Giantess Stories: Goddesszilla 2

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Goddesszilla 2: The Discarded Version





           Brenda college drop out, now full time secretary

for a software firm. Brenda sits at her desk as she typed the company's annual

report. She hated how all these long menial tasks were always delegated to her,

but what could she do. She needed a job, and not having a college degree meant

that not many doors were open to her.


           “Brenda, would you mind doing this reports for

me? I want them done by the end of the day. I am counting on you.”


           “But sir, there are so many, I couldn't possibly

get them all done by the end of the day.” Retorts Brenda.


           “Well then maybe I need to get a new secretary.

They are dime a dozen Brenda, you aren't the only one in town.”


           “No sir, I will have it done by the end of the



           “That's what I like to hear”


           Brenda sighed and sat down roughly in her seat

blowing her hair out of her face as she begin to type out the report in disgust.


           A few months later, and Brenda being subjected

to much of the same kind of treatment day after day she had grown to loathe

going into work each day but realizing secretaries weren't exactly a demand

position in today's work force so Brenda continued to put up with the ill

treatment of her employers.


           It was a cold winter day when Brenda arrived at

the office. It was just a few weeks before Christmas and she was getting lots of

overtime. She fumbled with her card key to get into the main door. After a

minute or so of fumbling she finally slid it through and the door unlocked

automatically. As Brenda walked through the door she could almost feel something

pulling at her, but she shrugged it off and headed up the stairs.


           As she sat down at her desk she pressed the

power button to boot up her computer, Brenda turned her head as she felt

something was pulling or grabbing at her. The feeling continued as she worked

away at her computer until it was almost lunch time when Brenda went to save her

work and shut her computer down when she felt something sucking the life force

out of her body. She tried to move her hand away from the computer but it was no

use, she looked at the computer and realized that it had to be the cause. She

pulled and yanked at her hand but it wouldn't budge until she stood up from her

desk and fell backwards onto the floor. As soon as Brenda hit the floor her body

strange and tingly all over like she had just been shocked. Everyone started to

crowd around her when her legs began to spasm and extend growing larger and

thicker, her arms began to do much of the same. Panic began to run rampant

throughout the room as many of her co workers began to run in absolute terror.

Brenda confused and in a daze began to stretch her limbs out, her arms crashed

through the sides of the building as she pushed her legs through floor after

floor of the building confused Brenda begins to stand up as her legs finally

make contact with the ground floor. As Brenda stands up her head shoots through

the roof of the building as it falls to rubble at her feet.


“Wha, wha, wha, what's going on?” states Brenda in a

confused tone. As she looks around she can easily see the outskirts of town.

Thought after thought races through Brenda's head most of which being how, why,

and what's going on.


“The city must be shrinking, or I must growing?” Brenda

mumbles to herself which causes buildings to shake and glass to shatter at the

strength of her voice. Brenda begins to look down at her feet at the once mighty

skyscraper now a pile of rubble at her feet. Brenda can see a few survivors

crawling out of the pile of rubble, her co-workers, her managers, her

supervisors, they all look so tiny she thinks to herself as she pulls her feet

from the rubble.



* * * *

Ted could hardly believe what he was seeing. One moment he

was staring at Brenda, his bosses voluptuous secretary and the next her entire

body was expanding seemingly at will without any hint of it stopping. Ted's eyes

bug out as her arm smashes through the outside wall, Ted in utter fear and panic

dashes out of his department quickly spying the stairwell. Ted running as fast

he can pushes person after person out of his way as tries to escape the building

which is now moaning and groaning, as Ted looks to his right all he can see is

the tanned leg of Brenda, The walls begin to split out apart as Ted reaches the

bottom floor and scoots out the main doors.


