Giantess Stories: GRAVITY  by willie

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by willie

part I

Tom always wanted to be famous, but his big chance had come and

gone. Now he sat on his sofa paging through the Guinness book of world

records looking for some way to get his name in print. Records were made

to be broken. There had to be something in the book that he could do

longer than the last person.

Tom had some free time to kill. He was a physicist whose company

cut back and laid off fifteen percent of it's technical work force. Only

in the year 2048 could someone with a masters degree in quantum physics

be laid off.

Two weeks after his twenty fifth birthday, Tom got his pink slip.

He had heard rumors that the project he was working on had lost its

funding. He couldn't believe that management would just pull the plug

when they were so close to success. Tom believed it now.

At first Tom was devastated. He gave everything he had to his

job and the project he was working on. He spent so many hours at work

that not only did he have no girlfriend, but he hadn't dated in years.

He even fell away from his family who lived half a continent away. He

was planning on becoming famous when his project finally succeeded, but

that dream went out the window when funding ceased.

As he paged through the book, Tom came to the shrinking records.

There were pages of these. Scientists finally learned how to shrink atoms

in 2012. The law of conservation of matter was dealt with by transforming

the excess mass into heat energy. Therefore, a large amount of heat was

given off during the transformation and conversely a large amount was

required for the growing back process. By 2016, they were successfully

shrinking people and growing them back. Expensive shrink machines soon

became available, but for obvious reasons were immediately outlawed. That

didn't stop the hoards of shrinking people from setting world records.

Now if one wanted to be shrunk, he had to go through official

government channels. An application had to be filled out. Both the

shrinker and custodian of the shrinker had to file the form, giving their

reason for the request. If permission was granted, the shrinking was

performed by a government agency for a large fee.

One record quickly caught Tom's eye. The record for living in a

woman's underwear while she had it on was 20 hours. That wasn't very

long, he thought. The record for living in cleavage was fifteen hours

longer. Tom got to thinking. What limited these records weren't the fact

that a two inch tall man couldn't survive in a woman's panties for

twenty hours. If the woman was careful, a tiny man should live for days

in her underwear. What limited it was the fact that the woman had to go

to the bathroom and pull her panties down, thus ending the attempt. Tom

had an idea. It had something to do with the project he had been working


The project Tom worked on for the past two years involved

building a containment field around a small object. He and his fellow

physicists took six months to conquer this problem. Once the field was

established, the physicists in the group began changing different

parameters inside the field. They were able to set up a totally separate

universe inside the containment field where they could test the different

laws of physics of our own universe.

After some time, Tom and his coworkers were able to create a

universe where Newton's three laws were no longer valid. They were also

able to change the universal coefficient of gravity. They could make the

force of gravity inside the field so high that two objects inside the

field were drawn together like magnets.

Tom had an idea to get into the book. Tom's idea was to shrink

himself down to two inches, and wrap a containment field around himself.

A universe could be made around him with a high enough coefficient of

gravity that he would stick to any other object that entered the field.

A woman's panties were what he had in mind. He could lie back on the

panties or the woman's ass like he was lying on the ground, no matter

what position he was in. Tom had to run this idea through someone else.

The only person that he came close to trusting with his idea was Sharon

from work.

Tom called Sharon on the telephone. Sharon worked on the project

with him, although she wasn't laid off. When the project stopped she was

transferred to another group. Because she was a couple years younger

than Tom and a women, she made less money than Tom made. Women

physicists were rare, so the company was able to find another position

for her. Tom and Sharon were friends, good friends. She knew about his

desire to be shrunk. In fact she often teased him about it.

After exchanging pleasantries, Tom explained his idea to Sharon

and asked her if it would work. "It should work", she said. "I can get

everything we need to build the device from the lab. But who are you

going to use for the woman?"

"I haven't thought that far yet", Tom answered. "Do you have any


"What about me? Since I'm getting the equipment and know how to

use it, it's only fair that I be the one. Besides, ever since you told

me about your desire to shrink, I've secretly shared your fantasy from

the other point of view. Not only do we both get to fulfill a fantasy,

we get to have our names put into the record book. Furthermore, who can

you trust more than me?"

