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It was to be the one of the greatest inventions of its time, possibly a

nomination for the Nobel Prize. It was for Pack Heavy Inc., something that would

shape the world of luggage forever. It was a device that would shrink inanimate

objects so that they could fit in one's pocket, or maybe a small carrying bad.

No one would ever need to carry large luggage bags around, and people would be

able to carry more around. It was designed to work on non-living things only,

for I did not see a use in altering the size of humans, animals, or plants.

It would have been successful, and I would have been a millionaire. I would have

been somebody, and now as I sit here in this cold cell dreaming about the

future, I think to myself how life would have been if I had only picked my

assistant a little more carefully. I guess, being in the lab away from society

for such a long time made me choose her more for her physical traits rather than

her personality, though I do not recall her ever acting sub-normal, or evil. But

people can, and will deceive you if you do not pay close attention to their

motives and morals.

Her name was Crissy Summer, and if she did not have such a desire for science,

she would definitely pass for a super model. She had long blonde hair,

stretching down to her back, and eyes so blue, you would think of the ocean and

the sky every time you looked into them. She certainly did not look like a ditzy

bimbo when caught walking down the streets, for it was that poise she owned that

proved her class. Men would drool when she walked by, and women would squint

their eyes in jealousy when she came into view with them.

She was not a quiet one, always had a say in something. She did like to talk a

lot, but not with rotten grammar or that annoying “valley girl” speech. Crissy

had a way with words that made everyone want to be her friend, and if not a

friend, then much more. People would take one look at her and say, “She could be

queen if the world if she wanted to.” The problem was that she did want to.

The couch stood at far right side of the room, while Crissy and I remained

one the left. I held the pointer up to it, used the laser to focus on to it, and

pressed the button. Before my eyes, the couch had shrunken down to no more than

five inches tall. It was a success. I had done it. I had created the first

artificial beam to actually alter the size of life-less objects. Crissy

screamed, then gave me an intense hug and a long kiss on the cheek. All I had to

do was test a few more bugs, then make copies, and then I would be raking in the

big bucks. I could see the joy in Crissy's eyes as she stared at the shrunken

sofa. Many said it could not be done, but this one-foot machine proved all that

wrong. Crissy and I decided to keep our success a secret for at least another

two months, that giving us enough time to work out a few bugs and fancy up the

design a bit more.

It was nine o'clock at night, and we had been working on it since four o'clock

in the morning, so I told Crissy that I wanted to go home and get some rest for

the rest of the night. She agreed that I should go home, but requested to stay

the night just to run a few more tests. I handed her the keys, kissed her

goodnight, and left. That night in my sleep, I felt a great felling of

accomplishment and pride, and I figured that my future was set and that nothing

could stand in its way. The one thing I didn't think of that night was what

Crissy was really doing in the lab that night.

I slept until ten that morning and woke up to the sound of knocking on my door.

I quickly got out of bead, put a t-shirt and jeans on, and rushed to open the

door of my small apartment. Standing there was Crissy, looking as beautiful as

ever in a small white t-shirt, just revealing her navel, and low cut tight blue

shorts. It wasn't anything less than normal to her regular street clothes, so I

just figured that she was going to take a break from working for the day. Quite

frankly, that was fine with me, for I was so overwhelmed with our success from

the previous day.

“Taking off for the day?” I asked, trying to start a conversation.

“Not exactly,” she replied. “I was working our a few kinks with the shrink beam

last night, and I came across away to make a slight change.”

“What is wrong with what we have now? What kind of change?”

Crissy chuckled a bit, but kept a good poker face. “I will show you. Stand over

there by that wall. I think you will be impressed.”

I did what woman told me, walked over to the wall and stood still. “What are you

doing?” I asked, as I noticed her point the head of the shrink beam right at me.