* * * *

Brenda looked down at the pile of rubble concern flashed

through her eyes for only but a moment, glee then came across her face as she

looked down at the tiny worms trying to escape the destruction and chaos she had

just caused. Chaos, destruction both words rang through Brenda's mind. Revenge,

dominance, no more room apartment, no more living paycheck to paycheck,

everything she was is gone and now there is only her splendor for the world to

see. Brenda watching her superiors, her friends, her co-workers crawl from the

mass raised her left foot over them all as panic began to ensue all around the



“Look at you all try to run, try to escape me, but look at

how slow you move. It is like watching an ant try to make its way across the

interstate.” Bellows Brenda as she lowers her black sandal on the pile of rubble

pushing harder and harder. She could hear the rocks and steel compress and whine

beneath her weight. She smiled in ecstasy at the thought of finally getting even

with everyone that she despised in that building. Her bosses and superiors now

nothing beneath her weight, her power, her dominance. As her foot grinded

everything beneath it to a pulp, Brenda didn't lift her foot backup until the

entire pile of rubble was level with the sidewalk.



all stand here watching me like I am sort of freak, eyeing me like I am some

kind of monster. I can see the fear in your miniscule eyes. I can see how you

hate me, and are jealous of me. If you want to survive I want you to touch my

feet, caress my feet, hug my feet as that's all you can hope to reach. Look at

you, looking up to my feet hoping to someday achieve this level of blissful

beauty. None of you after today will ever forget my name as I own you now so do

as I say. Touch my feet you meaningless maggots, crawl over the dead carcasses

of your friends, your parents, your co-workers, your enemies as they matter not.

Please me and you will live an eternity, anger me and witness a devastation that

only happens once a species lifetime, an existence which will allow you to live

in infamy, and that is extinction.”


Brenda laughed manically as she eyed the tiny maggots

crawling towards her black platform sandals. The entire crowd starts jumping and

clawing at the rubber soles hoping to reach her feet for survival.


Brenda smirks down at the group as they struggle to beat

each other out and please the gigantic beast in front of them. Brenda starts to

kneel down which causes the group to start to flee in absolute terror. She began

to hum the jaws theme as she eyed the group menacingly.

* * * *

Ted stared up and up at Brenda, his boss's secretary, her

height seemed insurmountable as he continued to stare at her, he couldn't

believe how small he looked in comparison to her. It was almost as if he had

shrunk but he knew that she had simply grown. Ted glanced back behind him

seeing  an immense crowd around the fronts of her feet. Ted however had no

ambition to worship her but he was a curious fellow. Who was now at her heel

reached out and ran his fingers across the rough skin around her heel. He

wondered if she even noticed.

* * * *

Brenda lowers her head down extending her tongue outward

towards the group. She watches them run in panic stricken chaos with utter ease

as its almost as if they aren't moving at all, in fact they might have gotten

smaller Brenda thinks to herself as she pushes her tongue against the cold

concrete floor. The pressure of her tongue pressing against the concrete roadway

causes cracks in the cement as she pushes it towards the group faster and faster

leaving a trail of saliva behind her.


Brenda watches a man trip and the group run over him in

fear, fear of me? Brenda thinks to herself, yes they fear me, they loathe me,

they run from me like mindless cattle from a wolf thinking they are getting away

but in reality the wolf is merely herding them towards the group in preparation

for the slaughter, yes I am the wolf, I am the hunter, the extinction of those

who will not follow is near, thinks Brenda to herself as she smiles slightly at

the thought of her dominance over so many people.


Brenda continues to push her tongue forward closer and

closer the fallen man who is kicking wildly now back at her tongue but Brenda

feels nothing as she presses her tongue over him, as the tip of her tongue

presses onto fallen man she can hear his bones whimper like a baby who has lost

its mother, then the cracking of his bones as his body is pressed into the

crumbling concrete floor, his body shatters, blood spurting out and mixing in

with the saliva trail left behind from where Brenda's tongue has gone. The

saliva turns red for only but an instant before another wave of saliva washes

all trace of his existence away.

* * * *

Jerry looked up and up at the amazingly tall girl. He

couldn't even see her face as she looked up at her, he gulped as she began to

lower towards him smiling so coldly at the group. Jerry began to run with the

others but the shadow of her body still covered them with ease. As her knees

impacted the ground Jerry heard the roadways moan in pain, buildings on either

side crashed to the floor, all the while the same glimmer remained in the

giant's eyes. She looked so happy Jerry thought to himself, it was then he felt

something push at his back and then his head smashed into the ground. Jerry

yelps in pain as person after person runs over him not even bothering or caring

to help, by the time the group has passed Jerry struggles to pick push himself

off the cement floor when he feels something warm down on his legs.


