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GTS Resort, Inc.

 Ken walked through the door of his house and plopped the daily mail on

the countertop. Bills, solicitation mail and credit card applications

were usually his daily pileup of mail, until he saw a brochure for a

resort in the Carribbean.

 ***Enjoy a tropical stay at our all-inclusive island getaway!***

 GTS Resorts, Inc. offers you and your loved one a vacation like no

other. While other tropical locales can only provide the usual fun in

the sun, GTS Resorts have a twist to your holiday dollar unlike you've

ever experienced before. Through the miracle of modern science, we will

either shrink the men down to various sizes or grow the women to

gigantic proportions. Think of the possibilities!

 Guys, instead of the usual laying out in the sun getting that deep dark

tan, why not lay out on top of your woman's breast while you're only 6

inches tall???

 Gals, take control of your relationship by having the size difference

over your man. Decide when and where YOU dine, sightsee or relax for a


 Couples, put an exciting spin on your sex lives by introducing

yourselves to your partners at different sizes. Believe us, your sex

life will never be the same again.

 You owe it to yourself to call the number at the bottom of this

brochure. If this brochure isn't enough to tempt you, then consider

this. As part of our innaugural opening of our resort, get another

couple to come to our resort and you get a 10% rebate on your trip! Keep

sending couples down to us, and eventually this incredible unique

experience will be free!

 ***1-88G-IAN-TESS ***

 Ken was shocked when he read the brochure. Looking at the smiling

people photographed on the white sandy beaches made his heart pound as

well. The pictures looked too professional to be doctored in Photoshop.

There, on the beach, was a gorgeous blonde woman in a fantastic thong

bikini holding a perfect miniature of a tanned man smiling and waving to

the camera. By the looks of the proportion, he was only about 7 inches

tall. She was holding him in her clenched fist with his head just below

the pillowy curves of her heavy chest. Her perfect smile was sending the

message that she truly enjoyed the fact that her man was reduced to the

size of an action figure.

 Ken sat back and imagined himself that way. About the size of his

girlfriend's dildo and leaning back into her flat tummy as he caught

rays of warm sun in her lap. She would be resting on her elbows and

getting a bronze tan herself with a stiff fruity drink in hand and soft

breeze through her long red hair. The thought made his member rise and

his heart pound.

 Then reality set in.

 He looked at the brochure again. No way can this be real, he thought.

No one has the ability to shrink men, or grow women out of their normal

size. It's just not possible. Besides, what would his girlfriend think?

She would think he's completely nuts. She would never go for it. Ken

decided he'd call and see if they were for real. If nothing else,

someone would get a good laugh at his expense and he would keep his

fantasy of shrinking to himself.

 "Hello, GTS Resort, Inc., this is Julie, how may I help you?" a lovely

voice asked.

 "Uh," Ken said, "hi. This is Ken Smith. I got your brochure in the mail

and wanted to ask you some more questions."

 "Certainly, Ken. We are more than happy to answer any question you

might have. Most people that call are skeptical, so we are prepared to

send you a promotional video answering most of your questions. However,

we invite you to ask your questions now to help you with your decision."

 "Is it true you shrink men and women down to size?" he asked.

 "You are half correct, Ken," Julie mused. "We have the capability of

shrinking men down in size, and growing women up in size. It has to do

with DNA structure. It's an X-chromosome/Y-Chromosome sort of thing.

Again, the tape will go into more detail."

 "Is this size reduction permanent?" Ken asked her.

 "Certainly not, Ken," Julie responded, "It would do you no good to

remain at your size when your vacation is over. We insist on returning

you and/or your partner to regular size before you depart our

privately-owned island. That becomes a legal issue. Again, the tape

covers more information on this. Would you like me to send you a tape?"

 "Yes, please," Ken sputtered. He still couldn't believe any of this was


 "I will need to go ahead and accept a down payment for your trip to GTS

Resort in order to send you a promotional tape. If you decide you don't

want what we have to offer, you will receive your down payment back,

minus fees for the tape. If you do, however, wish to embark on a

one-of-a-kind experience that only GTS Resorts can provide, then the

down payment goes toward your hotel accommodation and shrinking/growing

fee, and the tape is yours as a gift. Are you ready to experience the

thrill of a lifetime, Ken?" Julie asked with a mesmerizing voice.

 Ken thought about it. Time to gamble, he thought. The price of the trip

was expensive, but he'd promised his girlfriend a vacation and she loved

adventure. If she didn't like the idea of this vacation, he would go

himself and take one of his college buddies instead. Perhaps there would

be single women down there that WERE open-minded enough for this sort of

thing. "Let's do it!" he said with conviction.


 Four days had passed when Ken got a bubble-wrapped package in the mail.

The return address was from GTS Resorts, Inc. in St. Gigantus Island in

the Carribbean. Ken could hardly contain himself when he ripped open the

envelope and pushed the tape in the VCR. Fast forwarding over the

warnings and opening credits, he soon came to the beginning of the


 The scene was of a beautiful beach, with gentle waves lapping at the

shore. The sun was rising and a lone man was swimming in the bay.

Suddenly a large half-circle shape appeared behind him and kept rising.

The shape took the form of a slender woman, but about 30 feet in height.

She took the small man in her arms and held him to her chest in a loving

embrace. That's when the narrator started.

 Ken soon learned about the island, the resort, and the technology that

made shrinking/growing possible. According to the tape, the radiation

that affected the human male was the reverse effect for the human

female. The Y chromosome made the males shrink in size, while expanding

women because of their X chromosome. The resort would use another

radiation to counter the effects of the first treatment, but that

treatment would only reverse the process, not change the proportions in

opposite directions for the sexes. In other words, men couldn't be

expanded, and women couldn't be shrunken.

 The tape had various shots of people enjoying themselves on beaches,

parties in the hotel, jacuzzis, formal dinners, tennis courts, and

exploring the natural jungle on the island. The last image Ken saw was

of a woman giving the camera a knowing look before she closed the door

to her hotel room with her reduced husband in tow. She was a stunning

brunette with a perfect hourglass figure and her man was a miniature

Adonnus who's head was just shorter than her round, firm asscheek. She

had a lustful look to her as the door closed and ending credits scrolled

up the screen.

 Ken found his right hand absently stroking his rock hard cock as he

imagined himself as that lucky man. He could just picture her tossing

his tiny frame onto the king-sized bed and pouncing on him like a jungle

cat to her prey. The thought of pumping an immense woman like that made

his breathing labored. Before calling the resort and confirming his

reservation and calling his girlfriend to pack her bags, Ken had to

relieve his aching cock by masturbating to thoughts of the beginning of

the best vacation of his life.

