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Happy Birthday, Tiny Man

by elwood

Chapter 1

When I awoke on the morning of my 30th birthday, I had been dreaming that I was

lying comfortably in the palm of giant Sela Ward, her large thumb caressing my

tiny body. Little did I know, my new reality would be as strange as this dream.

As I opened my eyes, I had no idea where I was. Far above me, I could make out

what appeared to be the ceiling fan above my bed, yet it seemed far away, yet

larger in size. I rose to my feet to discover that I was naked and that I was

standing on a cloth covered surface, which sprang slightly under my feet as I

arose. As I spun around I saw two giant pillows and realized in some amount of

horror that I was standing on my bed! I was two inches tall. I looked around to

see if my wife, Kelly, had also shrunk, but I did not see any sign of her.

I suddenly felt a blast of air as the door to my bedroom opened. I ran to the

edge of the bed to see who was coming in. Before me stood the luminescent form

of my wife, Kelly, wearing nothing by a large towel, only she appeared to be 500

feet tall!! What would she think of this? I had never shared my fantasies with

her, how would she react. As she walked to her dresser, she spotted me standing

on the edge of the bed, and changed directions to walk toward, crouching as she


"Oh Justin, you're awake. Darn it! I wanted to dress before you woke up. Well,

what do you think? Happy birthday, little husband." Now she was kneeling before

the bed, her face and straight blonde shoulder length hair still far above me,

though her cleavage, peaking out of the towel, was at my level. I tried to speak

but nothing came out. How could this be happening?, I thought.

"What's the matter, Justin. Don't you like your present? It'll get better, I

promise. You're still shrinking and soon you will be a half inch tall, just like

you wanted."

The words finally came. "I must still be dreaming. I have to wake up for work."

"Oh, you're not dreaming little man. I've made your dreams come true. I've read

the stories you posted on I know what you like."

"What are you talking about?"

"Your shrink stories. You know our computer saves passwords. I was on under your password and I read the stories you posted. They were

fantastic, and I couldn't help getting turned on by the idea of having you so

small and all to myself."

"Kelly, this is ridiculous. Human beings can't shrink."

"Oh, is that right? Come here." With that, she plucked me from the bed between

her thumb and forefinger and placed me on the ground next to her bare feet. The

carpet fibers rose to my knees. Kelly's dark red painted toe nails were at the

level of my bare crotch. "I would say that you are quite a bit smaller than you

used to be, wouldn't you?" She rubbed her big toe against my chest for emphasis.

"Kelly, you can't do this to me. I'm sorry, they were just stupid stories.

Please, make me back to normal."

"Don't you like your present," she pouted.

"It's not that, Kelly. It's just that I'm really scared down here. You could

crush me without even thinking about it."

"Well, I could," she hesitated, "But I won't. I just want to have some fun with

you, like in your stories." Again she rubbed her beautiful toes against me

soothingly. As she did this, I began to become aroused. I also noticed that the

carpet fibers were now at the level of my thighs.

"Kelly, I think I'm shrinking again."

"Oh, that's good. I better pick you up before I lose you in the rug."


Her burgandy painted nails reached down around me and into the carpet. Kelly's

warm fingers surrounded me on each side, and with gentle pressure, she raised me

upward until she held me before her light blue eyes.

"You are absolutely adorable! I really like you like this. Aw, look at your

little erection!" The index finger of her opposite hand extended before me, the

tip of her nail lying beneath my erection. I shivered deeply at the touch.

"Don't let go yet, my little treasure. We have to have some fun." She chuckled

lightly at this thought, and placed me back on the bed.

"Close your eyes, shrimp. I'm going to get dressed and I don't want you to

watch. Better yet, I know I can't trust you. Come here." She lowered her opened

palm to the bed in front of me. "Hop on." I did as I was told, knowing I didn't

have a choice.

"What are you going to do with me?" With that she brought me to her chest and

wrapped me in the towel as she took it away from her body. Everything went white

before my eyes. I struggled to get free, but she had wrapped me up tight.

Soon, I could feel Kelly unwrapping me.

The towel parted before me and I stood on my bed, looking around for Kelly. She

was by the mirror, putting on her jewelry, dressed in a sheer, pink camisole.

She spied me in the mirror and said, in low voice, "You know lover, pretty soon

you will be smaller than one of my rings!"

She turned, walked to the bed and lounged next to me, the movement of the

mattress as she lay down knocking me over. I quickly picked myself up and looked

at gorgeous vista that was my goddess wife, her full 5 foot 9 inch frame

stretched out before me. I had already been acquainted with her finely pedicured

feet, but only now did I fully appreciate the full length of her shapely legs.

Though her torso and nether regions were covered by the camisole, I could make

out the contours of these areas and the tautness of her stomach. At the top of

the camisole, Kelly's breasts pushed outward, two smooth, giant mountains

dwarfing me significantly.

