Giantess Stories: Gotham City goes Bust By Nairb    Batgirl

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Gotham City goes Bust

By Nairb

Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon, followed Robin and his spandex covered tush as they

quickly moved through the corridor of one of Gotham City largest aircraft

hangars. Suddenly they were out in the bay of the hangar. She stopped and stared

at BOTH Superman and Supergirl laying unconcious under a powerful light as it

tried to reenergize them.

"Batgirl!" a voice called. "Over here." It was Batman summoning her over to a

large menacing looking ray gun.

"Has Robin filled you in yet?"

"" she stammered. "What the hell happened?" Batman sighed.

"O.k." he replied. "Here it is in brief." He took a deep breath. Luthor managed

to steal a molecular redistributor from Triple Z Laboratories. He is used the

largest piece of green Kryptonite available to power it and enlarge Catwoman to

gargantuan size and persuaded her to try and kill Superman. She almost did it.

Because their size is krytonite related, both Superman and Supergirl are

powerless to stop her. We need to enlarge YOU so you can try."

"Why me? Why not you and Robin?"

"The specific wavelength we need to use only works on females. That's you"

"Thanks for noticing (finally)." she remarked dryly. "Hey, wait a minute. If

Luthor has the only piece of kryptonite thats big enough, then how...?"

"You weren't listening." he said sternly. "Luthor is using GREEN kryptonite, we

are going to use an equal size piece of BLUE kryptonite." he hesitated. "It

SHOULD work equally as well."

Everyone stopped and looked at Batgirl. Batgirl turned and looked at Superman

and Supergirl as they lay in poisoned shock .

"O.k. Lets do it" she said quietly.

"COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE SUPES" a voice boomed from outside.

"It's Catwoman!" Batman gasped. "Get in front of the machine, quick!"

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Catwoman strolled down the street toward the airport. Luthor's spys had reported

that Supes and his skirtclad girl were headed there. To escape by plane maybe?

Motion caught her eye off to the right as someone peered out of an office

building at her. Feeling playful, she turned suddenly to face him. He quickly

backed away from the window. The glass shattered as she reached through it to

grab him. He barely seemed to be three inches tall to her. Only as long as her

littlest finger.

She brushed the tip of her finger down his chest and suddenly popped her claws

out of her costume. He gave one quick scream as the claw impaled him through the

chest and then fell limp. She wiggled him a bit to see if he was still alive,

but he remained limp. With a shrug, she flicked him off her claw back into his

office. Then she resumed her stroll to the airport. She heard a soft crunching

noise and looked down quizzically. She had stepped on a motorcycle, squashing it

completely. The owner of the bike, standing next to it (and her foot) stared up

in shock. She slipped the toe of her boot beneath him and flipped the boot up.

The tiny man soared helplessly up into the air to be caught in her hand. Without

a second thought, she crushed him to pulp in her hand and continued walking. The

sheer POWER was intoxicating!

Finally she made it to the airport and looked around. A tiny man, one of

Luthor's men, waved up to her and pointed to a particular hangar. She moved

towards it, making certain to squish the man as she went. Damn that was fun!

COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARE, SUPES" She called. She fineshed walking up

to the hangar and looked it over. It certainly didn't seem like much to her. She

tapped one claw on the roof, causing the windows to rattle noisily. Then she

moved over to the front and peered into one of the large windows.

A black-clad hand, as large as hers, emerged from the window and smashed into

her face, sending her reeling back. She fell to her rump with a crash (squishing

a news van) and watched in shock as an equally gigantic Batgirl emerged from the

widening hole and looked at Catwoman with a devilish smirk. "HI HONEY! I'M

HOME!" she called out.

Catwoman watched in stunned amazement as Batgirl stepped out of the hangar and

placed her hands on her hips in the classic heroic pose.


Catwoman's eyes narrowed and she quickly slipped into a fighting crouch. The

claws of her costume popped out as she fanned her fingers and hissed at Batgirl.