Tom couldn't believe what he was hearing. He liked Sharon a lot,

more than just a friend, but never said anything about it to her. "Cool",

he said. "Let's apply right away for a shrinking permit." They talked a

little longer and agreed to meet that night over dinner to discuss it

and fill out the application.

They met as planned and filled out the permit application.

Sharon put together a list of what they needed to build the device. The

next day Tom sent the application away. He didn't know if it would be

approved. The government got tougher on the whole shrinking subject

after a series of shrinking related deaths a few years back. Tom then

called the number in the back of the book of world records to schedule

the whole thing with the Guinness people. A tentative date was set for

someone, probably a woman, to come to Sharon's house to supervise the

actual setting of the record.

Three weeks passed before Tom received his self addressed

stamped envelope containing the shrinking permit. Tom was given

permission to shrink to no smaller than two inches for no longer than

one week. Tom planned on staying small for just long enough to set a new

record. Although the thought of being held captive by the beautiful and

sexy Sharon excited him, it also scared him. There were too many things

a two inch tall man was vulnerable to.

Tom immediately called Sharon to let her know that they were

approved. Sharon had stolen the necessary equipment and the two had

already built the device. They tested it on bugs and it worked like a

charm. After a final call to the Guinness people, the record setting was

set for the coming Saturday.

Sharon had arranged for the company she worked for to shrink Tom

with the shrinking machine they owned. Since they were the ones that

laid Tom off, they could hardly say no. The shrinking was to be done

Saturday morning. Tom was to then spend all day and night in Sharon's

panties. Carla, from Guinness was going to spend the day with Sharon to

witness the event.

Everything was set, but there was just one slight problem. As

Saturday approached, Tom began getting cold feet. Besides the constant

butterflies in his stomach, Tom was becoming more and more frightened.

He trusted Sharon, but accidents do happen. For days, he could think of

nothing else but what Sharon's giant round ass would look like up close

and what a lethal weapon it would be to someone two inches tall.

Tom lied awake for hours Friday night. Early Saturday morning he

decided that there was no way he was going through with the shrinking.

Once he convinced himself of this, he was able to finally doze off.

Tom woke with a start and grabbed the phone. "Hello."

"What took you so long to answer", came Sharon's voice from the

other end? "It must have rang fifteen times."

"I was sleeping", muttered Tom. "It's the middle of the night."

"The middle of the night - my ass", screamed Sharon. "It's seven

o:clock and I'm leaving to pick you up."

"I'm not going. I changed my mind", Tom said.

"The hell you're not going", Sharon said in a much more agitated

voice. "Do you know what I have invested in this? I stole that equipment.

I spent a hell of a lot of time building the containment field generator

and programming the controller. I even arranged for an inactive day

today with some woman I don't even know just to make it easier on you.

I'll be at your place in ten minutes and you will be ready." With that

she hung up the phone.

Tom sat on the edge of his bed with the phone in one hand and

his jaw almost on the floor. Never had he heard Sharon yell, let alone

curse. He realized there was no way out this late in the game. He

dressed himself wondering why Sharon was so adamant. Maybe she had

something more at stake. He hoped he didn't find out.

"I'm sorry I yelled", was the first thing Sharon said to Tom

when he answered the door. "I know you're nervous, but you don't have to

be. I'll take very good care of you." It helped Tom feel a little better.

On the way to the building that Tom used to work in, Sharon

talked continuously. She was obviously exited. What woman, who was about

to have a tiny man in their pants, wouldn't be exited. When they pulled

into the parking lot, Tom's heart was pounding. He felt a little light

headed as he stepped out of the car. Sharon hurried him into the

building. She led him to the shrinking chamber, although he already knew

where it was. Sharon acted like he'd never been in the building before.

Tom had seen the shrinking chamber plenty of times. In fact, he

shrank plenty of things himself. He knew what was involved. He just

didn't know what it felt like to actually shrink. He knew that if it

was done correctly, it was painless.

