Giantess Stories: GIRLFRIENDS by willie      Roger was supposed to be leaving on a fishing trip in ten minutes

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by willie

Roger was supposed to be leaving on a fishing trip in ten minutes. That was the

plan until an hour ago when his friend Tom called and cancelled. It was Friday

evening and Roger had been looking forward to this fishing trip for weeks. Tom

was supposed to pick Roger up at seven. Then they were going to go to Lake

Patchowac to fish and be bachelors for the weekend. When Tom called, he sounded

horrible. He said he left work earlier with flu-like symptoms and went home to

bed. He woke up hours later, still felt bad, and called Roger.

"Don't worry about it," Roger had said. He told Tom to go back to bed and hung

up the phone. "Now what am I supposed to do all weekend?" Roger said to himself.

He knew his wife Stacey had invited two of her friends over to stay with her for

the weekend. Roger knew how awkward he was going to feel when the three young

ladies came home and he was still there. He knew it would only get worse if he

hung around. He definitely did not want to be here. "I'll just go alone," he

said out loud.

Twenty minutes before Tom called, Stacey left to pick up her two friends. She

had kissed Roger and bid him a good time. "Stay out of trouble," was the last

thing Roger heard her say before she closed the front door.

Roger got himself ready to leave and started out the door. "How can I catch fish

without a fishing pole?" Roger thought. Tom had great fishing equipment and was

bringing poles for both of them to use. Roger remembered he had a pole in the

basement. It wasn't a very good fishing pole, but it would work.

Roger headed down into the basement to find his fishing pole. He knew it was

down there somewhere. He looked for a few minutes before seeing it behind

Stacey's supply of chemicals. Stacey worked as a chemist for a pharmaceutical

company. She liked to experiment at home, but hadn't for quite some time. As

Roger tried to work his way around the chemicals, he noticed how old some of the

bottles were. According to the labels, two or three were well past their

expiration dates.

Well, sure enough, Roger got a hold of the fishing pole and tripped as he turned

around. Roger fell over the supply of chemicals, breaking most of the bottles,

and landing face first in the liquid mixture. He cursed, jumped up and examined

himself for damage. The only cut he saw was on his left palm. It was minor, but

his palm had landed in the chemical mixture and was now burning. ///

Roger ran upstairs, without the fishing pole, to wash his hands. He grew light

headed as he ascended the cellar steps, and barely made it into the bedroom. At

the bathroom door, he fainted. He came to at the sound of women's voices.

Roger found himself looking up at the bathroom door knob. Behind him was the

huge walk in closet. He realized immediately that he had shrunk. He lay naked

atop a pile of clothes and he was cold. Roger was not prepared to be found in

this position by his wife and two of her friends. Adrenaline started pumping as

he heard the sound of approaching footsteps and laughter. He had two choices. He

could run into the wide open bathroom, or run into the closet. The bathroom was

not an option. He dove off the clothes and ran into the closet. Roger looked for

a place to hide. The floor was bare except for shoes; Stacey's shoes. She always

left her shoes scattered all over the closet floor. As the ladies came around

the corner into the bedroom, Roger dove. He landed in the closest overturned

pair he came to. Roger liked Stacey's feet and knew all her shoes, but he had no

idea which pair he dove into. He only hoped he wasn't spotted. Not yet anyway.

Roger peered out of his hiding place to see one of Stacey's friends looking his

way. He recognized Linda. Linda was one of Stacey's work mates. Although she

always tried to flirt with him, he never paid her much attention. She was a very

pretty young lady with auburn hair and hazel eyes, but Roger knew her flirting

was just a ploy. Roger knew that deep down, Linda didn't really like him. She

was trying to get a response from him to show Stacey what a louse he really was.

Besides, he and Stacey were happily married for five years. "Where did you say

Roger was", Linda asked Stacey with an evil grin?

"Roger is half way up to the lake by now", Stacey responded as she went into the

bathroom and shut the door. She turned on the shower.

"If we're going out, I need to borrow a pair of shoes", said a voice Roger

didn't know. "My heel broke. Can I borrow a pair?"

"No problem", said Stacey from behind the bathroom door. "Just don't wear my

black boots. I'm wearing them tonight."

"Sit down", Linda said to the mystery woman. "I see just the pair."

Roger dove into the toe section as Linda approached, and instantly was

overwhelmed by the aroma of old faded shoe leather and the pungent smell of

Stacey's feet that he knew all too well. He prayed the shoe he was in was not

the shoe Linda had her eye on, but he prayed to no avail. He felt his perch rise

and move forward. A moment later the light coming in was obstructed by a

gigantic set of bare toes. The toes were each as big as Roger and were followed

by the rest of the foot. Roger tried to run from the approaching toes, but had

nowhere to go. The toes came over him and pinned him down to the soft leather of

the shoe. With a squeeze from above, Roger was deposited under the base of the

toes of a woman he never saw before. The flesh of the toes felt cold and clammy,

and the smell was strong. Then came pressure from all around as the giantess who

owned these toes stood up.

"They're kind of tight", Kim said as she stood up.

"Just try them out for a while", responded Linda.

