Giantess Stories: Gotcha

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It felt like being punched by a child. It was just too high up his back. Then he

felt his hair getting wet. Paint. He felt with his hand. Blue paint. Bull...!

Well at least he was hit from behind which would not counted as a full kill.

They played on their own rules and they knew that it was much easier to hit

someone from behind. He turned around. Joey was waving friendly. Well. Allright.

Greg was a fair player and gave a grin. Relaxed he walked over to a patch of

moss and laid down on it's edge. Joey disappeared quickly in the wilderness.

Greg enjoyed the view of the blue sky between the high blades of grass.

Down here, next to the patch of moss the temperature was comfortable. High above

the grass the air reached about 98°F. The stones were much hotter. Almost no one

played Gotcha when it got that warm. Scuba Glasses, backpack, uniform, scarf,

gloves - who would wear that in the summer heat? Well they did, but just because

down here it was not warmer than 50°F. Comfortable. And it was that cheap. They

had just flipped the switch in Harvey's adventure Jeep and...

Everything was exactly planned. They wanted to have a completely unexplored area

for their game. They always choose a different one. That meant to search for a

house or a mansion with a nice backyard and it's owning family on vacation. Then

they would spent the weekend there. They didn't feel guilty about it. After all

no one would notice and they didn't do any damage. They didn't steal anything

and they even kept away from cherries or strawberries growing in the yard.

But the ugly blue, red and yellow splotches of gotcha paint? Or the whole lawn

trampled beneath their army boots?

Nonsense - They were walking around every single blade of grass. Because - of

course - they played their Gotcha after shrinking down to microscopic size. That

was the switch in Harvey's Jeep. They shrunk themselves with the Jeep in front

of the house and drove right into the backyard. An almost unlimited area for

their game. At 1/16 of an inch a pool was a whole ocean to them and they could

get lost even in a small yard. But they were careful. Everyone had a

walkie-talkie and spare batteries. Signal rockets and a torch. No one would get

lost by accident.

Greg could enjoy the rest of this round. There would be at least four other

rounds with different teams. And then they would put up the tents

Two rounds later they started one without teams because Harvey was going to put

some food on the bbq and fixing everything for dinner. The first ten minutes

were used to spread out. Some of them used to hide while others preferred to

search them by finding their footprints or other hints. It was about five

minutes after the game was opened when they felt the earthquake.

All of them, wherever they were froze immediately. The tremor they felt wasn't a

natural earthquake. Then everything happened very fast. The quake repeated in a

very quick rhythm and they realised that they felt footsteps. Scanning the sky

above the high blades of gras they saw what should never have happened. The

garden wasn't left all alone over the weekend.

They all knew how small they had shrunk themselves but the size difference was

too large for them to realise that whom they saw coming across the lawn where

just two beautiful girls in their early twenties.

They stood in awe at their huge size. But in only lasted a short moment because

all of them where man enough to realise the magnificent beauty of these two

bikini clad women. It froze them even more to the spot. Within moments the

unforgettable size of these heavenly huge breasts was checked and in a swift

motion their eyes focused again where their beautifully tanned legs met and

stretching bikini bottom modelled the shape of a nice valley built by some soft


Then the ground vibrated too strong under each advancing step and they were

forced to grab something to hold on as well as realise the danger they were in.

Very few of the team were attracted to feet but it didn't matter because now all

of them had a strong interest in watching their feet. At first a blue flip-flop

sandal rose over the horizon of grass. Then their eyes were drawn to the left

where a hiheeled wooden mule rose into the sky. The barefoot in it was held by

three clear plastic straps that were attached to the thick wooden sole by huge

silvery nails.

Then they were too busy to see anything. The next impact of whatever foot with

whatever footwear beneath was powerful enough to tear all of them from whatever

hold they had trusted in. The tremors caused by the mighty forces delivered to

the ground made them roll and tumble around uncontrollably.

Deafening thunder surrounded them. Suddenly there was a huge wooden tower where

the camp had been just one moment ago. Darkness spread but only for a moment. A

gust of wind, strong like a tornado even tore broken grass limbs with it.

The sun reappeared and the giant tower disappeared causing another tornado.

But the tremors didn't grow weak - they just stopped. At least for a moment.

Then some softer tremors followed until it was quiet again.

Greg was spitting dirt as he rose. But he dropped quickly because he was not on

the ground like expected but somewhere up on a leaf of grass. And it looked like

fifty feet high to him. Carefully he robbed towards the edge to take a look at

the ground. The grass swayed softly but not from his weight but from the usual

soft wind. Greg wanted to know where he was. He could have been blown far away

from the camp.

He sighed with relief as he saw the red circle, their starting mark beneath him.

So he was right were he wanted to be only a little to high above the ground. He

couldn't see the camp from here so he moved to the other edge.

The sight was a little bit different than what he had expected. The whole area

was covered by a slightly rounded rectangle. outside of the rectangle the ground

had changed its colour from dark brown to sand colour and it was covered with

small cracks. The edges of the rectangle were marked by twelve foot high walls

and its inside was covered with a pattern of diamonds. At first he could make

out where the car with the lifesaving sizechanging machine had been. The area

was now a shiny surface with some traces of green and some traces of silver on

it. Next to it were two spots. One almost black and one brownish with some

traces of rainbow colours on its oily surface. The car was pressed totally flat.

Compacted into some kind of tin foil with a diamond pattern stamped into it.

The three tents were hardly visible. The tiny dollops of things kept inside made

it possible to guess. And Harvey was there. He was now a slightly reddish spot

halfway between the tents and the jeep. The shiny dollop of bbq-metal was

reddened with blood.

A few years ago Harvey's macho comments on a girl had been answered by her

stepping with her hiheel right on his toes. Now the thing had repeated without a

bad comment from Harvey. It didn't matter now.

"Report everybody, this is Tom" cracked the walkietalkie. "I think we should

meet by the jeep to re enlarge quickly before some accident will happen. Out!"

