Giantess Stories: GOODBYE LISA By The Mole      Part 01

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By The Mole

Part 01

"Come on Lisa," Tess flustered. "The taxi will be here any minute!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," the lovely red-haired Mancurian replied between

sips of her ice-cold lemonade. "I've just got a few more things to…" She paused

as a small blur of movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention. It

was down on the floor of her bedroom, between her dresser and chair.

Lisa took another sip of lemonade before setting the glass down carefully on

the dresser. "I've just got to find…" Lisa tried to keep her voice level as she

quietly made her way around her bed and reached down behind the chair. "Gotcha!"

She cried as her hand grasped the tiny figure that hid there.

"Antman…" Lisa was surprised, looking down at her tiny three-inch tall

admirer. "What are you doing here?"

Lady Lisa's Luxury Lounge was now closed, at least for the forseeable future,

and the twenty or so little guys that inhabited the five dolls houses there had

had to return home.

"I… er… came to say goodbye…" Antman looked down, guiltily.

"We've said our goodbyes," Lisa sat on the end of her bed and smiled at her

tiny captive. "You shouldn't have come all this way."

"I… er… forgot something…"

"Oh yes… What's that then?" Lisa smiled. "And what's in the bag?" Lisa looked

at the pale blue shoulder bag Antman carried.

"What bag?" Antman tried his best to look vague, and suceeded only in looking


"The one slung over your shoulder," Lisa tried hard not to laugh at the

exaggerated look of innocence on Antman's face. "The one you keep trying to hide

behind you…"

"Ah," the tiny figure replied. "That bag. I'd forgotten I had it…"

"So…?" Lisa prompted.

"So?" Antman asked vaguely.

"What's in it?"

"In what?"

"The bag…" There was just the slightest hint of impatience in Lisa's

voice, but it had the desired effect of provoking Antman's suddenly appalling


"Oh, the bag…" Antman began to mumble. "Nothing much… Just a bit of

shopping, that's all…"

"Oooh… I like shopping," Lisa dropped Antman gently on to her bed. "Let's see

what you've bought then shall we…?"

"Er.. oh… nothing really," Antman bustled the bag behind him again. "The… er…

shop had a sale, and er… they'd all sold out…"

"What of?" Lisa asked.

"Everything…" Antman looked as if he were sweating now. "Nothing left… All


"So what's in the bag, then?" Lisa began poking around it, noting that there

was definitely something in there.

"Erm… shopping bags…" Antman really was clutching at straws now. "I took all

these shopping bags but because… they… didn't… have… any… thing…" He gave up.

Lisa's perfectly manicured fingers (The Masked Collager had done a wonderful

job) reached out and gently pulled the bag away from Antman's unresisting grasp.

It was difficult, but she managed to open the tiny zip and tip the contents of

the bag out onto her bed.

"Hmmmm…" she mused. "What have we here? Two sets of tiny clothing, some

biscuit crumbs, a map and what looks like a miniaturized copy of Playboy…" She

looked back at her tiny friend. "Going somewhere?"

"Er… no… not really?" Antman coughed nervously. "Where would I be going?

"How about Australia?" Lisa eyed him suspiciously.

"Never heard of it," Antman gave Lisa the guiltiest innocent look she'd ever

seen. "Where's that then?"

"It's this place," Lisa held up the map of Australia that had fallen out of

Antman's bag.

"Ooooohhhh! That Australia!" Recognition washed over his face like a

tidal wave.

"You weren't thinking of stowing away and coming to Australia with me, were


"Lisa!" Antman looked shocked. "Whatever gave you such an idea!"

"Well the clothes and the food tell me you're going on a trip… a long one,"

Lisa explained methodically. "The map of Australia is a bit of a giveaway, and

the copy of Playboy I think was intended to er… relieve boredom."

"Something like that," Antman muttered and Lisa's cheeks turned just slightly


"You know you can't come with me," Lisa sighed as she saw Antman's downcast

face. "But it's not what you think. This is something I need to do on my own.

It's like a mission… A one-year mission: To explore strange new lands, to seek

out new little guys and new tiny cities - to boldly go where no giantess has

gone before…"

"I know," Antman hung his head in shame. "I'm sorry, its just that we… oops…"

"We?" Lisa sat up. "How many more of you are there?"