"But they hurt", said Kim in rebuttal. And hurt they did, but not so much to

Kim. Roger was in agony. The shoes were so tight that Roger couldn't even move a

hand. He was filled with repulsion, not knowing who's toes he was under. His

first attack from these toes didn't last long. Kim sat back down and removed the


Roger ran to the heel section but Linda was quicker. She grabbed the shoes and

headed for the closet. Roger did, though, see the owner of the feet. Kim was

stunning. She had jet black hair with high cheek bones. Her red lips were full,

and she had a body to match. Instantly the repulsion he felt a second ago


"I'll get another pair to try on," said Linda from the closet. She picked up

another shoe and spilled Roger from one shoe to the other. "This is fun", she

whispered and headed back towards Kim. Before Linda put the shoe on the floor,

she made sure Roger was in the toe section. Roger once again did not make it to

the heel before Kim's foot pushed him forward and pinned him down.

"This pair fits a little better", Kim said while walking around the room.

Walking was hard for Roger to take. The swinging and pounding was making him

sick. Not to mention the smelly toe flesh engulfing him with each step. "See if

she has anything just a little larger."

This time Linda came out of the closet with Stacey's dress boots. Kim sat down

and removed the shoe Roger was in and handed it to Linda. She then looked down

to remove the other shoe, giving Linda a chance to make another quick exchange.

Roger was now in the toe section of Stacey's favorite dress boots. They were

well worn and smelled like it. Deep depressions marked the toes. Linda handed

the dress boots to Kim, who put them on, and once again Roger was trapped under

Kim's toes. He could tell the boots were a better fit, but he was still confined

to little movement. Kim's toes went well down into the depressions in the sole

decreasing drastically the amount of room Roger had.

"These will do nicely", said Kim as she stood and walked around the room. "They

are snug, but well worn." Kim and Linda went downstairs to wait for Stacey.

Roger stayed trapped under Kim's toes. Her clammy toes warmed up in no time at

all and began to sweat. Knowing that he was under the toes of a Goddess and the

fact that those same sweaty toes were rubbing his manhood, made Roger extremely

exited. The more Kim walked around, the hornier he got.

Although none of this was his fault, Roger felt guilty. He felt like he was

cheating on Stacey and doing it in her own boot. Fortunately for him, Kim sat

down for a while and the prodding of his hard-on subsided. Roger was able to

catch his breath, so to speak, even though there wasn't much air for him to

breathe. He thought back to the course of events, changing his weekend plans

from a fun fishing trip, to a night under the toes of a beautiful woman he never

met. He wondered just how small he was. He had to be less than an inch.

"Where are my black boots", Stacey called down. "I told you I wanted to where


"Sorry", replied Kim. "These are the only ones I could find that fit.

"Try on these", answered Stacey as she came down the stairs dressed. She gave

Kim the other pair, and walked barefoot into the kitchen. "These should fit you


Kim removed the boots and left them standing on the floor while she tried the

shoes. "I guess I can where these", Kim pouted. "But I don't like them.

Roger ran to the heel of the boot and looked up just in time to see another bare

foot coming his way. "Great", he thought. "Now Stacey is going to wear me all

night." He ran to the toe section to wait for his fate. He wasn't disappointed.

Once again he was pinned down by toes. These toes were a looser fit but were

much more active than Kim's toes. They continually squeezed Roger and pressed

him down. They also didn't smell too good. "How can Stacey's feet smell this bad

if she just got out of the shower?." Roger could not answer that. He was

enjoying the manipulation his manhood was receiving. That is until he heard

Stacey's voice.

"Now where are my boots", she yelled. "Linda, you take them off immediately."

Roger instantly felt sick to his stomach.

"No wonder Stacey's feet still smelled so bad", he thought. "They weren't

Stacey's. They were Linda's. And worse yet, they were arousing me." Roger was

disgusted and couldn't wait to get out from under Linda's toes. "Hurry up you

stupid bitch", came a muffled yell, but no one could hear it.

Finally Linda removed the boots and handed them to Stacey. "I just wanted to try

them on", she said. Stacey put the boots on and Roger was trapped under his

third set of toes in only twenty minutes. These toes were unmistakable. They

were Stacey's. Roger took some relief in that. Although he did not want to be

worn and manipulated all night, at least it was going to be under the clean feet

of his own wife.

"These shoes suck", protested Kim. "Please can I wear your boots."

"Go ahead, Stace, let her where the boots", prodded Linda. "You must have twenty

pairs of shoes up there you can wear."

"Pretty please", added Kim.

"Fine, wear them. Who wants to here you cry all night", Stacey said and pulled

off the boots. She stomped upstairs to find something else to wear. Kim put the

boots back on her feet and once again Roger was trapped under Kim's big toes.

And like earlier, Roger could barely move a muscle.

"Let's go", said Stacey as she came down the stairs. She opened the door and

headed for the car. Linda followed her out the door. Kim was right behind Linda,

and Roger was in Stacey's smelly dress boot, the boot that Linda put him into,

under Kim's pretty but equally smelly toes.

The three young ladies went to a nice restaurant. From there they went to a

night club. While they ate dinner, Roger just had to lay under Kim's toes and

cope. It was very tight and Kim's feet were sweating pretty well, but she was

sitting and Roger was able to handle it. The night club was a different story

entirely. Kim was on her feet almost the entire time. The girls danced and Roger

was pounded into submission. Kim's feet grew sweatier as the night went on.

Roger was hot and thirsty, but all he had to drink was Kim's salty foul tasting

foot sweat.

As the night drew on Roger noticed that the little room he had was dwindling.