Greg sighed. Other reports came in. "Hank reporting. Roger. Coming back." "Al's

here. I'm fine just trying to find the proper direction." "Bill speaking, I hear

a walkie somewhere around me. I'm going to find out." "Jesse reporting. On my


Then it got silent. Joey, Georg, Whumpy, David... they didn't report. And

Harvey. Greg sighed.

"Greg reporting. The accident already did happen."

A long moment of silence. "Tom for Greg. Where can I find you? Will we have to

carry you back?"

"No. I'm at the camp."

The moment of silence was even longer. Then broken by a shaken voice.

"It's Whumpy. I found him. And he's like torn into pieces across some grass


Greg took some long moments to think.

"Greg again. Billy, return here immediately and leave Whumpy there. I am right

above the camp. We lost Harvey. And we lost the jeep along with everything


Greg could already see Tom returning. He was carrying an unconscious David. When

Tom reached the edge of the imprint he stopped. Carefully he dropped David and

just squatted in front of the huge hole.

"Tom. I am up here!" Tom looked up slowly.

"Need help coming down?"

"What could you do? I'll try to slide down."

With that Greg turned away and walked carefully across the blade of grass until

it got to steep to walk then he sat down and slid on his butt towards the mighty

trunk. He hit it with an unpleasant speed but was unharmed. From there he could

climb down using some edges and cuts on the trunk.

David was standing beneath the trunk when he got down. He seemed OK but his

forehead was all blue. He was just about to say something but another voice

drowned out every other noise.

"AAAHHH!" thundered a female voice, "I am glad you got the key from your uncle.

The lawn is so much cooler than your roof garden."

"Yeah," rose another form of thunder, "and we may even open the pool to cool off


For the first time they scanned the horizon. They saw a knee rising high above

the grass and on that knee rested a barefoot with a blue flip-flop sandal

dangling from its big toe. David started shaking wildly with his teeth chatting

in fear. Everyone turned to him when he sank down on his knees.

"David, David, what is it?" they asked and shook him. It took some time until

they got their answer.

"I was beneath that blue thing!" he said.

And then he told them what happened.

"I was out there stalking sneaking around Georg. And I thought it was just a

real earthquake that only felt this mighty because we are shrunk. So I paid no

attention and neither did Georg. And then it got too heavy to keep standing and

the next moment the sky turned dark blue then completely black. The sound was

terribly. Deafening. My ears are still ringing. I woke up when the walkie was

coming on. And I found myself laying next to the mangled trunk of a gras plant.

It took the weight and saved me. But George - it's only a bloody pulp left of


No one could say anything. Their funny game had suddenly turned into a deadly

experience. They felt like kids who played with daddies car...

Billy reached them. They heard his panting before he appeared behind a trunk.

All eyes looked at him, wanting to know what happened to whumpy.

Billy looked around and realised he had no choice but tell them.

"Whumpy and me - we completely surprised each other. Because we both ran

backwards at the time we thumped into each other. We both turned around and -

splotch! We were both hit and sat down laughing. But just until the ground

heaved. We looked around and we saw her. It was like being frozen. We stared at

her but we couldn't move. We kept sitting and staring until her wooden mules

appeared above us. We jumped up to run away but weren't even able to bring our

legs into the right position before her foot trod down Everything got dark and

we heard thunder from the impact of her heel. Our sky was the brown tread of her

sole and it touched down with even more thunder. Like a canopy the tip of the

wooden platform was bend up above our helpless bodies. But as we realised it we

knew that the curve of her sole would roll over us with her next step. And we

realised that we had lost contact with the ground. Taking the weight of this

mighty women the ground and been forced downward leaving us hanging in the air.

And the air was what saved me. A tornado of displaced air from beneath her shoe

hit us and blew us towards safety. I was tumbling around and one moment I saw

the tread of her sole crushing the ground like a tank-track racing towards us

then I saw the giant toes hanging over the upper edge of the sole and pressing

down. I heard the ground being crushed and grass being torn and mangled and then

there was one last crescendo of noise and another hurricane as the shoe was

lifted into the sky. One last thunderclap of a mule slapping against a bare heel

and then it was over. I had been spared. But look at my clothes and my skin.

Then I tried to find Whumpy. It took some time. He had bad luck. It's true. His

fat killed him. He was just a bit too heavy to be blown out from beneath her

sole. I found his remains on the edge of the footprint. The very tip of the shoe

got him or else I wouldn't have found anything."

Billy had nothing more to say. He looked around maybe realising for the first

time that the jeep was gone.

Greg was starting to think practical. "Guys. We have a problem. We have no means

to grow ourselves back. The Jeep is gone and you all know there's no backup. So

we must find a way to a portasizer. I don't think any portasizer is in our

range. So I can't think of anything else but to contact some human. Right?"

They nodded quietly. It was the truth.

"So we have to face it. In the evening hours we will be endangered by birds. The

night will bring many insects and possibly mice or rats. I don't think we will

survive one night out here. This means that the only humans in our range are

these two girls. We have to accept the fact that they are our only chance of

survival even if they already killed three of us."

David sat down and hid his face beneath his shirt. His shivering showed everyone

that he was desperately trying to hide his tears.

"We will have a long way. We must be careful. Everyone should load the

insecticide ammo. And I want you to think about something. These girl's have

brutally killed our friends. But from their perspective they did nothing but

walk across their uncle's lawn. So don't confront them with it. They might fear

some investigation by the police and could easily decide to let us disappear in

any way. We cannot let that happen."

With that he took his things and for one last time he looked at the heel imprint

that was Harvey's grave. Then he turned around and walked towards the blue

flip-flop in the sky above the lawn.

They walked under the huge blades of grass. Sometimes they had to walk around a

pad of moss that looked like a dense jungle to them. They had prepared to meet

insects and developed some special gotcha-ammo with insecticide instead of

paint. It worked quite well. They had defeated ants and even wasps with it.

Slowly they neared the blue flip-flop in the sky. Four knees rose like mountains

on the horizon.

Lucy and Jasmine

"Hey, Lucy!" the thunder rose painful in their ears. "No one's hear, no one can

watch us. I don't have a thing for tan lines. Let's take it off."