"I WAS KINDA HOPING THAT WOULD BE YOUR ANSWER!" she crowed as she suddenly leapt

forward in a kick. Catwoman barely managed to slip aside, her reflexes slowed

somewhat by her immense size. Batgirl was not so lucky and failed to recover her

balance. Arms windmilling, she stumbled and crushed a nearby police car (one of

many that had been carefully pacing Catwoman's progress). She immediately rolled

away from the expected slash of cat claws and was rewarded by hearing Catwoman

hiss in frustration.

"DAMN IT! I WAS SO CLOSE! she hissed. She dropped to her hands and spun her legs

out, taking Batgirl off her feet. "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!" she called, and bolted

back into the city. Batgirl swore loudly and shot off in pursuit.

Catwoman moved quickly through the streets, no longer caring who or what she

stepped on. She figured nothing could stop her. She then learned an important

lesson... giantesses can still trip over fully loaded semi-tracker trailers. In

an instant, Batgirl was on top of her. They twisted and turned and tussled in

the steet as one tried to get the upper hand over the other. Finally, Catwoman

was able to slash out and rip a hole in Batgirl's costume just above her


Batgirl grabbed her wrists as Catwoman managed to get on top of her and began

pressing her claws toward Batgirl's throat. A sudden crash from above caused

them both to look up just as a tiny man fell from a window above their battle

and dropped screaming toward them. Batgirl exhaled desparately at the little

man, just barely managing to slow his fall so that he landed gently... right

into the hole her costume.

With a shriek, she flung the startled Catwoman off of her and leapt to her feet.

She immediately started to twist and gyrate, looking for all the world like a

schoolgirl who had just had a bug dropped down into her dress. Catwoman, unable

to help herself, started to laugh hysterically at the sight. She clutched at her

taut stomach and kicked her high-heeled feet in the air feebly as she watched

Batgirl squirm. Suddenly Batgirl froze and looked in shock down at her crotch.

Catwoman saw a tiny bump move within Batgirl's suit between her legs

With a wicked grin, Catwoman stepped up and pressed her hand into Batgirl's

crotch. Sliding her fingers across, she forced the tiny man into Batgirl's

vulva, causing Batgirl to moan and bite her lip. She dropped to her and knees

and watched Catwoman stride off quickly.


SEE YOU TOMORROW." she laughed as she vanished around a corner. Batgirl bit her

lip and slid her lower suit down, revealing herself before the intire city

block. With a trembling hand she reached down between her legs and grabbed the

legs of the slowly twitching man. When she grabbed him, he started to move

violently. She gasped and felt her pussy muscles latch onto him reflexively.

Gritting her teeth, she pulled him out and examined her carefully. Seeing that

he was dazed but alright (if rather sticky and gooey), she stood up and pulled

up her drawers.


darkly, and slipped off into the darkening gloom after Catwoman.

Batman looked over at Batgirl with concern. After a stalemate with Catwoman

earlier, and followed by a fruitless search of the city, she had returned to the

hangar to consult him. Shortly thereafter, she had remarked that she was

bocoming very hungry and wanted some fruit. Using Bruce Wayne's resources he had

brought her a truckload of fruits and vegetables. After the first few bites she

had settled into a glazed trance and was simply eating any fruit, vegetable, or

cereal placed in front of her. His cape swished around him in his frustration.

"How is it going, Batman?" Robin queried, "she still eating?" Batman simply

pointed at her. Robin shook his head and pulled out a paper to give Batman. "The

results are in and they don't look promising. Her hunger is caused by a reaction

of her growing and her lack of a previous meal. The reason she only wants fruits

and stuff is because of the Kryptonite Blue we used as a power source."

Batman looked over the paper and sighed. She still had a glazed look on her

face. Then he frowned. "According to this she's going to be exhausted after she

finishes. She'll probably just go to sleep for the rest of the night." He looked

at Robin and his eyes widened. "Kryptonite Blue and Green are exact opposites of

each other. That means that Catwoman is probably...