Tom reluctantly entered the chamber with Sharon's prodding. He

heard the steel door slam shut behind him. He heard the humming of the

machine start and instantly felt warm. A large ceiling fan kicked in

to suck the heat out of the room. Tom knew that as he shrank, his mass

was converted to heat. If the fan stopped spinning, Tom would incinerate.

The shrinking took an hour. It had to be done slowly so the

excess heat could be sucked from the room. Tom spent the hour sweating

and worrying. Finally the humming stopped. The fan immediately followed

suit, and Tom realized it must be over, even though he didn't feel much

different. He instantly became cold. He waited patiently for the door

to open not knowing what a giant person looked like from his point of

view. He didn't have to wait long.

He felt a rumble as the entire wall in front of him moved

aside. He felt a torrent of cool air hit him almost knocking him down.

Then he saw a giant shoe in the doorway. It was a woman's shoe. It was

the size of a cadillac. In it was a woman's foot. Attached to it was

an ankle four times bigger around than a tree trunk. Tom's eyes moved

upward past a knee, then a massive thigh, then the underside of a skirt.

He was standing in front of a sequoia tree. He could not see the top,

until it bent down towards him. Two hundred feet up in the air Tom

could see the uppermost crown of leaves looking back at him. Sharon's

mammoth form was towering over him.

Tom's first emotion was fear. His next two were terror and

horror. He couldn't control himself. He felt adrenaline burn into his

stomach lining as he turned and ran. He heard himself screaming in a

high pitched voice. He didn't have anywhere to run, but that didn't

matter. He ran anyway. He ran until something humongous flew over him

and landed directly in front of him.

Tom stopped running with a thud as he ran into Sharon's foot.

He looked up to see fingers the size of a man, but twice the thickness,

coming towards him. At the end of each finger was a shovel blade,

shiny and red. He struggled as the fingers grabbed hold of him and

wrapped around his tiny body. Tom cried as he was lifted rapidly into

the air. He once shrank a dog for experimental purposes and felt pity

as the tiny dog tried in vain to flee. He wondered if Sharon felt the

same pity for him. He found out when he arrived outside her smiling

mouth that she didn't.

"Relax", the huge lips whispered to him. "Try to calm down.

Everything will be fine." Tom instantly felt the fear fade as he

stared into Sharon's soft smooth lips. He felt like he was in the

first row of a theater and Sharon's mouth was the entire screen. He

could not remove his eyes from the main feature as it spoke. "I have

you now and I won't let anything happen to you."

Tom didn't realize right away but he was getting closer to the

giant mouth. He was so lulled by its beauty and by Sharon's soft deep

voice that he didn't know he was close enough to be licked. He found

out when a pink slab of muscle appeared from between the giant lips.

It curled slightly as its rounded tip approached. Tom tried to fight

the hand that held him, but could do nothing but watch as the massive

snake drew nearer to his face. Tom first saw saliva glistened on

Sharon's tongue then felt it's warm wetness on his face as they made

contact. Tom felt the rough taste buds of Sharon's tongue on his skin

as Sharon sampled the flavor of his face.

Sharon's tongue savored Tom for only a couple of seconds before

it withdrew leaving Tom once again face to mouth with Sharon. He was

so close to her luscious lips that they filled his entire field of

view. Tom was spellbound as he watched the lips pucker and surround

his upturned face with warmth. Tom felt his loins explode as his face

basked in the gentle feel of Sharon's soft lips and his body bathed in

the soothing energy given off by her warm hands.

When the fireworks inside his body subsided and he was able to

open his eyes, Tom once again found himself face to face with a

giantess. He felt the ground under him give a little. He looked down

to see he was standing in Sharon's palm with no clothes on. "Are you

OK", she asked him? Tom nodded while trying to keep his balance and

cover up his exposed midsection. "Sorry. I couldn't help myself. You

are just too cute." Tom rolled his eyes. "It's time to go home now.

Remember, we have a record to set."