And with that the mighty bodies started to move. The flip-flop disappeared and

they felt the tremors of their movements. Loud noises told them that small

textiles got removed. Finally a blue shadow flew right over them an crashed down

about four hundred yards behind them. An interesting aroma told them what part

of a bikini had landed there.

As the knee mountains rose higher and higher during the next thirty minutes the

girls body rose like a skyline above the grass. Long stares lingered at the

mighty breasts until the crotch area came into view and looked like an alien

mountainrange covered with a strange kind of wood.

Billy made the last of the group. He was lost in thoughts. He didn't know any

other possibility than to make contact with the girls. But he knew quite well

what it would mean to move near two bodies of such an unthinkably majestic size.

To him it was clear that a single falling hair would knock to the ground like a

treetrunk. And he saw no signs of Greg taking precautions. Billy might have

tried to find some cracks in the ground that could provide cover at least for

the last five minutes. Greg didn't. Billy felt his fear like a heavy stone in

his stomach. Every second, he knew, a heedless and lazy movement could end their

live. All it would take to wipe them out was the giantess next to them deciding

to spread her legs and lower her right knee, the one next to them, to the


But nothing like this happened. They could hear the quiet breathing of both

giant girls and finally arrived in an area where the blades of grass were laying

criss cross in a chaos. Some blades mangled some torn or broken. It got

difficult to move on.

"She must have stepped here flattening the grass. So we finally get near her",

Greg announced.

Billy's fear made him puke but as he was the last and everyone was so exited

about the view in front of them they didn't notice.

Then eventually they stood in front of a mighty blue wall. The texture of the

material looked really alien. "It's the edge of her flip-flop sandal", Greg said

unnecessarily. Above them her pinky toe rested near the edge of the footwear.

Everyone looked at the blue material. They were fascinated by its appearance

though they knew that it was some foamed rubber. Billy was the only one who

looked at the ground and saw that the giant thing had sunk into the ground

causing earth to mushroom out from under it. It wasn't clear but Billy guessed

that it had sunk up to four foot into the ground where they were standing now.

So Billy realised that the mighty sandal in front of them was under pressure. A

part of the giantess' body's mass was resting on it and any part was more than

they could handle. Looking along the blue wall towards the tip of the flip-flop

he saw in a distance were the sole rose from the ground. Obviously this happened

were the toes ended and the material was bent upwards by the resistance of the

ground below. What he saw made him shiver. He new flip-flops and he new that all

of them had a smooth sole. But some of them had a tread below the tip and below

the heel. This was one of these. What frightened Billy was the size of that the

tread appeared now. The sawtooth like tread was seven feet high and had left

it's mighty imprint on the ground which told a story about the force that had

worked there.

Looking up Billy saw the wall reach a height of about 70 feet. That was like a 6

storey house... Billy had to puke again.

Greg however didn't think about anything. Instead he walked up to the sole and

started climbing. The foam bubbles had just the right size to be handholds. The

others stepped back the farther he got up. He made a quick progress but took a

break after each fifteen feet. Sometimes there were areas where the knife that

had cut the foam had left a smooth and hardened surface so he had to get around


He was just about fifty feet high when Billy's visions got reality. A sigh

thundered through the air and the flip-flop was suddenly rocked up and down and

finally dragged backward. Already with the first violent movement Greg hat lost

his hold. Then the moving wall hit him and catapulted the helplessly squealing

guy over the heads of his friends. High above them Billy saw a unholy huge

barefoot being removed from the flip-flop. It hovered in the air threatening to

come down on us but was then moved backward and finally landed with the toes

near the heel part of the flip-flop.

BOOOM! The guys who had followed Greg's flight lost sight of him because they

and everyone else was getting thrown about like dice dancing on a table.

"Whoa! That's better than the rollercoaster in Disneyland", Tom laughed as he

got up. Still anyone but Billy seemed to notice the life threatening danger. All

he could think of was the sound of plants breaking beneath the landing barefoot.

Some cursing told them about the position of Greg. After a few moments of more

cursing he appeared between some mangled grass leaves. His lip was swollen and

he was rubbing his fingers but otherwise he was unhurt.

"Damn!", he shouted," let's go over there and tell her something about doing

these jokes to me. At least I don't have to climb now."

With that he ran towards the mighty toes that now rose about a hundred feet

behind the heel end of the flip-flop. It was a distance of 1400 feet so Greg

soon fell to a jog. But he was obviously trying to get there first. Billy knew

he felt like a clown after falling from the edge of a simple flip-flop sandal

and hurting himself. When Greg got in the vicinity of the toes he had to fight

his way through a crowd of fallen blades of grass that had just been flattened

by the mighty foot. So the others got nearer and nearer. Finally Greg reached

the area where the side of the pinky toe touched the ground. The others were

still about one hundred feet away from him. He looked back at them. He was

visibly angry. When the others started to climb through the chaos of flattened

grass they suddenly saw him turn around. With a cry of deepest anger he ran

towards the toe and kicked it with all his might.

Billy couldn't believe it. Greg himself had warned them to get angry against the

girls. Now he was. And he had to pay for it.

Maybe it was another casual movement. Maybe he had done the impossible by

hitting a nerve through the hard skin to be felt. However the huge toe that

towered about one hundred feet into the air suddenly moved. It stretched and

rose from the ground. In the process Greg was hit squarely by the mighty wall of

skin and tons of flesh behind it. They heard a crack from his body and Greg fell

down. And as his cry of pain erupted from his mouth it was cut short by the

relaxing toe which came to rest on top of him. A horrible noise of Greg's body

being squelched could be heard before another loud boom signalled that the

mighty toe had come to rest.

Billy was the only one who was prepared for the earthquake and because it was

much lighter than the quake caused by the whole foot he could remain standing.

So Billy saw Greg's head mostly intact but wedged into a groove of the toeprint.