When he first went under Kim's foot, he was under two toes. Now he was under

four toes. He was slowly growing. How Kim could not feel him, he didn't know.

Finally The three got into Stacey's car. Linda only had one glass of wine, so

she got behind the wheel. "Where to now girls", she said. "The night is young."

"Let's go back to Stacey's", responded Kim. "These boots are too tight and my

feet are killing me".

"I agree", added Stacey. "I have plenty of wine in the fridge.

"Sounds like a winner", said Linda as she put the car in drive and headed

towards Roger and Stacey's average sized two story colonial.

After Kim entered the house, she immediately removed the boots. It did not take

long for cool air to enter into the opening. It also didn't take long for that

cool air to turn Roger's soaking wet body cold. "I'll run them up", volunteered

Linda picking up the boots. "Stacey, why don't you get us a glass of wine."

"Sure", answered Stacey. "While you're up there, can you bring me down my fluffy

pink slippers.

"You bet", Linda replied with a grin, and ran up the stairs. Once upstairs Linda

dumped the contents of the boot into her hand, and closed her fingers around

Roger. "You are all cold and slimy", She said down to him. "And what's this, you

dirty little man? Turned on by your wife's own friend."

It's true. Roger was turned on. He had a hard on all night long. Being held

captive under a beautiful woman's toes, with his manhood continuously rubbed,

would do this to any man, no matter how uncomfortable he was. Roger was glad he

wasn't driven to orgasm by Kim's toes. He did not want to cheat on Stacey in any

way. With Roger's current cold condition, his hard-on was beginning to weaken.

Linda brought Roger up closer to her face. She held him with her thumb and

forefinger under his armpits. His legs dangled. She then brought her other hand

up and touched Roger's semi erect penis with the fingernail of her baby finger.

It immediately became rock hard. She began gently rubbing his rock hard manhood

with her smooth round fingernail. Roger tried to fight Linda's finger off, but

to no avail. "What's the matter little pervert", Linda whispered as she gently

stroked Roger. "I know you love this. Now tell me, little man, how ever did you

get so small." Roger knew he was not going to hold it much longer, but he did

not want to tell Linda how he shrank. Linda was a chemist for the same company

that Stacey worked for. Roger was afraid she might figure out how to shrink


"If you tell me, I'll stop", she teased. Roger wiggled and fought but would not

talk, so Linda continued the manipulation of Roger's throbbing penis. Roger was

about to have an orgasm when Linda stopped. "Are you ready to talk yet", she

asked Roger. Roger only shook his head. "Stubborn jackass", she called Roger.

This time she brought him up to her lips and finished the job.

Linda tasted the salty warm liquid on her tongue. She then removed Roger and

instantly began manipulating his spent and tender organ with her fingernail

again. "Now are you going to talk, or do we do this all night?"

After Roger came down from the throws of his orgasm, he felt humiliated and

violated. After surviving with no orgasm all evening under the toes of a real

goddess, He was reduced to a dirty little cheat by this bitch who was tormenting

him. And she showed no signs of stopping. He could not take this abuse on his

sensitive organ any longer.

"Chemicals", he screamed "In the basement."

"What", she asked? Linda stopped and held Roger up to her ear. Roger repeated

what he said into Linda's ear. Linda then continued with her fondling of Roger.

"Next time, you little shit, answer me the first time I ask". Linda walked into

Stacey's closet all the while teasing Roger.

Linda found Stacey's slippers, dropped Roger into one, and put them on herself.

Again, Roger was face to face with Linda's smelly feet. This time, he was laying

face down on top of her toes. Linda spread her first two toes and forced Roger's

head between them. She then closed her toes around Roger's neck. Roger was stuck

with his head between Linda's toes. No matter how hard he fought, he could not

pull his head free. It looked like he was stuck in this position until his wife

took her slippers back from Linda.

Fortunately for Roger, the slippers were soft. With each step Linda took, his

head was pile driven into the sole of the slipper. Roger felt the descent down

the stairs. His neck was beginning to ache. His head was held stationary by

Linda's toes, but the loose fitting slippers allowed his body to flop around

with each step. "Stacey will want her slippers back soon", Roger hoped. "When

she does, she'll find me and rescue me from Linda and surely kick her out of the


Linda ran down the stairs to find Stacey and Kim sitting on the sofa laughing.

Each had a glass of wine in her hand. "Watcha doin' Linda", asked Stacey.

"I'll be there in a minute", Linda replied as she walked into the kitchen. Linda

had to find a chance to go downstairs. She had to find out what chemicals Roger

had gotten into. If possible, Linda wanted to shrink Roger down again. He was up

to almost three inches tall and growing fast. She had to get downstairs soon. At

the rate Stacey and Kim were drinking, she knew it was just a matter of time

before she got her chance.

Linda poured herself a glass of wine and joined her friends. They were

discussing the difference between single and married life. Kim was 30 and still

single. She had dated a guy for years, but broke up six months ago. She wanted a

man badly, but found most men were intimidated by her beauty. The ones that

weren't tended to be cocky jerks. As long as Linda kept her foot still, Roger

was able to follow the conversation. Linda jumped right into the discussion

explaining how at 25, she dated often. Her problem, she claimed, was they all

wanted one thing. Roger knew that after one date with her, any sane man would

run. He wondered when Stacey would remember her slippers so he could get his

face out from in between the smelly toes of a woman he now despised.

Stacey then began telling the other two about some of her and Roger's exploits.