Before Tom could answer, he was grabbed from behind by a thumb

and forefinger and propelled forward. He was gently lowered into

Sharon's shirt pocket. He sat in the bottom of the pocket to catch his

breath. He could hear Sharon's heartbeat and feel her breast. A thought

instantly made its way into his mind. If her lips were that big to him,

how big was her ass going to be? As Tom rested his body against Sharon's

breast and was lulled to sleep by her gentle heartbeat, he wondered if

he had picked the wrong body part to set a record with.

Tom woke from his nap to the feeling of upward motion again.

The soothing heartbeat that penetrated his bones was gone. He opened his

eyes to see the red nails of the thumb and forefinger that had him. He

saw a flat surface approach on which he quickly landed. The long

fingernails disappeared behind him. He quickly turned to face his


"Can we call this whole thing off", he called up to her?

"Save you breath", came a much less gentle voice from above. "I

can't hear a word you say. Here put this in you mouth and let in stick

to one of your front teeth." A small device fell on the table in front

of Tom. "With this microphone. I can hear you talk in your normal

voice." Tom picked up the tiny device, put it in his mouth and attached

it to his front tooth. It stuck like glue. Tom had no idea how Sharon

got her hands on something so tiny. He was beginning to get suspicious.

"Give it a try", Sharon said down to Tom.

"Can we please call this thing off", Tom pleaded.

"Yeah right", Sharon laughed back with an evil smile on her

face. Tom didn't think her lips looked as sexy as they did earlier.

"I've been looking forward to this all week. We have a record to set."

She pointed a device at Tom and Tom instantly felt heavy. He realized

that he was now in a containment field and Sharon was at the controls.

"You wait there until Carla gets here. Then we can get started." Tom

winced as Sharon winked at him and turned around. He looked at her ass

under her skirt as she left the room. It looked huge, bigger than huge.

Tom had a bad feeling.

Tom tried to move but couldn't. Sharon had the gravity set too

high. Tom was able to get himself in the sitting position. He was at

Sharon's mercy. He thought he knew her. At least he did two months ago

before the lay off. Maybe her new position changed her. Or maybe he

never really knew her at all. He would soon find out and he knew it.

While Sharon was in the kitchen getting something to eat, Tom

heard a knock at the door. "Come in. It's open", bellowed a deep loud


Tom watched the door slowly open and another giantess entered

the room. This one was just as pretty as Sharon. She had black hair as

opposed to Sharon's dirty blonde. "Somebody's here", Tom said. He had

forgotten that he had a microphone in his mouth until Sharon answered.

"I'll be right there Tom. Come on in, Carla. Make yourself at

home, but don't touch the little guy."

"Hi Sharon. How ya doing", the stranger answered. They sounded

like they knew each other.

Tom watched as Carla threw her coat on the chair and approached

him. "Hello little fellow", she said to him. "I see Sharon found another

little victim."

"What's she talking about?", Tom yelled in panic mode hoping

his microphone would translate legibly. "You did this before." He

listened for a response from the kitchen. Soon enough one came.

"Don't listen to her. She's kidding. She's always fooling


"How do you know? You worked with her before."

"No, the Guinness people told me about her", Sharon said.

"Please relax. I'm on my way."

"Please hurry. I don't like her", Tom pleaded. He didn't think

that Sharon had even talked to the Guinness people. He had dealt with

them. Tom figured that something fishy might be going on and that the

next twenty two hours were going to be the longest twenty two hours of

his life. He was more scared than ever.

Sharon came out of the kitchen into the living room. She and

Carla greeted like they had never seen each other before. Tom knew

from the smirks on their faces that it was all a ploy for his benefit.

"Watch this", Sharon said to Carla as she grabbed the controller

for Tom's containment field. She turned the knob counter clockwise and

Tom instantly jumped onto his feet. He wasn't up for long before The

fingers he was beginning to know all too well entered his universe and

grabbed him.