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Lex Luthor gazed down from his darkened catwalk in one of his warehouses

angrily. Catwoman had returned in failure and insisted she be fed to boot! She

had demanded, DEMANDED! meats and fish to eat. He turned to Mercy, his

assistant, and raised one eyebrow.

"According to our agent, Batgirl is engaged in the same activity right now. Only

SHE is eating fruits and vegetables instead of meat." Mercy looked down at

Catwoman, who was devouring hole sides of beef as fast as the line of goons

could dump them in front of her. "Other than that," she concluded "everything is


Luthor rolled his eyes and asked, "What about the man who, ah... dropped in on

Batgirl. What happened to him?" Mercy shifted to her other foot.

"He's fine. Apparently, Batgirl was able to control herself enough to not harm

him. In fact, he's been reported as wanting to try again." she ended with a wide


"How.... interesting." Luthor responded, almost absently. His eyes drifted

across Mercy's athletic form, dwelling on her curves and peaks. "That has

possibilities." he murmurred. Mercy felt her heart skip a beat and heat flood

her face. That she was infatuated with Lex was no secret, that he might be

interested in her WAS. That he might trust her enough to grow her to giant size

and ... play with her, was almost too good to be true!

Before she could respond in any way, the pace on the floor below was disturbed.

They watched as the man nearest Catwoman stumbled and sprawled down in front of

her. Without a pause, she lifted him up and tossed his screaming body into her

mouth. The screaming stopped instantly as she chewed him up and swallowed. "Keep

feeding her you cretins!" Luthor yelled. The men however, were frozen in horror

with the realization of how fast they could die.

Catwoman reached down to where the food was and found nothing. She mewled

hungrily and tried to focus on the floor before her. Her gaze settled on the

slowly retreating men. "I said FEED HER!!!" he bellowed again. Catwoman simply

slid her hands down and scooped up the dozen or so remaining goons, who began

screaming hysterically. Mercy pushed Luthor behind her into the shadows and they

watched as Catwoman gobbled them up mindlessly. Lift, chew, swallow. The pile of

men dwindled down as blood and shoes dropped from the corners of her mouth.

When she finished, her eyelids drooped and she slid to the floor in below the

two shaken villains. They looked at each other and swallowed nervously. "I'll

order more meat," Mercy said.

"LOTS more," added Luthor.

Chris and Mark cinched up their toolbelts and stared out at Gotham City in the

cool morning light.

"Over there," Mark said, pointing off to the right. Chris looked and sure enough

there was a hole in one of the buildings from the previous evening's "cat"fight.

Mark turned away from the sight to look at Chris as they stood on the unbuilt

floor of the highrise they were building.

"Man, was that a sight!" he chuckled. "You should have seen those two bitches go

at it." Chris nodded a bit and then suddenly paled and froze. Mark didn't

notice. "I bet what those two REALLY needed was what Catbitch started... some

good, oldfashioned screwing." He nodded at Chris, still oblivious to his

expression. "Man would I like to see that from here. Hell! I bet I could teach

them both thing or two."

"THAT A FACT, JACK?" a loud, dry voice asked. Mark finally noticed his friends

face and turned with a sick feeling in his stomach. Catwoman's face filled his

vision as she stood gazing into the construction site. Her face moved closer to

the side of the building and she inhaled deeply. Mark was lifted off his feet

and carried to her face... which obligingly opened up for him to tumble inside.

Her teeth closed like a door, trapping him inside as she looked at Chris.

"MMMCRH FHSL BINSLDIR." she mumbled to him. His face screwed up in confusion at


"MMMCRH FHSL BINSLDIR, " she repeated. He shook his head at her in fear and

confusion. Catwoman sighed and swallowed. "I SAID 'DOWN THE HATCH' " she

repeated again. Chris didn't even feel the floor as he fainted dead away.