 GTS Resort, Chapter 2

 After relieving himself from the pent up emotions he was feeling from

watching the tape, Ken cleaned up and got on the phone with his

girlfriend. Samantha was a beautiful redhead with emerald green eyes and

a body most men would kill for. Her 36c breasts were full and natural

which led the way to a slender waist and rounded, firm hips and ass. Her

legs were long and lean with pretty painted toes on adorable feet. She

was every inch a vision. Samantha was a great person to hang out with,

as well as a great lover in bed. She was open-minded to most things, but

a shrinking/growing resort might be too much for her. Ken decided he had

to at least try.

 "Hello?" she spoke, filling the receiver with a smoky, sexy voice.

 "Samantha sweetie, how would you like to take that vacation you've

always wanted?" Ken said with a touch of nervousness.

 "I'd love to!" she exlcaimed, "Where are we off to? Mexico? The

Bahamas? Tahiti?" Ken knew that Samantha only liked to travel to warm

destinations. Good thing that the GTS Resort wasn't in Aspen, Colorado!

 "More like St. Gigantus Island in the Carribbean." he answered.

 "Mmmmmmmm," she purred, "a cruise to St. Thomas Island. I've never been

on a cruise before."

 "No no, honey, St. Gigantus."

 "Wait, where in the hell is St. Gigantus?" she said, worried this time.

 "It's a privately-owned island in the Carribbean. It's an all-inclusive

resort with a twist." Ken said. He felt like his wonderful idea was

nose-diving fast.

 "What sort of twist?" she asked. Now he could definitely tell there was

skepticism in her voice.

 "Baby, just get over here and I'll show you the tape they sent me. I

think you're going to love what I have in store for us." He heard her

murmur 'whatever' just before she clicked off the phone. She'll come

around, he thought, I know my Samantha.

 Thirty minutes later, there was a knock at his apartment door. Ken

opened his door and Samantha sauntered in. She didn't look all that

excited, but smiled at her boyfriend. He WAS paying for the trip, so she

didn't have much to complain about.

 After settling in and sipping the drink he handed her, they gazed at

the TV as Ken hit the play button. Samantha was now seeing the sights

and sounds that Ken was introduced to. It ended again with that same

lucky little man being towed into the hotel room by the gorgeous

brunette. The door closed again, and Ken once more thought how lucky

that little bastard was. It looked certain that the little bodybuilder

was going to get lucky, but looking at his girlfriend for her reaction,

he wasn't so sure about his own odds.

 "Well, honey, what did you think?" He asked her while studying her



 "Is this tape for real?" she finally inquired.

 "As real as they come, babe. They promise it's unlike anything you've

ever experienced before. Imagine the command you would have over me.

Whatever you wanted to do, we would do it. Where we go, what we do, what

we eat or when we have sex; it's all determined by you. I, on the other

hand, get to experience your beauty on a grander scale. Your wonderful

36c tits would be huge to me. Your long sexy legs would be gorgeous

soft-skinned telephone poles to lavish. Your long red hair would be the

silkiest blanket I'd ever have the pleasure to cuddle into at night."

 "Yeah," she struck back, "and my ass would be the biggest can you've

ever seen. You know I'm sensitive about my rear. I have enough trouble

trying to keep it firm and sexy without you seeing it as big as two


 "Baby," Ken cooed, "you know it's not like that with me. I adore your

beautiful ass. Yes, it would be bigger to a little man like I would be,

but to me it would be so much more to kiss, fondle, love and worship. I

could [email protected]!#$ you without hurting you this

time. Remember, your clit

would be bigger for me so imagine me going down on you at a new smaller

size. You could easily swallow my erection and give me the blow job I've

always wanted. I know you choke easily, but this would allieve that

problem. Please, baby? If you don't like it, we'll fly back early and I

will put us up in the Presidential suite at the Hilton in Acapulco, I

promise!" Ken was really pleading this time. It would cost him his life

savings, but he loved her so much.

 "Well," she hesitated, "if this really means that much to you, then

fine. But, like you just promised me, if I don't like it, we go to

Acapulco first class all the way. Agreed?" Samantha stuck out her hand

to consumate the gentlemen's agreement.

 "Agreed, baby!!!" Ken said violently shaking her hand to seal the deal.

He kissed her passionately in his enjoyment and hugged her tightly.

 "I don't know why you're so into this shrinking thing. Aren't my tits

big enough? Don't I please you anyway? Most men would go to the moon for

this body and you want it bigger." She was truly foggy about his

newly-revealed fetish, but was open-minded. What the hell, it was a week

in the tropical sun regardless of the outcome.

 Five hours later, the flight from Los Angeles to Austin to St. Gigantus

touched down on the island's tarmack and roared to a halt at the tiny

airport's gate. A truck with a built-on staircase rolled up to the plane

and allowed its passengers to disembark. Ken and Samantha saw a variety

of buildings at various sizes. It looked odd to the couple, since some

buildings had massive doors while other buildings seemed to have doggy

doors for very small people. The people were all of regular size, so it

seemed odd to have such accommodations. The couple collected their

baggage and were met by a sexy young taxi driver.

 "Can I take you to the hotel?" she offered in a sexy, high-toned voice.

She couldn't have been more than twenty-one years old, and her smile was

wide with pearly white teeth. She wore her curly black hair up and

cascading off the left side of her head while her cabbie hat was slanted

to the right side. She wore a matching mid-riff jacket and short sexy

shorts. White canvas sneakers capped off her uniform. "I'm Jackie," she

said enthusiastically while opening her cab door.

 "I'm Ken and this is my girlfriend Samantha. We're going to the ..."

 "The GTS Resort. I know, everyone is staying there, since the island is

owned by GTS Resorts, Inc. Will you be shrinking or growing today?" She

was full of bubbly enthusiasm. Samantha looked at Ken as if this was all

his idea.

 "Ah, good question." He looked back at Samantha. Better he shrink than

she grow if they were going to give this a try. "Shrinking please." The

two crawled into the back of her immaculately-clean cab and waited for

her to take them to their destination.

