed to understand just how bad Nela's temper

was, no one, except for maybr Gina and Andrea.

"One theory going around the water cooler is that the mechanism is keeping some

kind of RNA memory bank and so her growth is becoming propotionally larger,"

Moira was a little excited now. The science behind such a thing was incredible.

"Another idea," she said, her voice dropping in excitement, "if that at some

point, the mechanism will level off or burn out."

She shook her head as they reached the last door at the end of the hall, her

private lab.

"I seriously doubt that one," Moira added. "It just doesn't compute."

They all entered the lab. Nela had been aware of all the talking, but wasn't

able to pay attention and couldn't quite make out what everything meant in her

semi-conscious state. The door closed behind them and Moira went to her computer

while a couple lab assistants greeted them.

"Just a second," she said. She then spoke to the assistants, "Could you guys

hook her up, please?"

"Hook her up?" Andrea asked.

"Oh, it's just a machine used to measure her body's response to things," Moira

said, still punching away at the computer.

Andrea felt the flutter of butterflies beginning to quarrel in her stomach,

"What do you mean?"

The assistants took Nela by the hands and walked her to an isolated section of

the room.

"Oh, reflexes, brain waves... yada yada," Moira trailed off.

She was fully eng

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