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Glumdalclitch's Travels


Soviet Hybrid

2 long years after Gulliver had disappeared from her life,

Glumdalclitch, now aged 18, found it hard to live her life without

him. Many restless nights as she tossed and turned in bed, wondering

if Gulliver had made it home or if he was in trouble. She thought

about going to search for Gulliver and to bring him home but her

parents thought otherwise.


A new year had begun at the crack of midnight and the land of

Brobdingnag rejoiced in celebration and festivities.

“You are always sad Glumdalclitch. Can't you once be happy for a

moment and stop thinking of that thing?” asked Glumdalclitch's father

“Gulliver isn't a thing, he is a great man and he is my best friend,”

replied Glumdalclitch with an angry look towards her father,

“Gulliver and I were going to go back to his home where we would have

great times together.”

Glumdalclitch's father got up and walked to the door and looked back

with a depressed sigh, “Your mother and I want you to cheer up, at

least come down for a small bite t eat won't you?”

Glumdalclitch looked out the window and her father sighed again and

closed the door when the door was opened again moments later by

Glumdalclitch's friend Belinda.

“Glummy are still wrapped up with Gulliver even on a festive evening

such as tonight?” asked a concerned Belinda, “We miss the old

Glumdalclitch who used to have a smile and who used frolic with her

friends in the long grass and help with the berry pickers during the


“I'll smile when I see Gulliver again either him being here with me

or me with him where he lives,” replied Glumdalclitch

“Let's say you do find Gulliver at his home can you imagine how big

you will be compared to the rest of his land?” asked Belinda, “ The

tallest of trees would only graze your waist and the tallest of

palaces would only tower a few inches above you, you would become a

female mountain.”

“I don't care, spending time with Gulliver had made me realise that

size isn't important it's the person inside that counts after all,”

replied Glumdalclitch

“It may not matter to you or Gulliver but what about the other

Gulliver's and the people from Gulliver's home? Most of them would

come up to your ankle and you would be like eighty or ninety foot and

you wouldn't probably see them. They would be like rats or ants down

at your feet making you feel even more alone than you are now because

there are no other people your size,” explained Belinda

“How do you think Gulliver felt when he was here, he had no one his

size yet he coped and managed to deal with it,” Glumdalclitch said

“Yeah but if Gulliver got bored or angry he couldn't crush a village

if he got mad or stepped on people if they annoyed him, just think

about it and just think about what you are missing here, at home,

with people your own size,” explained Belinda as she walked towards

the door, “If you change your mind I will be at the boat house if you

want to catch up what you have missed.”

The early hours fell across the city and silence could only be heard.

Glumdalclitch was again tossing and turning in bed then suddenly

awoke. She got dressed and ran silently into the main room. She

opened a tin and took some of her father's money, she then grabbed a

backpack and put some food in she was saving for the winter months.

Her bag was packed and she put her cloak over herself and crept out

the door. She walked hastily to the docks where she stole a small

sail boat and set sail towards the night horizon hoping she would

someday soon meet Gulliver again.

Morning had broken and the golden sunrise had woken Glumdalclitch up

from her quiet sleep. The water was as calm as it was the night she

left a few hours before. There were no signs of storms and no signs

of cloud yet a cool breeze managed to blow the ship through the water

with speed.

She had only been travelling for a few hours but she could see a

small white haze in at the top of the horizon. She thought to herself

that it could be a coastline, she thought to herself that she may of

found Gulliver's world. Much to her disappointment she had only found

a huge thick fog covering the huge expanse of the ocean.

Glumdalclitch didn't want to turn back so she headed onwards in to

the fog feeling that fog would only last a few hours. Those few hours

turned to an entire day and Glumdalclitch found it hard to stay

awake. She eventually fell asleep to much of her struggling to keep


She awoke the next morning to find that most of the fog had dispersed

and most of the ocean's horizon was visible once again. She looked

for hours on end looking for land where she may get more food and

clean drinking water. Then out of the corner of her eye she saw a


This wasn't another cloud of fog this was a real coastline. White

cliffs then seemed to fill her field of view as she set a course to

head for the coast. After some nifty sailing through some shallow

rocks she managed to reach the coastline. The boat came up on the

beach, just near enough for Glumdalclitch to walk back to the boat.