"Ahem… Others…?" Antman knew it was too late now, but tried to make up for

his error. He could at least give the others more time. "What others?"

"Come on tiny," Lisa sighed. "I don't have all day. The taxi will be here

soon. Where are they?"

"Who?" Antman refused to switch from what he saw as a potentially winning

formula of total bloodyminded ignorance mixed with just a dash of stupidity.

"I don't have time for this nonsense…" Lisa sighed and gave Antman her most

superior smile before picking him up and stripping his clothes off his body.

"Let me see if I can help your memory…"

"Er… well…" This wasn't what Antman had expected. His mind played through his

favourite Lisa fantasy and he prayed that she was having the same thoughts… The

words 'No batteries required' rang through his mind.

Holding Antman in her left hand, Lisa's perfectly cared for right index

finger pointed toward his chest for a moment (What's she up to, Antman


Then it lowered a little to point at his groin (Oh! Yes!).

Moments later it caressed his tiny manhood and his er… excitement grew

considerably (Oh, God! Yes! Yes!).

He was swept up into the air (Oh! Yes!).

Then he was dropped into an ice-cold glass of lemonade… (Arrrghhh……..!)

"Now, does that help?" Lisa smiled at the tiny Antman as he tried to tread

water in the chilled lemonade. "Memory coming back, yet?" She dipped her finger

in the glass and swirled it, and the hapless Antman, around until he grew dizzy.

"Ahhhh…. Ooooh…" Antman shuddered in the cold liquid, his previous excitement

shriveling up even faster than it had grown. "L…Lisa… I… It's c… cold…"

"Mmm… yes…" Lisa smiled after taking a sip of lemonade, her lips closing

around Antman's head momentarily. "It is refreshing, isn't it?" She smacked her

luscious lips appreciatively. "Now where did you say the others were…"

Unable to endure the shriveling - I mean shivvering - cold, and concerned

that he might never be able to get excited again, Antman spilled the beans. Then

he told Lisa everything she wanted to know…

"Eww…" Lisa wrinkled her nose up prettily and took the glass containing

Antman into the bathroom. She poured away the lemonade and the shivering figure

into the sink. Then she dropped a fluffy pink flannel in after him. "Now you

warm yourself up, sweety, while I find your little friends."

Part 02

After picking up a cardboard box, and taking a brief glance at the clock,

Lisa began tearing through her luggage and began to find little guys hidden


There was the Masked Collager rolled up inside one of her stockings; Grildrig

just sat on top of a white top whilst wearing a black jacket (Sigh…);

Igrowl99 was wrapped around her walkman; and Merlin had scooped out a sausage

roll and secluded himself inside…

These were followed by Orson, b.t. little, MaXx, Critical Toy, Ivan Offalitch,

Winzling, Diminutive 1, Theophilous Bolt, Pintsize, Battle Puppet, Canuck,

Psycho-Chicken, BritBoy, Handle, Maxcat, Little K, Teleopea, Robin Goodfellow,

Will Hatif and finally Stone Cold.

One by one these were deposited gently inside the cardboard box until it was

occupied by 24 little guys. There were cries from within of "Traitor!" and "Quizling!"

"Enjoy your pieces of eight you Judy!" Grildrig felt pleased that he'd

contributed something to the general ill-feeling aimed at Antman and failed to

notice his fellow little guys look away in acute embaressment.

"Any true friend would have done the decent thing and died quietly," someone


"I would!" Merlin called from inside the sausage roll that looked like a

large edible sleeping bag. "Am I too late?"

"Hmmm…" Lisa mused, ignoring the disturbance. These were all the hiding guys

Antman could remember, but still… "Somehow I don't think that's everyone. I can

think of a few more likely suspects…"

Lisa stood and made her way to the suitcase that contained her clothes. In

one corner were all her panties, and there, as she suspected, was Mightymouse,

curled up inside.

"But how did you know?" Mightymouse whined with disappointment.

"Lucky guess," Lisa grinned at him as she deposited him in the cardboard box

with the others. "Now, let's see… Who else… Ah, yes!" Lisa walked over to switch

on her televison and inserted a video casette into the player beneath.