Catwoman looked around, surely SOMEONE should have informed Batgirl of her

presence by now. Not seeing her enemy anywhere, she turned her attention back to

the tiny man before her. Picking him up, she carefully stripped him and sat down

on a pile of construction supplies. She pulled off her boot and slid him down

inside of it. As she gazed down at the trapped man, she saw him stir and shift

into wakefullness. She smiled down at him and blew him a kiss.

She slid her foot back into the boot gently, feeling his terrified squirming

against her sole.

"WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?" a voice demanded of her. She stood up quickly, keeping her

foot up in the air for the moment, and spun around. Batgirl, of course.

"JUST FIXING MY BOOT. THERE WAS SOMETHING IN IT." she slowly pressed it down,

savoring the feel of the tiny man flattening out under her titanic body. "NOW


wickedly. Batgirl's eyes widened as she got the gist of what had happened. Then

she snarled and threw herself at Catwoman with a yell.

Both of them were too busy to notice the effect of Batgirl's yell, and the

windows it shattered. Batgirl slammed into her and drove her backwards into the

steel framework of the new building. Catwoman raked her claws along Batgirl's

shoulders... drawing blood. Yelping in pain. Batgirl fell backward and used the

toe of her boot to flip a Chevy at Catwoman's face. It caught her in the chin

and distracted her enough for Batgirl to regain her feet.

The two combatants circled each other in the construction yard as people began

to look out of empty window frames to watch in shock at the two mega-women. Some

people started to race out of their homes and flee up down the streets. Not a

good move. Batgirl snapped out a batarang and watched in horror as it missed

Catwoman and stuck into a building... one end out of each side.

Catwoman cackled and flicked her whip out. Batgirl let it wrap around her

forearm and gave a strong yank on it, pulling Catwoman toward her. Her other

fist shot out and caught Catwoman in the jaw. She fell back and was pulled

forward again by Bargirl... like a person with a yo-yo and was hit again.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Lex luthor looked at the monitor and grimaced as Catwoman took another hit. This

wasn't working. Mercy looked on with her usual schooled expression. "That's it

then," he remarked. "She's going to lose and we can't do a damned thing about

it. Mercy shifted slightly and laid a hand on his shoulder and squeeaed

slightly. Then she strode over and stood in front of the growth device.

"Maybe YOU can't help her, but I can." she informed him. Lex stared at Mercy and

Mercy stared at Lex. He frowned at her and started to say something. She

interrupted by pointing to an empty container of fried chicken. "Just in case of

this... I've already eaten a LOT of protein." she told him. Lex smiled at her.

"Remind me to give you a raise later." he ordered, then activated the machine.

Batgirl gave Catwoman another belt and flung her away. This time it was almost

too easy. She stepped up to the groggy Catwoman and kicked her legs out from

under her. She grinned down at her foe and waited for her to try to stand up.

When she managed to get to her knees... Batgirl kicked her HARD in the ass and

sent her sprawling into an alley, sort of.

Catwoman got herself wedged into the alley sideways and could only flail about.

Having finally felt that time was up, she grabbed Catwoman's ankles and yanked

her out into the street. Catwoman stared up at her blearily.


FUN. " She placed her hands on her hips in the classic pose and looked down at

Catwoman, whose eyes had suddenly widened. "NEXT TIME BRING A PLAYMATE AND MAKE


"NO PROBLEM, BATCHICK." a new voice responded. Batgirl suddenly found herself

flying over the now grinning Catwoman and down the street. She managed to roll

over and see... Mercy! helping Catwoman up. The two titanic women smiled and

advanced on Batgirl. She spun while still on the ground and swept Mercy's feet

from under her, sending her sprawling. Catwoman kicked her in the chin and

flipped her over.

Batgirl desparately tried to stand up and get her bearings, but the two

giantesses were flinging her from one to the other and punching her at the same

time. The pace paused for a moment as Mercy lifted a bus filled with people and

waited for Batgirl to stand up. When Batgirl was up, she flung the bus at her

with a loud "CATCH!" Still dazed, she simply ducked the missle, which nailed

itself into the wall of a building.