Glumdalclitch gathered her bag and left her cloak on the boat since

there was a high sun with a blistering heat. She jumped off the boat

in to the warm shallow water. Glumdalclitch was still wearing what

she left in. She lifter up her long and bulky pink dress so that it

was not soaked by the time she got to the beach. Her silver buckled

shoes where soaked as the walked through the shallow water that came

up to her white stocking ankles. She got the beach after a few

minutes in the shallow.

She started to walk closer to the cliff fearing she may have to climb

some distance in order to get to the top. It then came to her

attention that shouldn't have to climb far, in fact she wouldn't have

to climb at all.

“What an interesting illusion, the cliffs seemed far bigger when at

sea but up close they are less than a foot high,” Glumdalclitch said

with a smile as she started to giggle at the small cliff side.

Glumdalclitch lifter up her foot and stepped up the small cliff side

with ease. She let down her dress and started to walk forwards.

“This grass is interesting as well, the grass seems to be in several

colours and a chequered patter much like a chess table.”

Glumdalclitch was fascinated on the amount of detail put in to the

field she was walking through.

Glumdalclitch then stopped and looked down. There was a small yellow

box that only just caught her attention. It was no bigger than her

little finger nail. She stepped back and got down on her knees to

take a close look. Even though she was kneeling she still couldn't

tell what it was she was looking at so she shuffled back on her knees

and laid on her front to take an even close look.

Her face was right in front of the small yellow box, she squinted her

eyes to get focused on the box. She finally got focused and realised

what it was with an astonished look.

“This can't be…….this is impossible………this……this………I'm…….”

Glumdalclitch was speechless at what she had found, “ It's a tiny

farm house…...oh my…….this can't be Gulliver's home because this is

far too small. Oh my, a people smaller than Gulliver himself,

Gulliver being the smallest man have ever known is now a giant

compared to this house and I……………I must be the size of an island”

As she was talking to herself her thundering voice had and gale force

wind breath blew down the house. Glumdalclitch noticed the house

being blown away so she reached out with her hand to try and catch

the house but she ended up crushing the tiny house under her gigantic


Glumdalclitch stood up and looked around, she saw what appeared to

her as green moss but was in miles up on miles of forests and trees.

She looked around again and saw a grey and white field a couple of

yards passed the moss. She then looked at herself.

“I don't feel any different. I haven't grown at all to my knowledge.

I feel the same I was when I left the port of Brobdingnag. Maybe I

should go than trying to contact the tiny people of the land in case

of any accidents…………or maybe not!”

Glumdalclitch unzipped herself and slipped out of her bulky pink

dress and down to her white silk undergarment, white panties, white

stocking and silver shoes.

“If I'm going to say hello before I go wouldn't want to destroy

anything with the bottom of my skirt dragging behind me,” thought

Glumdalclitch as she undressed.

Glumdalclitch started walking towards the grey and white field

through the green moss. She knew by now that everything here was

microscopic and the green moss was a grand forest. Glumdalclitch

giggled as she could feel the tips of some of the taller trees brush

against her ankle and she walked through the forest making huge

footprints the size of lakes taking out tress by the hundreds.

She reached the city walls which were over a hundred feet high for

the tiny people but for Glumdalclitch it barely reached passed the

bottom of her buckle on her shoe. She looked and a smiled.

“Now I know what Belinda said, but in this case I am beyond the sizes

compared that of Gulliver. This city is like an ant colony, lots of

tiny, microscopic ants living their lives day to day hoping that once

day they don't get squashed. Wait a minute this must be the place

Gulliver told me about, where he himself was the size of me back in

Brobdingnag and the size of him were the size of the little people.