Before I could move away, I heard a sound that sounded a bit science fiction,

and noticed the room around me getting much larger, like a dream sequence. I

felt a bit nauseous so I closed my eyes to ease the pain in my stomach. I do not

remember ever feeling that dizzy in my life before, and I was surely unprepared

for it.

When the queasiness disappeared, I opened my eyes to find myself in a very open

space of land. I knew exactly what happened, though I didn't quite believe it.

My small apartment had transformed into an open plain, or at least where I was

standing. I knew that farther down the carpet, there would be more of a city

like environment with the tables and chairs.

All of the sudden, I felt a very large shadow cast over me, darkening my space.

I looked up to see Crissy staring right down at me with a very large smile.

Strands of her long blonde hair touched the ground, surrounding me and creating

a bit of a prison. Her voice was loud and booming, though it still held that

nice soft speech that Crissy always had. “I am so sorry to do this to you, but I

really had to.”

“Why?” I screamed, hoping she would here me, which she did.

“Well, there will be a lot of money coming in with this new invention, and I

really want all of it. You would get so much credit for it, and I would be left

in your shadow with hardly a penny.”

I could not believe it. I could not believe that moral girl such as her, a very

kind one in fact, would rip me off like this. “You know that isn't true. You

know that I'm not like that, Cris.”

She chuckled a bit again. It was that same chuckle she had earlier before she

shrunk me, but a little more noticeable. “I couldn't risk it. Besides, now I can

sell it for more than just a luggage carrier. It was your petty morals. You

would never have let me done this, even if I had figured it out earlier. You

didn't want it to be dangerous.”

“Crissy, I thought you were better than that. You would rather be rich and

famous than kind and goodhearted? I cannot believe this.”

“People can deceive you, Jon. You had no idea that this whole time I was just

acting as your friend. Bullshit, I really thought much of you. I just want the

money. Ha.”

She was right. I was the fool that trusted her. I was too concerned with her

looks and class that I didn't really care what kind of person she was. She did

seem so nice, but I never really took the time to look behind the façade. Well,

now was not the time to be playing the blame game. I had to figure out away to

get myself out of this mess.

Crissy picked me up with her thumb and pointer, and then walked me over to a

shoebox where she placed me. I noticed an opening in the bottom corner of the

box, but did not say anything or act as if I had found it. Once she had left, I

quickly ripped open the whole to fit myself through, and noticed that she was

asleep on the couch, which was leaned up right next to the table I was on.

The tope of her head was facing me, so I went to the right side to find the

shrink beam sticking out of her pocket. I could climb over there very carefully,

turn the beam on reverse, and shoot myself to bring me back to my original size.

I started to climb her hair, which fell against the couch, and I eventually

reached her forehead where I could see her entire body. Her two hands were

cupped together on her stomach, and her right knee was sticking up, her left leg

falling off the couch. I mapped out my little journey, and arrived at the

conclusion that I should just walk straight down the center of her body to

prevent falling off at the sides, and the once I reach the beam, I pull it out

of her pocket as I fall to the side of the couch, where I would activate the

beam to reverse my shrinking. The one thing I dreaded was Crissy waking up.

I started down her smooth forehead and down her nose bone until I had reached

the tip. I rested there and looked at her eyes. They were so beautiful. No

matter how hard I tried to hate her, I couldn't resist an inside compliment on

those eyelids. I made a plan that I would try and clear her giant red lips by

jumping right off the tip of her nose. I could not think of a better plan, so I

decided to risk it. I walked back a little and started to run to make the leap.

1, 2, 3, Jump! I just made it. Her chin stopped me from rolling too far after I

tripped. I climbed up her chin, and then helped myself down onto her neck. Her

neck was very tricky. It was like walking on a tightrope with twists and turns

in it. I was so surprised I managed.

Now I was at the devil's peaks. I must admit that if there was one thing that I

had joined from this adventure, I was walking along Crissy Summer's breasts.

They were just so easy to climb, even though there was a long way until the top.