Finally, my glance arrived at Kelly's beautiful face and what I first noticed

was the mauve lip stick she had applied to her full, luscious lips. Her bright

blue eyes winked at me as I met her glance.

"Do you like the terrain?"

"Kelly, you are beautiful. You are a goddess," I stammered. My erection ached as

I spoke.

"Well thank you, cutie. Now that you've enjoyed the view, why don't you come a

little closer. I think it's time for you to go exploring." With that, her huge

hand curled around me and ushered me gently beside her face. She cooed to me

"You know I would never hurt you." I nodded my agreement, and from the warmth of

her glance I felt somewhat better.

"Happy birthday, Justin." She moved her head forward and caught me with her

lips, wrapping them gently around the front half of my body. Between her scent,

her warmth and the touch of her lips, I shuddered violently, about to reach

climax. Kelly sensed this, moved her head away and gripped my tiny erection

between her fingers, applying just enough pressure to prevent me from cumming.

"No, no, no," she scolded, "Not yet." Releasing her grip, from my groin, she

reapplied her fingers to my back and lifted me by the scruff of my neck. She sat

up with me and held me before her eyes, dangling like a new born puppy. "You'll

get many chances today to reach ecstasy, but only when I say so. Do you


"Please Kelly, I don't think I can hold it. Please let me cum!"

She giggled again. "Oh, not yet, squirt. Trust me, it will be better this way.

Besides, your thirty today. You're not a young man anymore, I may not be able to

get another rise out of you."

"I wouldn't worry about that Kelly. This is my dream come true. All I have to do

is look at you at this size and I become aroused. Please, finish me off!"

Her lips parted before me quick as a flash her tongue appeared and worked itself

slowly from my dangling feet, lingering on my erection and continuing up my

chest to my chin. I tried to grab a hold of it as it receded, but could not grip

its slippery surface. "Not now, little lover. Now I want you to please me.

That's how a gentleman behaves. Remember, it's ladies first. Start from my


Kelly held me aloft, sat up and placed me on her big toe, which now appeared

much larger to me. I figured I must be about an inch tall. As I hung on to the

slick polished surface of her toe nail, Kelly reclined, then raised her knee so

that her foot was flat on the bed. Kelly had always loved it when I rubbed her

feet, but at this size the task was much more daunting! I climbed off her toe

and stood before its tip, rubbing and kneading her flesh the best that my little

hands would allow.

I worked my way over the tip of each toe and around to her high arch. With the

top of the arch towering above me, I again felt vulnerable, realizing that

should Kelly apply any pressure to her foot, the arch would flex and I could be


"Oh, that is sooo good my little foot servant. Please move to the other foot." I

walked to the other foot and as I approached her toes, I realized that I could

relieve the agony between my legs by humping her toe cleavage. I saw that

Kelly's eyes were closed and decided to give it at try.

As I lay on top of two of her smaller toes, trying to reach climax, Kelly lifted

her toes from the bed, resting her foot on its heel. I was hanging upside down,

caught between the toes, which gripped me tightly. Even from this vantage point,

I could make out the disapproving look on Kelly's face. She pointed her finger

at me.

"You don't listen too well shrimp. Now I am going to have to punish you." She

pulled me from her foot as if I was a piece of lint to be discarded. Holding me

before her eyes she said, "Let me remind you who is in charge." With that Kelly

plopped me into her mouth, legs first, her painted lips closing around my waist.

"I'm sorry Kelly, I'm sorry," I shouted, "Please don't eat me." Her lips pulled

back to reveal that her giant white teeth clenching on my waist. The teeth

parted and Kelly sucked me fully into her mouth, tossing me around with her

tongue. Finally her mouth opened and she pulled me out and placed me on her open

palm. I was shaking with fear.

"Silly little man. I would never eat you. Just don't forget that I could."


Kelly was obviously starting to enjoy her height advantage, relishing in the

control. After she removed me from her mouth she said, "I better wash you up,

you're all covered in my spit!" I could tell she was becoming aroused, as the

soft valley of flesh over her breasts was beginning to flush.

As Kelly placed me in her palm, we both realized that I had gotten even smaller.

"Little Justin, I think you've just reached your final height!!" " She was

right; whereas before I was about the size of the first two knuckles of her long

middle finger, I could now easily stand upright on the very tip of her pinky,

being about the size of one of her longer finger nails.

"Well your present is pretty much complete. Do you like it now?"

I looked up at the blue eyes far above me, and I have to say that I was awed by

the beauty. Even at my full height, I had always worshipped my gorgeous wife.

Now, standing in her palm, dwarfed even by her fingers, I revered her. I longed

to touch her. I looked to the silky nape of her neck, where I had spent long

hours nuzzling her as we made passionate love. I viewed her full lips, covering

the soft tongue which had often probed my mouth during our passionate kisses.