Sharon deposited Tom on her left thigh and quickly turned the

control knob clockwise. Tom found himself on his knees again, but not

on a hard table top. He was kneeling on Sharon's muscular thigh.

"Watch this", Sharon said to Carla. She slowly began turning

the dial clockwise. Tom felt himself getting heavier. He was on his

hands and knees struggling not to fall on his face. He could see and

feel the muscles on Sharon's thigh quiver with the increasing

gravitational pull. Tom's arms were beginning to burn. He knew it was

a matter of time before they gave out and he was plastered against

Sharon's thigh. He was about to give in to Sharon's tormenting when

the forces on his body weakened. "You're one tough little dude", Sharon

said to him. Her lips weren't looking any less evil. "It's time to set

a new world record." Tom wanted to plead with Sharon to call the whole

thing off, but he knew it was a waste of time. He decided to save his

energy. He would need it.

Sharon stood up and walked toward the powder room. "I'll be

right back", she said to Carla. "I have to use the bathroom." Tom was

still on all fours on Sharon's thigh as she walked. The gravity inside

the containment field was holding him to her thigh like she was still

sitting. He felt her thigh muscle tighten and soften with each step

Sharon took.

Tom's head was lower than his body so he could see Sharon's

shoes. He also was able to see the tile floor as they entered the

bathroom. By tilting his head back he could see the toilet approach

and then move out of his view as Sharon turned. The next thing he saw

was a large white sheet pass over him and head down to the floor. It

came to rest around Sharon's feet with her hands on each side of it.

The hands then shot back up and disappeared behind him. He felt the

thigh muscle he was on tighten again as Sharon lowered herself onto

the toilet seat.

Tom lowered his head and looked behind him. Since he was still

on his hands and knees, he was able to see Sharon's dark bush through

his own legs, but not for long. No sooner had he focused in on Sharon's

pubic area, when an unseen force flattened him. Sharon had turned up

his gravity again.

"Watch it", Sharon's angry voice said to him. "Looking at my

pussy was not part of the deal."

Tom tried to answer but the side of his face was pressed so

far into Sharon's thigh that he could not move his mouth at all. He

smelled the strong scent of Sharon's urine and heard the stream shoot

into the depths below. He saw Sharon's hand fly by with a wad of toilet

paper. Then he felt the pressure on him lessen until he thought he

could move again, but before he was able to, Sharon's thumb and

forefinger plucked him off her thigh.

Sharon slowly lowered Tom to her panties on the floor. She

pressed him onto the panties on his back. Once again Tom couldn't move.

Sharon then stood up and began pulling her panties up. She did it

slowly for Tom's benefit. She wanted him to remember this day his whole


Tom wanted to roll out of Sharon's panties. Now that the moment

of truth was upon him, he feared for his life. Sharon's ass, although

high above him, was huge. "Please Sharon, no", he cried repeatedly, but

his ascent continued.

Tom was able to see Sharon's face smiling down at him as she

pulled him past her ankles. Their eyes met and staid locked together as

Tom went by her calves. Tom saw the excitement in her eyes. This really

was a dream come true for Sharon.

Tom asked Sharon one more time to let him go as he passed her

knees. She shook her head no and stood all the way up. Tom could no

longer see her face. Their moment of eye contact was over. It was time

to focus in on the ever approaching full moon that now went from

horizon to horizon.

Tom saw that his trajectory was taking him towards the lower

half of Sharon's right cheek, well away from her butt crack. Thank God

for small miracles. The closer Tom got, the more Sharon's cheek

reminded him of the moon. In a funny sort of way, it looked like the

old black and white photos of the moon taken from Earth. The thin layer

of fat just below the skin made Sharon's butt cheeks appear like the

lunar surface. The smooth dimples of Sharon's ass resembled the craters

that marked the surface of the moon. Despite the predicament Tom was

in, he let out a small giggle.

Sharon heard the giggle. "Real funny", she said as she quickly

pulled her panties up the rest of the way. "Well how does it feel?"

