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Grow, Baby, Grow

By Gilsara

The Byrons research center sprawled over 10 acres of the Sierra foothills. Lab B

was set up during the last days of the Cold War to develop biological warfare

weapons. Since then, its focus has been on the application of genetic

technologies for the interception of airborne viruses.

Well over 7:00 PM on a Friday evening, Dr. John Foster put a manila folder in

his briefcase as he prepared to leave the lab. He had promised his wife that he

would be home early, but a chain of pivotal findings kept him at the lab till

the early evening. Earlier that day, a collaborative experiment with the team

from Lab C, yielded some fascinating results on genetic "keying". In other

words, airborne transmission agents were being developed which could lock on any

individual anywhere based on their genetic code. Then a set of predetermined

biological instructions could be introduced into the host to modify its genetic

makeup. The military applications were staggering. The airborne agent could be

keyed to groups or any individual with amazing precision. Then, the enemy could

be pacified by modifying their behavior or physiology.

John, looked at his watch and realized just how late it was. He had promised his

wife, Susan, that he would be home early with a Pizza. Hurriedly, he locked away

some petri dishes containing experimental microscopic cultures.

He passed through the mandatory decontamination process as he checked out of the

lab. He passed the security checkpoint and moved out to the parking lot. He

started his car and started his one hour drive to his house in the Berkeley,

California hills. After passing the second security checkpoint, he called his

wife, Susan on his cellular phone. "Hi, hon, how are you?"

"O.K." she replied coldly. "You know, this is the fourth day in a row that you

leave the office after seven."

"I know, sweetheart. But we've been making some incredible process here this

past week, and the team depends on me."

"I know sweetheart, but its just that you never seem to be home lately."

"I'll be home in about an hour. Hey, I tell you what, I'll bring home an ice

cream cake! How's that." "You always say the right things."

Tomorrow, they were going to New York. He was going to give a presentation on

his work at Columbia University. Being that they have not been able to schedule

any time off in the last year, they were planning to use this trip as a

"mini-vacation". After his presentation, they were planning on visiting some

museums and seeing a couple shows.

John inserted a CD of the Bach Brandenburg Concerto #3 into the car player when

he noticed that his cuff had a small yellow stain. He smelled it, and realized

that it was one of the test compounds that were developed earlier in the day. At

first he panicked, the danger of introducing an experimental airborne genetic

altering agent into the atmosphere was cause for deep concern. However, having

gone through the decontamination unit, he felt somewhat at ease. Anyway, he was

already out.

When John arrived at home, Susan was sitting in front of the television wearing

a bath robe. She scooped spoons of chocolate chip mint ice cream directly from

the tub. John leaned over and kissed her on her head. She barely took notice.

This was her act to demonstrate disapproval of his lateness.

Susan was a talented interior designer, 28 years old, cute with light brown

hair. When they were married five years ago, Susan had a nice tight petite

figure. Over the last few years, with John being in the lab so late, she had

gradually put on about 30 lbs. to her 5'-4" frame, by watching television with a

tub of ice cream in hand. She was still cute, but in a more womanly way as her

hips took on a more matronly silhouette.

John had also gotten soft over the last couple years as late evenings dragged

on. The beginnings of a "spare tire" was evident around his mid section. His

intense research provided little time for exercise.

"What you watching sweetheart."


"Come on Love, let's go to bed"

As he was brushing his teeth, Susan approached him from behind and put her arms

around him. "It's just that I miss you so much" John turned around. Susan

stretched to kiss John. He picked her up and carried her to bed. They made love

and fell to sleep in each other's arms.


The next morning, John woke up to find that Susan was already out of bed. He

could hear her in the kitchen. He got up and walked over to the kitchen to find

Susan cooking a huge omelet. Which was strange, since they rarely ate breakfast.

She heard him.

"Morning sweetheart, coffee's ready, have some. God, I don't know what it is,

but I woke up so hungry." John looked over and saw 6 egg broken egg shells.

Susan, sat down and ate very quickly.

"We have to be at the airport by about 10:00AM. Do you have gas in the car?"