These wonderful features could now be the source of my great pleasure, or my


"Kelly, you truly are my goddess. I love my present. This is all I have ever


She grinned at me. "Well, I'm not near finished with you yet. Be carefull what

you wish for. Let me clean you off." Holding her palm to a glass of drinking

water, she tipped me in. This caught me by surprise and I sunk low in the tall

glass, before finally getting my bearings and pushing to the top. As I surfaced,

she picked the glass up from the table and brought it to her lips. Looking down

at me she said, "Mini Justin is all clean now." She tilted the glass to her

mouth and began to drink. The tilt and the suction drew me to her lips, though I

paddled with all my might to stay away.

With the glass half drained she placed it back on the dresser. "I think I'll

leave you here for a minute. At least I know you'll be safe. "

"Kelly, the water is still to deep. I can't tread water forever. I'll drown."

"I guess you're right, my toy." She opened her drawer and fished around for a

minute. Kelly took something in both her hands and snapped it in two. "Here,"

she dropped somethink in the water, "grab on to this and you'll be fine." I

quickly wiped the splashed water from my face to see what was in the water with

me. It was a piece of a wooden nail file. I reluctantly grabbed on and though

its surface was gritty to my tiny hands, it easily kept me afloat.

"Look at that. You have a tiny surf board! Now you just hang on there and I will

be right back."

Kelly brought her finger to her lips, which now dwarfed me considerably. As she

smiled, I realized that I was now only slightly larger than her front teeth. It

occurred to me that she could swallow me whole, as easy as tic tac.

Moving her finger closer to her mouth, Kelly closed her lips, so that I could

see only the slightest gap between them. The warm air exhaled from her nose blew

through my hair and over my body, giving me goosebumps. I faced her lips,

resigning myself to whatever fate she had in store for me, realizing that there

was nothing I could do to prevent it.

With her finger, she placed me against her lips, so that I had no choice but to

touch them. I suddenly understood what Kelly wanted me to do and felt a sudden

rush of adrenaline. Holding tightly on to her upper lip, I brought my erect

penis to the gap in her lips and inserted it into the moist crevice. I guess

Kelly felt my tiny member touching, because she gently tightened her lips around

it. As she did this, Kelly lay back on the bed so that I was now on top of her

lips. Once I was settled, she removed her finger, so that I was completely

perched on her face. I felt my arousal reach new peaks and finally the sensation

of those soft, giant lips against my body was more than I could stand. In mere

seconds my body began to convulse involuntarily, spilling my seed into her

cavernous mouth. I pumped and pumped against her lips long after I had completed

my load, reveling in this magical sensation.

Finally, I could no longer move, and I lay completely spent on her lips. From

insider her mouth, Kelly moved her soft tongue to my penis, and caressed its

tiny tip. I felt my passion arising anew, but didn't think I had the strength to

complete the task. The struggle between my exhaustion and my passion became

unbearably uncomfortable.

“Please, Kelly, release me. I can't do anymore!” This just brought a guttural

chuckle that vibrated through my bones. The mouth opened below me, wider and

wider. I fell in, caught only by the tongue which had been erotically torturing

me. I was too weak to scream. Behind me, Kelly closed her lips and I was in

complete darkness. Her tongue moved me to and fro, positioning me. Once I was

where Kelly wanted me, she moved her tongue up and down my body, softly, but

relentlessly, until, at last, my hips again began to gyrate. I orgasmed until

every muscle in my body writhed spasmodically and I lost consciousness.

I awoke, for the second time that day, to the sensation of laying in a giant

palm, being stroked by a large finger. However, this time it wasn't a dream, and

this time it was my beautiful wife, and not Sela Ward. As this reality sunk in,

and as I began to recall the earlier events of my birthday, the joyful feelings

of my wife's caress subsided and I jumped to my feet with a start, cowering in

fear away from Kelly's finger.

“Oh, Justin, thank heavens you're all right. I'm so sorry.”

“You could have killed me! I. . . I couldn't breath!” My entire body was sore

from the experience.

“I know, baby,” she began to cry. “I know, I got carried away. I really wanted

you to enjoy this. I thought I was pleasing you. Justin, please forgive me. I

would never have forgiven myself if you didn't wake up.” Her tears fell in

puddles in front of me, each one splashing me as they landed, spraying a salty

mist into my mouth. I had always hated to see her cry and my fear began to melt

as I looked at my vulnerable giantess.

“Listen, Kelly, I know you didn't mean to hurt me. You just have to be more

careful. I'm not angry, so please stop crying.”

Still crying she said, “But Justin, I just wanted to give you what you wanted. I

thought you would want me to force you to cum again. . . And you felt so good in

my mouth. Are you sure your okay?”

“Yes, just a little sore. And overall the experience was fantastic. Just

remember how strong you are and how weak I am. Now please calm down.”