 The shrinking side of the resort was peculiar in it's design. The

resort had normal sized doors as well as a set of reduced-sized doors

adjacent. All the rooms had normal windows, but later on they noticed

the hallways had a line running down the middle to designate normal

traffic from shrunken traffic. This was meant to keep regular-sized

women from stepping on smaller men. Jackie helped the couple with their

luggage to the front desk, then waved them good luck as she skipped back

to pick up another fare.

 Ken and Samantha made their way up to the front desk get their room.

The women behind the counter were attractive as well. A single man's

dream, Ken thought. He was glad, however, to have a stunning beauty

accompany him here. Much better than grabbing one of his buddies to fly

down here. He was thankful Samantha agreed to this trip.

 "And what size will you be shrinking to, Mr. Smith?" the short-haired

blonde woman asked. She, as well, had a radiant, killer smile. Again,

Ken was baffled to all this. It was still unimaginable to him, even

though he was on the verge of fulfilling his secret desires. However, it

never occured to him just how small he wanted to shrink.

 "What are the ranges for men?" he asked.

 "We recommend that you don't shrink any smaller than about one-tenth

your normal height. You look to be about 5'11", so I'd say no more than

6 inches. The least you can shrink is about three-fourths your height.

That would put you at about 4'5"."

 "What do you think, honey?" Ken turned to ask his girlfriend. Samantha

just shrugged her tanned shoulders.

 "Do whatever you want, babe. This is your fantasy." She kissed his

cheek and squeezed his hand. Ken turned back to the adorable blonde.

 "I'd like to be 9 inches tall, please." That should be small enough to

engage in my deepest fantasies, he thought.

 "Excellent choice, sir. I'll need you to fill out these forms, and this

waiver. It prevents you from suing the resort in the unfortunate result

of any injury at your new size. We also recommend that at your new size,

your girlfriend has complete control of your activities. She will become

your guardian at all times, and is responsible for your actions. While

we have a security force on site to help with any incidents, it is

ultimately her responsibility to look after your well-being. I know you

two will have the time of your lives, but I must legally warn you of any

unlawful or unfortunate situation and its consequences. Are you still

willing to be shrunk, Mr. Smith?"

 Chuckling, Ken signed his name and initialed where needed while telling

Samantha to be protective of him this week. She reminded him of her

total control after he signed the waiver. Next, the counter-girl asked

Ken to step through the double doors and take his luggage with him while

Samantha was to wait through another set of doors to the waiting room.

 "Here goes, babe!" Ken said while kissing Samantha deeply. She embraced

him and said she would be waiting on the other end to take him to the

hotel room. After three more quick kisses, she let him walk through the

metal swinging doors while she made her way to the waiting area. The

adventure was about to begin.

 GTS Resort 3

 Ken entered through the steel double doors while Samantha went through

into the waiting room. As she grabbed a fashion magazine and sat on a

couch sipping a fruity drink, Ken stood in a line of men waiting for

transformations. Apparently the men were shrunk down one at a time.

 When it came time for Ken's turn, he was courteously ushered into the

chamber along with his luggage. Everything he'd need would be shrunk

down to his same size. The room was a cold, stainless steel room that

had normal doors on one end, and two sets of doors on the other. A

massive set of doors as well as a puny, dog-entrance-sized set. Ken set

down his luggage bag and looked at the bright lights in the room and the

cold bench to sit on. Not a very comfortable place, he thought.

 Just then the massive set of doors opened and in came a gigantic woman

crawling on her hands and knees. She was completely nude and with her

she struggled to pull in her enormous suitcase. Not noticing Ken, she

tugged and pulled at the stubborn bag until it jarred loose and fell

with a loud clang on the metal floor.

 "EXCUSE ME." her voice boomed. To her it was normal speech, but to a

smaller Ken, it was almost deafening in that echoey room. "PARDON ME, I


large woman was trying to get situated before the shrinking process

began. Having difficulty, she managed to get seated on her naked rear

and press her knees up to her large tits. They were large for a

giantess, but large also in comparison with her body. Ken couldn't keep

his eyes off her. As he sat on the little metal bench, he was now

between her legs and staring right up her thighs to her shaven pussy,

then climbed his view up her tummy to the dual plump chest and her

flowing bleached-blonde hair. Her face was gorgeous. It was as if an

artist carved her features from stone and given it life. She was a

vision as she sat there waiting.

 Soon the hum of the energizers came to life and the lights' heat

intensified. The room warmed up and Ken could stop shivering. His

massive roommate's softball-sized goosebumps diminished and she started

to relax in the warmth also.


I'M WHAT YOU WOULD CALL A 'FRIEND' TO GUESTS." She held out her hand and

Ken guessed that it was about 3/4 his size. Grabbing a finger, he shook

her hand the best he could and smiled back at her.

 "Hi Carey, I'm Ken. I'm vacationing here with my girlfriend, Samantha.

What do you mean your job is a 'friend' to the guests?" he inquired.





at that question and waited for his response.

 "Carey, I can't imagine anyone more fun than you. I mean, you are

gorgeous, and from what little I know of you, you sound like you would

be a blast to get to know. If I didn't have my girlfriend, I'd love to

spend time with you. Again, you are beautiful!" He said that while

sneaking peeks at her pussy lips which were starting to dampen during

their conversation. She answered him with giggles and adjusting her legs

on either side of him.


everyone that is a GTS Resort guest has a wonderful time. If you would

like I'm sure the three of us would have a blast together." Carey was

shinking down to size while they spoke. Ken was diminishing as well.

Quickly his feet left the floor and now dangled over the edge of the

bench. Carey's legs moved away from Ken's body. It was getting harder

and harder to see her pussy now that their bodies were shrinking away

from each other. Her luggage was no longer a problem either.

 With the shrinking process over, the lights dimmed again. The cool air

was coming back and both occupants were starting to shiver once more.

 "Well, Ken," she said, "here is my card." She reached into her bag and

placed on in front of a now ten inch doll version of Ken. "If you and

your Samantha would like to spice things up, I'm scheduled to re-grow in

three days. I'd love to meet her and spend some time with you two." She

patted his miniature head and left the room with her bag. Ken picked up

his tiny duffel bag and walked out through the dog-entrance door to the

waiting room.

 The waiting room was massive to Ken. He had never seen such a gigantic

structure in all his life. Even the L.A. Colliseum wasn't as big as what

he was seeing just now. The chair legs to the waiting room were thicker

than most tree trunks. The couches could land jets on them. The plants

themselves were like redwoods to the toy-like Ken.