They weren't mega gigantic like some boobs that you may see in pornographic

magazines, but these were a nice size, and the best part about them is that they

are real. Nature gave her this body, not surgery. When I had reached the top, I

had felt like a champion. They were just so warm and comfortable that I wished I

could have stayed there longer. No. I had a mission at hand, and I wasn't about

to let my animalistic manners delay it. Time was not on my side, for she could

wake up at any moment.

I slid down the breasts to reach the tip of her shirt. I was so close to the

machine. It was a great challenge walking on her bare stomach because of its

trampoline like movement. Up and down. Up and down. It was very slowly and

synchronized. I had to time every step accordingly or I would surely trip and

fall. I walked around her belly button and eventually reached the tip of her

low-cut jeans. Before I could climb up the rim of the jeans, she took a deep

breath, causing an upset in my walking pattern, making me fall and roll back

into her belly button. I held onto the rim of her belly button because I did not

want to fall in. I would have no way to get back up. It was difficult to get

back up with it moving and all, but I made it. Though something inside of me

wished I hadn't.

The air darkened, and as I turned around, I saw Crissy with eyes wide opened,

staring at me with such an evil smile, it pained me to look at it. Her hands

were hovering over my body, like the cat's paws, as it's ready to pounce. She

did not pick me up right away, but instead made that chuckle I hated so much,

this time much louder than before. The movement of her stomach had caught me off

balance, but I forced myself to stand up.

“You pathetic fool,” she laughed. “You look so helpless there, struggling just

to keep steadiness upon my belly. Hehehehe. I have the absolute power to do as

whatever I please with you now, and you can do nothing to stop me. You know, I

did not plan this, but I do enjoy this power and rush much more than money. You

are nothing but a puny little ant. Ah hahahah.”

“You evil witch!” I screamed. “You have taken something that could have been

used for good and used it for the contrary!”

“Ah, so I have. Well, instead of making all this money right away, I am going to

play around with you like a toy.” She picked me up and placed me on the ground. Calculos usados en musculacion

Then, she stood up over me, keeping each foot to the sides of me, and gazed down

with that evil grin. Her tiny chuckle became a very rampant laugh, and I decided

that I like the chuckle better.

“Look at the contrast. What could you possibly do to stop me?” Crissy stomped

her right foot down, causing the ground to shake a bit. “You minuscule creature.

You have no idea what kind of rush comes with this power. I feel like I can

conquer the world just in one tiny apartment. Money to me has so little value

now. I am in control of this situation.” She bent down to pick me up, once

again, with those two fingers. She held me above her mouth, and then stuck her

tongue out, licking my face. In any other situation, I would have enjoyed this,

but not now.

After she grew bored with that torment, she place me on the table and stood next

to it. I was face to face with her belly button once again, though this time I

was not touching it. I also noticed that shrinking beam still peering out of her

pocket. Suddenly the phone rang, which was really beginning to annoy her. She

turned to pick it up and not answer, and as she did, the machine rubbed the

table and fell out of her pocket onto the floor. Excellent. She didn't even

notice, and her trip to the phone gave me plenty of time to slide down the leg

of the table and get to the beam. That was exactly what I did. When I got to the

beam, I pulled the lever to reverse, pressed the activation button, and jumped

into the ray, returning me to my original size again. I did not want her to see

me, so I subtly snuck out the door of my apartment, passed the corner in the

hall and just waited it out. I heard her march out of the room quickly, and then

head down the elevator on the other side of the door.

I sighed in relief. I had escaped the clutches of that evil, yet beautiful

woman, and most importantly, I had the shrink beam. I then decided that this

kind of invention was not ready for the market, and should wait until mankind is

mature enough to handle it. I did not want to throw it out though. There just

may be a time when it could come in handy in the near future. I put it back in

my pocket and headed back to my apartment. I lay down on my bed thinking about

what had happened. Maybe, the events that had occurred earlier were just a bad

omen, signifying that I should not put the shrink beam on the market. Well, if

it was, it definitely proved effective. While I was lying there, I thought and

decided that I shall go to Crissy's house and find out what had happened. If I

did not, I would live the rest of my life guilty and in mystery. I, being the so

very curious one that I am, got in my car and headed to her house.