As she gathered her composure, Kelly began to get that mischievous smile again.

Leaning down to me she whispered. “You know, Justin, I really like this. It is

so much fun being in control like this. I hope you don't mind.”

“What could I do, even if I did mind?”

At this she chuckled and lay back on the bed, placing me on her chest, just

above her mountainous breasts. “If you're feeling up to it, little speck, I'd

like you to do something for me.”

“I was actually just thinking the same thing. Just try not to crush me, you

clumsy oaf.”

“Watch your self, little man,” she said in mock anger, “or I'll crush you

between my fingers like the bug that you are.” She picked me up between her

thumb and forefinger with her forefinger above my head and her thumb below my

feet and squeezed gently for emphasis. I half-heartedly tried to resist by

pushing up with my hands, realizing that she was playing and that my resistance

would give her even more delight.

We both laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation, and decided to get to

the task at hand. Just how does a man who stands all of a quarter of an inch

tall satisfy a full sized woman? We both pondered the necessary logistics.

“I know, Kelly. Lay on your stomach. I can try to climb up to you.”

“Are you sure.”

“Yes, put me down and let me get out of the way before you roll.” She place me

on the bed and I moved down to the lower corner and watched Kelly roll over. It

was like watching a battleship flip in the water. I ran up to Kelly's face to

tell her I was going to start. As I approached, she repeatedly banged her teeth

together, like she was going to nibble on me.

“Get busy, Mishu, or I'll find another way to get you inside me.” At this I ran

to the other end of the bed, around her luscious toes, and up between her long

legs and silky thighs. The journey took me some time, and I was out of breath

when I got there. Knowing Kelly was getting impatient, I stroked the bottom of

her vaginal lips as I got my breath. From far away, I heard her purr.

Needless to say, I was stunned by the sight of Kelly's vagina. The huge coils of

her red hair spilled out from under her pelvis and surrounded the soft pink

flesh. The vagina itself was two stories high, split like a mountain fissure

moist with melting snow. To my touch the lips were much softer even than the

lips Kelly had used to nearly devour me. Kelly's hand reached back and parted

the orifice above me to give me greater access. I shivered in arousal as I

watched the huge, burgundy nails touching this intimate flesh.

Now I could see the clitoris, which was a nearly a head larger than myself. It

emitted a low thumping from blood flow and a hum from nerve impulses. An

electric-like current made the hair on my arms stand on end. I had to stand on

my toes to even reach the bottom of the clitoris, which was smooth and dewy to

my touch. Again, I heard Kelly purr and now her nether regions hummed even

louder at my touch. I jumped up to try to grab hold of the clitoris, but I could

not get a grip and slid down. The purr became a low moan, so I did it again. And

again. I continued to jump and grab as best I could and the hum and the moan

were soon drowned out by the gurgle of vaginal juices beginning to flow through

the great fissure, moistening everything around me and making it nearly

impossible to get any kind of grip on the clitoris. Kelly's hips began to gyrate

lightly and I could tell she was stifling her body motions to protect me. I

continued to jump past the point of exhaustion, but it soon became apparent to

both of us that I would not be able to finish the job. Even as I continued to

jump, Kelly slid herself upward, away from me and lifted her right leg

delicately as she turned to her side. I ran to the other side of the bed to give

her room. Once she lay on her side, head resting on her arm, I ran back to the

top of the bed. She regarded me curiously as I approached.

“You're soaked, runt. That felt really good. Thank you.”

“But Kelly, I'm not done. Why did you move away?”

“I'm fine, Justin. Really, it was good,” she said somewhat sternly.

“But you didn't have an orgasm.”

“Don't worry about that, sweety. I loved having you down there. I could have . .

.” she broke off and looked away.


“Nothing. Really.”

“No tell me. This whole experience is about you too,” I said. “I want to fulfill

your fantasy, like you fulfilled mine.”

“Well. . . It's. . .I , I would have like to feel you all the way inside me. But

I don't want to hurt you, so just forget it.”

“No, Kelly, we can do this. Truth is, I really want to get inside of you. What I

saw of your vagina was fantastic. I don't want to end this without seeing

everything. . .” I thought for a minute. “Hey, why don't we use that straw.”

“What do you mean?” She extended the hand that was resting on the bed so that it

was by my feet and she caressed my leg with her finger, in affection.

“I think I can fit in the straw now and. . . “

“Justin, I don't want to drink you.”

“Let me finish. You could put me in the straw and insert it in a certain area.

That way, I wouldn't be crushed going in and if you left the straw in, I would

have a source of air.” I could see the excitement building in her eyes as she

pondered this.

“I guess you could breathe then. It would also give you a way to get out. Are

you sure?”

“Please Kelly, it's my birthday, do this for me!”