“No, no please” screams Jerry but there is no reponse,

almost as if she never heard his plea at all. Jerry shutters as he feels his

bones crush with ease of a car crushing potato chip, for a split second he can

feel the wet saliva drip down his legs, her hot breathe rolls over him. Jerry

tries to pulls himself away but her tongue alone ways more then he, Jerry cries

as his the tip of her tongue smashes the heels of his feet to nothingness, her

tongue gently slides forward turning his ankles and thighs into mash potatoes.

Jerry looks back as he sees his own blood pooling around him, he flails his arms

wildly hoping something happens, someone helps him or saves him but his waist

crumbles under her weight, Jerry unable to believe he will be killed by a

tongue. The ground around him begins to sink in and then the road falls through

as everything around him fades to black and the curtain falls. Jerry screams out

Marissa with his last bit of energy.


* * * *

“Hi I am Bert Butler of KSSU News, the once thriving

business district home to such conglomerates as web tech, Great Plains, and

Apple has been completely destroyed. No, not by terrorists but by a giant,

Government officials urge people to stay where ever you are and not to cause any

wide spread panic. We ask you to stay tuned to KSSU TV for continuing coverage.

* * * *


people think you can run from me? You should call me queen! You should call me

god! As I am the one who will judge you, If you think your gods are more

powerful then I have them stop me now or you shall perish worshipping your non

existent gods.” Shouts Brenda as she looks confidently from left to right, her

elbow pressed against the side of skyscraper. She then turns to her left seeing

the skyscraper made up of all glass. She looks in through the glass picture

windows at the top floor executives huddling for fear in there conference room.

Brenda pushes her finger through the glass picture window.

“People like you make me sick. You who try to control and

dominate people like me, people who don't have connections. Well where are your

connections now? What has all your money gotten you? It has gotten you the right

to be judged by me, The supreme law, the only law. Those who to defy me will

seek non existent refuge from my wraith.”


Brenda takes in a deep breathe as she eyes the cowering

executives in there high priced suits, then in one motion she spits all the

phlegm from her throat into the conference room. The executives appear almost

frozen as seemingly hundreds upon hundreds of phlegm rain against the walls, and

ooze towards the floor. The disgustingly wet and slimy goop drips down from the

ceiling splattering and covering the men. Brenda laughs at there plight. As they

try to stand up they fall back down into the slimy mess.


“What do you have to say for yourselves now?” laughs Brenda

as she reaches into the room easily grabbing for of the men. She then spins

around causing her hair to fly up into the air, her blonde locks of hair slice

through the glass windows and steel girders with the ease of laser through

cheese.  The top half of the building smashes into the street below. The steel

and glass which didn't break from her hair explode outward crashing into the

surrounding buildings causing some of them to crumble and plummet to the floor.


“Do you sniveling worms see my power. Are you gonna believe

in what you cannot see, or are you going to believe in me? Your answer is now so

obvious but your response is no longer important as you have been judged, and

deemed worthy for execution.” shouts Brenda to the four men in the palm of her

hand. Brenda smiles coldly as she tosses the 4 men into the air like a handful

of M & M's. The screams of the four men could be heard throughout the

surrounding area as Brenda tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide open

allowing the four men to fall into her mouth, Brenda slowly closed her mouth

silencing the screams and pleas.

* * * *


“Hi, Bert Butler here with KSSU News, the city has fallen

into utter chaos, as you can see riots have broken out behind me and have

swelled out into the streets. The police system is failing as a real giant walks

amongst us seemingly beyond our realm of control. How long will this panic last?

And just who can stop it? Stay tuned to KSSU News for all these answers and



* * * *


Brenda pounded down the street feeling her absolute power

rush through her veins, her eyes watched the tiny peasants scatter for there

lives as she meandered down the street seemingly beyond there realm of














Giantess Stories: Goddesszilla 2

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