Catwoman's whip suddenly wrapped itself around her neck and dragged her

backwards. The two vicious vixens lifted Batgirl up and threw right onto a low

building off by itself. Batgirl crashed into it, totally flattening it and

anyone within. Sudden silence followed as she tried to get her breath.

A soft noise arose from the remaining people in the area. They were CHEERING!

All three gigantic femmes paused and stared at each other in bafflement. Then

Batgirl reached over and picked up the sign that had stood in front of the

building. She started laughing weakly when she read it and tossed it to Mercy.

Mercy glanced at it and chuckled to as she showed it to Catwoman.


They had just squished the tax department.

She rolled backwards and managed to gain her feet as the two villains attacked


----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Batman watched the monitor in growing dismay. Batgirl was getting her butt

kicked. His frustration was evident to those who knew him, but not the police

around him and Robin. Superman and Supergirl stood nearby and watched the fight

with dismay also. Everytime one of them missed with a punch or a kick, another

building took a hit.

"We've got to do something, dammit!" growled Batman. "But who is available?"

"Perhaps I can help." a new voice responded. It was a soft, husky voice. A

woman's voice. The assembled heroes turned and watched the young woman approach

through the parting police officers. Batman stared at her for a moment and then

motioned her to stand in front of the machine.

"Let's do it" he said softly.

Batgirl fell to the ground again, crashing into the remains of a hospital. It

had already been stomped on during the battle by a gleeful Mercy and Catwoman.

Now Batgirl lay, bruised and bleeding in its rubble.


DIE." Mercy ended. She stepped up to Batgirl. "LETS FINISH HER, SELENA.", she

added. No answer came back to her, so she looked over her shoulder in

curiosity... and her blood went cold.

She watched as Catwoman was lifted up into the air and thrown across the street

into the nearby park. She watched as the newcomer turned her attention on HER.

She watched, (dum, dum, DUM!!!) the Huntress. Mercy noted the intense look in

her eyes as the Huntress advanced and remembered the profile Lex had read to her

in case they were to meet. Of course, that was supposed to be at NORMAL size.

The Huntress was about as close to being a villianess as a "good guy" could get.

She believed the ends justified the means, and she was quite willing to kill if

nescessary. THIS would probably qualify.

Huntress snapped out one of her razor-sharp throwing blades and Mercy

frantically dove to the side. The blade sailed off down the street to smash

something in the distance. The Huntress didn't really care. She simply stepped

in and kicked Mercy in the stomach, sending her flying onto a 'McDonald's',

flattening it. Crunching noises behind her announced Catwomans return. She

stepped to the side, letting Catwoman windmill past. She spun and struck

Catwoman in the back before she could regain her balance.

The battle shifted direction suddenly as Mercy and Catwoman moved towards the

large crowd which had been following them all. They obviously hoped that

Huntress would change tactics like Batgirl had, to protect the innocents.

She didn't.

Even as the crowd tried to dispurse, Huntress stepped squarely onto a group of

men ogling her titanic tits. Mercy bulldogged her and they fell into the crowd,

squashing them like, like, easily squashable things. Huntress grabbed a handful

of people and flung them into Mercy's face. Some of them clung screaming in her

hair as others poked her in the eyes with flailing limbs. Catwoman got her legs

knocked out from under her and landed on her rump. Right on top of a group of

boy scouts.

The three colossal women rolled and kicked and punched. The destruction was

terrifying to see. The focus in Huntress' eyes was total. She grabbed a

convertible trying to weave through the crowd and mashed it into Mercy's face.