Her excitement got the best of her. As she got quickly up from the bed, she

reached down and wrapped her entire palm around me. Everything went dark as I

was immersed in her tender flesh. When the palm opened, Kelly was standing,

grasping the huge straw in her opposite hand. “Are you ready to be my tampon?”

she said in a low sultry voice.

“Yes my goddess.”

“Okay, sperm. Here we go.” Like before, she put the straw to her lips, lowered

the opposite end to me in her palm, only at my current size, I would clearly fit

into the entrance, and I wasn't resisting.

Kelly sucked in through the straw, and I was easily inhaled into the tube. I

felt the straw moving upwards and saw Kelly's large blue eye squinting in to

take a look at me. “Are you okay, Justin?”

“I'm fine, Kelly. Let's do this.” Kelly winked at me and then her eye

disappeared. As she lowered the straw, her flesh passed by as a blur. Finally,

the straw steadied and I could make out the folds of Kelly's vaginal lips, held

open by her fingers. As the straw pushed into the darkness, I was knocked from

my feet and began to slide forward. I struggled to stop myself but the sides of

the straw were too smooth. Just as I neared the opening of the straw, Kelly must

have leveled the straw, because I came to a stop.

Once the straw stopped moving inward, I climbed out into the darkness, the only

light coming through the straw. I stepped down onto a moist, pliable surface. It

was difficult to walk because the terrain before me was uneven and my small feet

stuck to the vaginal juices on the surface. I could hear the constant thumping

of Kelly's pulse and again could feel the electric vibrations of her nerve

endings. Even as worn out as I was from my birthday surprise, these vibrations

brought on a strong feeling of arousal.

With each step I took, Kelly's pulse began to quicken and the constant hum

around me increased in strength. The trickle of vaginal juices increased to a

steady flow and soon I was again coated with the sticky substance. The musky

odor was intoxicating, but I was glad to have the slight relief of air filtering

in through the straw. With every few steps I took, the cave around me would move

all at once, like a low scale earthquake, knocking me from my feet. As I

continued inward, I was able to anticipate these quakes and steady myself.

Now that I was in, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Satisfying this giantess

would be no easy feat, considering I was now a mere fraction of the size of the

organ I had previously used to use to perform this task. I realized, however,

that what I lacked in length, girth and strength, I could make up for in

agility. I took a deep breath, and began to run back and forth throughout the

cave, sticking my arms out and rubbing the walls all around me as I ran.

Soon, the earthquakes increased both in frequency and intensity! I could imagine

Kelly starting to buck and grind as her passion neared climax. The walls of the

cavern began to pulse with life, knocking me to and fro so that my running was

reduced to mere rolling and crawling. The walls pushed against me, seeking

something to wrap around, but I was too small to be pinned by these surfaces and

I struggled to keep moving, realizing that if I failed to do so, I might be

crushed by these muscular contractions. The thump of the pulse and hum of the

nerve activity became deafening! The vaginal fluids now washed over me like a

broken dam in the middle of a hurricane! Finally, when I feared I could stand it

no more, the cacophony around me peaked and began to subside, the earthquakes

decreasing in frequency, but not intensity. Not long after, Kelly calmed and I

was only subjected to the occasional rattle of my surroundings.

If I thought my work was done, however, I was in for a surprise. As I began to

get my bearings and walk toward the straw, I was suddenly thrown upwards toward

the surface above me. I landed on my back, on top of a spongy, ridged surface.

After a moment, I realized that Kelly had rolled over on to her stomach and that

I was now resting on the elusive G-spot. Having many times probed this area with

my fingers, I knew what Kelly wanted. Gathering my breath once again for the

task at hand, I lay as broadly across this magical surface as I could and

strummed the giant ridges like an oversized harp. I rolled around quickly,

plying as many ridges as I could, though my legs and arms moved woodenly and

burned from the effort.

Overall, though, this effort proved easier than my previous task. At least I was

prone and did not have to struggle to stand against the onslaught of vibration,

movement and flooding. Over and over I continued, now licking and nibbling at

the surface as the intensity surrounding me increased. As I continued, my

erection found purchase within a pocket of the moist spongy material, and in my

passion I began to hump at it, enjoying a delight that was incomparable to

anything I experienced as a full sized man. The enormous muscles of the vaginal

walls licked at my back as I continued, and this time, above the endless racket,

I could make out the moans emitting from Kelly. Now the contraction became

faster, more rhythmic and vastly more intense than before. I held on, best I

could, my own passion heating up as a fresh batch of the musky juices washed

over me. When I could hold on no longer, my arms and legs flopping around like a

rag doll, slaves to the motion surrounding me, I reached orgasm, my hips moving

only through the involuntary efforts of spasming cock.

Kelly must have climaxed at about the same time, because the familiar peace

began to settle in the cavern that I had called home for the last hour. I tried

to stand, to make my way to the straw, but I had nothing left. A sleepy

exhaustion began to over take me and I was quite content to stay where I was.