 The people waiting for their loved ones started to murmer and whisper

as Ken entered the room looking for his Samantha. These giants sat there

like Greek gods on their thrones looking down at a puny mortal about to

judge him. This frightened Ken and he soon thought, the sooner I find

Samantha, the better.

 He walked around the waiting room and dodged the occasional giant

walking to pick up another magazine. One of their footsteps could crush

him before he got to experiment with his new size. Suddenly, above one

of the skyscraper chair backs, Ken saw the red mane of his girlfriend.

 She was talking with a man about their vacation, and it looked to Ken

that she was annoyed with his propositions. It shot a dagger to his

heart that he was powerless to do anything to stop the man. At ten

inches tall, he was no match if this man wanted to take advantage of

Samantha or simply try to charm her away from him.

 "Samantha?" he squeaked. She didn't notice him at first, as her

attention was at fending off the slick come-ons of her

conversationalist. "Hey, Samantha! Baby!!" he shouted.

 "Ken???!!" she gasped. "Oh my God, is that you?" The man with her

looked down at his puny competition and smirked. This will be easy, he

thought to himself. She excused him and went to her boyfriend. On her

knees, she looked down at her little man. "I can't believe it! This is

amazing." Samantha studied him for about ten minutes before reaching out

for him.

 Lifting him up, she noticed that he hardly weighed much at all. If

anything he only weighed about four pounds. He was shivering in her

hands due to the air conditioning. His body wasn't equipped to keep warm

like his normal self, so he hugged her hands as she picked him up.

 "Ken, you are so adorable. I think I am going to like this."

 "Baby, you can like it all you want, but let's get out of here. I'm

freezing!" Samantha instinctively cuddled him to her chest and made her

way outside. Ken was pushed deep into her cleavage where he could smell

her perfume. Samantha never wore much on her body, but to Ken now, it

was overpowering. What was a spritz to her tits now meant being thrown

into a huge flowerbed to Ken. It was pleasing though, as he had always

enjoyed her scent.

 Her breasts were soft and warm as well. Ken used all his strength to

pull back her bikini top elastic and bury his face in her titflesh.

Samantha walked out into the bright Carribbean sunlight and made her way

to their bungalo. The sun felt good on Ken's tiny body but the giggling

of Samantha's footfalls almost made him sick. He wasn't used to this

much motion and the swaying of her heavy chest was knocking his body

back and forth.

 They made their way to the bungalo and soon they were inside. It was

adorned with island themed furnature and artwork. The king-sized bed

they would share looked to be a soccer field to the tiny Ken. Samantha

made comment on how much she loved their place while Ken made comment on

how beautiful she was this close up. She looked down and giggled at his

attempts to look inside her bra.

 "You like my big tits, do you?" she asked while falling on her back on

the big bed. Ken landed with a soft bounce on her huge right tit. Her

erect nipple pillowed his head as they fell together. Even through the

silky fabric of her bikini top, she felt wonderful.

 Samantha gently tossed him onto the bed and sprang up in a jungle cat

pose. She was now on her hands and knees looking down at her little

prey. Ken could see her ass high in the air while covered with her thong

bikini bottom and matching sarong. Oh, to play on those twin mountains,

he thought. Samantha looked down at him hungrily. She stuck out her

large pink tongue and licked her painted lips at him.

 "I think I'm really going to like you at this size," she cooed.

Samantha reached her face in and kissed his upper half. Her minty breath

washed over him seconds before she crushed her soft lips around his

body. Ken's face was pushed deep into the wrinkly folds of her lips as

she kissed him. Vibrations could be felt as she hummed her liking.

That's when her tongue snaked out and licked him as well. The strong

muscles of her tongue pushed him around and painted him with wet saliva.

 Seconds later, Samantha tore off his tiny clothes and touched his

awakening cock with her finger. Ken dry humped her right index finger

while she smiled at him from above. Using two fingers together, she let

him push his erection between them. He was kissing the pads of her

fingers as he made love to her hand.

 "Not so fast, little lover," she warned, "I need you to do more to me

than just my hand." She left his aching body on the bed when she rose

above him. Samantha took her bikini top off and let it drop on top of

him. Ken curled up when it covered him. He could fit inside her bra cup

completely. Samantha reached down and used her mouth to massage his body

beneath the bra.

 Ken could feel her working him over as he smelled lingering traces of

her perfume. The bra was lifted once more and two huge breasts swung

dangerously low over him. Samantha had big tits as it was, but now these

were enormous, pendulous sacks of warm milk waiting to be suckled. Their

weight would crush him, or at least smother him if she weren't careful.

However, she was gentle and lowered a nipple to his mouth.

 "Drink from me, baby, if you can. I need to feel you suckling me."

 He started nibbling and sucking her baseball-sized nipple while she

moaned. Even at that size, she could feel him working on her nipple. She

shot a hand back to her pussy and rubbed it through her bikini. Together

with the nursing of her little man on her sensitive breast and her

talented fingers rubbing her sex, Samantha let out a deep gutteral moan

and soaked her bikini bottoms through.

 The smell of orgasm was driving Ken's senses through the roof. He

crawled out from underneath her breast and begged her to show him her

saturated cunt. Samantha got up and pulled down her drenched clothing.

 After taking off her thong, she stuck it in Ken's face. He smelled her

deep, then lapped at the plentiful juices that stained her swim suit.

Ken drank from the material and smeared his hands in her honey. Her

pussy smell was taking control of him. He had to have more. At his size,

it was easy to become drunk on her juice. Samantha threw the thong aside

and parted her lips for him.

 Kneeling with her thighs wide, she lowered her ass and let him play.

Ken was now staring at her huge buttocks, dinner-plate sized @!#$, and

dripping three-foot long pussy. He placed a hand on each of her cheeks

and dove his head into her pussy hole. Ken was greeted with a large wet

kiss from her lips. Much like the kiss she gave him before, but this

mouth was deeper with inner folds that caressed his face as well. It was

steamy warm inside her, and every move he made with his head caused her

to contract and massage him some more.

 By now Samantha was getting worked up again. This time she pushed his

body deeper to her sex and worked her hips against him. With half his

body now inside her pussy she squirted a lot of juice out which covered

him. Ken reacted as well, shooting his tiny amount of semen into her

pussy folds. But at such a small size, his seed never made it inside her

hole. It simply dripped off her drooling lips.