She talked about romantic evenings they shared. She talked about how the

romantic evenings progressed. She told them secrets that she never would have

talked about if she wasn't getting drunk. Each time Stacey told something juicy,

Linda scrunched her toes and drove Roger's face into the bottom of the slipper.

Then Stacey told her friends about how Roger loved to have his face sat on. She

explained to them that she sat on his face for an hour and a half last week

while she talked on the phone. They all laughed when Stacey told Linda that she

was one the calls Stacey made while on Roger's face.

Kim stood up. "I have to go to the ladies room", she said still giggling.

"Go upstairs", Stacey ordered. "I want to show you something". Both Stacey and

Kim ran upstairs. Linda realized this was her chance, so as soon as they hit the

top step she headed for the cellar stairs. Grabbing a sheet of paper and pencil,

Linda went down. Roger really thought his neck was going to break as she went.

Linda quickly found the chemical spill. Some of the mixture was still on the

floor. She scooped it up and deposited the liquid in a baby food jar that she

found. She then carefully looked at the broken bottle labels and wrote down the

ingredients of each. Being a chemist, Linda was sure she new what each chemical

was; even the ones with unreadable labels. After she finished, she ran back

upstairs and went into the powder room. Her two friends were just on their way

back into the living room.

Linda removed Roger from the slipper and began searching him for the small cut

she knew he had. Roger did not like Linda flipping him around with her fingers.

Finally she found the small abrasion on Roger's hand. "You call this a cut, you

little sissy", she asked. "Well we'll see if it still works." Under the vanity,

Linda found a Q-tip. She dipped it into the chemical solution then rubbed it

onto Roger's hand. Roger tried to pull his hand away, but of course he couldn't.

Linda opened her hand and was amazed. Roger began to shrink before her eyes. He

shrank down to about a half an inch, and lay motionless in her hand.

Roger realized he was shrinking again. It was a weird sensation. After he

stopped shrinking, he lay still for about a minute with his eyes closed. He was

too afraid to open them. He did not want to see how small he was. Finally, Roger

opened his eyes and sat up.

The first thing he saw was the palm he was sitting on. It stretched 40 feet in

all directions. Roger felt like he was sitting on a large trampoline, capable of

propelling him skyward at any moment. The creases and lifelines of the giant

palm were like dried river beds. Then Roger felt a cool moist breeze, He gazed

toward the source and jumped when he saw a set of lips the size of a greyhound

bus. A wave of terror filled Roger as he felt himself rise towards those lips.

Closer and closer he went until they filled his field of vision. The palm he was

sitting on did not stop its ascent until it pushed Roger against and then in

between the lips. His movement stopped momentarily, until a giant tongue wrapped

around him and pulled him inside Linda's cavernous mouth.

"Now that I have the secret ingredients, I should swallow the evidence", Linda

said over Roger. She then began to suck on Roger unmercifully. Roger was

petrified. He knew this crazy bitch would swallow him alive. He did not want to

die dissolving in Linda's sour stomach.

Linda hid the baby food jar in the bathroom and reentered the living room. Kim

was rubbing lotion on Stacey's foot. "What are you two doing", Linda asked while

sucking on Roger.

"Kim is just rubbing Vaseline on my feet", Stacey answered. If I don't do this

every night, My feet get really dry. Then I wear socks to bed."

"I'll do the other one", Linda said as she sat on the coffee table next to Kim.

She scooped up some Vaseline and began applying it to Stacey's foot. "You're

feet don't feel dry to me", she said.

Kim finished with the foot she was doing and slid on Stacey's white cotton sock.

She stood up sat on the sofa and yawned. "I'm beginning to get tired"' she said.

Linda finished soon after, but before she put the sock on Stacey's foot, she

faked a sneeze and spit Roger into the sock. While inserting Stacey's foot into

the sock, Linda was able to stick Roger up against the soul of Stacey's foot.

The Vaseline held him there like a fly on flypaper. Roger tried to move and

tickle Stacey's foot so she would feel him and rescue him. Once again he was

unable to move. He was now stuck under the arch of his wife's foot. Roger

figured this was probably where he was spending the night. He was correct.

The next morning the three young ladies sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee

and eating bagels. Stacey still had on the socks she wore to bed. Linda couldn't

help but stare at Stacey's foot, wondering if Roger was still stuck. She also

was dying to know if he grew again. "What's so fascinating about Stacey's feet",

Kim asked Linda?

"Oh nothing". she answered and quickly looked away. "So what are you guys doing

today", she asked trying to change the subject?

"How about we do a little shopping", Stacey asked?

"That sounds good to me", Kim replied. "Let's go to the new mall."

"Great", said Stacey. "How about you", she said turning to Linda.

"I have to run to the lab for about an hour this morning", she answered. "I'll

catch up with you two later."

"You can use my car", Stacey told her. The mall is only about a fifteen minute


Linda waited until the other two left. She picked up her notes and the jar of

chemicals and left for the lab. She was so excited. After she learned the

ingredients to the shrinking formulae, there was no stopping her. She would

become a millionaire, after of course she tended to some business. Secretly,

Linda was jealous of Stacey. Stacey was happily married. She was taller than

Linda and men always looked at her first. It bothered Linda that she was

supposed to be Stacey's friend, not Kim. She didn't like it when Stacey also

invited Kim over for the weekend. But what really bothered Linda was the fact Fiesta de los Oscars para Niños y Niñas

that Stacey held a better position in the company. Linda knew she was smarter

and more qualified than Stacey, But she was always overlooked at promotion time.