It was surrounded by a pulp of Greg's body with small bit's of broken bones

sticking out. One moment later a horrible noise started and Billy watched the

foot sliding forward without raising. Greg's had was dragged with it for about

fifty feet then it somehow became loose and at the same moment his skull was

squashed and ground into nothing beneath the still moving foot. After another

fifty feet of painfully noisy movement all toes rose high into the air and

actually grabbed the edge of the flip-flop's heel. Billy saw mighty muscles

doing their work which he knew was nothing but a lazy girl's play. But to him

they did an impossible task as they made the tip of the flip-flop raise some two

hundred, five hundred and finally eight hundred feet into the air before a

strange noise told him that the toes slipped from the flip-flop. He watched the

mighty sole fall down and was actually surprised and terribly shocked by the

resulting thunderclap. Of course he was neither prepared for the earthquake and

fell to the ground.

So it looked as if Billy had fallen like everyone else as he got up. They looked

at each other, then for Greg. Nothing was left of him. But instead of realising

that he had been crushed the others believed that he had been flung far away

like before. Only Billy knew better but he didn't talk about it. To him it had

been wondrous enough that the giantess didn't repeat this humiliating display of

her toes' power.

"It won't work this way", David realised. "She must see us. Let's part into two

groups. Each group will try to contact one of the girls."

"all right", Billy answered and sensing his chance to get away from the

dangerous vicinity of this foot with its flip-flop he tried to make it short.

"Hank, Al! You come with me. David, you other's might want to wait for Greg but

I suggest you start to make some progress instead!"

Maybe they weren't used to Billy commanding but no one said a word. Instead Al

and Hank followed Billy into the grass forest. After one minute they couldn't

see what the other group was doing. But the blue arch of the flip-flops thong

was still visible. Billy lead them around the sandal in what he thought to be a

safe distance. But the distance of 300 feet he kept from the tip of the

flip-flop was merely the length of a big toe...

As they were walking Billy had again time for some thoughts. Greg's death had

been an unmistakable demonstration. There were just two girls laying in the

garden to get a nice tan. Two girls, young, beautiful, maybe about 110 lbs or a

little more. But they were small. Really small. He understood why ants needed

six legs and he got an impression of the bravery it took for ants to run under a

garden table with humans sitting around it. But of course he realised ants were

paying a terribly high price. How many millions of them had been unnoticedly

squashed underfoot. And their small tribe of antman had already paid with four

of their kind.

Billy's fear got stronger. He was glad the others stayed behind him so he could

hide it. It took a few more minutes until they left the other flip-flop sandal

behind them. Now a light brown shape rose out of the grass the nearer they got.

Billy realised what it was. They neared a highheeled wooden mule that was now

laying on its side in the grass showing them the sole.

A thousand feet to their right the tip of the thin wooden heel loomed above the

grass. Billy new it. This heel had flattened Harvey. It had destroyed their Jeep

and maybe their only way to return to their normal lifes. But he had walk

towards it. Towards and past it because behind this heel he could see another

giant foot rise into the sky. The darker tan revealed that they had reached the

foot of the other girl.

Billy turned to the side and walked towards the foot. But after a few seconds he

realised another danger. When the giant girl should decide to slip her feet into

her mules she would first flip it into an upright position. And that meant they

would suddenly find themselves beneath countless tons of wood and one

microsecond later they wouldn't ever find anything of themselves again.

No one commented Billy's sudden turn. He was walking faster now. After some long

minutes they had passed the dangerous shoe. Now the giant foot was in front of

them. At this point Billy suddenly stopped. He stood like frozen. "Hey, Billy?

What are you doing? We don't have all day, we must be found!", Hank yelled and

Al pushed him forward.

Now Billy ran forward like mad. He worked like mad through the flattened grass

near the huge toes but instead of stopping there he ran along the side of that

giant foot. He ran for almost 1200 feet until he stopped. Breathless Hank and Al

stumbled towards him. Billy was looking into the sky.

"Jasmine", he said and sat down. Hank and Al weren't that stupid. They realised

that Bill had recognised the giant girl. Of course they couldn't explain why.

They gave him a few seconds before Hank gently pulled him up. The effect was

like lighting the fuse on a bomb. Bill jumped up and simply tore Al and Hank

with him.

"Come on. We have to get away from her foot or her slightest movement will

squash us!"

Hank and Al stumbled across the giant blades of grass. Then finally they broke

through the barricades of bent and cracked gras. Running on naked earth between

the gras Al finally managed to get next to Bill and ask him "Where are you

running? What are you doing? We wanted to get noticed so we should've tried to

touch her toes or something, right?"

"Wrong! Totally wrong!" he got his answer. "What do you think happened to Greg?

Flung away some hundred yards? No! I saw it while all of you stupid fell down.

She got him. She got him with her pinky toe and squished him flat. You all saw

her toe after that? There was nothing left!"

"But Bill, what are we going to do?"

"It's simple. She must see us. We must climb her and maybe if we get past her

navel she can see us."

"But Billy, we are not climbing her! We are running away from her!"

"Al! We're not! Look forward. We are running towards her crotch!"

"Billy, are you mad? Her crotch! We can't think about voyeurism right now!"

Billy stopped in his tracks. With a stern look he fixed Al.

"Al. I am not going on a funride in Jasmine's privates! I would never do

something like that to her. But right now our live depends on it to get unharmed

onto her body. One move of her hand, some playful patting from her girlfriend

over there would be our end as some tiny red splotches. But I hope these two are

not together in some lesbian way so they will never touch their privates in

front of the other. That's our insurance."

Seeing all this the three made quick progress towards their target. It was a hot

day above the grass and so they soon found out that Bill knew where he had to

go. A heavy odour filled the air. Sometimes a gust of wind blew it away and made

it easier. But seconds later the scent of pussy surrounded them again. The warm

weather made her sweat slightly and the boys were only a thumblength from that

huge womanhood.

Hank muttered, "There are only two things in the world that smell like fish. One

of them is - Ouch! Hmpf... Bwlly, are you just going mad? Look at my nose -


"One more comment about Jasmine and I will personally see that you will find

your doom beneath the most beautiful behind in the world!"