 Ken fell back onto the bed and landed in her wet spot. Samantha rose up

to gently sit on him so she could caress his body. Ken was staring at

her large winking @!#$ and melted into her cheeks. Soon after snuggling

with her bottom, Samantha carried Ken to the king-sized pillow and let

him rest. She covered him with her bikini like they were two silky

blankets. Smiling, he fell asleep instantly. Samantha rested her massive

head close to his and drifted off herself. Sex, combined with jet-lag,

suddenly took their toll.

 GTS Resort 04

 Ken was the first to wake. Snuggled in his girlfriend's bikini

material, he was slow to move out from underneath her silky thong

material. Not only was he sticky from her sex, but the scent of pussy

was still on the bikini bottom. Mmmmmmmm, he thought, I love her smell.

Ken moved down off the pillow and began walking the length of the

sleeping Samantha.

 She lay there quietly, softly snoozing away while her little boyfriend

studied her. Ken watched her massive chest rise and fall with each

breath. Her breasts, now the size of large patio umbrellas, jutted out

from her chest and lay one on top of the other. Dark dusty-rose colored

nipples posed, inviting him to suckle. Her flat tummy was turned on it's

side as well forming a fleshy wall that prevented him from seeing the

edge of their bed.

 Samantha's tummy curved into her pussy that lay hidden under an

enormous thigh. Her top thigh was drawn in to form an L shape from the

rest of her body and created a fleshy tunnel for him to crawl under.

Once he did that, he was greeted by her drooling lower smile and

gorgeous asscheeks. Her other leg extended down the length of the bed

where her huge feet were bent into ballet poses. Ken decided to explore

all of her before coming back to her warm vagina.

 His girlfriend's feet emitted an odor he'd never smelled before from

her, since at his new height aromas took on a new sense to his nose.

Their heady scent had him both woosy and excited at the same time. He

dared to rub his erect cock against her sole while caressing her big

toe. She felt so soft to him so he kept up his pace. Soon he came on her

foot. Samantha never woke, so he knelt before his goddess and admired

her from this new angle. His cum was running down her foot and dripped

onto the bedspread. He was so small that his ejaculate never made a wet

spot on the thick fabric.

 Her pussy was constantly smiling down at him and seemed to invite him

back up. He walked up the length of her again, only this time taking her

in from her backside. Quickly her legs expanded in girth as he walked

past her ankles, calves and thighs. Now he faced her asscheeks once

more. They were twin mounds of lovely skin that rose almost twice his

height. Giving thanks for her willingness to go along with him on the

vacation, he reached in and planted a tiny kiss on her exposed buttock.

It felt so good, he kept it up. Kissing her all over her ass made him

feel so tiny, so helpless that he was willing to actually kiss her ass

in gratitude. How submissive he'd become since they landed on this

Carribbean island. He didn't care, however, he was falling in love with

her and could love her on another level while visiting this mysterious


 Samantha woke to the touch of soft butterfly kisses to her butt. She

hummed her approval and started to move her body. It felt like a soft

earthquake to the little doll man. He grabbed on to handfulls of

buttcheek to keep from falling off the bed.

 "Ken?" she asked. She had expected to see her little boyfriend snuggled

under her tropical thong bikini, but he was missing. "Ken, where are

you?!" Samantha was quickly getting alarmed. She rolled to a sitting

position and looked around their room. He was nowhere to be seen.

However, it didn't take long to feel tiny fists hitting her round cheek


 The giant woman rolled off him, and Ken could finally breathe again. He

had been caught under her ass and was almost smothered if not for his

quick thinking to beat on her flesh to get her attention. Samantha

gasped and leaned her face in close to inspect his condition. She was

met with his tiny laughter and broad smile.

 "Don't you do that again, mister! You had me scared to death. We have

to be careful with you at this size. Anything could happen!" Samantha

picked up the Ken doll and held him at arm's length.

 "Baby," he tried to calm her, "I wasn't scared. I know that so long as

I'm with you, I'll be just fine. It was kind of fun to be under your

ass." he joked.

 "This ass is big enough without having it smash my boyfriend to goo,"

she snapped.

 "It's NOT a big ass," he corrected, "I love you, your beautiful rear

end, and the rest of your body inside and out. You are not fat, sweetie,

I'm just little, that's all." Ken was right. Samantha was stunning, but

her self-esteem sometimes got the better of her.

 "Just don't do that again, lover."


 The couple showered and got dressed to explore the island. It was their

second day and there was way too much to see and do to be cooped up

inside their bungalow.

 Samantha showered and dressed into another bikini while Ken used the

miniature shower located near the door to Samantha's. The room they were

staying in had a complete set of bathroom facilities in the size Ken

needed. The GTS Resort had thought of everything for their comfort.

Samantha had laid out a pair of tiny swim trunks and matching shirt. Ken

felt he was back in first grade, but Samantha said he was being silly.

Once ready, he lifted his arms to his girlfriend and she picked him up.

 Instead of being lifted to her shoulder or being kept in her hand as he

thought, Ken was instead tucked into the bikini bottoms of Samantha's

suit and held in by her elastic band. It felt as if he was buckled in to

a car seat, but he didn't mind. He was pressed into her warm skin and

could feel her pussy lips kissing his feet. His view was incredible at

this angle, for not only was he able to look up at his goddess, but the

crotches of all the other women.

 The pair walked down the sidewalk and entered the restaurant. Since it

was all-inclusive, they stood in line and filled their plate in the

buffet line. Ken was staring at the impressive ass cheeks of the woman

in front of them. Samantha didn't notice how close she was pushing his

face into that ass as she looked over the woman's shoulder to see what

was offered for food.

 Ken was getting an eye-full when the woman bent over too quickly and

bounced her cheeks into his face and Samantha's hips. Ken was knocked

around by her butt, and Samantha instinctively backed up and looked

down. The woman turned around and apologized, then saw that she gave the

poor Ken a free show to her ass. Reddened, she apologized again to

Samantha. The two women giggled at the situation and introduced

themselves. Ken was now looking at the other woman's crotch and smelling

a similar, but unique aroma from her sex.

 Her tiny doll-man just hung in her bikini while the two women talked.

He looked up at the two pair of breasts inches from each other. The

women paid him no attention, so he gazed at the amazing sizes of those

tits, slung in silky triangular pockets. Ken's cock started to rise at

the thought of being between the four mammaries while they kissed. He

was in heaven...

 Until he heard the familiar voice of that guy that Samantha tried to

shoo away in the waiting room yesterday. What was this going to do to

his miniscule ego now that this guy was coming over to the women

standing in line? He better not touch my girl, Ken thought. That's all

he'd need. He was helpless in Samantha's G-string bikini.