They both got dressed. Susan put on a mid-calf length sun dress and had some

difficulty adjusting the straps of her suede sandals. John carried the luggage

to the car and called out, "Come on Sweetheart, or we'll be late!" They both

entered the car and started their drive to the airport.

They parked the car and proceeded to the gate. Being a little late, they boarded

their first class seats immediately. After reading the "in-flight" magazines,

the plane started its path down the runway. Susan leaned over and whispered, "I

love you, sweetheart", and grabbed John's hand. Within minutes the plane

ascended into flight, and the stewardess brought the couple drinks and some

mixed nuts. Shortly thereafter, Susan fell fast asleep.

She woke up almost two hours later. "God I'm hungry. I can't believe they

haven't served food yet." She fidgeted with her sandals. "Gee, I don't know

what's wrong with these shoes!" She took off her right sandal and examined her

foot. The straps of the sandal had left the skin rather irritated. She took off

the other sandal and rose out of her seat to make way to the restroom. John got

out of his seat to give Susan room to leave her seat. Suddenly, John was struck

by Susan's relative height to his. Having been married for over five years, he

was accustomed to being able to see over his wife's head, if she was bare foot.

Here he was hearing shoes, she wasn't, and his eye level was at her forehead.

Susan gave a curious look, almost acknowledging this oddity. John rationalized

that in the small confines of a jet cabin, everything looks a bit larger.

John watched Susan walk to the restroom. Somehow, she looked different. Her body

seemed somewhat longer and leaner, like a model. He could swear her dowdy skirt

seemed a bit shorter, tighter around the shoulders, yet looser around the hips.

When Susan returned from the restroom, John noticed she had removed her wedding

ring. A deep red indentation marked the spot. She sat down and said, "I had to

take off my ring honey. It seems that my fingers have swollen. I don't know if

it's the flight, or something I ate, but I must be retaining water.

About two hours later, the captain announced the descent down to New York. The

plane moved down past a layer of clouds as the landing gear was extended. A few

minutes later the plane completed its taxi down the runway to the arrival gate.

Susan struggled to put her sandals back on. The shoes looked suprisingly small

compared to her feet. Finally, she forced them on by curling in her toes. The

end of her heel extended beyond the sandal by a good half of an inch. She looked

over at John with a quizzical look.

They finally moved out of the plane and walked through the jet way. As they

walked out into the gate, Susan said, "We need to get our luggage as soon as

possible sweetheart, these shoes are killing me!" As they walked down the

terminal, it slowly dawned on John that something was terribly wrong. Susan was

not retaining water, she had definitely grown about three inches taller. But,

how? Could he have contaminated her with some experimental genetic carrier from

the lab somehow? Will she be alright? Is this the extent of the growth? These

questions started to loom in his mind. But, more influential than these worries,

was his overriding arousal at his wife's new body. He had always wished his wife

was a bit taller, sexier, and now she was.

When they arrived at the baggage claim, Susan instantly spotted her bag. She ran

to it and lifted it off the carousal. Almost in desperation, she opened it and

removed a pair of brown leather walking shoes. She sat down and took off her

sandals. To her surpass, she had even more difficulty with her walking shoes.

She looked up at John, "I don't get it."

John replied, "Your feet are probably swollen from the long flight."

As she stood up, she commented, "You know Sweetheart, if I didn't know any

better, I'd say that somehow, I've actually gotten bigger." John nervously

looked around. She approached John, "I mean, I swear, John, you look somewhat

shorter to me."

John laughed to conceal his own suspicion, "Oh really now!"

"Well" she remarked, "I can't walk in these shoes for much longer. I think

there's a shoe store in the main terminal.

They entered the shop, which actually had some very nice shoes at reasonable

prices. Susan's eye caught a nice pair of pumps perfect for tomorrow's show. The

clerk approached her and offered assistance. "May I see these two shoes in a

size six and a half?" Susan normally wore a six, however, for whatever reason,

she thought a larger size would be more comfortable. "Certainly" replied the

clerk. He brought out the shoes. When the clerk brought the shoes up to Susan's

feet, he looked up and remarked, "I don't think these shoes will fit you." Susan

took the shoe in hand, and sure enough, they appeared much too small. "Here try Los beneficios del tinto de verano

these" the clerk handed a pair of six eights. They fit smugly. "Excuse me" She

walked over to her husband, "Honey, something's is wrong. My feet have grown by

two sizes since yesterday! I feel like my bra is going to crush me. And you're

starting to look like a shrimp to me! What's going on?!"