Al looked a little puzzled. Bill - the asexual. And suddenly all of this changed

and he defended this murderous giantess like the lady of his heart. Jasmine - he

knew her name. He knew her. Was there some secret story visible between the


Then another barricade of bent and broken grassleaves was in front of them. But

they were lucky - the grass had not been forced down in the same brutal way like

beneath her feet. They got easily through and finally stood in front of an

impossible mountain of womanhood. High above them two monstrous pussylips, each

of them a long stretched mountainrange of its own, were showing a luscious pink

colour. Pheromones that were hidden within the mighty pussy-odour had their

effect and all of them had to make some secret moves to sort the panic in their


To each side of the puss-valley a small strip of skin covered her outer

pussylips and next to it a dark forest of pussyhair rose. There wasn't much hair

end right next to it her mighty thighs rose into the sky. Now it was obvious

that these were unclimbable.

"Come on!" Bill commanded. He stepped forward and grabbed a rope like hair. Near

the ground her crotch was a steep wall. It was hard work to climb up hair after

hair. Then the ground - or skin was more like a steep slope than a wall and they

carefully walked higher and higher. As they reached the area where her inner

lips broke through the mighty walls of her outer lips the hair got more dense

despite being short trimmed. They had to find their way near the edge of that

most unusual forest which turned out to be her right outer pussylip. The all

female aroma was a torture to them. They fought against their senses. All of

them had to adjust their pants and as Hank stumbled and fell he just couldn't

get up immediately but had to stroke across what he knew to be the most holy

skin in the world.

When they finally reached the height of her clit, which was luckily hidden

beyond the huge folds and clefts of her soft inner lips the wind was on their

side. Though being still much stronger than back down between the grass the

odour got more and more thinned. Finally they reached the upper end of her slit.

The hair forest forced them on a route right across the middle of her pubic bone

because here was running a parting in her pubic hair.

The stirr of the titanic female body beneath them came without any vocal

announcement from the giantess. Bill saw the mighty muscles in her thighs

starting to work and frightfully clung to a hair waiting for the things that

would come. The muscles in her thighs bulged and deformed the skin of her

crotch. Wet noises answered from below and while Al was violently knocked down

by some bending hair Hank couldn't grab any hold. Then the mighty thighs did

their work and lifted this gigantic ass from the ground to allow its owner some

adjustment for her comfort. Like a gondola in some weird amusement-park's newest

attraction the ass hips and crotch beneath them moved up then left then right

and finally crashed back down with deafening thunder.

The lazy movement of the giantess were violent jolts to Hank. He slipped,

tumbled and finally rolled down the slope. Instead of saving him the tangle of

two hairs broke his arms with an ugly noise as he hit them. Then there was only

smooth skin and a free fall for him. A last hopeless yell echoed through the

cunt-canyon before he hit the pink pussyflesh right next to her clit.

Then the thigh muscles relaxed and the whole crotch got more space between the

legs. The pussylips that surrounded Hank shifted unfolded and ground against

each other and with a wet crunch Hanks body was easily and unstoppably ground to


After the sexual stimulation by the giantess' heavy pheromone attacks they had

walked like on pink clouds. Now reality was back. Al was sobbing. Billy forced

himself to look away as some final relaxation of this murderous pussy made a ten

feet high fountain of bloody gore squirt up.

Wordless they moved on. Two minutes later the Pussycanyon with it's steep walls

lay behind them and they made their way in safety between the upper streak of

pubic hair. Two minutes too late for Hank.

Then finally they reached the free area between pubic hair and her navel. "Let's

get there and take cover in her navel to think how we go on" Billy suggested.

At first they jogged to get across the tan plain. But then they felt more and

more like some hunted deer out in the open. They ran for their lives with fear

in their faces until they finally dropped into the protection of her navel.

The navel was a huge hall to them. It was the size of a tennis court but instead

of the green a shallow lake of sweat was on the ground.

After looking around and getting some breath Bill looked at Al.

"I don't think this is far enough. Look how far her eyes are. Look how small we

are in her navel. We have to go on. Maybe we should climb one of her breasts."

"That far? In the open? No way, Billy. I won't. You may go alone but I will stay

here. This is murderous. If she moved, if she scratched or whatever we would be


Al's face told everything. Bill sighed. He had made his decision. He climbed the

steep wall of the navel and jogged away.

It was a long way. Her breath was moving the skin and Bill was constantly forced

to fight for his balance. The mountains of her nude breasts loomed above him in

the distance. The way was very long and to the heat of the sun came the heat of

her body. Jasmine's body. How he had longed for it back then.

And how he still longed for it in every lonely hour. What had he done to loose

her? Nothing - her mother had done all this. They had met somewhere in the mall.

What a lucky day this had been. They had met four times. Then her parent's found

out. They didn't talk to her about it. They didn't arrest her. They did the most

unusual thing - they moved to another city. Jasmine had written some letters. He

had written many more - but only two got through because she had cut school and

waited for the postman...

That had been three years ago. And now she was back. And she was still wearing

that anklet. He gave it to her because she could easily hide it beneath socks or

slags. A ring would have been more appropriate but also much too dangerous. And

she was still wearing it.

Billy stopped. While thinking he had just marched forward. Now he stood right in

front of her left breast. It was a huge breast. It was huge to him three years

ago. It was huge to him now. It ballooned out and he already stood in the shadow

beneath a giant canopy. The mountain looked like much more than 300 feet high

and he could only see the lower 100 feet of the overhanging wall of flesh. In

front of him each breath caused the breast to rise and fall which made the cleft

between her breast and her body open and close. He couldn't even dream of the

impossible weight that rested there. If he was caught beneath her tit he was

mush. Much more mush than Hank.

He shook of his trance and worship for her mountain of a boob. Turning left he

knew that he had to climb up her cleavage. Then he would walk back and climb her

nipple. And then...

Because Jasmine was laying flat on her back there was no real cleavage. But if

she decided to raise her shoulders it would be life threatening dangerous

between these mighty tits. Bill couldn't find any other way. He sprinted up her

sternal bone.

