Giantess Stories: Growing body or growing heart

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Growing body or growing heart?

by Hedin


When duke Galtroid heard the first

thunderous boom he jumped up from his chair. Then it was heard again but

significantly louder. The plates and glasses on the table rattled from a distant

tremor. The duke pushed over his chair as he started to run towards the door.

But before he had even made two steps the next thunderclap was heard and the

whole castle shook. As duke Galtroid had reached the door to the hallway plaster

fell from the walls and the ceiling  und another heavy quake occured that was

instantly followed by another.

The last quake was by far more forcefully

than that before. The whole castle tilted into the direction of its portal and

everywhere the walls got large cracks. A low rumbling could be heard from deep

beneath the castle and now even the ground beneath the castle cracked open. The

duke stumbled through the hallway but was unable to move towards the portal as

everything shook. He didn´t know wether he should cover his ears from the

unbearable crashing and crunching noise of the braking castle or try to keep his


Then finally the castle stopped swaying and

the noise subsided into far rumblings from deep beneath the bedrock. Still

everywhere plaster fell from the walls and the duke had to run for a torchlight

that had fallen onto a large curtain with his family insignia. Quickly he tore 

down the curtain and stomped out the flames. He turned slowly towards the portal

to examine carefully what kind of hell had rocked his country.

Right then he heard another  heavy noise

from outside and the next moment he felt himself flying backwards in a hail of

rocks from the walls. He was blinded from the sudden burst of daylight and he

could see an unholy large brown something pushing itself through the mighty

walls of his castle´s portal.

As quickly as it had crashed into the walls

the somehow rounded object moved out of sight again.

Duke Galtroid thought about what kind of

warmachine this thing had been but his thoughts were cut off as his body

impacted brutally into the wall behind him.

For a moment the duke was knocked out. But

the booming voice out of the sky caused him to recover within a second.

"Knock, knock!  Anybody home?"

This time his dukeship clearly decided to

use his hands to cover his ears but it still provided not enough protection

against the volume of this voice.

He sat with his back against the wall he

had been thrown against and now he looked up into the daylight that entered the

castle through a  large hole where the portal had been moments before.

It took a moment to recognize the large

object that hovered high in the air just next to  his castle. But then he jumped

up in fear.

"Hello duke Galtroid?  Will you come out or

do I have to knock again?"

The duke stumbled through the remains of 

the hallway to get a better look. And he saw that he had seen right. The mighty

shape that had just ruined the portal and most of his castle was nothing else

but the dirty big toe of an even bigger foot. And way above that foot he could

see much more. A very rough piece of formerly white clothing hung in the sky

like a dark thundercloud. And still higher he could see the red mane that framed

a familiar female face.

For all the duke knew it had been just a

playful touch of her toe for the titanic Melissa who stood as a three mile high

giant above him and his castle.

The 200 foot  wide toe had easily crushed

the eight foot strong walls that had now failed to protect the castle. And now

he remembered her words as he saw that the foot started to move towards him


The duke stumbled backwards and raised his

arms to cover his face in fear and his wailing voice let out a thin cry of fear.

Most surely it wasn´t his cry but somehow

the helpless flail of his arms or the movement when he fell on his back as he

slipped on the rubble got the giantess' attention. The seemingly unstoppable

motion of her titanic foot was easily stopped by her mighty leg muscles and the

foot stepped down in its old imprint with another comparably light earthquake.

"Ahaaa! There we have you, duke Galtroid. I

was just going to knock again as it seemed that you didn´t hear me."

His ears covered and writhing in pain the

duke used his legs to push himself backwards over the ruined floor of the


"But duke! You don´t want to talk to me?

You did talk to the inquisitors however. Didn´t you?

Sorry, but I can´t hear your voice. Seems

you are much to weak to make yourself understood.

But I want to tell you something  and I

think I have the means to make myself understood."

His dukeship continued his puny efforts to

move away from the giantess. Melissa could see how he frantically tried to push

himself into the wall that had stopped his move across the floor. He was too

frightened to realize the wall and the giantess couldn´t help but let out a high

pitched giggle as she saw it. Almost deafened and only held by his senses by the

unbearable loud voice the duke listened.

"Duke Galtroid I want to hear from you what

made you allow them to light the funeral pile they had tied me on! And I want to

hear wich inquisitor you asked before you knew that I was a witch.

Now answer me!"

The giantess Melissa looked at the silly

figure that had been the duke. Now he lay there and as she bent down she could

see he was laying in his own piss. She couldn´t decide if he was trying to say

something or if he was just moving his mouth in uncontrolled fear. She decided

to get this over with.

"Good bye duke Galtroid, I am leaving.

Think of me what you want. Call it witchcraft that made me so big or call it a

blessing. To me it does not matter whatever you and your people think. Your

whole puny existence won´t bother me anymore.  From now on I will ignore you.

Try to ignore me, too. If you can."

Melissa let out a sigh. A part of her rage

had disappeared and she looked up and into the eyes of Mendolaya who approached

her from the river. She smiled at her new friend. And without noticing it the

duke and his castle  disappeared from her thoughts as she saw Mendolaya´s dress.