The three college boys were forced into her mouth. As she fell backward, they

triggered her swallow reflex and she did. She would have enjoyed the sensation

of their squirming if she hadn't also been in the middle of a fight. As it was,

their death went unnoticed to all except themselves.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Batgirl watched the fight with horror. Huntress was worse than the others. How

could Batman have done this? Suddenly movement in front of her caught her

attention. Nightwing had ridden up on his cycle and was trying to get her

attention. She strained to hear him.

"Come on Batgirl!" he pleaded. "You've got to get up and help her before she

destroys the entire city trying to kill them!" Batgirl struggled to stand. It

was so hard. "Please!" he called again. She looked down at his anxious face. He

needed her, the city needed her. Batgirl stood.

Batgirl staggered to her feet and drew a deep, ragged breath. then she sprinted

down the street and slammed into Mercy with all the strength she could muster.

She rolled away groaning and managed to lift her head in time to see Huntress

slash into Catwoman hard. Catwoman fell back with a scream and clutched at her

wounded arm.

In the meantime, Mercy regained her feet and grabbed Batgirl from behind.

"YOU DON'T SEEM TO BE DOING SO HOT ANYMORE." she told Batgirl in mock sweetness.



Mercy snatched up a handful of scrambling pedestrians in her free hand and

brought them to Batgirl's mouth. She twisted her head back and forth in

desperation. Finally, Mercy twisted her arm HARD, making Batgirl gasp in pain.

Mercy quickly stuffed the handful of people into her mouth and covered it with

her hand.

Batgirl could feel the people in her mouth moving around. She could also feel

the saliva building up in her mouth. She struggled not to swallow as she could

even HEAR the tiny people screaming in panic. Suddenly, Mercy slipped her hand

from Batgirl's mouth and massaged her throat instead. Batgirl swallowed the tiny

people helplessly and moaned as they slid down into her tummy. She could feel

them moving around slowly at first, then with increasing speed as the acid

started to dissolve them. Mercy checkled evilly and slid her hand down to

Batgirl's stomach, rubbing it lightly.


Angrilly, Batgirl found new strength and threw Mercy off of her. With tears in

her eyes she lashed out at Mercy, who was unprepared for Batgirl's wrath.

Finally, with a sheer animal yell, Batgirl knocked the bleeding and bruised

Mercy to the ground. She grabbed a fallen steel beam from off of a truck and

prepared to impale Mercy. As she lifted the beam over her head she glanced over

at Huntress and Catwoman. Catwoman had fallen before Huntress and was on the

ground. The Huntress was simply standing there, staring at Batgirl. There was

something in her eyes, something that told Batgirl that Huntress wouldn't be

able see her quite the same if she killed Mercy. Something that said that ...

Batgirl was better than that.

She lowered the beam and sat down to cry. The people in her stomach were gone,

she knew. Huntress sat down next to her, unable to provide the comfort needed,

but there never-the-less. Soon enough, Batman arrived, as they knew he would,

with Luthor in tow and both of the size changing machines to try and set things

right. Or at least as right as things could get anymore.

----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----

"What do you mean they get let free!?" Batman yelled at Gordon. He swept his arm

out at the ruined city before them. "Gotham is DESTROYED!"

Commisioner Gordan looked at Batman with all the control he himself could

muster. "Somehow, Luthor managed to get some friends in the Pentagon to

exonerate him. Something about 'testing a new device' and that 'certain risks

had been known' and other bullshit." He looked over at Luthor and the two

no-longer titanic villianesses. "Luthor, I can't do a damn thing to you, but you

better get out of Gotham and never return or I'll not be responsible for what

anyone else does to you." He turned on his heel and left.

"An excitable man," Luthor commented to Batman calmly. "By the way, I get my

device back also you know." he added.

"If you can find, you can have it. I'm not a policeman, remember? I don't answer

to you, so you can go to hell!" Batman told him with equal calmness, "If you

thought this was over, you're sadly wrong. We've only just started Luthor," he

added as he swept away from a fuming Luthor. "We've only just started."

Giantess Stories: Gotham City goes Bust By Nairb    Batgirl

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