Thinking of the word bone he touched his crotch. The sight was overwhelming. He

had never seen her like this before. They had taken it very slow - they both

knew how tender their young love had been. And now he was just running between

her huge uncovered tits.

Then finally Bill stood before the last bit of breast-slope. He would climb her

tit from here. But first he knelt down and tenderly kissed the breastflesh.

"Jasmine, forgive me. I see no other way to save my life." Then he started.

from here he could almost run up the breast. Her constant breathing didn't allow

that however. Now he also felt the breast heave from her heartbeat. Maybe her

right breast would have been an easier choice. But now he reached her aureola.

The dark skin was very tender but also very bumpy. When he reached her nipple he

found it halfway erected to about 70 feet high above her aureola. The skin of

her nipple was full of small canyons that were kind of slippery. He learned to

be more careful when he lost his grip some fifteen feet above the ground. He

thankfully kissed her soft aureole as it saved his life with it's softness.

Then finally he grabbed a hold in the small opening of a milk duct on top of her

nipple. He had made it.

He had made it. He was up on her nipple.

But - what now?

He turned towards her face. A huge mountain of a face. And he froze in terror.

Those two green eyes were fixed on him. He wanted to scream in terror, he wanted

to look out to try to dodge that huge hand coming to crush the gnat on Jasmine's

nipple. He wanted to shrink and hide in the milk ducts. But he did - nothing.

He was frozen in fear - which was some kind of lucky because now a violent

breathe followed by a surprised gasp was Jasmine's reaction. And his fingers had

fearfully dug into her nipple or else the violent move would have shaken him

down. The idea of a 200 foot drop from the edge of her ballooning tit made his

grip iron hard with his knuckles turning white.

Because the beautiful green eyes widened and the killing hand didn't appear Bill

suddenly found himself waving a hand at this huge face.

He read in her face that she recognised him. But he also read in his mind that

this was just impossible with his insignificant size. But there was a smile on

her lips. And carefully her head rose to give her a better view.

At once he needed both hands again to cling to her nipple. But rescue was on the

way. Suddenly a huge red fingernail bumped into the nipple from behind. The

impact was too much for him. It was pure luck that he fell back and dropped some

ten feet down onto the shiny red surface. He could feel that she successfully

suppressed a gasp of terror but her heartbeat was now like cannonthunder.

Quickly he found some rough places on the edge of her fingernail that allowed

him to cling onto it. Then his journey began. He rose into terrifying heights

and flew towards her eyes...

Three minutes later he didn't know how he had survived without falling to his

death. She had looked at him with a silent look going across her face. Maybe

there was some silent look on his face too, but it was well hidden behind the

grimace of fear.

She had watched him clinging to her nail. At least it gave him time to come to

his senses. And then she acted as if she had always been prepared for this. He

heard some noise while her free hand was working behind her head. And suddenly

it appeared with a small blue box. He shuddered at the display of power as her

thumb pried the top off the box. Now he could see that it was a box for

earrings. All walls were covered with soft velvet. Slowly, ever slowly she

lowered her fingernail onto the velvet. Then he jumped off. Saved!

As he was saved he found time to think of Al. He was still waiting in her navel.

At that moment Jasmine suddenly moved and got up into a sitting position. He

tumbled across the velvet.

"Noooooooo......" he shouted helplessly and already to late. Surrounded by

velvet-walls he couldn't see anything but he knew that sitting up meant that her

bellymuscles worked and pressed her navel shut. He gulped. It was hopeless.

Jasmine had taken the lead now. Soon she held the small box next to her left

ear. Bill got the message.

"Jasmine!!! Can you heeeaaar meeee?"

A slight nod - or a violent jolt for him was the answer.

"Oh, god, Jasmine. Thank you for saving me. I thought I was doomed. But Jasmine

- there's more of us and - Jasmine. Al was in your Navel!!!"

The fearful jolt was unmistakable. Like an earthquake the mighty body moved and

he was shaken around with his box. Then he saw that she had sunk back propped up

on her elbows. Then he could only see her face far away and her knees on the

other side. Soon she tilted the box and he felt a touchdown...

She had set him down near her navel. Carefully he climbed out and hurried

towards her navel. He looked into the huge navel but saw nothing. Then he

surrounded her navel. Soon he stopped. A red smear told everything. Maybe Al had

seen her smile at him and thought it was safe to come out. While doing this fate

had struck. There weren't even bones visible in the smear. Shuddering he turned

to run away. He was very surprised to find the box now waiting right behind him.

Of course she had watched his reaction. He climbed in and watched the sad look

on her face. Then she brought the box back to her ear. She knew that there might

be some more important things.

"Jasmine", Al shouted on top of his voice," there are three others. They wanted

to get noticed by your friend over there. They started at her right foot maybe

one or two hours ago! Please... I will explain everything later."

Another nod rocked the box. Then she moved it away. Out of nowhere the lid

appeared in the sky. A silent kiss from her face signalled that there was no

danger to him. Then it got dark and he felt and heard that she put the box in

some kind of bag. Then her thunderous voice made the box vibrate.

"Oh, Lucy. I'm thirsty. Would you mind getting us some ice tea or something? I

would go myself but I am not comfortable with your aunt's kitchen."

A Yawn answered. "Yeaaah. ... sure...I will..." And the earth quaked under her

fading steps. The rumble of the door was heard. And then he heard his beloved


"Guys, this is your only chance. I can't let Lucy know about you. She's like her

name - Lucifer! So you have to get here soon. I will place my Lipstick next to

my right foot. It will be like accidentally open. Climb it. Make yourself stick

to the lipstick and I will save you. You don't have much time. I don't think

Lucy will like to boil in the sun for another hour. She will make the call!"

With that Bill felt himself being nudged aside as she obviously got the Lipstick

from her bag.


[Tom, David, Jesse]

Greg didn't return. David would've been surprised if he had. To him the movement

of that foot had been just too close to leave him unharmed. Billy's reaction

told him he was right. He decided not to talk about Greg. He took the lead.

"Well, guys, we have no other choice. Would you notice an ant kicking your toe?