As Tom made contact, he felt the gravitational pull from

Sharon's panties let up, and at the same time, he felt one appear in

front of him that pulled him in tightly to Susan's cheek. Tom's first

reaction was relief. "This isn't too bad", he said. The relief turned

to joy. "It's not bad at all." Then Sharon began to walk. Tom's joy

turned to ecstasy. The feel of her soft ass enveloping him was like

nothing Tom ever felt. The side to side churning he was being subjected

to was enthralling. The raw power of the ass he was up against was

overwhelming. This is what Tom had dreamt about most of his life. At

long last the time had come. And to think he had second thoughts about

going through with it. Tom was thinking he could get used to this when

he remembered the look Sharon had when their eyes last met.

The woman behind the eyes that made contact with his moments

ago was not the Sharon Tom knew. The Sharon Tom knew was warm and

gentle and would never harm anything. Tom was not sure at all that

this woman wouldn't harm him. Something in the way she looked at him

when she shook her head no had Tom worried. Tom realized that there

was no reason to dwell on it. He decided to enjoy his new found heaven

while it lasted. He figured it wouldn't last long.

part II

"Start the clock", Sharon said to Carla as she came out of the

powder room.

"Let me see him", Carla requested. Sharon lifted her skirt and

Carla easily saw Tom's tiny form under her tight panties. "I can see him

moving in there."

"I only have his gravity set at one g", Sharon answered. She

then turned the dial of the controller up one click. "Do you see him

moving now?"

"Only his hands are moving, but barely", Carla answered.

"Well there are two ways I can take care of that", Sharon said.

"I can turn up the gravity some more." She turned the dial up two more

clicks. Carla watched the outline of Tom's tiny body disappear into the

mass of Sharon's ass cheek. "But", she continued slowly, giving Tom a

chance to suffer a little, "That might kill him and my name will never

make it into your record book."

Sharon turned the dial back down to a g and a half. Carla saw

Tom's form again. This time he was struggling violently. "What are you

trying to do to me, you crazy bitch", came Tom's voice from the speaker

in the controller. Sharon ignored him.

"Or I can just take a load off." Sharon sat on the sofa. Tom's

tirade ended abruptly. Sharon sat quietly slowly grinding her ass and

enjoying her new found power before she continued talking. "The problem

with sitting here is I still might kill him. At his size he can go about

four and a half minutes without breathing."

"Get up then", Carla said in a slightly panicky voice. "It's

almost five minutes."

"So it is." Sharon ground for another thirty seconds before she

got up. Once off the sofa, she listened intently to Tom's gasping. After

twenty seconds, Sharon turned the knob up until she no longer heard Tom

breathing. "That should teach him that he's in no position to call me


"You're going to kill the poor fellow if your not careful",

Carla said. "I've seen it happen before."

"He'll be alright. I'm just teaching him a lesson." Sharon

turned the dial back down. "Well", she said to her ass, "I'm waiting".

After a minute or so of gasping she heard a squeaky apology from the

speaker. A large grin formed on her face. "Let's get something to eat",

she said to Carla.

"You are a bitch", Carla answered. "Let's go. I'm starving."

Except for the car ride, Sharon spent the next five hours on her

feet. She and Carla went to the mall. They got something to eat and did

some window shopping. She didn't lay a finger on the controller. She felt

Tom wiggling around slightly, but not much. After his earlier punishment,

she left his gravity level at two g's. He could breathe alright. He just

wasn't able to move much. Sharon didn't want her little prisoner crawling

all over her ass.

On the way home, The two women picked up a pizza for dinner and

a bottle of wine. "I have to pee", Sharon said as she walked in the front

door. "Time to have some fun." Carla just looked at Sharon and shook her


Sharon went into the powder room, pulled down her panties and sat

on the toilet. She turned the dial of Tom's containment field controller

until Tom was about to fall off her ass. She heard his tiny screams. "Oh

hush", she said. She reached down and flipped Tom over so his back was

against her ass and he was looking into the murky water below. A small

stream of light came in from between her legs.