Ever since Stacey got her last promotion, Linda secretly loathed her.

Stacey and Kim window shopped mostly. Kim bought a sweater, but Stacey bought

nothing. They did a great deal of walking. And yes, Roger was indeed still under

his wife's sole, and she had no idea. Fortunately, Roger was still small enough

that he was unharmed. Stacey was wearing sneakers that helped to absorb the blow

of her walking. He was having a miserable time, though. He was unable to fathom

how Stacey could not feel him. He was hot. He was hungry. The only liquid he got

was again salty foot sweat, which only made him more thirsty. And although the

pounding he was taking wasn't life threatening, it was wearing his body down. He

wondered how much more he could take.

Meanwhile back at the lab, Linda was diligently working on her shrinking potion.

She first analyzed the solution, figuring out exactly what chemicals were in it.

She then figured out the ratio of each chemical in the solution. Testing on lab

rats, she optimized the ratio. Finally she added the needed chemicals to allow

the skin to absorb the mixture. She made a batch and put it in an aerosol

canister. She was as happy as she ever was. Her life was about to change, and so

was Stacey's.

Linda left the lab and headed for the mall. She found her friends in the parking

lot. "How nice of you to join us", Stacey barked. "We've been here all day

waiting for you."

"Sorry", Linda replied, "My boss left me an urgent problem. I had to finish it.

Some of us have to earn our promotions."

"What's that supposed to mean", Stacey protested.

"Nothing", answered Linda as she turned back toward the car. "I didn't mean

anything. I'll drive you two back at the house."

Stacey looked at Kim who looked back. They both shook their heads and got into

the car.

By the time they got home to Stacey's house it was 4:00. Kim said she was hot

and sweaty and went upstairs into the bathroom to take a shower. Stacey sat on

the sofa and removed her shoes. She then removed her socks. She rubbed the

bottom of one hot smelly foot , then the other. "Hey, what's this", she

explained as she brought something up to her face. "Oh my God", she shrieked.

There is a tiny man in my sock, and he's still alive. How the heck did - no way

- Roger! Oh my God Roger! How did this happen to you? How long have you been in

there? I'm so sorry, but how was I supposed to know." Stacey was on the verge of

freaking out. She went on until Linda stopped her.

"What is it Stace", Linda asked as if she didn't already know. Stacey opened her

palm to show Linda her tiny husband.

"I can't believe this", She said. "Look at Roger."

"I can", said Linda as she grabbed Roger out of Stacey's hand, then quickly

sprayed her with the solution.

"What are you doing", protested Stacey as she began to shrink. Linda watched in

complete fascination as Stacey shrank. Stacey, on the other hand was paralyzed

with fear. She realized quickly what her so called friend did to her.

Stacey stopped shrinking at about one inch tall. Linda quickly snatched her up.

With Roger's inch tall body in one hand and Stacey in the other, Linda ran

upstairs. She grabbed Kim's sweat pants that were hanging on the door. She then

found a needle and thread and sowed Roger to the seat section of the sweats. She

positioned him so he would press up against the right cheek of Kim. Roger was

too beat up to fight. He laid still while Linda sowed him on. Stacey was next.

Linda sowed her screaming struggling tiny body to the other seat. When she was

finished neither spouse could move. "You like facesitting", Linda tormented.

"Let's see how you like being the recipient, Stace." She then hung Kim's sweats

back on the door and waited.

Linda didn't have to wait long at all. Kim stepped out of the shower, dried

herself off, and wrapped the towel around. "Where's Stacey", she asked Linda?

"Stacey had to run into work", Linda answered.

"On a Saturday night? You've got to be kidding."

"We are working on this really sensitive project", Linda explained. "They call

us in on the spur of the moment sometimes, and we have no choice but to go."

"That sucks", Kim said. I'm glad I work for an insurance company". Kim didn't

just work at an insurance company. She had an executive position with many

people, mostly men, under her. "What are we supposed to do without Stacey."

"Let's order a pizza". Linda answered.

"That sounds fine" said Kim reluctantly.

"I'll order it, and meet you downstairs. What do you like on your pizza?'

"Whatever you want", said Kim as she grabbed for her sweats. "Just not anything

too funky."

Roger and Stacey were hanging up-side-down. Roger knew where he and Stacey were.

He didn't know if Stacey knew. She was screaming and crying. He called to her,

but she didn't answer him. He wanted to help her. He wanted to at least comfort

her, but he couldn't. Roger knew what was in store for he and Stacey when Kim

put her sweats on. He was already numb from his experiences. Stacey was not. She

was about to suffer a humiliating and perhaps painful evening under another

woman's backside. After about two minutes of hanging in Kim's sweats, Stacey

began to calm down a little. She was about to talk to Roger when the sweats

began to move. Instantly Stacey began to scream again. Roger felt downward

movement. Stacey screamed, "no!" Roger looked up out of the opening and saw a

foot entering. Stacey screamed, "no no!" Roger looked straight ahead and saw a

heel, then a calf, then the back of a knee. He heard Stacey screaming, "no no

no!" Then Roger slid up the back of a smooth muscular thigh, only to stop inches

away from the most magnificent thing he ever laid his eyes on.