She wore a dress made of a large white piece of very fine cloth. In many small

folds the fabric ran over her right shoulder leaving one of her firm breasts

completely uncovered. A belt woven of silvery threads fixed the dress around her

hips. From there the white fabric fell down like a kneelenght skirt. The only

difference to a skirt was that it was made of the two ends of the cloth. The

edges were not sewed together so each of her steps allowed a large part of her

thigh to become visible. Down at her feet she wore some kind of sandals without

anklestraps and Melissa had never seen a meterial like that. It was as strong

and flexible as leather but there were no rough edges or seams. The material was

black and it´s surface was as smooth and shiny as a water surface.

Melissa looked down at her dress. Even as

it had been new it had not been as white as Mendolaya´s and now it was grey  and

brownish from dirt that couldn´t be washed out completely. Some parts had been

repaired with black thread were she had torn the cloth on thorns or something.

And her bare feet were brown and dirty because she had always been too poor to

buy shoes.

Mendolaya´s feet looked soft and clean in

the sandals that kept the dirt away from her feet.

"Look at me! I am a mess. You are so clean

and beautiful. I am dressed in rags."

"But hey! Melissa. Don´t talk about

yourself like that. How old your dress may be and how dirty your feet are right

now your red mane is washed clean and glowing beautifully in the sunlight. It´s

a gift to have such hair. Look at my hair. Sweet blond, alright. But I can´t

grow it longer as down to my neck or it will split and look brittle.

But you are right. Come over to the lake

and we will wash you. Then we will see what clothes we can find for you."

The first true smile for weeks came over

Melissa´s face. Without another word she grabbed the hem of her dress and tore

it over her head.

Down in the castle duke Galtroid had

somehow recovered and stood on the pile of rubble that had once been the portal

of his mighty castle. His ears had been deafened more with each word of the

giantesses and his anger made him forget the pain. He threw his fist at the

giantess Melissa. After all she was his subject by gods will.

"Bitch, I will teach ya!" he shouted. But

right then Melissa grabbed her dress and uncovered her nude body. For moments he

was speechless at the sight of so perfectly female curves and the firm

smoothness of her flesh. Then he started a new wave of insults and punishments

for beeing nude in the open.

All this stopped as Melissa had pushed her

dress into a ball of cloth that she simply threw away from her without a further


Duke Galtroid saw the masses of cloth

beeing flung away. He realized that the weight of the cloth and the apllied

forces had disturbed Melissas balance. Another sentence including the word

"bitch" stuck in his throat as he saw her lift the foot that had so unmistakably

proven its destructiveness. For a moment he stared at the dirty sole with

countless of squashed trees between the deep ridges of her skin. Then he figured

out were she needed to step to regain her balance. Far away from him he saw her

toes smash into the woods flattening hills as easily as trees under her weight.

His eyes looked up but his head wasn´t fast enough to give him the desired view.

The only thing he could do was to think 'dirty heel'. CRUNCH!

Only a few of the castle guards had run off

in time to be far enough away. Now they saw the castle and the whole mountain

beneath beeing flattened under the bare heel of the unaware titaness. As the

wave of air pressure had reached them they could see that she had already

removed her foot into its former position. 'Ignored' one of them thought. Then

they were smashed into pieces by the flying rubble that was just a little

dustcloud  caused by her step to the giantess. Nothing to be bothered.

Melissa jumped towards the lake, her feet

pounding the defenseless earth. Mendolaya followed her with slow steps that were

surely less destructive but just as heedless as Meliassa´s.

With a big splash Melissa jumped into the

lake. Mendolaya smiled because her slow walk had left her in a distance that

kept her dress clear of the splaying water.

For a moment Melissa was a little bit

disappointed to find the water only at ankle height though she was standing

right in the middle of the lake. Then she made the best of it. She bent down and

scooped up hands full of the cool wetness and wetted her body.

"Wait a minute" she heard Mendolaya and saw

that she took a strange black thing that had been attached to the belt on her

back. She touched it in a strange way and then suddenly out of the air some kind

of yellow mass appeared. Mendolaya grabbed it and Melissa saw that it was very

soft. And there were many small holes in it. Now she bent down and held it into

the clear water of the lake. A moment later the yellow thing was dripping wet.

Again Mendolaya touched the black thing and suddenly some blue liquid fell out

of the air and onto the yellow thing.

Then Mendolaya stepped into the lake not

caring about her beautiful sandals getting wet.

"Hey, watch your beautiful shoes. You´ll

ruin them!"

"No," she answered" they are made of

plastic. Wetness won´t harm them."

With that started to rub the yellow thing

across Melissa´s body. It was a soft and very pleasant touch and Melissa saw

that a white foam came out of the thing. As Mendolaya saw her frightened face

she explained.

"See, this is a sponge. And I put some soap

on it that will help cleaning you."

Melissa didn´t know what soap was but she

liked the touch of that sponge thing. One moment later she realized how easily

the dirt washed away with the foam.