"I don't know, honey. And, yes, I think you have grown a couple of inches."

Then, Susan caught her reflection in the mirror. She instantly recognized a vast

improvement in her figure. As if she had been stretched into more elegant

proportions. Her dress had tightened up considerably, revealing a remarkably

tight well sculpted body, unlike she had ever had. She looked at her husband,

who now looked considerably pudgy and squat by comparison. Then, her expression

of surprise turned into one of amusement. She put on the black mid-heel pumps,

and walked back to her husband. John was startled as his wife could look at him

straight in the eye. He wanted disparately to make love to her. She grabbed his

head, and whispered in his ear, "You know. This could be a lot of fun....shorty."

And she laughed. John ran over and paid for the shoes. "Let's go sweetheart!"

They took a cab to the hotel, checked in, and raced to the room. John tore the

now tight dress off Susan. He marveled at her chiseled abdomen. Her legs took on

an added definition, much stronger,sculpted, and shapely. Susan looked in the

mirror with pleasurable astonishment. She ran her hands over her strong thighs,

up her washboard stomach. Susan pulled a tape measure from her bag.

"John, I'm dying to find out how tall I am. Come here, and mark the top of my

head. With great enthusiasm John complied. He pulled the tape up and read, "five

foot seven inches tall."

Susan's eyes opened wide in astonishment, "I've grown three inches!" She thought

about how elegant she would look in a sleek new wardrobe. "Honey, we need to go

shopping tomorrow for new clothes."

John replied, "Sweetheart, are you feeling alight?"

"I feel better than I've felt in years."

They embraced, John just a couple of inches taller. They fell to the bed and

made love with a rare intensity that they have nearly forgotten. John delighted

in having a woman that extended almost as far as he did in bed. He nestled his

head in her hair, and his legs intertwined with hers at full length. They fell

asleep in each other's arms.


The next morning, John awoke to the sound of Susan showering. He went into the


"Morning, love. How did you sleep?" Susan turned off the water and stepped out

of the shower. To John's utter amazement, she had grown another couple of inches


"Oh my God!" he exclaimed.

"Morning little guy" Susan playfully replied, as she looked in her reflection in

the mirror. "Look, we're both the same size now! Come here, you shrimp!" John

started to feel a little inadequate in the presence of his wife, who for years

he always thought of as sort of mousy. She grabbed John and hugged him. She rose

to her tippy toes and looked over the top of his head. "I wonder, if I will

continue to grow till I'm taller than you. Maybe you should invest in a pair of

elevator shoes."

John was a bit perplexed at his wife's lack of concern about her health.

Afterall, her genetic structure was being altered. He couldn't believe that the

top thought in her mind was to go shopping for a new wardrobe, and that she

actually wanted to go to the show tonight! He started to believe that somehow,

the alteration was not limited to her body. Somehow, her judgment seemed


Susan, squeezed into one of her dresses. "Honey, I'm going to wear one of your

loafers till I get some shoes that fit." She put on John's brown loafers. She

smiled at John as they fit perfectly.

That afternoon, she bought a wardrobe of dresses very unlike her usual taste.

Everything was sexier, more fashionable. She was now proud of her body and

wanted to show it off. As the evening approached, she showered and started to

get ready for the Broadway show. John was putting on his tie, when his wife

opened the bathroom door fully dressed in an incredibly sexy black party dress

with black stockings in patent leather pumps. She walked over to him, wrapped

her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the forehead. She towered over him

by several inches. John could feel his groin swell with anticipation. He felt

small in his wife's embrace. She grabbed on to one of his love handles.

"You, know, I think you should start to work out. You really have gotten


John timidly asked, "Honey, don't you think you might want to wear flats


Susan turned to him and jabbed him in the chest with her long index finger,

"Just because you're a shrimp doesn't mean I have to dress like a school girl!