Oh my I must be miles high, miles too tall for the emperor

of……….er…….what was that place…….oh Lilliput!” said Glumdalclitch to

herself and anyone else that heard, “he also told me that they tried

to hurt him because he made water in the royal grounds trying to save

the empress's life. Ungrateful little ants, well their tiny stick and

stones can't brake my bones, neither can anything else in this world”

As Glumdalclitch was talking to herself she heard what appeared to be

gunpowder echo's coming from somewhere. She looked down and saw tiny

light spots coming from the ground. She knelt down on her feet to

take a close look and saw thousands of Lilliputans shooting at her

gargantuan foot.

Glumdalclitch laughed as she felt nothing and knew that this was the

best they could do to her. She stood up to her full height and

thought of what she should do. She knew that she could just step on

them and that would be that on the other hand she sould play along

and pretend that she has taken a hit, after all they wanted her shot!

Glumdalclitch playfully raised her arm to her forehead and shouted,

“OW! YOU GOT ME! I FEEL LIKE I AM DIEING.” The soldiers rejoiced

until they realised that she started to fall forwards. They ran as

fast as they could but the gargantuan Glumdalclitch was too big to

run from. Her fifty mile high body was falling in some what slow

motion as the Lilliputans could only watch as parts of her body

shadowed the surrounding parts of the city.

Her feet stretched out and crushed the hundred foot wall, her legs

and knees impacted in to the houses and streets, her upper torso

flattening a huge chuck of the city and several monuments, her arms

came down first and then her head on top of her hands as they

impacted feet away from the Lilliput Palace.

Smoke had risen and fires started, hundreds if not thousands dead

under her fifty mile high long body. She raised her head and saw what

appeared to be the palace since it was the tallest building around.

Glumdalclitch playfully smiled at the occupants in the palace even

though her eyes couldn't see anyone. She sat up and curled her legs

and demolishing any house and building that survived the initial

impact and shockwaves that followed. She opened her mouth wide, as

wide as she humanly could and lowered it over the entire palace.

Her teeth grinded into the concrete ground and she started to close

her mouth slowly. No one in the palace stood a chance. She then

completely close her mouth with the entire palace inside which was

starting to dissolve in her saliva. The surviving Lilliputans watched

helplessly as the gargantuan girl started to chew the palace.

“Interesting this building taste a bit like chalk and a bit like

bread,” Glumdalclitch thought to herself as she chewed the palace.

She then spat the palace out as she couldn't stand the taste any

longer,” Urgh that tasted bad!”

Glumdalclitch stood up and surveyed the damage she created. A huge

body shaped crater had formed where she had fallen. Glumdalclitch

laughed and knew that this is what she had to do, these people tried

to hurt her Gulliver and there was nothing that should stop her from

getting back at them.

Glumdalclitch began to think of new ways in when she could quench her

thirst for revenge until her stomach made her decision for her. All

that salty and stale water had built up and she needed to relieve

herself. She looked around for a place where she couldn't be seen

until it stuck her of the perfect revenge.

Glumdalclitch lifter her leg up and pulled one side of her panties

down, and the same with the other leg making deeper depressions in

the ground as she stepped back and forth. Her panties her now off,

her womanhood was exposed to an entire nation.

Glumdalclitch walked to a part of the city she hadn't crushed and

stepped as far and as carefully as she could into the middle. She

crouched waited for a few seconds, she could feel it coming out,

through her organs, she spread her legs out wide and then she let it


The piss demolished buildings up on impact and any building in the

splash area. The piss then streamed down streets not flooding the

tiny buildings but not demolishing them. Glumdalclitch stopped

pissing after about 30 seconds and stood up quickly and stepped back

a few feet so that her shoes didn't get wet from the piss.

She looked down as looked at yet more damage and but it wasn't

enough, it couldn't of been enough, Glumdalclitch was sure that

Gulliver would of wanted her to wipe out their entire civilisation

for what they were going to do to him.