Once I had arrived, I refrained from getting out of the car right away. I just

stared at the very large house she owned and wondered why she needed this money

in the first place. She already had so much from her parents' will. It was an

immense mansion in open land, isolated from other homes. Her closest neighbor

lived 3 miles away.

Eventually, I exited the car and made my way down her driveway until I head

reached the door. I knocked twice and the door quickly opened, her standing in

front of me, greeting me with a smile like we were to start from scratch. She

led me to her sitting room, and brought me a nice cold beer.

“You know why I am here, don't you?” I asked very directly.

“Yes. Yes. I am so sorry. I had no idea what had come over me. I was acting like

a monster, and I could have killed you.”

“I don't understand. All of the sudden, you were just power hungry and wanted to

practically rule the world.”

“I know. I know. I feel like an idiot. I don't think you will ever forgive me.”

“I will have to think about it.”

Suddenly, she focused her eyes off mine and quickly to my genital area. She was

not staring at those though, but what was in my pocket next to them. “No!” I

screamed. “Not this time. I won't let you.” I pulled the machine out and pointed

it right at her. She approached me carefully. “I am warning you! I will not

refrain from using this myself.” I really did not want to, but I had to. She

leaped at me and grabbed my arm, trying to pull it from my gripped fingers. I

sent my elbow to shove her off, and once she got back up, I pressed the button

facing her.

The beam created a border around her, and then she began to laugh. At first, I

did not understand why, but then realized that the shrink beam was still on

reverse! Her body began to grow rapidly and I just stood there horrified. I had

just granted her the wish she really wanted.

“Yes,” Crissy chanted as she watched the room in front of her shrink. “Ah

hahahaha. Yes! The power you have just granted me. I am so huge! Ah hahaha.” Her

head had reached the ceiling, and she became crunched up in the giant room we

were in. Eventually, she broke through the ceiling, then through the second

floor, and finally through the roof. The debris of the ceilings and roof was

falling down on me, but nothing that knocked me down. I ran out the door of the

building before the whole thing would crash down.

Once I got outside, I looked back at the house with Crissy sticking out of the

top. She grew to about one hundred feet tall, and that is where she stopped. She

looked around, satisfied with her surroundings, and then tore the rest of the

house down to free herself. She laughed so hard that it scared all the birds in

the trees away. “This power,” she chanted. “This power is all mine! The world is

mine to control!”

Crissy looked down at me and laughed. “You insignificant little twerp! You are

nothing but a fool! Ah hahaha. Now it is my turn to wreak hammock upon this

little world.” She walked over trying to squash me, but I ran into the woods

before she could. Rather than following me, she turned and started towards the

opposite direction. I knew exactly where she was heading. Philadelphia!

My car still stood at the edge of the curb, so I quickly hopped in and drove as

fast as I could to Center City, her destination. I arrived only a half hour

after she did, and already she had destroyed the tallest building in Philly. It

was a massacre. People were running around screaming “Giant Woman! Giant Woman!”

There she was, as evil as I last saw her. She bashed down the Planet Hollywood

Globe with her fist and laughed hysterically. Police were guarding the

perimeters of the ruins she has created, and the military were still on their

way. I pulled out the shrink beam, flicked the switch to shrink (instead of

reverse), and finally pressed the button. That sci-fi beam did not come out, but

instead, the entire machine just exploded in my hand. My luck was perfect.

My lab was only a few blocks down from where I was at the moment, so I jumped

into my car and drove to it. With the materials that were left to create a new

shrinking device, I could only make a liquid drug rather that another light

beam. I mixed the concoction in five minutes, and then I poured it into a

needle, which I would have to stick her with.