"Melissa please hold your hair, we don´t

have enough water here to wash your hair and it´s clean anyway." Melissa obeyed

and was completely leathered up a minute later. Then Mendolaya washed the sponge

and started to clean her. Then she stood dripping wet in the lake that now had

large islands of foam on its surface. Mendolaya turned around and there was a

blue covered piece of cloth spread out on the shore. Upon it she saw a piece of

cloth and a pair of shoes. Melissa smiled happily as she realised her presents.

Mendolaya took the shoes and the dress and threw the other cloth at her.

Startled Melissa catched it not knowing what to do.

"Now step out of that lake and use that

towel to dry up!" Mendolaya loughed. Melissa  laughed about her clumsy behaviour

as she used the towel. While drying up her feet Mendolaya was there and put each

of her feet into the new sandals before she could touch the dirty ground with

her freshly cleaned feet.

Then she tried the dress.

"I thought my kind of dress would make you

feel nude so I choose a form you are familiar with."

How right she was. Melissa started to dance

around in her new dress. It was cut a little bit like her old dress but the

skirt was much shorter. The fabric was very soft and felt more than just good.

Melissa was just too full of wanton too

realize the numberous farms and people who diappeared under her new shoes to be

turned into footsteps.

When she had calmed a little she faced

Mendolaya and suddenly blushed.

"What´s wrong?" Mendolaya asked. Melissa

stepped next to her and blushed even more.

"The water was a little cold and ... I ...

always when I wash I ..."

"Hey young Mistress, you can tell me

anything. What is it?"

"I have too ... pee!"

Mendolaya couldn´t help but lough out lout

but as she see Melissas frown she forced herself to calm down quickly and tried

to explain her burst of laughter.

"Hey Liss! Why are you that shy? Did you

ever know anyone who wouldn´t have to pee from time to time?"

"But where should I go?"

"Why care? You don´t have to! Do you know

who this land belongs to? Didn´t you just tell him to ignore you?"

Melissa froze as she was reminded of duke

Galtroid. Her anger built up again and she looked at his castle. But she

couldn´t find it imidiately and her current need was more pressing than her


"But you can´t just do it out here where

everyone can see?"

"No? Who will  see you? And what will they

do to you? Look at that lake. We have completely spoiled it with soap and the

dirt that stuck to you. What does it matter? Why don´t you just raise your dress

and pee into this very lake or in any other lake you happen to choose for that?"

For a moment she was shocked about the fact

that she had made a whole lake undrinkable just for one wash. But then her

bladder called again and she gave up all resistance.

Pulling up her dress and squatting down

with her thighs spread was one motion. Then she sighed and relieved herself. The

remaining soap in the lake started to build up mountains of foam as her pee

pounded into the lake. She could see the waterlevel rise and then she looked at

the village at the opposite shore. With the pressure disappearing she could

think of her revenge again.

Immidiately she spread her legs even

further apart and leaned back using her hands for support. Tensing her muscles

she aimed the mighty jet of piss through the countryside and was pleased as her

piss smashed the whole village within a second. She enjoyed her power. She was

able to piss flat a whole village. And now the yellow torrent crashed down into

the lake until she squirted out the last bits of piss.

Then she raised and said

"Great! I just poisened a whole lake with

my piss and no one can stop me. Now for the duke!"

Melissa walked towards where she knew the

castle. But quickly she saw the footprint where the castle had been. At first

she wanted to shout out at Mendolaya how she dared to step on her prey. But then

she realized the print of a barefoot. It had been her own careless step that had

destroyed the castle. For a minute she was torn to and fro between anger about

the easy fate of the duke and the pleasure of having successfully ignored him.

Then she raised her head and knew how she could cheer herself up.

With four mighty strides she planted a foot

on each side of her former village. Under her she could see the house of the

nightwatchman and next to it ashes. Ash that would´ve been her´s. For a moment

she wished she had some piss left.

Then she stomped her right foot in anger.

For the small village the brute force was unbearable. Every house leapt into the

air. Her foot sunk into the earth squishing stones and dirt aside like soft mud.

Before the houses could fall back everything was smashed by the displaced ground

that looked like a little bit of dust to the giantess above. Some houses were

smashed into her left foot while the rest of the down fell down as crumbled


Nonchalantly Melissa raised her left foot

and shook the dustlike pieces of debris of. Then she squatted over the ruined

city to have a better look at the survivors.

"Do you still know me, people? Look at me

if you still can. I am the with you wanted to burn so eagerly."

Smiling she pulled her dress up to her hips

to see more of the town. And she loved to see the tiny specks crawling out of

the piles of debris.

"How puny and stupid you are. I know you´ve

seen me smashing the duke. Your duke not mine. And then you did what you always

did. You just hid in your puny wooden barracks. Did you see what my big and

mighty toe did to the oh so heavy portal of duke Galtroid´s castle? I bet you


And what do you think will I do to you as

you are laying in the dirt and staring up at...

Oh, do you like staring up at my big old

cunt? What do you think you get for staring up a girl´s skirt?