She was so sure she walked a few feet to the tallest mountain in

Lilliput and kicked it with her foot. With that almighty kick totally

demolished the mountain sending thousand of tons of rock and dirt

over the city of Lilliput. Yet it wasn't enough to quench

Glumdalclitch's revenge. 70% of the nation of Lilliput was wiped out

in less than hour after continuous crushing and trampling over all

the cities and villages in Lilliput.

Glumdalclitch became tired and very bored after crushing millions.

Her feet were worn out and she decided to get back to the boat and

set sail for Gulliver's home land once again. To finish the job she

danced carelessly and playfully on the last remaining city of

Lilliput and then she ran slowly back to the boat.

Every thunderous step she took filled her with happiness and almost

sexual excitement as she now knew that she dominated the Lilliputans

and anyone on the island. She picked up her panties from the capital

and picked up her dress from the countryside fields, and continued to

the cliff where her thunderous running caused the cliff to landslide

as soon as she stepped on it.

Glumdalclitch finally got back on to the ship and casted off to find

Gulliver's home and Gulliver himself.


Days went passed since Glumdalclitch left Lilliput as she travelled

through the vast ocean and the infinite horizon. Glumdalclitch was

fairly low on food and even learned how to catch and cook fish from

the sea but after several days of stale bread and fish her meals

began to taste stale altogether.

It was near the end of another warm bright day when ships were

sighted in the distance, some distance from the Glumdalclitch's ship.

Glumdalclitch stood up and walked to the front of the ship to get a

better look.

She counted ten ships in all and possibly a few smaller ships as

well. As the ships got closer she noticed smoke bellowing from most

of the ships as they headed straight for her. Glumdalclitch got back

to the wheel of the ship and kept on course even though she knew that

the ships may not see her.

Glumdalclitch wondered if this was the fleet of Lilliput and if they

had set sail to revenge their losses. Thoughts and fears ran through

Glumdalclitch's mind as the ships drew nearer and her heart was

pounding faster and faster until they were in blind sight on each


Glumdalclitch's fears were much worse, these were full sized ships,

warships to be correct and they had looked like they had taken quit a

beating. Glumdalclitch stayed on course as more thoughts and fears

ran through her mind; wondering if these may have been pirates and if

she got taken prisoner.

The ten ships sailed right passed Glumdalclitch's ship with absolute

silence and no signs of life on either of the ten ships passing her

by. She then looked around to see the ships hadn't changed course,

they didn't, they kept heading straight forward. She turned back

around to see something of the almost impossible.

A floating island about two hundred feet above her and moving closer

by the second. Glumdalclitch stood still in awe as she saw the entire

island move over her ship.

“Hello down there, do you need assistance?” asked a voice from way up


Glumdalclitch replied shouting at the top of her voice, “I could do

with some food and clean water, and maybe some directions.”

“Gotcha we will send down our rope and you will be pulled up, you

will have to leave your ship,” the voice replied

Glumdalclitch looked at up then back down and got her bag and then

saw the rope being lowered. She grabbed on tight and was pulled up in

a great amount of speed, too quick to even loose her grip.

Glumdalclitch was pulled up into a hanger similar to a sea port. She

was helped up by an Indian looking woman wearing a purple and red

dress that dropped to her bare feet.

“Welcome to Laputa. I am Sosonkrattez; the leader of the above and

below on land and air,” said Sosonkrattez with a warm welcome to

Glumdalclitch as she was helped up through the hole.