Kelly must have been worried that something happened, because I saw the straw

slide out, momentarily filling the vagina with total darkness. Light soon

flooded in again, only then to be blocked by the insertion of Kelly's finger,

which probed about gingerly. I gathered my strength to make a last effort to

reach Kelly's finger. As it approached, I crawled onto the backside of the nail

and tapped on the finger itself as hard as I could. I held on tightly as the

finger withdrew from the vagina, throwing me into blinding light. I could not

see, but felt myself rising upwards. Once the finger stopped moving, Kelly said,

“Wake up sleepy head.” I covered my eyes with my hands to block out the light.

“Are you all right, my little tunnel dweller?”

“I'm physically and emotionally drained, Kelly. I hope you enjoyed it.” I


“Justin, you were fantastic! I guess size doesn't matter.”

“I beg to differ, Kelly. The smaller the better.” My eyes began to adjust and I

could make out the delightfully huge panorama of her perfect smile.

“I think you're right. My orgasm came from every nook and cranny. Just thinking

about the feeling of you in there is getting me hot all over again.”

“Kelly, I can't even stand, never mind getting you off again.”

“Oh, I know Justin. You just rest now. You should be nice and snuggly right

here.” She lowered her finger nail between her breasts and tipped me off into

the valley. I almost immediately began to drift off to sleep, engulfed between

the soft smooth mounds. The last thing I heard before I drifted off was,

“Besides, there will be plenty of time for more after we've had your cake. . .

and the guests arrive.”

“COME ON IN, WE'RE IN THE BEDROOM.” I was awakened by these bellowing words.

Opening my eyes, I realized I was still between Kelly's firm breasts. She was

bringing the covers to her chest, completely covering me so that my surroundings

were obscured. I held very still, realizing that somebody else was in the house.

“Colleen, I'm sorry, we dosed off.” I heard Kelly say.

“Where is the little birthday boy?” I recognized at once, Kelly's friend's

voice, slightly husky in a sexy way. Colleen was a cute woman, about 5' 5”,

sandy short blonde hair, and a tight body, accentuated by C cup breasts the tops

of which were usually visible in her low cut tops. It appeared she already knew

about my condition, and I again became nervous, not wanting anybody else to see

me like this.

I had always been attracted to Colleen, in part for her previously mentioned

physical assets, but even more so because of her hands: she had the longest

fingers I had ever seen, sensually shaped with long, expertly manicured, natural

nails. She usually wore several silver rings, including on shaped like a snake,

which coiled around her middle finger. I had always had a bizarre fetish for

women's hands and on a scale of one to ten, Colleens hands were an 11. Colleen

and I got along well, and had flirted harmlessly as long as we had known each

other. Kelly tolerated this good naturedly, knowing that we both treasured her

too much to ever hurt her. Once when I asked her about it, she simply said, “As

long as you flirt in front of me, I know nothing is going on. I know you each

well enough to tell when you are hiding something.”

“I have him under the blanket. Go wait in the living room while I get dressed.”

Kelly said.

“Can I see him?”

Kelly placed her mammoth hand on top of me, pressing me gently against her.

“You'll have to wait, you minx!” she joked, “You'll have plenty of time to

play.” What did she mean by this, I wondered, although I suppose I already knew,

but didn't want to face it.

“Oh, please! Let me just have a peak?”

“Not another word, young woman.” Kelly mockingly scolded. “Now get out.”

I heard the door close and felt some relief. Kelly pulled back the covers, and

the light temporarily blinded me. She removed her hand, and I stood up as best I

could between the cleavage. My wife was grinning mischievously.

“What is Colleen doing here! I don't want her to see me like this, Kelly!”

“It was supposed to be your next surprise, birthday boy. I'm sorry she ruined it

by coming early. “

“What do you mean. Kelly, this was all fine when it was just you and me, but now


“But you've always liked Colleen. You too get along well. . .sometimes a little

too well.” Her smile let me know she didn't really mean the last part. “I know

you like her hands. I saw the pictures you saved from the internet with hands

just like hers. Don't you want her to pick up your scrawny little butt?”

This got an enormous rise out of me, and I knew that protesting would do no

good. What the hell, I figured, I might as well go along with everything Kelly

had planned for me. After all, it had been great so far.

“I guess you're right. I would feel better if you could get me some clothes.”

Kelly giggled at this and the vibrations beneath me tickled my feet. Pinching me

between her fingers, she brought me before her face. “What are you worried

about, Justin. You're so small, I can barely see your little peenee. Besides,

what would I cover you with? You are much to tiny for Barbie or Ken clothes.

Even Barbie is a giant to you.”

“Just cut me a little bit of fabric. I can make a toga.” Kelly's eyebrows arched

as she considered this.