Did you know what Tresshire over there at

the lake got for it? No?

Well I didn´t do anything to them.


I just let my crotch handle the task.

I pissed them and their whole village


After her cruel words she remained watching

the microscopic people for a moment. Some of them simply moved away from her but

because of the debris they were too slow to get as far as her toes or her heels

if they took the other direction. Others were brave enough to search for their

relatives or maybe they were just looking were their smashed neighbours hid heir


This whole town however had hated her and

tried to burn her as a witch. She had never harmed them. But now she hated them.

And she would harm them even more. The dot of a human that was the fastest

moving into the direction of her toes was the first to find out.

She extended her index finger and slowly

lowered the 100 foot wide fingertip until she felt it touch the ground. She

wanted to kill him slowly so she quickly raised her finger and looked at her


"Ooops, this didn´t work" she mumbled. She

could clearly see her fingerprint but nothing inside. Everything had been

crushed into the shape of her fingerprint and she could see nothing that was

left of the tiny man.

She was a little bit dissapointed. She was

so mighty and powerful that she was unable to touch anything  withoud destroying

it completely. But she wanted her revenge to be the most cruel thing ever done

to a human. At least comparable to being slowly burned. Squishing them was too

quick. It took much longer to burn then it would take her to piss them down. So

there was only one thing left. Fear. Fear and humiliation.

In a graceful display of power she raised

up. carefully she lifted her right foot and looked at her footprint. She had

stomped with all her might because her foot had been protected by the strong

sole of her new shoe.  The imprint was as deep as her big toe was high. She

estimated the imprint to be between 150 and 200 foot deep. The earth had felt

soft but only because of her heavy weight. The ground was dry so the walls

around her footprint remained firmly as unpassable clifts.

Slowly and deliberately she pointed the toe

of her right foot towards the tip of her left that was still on the ground. Then

she stepped down. Slowly. Carefully. With all control she had over her body she

managed to take three seconds until her right foot was again planted firmly onto

the ground. Then she raised her left foot. Again she aimed and carefully stepped

down in a place where the new footprint joined the old ones. Her left leg was a

little bit weaker so she  couldn´t hold her weight longer than two seconds. But

it was slow enough not to cause more casualities in another duststorm.

Now the village and everyone inside was

trapped between her feet and her footprints.  Now it was tme for their fear.

"Hey everyone! I am still here. Look up at

your giant mistress. And look into my bare crotch!

Yeah look!

This,  people, is my revenge for your

trying to burn me. I just made a test with your comrade. And I found out

something that will be quite important to you!

I found out that I can´t kill you slow

enough with my hands or feet. I mean that your ouny bodies are too weak to cause

my soft and precious toes to feel you. Instead you would just squish.

So I decided to do something else to kill

you. And as you are still staring at my mighty cunt you gave me the right idea!"

Knowing that no one could escape her she

closed  her eyes. And thinking of her power gave her a feeling she had known to

be inside of her for years now. But it had never come out. Not until now as she

sensously raised her skirt and squatted over the doomed village again. Then her

finger explored her crotch. Slowly her index finger and her ring finger spread

open the lips that had covered her virgin cunt for the last 23 years. And a

moment later she smelled herself. She had known this smell before. When she had

thought of certain pleasant things. But it had never been that intense. And it

got even more intense as she realized that her smell would now dominate the puny

humans beneath her. Those puny humans who were even smaller than the tender lips

that protected her pussy. They were so insignificant even against her smallest

bodypart. And with the lustfull realization of power her middle finger started

to caress her inner lips that were aleady wettened by juices that started

flowing for the first time in her life.

Quickly she had found the fleshy bump

between the upper parts of her pussylips. And even more quickly she started

stroking it. Her thoughts were torn between her power over these puny people and

the never experienced pleasures. But she knew she wanted to humiliate them. She

wanted to do what they had done to her. She wanted to kill for her pleasure and

with that she opened her eyes and looked at the ground between her feet.

Another lustful stroke of her finger caused

a large drop of her juice to fall down and she saw how it spread on the ground

and sucked two tiny humans into the creamy wetness. They struggled helplessly

against the heavy juice but were unable to fight against the heavy masses.

Melissa watched as they died in her love juice. And she realized she had killed

her first people because of her sexual lust.

The realization of her first success gave

her an even more lustfull shudder and she involuntarily squeezed the muscle she

had normally used to hold back her pee. And with another shower of lust she was

astonished how good it had felt to strain this muscle right now. The next moment

she was rewarded with a real flood of heavy fragrant lovejuice that she had

obviously squirted out of her cunt. The juice came down like a waterfall. She

saw that people got smashed under it as the clear liquid suddenly contained red

dots. And even more got sucked into the big gob of her cum figthing for air and

their lives. But they all lost. They died under her simply because she pleased

herself and with that thought the feeling between her legs got more and more


With a sigh she sunk onto her knees and

felt that her finger was too small to cause enough pleasure and suddenly she did

just the right thing and forced her feet out of the way to smash her widespread

cunt onto the ground that was covered with her victims. With a wet and slimy

SQUISH she flattened them all and orgasmed. For minutes she continued grinding

herself into the ground and covering everything beneath her in lovejuice.