“Thank you Sosonkrattez. My name is Glumdalclitch, I am currently

searching for a place and my friend named Gulliver lives at this

place, has he passed this way?” asked Glum as she stood up and then

looking down on Sosonkrattez

“Glum I have seen one they call Gulliver and heard of people speak

his name alas he left here almost two long years ago and we have no

word from him since he went to England. Please stay and enjoy the

dance and the theatrical performances taking place every minute of

the day very day until the sun goes does and rises again,” replied


“Thankyou Sosonkrattez I think I may explore your wonderful island

before I leave. Oh by the way where you I acquire food and water?”

asked Glum

“Up the stairs through the streets and into a vast granary with

infinite food for all and magic magicians as you see them perform

magic like your eyes won't believe,” replied Sosonkrattez as she

walked off

Sosonkrattez walked deeper into the hanger until she couldn't be seen

any more. Glum looked around and at herself.

“This is strange the physics of size change and the size of other

people, it seems that I am one the biggest of all people in these

lands far from Brobdingnag. It is curious that I should be the only

one to be looking down and not up everywhere I go. I have almost

forgotten how tall I was last home since leaving, I have been become

miles high and now I am about eight foot high. What's next? Is the

world going to fit on my finger? Am I going to be able to move my

foot and crush an entire country?” Glum thought to herself as she

approached the stairs leading up to the street

She walked up the stairs and found a golden sunset resting nicely

over the island giving a golden haze that was pleasing to her eyes.

She walked towards the granary, walking passed houses only a few feet

taller than she was. Finally she reached the granary which was

immense in size yet only had a door a fraction of the building's


Glum saw people entering the granary with nothing and leaving with

arms full of food and bottles. Glum bent down and squeezed through

the door not trying to bang her head against the top of the door

frame. She then entered a corridor the height as the door frame in

which she still had to bend over to walk through it. Finally she had

reached what she was looking for and found food piles up on food

piles and no sign of law enforcement or people giving order to the

chaos around Glum. People coming and going, grabbing what they

wished, then running out with their bags full. No matter how many

people grabbed all the food they could, the piles of food never

seemed to go down.

She used her large hands to grab a huge handful of food and she

placed the food in her bag, she grabbed more and more until her bag

couldn't fit anything else. She noticed the water was neatly placed

on shelves and new bottles kept coming out as soon as the ones in

front were taken. Glum walked over and grabbed a couple of bottles

and headed back to the hanger.

Glum asked one of the workers if they could lower her to her boat and

they were reluctant at first but they were eventually persuaded. Glum

got back to the boat and caste off once more heading for England. She

opened her bag and was shocked at what she saw, all of her food was

gone, there was nothing there just the emptiness of her bag.

Glum couldn't believe her eyes at what she saw, her huge hands

grabbed huge handfuls yet the handfuls of food were not there. Glum

soon realised why the food hadn't gone down and remembered of what

Sosonkrattez said about the Magicians. She fell to her knees and

began to cry, she cried for the rest of the day, tears streaking down

her she steered the ship as her hunger grew until it began to hurt.

Through her tear stricken eyes she saw land. She wiped away her tears

to make sure she wasn't dreaming but she wasn't. After a few minutes

sailing she reached the grey cliff side. Glum lifted up her pink

skirt and ran through the shallows of the water. She got to the beach

and the cliff was well away from where she was standing, so she

walked to the cliff hoping she could find some food before she

starved to death. She was so hungry she laughed about saying she

could eat a horse at that moment, she was that hungry.

She reached the cliff only to her surprise that it was several feet

taller than her. Glum sighed and wondered if she would ever see a

people the same size she was. She slowly climbed the medium sized

cliff side with some difficulty from her dress. Glum reached the top

to find several horses in a field then they all looked round at Glum

as she stood up. The horses only came up to Glum's ankle but Glum was

almost going to eat her own words of what she said moments earlier.

One of the horses galloped up to her and sniffed around the bottom

trims of her pink skirt and then looked up. Glum got down on all

fours not trying to crush the small horse. She then heard a voice but

she didn't know where it was coming from.

“Houyhnhnm,” shouted a voice

“Who said that?” asked Glum


All Glum could see was trees, fields, and……..

“Did……did you say that horse?” asked a very puzzled Glum but was

rudely interrupted by her stomach growling pain, in hunger. The

rumbles of Glum's stomach scared off the horse. Glum was in pain and

really needed to eat something before she starved to death.