Roger adored Stacey's ass, but the one he was being subjected to now was

perfect. It was plump, not fat, plump and round with smooth soft skin. Roger's

head was toward the bottom of the cheek, where it starts to curve back in

towards the thigh. He knew that if Kim sat, or more like when Kim sat, he and

poor Stacey would be completely buried in ass flesh. Although the sweats were

loose fitting, Roger felt his legs and erect manhood rubbing against Kim's ass.

His face was literally inches from her skin. As Kim walked, Roger watched her

ass cheek move from side to side. He had a magnified, larger than life view of a

walking rear end in action. There was nothing more beautiful to Roger in the

whole wide world than a women's ass in action. Despite knowing that soon he

would be suffering under this perfect ass, Roger was in heaven. Stacey on the

other hand, was at the gates of hell.

After putting on her sweatpants and a sweatshirt, Kim headed downstairs. Linda

was already sitting on the sofa. When Kim sat down next to Linda, Stacey's

suffering really began. She was pressed flat and surrounded by Kim's ample ass

cheek. She could not move a muscle or breathe. Stacey didn't know that her

shrunken body did not need much air. For the first few minutes her mind was

panicking with fear of suffocation, but that feeling subsided and a sense of

humiliation set in. She wanted this to end quickly, but it did not. She was

forced to lay under her friends ass and just endure.

After long minutes the pressure on Stacey suddenly became lighter. At first she

thought Kim was getting up, but Kim didn't. Kim had crossed her left leg over

her right one. This relieved some of the pressure on Stacey and gave her a

chance to breathe. In turn it made Roger's dilemma worse.

Roger had accepted his fate and was making the best of it. He too was being

smothered in ass flesh. He wasn't too worried about breathing. He figured Kim

had to reposition herself at one point allowing him to catch a breath. After a

few minutes Kim did reposition herself, but not to Roger's advantage. When she

crossed her leg, Roger was buried even further in Kim's Right butt cheek. Roger

knew he could take only a few minutes of this. He needed to breath and the

pressure on his tiny body was more than he could take, but Kim just sat there

with her legs crossed. Roger felt himself slipping away. The fear that took over

the calmness he had earlier faded away as Roger passed out.

Forty minutes after Kim unknowingly sat down on the couch with two prisoners

under her ass, the door bell rang. Kim got up to get the pizza. She paid the

delivery boy and dropped the pizza onto the coffee table. She called upstairs to

inform Linda that the pizza had arrived. Linda, who ran upstairs twenty minutes

earlier to take a shower, called back down that she was coming. Kim then went

into the kitchen, and opened the fridge. Stacey had wine, but Kim wanted

something stronger. If she had to spend the night with Stacey's friend Linda,

she needed something harder. She closed the refrigerator door and began

searching for the cabinet where Roger kept the booze.

"What are you looking for", asked Linda as she came into the kitchen?

"I want something a little harder than wine", Kim answered. "They must have

something in here."

"Over here in this cupboard". Linda opened it and pulled out an unopened bottom

of vodka. "I'll make us each a screwdriver".

Linda found some orange juice and mixed it with the vodka in two tall glasses.

The girls took their drinks into the living room and sat on the floor in front

of the pizza.

In the ten minutes it took for Kim to get the pizza and a drink, both Roger and

Stacey woke up. They would have been better off asleep. No sooner had their

cobwebs cleared, when Kim sat back down again. The floor was much harder than

the sofa, and Kim's captives were really beginning to suffer. They were both

once again about to pass out when Kim slid up onto the sofa. This only prolonged

the inevitable. The one breath they were each able to take kept them conscious

for twenty more minutes of agony until they both passed out.

Kim and Linda watched TV for hours. Kim got up every now and then to get a drink

or look for something to snack on. Stacey and Roger spent hours gasping for any

mouthful of air they could get. Unfortunately for them, air under Kim's ass was

a precious commodity. They each were smothered unconscious time and time again

only to regain consciousness when Kim stood up. She never stayed up for long.

Just long enough to revive her prisoners so their torture could continue.

Linda had her shrinking spray with her all evening. She planned on using it on

Kim too. She wanted three sex slaves of her own. The reason she didn't spray Kim

was that she was enjoying the thought of the couple under Kim's ass too much.

Every half hour or so, if Kim didn't do it on her own, she gave Kim some excuse

to stand up. She did not want her little friends to smother to death. She wanted

them alive and suffering.

Linda's only mistake was she had too much to drink and fell asleep on the sofa.

Kim, who also drank too much, saw Linda asleep and decided to go to bed herself.

She turned off the TV and stumbled upstairs.

Roger came to, to find he no longer was being smothered. He was no longer under

pressure. He was no longer under Kim's ass. It took him a minute to figure out

just where he was. Looking up, lying on his back, he saw huge calves and knees

and a toilet seat. He was still in the sweats on the bathroom floor in front of

the toilet. Kim still had her feet in the sweats while she sat on the toilet.

Roger watched Kim's hands reach down towards the sweats. He prepared himself for

that upward motion and then more ass torture, but it didn't happen. Kim removed

each sock, stood up, flushed the toilet, and walked out of the sweats. Roger

breathed a sigh of relief. He called to Stacey but she didn't answer. His relief

turned to worry for his wife.