 I have no choice but to pray that Samantha can handle herself.

Hopefully the two women will shed him off like the snake he is, he

pondered. He was about to get his answer...

 GTS Resort 5

 "Ladies, what a pleasant day we're having," the man said as he stepped

under the grass roof of the outdoor eating area. Samantha and her friend

looked at each other, then back to the intruder. It was obvious the

friend didn't know him, so she backed away. He set his attention to

Samantha and kept up his bantor.

 "You're looking great today. Your name is Samantha, right?" he said.

Everytime he spoke, he moved just a little closer to her. "And I seem to

have forgotten your name," the man said, hoping he could keep the other

woman in the conversation.

 "I didn't tell you. I have to go Samantha, it was nice meeting you. I

have to get back to my husband." The woman picked up her plate and

walked away. Samantha was hoping her friend wouldn't leave her stranded.

 "So, what are your plans for today? Want some company?" he leered in.

What a jerk this guy is, thought Ken.

 "I'm spending the day with my boyfriend, thank you," Samantha answered,

patting Ken on the tummy with her right hand. Damn right she is, he

hissed in his mind. The man looked down at her bikini bottom.

 "Oh, I didn't see him there. He is too small to catch my attention.

Heh, maybe later then," he smirked with a sort of lounge-lizard's wink

to her. After shivering on the spot at how rude and lewd he was,

Samantha looked down at her little boyfriend.

 "What an @!#$ he was."

 "I'd kill that jerk if I were normal size. What nerve!" Ken responded.

 "Don't get yourself knotted up in my bikini, Ken, I took care of the

problem." She giggled as she saw Ken swing at the air with his little



 After their lunch, the two decided to find a private cove and see if

they could catch some rays. They spotted a perfect spot that was white

sand and slightly breezy. A shallow brook flowed from the depths of the

jungle along the beach and emptied into the sea. It was a view right out

of the brochure that sold them on the vacation. Samantha laid out her

large beach towel and withdrew Ken from his "bikini-saddle." She set him

down on the sand so she could lay in position. Ken's feet started to

heat up on the sand, so he hopped onto the towel for protection.

 "I brought along your tiny sandals, sweetheart," she said as she set

down her bag. Samantha held them out for Ken. Ken was inches below them

and started to jump for them like the beginning of a basketball game.

Samantha held them just out of reach and giggled at his futile attempts.

Once he stopped jumping because of his bruised ego, she dropped them

onto the towel and kissed his head to apologize. Samantha then started

to apply suntan lotion to her chest and tummy while Ken started to walk

across the sand.

 "I think I'll go explore the cove a bit."

 "Stay right here where I can see you," she warned him, "we don't know

what's lurking in that jungle. I'd hate to know that something in there

thought of you as an afternoon snack."

 "Aw come on, I'm little, but I'm still a man. I'll be fine. I can take

care of myself."

 "At ten inches tall, you're no bigger than most of the lizards on this

island. You're about the size of the fish the native birds take back to

their nests and feed their chicks. Remember 'Jurassic Park III?' He was

fed to the pteradactyl chicks from the mother after being caught. If you

get snatched up, I won't have time to rescue you. Please sweetie, don't

go off exploring."

 She had a point. Thoughts of being torn apart didn't settle too nicely

for him. It made his skin crawl to realize that he didn't know exactly

what was running around in the underbrush.

 "Besides," she said in her best pouty face, "who will rub this lotion

on my back and legs? Maybe I can get that guy from the restaurant..."

 "Alright! You win!" he said, throwing up his hands in the air. He had

to admit that rolling around in suntan oil on his girlfriend's back and

asscheeks did sound better than getting into trouble. He just didn't

like being told what to do.

 "Besides, the woman at the front counter said that you have to do as I

say at all times. It's for your own good." Now she's reading minds, he


 Ken climbed up her bra string after she squirted a sizeable amount on

the middle of her back. She lay in the tropical sun and sighed her

contentment while Ken walked around on her back. The suntan oil was

slick and clung to his hands as he pushed it around. As fun as it may

seem, it was more work to him than pleasure. At his size, it seemed like

weatherproofing a large patio deck than massaging his girlfriend. Also,

later on it became increasingly harder to walk on her new slippery


 Her shoulders were done so he made his way down the small of her back.

It was sort of like being on the high seas while Samantha breathed. Now

in the arch of her lower back, he had those twin hills to climb.

 Knowing his direction, Samantha pulled in her bikini bottoms so he

could continue. Her stark white cheeks were very contrasting to her

salon tan she got before flying down to the island. Ken wiped more oil

on her butt cheeks and loved his job. He stole a feel to her exposed ass

hole. Samantha jumped and looked back at her rump.

 "Get out of there," she laughed, "that's for later!" Ken liked the

sound of that, so he agreed to move on. Her thighs took quite a while as

well, but he managed to protect her skin all the way down to her ankles.

Again, from his vantage point at her feet, she was truly beautiful in

the afternoon sun. He walked up to her face to let Samantha know he had


 Samantha took out the bottle one more time and rubbed some on her

palms. Then she took Ken into her grasp and stroked his body like lubing

up her favorite dildo. "Mmmmmmmmmmmm," she hummed to herself. She licked

her lips and watched Ken while he was being fondled.

 Ken had never felt anything like it. The smell of cocoanut, mixed with

the soft sensation of her hands rubbing him like she did on his cock so

many times. Samantha pulled down his swim trunks and made sure she

coated his groin too. She was greeted with his erection and kept her

pace at his midsection. Ken let his head fall back and had her do her

thing to him. Soon he came in her hand. It was unlike any experience

before. He panted and slumped in her grip while she licked the tiny

droplets off.

 "I wish all my toy cocks would cum for me like that," she cooed.

Kissing him full on the face with her plush lips and darting tongue,

Samantha set Ken between her asscheeks and thighs to rest. There he lay

in the fleshy hammock that was her bikini clad ass. He soon fell asleep

feeling her heartbeat from beneath him. He rest his head on a buttock

and hugged her right thigh.


 When he woke, Ken could hear the sounds of two women chatting away. He

was still on her butt, nestled between her thighs, but now under a

colorful canopy of silky cloth. Aparently Samantha covered his sleepy

body with her sarong to keep the harmful rays of the sun from getting to


 "Is he under your sarong?" the foreign voice asked.

 "Yes, but he's sleeping. Oh wait, I think he's waking up," Samantha

answered her.