She won't either! So we have to do something different. "

BOOOOOM! the flip-flop sandal behind them fell again. She was lazily playing

with it.

"Damn! First of all we have to get away from here as long as she's playing with

this blue monster-flip-flop or we'll get under it!"

With that he started to run away. Jesse and Tom didn't know anything better and

followed him. They made a five hundred foot sprint. Then they fell down behind a

grass trunk.

"Alright. I hope we are out of her playful reach. We have two chances, boys.

Number one is: We get noticed by her now and hopefully can ask her to save Bill

and the others. Number two means we hitch a ride on her flip-flops and let her

take us home with her. There we see how we make ourselves noticed."

"We can't leave Hank, Al and Bill helpless", Jesse answered, "number one it

should be."

"Well Jesse, now tell me: How do you want to be noticed? If we can somehow

muster enough strength to tickle her it will be like any blade of grass tickling

her. Anything that might work involves that she can see us and recognise us as

non insects."

"We should climb her nose so she can recognise us!" Tom suggested.

"No, Tom. How could we get there?"

"We could run up to her head and climb up in her hair."

"Hm... she might move"

"She may not!"

"I don't think you can climb up that high."

"Well I don't know what you two will be doing. I will try."

With that Tom rose and disappeared in the gras-jungle.

David and Jesse looked at each other.

"I think we should try to hide on her sandal. That flip-flop should have some

larger hole somewhere in the sole where we can hide. Once at her house we can

try to be noticed there. Maybe we could write a message somehow."

"Allright. But before we can go back we have to wait for her to finish playing

with it!"

And so they did. BOOOOM!...... BOOOOMMM! It took a long time. Finally they

noticed it had stopped. And the breathing sounded like she was asleep.

"It's now or never!" David shouted and they ran towards the blue flipflop.

They found her foot was in it again. It couldn't stop them They started to

surround the huge sole looking for larger bubbles in the foam. The first two

were large enough but had a wide opening. They feared to fall out when she

moved. Then they found their chance. Near her big toe they found a suitable one.

Fifty foot above the ground it looked promising. They decided to climb up and


It took a loot of power to climb the steep wall. On the last twenty feet they

feared she might suddenly move and shake them off. But panting they climbed into

safety. It was the ideal kind of bubble. A small hole only two and a half foot

in diameter was the entrance. Behind that a large room opened. About ten feet

long and 5 feet high. The walls were covered with craters of exploded bubbles.

Quickly each of them wedged himself into one of these craters and found himself

secured by the material like in the seat of a rollercoaster. They felt save.

Tom was going on a long and lonely walk. He knew he needed his strength to climb

her hair like a giant rope. And he guessed that he would have to climb maybe one

thousand feet up. So he couldn't afford to run. Instead he had fun watching this

hot tanned body that was at display all around him. She was a total beauty. Her

skin was smooth and there was no trace of fat on her. Except for the tan

mountains on the horizon. He passed them more than one hour later. These breasts

were a firm display of female proud. He couldn't help but touch his privates at

the sight. While he was walking a breeze cooled her nipples and they rose to a

full height of easily two hundred feet.

Finally he got around her shoulders. And from that moment everything started

with terrifying speed.



The titanic head next to him stirred then shook. Suddenly a deadly hairstorm

struck around him. Everywhere were hairs that smashed down like giant whips. He

covered on the ground in fear of being sliced in half.

Then finally the head rose and with it the whole giantess disappeared. The

earthquake of leaving steps made his body dance and tumble. Then it got silent.


David and Jesse were taken by surprise. Their small cruise-liner cabin was

suddenly jolted up and down, left and right. Then they felt the might of a foot

making contact with the ground from the best seat in the theatre. It was

titanic. Everything vibrated and they heard hapless thing giving in to the force

and flatten beneath the giantess flip-flop.

But this was only a foot with the weight of a leg behind it. When the giant Lucy

got on her feet one moment later they got a demonstration of power they never

believed possible. Each step was a bloody violent torture. When the foot

travelled through the air they were pressed into the foambubbles like the Apollo

11 crew on their launch to the moon. Then they heard an earpiercing slap when

the heel of the flip-flop smashed into the heel of her foot. Then they felt

everything being forced towards the ground and when the foot hit the ground the

sound was even more deafening as the slapping noise. For the next two seconds

the foot rested on the ground. But the walking body above them shifted its

weight from heel to toe accompanied by countless things alive or not being

flattened and crushed beneath her sole. All these sounds of destruction were

washing through their ears as a cacophony of destruction. And when finally her

toes took all of her weight to push the giantess forward the flip-flop bend

under the pressure and their bubble was squashed beneath the weight. They

thought they must be squished inside of a place that seemed so safe seconds ago.

But When the pressure forced the air out of their lungs and pressed their head

onto their knees it was suddenly over and they were dragged upward again.

After the first two steps they knew their idea was life threatening. Then came

the moment when they heard the door. The regular movement of up and down, crunch

and rise was suddenly broken by the necessity to open the door.

It was Jesse's fate. He was torn out of his bubble and as the forward movement

stopped he shot out of the opening with lightspeed.

When Jesse smacked backwards into the hard tilefloor he felt some bones break.

For one moment he thought he had paid his prize. But then he saw that the force

of Lucy's step had shot him far out in front of her but still in her path. For

about one and a half seconds he joyously smiled up at the perfectly naked body

above him. He even managed to touch his prick for a moment. Then he saw the

underside of toes hanging over the edge of her flip-flop. Finally his sky turned

blue - then dark.

BOOOOOMMMM! thundered the heel. With one arm inside of his pants the other rose

futily to hold of the front part of the flip-flop. SQUIRTSH! made his body.

Some fifty feet above and maybe thirty to the right David tried to listen for

the sounds of his last moment. But within the thunder and they crunching of dust

and dirt he heard no difference.

Five seconds later David got a break. He heard a fridge door and bottles.

Everything would've been fine if the mugs hadn't been in the upper cupboard.