Slowly Melissa raised from the ground. With

her eyes wandering over the ground she let out a sigh. A sigh that contained

relief as well as a question. What should she do  now? Mendolaya had disappeared

again. She didn´t know how long the alien woman was gone. Should she wait for

her to be restored to her normal size? Could she be  restored? How would her

life go on?  All the people she had ever known had been in that village or in

the castle. The people she had thought to be friends had joined the mob as they

shouted their 'Burn the witch! Burn the witch!' All of them deserved their fate.

Slowly and absentmindly Melissa lifted her

right foot. A small move to the side brought it over the nearby  forest.

Oblivious or at least heedless of the hundreds of trees she rested her foot

there and watched the black sole of  her sandal sink into the earth as the

ground compacted under her weight. Moving her foot to another place had been at

least a small action. But settle it down and press hills into the dephts of her

footprint was not an action at all. It was more like releasing some muscles when

her attention was drawn somewhere else. She was so powerful by now.

Without having rested more weight than that

of her leg and foot on the place she lifted her shoe away. Within the green and

mossy cover that was the forest she found a light brown shoeprint on the ground.

The lingering weight of her foot had been

enough to destroy the buried trees completely. She had left another lifeless


For a moment feelings started to build a

knot in her stomach. Feelings that told her she was still the clumsy child that

destroyed anything accidently. Like the wooden plate or the flour pot she had

dropped years ago. She felt that her size gave her an amount of power which she

couldn´t handle.

Suddenly an unimaginable feeling of

pressure came over her and she closed her eyes in a helpless and painfull sob.

Reopening her eyes she stood in a desert. In a distance forest rose. But around

her was only a yellow stone surface.  A  few feet from her the yellow stone had

the form of a rounded wall that rose surely twenty foot from the ground.

In a heart grasping sensation of fear she

realized her own footprint she was standing in. Mendolaya had acted before she

had made some kind of a decision. She was small again. Small, alone and

helpless. And at the same time she was overwhelmed by realization. Realization

of how powerful  she had been moments before. Squatting she touched the surface

of her own foot- or  better shoeprint and what had been trees and undergrowth,

earth and moss, all of it was compacted into a rock hard material. Just by

momentarily resting her foot there. Without any weight behind. Without any


The knot in her stomach disappeared.

Instead she felt the need to have that power back again. Now that she knew how

powerful she had really been she needed it more than ever. And she wanted to see

how dreadfull her power had come over the village.

Before Melissa could figure out that the

steep walls around her shoeprint held her captured there was another sensation.

This one familiar. Like a warm caressing and massaging of her body. Within a

second she stood  above the forest again.

It took her some seconds to realize why it

had happened. But then she had learned another lesson about her strange friend.

She was still the same giant size she had found to be so good. But knowing how

unstoppable she was to the world at her feet made her feel even more titanic.

And she had made her dicision about her future existance. She wanted to stay

this big. There had been nothing she had left behind.

A few steps into the open later she found

herself looking down at a lone cottage. Trondgards Cotton. She knew it. In an

experimental mood she slid her right foot out of the sandal. Not thinking about

but aiming at it she flattened the cottage under the bare ball of  her foot. It

was a slow and deliberate step.

This time She noticed another change in her

existance. The hard ground with its sharp stones that had hurt her feet often

enough was gone. It had turned into a soft yielding cushion that had to adapt to

the beautiful form of her young foot as she stepped on it. An orgasmic shiver

ran through her as she accepted that the feeling of a soft touch was actually

caused by a stonecrushing pressure. A pressure that was so unwithstandable and

yet so easily exerted by her beautiful foot.

Then as hills and hollows had altogether

been adapted to the curves of her foot  she put weight on it.

It was another new sensation to her. She

felt the soft ground moulding and sinking under the pressure. Like soft paste it

was sqashed into the space beneath her toes like in a soft struggle to support

her weight. Which it finally did and her foot rested in a footprint wich was

much more comfortable to her than any shoe could ever be.

The times that had punished her existance

with pain for any of her barefooted steps were gone. Instead her well trained

footmuscles and the tough skin under her heel, ball and toes took a powerfull

revenge for the pain she had endured in the past.

Down on the ground and unnoticed by the

young giantess was the desperate Trondgard.  Struggling in rage to climb the

wall of soil and rubble he finally pounded his fists against the unyielding skin

of the big toe.

Sunk into the ground and with the displaced

rocks piled up around her foot the insignificant human stood only 20 foot

beneath the top of the big toe. Hidden from view beneath the edge of the toenail

and too weak to be felt by Melissa he had no thought for his situation. He

kicked and puounded and kicked again. When his fists hurt and one ankle swell

painfully he tried to tear off the big skin protrusions of her footprint. It was

all useless. The thick and translucend skin was too hard to be damaged. Finally

he bit into her skin to punish her for destroying his property.