The Empire Strikes Back suddenly blared out of the television's speakers. Dum

dum dum dum du dum du du dumm DUMM DUMM DUMM…

"Da du dumm da du damm…" came a tiny voice from Lisa's hand luggage causing

her to smile. Good, old reliable Alex, she thought. Not too bright, but

reliable… and cute…

Opening her bag there was a tiny figure waving a blue-painted matchstick

dramatically in the air in time to the music. He appeared to be trying to fight

off a small packet of mint humbugs.

"Another one bites the dust…" Lisa mused thoughtfully as she reached in and

grasped the tiny Jedi. Soon he had joined the others in the rapidly-filling box.

"Phew… You guys are gonna drive me around the twist," Lisa leaned over the

box to peer in at her little admirers. The two dozen little guys all looked up

at Lisa in awe. Some even managed to look up past her terrific figure at her

beautifully-smiling face.

Then Lisa's smile changed shape from the cute one she usually wore into one

of pure deviousness and cunning. "In fact," she continued. "You guys wind me up

so much, I think I'm gonna need to see a shrink."

"Shrink on!" a tiny voice called enthusiastically from inside one of

Lisa's shoes.

Lisa supressed a snigger of victory and picked up the shoe carefully before

turning it over and depositing the contents in her hand.

"Well, well… Inchy…" Lisa grinned. "Comfy in there were you?"

"Oh, hi Lisa," ISM coughed nervously. " I, er… just popped in to say


"You too…" Lisa continued. "As I told Antman, we've already said goodbye…"

"I… er… wasn't sure you heard me…" ISM looked around nervously for support,

but when he saw the box full of tiny guys he realized the game was up. "Oh, er…

so did the others I see… I'll er… just go in the box, shall I?"

"That's a good idea…" Lisa smiled and placed ISM in the box with his friends

and went back to her packing. "Well that's about everyone…"

But a few minutes later Lisa's suspicions were aroused by the general level

of muttering from within the box of little admirers. Something was up…

"What is it guys?" Lisa peered over the lid of the box once again. "What's

all the muttering about?"

The mutterings ceased suddenly at Lisa's arrival and that made her still

more suspicious. They are all there, aren't they, she wondered? But decided

to count them all just to be sure.

"One… two… three…" Lisa counted them off. "Orson, stand still! Eight… nine…

ten… Ten! Ah ha! Number 10, where are you?"

Lisa started searching through her luggage once again as the general level of

muttering within the box grew once again. All the time, Lisa kept counting aloud

from one to nine, hoping the last little guy would slip up and make a mistake.

"Yay! Number 10!" one little voice called out from the box of admirers.

"He's gonna make it!" called another.

"Ten! Ten! Ten! Ten!" a chant of support started up within the box for the

last little hero to remain free.

"Hmph…" Lisa was starting to get a little miffed. To be outwitted by one of

those tiny guys! It was unthinkable! I'm ten times smarter than they are,

she thought with a smile. This should be child's play. Hmmm… child's play…

Then, after checking through her bikini bottoms very carefully for the fifth

time, she snapped her fingers as the answer came to her. It really was child's


"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight… nine…" she sang out the

counting song from Sesame Street with her sweet voice.

"Ten…" Came the voice of Number 10 from inside a plastic container of

talcum powder. "Doh!"

Grinning the maniacal smile of the victorious, Lisa pounced on the talcum

powder container and opened it up. It had been emptied and the powder replaced

by a small bed, cushions and even a wristwatch TV! And, of course, the now

silent Number 10.

"My! My!" Lisa was still feeling very pleased with herself for having

outsmarted him. "We are travelling in comfort, aren't we? Or should I say


The contents of the container were gently tipped into the cardboard box where

several little guys crowded around the wristwatch TV in the hope that 'Attack Of

The Fifty Foot Woman' might be on… or even 'Land Of The Giants.'

Number 10 walked over to join Alex Starfighter where they commiserated with

one another.

"So," Alex sighed. "That's it… She's caught us all…"

"No…" Number 10 looked around quickly for eavesdroppers before looking back

at the Phantom Knight and whispering quietly. "There is another…"

"Tess!" Lisa called out as she picked up the cardboard box full of tiny guys

and carried it through to the front room, the last of her packing completed.