After two minutes of lying on the bathroom floor, Roger realized he had to get

out of these sweats before Linda came looking. He still couldn't move at all. He

began working on the binding holding down his right hand. Slowly his hand became

loose and then free. Once he freed his hand it was a matter of time before his

whole body was free. Roger ran to the other seat and tried to revive Stacey. He

untied her and rocked her in his arms until she awoke. Roger then carried his

wife to safety in the bathroom closet where they could regain their senses.

Once in the safety of the closet, Roger explained to Stacey how Tom had

cancelled on him and he fell into the acid and shrank. He told Stacey how Linda

made a shrinking solution and used it on her. Stacey figured she should begin to

grow back soon since she was only hit with one dose. She couldn't say the same

about Roger since he was hit more than once. "There is one thing I do know for

sure", Stacey promised. "That bitch Linda will pay dearly."

After about thirty minutes in the closet, Roger noticed his wife was growing.

Ten minutes later she was twice Roger's size. From there, she grew quickly and

was full size again in less than an hour. Stacey picked up Roger and carried him

into the bedroom. She put him on the counter while she dressed into panties, a

bra, a low cut shirt, and jeans. She placed Roger in her cleavage. Thanks to the

low cut shirt, Roger had a good view. The heat coming off Stacey's breasts gave

Roger the much needed warmth his tiny cold body needed.

After checking to see that Kim was fast asleep in her bed, nude, Stacey snuck

downstairs to find Linda snoring on the sofa. Next to Linda, wedged into the

sofa was the shrinking solution. Stacey crept up to the sofa and quickly grabbed

the bottle. "Come on, make my day", she said to Linda, but Linda didn't budge.

Stacey gave Linda a poke. She nudged her harder. Finally, Stacey shook Linda.

Linda was oblivious to the world. Roger watched the action from his very

comfortable perch between Stacie's breasts. Stacey then went through Linda's

pockets and found her notes. The chemists at their company were trained to keep

a thorough record of their work. Stacey knew Linda wasn't very smart, but she

did keep good notes.

Stacey went through the notes and found the exact solution in the spray bottle.

She understood the basics totally. How this wasn't invented sooner was a

mystery. There was just one minor addition Stacey wanted to make to the

solution. She took out her own pad and paper and did some calculating of her

own. After only twenty minutes she said down to Roger, "I have it. We need to

add a little ingredient that will make the shrunken person need no air at all.

You see, where Linda is going there is no air."

Roger enjoyed the ride down the cellar stairs. He watched Stacey mix three

chemicals together and stir them slowly over a flame. As Stacey leaned over the

flame, Roger had to duck down between the tits he loved to avoid the heat.

Finally, Stacey measured out a small amount of her compound and added it to the

solution. "That's it", she proclaimed and Roger enjoyed another ride up the

cellar stairs.

After checking to see that Linda hadn't moved, Stacey put the enhanced shrinking

formulae on the kitchen counter and got herself and Roger something to eat and

drink. "I want the bitch awake when I spray her. I want to see the look on her

face when she sees it's her turn." Roger felt a stirring in his groin thinking

about Stacey punishing Linda. Roger wondered if Stacey really had it in her to

go through with her plans. Normally, he knew there was no chance, but after what

Linda put her through she just might.

Stacey went into the living room with her tiny passenger and went over to the

sofa. When she bent over to nudge Linda, Linda stirred. Stacey remembered she

left the solution in the kitchen and quickly turned and ran in that direction.

Roger, who was leaning over the edge of Stacey's bra to see what was happening

fell when Stacey turned and landed on Linda's lap. Stacey went into the kitchen

with no idea she no longer had Roger.

Linda woke with a start. She immediately saw Roger's panicking form and grabbed

him. "How did you get here you little shit", she muttered to Roger. "Never mind.

You're a dead man."

Linda stood up and dropped Roger onto the floor. She immediately kicked off

Stacey's slipper that she still had on and stepped on Roger. She didn't press

down hard; not yet anyway. Linda wanted Roger's death to be slow and painful.

She had Roger's face between the base of her first two toes. Roger could see

Linda's face far above from between her toes and she looked mad. He knew Stacey

would be back momentarily. He hoped he wasn't crushed in the mean time. Linda

saw the fear in Roger's eyes as she slowly began crushing him to death.

Linda wasn't in the kitchen more than thirty seconds before she realized Roger

wasn't with her. She quickly grabbed the solution and ran into the living room

to find Linda standing and grinding something into the carpet. Linda was so

preoccupied in stepping on Roger that she never saw Stacey coming. Stacey

quickly lifted the bottle and sprayed Linda in the face.

"NO", screamed Linda as she went after Stacey and the bottle. Stacey went down

on her back with Linda on top. Both had their hands on the spray bottle. Roger

sat up and watched the two colossal women roll around on the floor. He got up

and ran. He headed for underneath the sofa before he was rolled over and killed.

Linda was finally able to wrestle the bottle away from Stacey. She stood up,

pointed the spray bottle toward Stacey and began to shrink. She shrank so fast

she dropped the bottle before she was able to squeeze the trigger. The bottle

hit the floor in front of the sofa. Unfortunately for Roger, when the bottle hit

the ground, it discharged and Roger was hit with another dose of the shrinking


Roger who had very slowly grown back to 4 inches was reduced to less than half

an inch tall. The robe Stacey had made for him fell off, and at this size he was

literally freezing to death. The only place Roger could go was inside the

slipper Linda had just stepped out of. He ran for it. Luckily it was laying on

its side at the edge of the sofa. It took Roger a few seconds to travel the 4

inches he had to go, but he made it and crawled into the warmth of the slipper.