Without any warning the colossal mountain

of flesh moved up. Some instinct told Trondgard to release his jaws but the

movement pressed his upper teeth even more into the hard skin and before he felt

any pain of his shattering teeth and fracturing jaws there was a sharp crack.

His whole skull was torn off and toe kicked into the sky by Melissa's casual

movement. Then the rest of his body was squished and  ground up as the big toe

came down again.

Waving her toes up and down a few times

Melissa looked at her barefoot.  It had been clean for the hour but now she had

messed her bare sole again. What the heck, the ground felt so soft now and she

could always find a lake to wash her feet when she would like to wear the

sandals again.

So she kicked off the other sandal and bend

down to grab the shoes. Again she was surprised by the soft touch of so many

trees and rocks that got crushed beneath her foot.




Thunder rolled over the mountains. But the

sky that darkened in the dusk was clear. And again people heard the distant

thunder. They looked up with worried faces. Hastily they locked their doors and

closed the shutters. Somewhere between the houses a lone man hurried to get

home. And then they felt the quake.


But growing louder with every occurance.

And suddenly the shadow fell over the

village. Things fell from the shelves and then with a final terrific tremor

cracks  formed across the streets. On the west side houses shifted and even

thick boards cracked and some walls splintered into pieces. And through the

cracks in the walls and the shattered roofs they saw her.

Gasps was all that escaped their terrified

mouths. And the realization how close fate had come this time as some of them

had to stare up the dirty walls of rippled skin right next to their destroyed

houses. Lines of a footprint forming deep ridges on the skin of the toes. The

toes that towered so mightily above them hid the rest of the giant beeing from

view. But they knew it was an unknown human beeing. And some of them already saw

the female traces in the form of that titanic extremities.

An unholy beeing had set foot next to their

village. And she spoke. With voice like the hurricane. Tongue lashes like

thunder and words that froze their helpless souls.

"I am hungry, people of Rondvigain. Feed me

now or get stepped on!"

Silence. Unholy silence. No one dared to

move and even the deepest hidden humans knew what threat had come over their

village. A giantess.

Without any further comment the mighty feet

rose one after the other. The giantess stepped back and lowered her body with a

cacophony of  thundering sounds. Moments later acres of wood and  vast farmlands

had disappeared under her and with a death promising rumble from beneath the

burdened ground her body came to rest.

Laying on her stomach, her chin resting on

her hands she looked into the tiny streets. Seconds passed and no one could be

seen. In the sudden quietness she heard some sobbing but this was not what she


Showing no patience she raised from the

ground. Wordless she stretched out her right leg and lowered her toes and the

ball of her foot. Then with three slow and bored sweeps she literally wiped out

the whole town. For a moment there where was splintering wood but then

everything disappeared under the advancing wall of skin. Then the foot made a

last sweep towards the former center of the town and lingered there. After a

last bored view she put weight on her foot to step forward on her way to the

next village.

The daylight had vanished and now there was

only a faint trace of red where the sun had sunk one hour ago. Melissas giant

shadow was hardly visible against the dark blue sky as she neared Roswiglund.

She could easily see the medium sized town. There were many bright windows and a

ring of torches shone from the stone wall around the houses. In the quietness of

the evening she heard nothing but the crunch of woodlands beneath her barefeet.

For the guard on the northern gate of

Roswiglund there was nothing visible outside of the small circle of light from

the torches on the gate. But instead he could here a sound that made the brave

warrior tremble with fear. Far away he heard a mighty thundering sound and as

the wind seemed to carry it his way he felt the earth tremble. But when he heard

the crashing noise that mixed with the deep rumbling he knew that whatever beast

was out there it headed his way and he hurriedly closed the heavy wooden gate.

For a moment he thought he should hide in the shadow behind the gate but then he

remembered his swear to protect the city and pushed the gate until he heard the

bar fall into its holds.

As the ground's rumbling turned into heavy

shaking he quickly advanced on the road to leave the blinding light of the

torches behind him. And for a moment he saw the dark shadow against the almost

black sky. Was it the great capability of the human brain or the typical male

longing for female flesh?

The guard recognized the shadow as a

beautiful woman in a thin dress that was tenderly flowing around her female

attributes. And then he realized the size of that female shadow and for a moment

the light of the torches fell onto a huge and dark something that came from


And when his brain recognized the sole of a

barefoot he already squished out of his skin under one of Melissa's small toes.

The small but deadly scene in front of the

northern gate was completely unnoticed by the survivors. Panic broke loose in

the town. The sturdy stone houses had large cracks in the walls. Some ceilings

had collapsed and many tiles had been shaken from the roofs. Many a citizen was

fighting against the fire from toppled lanterns in their devastated rooms.

And all of the people in Roswiglund froze

in nameless terror as thunder spoke to them.

"Good evening, people of this tiny village.

I am Melissa. Feed me or be stepped on I told the people of Rondvigain. Feed me

or be stepped on I tell you."