 "Let me see!" she said joyfully. The sarong was pulled back and

sunlight hit the tiny man's eyes. He covered them, then when they

adjusted, he peered up at the enormous silhouette that soon shrouded his

form. It was Carey from the shrinking room. Only this time she was

merely Samantha's size. She gasped and awwed at him, rubbing his sleepy

eyes and stretching. "He is so adorable. May I hold him?"

 "Sure, I have to get up and change position. Take him from me for a

second." Carey's hand scooped Ken from his sleeping area and cuddled him

to her chest. Samantha stood up and brushed sand from her body while

Carey caressed his body.

 "All men should be this size," she said, admiring him. "They are just

the cutest things like this. Have you..." she asked, making a gesture to

her own crotch suggesting that Samantha used him like a dildo.

 "We tried a bit, but he's too big for even that, isn't he? I mean it

was sort of hard pushing him in. I just got his head and shoulders in,

but came too quickly for any real insertion." It was amazing how

Samantha took to the women down here. She could talk to any of them like

they were old school friends.

 "You almost had it then," Carey said. "I bet with some more practice,

you'll fit him in you like a glove. Try pushing him in feet first." She

was using Ken for a visual aid now, poking at her own thong panty

swimsuit with his tiny feet.

 "I'll try it." Samantha took back her boyfriend and rested him in her

lap as she sat cross-legged. The two talked about the island while once

more, Ken was ignored and looked up at them. They laughed out loud at

certain topics, making their heavy tits jiggle above him. If only they

were bare, he thought. I'd love to see them bounce around and touch

nipples together.

 Samantha never tried sexual situations with other women, but said she

kissed other girls at sorority drinking parties. It never really went

further past that. Ken thought he'd give hundreds of dollars to see it

happen now. Carey was a gorgeous curly-haired blonde that had not only a

vivid sexiness to her, but a fun-loving warmth inside that anyone would

fall for.

 "Well, I should let you two get back to your time together. I just

wanted to say hi and introduce myself since I shared the shrinking

chamber with your boyfriend, Ken. If ever you two need something, or

just want 'ideas' for something new and fun, please let me know. It's my

job to make sure you both get as much fun here as possible." With that,

she leaned over and hugged Samantha warmly. She ended the embrace with a

sensual kiss to her cheek and winked.

 Carey looked down at the lounging Ken and patted his head. "You be good

and do as she says, now. Good seeing you again, Ken." Carey then got up

and walked out of the cove. They must have talked about him wanting to

explore the jungle.

 "She's nice," Samantha said as she studied Carey from behind when she


 "Yeah, she was really nice when we chatted in the shrinking chamber.

She filled me in on the island and somewhat of the technology used in

shrinking and growing. I like her."

 "Oh?" she chimed, raising an eyebrow. "Looking at other women now, are

we?" Samantha said in a mocking tone. She accentuated her point by

playfully poking his little tummy. Ken was amazingly ticklish in the

ribs area. "Does my little man want to leave his giant redhead for a

fetching blonde, hmm?" Ken was now laughing out loud in his tinny voice.

He had nowhere to hide from her invading fingertips as she tickled him

constantly. She could see he was panting, fighting for breath so she

stopped and started to caress him instead.

 "You better not leave me for another, I love you way too much to let

you go. I just might have to keep you this size so you'll be mine

forever." With that, she picked him up again and kissed him all over his

chest and tummy. Her bottom lip felt his cock harden and stand out.

 Samantha then got out her bottle of oil again and re-coated him.

 "But honey, the sun is starting to set. I don't need more lotion," She

stopped his protest with a large index fingertip to the mouth.

 "It's not to protect you, sweetie, it's to lubricate you." Samantha

removed her bikini bottom entirely and lay back on the beach towel. With

a kiss across his entire face, she moved him to her crotch and parted

her pussy using her free hand. She followed Carey's advice and pushed

her tiny toy inside, feet first. The gaping, hungry mouth slid his feet

and calves in without much resistance. Ken could feel her warmth flood

over his skin instantly. Next his thighs were pushed together and

swallowed up.

 "Oooh, my little Ken-doll, you feel so good!" she whispered. "Yes,

that's it," Ken's hips slipped past her pubic bone with some adjusting,

so now his cock was buried inside her sex along with his entire lower

half. At this rate, he feared, she would push his entire body inside.

Now up to his pectorals, his feet landed on her cervix. Her pussy walls

caressed and contracted around him. Samantha's fingers held him in place

and soon pushed and pulled him about.

 Now her sighs were becoming cries and wails. She was fucking her doll

man with wild abandon. Pussy juice flowed around his chest and over his

neck. If the squeezing didn't crush him, the juice might drown him. What

a way to go, though, he thought.

 Samantha felt his feet slide around on her cervix while his hands

gripped her clit. She bucked her hips into the air and flooded her

tunnel that trapped Ken in a silky vice. Juice sputtered and spilled out

everywhere. It was like being in a jacuzzi that went out of control. Her

contractions squeezed his body and the hip gyrations was making him

motion sick, yet he loved the ride. At that point all he could see was a

blur, all he could smell was pussy juice, all he could hear was wailing,

and all he could taste was creamy cum.

 She dared look down at her little captive, and the sight of little Ken

fucking her with his body sent her over the edge. Her puny man-dildo was

longer than any of her other toys, and longer than Ken's own organ at

normal size. She was filled with Ken and came like a fountain.

 After settling down from her escapade, she let Ken slip out. He lay

there between her legs and managed to breathe again. He rested against

her left inner thigh and reveled in the heat of freshly orgasmed cream.

However, soon that cream cooled on his miniature form, so he began to

shiver in the evening air. He huddled against her thigh and pussy

opening. Samantha simply lay there and moaned her happiness.

 "Mmmmmmmmmm, Carey was right! I wonder what else she knows in that

dirty little mind of hers..."

          GTS Resort 6

 When Samantha was ready to head back to the hotel, she lifted the tiny

Ken to her hips and slipped him into her bikini bottoms on the back

side. Ken was now trapped between her bathing suit and her firm, warm

ass cheeks. His only view was of her waist. She was so warm to him, he

embraced her and felt his cock grow once more in the crack of her butt.

 Samantha bent over to pick up their belongings. She took her time to

gather the towel, her suntan oil, sandals, and Ken's clothing. Meanwhile

Ken was pulled into her backside. The more she bent over, the more he

was crushed into her butt. At this angle, it looked like he was humping

her from behind. He felt like a big man for the first time since he

shrunk. He could see her back arch its way toward the ground, and he

admired the view. His hips were pressed so far into her crack, he could

feel his cock slide into her @!#$. It was pure heaven.