"Would you make sure these gentlemen get home safely, please. After

I've safely gone and they can't follow me."

"Sure Lisa," her friend smiled as she took the box and placed it safely on a

table. "Did you find them all?"

"Yes," Lisa sighed as she looked toward the box of tiny guys. "They're so

sweet. I love them all. I wish I could take them, but I've got to do this alone.

I'm gonna miss them…"

"What about that new guy, Mole?" Tess wondered. "I don't see him in there."

"Oh, Moley doesn't like being shrunk," Lisa explained with a sigh. "He says

he's scared of four foot long creepy-crawlies. So the big lug'll be easy to spot

if he tries anything silly like trying to sneak on the plane."

There was the sound of a car pulling up outside and Tess looked out of the


"The taxi's here…" she sighed when she turned back. "I'm gonna miss you…" The

two women hugged tightly and not a few tears were shed.

"Me too," Lisa croaked through the tears before taking the box of tiny

admirers and hiding it out of sight. She couldn't resist taking a few moments to

kiss and hug them all goodbye. More tears… large and tiny ones…

When Lisa made it back to the front room her luggage had been taken out to

the car. Tess was left holding just one small bag. "Don't forget this," Tess

attempted another smile as she held out a bag of presents from Lisa's mum to her

friends in Australia.

Lisa took the small bag and began to check through it carefully. "Just

looking for more little gu… er… creepy crawlies…" Lisa answered Tess's and the

taxi driver's quizzical looks. "No… nothing here…"

Finally Lisa bent over to pick up her pet cat, who was curled up in the

corner minding his own business. "Oooohh… Clarence…" Lisa cooed, giving him a

hug. "And I'm gonna miss you too."

Handing Clarence to Tess with another hug, Lisa steeled her resolve and

forced herself to go. She walked out to the taxi and sat in the back. Turning

round she waved all the way down the street even once Tess was well out of


Part 03

Two hours later Lisa was sitting on a Boeing 747 bound for the other side of

the world as it taxied along the longest runway of Manchester Airport. She'd met

her family at the departure lounge and they'd said more tearful goodbyes.

Now she sat quietly, concentrating on stopping the tears from flowing and

focusing on all the wonderful places she'd see and all the fun she'd have. It

would be the trip of a lifetime…

Fortunately, the flight had been underbooked and Lisa had a small corner of

the plane all to herself. Not feeling like talking, she was quite pleased of the

privacy. As the plane taxied further along the runway, Lisa turned away from a

passing stewardess to hide her tears and look outside the window at the rapidly

moving trees in the distance.

Then from over those trees came another plane, a smaller one… It was coming

in to land on another runway running from her left to right. Its getting quite

close, Lisa thought, watching it intently as it travelled on what appeared to be

a converging course with her own plane.

Suddenly panic welled up inside her. They were going to hit! The other plane

was on the ground now and its wheels were locked up as its crew tried to brake

to a halt. But it wasn't going to stop in time and the crew of her own plane

evidently hadn't seen it coming…

They were going to collide…

The other plane seemed to travel in slow motion, but in reality Lisa knew it

must be doing hundreds of miles an hour…


But just as Lisa resigned herself to the inevitable her own plane flew into

the air, causing her ears to pop. They were taking off! They were saved!

But as she watched the ground fall away rapidly beneath her, Lisa realized

that something still wasn't quite right. The plane was slowing down, but it was

still climbing… vertically! It couldn't possibly fly like that…

The answer to the mystery was revealed as Zabbie's huge, smiling face came

into view through the window.

"Hello Lisa," the lovely blonde giantess smiled. "Have you got Moley in there

with you?"

Recognition washed through Lisa. Zabbie had saved them all. At the last

moment she'd reached the plane and picked it up out of the path of the incoming


Zabbie held the 747 tightly in her right hand. Holding it up to her face she

peered in at her red-haired friend, the tiny plane's straining engines making no

progress against her overwelming grip. Eventually the pilot shut down the

plane's engines and sat back in a state of shock, wondering what would happen


"Have you got a moment to check before you go?" Zabbie continued as she

carried the plane back to the terminal and set it down gently. Nevertheless

there was considerable shaking within the plane and Lisa's mum's bag fell out of

the overhead locker onto the floor. "Only he's gone missing again and I'm

getting worried."