She stood up and looked around, trees, fields, and lots of horses.

Horses……….Glum was going to feel bad of what she was about to do in

order to stay alive. The horses were fast as she saw a herd of them

galloping around a field. Glum unzipped herself and slipper out of

her bulky pink dress and down to her white silk undergarment, white

panties, white stocking and silver shoes. She draped her dress over

the grey cliff and headed towards the horses.

As quick as the horse are they were not expecting to be picked up by

a colossal hand. Glum managed to grab one of the horses as the rest

scurried away as fast as they could, she raised the petrified horse

to her mouth. She was hesitant at first until another sharp hunger

pain hit her. There was nothing left to do than eat the horse.

To save it squirming around in her mouth kicking and screaming Glum

broke the horses neck and then opened her mouth and dropped the tiny

horse in. She chewed and chewed until she was able to swallow the


“THE HORSE TASTES LIKE CHICKEN,” said Glum as her voiced boomed over

the green valley, “I'm still hungry though, I need more horses”

Glum saw many of the horses enter the forest, so Glum headed into the

forest to get more horses to eat. The trees came up to her waist and

all she could hear was the sound of crushing under her shoes and

feet, the sound of trees being knocked down as she walked over them,

the sound of branches snapping as she brushed passed them.

She walked, what seemed like hours, until she got to a huge cavern

where twenty of the fleeing horses were trapped between the rocks and

Glum. Glum looked down, her eyes widened and a huge grin filled her

face. She crouched down to get a better look at the horses and to

block their only way out.

Both of her hands expanded ready to grab as many of the horses as she

could before they tried to escape passed her. Glum made her move and

grabbed four horses each hand yet the other seven horses didn't move

a muscle and didn't even try to escape.

Glum looked at them still with a grin. She then paid attention to the

squirming horses in her hands as she felt her hunger increasing, “I'm

really sorry but I must eat something. If I don't I won't find

Gulliver and I won't be happy. You understand don't you?”

There was no answer from the horses but Glum ate each one at a time

anyway. The horses could only watch as their friends were being eaten

by a gargantuan beast. Every horse she ate gave her a feeling of

happiness. The happiness grew into pleasure, the pleasure then grew

into sexual excitement. Glum felt warm and light headed as she ate

all the horses in her hands one by one.

She became warm around her pussy and she felt like nothing she had

felt before from eating an animal for food. Glum wanted to make the

feeling last as long as she could so she picked up the remaining

horses in her hands, she stood up and took off her panties and walked

to the cavern wall and sat down with her back pressing against it.

She circled her legs making a huge fence so that the horses couldn't

escape as she put them down. She started eating the horse once by one

once again and her sexual pleasure grew to beyond of what she thought

she could do.

Glum noticed in the corner of her eye what appeared to be a small

female. Glum reached over and managed to pick up the small female and

she placed her in the area within her leg sized fence.

Glum was down to the last horse and could feel her juices ready to

explode out of her, she picked up the final horse and smiled so big

and then placed the squirming and kicking horse into her mouth. She

could feel the horse kicking her teeth but it wasn't any use. The

horse was then eaten which then triggered Glum's juices to explode

out of her, Glum could only moan and scream in sheer pleasure as the

juices came gushing out of her.

The tiny women in the area of the leg fence got a full on wave of

Glum's juices without time to react. A few seconds passed and Glum's

juices had stopped and Glum could only sit back in silence and smile

at what she had just done. A few minutes passed and Glum wanted to

eat more horses again experience the pleasure she just got from

eating them.

She stood up to her full height. Glum looked down at her juices and

saw a tiny figure rolling around in her juices. She picked up the

tiny women who managed to survive and looked at her, wiped her clean,

and then placed the tiny women in her cleavage. Glum walked through

the forest looking for more horses and wondering what she should do

to the tiny women she had in her cleavage.

Giantess Stories: Glumdalclitch

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