And with that she layed down again. Her

chin resting on her hands and her mouth high over the northern gate. A shriek of

terror echoed through the tiny streets as her face was illuminated by the


Melissa took it easy. After all it was a

simple demand. On the other hand she had quite an appetite and knew she wouldn't

give up too fast. A few moments passed and she saw the tiny humans running in

the streets. But there was no one moving towards her. They all ran to and fro

and seemed to care about the damaged houses.

"Hey! Can you imagine what it would mean

for you to be stepped on? Look what I can do with my finger."

And with the last words she raised her head

and used her index finger to give the gate under her nose a slight touch.

As she watched the mighty stonewalls

explode under her slight touch she didn't care enough to smile at the view of

the destruction. But despite the new level of fearfull cries that she heard from

the tiny city there was no sign of food brought towards her.

Thinking it over it she decided to remove

some of the distractions in front of her. Her fingertip - 70 foot wide - helped

to extinguish the fire!. CRUNCH! SMASH! And the fire couldn't jump to the

neighbour houses because her finger was too large to crush only the burning

house. Each time she brought her fingertip down at least five houses were

pressed flat.

But whatever reaction she had expected it

didn't appear to happen. No one could be seen in the streets.  The whole town

looked deserted. Turning her ear towards the tiny houses she couldn't even hear

children's cries.

With a sigh she realized that it was

hopeless again. With a growling stomach she raised on all fours and crawled over

Roswiglund. Using one hand to drag up her dress she bared her ass and turned

around. Careless she sat down and squashed the whole town beneath her mighty


She sat there for minutes. Lost in some

dark thoughts. Eventually she got up and walked back towards her village. When

the moonlight showed her the hills near the remains of the village she stopped.

Her whisper rumbled in the night. "Of what use is my size when I am hungry? It

surely felt good but now I would just like to be small again."

And  with that a glow appeared in the air

next to her. It was Mendolaya appearing next to her. "So you finally found your

way, Melissa?", she said.

And after a pause she continued, "Melissa,

I will leave this planet now. You will be on your own again and if you want to

you will be small again. It's your decision. And you need to be careful. At your

tiny size you will loose any protection against your enemies. Too many of them

know your face. You may grow back whenever you really want it - but that won't

help you against a silent dagger when you sleep."

"Mendolaya," she answered, " what can

nourish a giantess on this planet? It's a better live when I am small. I can

always use the growth for defense. Will I have it for my whole live?"

"Yes Melissa, that change is permanent. And

I adore you for choosing the small physical size. The greater size is your mind.

Maybe we'll see again. The universe is large - but unpredictable. Godd bye..."

And with that she dessolved in the glow.

Melissa thought of beeing small. It worked in no time. Now she had fifteen

minutes to walk back to her former village. The smell of her sex hung still in

the air. It disgusted her. She walked silentlyamong the splinters of  hundreds

of crushed trees. Then she reached the first debris of homes. And she reached

the area that was still covered with lovejuice. She felt it no sooner than the

moment she stepped on the dry crust on the surface.

She hesitated. What should she do here with

the almost unbearable smell and the knowledge that everything was completely


But she wanted to visit her hut for a last

time and so she continued on the strange surface of dried slime.

A sigh. She had clearly heard it. She

wasn't startled. Somewhere around here her hut had been. The sigh repeated. In

the moonlight she saw the the head and walked towards it. She didn't recognize

the young man. But she couldn't live him suffering. She broke the dried slime

from his arm. Beneath the surface the slime was still wet. He almost sunk in the

fragrant mucus as she freed his arm. But with a last effort she dragged him onto

safe ground.

He lay there panting. The hours of fear and

almost certain death had weakened him. She stood next to him and watched as he

shivered from time to time. Then he closed his eyes and with a fearful voice

asked, "Why did you do it?"

She was startled. For a moment she thought

he had recognized her. Then she thought he asked why she saved him. But another

cold shiver ran down her spine as she figured out that he had indeed asked why

she had almost drowned him in cum and then saved him hours later. And she

recognized his voice.

Hegor the son of smith Jonathan. And she

knew him well. Her male counterpart in the village. He had parents but he was at

war with them since she could think. Boys and girls didn't talk. But sometimes

when the rest of the village had thrown dirt at her she had seen him. Calm for

the dumb people of the village but with a bitter pain in his heart. Angry

whenever his father went out to the many people who owed him money. When he came

back he had their children with him. Forcing them to work for him until he

considered the bill paid.

She realized the pain in her heart. She had

forgotten about him. She had already killed him with all the others. But what a

stupid thing to forget the only worthy thing in this dirty village. She felt

sorry now. But she was not yet able to admit it.

"You know why I did it," she said and was

again startled about the unreal sound of her voice. She knelt down beside him

and watched him with warm eyes. Saving him was a good part of correcting the

mistake. A silent hour later he was strong enough to sit up. But with unsteady

moving eyes from the fear his voice was almost unhearable as he pleaded for


She had none. She had the dress and the

sandals and everything else she had destroyed with the rest of the village. She

tried to help him to his feet but he was too weak to stand. For a moment she

thought about carrying him to the lake. Then she regretted the thought as she

realized painfully that the lake was now spoiled with her piss. Every other lake

was too far. She needed another minute to finally ask him.