“I guess that would work. I'll do it, but I don't think Colleen is going to let

you keep that on for too long.”

She carried me to the dresser and open the draw to take out an enormous pair of

black handled scissors. Then she opened another drawer and took out a green silk

thong. She placed me on the dresser and placed the enormous garment next to me.

Crouching, she looked from me to the thong and back. “I don't think I can cut a

piece that small, but I'll try.” She lifted the thong, placed it over me up to

my chin, and wrapping me up once. Even after washing, her musky scent clung to

this intimate garment. Lifting me in the thong, she placed her thumb by my feet

to find where she should cut. Placing the enormous blades against the fabric she

sliced it in four quick cuts, letting the remainder of the thong fall to the

ground and placing me, still wrapped in the fabric on the dresser, while she

cleaned up. “You'll have to tie it. I think I would crush you if I tried.”

I struggled with the fabric, trying to fashion a toga, something I had not done

since college. After some effort, I managed to get it to stay in place.

Kelly approached, admiring my handiwork. “How do I look?” I flexed my muscles,

posing comically.

“Well if it isn't Little Ceasar,” she chuckled.

“Et tu, Kelly?” I replied. Kelly giggled some more and gave me a playful poke

with her index finger.

“Now that you are suitably covered, let me get dressed, you little pest. Then

you can start your fun.” Kelly opened one of her dresser drawers, removing a bra

and panties.

“Kelly, wait. Before you put that on, let me take one last look at you.”

“I know you're anxious to be with Colleen, but have you forgotten me already?”

“Never, my angel. You'll always be the biggest woman in my life. Please, let me

look at you again. I may never get to see you from this perspective again.”

She stood straight up, posing like a model on the Price is Right showing off

that ‘Brand New Car'. She looked amazing and it was all I could do not to jump

off the dresser and lunge at the thin strip of hair by that guarded her nether

regions, which looked to be deceptively within my reach.

She gazed down at me and saw the look of awe on my face, I could tell that she

was touched. “You are the sweetest little man,” she said and bent over, wrapping

her supple lips around me in a gentle kiss. “And I should know, having tasted

you.” I shuddered in arousal as she withdrew from me.

To my great regret, Kelly put on her silky, dark green bra and matching panties.

More than anything, I wanted to touch the fabric and feel the luscious breasts

that filled them. I wanted to be enveloped by this goddess before me, surrounded

by the warmth of her smooth flesh, wrapped within the intoxicating scent of her


Just then, Colleen knocked hard on the door. “Come on already. I've been waiting

forever. If I have to wait any longer, I'm going to eat that cake you have in

the fridge.”

“Okay, okay. Come in, I'm nearly dressed.” Kelly went to the closet and took out

a one piece sun dress and pulled it over her head. It was my favorite dress,

low-cut, revealing Kelly's ample breasts, and short, revealing her long luscious

legs. Colleen came in as Kelly did this.

“You look hot in that dress, my dear. Justin is not going to want you to leave.”

“That's my intention. He can have his fun with you, but he belongs to me. And

don't your forget it, you . . . homewrecker!” Kelly said in mock, soap opera

drama. They both laughed and Kelly moved aside so Colleen could approach.

Colleen was wearing an orange, button down belly shirt, tied off at the ends

just below her breasts. Below the long expanse of her firm stomach, a few inches

below her belly button, she had on small “Daisy Duke” shorts. From there, her

well toned legs descended to a pair of beautifully bare, French manicured feet.

She still hadn't spotted me and I held still in fear and anticipation. “Well,

Kelly? Tell me where he is?”

“He's right in front of your face,” Kelly replied, pointing down at me, and

giving me a wink. “He's the one in the toga.” Colleen looked in the direction

that Kelly was pointing and squinted to catch sight of me. I gave her a

tentative wave, which caught her attention.

“Hi, Colleen.” I shouted.

“Well hello, little Justin. Just look at you!” she cooed in return. She

continued to approach so that both she and Kelly now stood before and above me.

“Kelly, I can't believe how tiny he is! He's even smaller than we thought he

would be. How do you handle him without hurting him?”

“You have to be very careful. For now, I would let him climb into your hand

until you get the hang of it.”

“Could you put him on the floor for me? I want to see how he looks next to me.”

“Ok, just don't step on him, you clumsy oaf.” Kelly reached for me and gripped

me gently between her thumb and forefinger. The quick elevation from the dresser

and the descent to the floor still made my stomach lurch. In an instant, she

placed me at Colleen's feet.

Colleen's big toe towered over me, elevated by the enormous sole of her sandal.

“He looks like an ant down there!” Kelly walked over to see.