 Samantha rose and started her long journey back along the beach to the

hotel. While she admired the sunset, he admired the sensation of her

large butt cheeks massaging his body. He hugged her as much as he could

and let her ass dance with him.


 They got back to the hotel and ordered room service. After the long

hike back, Samantha was not in any mood to dance or go out to eat. They

decided to stay in and play, letting tomorrow night be their night out.

She showered, leaving her man strapped in behind her. Ken couldn't help

the constant wash and shower spray soak him thoroughly. Samantha gave

him a washcloth to wash himself and as much of her as he could reach.

She hummed a tune to herself and made sure to bend over many times.

 As she rubbed the soap-spongy between each of her toes, Ken was rubbing

the cloth over the small of her back as if he was detailing a car hood.

Samantha wiped the reflective shower wall of its steam and looked down

at her trapped boyfriend. He was loving his predicament and smiled as he

rubbed her cheeks and back. She then rubbed his backside with her hand

and found his tiny ass. Pressing her finger hard into him, Samantha used

her other hand to rub her clit. Now she arched her back and really gave

the couple a show. Ken was bucking into her ass crack as much as he

could in hopes to find her @!#$ again.

 Samantha turned off the water and stood dripping wet for two reasons.

Her body was cascading rivulets of shower water down her form, while her

pussy was soaking up again. Ken moved his legs inside the stretched

fabric when Samantha started to pull on her suit. By pulling on it

forward, it caused the bikini to rub her clit more and more. This also

caused Ken's knees to dive into her pussy hole. His feet now rubbed into

her clit as well. Ken stretched out his hands and hugged her gigantic

cheeks while his face was plastered into that ass crack.

 Samantha came, but it only made her hungrier. She pulled him out and

set him on the bed.

 "You've got a fetish for asses, don't you?" she chided him.

 "I can't help it," he breathed, "your's is incredibly sexy to me and

the sensation is total warmth, softness and a sensualness I've never

experienced before."

 "Well, my sexy toy-man, it's time you learned to love other parts of

me. Lie down." Samantha emphasized her point by pushing him onto a

pillow and taking off her towel. Hanging loose now were her beautiful

36C breasts. The nipples were dark pink and hard. She wiggled them over

his mini frame. Laughing at his situation, she started to bob her

shoulders up and down. This made her tits bounce off him and knock him

around. Ken was getting bowled over by her enormous mammaries. He was

knocked clear off the pillow and almost to the floor when she decided to

swing her tits like twin wrecking balls.

 The impact took him off-balance. The next thing Ken knew, he was

hanging from the pillow case with his feet dangling in mid-air. Samantha

looked over the edge and half-laughing/half-serious apologized for

playing too rough. Once back on the bed, Ken admitted it was fun, but he

wanted to suckle her.

 Samantha put Ken back in place on the pillow and let him take as much

nipple into his mouth as possible. For being as stiff as they were, they

were still spongy to suck on. No infant in the world had ever sucked on

as big a tit as Ken was experiencing. He did feel like a baby for a bit,

before he got used to the idea of this sort of foreplay. Her breast was

so large to him, it was hard to look around it and see his girlfriend

smiling and moaning while he sucked.

 "I need you to @!#$ my tits, little man," she now demanded. Pushing him

deep into the pillow, she gave him their full weight. Ken was now

trapped in a prison of warm, perfumed tit-flesh and soft pillow molding

to meet his form. It's like fucking her ass, only with nipples to pinch,

he thought. Ken could feel her warm breath as she panted. She could feel

his cock slide up and down between her tits. She slid her hands

underneath Ken's pillow and pushed him deeper to her. Now the steady

heartbeat of his lover could be felt on either side of his cock from her

cleavage. He timed his thrusts with her heart and kissed her neck when

she lowered her head next to him. Ken's tiny screams and cries were

hardly noticeable, but he shouted for dear life when he let loose his


 "MMMMMMMMMM, thank you baby" Samantha panted when she felt him let go.

Instead of getting up, she decided that's how the couple would sleep

that night. Ken was plenty warm underneath her chest and blanket of

silky, thick red hair. Murmuring her good night, she kissed his head and

settled off to bed. Ken kissed her back, smiling at how wonderful this

whole vacation was becoming.          GTS Resort 7

 The next morning Samantha woke first. She was lying naked on her tummy

just the way she fell asleep the night before. A warm breeze flowed over

her curves and the sound of the ocean was washing over the rocks. She

lay there on the resort bed and listened to the crashing waves. How

relaxing, she thought. The sun was just peeking over the horizon now.

 Samantha got up and stretched. On the pillow beneath her lie her tiny

ten-inch boyfriend. He was so adorable at that size. His little body

breathed in and out in a slow, relaxed state. Ken stirred a bit, then

settled back down to another position for more sleep. Samantha giggled

to herself and sighed at his cute little way on that king-sized pillow.

She got up and found a silky pair of clean panties in her suitcase to

tuck him in. With the elastic waistband now under his tiny chin, she was

pleased and decided to take in the morning sunrise.

 It wasn't a far walk for her. She padded across the white sand and

stood just where the water finally stopped washing the beach. The cool

water tickled her toes. Wrapped in a resort sheet, she stood silently

and let the dawning day's sunlight warm her bronzed skin. She thought of

waking her mini-boyfriend to share this moment, but knew that her

Ken-doll needed his rest. She would bring him out here tomorrow morning,

she thought. That would be much better. He was so good at pleasing her

last night that his reward would be sleeping in late.

 This was to be her time. Samantha's mini-vacation from her vacation;

and her life. This was her time. The breeze felt so good on her face,

and no one else was around. She dared open her sheet and let the

sea-breeze have its way on her chest and tummy. Smiling, she let the

wind lick at her skin and harden her nipples. She could feel her vagina

getting wet as this new invisible lover caressed and tickled her skin.

Getting more daring, Samantha opened her sheet like a beach towel and

parted her legs to the morning. She tilted her head back and let the

morning sun and wind have her.

 Clap clap clap!

 Samantha froze. Then instinct took over and she whipped the sheet back

over her form. Spinning around in a whirl of white sheet and red wavy

hair, Samantha turned to see who had given her a round of applause. It

was him.

 "Hey, sweetheart,

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