Moley? What made Zabbie think he was with her? She hadn't seen him on the

plane, and he certainly wasn't in her luggage… She'd searched it all thoroughly

- even the small bag containing her mum's presents. So why was he crawling

out of it right now, looking rather dazed?

"Moley!" Lisa gasped. "What are you doing here? How did you get here?"

"One of your finest pies please, Mrs Miggins," the tiny Moley staggered about

in a daze. "With a slice of Rembrandt on the side…"

"Oh, Moley…!" Lisa reached down to swoop up the little guy and hold him tight

until he regained his wits, what there were of them. "How did you get

here?" He was shaking like a leaf…

"I was hiding in Clarence's collar," Moley rubbed his head where he'd bumped

it in the fall. "When you hugged him I jumped into the bag."

"I'm surprised he didn't eat you," Lisa hugged Moley extra tight, forcing the

air from his lungs. "He er… has been known to try…"

"Oh, we er… just came to a small arrangement," Moley tried to laugh, but Lisa

could see the look of fear that crossed his face as he remembered the encounter

with the cat. "I'm very good with most animals. He let me use his collar and I

told him where Mightymouse was hiding last night…"

"Moley!" Lisa was shocked. "That's awful!"

"Nah… He was hiding in the birdcage, so he was okay…" Moley surpressed

another shudder as he looked around nervously.

"Poor thing, you're terrified…" Lisa held Moley up to her cheek and nuzzled

him. "What are you doing being shrunk? I didn't think you liked it?"

"You're kidding," Moley began to babble nervously. "It scares me to death,

but it was the only way. And I know how you prefer tiny guys, and I was hoping

to surprise you… And anyway, if I were going to be shrunk, I can't think of

anyone I'd rather have look after me… I hoped… I hoped… you were going to 'find

me tonight…' But now you're gonna send me back."

"I have to Moley," Lisa felt the tears well up again. "You can't come with

me. I have to prove I can do this on my own. And anyway what about your career,

your friends…"

"They could manage without me…" Moley shrugged noncommitally.

"And what about Zabbie?" Lisa fought back the tears of yet another goodbye.

"How would she feel if you left her?"

Moley looked out the window at Zabbie, or at least her toes, which was all

that could be seen of her. "I… I hadn't thought…" Tears fell freely from his

eyes as he felt torn between the two women that meant most to him in all the

world. "I don't know what to do…"

"No you didn't think…" Lisa once again had to summon up all her resolve. "And

you don't have to decide what to do, because I'm deciding for you…"

Lisa carried little Moley toward the exit which had been opened by a flight

attendant. There she stood and looked up at the immense Zabbie, who stood

outside, gazing down at the tiny plane with a concerned look on her face.

"There he is!" Zabbie clapped her hands together with joy as she saw Lisa

walk out with her hands holding up something small and undeniably cute. "You

found him!"

"Yes," Lisa felt another tear fall down her cheek. She almost wished she

hadn't… "I think perhaps you'd better take him…"

Zabbie dropped down to her knees and held out a hand to take the little guy

from her friend. And as he passed between them, Moley changed from a three-inch

doll-like figure back to his normal near-six foot self.

"He's not the brightest creature on this Earth," Lisa sniffed. "And he

sometimes says and does things without thinking them through properly, but he

never means anyone any harm. Please take care of him, Zabbie…"

"Of course I will," Zabbie held up her tiny charge. "I know he can be a bit

thoughtless at times, but he's always so sad when he realizes what he's done. He

doesn't mean to upset people. Don't worry, I'll look after him."

"Thanks Zabbie…" Lisa took a grip of herself once more. "I'll be in touch,

Moley. Please don't worry about me… Now, I'd better go. We're holding up the


Lisa waved goodbye to her two friends and returned to her seat. From there

she continued to wave as the plane moved off down the runway and started on its

long journey…

Her trip of a lifetime was finally beginning. It would be tremendous fun, and

full of excitement. There were so many places to see… So many things to

experience. But she would miss all her friends, large and small…

Zabbie and Moley remained on the tarmac at the airport, tears in their eyes,

waving like crazy as Lisa's plane became a dot in the distance and finally


Giantess Stories: GOODBYE LISA By The Mole      Part 01

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