Perhaps you should consider getting a pair of elevator shoes!"

They went to the show. John was a bit self conscious of his wife's towering

physique. It almost seemed as if Susan was enjoying the attention.

A couple of days later, they flew back to California.


Over the next few weeks, John's relationship with his wife started to slowly

change. She became more domineering and demanding as she grew physically. On one

occasion, when she was slightly over 6 feet tall and 170 pounds, Susan

physically pushed John away during a squabble about housework. To her surprise,

John lost his balance and fell. She had no understanding of how strong she was

becoming. Gradually, John became more timid, as Susan's temper and her ability

to push John around became more readably apparent.

One afternoon, John caught Susan examining her amazonian body in the full length

mirror. He could see her flexing her thigh, and watched with awe at the rippling

striations of muscle fiber. She suddenly caught a glimpse of him in the mirror.

"Come here you little man." She slowly walked over to him. As she approached

him, John felt smaller and smaller. She now stood close to seven feet tall in

her stocking feet, and possessed the chiseled body of a sleek body builder at

200 pounds. No longer able to wear normal women's fashions, she started wearing

John's silk robe, which now started to look like a short skirt on her.

She stooped and kissed John on the top of the head, and slowly embraced him.

With almost no effort she slowly stood erect while maintaining John in a bear

hug. John's feet left the ground. She carried him to the mirror, "Look at my

little baby...I mean, husband." She broke into uncontrollable laughter. John had

never felt so helpless, yet turned on as he did now. He could see his reflection

in the mirror, as she carried him like a child. She carried him to their bed and

sat him on her lap. John looked down and noticed how puny his thigh was compared

to hers. She unbuckled his pants and slipped her long hand into his crotch. With

the other hand, she removed his pants. John took off his shirt. She was able to

caress both his nipples simultaneously with the pinkie and outstretched thumb of

one hand. John was on bottom and looked up to see two of the most beautiful

large breasts he had ever seen. His wife's face was the same as always, except

larger. Her expression, one of mischief.

John could feel one large hand cup his buttocks, and the other embracing his

shoulder. Then to his ecstatic surprise, she slowly rose from the bed and stood

up while carrying him. His feet dangled above the ground as she inserted his

member into her and rocked him. As the rhythm took hold, John sucked on one of

her immense breasts. He was completely enveloped in her amazonian body.

"Suck, my little one" she commanded. Milk flowed from her breasts as John drank

and drank. As she started to climax, she tightened her hold on John almost

crushing him. John was caught in a delirium of pain and pleasure unlike anything

he had ever experienced before! John almost passed out as a rush of pleasure

permeated every cell in his body. Her quickly fell asleep in Susan's strong



When he awoke a couple of hours later from his deep sleep, he found himself

cradled in Susan's arms. "Honey, that was incredible."

Susan replied with a smile, and slowly slipped out of bed. John could feel the

wood flooring thunder as her massive legs raised her goddess like body. She

ducked through the door way out of the bedroom. John arose and reached for his

new bathrobe and put on his slippers. To his astonishment, he found them too

large! He looked over to the dresser, and was surprised to find that it also

seemed taller. Susan stooped back into the room. "What's wrong sweetheart?"

John panicked as his wife now seemed even larger than a couple of hours ago. At

best he was waist high to her. "Oh my, looks like you shrunk you little shrimp."

She walked over to her husband and pressed his head to her vagina. "Hey, this is

great" She thundered! "You know my little love, I've noticed over the past few

weeks that your semen somehow feeds me. I haven't told you this, but I have been

experiencing growth spurts just a short time after we make love. The new twist

is that my breast milk seems to contain something that shrinks you. This could

be a lot of fun." She then started to laugh. "Let's see now." She bent over and

grabbed a yard stick. "Come here precious."

For the first time, John looked at his towering wife in utter terror as he

realized she had gone completely mad. He started to run for the door, but Susan

reached over and grabbed him effortlessly by the arm. "Come here, I said!" John

fearfully complied. "Up against the wall! I want to measure my husband! Aha!

five foot, four inches. Hey that's how tall I used to be!" John could not belie

Giantess Stories: Grow

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