The slipper smelled badly of Linda's foot. It also had the worn in smell of

Stacey's foot. After all Roger had been through, he didn't care. He just wanted

to get warm. He went all the way to the tip of the toe section and curled into a


When Linda began to shrink, she was standing with one foot in Stacey's slipper.

When she finished shrinking, she was about 4 inches tall and was lying

unconscious in that same slipper. Stacey picked up the slipper and sat on the

sofa until she caught her breath. She got on her hands and knees to look for

Roger. She knew he was alright because she had seen him run under the sofa.

Stacey looked until Linda began to stir.

Linda woke up screaming. She looked out of the slipper to see Stacey's huge face

looking back down at her. She tried to stand but Stacey shook the slipper and

Linda fell back down. Stacey poked her finger into the slipper and put Linda on

her back with her head in the toe section. While holding Linda's squirming body

with her finger, Stacey lowered the slipper to the floor. "Now its your turn to

suffer you worthless little bitch", she said as she inserted her foot and stood

up. Stacey knew that walking on Linda in her slipper would be painful, but would

not harm her. The ingredient she added to the solution would see to that. Stacey

then located her other slipper and slipped it on. She felt a tiny soft ball

under her toe but was too concerned with Linda to pay it much attention. Linda

then went down to the basement again.

Roger knew he was under toes again. He felt like he couldn't buy a break this

weekend. He had seen Linda win the fight and he thought he saw her spray Stacey.

He did not know if Stacey was able to spray Linda before the struggle began. In

other words he didn't know whose toes he was under. For all he knew, both Stacey

and Linda may have shrunk and Kim might have come down and put on the slippers.

He only wanted to get warm.

Stacey quickly found a bottle of chloroform and poured a small amount onto a

small towel. She then ran up two flights of stairs, enjoying the feeling of

mashing Linda's face into her toes with each step. She snuck into Kim's room and

held the towel over Kim's nose and mouth. Stacey did not want Kim to wake up

while she did what she had to do. She knew the chloroform would only last about

an hour. Stacey then removed Linda from her slipper and laid her on the bed next

to Kim. Before Linda could get up and try to run, Stacey sprayed her again with

the solution. Linda immediately shrunk down again. Now she was only about a half

inch tall and she would remain that size all day and all night.

Linda stood up and realized just how tiny she now was. The bed seemed to go on

for miles. She saw Stacey's giant thumb and forefinger come from above and grab

her. Her body accelerated forward until it was above Kim's stomach. The fingers

holding Kim loosened and Linda fell, landing just below Kim's belly button. She

stood and was immediately nudged by the giant finger toward the hairy bush in

front of her. She struggled, but could not stop being pushed through the jungle

to Kim's giant pussy lips. The lips parted ever so slightly as Linda was pushed

inside. Linda was pushed as far into Kim's vagina as she could go. Stacey's

finger withdrew leaving Linda all alone, unable to move or breathe. She was able

to cry, and cry she did.

With the dirty work done, Stacey covered Kim. She kicked off her other slipper

and went into her bedroom. She put on socks and her sneakers and looked at the

alarm clock. It was six in the morning. She went down stairs to put on a cup of

coffee and look for Roger.

Stacey made coffee and looked for Roger for over an hour. She couldn't find him

anywhere and was now really worried. She was back in the kitchen when Kim came

down and sat at the kitchen table. "Good morning Stace", she said. "I just had

the most amazing dream. I think I need a cold shower."

"Maybe you're just a hornball", Stacey answered as she turned. Kim had on the

same sweats as last night. The thought of them gave Stacey a cold shiver. Kim

also had on Stacey's fluffy slippers. Stacey looked at the slippers and

remembered she had felt something soft and round in them. Could Roger be in the

slippers? If he was, he shrank again. She would check as soon as Kim took off

the slippers.

"Where's Linda", Kim asked.

"I took her home last night", Stacey answered. "What do you want to do today?"

"I think I just want to go home". Actually Kim was so horny that she wanted to

go home and play with herself. Kim and Stacey ate some breakfast, and Kim went

upstairs to get dressed. Stacey followed her up and waited for Kim to remove the

slippers. When she did, Stacey took the slippers into her bedroom and shook them

out. Sure enough, an even tinier Roger fell into her open palm.

"Oh Thank god", Stacey said. "But now what am I going to do with you." She once

again dropped him in her cleavage. After making sure he could not fall out

again, she went downstairs and waited for Kim.

Kim barely made it through the car ride home without cumming in her pants. She

jumped out of the car and ran into the house. Stacey spent the rest of the day,

and most of the week, with Roger between her breasts. He was happy there. He was

warm and comfortable. Roger and Stacey had great sex that week. Someone called

in sick for Linda on Monday morning. Whomever it was said she'd be out all week.

On Monday night, Kim called Stacey to thank her for the little present she gave

her. After explaining the course of events of the weekend, Stacey sent Kim a

small sample of the solution to keep her new pet small. Kim promised to never

tell a soul about the solution. Stacey never did see Linda again. Rumor had it

that she resigned and moved away. Kim never married but always seemed happy.

Stacey and Roger lived happily ever after. Stacey never did get a patent for the

shrinking solution. That's not to say she never used it.

Giantess Stories: GIRLFRIENDS by willie      Roger was supposed to be leaving on a fishing trip in ten minutes

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