Tom watched as a stream of yellow piss exploded into the ocean

below him filling the entire bowl with a foul stench. "Your turn", Sharon

said to him. "Shoot hard or you'll wet yourself. You have to clear the

field. "She then closed her legs leaving Tom in total darkness and

trapping in the vapors.

A minute after Tom did his business, Sharon reached in and

flipped him back over. She then turned the gravity up again so high that

Tom was pushed into her cheek so much that again he couldn't breathe. He

suffered in that position for another five minutes. He heard a couple

loud plops below him with his one ear. He knew Sharon was going number

two. Although he really wanted to breathe, he was glad he couldn't.

After Sharon wiped and washed her hands, she lightened up Tom's

gravity. Once again she heard him gasping to catch his breath. The rest

of the night the two women ate drank and watched TV. Although Sharon

spent most of the night sitting, she did remember to lift one side of

her bottom and let Tom breathe every few minutes.

Although Tom enjoyed the feel of Sharon's bottom, and was able

to handle the constant pressure, he didn't like the feeling of lack of

oxygen. He felt like he was about to pass out each time he was sat on

only to get some air and regain his senses so the process could renew.

Tom wondered how long it would be before Sharon got drunk and forgot

about him completely. He didn't know that the two were enjoying his

gasping fits way too much to forget about him.

Tom survived the evening and the night. Sharon spent the entire

night on her stomach or on her side. She had slept nude, so Tom wasn't

in her panties all night. Being able to breathe normally again, Tom

slept soundly in the warmth of Sharon's butt cheek. He woke up the next

morning when Sharon got out of bed. He survived another trip to the

toilet and was reacquainting himself to the feel of her panties.

While Sharon was brushing her teeth, Tom was thinking to himself.

A few more hours and the record will be set. He was hungry but figured

he'd be fed when he was released. Things were looking up. He knew he

could make it. That's when Sharon's fingers made another appearance.

"Let's try something different", Sharon said as she pulled her

panties back down. She slid Tom toward her butt crack and pushed him in

until only half his body was visible. She turned, and with her back to

mirror, looked over her shoulder at the reflection of her ass. She saw

Tom's tiny face peering out.

"My God", cried Tom. "What are you doing." Again Sharon ignored

him. She picked up the controller and slowly turned the dial. She watched

her ass cheeks pull together swallowing Tom completely. She turned the

dial back and Tom slowly reappeared. First his arm then his leg then

finally his face. Sharon laughed when she saw the expression on Tom's


She spent the next ten minutes toying with Tom. In and out of

her butt crack he went, partially free one second, buried in ass flesh

the next. Sharon found that if she clenched her cheeks while Tom was

buried, she could turn the gravity down and hold him there with her ass

muscles. Finally she grew tired of this torture, set the gravity so Tom's

face was exposed and pulled her panties back up.

"How about a morning jog?", Carla asked when Sharon entered the


"That sounds like a fine idea", answered Sharon.

"No, you'll kill me", came Tom's voice from the controller.

"You'll be fine", said Sharon as she sat in a kitchen chair

putting and end to Tom's protest. "Let's eat something first." Once

again, Tom was being compressed with no air, fearing for his life.

After they ate, Sharon set Tom's gravity just high enough that

Tom wouldn't bounce out of her ass and ran out the door with Carla. Tom

spent the next hour being pounded up and down and side to side. With

each step Sharon took, the massive muscle shook him violently. It felt

to Tom, each time either of Sharon's feet came down, like the gravity

outside his field was greater than that inside. If not for his being

partially wedged between Sharon's cheeks, Tom knew he'd end up in the

street where he'd surely get eaten by a hungry robin or a stray cat.

After the jog, Sharon took a shower. She slid Tom out of her

butt crack and positioned him on the same spot on her other cheek. The

next twenty minutes were quite enjoyable for Tom. The warm water hitting

his back felt great, and Sharon's soapy hands washing her backside, and

his, felt even better. It was probably the longest shower Sharon ever

took. It was definitely the longest one Tom ever took.