Lucy just stood on her toes to grabbed a mug. It didn't matter to her. For David

it meant the end. Without any warning his small prison was suddenly compressed.

Brutally his head was forced between his knees. Then another jolt of pressure

forced his shoulders to follow. As his arms broke in the process he used the

last air in this lungs for a desperate howl. Then suddenly the pressure stopped

for a second. David saw his arms stuck as a mangled mass to the blue walls of

his prison. Then the pressure returned. Even more violent. The second mug was a

little deeper in the cupboard. Lucy lifted her left leg and stood only on her

right toes to get it.

David's head was crushed into his crotch. Before he heard the crunch of his legs

his spine was crushed which saved him fro the pain. He felt his forehead

squishing his balls. SCRUNCH! Everything turned red and he heard the final CRACK

of his skull.

Lucy however took the mugs and filled them with ice tea. Smiling she walked back

onto the lawn. It had been a great idea to spent a lazy day in the sun wit





When Tom heard these words he paniked. The lipstick was so damned far. He

started running towards it. But in front of him was only a chaos of flattened

grass where Lucy had rested her body. He had to surround it. Fearfully he hoped

she would step on him on her return. If she laid down slighty more upward he

would be buried beneath her head.

He spent the most fearful moments of his life when the returning steps made him

tumble on the ground without any control. But the naked giantess just sat down a

good distance from him to drink her tea.

He was racing. Was it still more than a mile? He didn't know. He only saw the

black and golden plastic of that lipstick...

"Hey, Jasmine. What's that? I've never seen so much love in your eyes! Got any

sweet dreams?"

"Wow Lucy, I never thought you were sensible enough to notice something like


"Hey, Jas! What do you think of me? It's just to protect me from the world

outside when I play the selfish and arrogant slut."

"Uh, Lucy, some softer feelings shining through? What are your true colours?"

"Blue. Look at my flip-flops. Blue..."

Damn smalltalk Tom thought. But it was giving him some time. As long as they

talked, they didn't leave, right?

HE was running and running. The minutes passed. He lost his eye for the

beautiful naked bodies next to him. His goal was the lipstick - his goal was


"I don't know why you always play this bad with boys."

"Hey, Jas, you know the way it is. Your' beautiful. Your' sexy. Just like me.

And you know - Guys. I mean Guuuyzz with their 'look at those tits look at those

legs. Pay you ten bucks if you dare slap her sharp ass...' When I play cruel

with them it's just to protect myself from them. I've never found the one who

made my heart melt. But I do believe he's out there and waiting for me..."

'Yes, I am out here. But I am not waiting for you, I am just trying to get away

from you' Tom thought.

"Uhm, Jas, let's get up. It's almost five and we'll have to be back around six.

We have to do some washing up and things, remember?"

"Allright" he heard the answer. Tom knew his time was up. Maybe one thousand

feet to go. Maybe only eight hundred.

The dark rumbling started behind him. e knew it was Lucy getting on her feet.

The next second brought Lucy's first step which tore the tired Tom of his feet.

Step after step followed as Lucy gathered her things. She stepped into her

bikini bottoms and walked to the spot where she had thrown the bikini top.

Tom gave up trying to stand up. He was crawling as good as possible on the

shaking ground. Then he couldn't even crawl as Lucy thundered towards him. He

felt himself being helplessly thrown around before he catched a gras root to

hold onto. He looked up and saw the flip-flop coming down on him. He howled in

fear as it got dark. THOOUUMB! Lucy stepped down with the edge of that blue

flip-flop just 5 foot from him with displaced air and a hailstorm of dirt

washing over him.



His way was blocked. Between him and the life saving lipstick was the deadly and

almighty foot of Lucy. Eight hundred feet to the heel. Five hundred feet to the

toes. He couldn't get around it.

Above him Lucy bent down to help Jasmine up. Tom almost got mad at the display

of these heavy boobs swinging nude and full in the sky above him. Then Jasmine's

barefeet thundered around Lucy and he watched breathlessly how they put those

humunguus boobs back into the bra.

"THANKS, JAS!" thundered Lucy. Tom was crawling towards the blue flip-flop.

Sobbing he leaned against it.



Tom gave up. At least he wanted to have some nice last moments. Without any

restrain he watched Jasmines' still totally nude body. He enjoyed her bouncing

breasts and her carelessly displayed pussy. For one moment he thought how

interesting it would be to get into her cunt. But when she moved her legs he saw

her pussylips grinding against each other. He realised he would be squished to

death without even being felt.

Then Lucy stepped back to grab her back. As the flip-flop was risen from the

ground Tom was unbelievably lucky because Lucy twisted her toes. But instead of

being dragged under the shoe and ground to dust he was just riding on an

avalanche of dirt that the sole pushed away with it's movement. One moment later

the blue footwear of death disappeared.

He watched Lucy grab her bag and walk towards the house. Then he looked at

Jasmine. He saw her closing her back with the lipstick while stepping into her

wooden mules.




whispered thunder came to him, "BYE!"

Tired and helpless he waved at the giantess. He looked at the wooden platform

sole and wondered. With a little luck they could have managed to climb the

flip-flop. But this smooth wooden surface was unclimbable. What could've

happened if Lucy had laid down left of Jasmine instead?

Then he quietly watched Jasmine making her first step. He wasn't surprised as

her foot moved towards him. He would have been surprised if her slim wooden heel

hat hit him. Instead he looked at the dirty plastic tread beneath her right

mule. He felt the vibration and saw how easily her weight forced the slim heel

deep into the soft earth crushing and flattening a lonely trefoil beneath. Then

the platform sole came down. He was under the raised tip. Just 20 feet from him

everything was crushed beneath her weight. Then he saw the sole above rolling

towards him. He knew she was just rising her heel. He had fallen on his back and

watched a huge yellowish block of the tread crush his legs. CRUNCH! He howled in

pain while his legs were crushed deep into the earth. Then another part of the

tread came down somewhere behind his head. It got dark and one moment later he

felt the pressure of his body being squashed into the treadpattern. His body

flattened under her weight...

The End.


Giantess Stories: Gotcha

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