"Will you trust me?"

He opened his mouth to speak but his fear

didn't admit more then a fearfull nod. And Melissa stepped above him with spread

legs. She closed her eyes and thought of getting big. But she didn't want to be

too big. Only about thirty feet tall so she could carry him like a baby.

It didn't work. She was glad she had placed

one foot on either side of his body or her growth would have flattened him. Now

she couldn't see his tiny form as he was hidden in the darkness between her


Very carefully she squatted on her heels

and tried to find him. She couldn't. It was more like feeling his presense in

her heart as she lowered her index finger upside down. She tried to push her

upturned fingernail into the ground to minimize the step he would have to climb.

"Get onto my fingernail," she whispered.

She couldn't tell how she found the patience and control to hold her finger

motionless on the ground. After some minutes she felt some presense against the

soft skin under her fingernail. Carefully she lifted her finger from the ground.

Only high enough to move her free hand under the finger. then she layed her

fingernail into the palm of her other hand and mad it a slope to allow him

sliding into her hand. He should slide into her palm

Cupping her palm with her other hand she

walked the few steps to a lake. Arriving on the shore she layed down and placed

her open palm on the ground. She knew he was too weak to climb from a two

hundred foot high palm so she made herself small.

"Ouch!" she winced as she felt him standing

on her hand.

"Excuse me!" his shivering voice answered

as he clumsily fell to the ground in his effort to step from her hand as quick

as possible.

With a nice Splat! he fell into the lake.

It broke the ice. They both loughed for a short second. Hegor drank the fresh


Melissa opened her eyes. She noticed that

the sun was already high and it promised to be a warm day. And as she turned

around she saw Hegor. He had been there. Silently watching her. For hours.

The first thing she noticed about him were

his eyes without yesterdays fear. She looked at him and felt a great relief as

she couldn't find any hatred in his gaze.

"Thank you for..." "I am sorry to des..."

They had started the same moment. Then Melissas heart took over. She kissed his

cheek. Then his mouth. They both knew that it was no time for words...

Later that day they sat on the shore and

Hegor found enough courage to ask her.

"How could you suddenly be this - uhm - I

mean you were so... giantess?"

Melissa looked into the sky. "There was

this woman. She said she was traveling from star to star. And she did it.


He remained silent. She was glad he didn't

ask how she could wreak so much havoc along with these uninhibted amounts of

sexual pleasure. She couldn't explain. She only knew that it was inside her. And

it would be forever. She would have to learn to protect the things she loved

from herself.

"And you can still... do it?"

"Yes I can... Forever!"

They looked across the peaceful lake.

"But I am sure I won't need it for the next


Hegor stretched himself out on the ground.

"We're both homeless now. But Galtroids outpost could deliver enough material

for a house on the shore of this beautiful lake."

"You mean I could..."

"I think you should..."

She stood and like leaving for some

firewood she just said "I'll be back in ten minutes."

He watched her walking away. In a safe distance she stopped and grew herself.

He couldn't help but fear hear. With all

her magnified beauty and so much care in her eyes her enormous appearance was

still too much for him. He trembled with fear as she the earth shook under her

steps. But as if she knew she suddenly turned around and waved back with her

warmest smile. And it made him feel like beeing a giant himself.

Galtroids outpost was not uninhabitated

like she thought. But she shooed the dozen of soldiers out of the building.

Transporting the material towards the lake was as simple as plugging the stone

it was build upon from the ground and settling it down near the lake. Hegor was

again shocked at the careless display of that much power. But then he quickly

loaded a carriage with all kinds of needed material.

They really experienced a new way to build

a house. All he needed to do was to direct her hand as she lowered a heavy

treetrunk to the ground. With a little push she easily forced it into the stony

ground. Only the upper part of the trees got awfully crushed by the grip of her

mighty fingernails. But Hegor climbed the trunks that should build the four

edges of their house and cut them to equal height. Galtroids outpost had some

prebuild pieces of wall that fit nicely between the four trees and finally

Melissa proved her skill by plugging a fitting roof from the outpost and setting

it atop their new house. She did so without crushing it but her sweat ran like

she had carried a whole mountain.

In the evening Hegor brought all usefull

things from the outpost. He was glad to find some good weapons and Melissa

carried a fingertip full of nice furniture.

As the evening came across the land Melissa

simply flattened the remains of the outpost under her fingertip. Then she

carelessly threw the stone-like mountain towards the horizon.

"I think we can call it a day", Hegor said,

"And it would be very charming to watch the sunset with you in my protecting


Melissa needed a few seconds to keep from

loughing. She loved the way he took it.

"Alright, but safety first" she whispered. Then she used her finger to dig a

mighty trench in a safe distance around the house. It filled with water quickly.

For the first night their new house had no

floor and no rooms. But they slept well in each others arms. They were looking

forward to a few weeks of building themselves a home.




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