After the shower, Sharon put on a pair of nylons that were so

tight she no longer needed the containment field. She put on a dress and

nice shoes. "We're going to church", she said to Tom. "By the time we get

home, we'll be the new record setters by almost two hours."

"Does that mean that we already beat the old one", Tom asked

through his tiny microphone in an exhausted voice.

"Yes it does, but you're not getting out just yet. Any argument

and I'll turn the field on again and plaster you." There was no further

argument. In fact Tom didn't say another word until after they got home

from church.

The mass went almost without a hitch. Once during the long homily,

Sharon forgot to let Tom breathe and he passed out. She had to literally

flick him on the back with the nail of her middle finger to get his lungs

going again. She had to do it inconspicuously so the people around her

didn't see. Sharon made sure she didn't forget about Tom the rest of the


Carla met Sharon at the door when she got home. "Congratulations",

she said. "You did it."

"I guess that means I have to take Tom out now", Sharon said.

Carla nodded.

"Hurry", came Tom's voice from the controller. Even Though the

device wasn't activated, Sharon still had the controller with her so she

could hear Tom. She reached inside her panty hose and pulled Tom out. She

held his tiny naked body up to her face.

"You don't look too bad", Sharon said to Tom.

"You almost killed me a dozen times", Tom yelled. "You didn't

have to go jogging. Why did you put me in..."

"If you don't settle down, I'll put you back", Sharon threatened.

Tom shut up and Sharon put him on the kitchen table. "You must be hungry.

I'll get us something to eat. "While Sharon threw some lunch together,

Tom covered himself with a napkin. Carla sat down and watched Tom. She

had her own copy of the Guinness book of word records in front of her.

"So are you going to grow me back after lunch?", Tom asked while

the three of them were eating.

"A deals a deal", Sharon answered. "Finish eating and we'll go."

In Tom's opinion, Sharon already violated the deal, numerous times. He

wasn't going to believe her until after he was full size again.

"You know", Carla said while paging through her book. "There are

a lot more records we can set while we're at it." Tom looked at her and

froze. "The permit gives us six more days and I don't have anything else


Sharon raised her eyebrows. "What do you have in mind?"

"What", Tom shrieked.

Carla continued. "The record for a two inch tall man in a shoe

worn by a woman is 3 days 14 hours. The record for a two inch tall man

in the cup of a bra is 6 days 12 hours. Here's a good one. The record

for a two inch tall man inside a vagina is 4 days 16 hours."

"That one sounds good", Sharon interrupted.

"You've got to be kidding", Tom shouted as he stood up. He looked

at Sharon, then Carla, then back at Sharon. Both women were smiling down

at him. "No way am I going in there." Tom felt the adrenaline begin to

surge again. He jumped up and ran. He didn't get very far before Sharon

activated another containment field and planted Tom to the table.

"How will he breathe?" asked Carla.

"I can add an atmosphere inside the field. Even though there

won't be any room for air around him, he'll still get oxygen to his

lungs." Sharon then grabbed Tom by the head and lowered him to her pussy.

He was crying and struggling. She pulled down her nylons and began

pushing Tom in feet first.

"What are you going to do about his need to go to the bathroom?",

Carla asked"

"Good point", Sharon answered. "I don't want him going inside me."

She pulled Tom's feet out and flipped him around. "If I put him in head

first, I can pull him out half way when he needs to go. I'll see you in

five days", she said to Tom as she slid him all the way up inside her.

She pulled her hose back up and stood up. "I think I can get used to

this." Both women laughed.

"Let me see that book", she said to Carla. "I want to see what

other records I can set. Maybe we can break them all."

"You only have one week to keep him small", Carla said.

Sharon answered that one quickly. "Not true. Since we shrank him

at the lab and not at an official shrinking station, we never registered

the actual shrinking. The government doesn't know we shrank Tom. I have

him for as long as I want." Sharon laid on the sofa with the record book.

She turned the gravity in Tom's containment field all the way down so she

could feel Tom struggling inside her. "Go out for a while", she said to

Carla. "I want to take a nap". Carla gave her a wink and went out the



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