When I left my lab, I saw military helicopters shooting at Crissy. The bullets

were not affecting her at all. She just continued that evil laugh and swatted

her hand at the copters. She hit one, which flew right into a large building.

“You impudent ants1” She laughed. “You think your minuscule weapons can hurt me?

Ah hahahaha! Just surrender to my wrath!”

A second copter attempted a kamikaze attack by flying right into her bare

stomach. The plane exploded right on her abdomen. “Ouch!” she screamed. “That

did hurt, but I think your little pilot more than me.” She held her bell and

laughed even harder. The loud sound of her laugh blew the remaining copters to

the ground.

I saw a group of tanks near me with military officers just getting in. I rushed

over there before they began, and yelled to them my plan. “Hey!” I screamed.

“Don't do this! You will not succeed. Don't go through with this just yet.”

A tall buff man approached me with a suspicious look. “I am the commander of

this operation. I understand that you are worried, but unless you know of a

better way…”

“Actually, sir, I do. In my hand I have the drug that will send her back to her

original size. All I need to do is find away to get on to her so I can inject


“Well, we have this catapult that can blast a man over 50 feet in the air, but

not, that would be suicide.”

“I'll do it! There is no other way!”

The men got the catapult set up right where she was standing. She did not even

see us down there. I put a helmet on and jumped in. 1. 2. 3. Boom! I flew right

onto her stomach and held onto the skin near her belly button. She must have

felt me because she looked down at me and smiled. Right before Crissy could

smack me off, I stabbed the needle right into her tummy. “Take that, Bitch!” I


“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” She yelled so

loud. I let go and fell onto a large air inflated mat set up for me by the fire

force. He body was shrinking as I was falling, and I had her eyed in the face

until she stopped shrinking, which was at 50 ft. of height. The drug was not


“Ha!” Crissy laughed. “Not as big as before, but I am still invincible. He

hehehehehe! Then something extremely odd had happened. The power lines in the

city burst, and a large amount of electric current right into her body, and that

mad her begin to grow again, but this time much fast than she had before. I did

not know how that worked, for there were other ingredients beside electricity

that altered size.

“Yeeeeeeesssssss!” She laughed and held her stomach as she watched herself grow.

“Ah hahahahahaha! My power. This power. You pathetic insects can't stop me.”

She reached even higher heights than before, and when she reached 125 feet, she

fell over on her back. Rather than getting up, she watched her body squash

everyone as she grew from a better seat. With the catapult, I launched myself

back on to her stomach with a bomb and a sword in my hand (both given to me by

the military). I felt her body grow larger under my feet as I walked on her bare

flesh. The movement of her stomach from the laughter made me fall a few times,

but I eventually caught my balance. She glared at me those evil eyes of hers

once she saw me.

“What do you think you are doing?” She asked. “You diminutive creature! You

cannot defeat me!” She was well over 250 feet tall by now. I did not respond,

but instead, stabbed my sword into her flesh and yanked it out harshly. She felt

it and yelled. I dug the sword down in deeper and deeper, drilling through her

body. I put the bomb in her wound, and then jumped out into the air. She had no

idea what I had done, and did not find out until the bomb went off.

“Ahahahahahahahaaha! Ahahahahahahahahahaha…” BOOM! She was over 300 feet tall if

she were to stand up when she blew up. “Noooooooooooooooo!” She cried in agony.

“Nooooooooooooooooo!” The explosion killed her, just as I had planned. I landed

in a pile of debris and only broke a leg and both arms. I was congratulated on

what I had done, but scolded and sent to prison when they found out that I was

responsible for her growth and the destruction of Center City Philadelphia. I

deserved more than my punishment, but since I did end it all, my life was

spared, for I did have good intentions when creating the device.

So now I sit here in this prison pitying myself. It was my fault. Everybody that

had died. I was my entire fault. I should have seen Crissy Summer's evil.




Giantess Stories: GOOD INTENTIONS

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