“Yeah, I guess he does. Well, I'll leave you two alone now.” At this, I grew

extremely apprehensive. With Kelly, at least, I knew that she loved me and would

protect me. Colleen, on the other hand, while we got along fine, I wasn't sure

what she was capable of. She was already referring to me as an ant. Would she

treat me like one? I looked again at her enormous toes, which were wiggling in

what seemed to me to be great expectancy. My fear got the best of me and I ran

after Kelly. Her bare foot came down beside me as she turned, narrowly missing

crushing me.

“What are you doing Justin? I could have killed you.”

“Please, don't leave.”

“Why, Justin? I invited Colleen over for you.”

“I'm not an ant.” I said fearfully.

“Of course you're not, Sweety, but if you could see yourself from our vantage

point, you would realize that your. . . miniscule, for lack of a better word.”

The floor vibrated as Colleen approached and stood over me.

“He's down right puny, is what he is,” she said. “Justin, don't be afraid. I

won't hurt you,” she hesitated, “. . .much.”

“Okay, Justin,” Kelly said, “I'm leaving you in good hands. Nicely manicured

ones, even.” She laughed, gave me a comforting rub with her toe and walked out

of the room.

Colleen's enormous feet began to move toward me as Kelly closed the door. She

moved slowly and deliberately. I grew more apprehensive with each step, watching

her mammoth toes flex and bend as they moved forward. The wood floor bowed

slightly every time she lowered a foot.

“So here we are, little man.” she purred. “Just the two of us. I've been looking

forward to this.” She stood above me now and though I was afraid to take my eyes

off her toes, I couldn't resist sneaking a peak upward. At the sight of the long

expanse of her tanned legs, firm abs and the shelf of her large chest, I became

dizzy with anticipation. That anticipation quickly turned to dread as Colleen

lifted her left foot, casting a shadow over my miniscule form. It may as well

have been an eclipse!! As the foot came down, all I could do is cover my head.

The sound of the foot hitting the floor and the floor boards creaking was

deafening and I thought for sure I was done for!

When I finally opened my eyes, I found my self between Colleen's big and second

toes. Peering up, far above me, I could see the smirk on Colleen's face and the

delight in her eyes.

“Keep on your toes, Justin, or should I say keep away from my toes.” She giggled

in delight and wiggled her toes, pushing me back and forth. She then lifted her

foot leaving me on the floor, flinching at her every movement.

“Do you know how pathetic you look? I think I'll show you.” She bent over and

picked me up between her long fingernails and raised me to her face.

“Colleen, you're crushing me,” I gasped. “Remember, Kelly suggested that you

just let me climb into your hand until you get the hang of it.”

“Stop being such a winer! Besides, what are you going to do about it. Look!”

With that she held me in front of the mirror so that I could see my plight from

a new perspective. To my horror, there I saw myself looking like a piece of lint

between Colleen's long natural nails. My face turned deep red as her fingers

squeezed me tighter. Behind this image I saw the sheer enormity of the rest of

Colleen's curvy body, looming like a mountain in the background. “I could pop

you without even a thought,” she said to reinforce my terror.

“I begging you Colleen! I think you're breaking my ribs.” She brought me to her

face and smiled devilishly. She released her grip and allowed me to lay

prostrate on palm side of her thumb nail. Looking up, I saw her studying me like

an insect under a microscope, her large green eyes squinting to make out the

details of my tiny form.

“Justin, sweety?” Her tone suddenly changed to saccharine sweet. “What is that

ridiculous little garment you have covering you?” I reflexively grabbed hold of

my toga and pulled it close to my chest.

“It's a toga. Why?” I asked defensively.

“I was just thinking how much I wanted to see what's under it. Stand up,” she

said sweetly, but firmly. Knowing that resistance was futile, I struggled to my

feet, feeling the roughness of the backside of the nail beneath my bare feet. I

watched helplessly as the slender pinky of Colleen's other hand bore down on me,

sliding beneath my toga and deftly removing it with a flick. I now stood bare

before Colleen's discerning eye.

“Well, at least everything is still in proportion,” she teased, “including that

bity thing between your legs!” Her eyes widened in delight. I watched as her

lips came together, and then pursed. A stream of warm air came from the small

opening, passing in, under and around my manhood, which stirred hungrily to

embrace it this breath. At the sight of my erection, Colleen's full pouty lips

broke into a smile acres large, her pearly white teeth now visible, . She

extended her tongue, bringing it gently to the tip of my manhood, resting it

there momentarily until my manhood reflexively jerked away, the sensation too

pleasurably intense to bear. But Colleen would not allow me to escape that

easily. She brought her finger closer to her, so that I was now flush against

the dreamy redness of her moist lips. She brought her teeth gently together

around my manhood with enough force that I could not pull it out. The breath

exhaled from her nose above me pushed my hair around in a circular movement

before coating my body in a misty steam bath. I began to feel intoxicated as my

lungs were flooded with carbon dioxide from Colleen's exhalations.

Woosily, I cried out, “Don't castrate me! Please! What have I done to you to

deserve this?”

I grimaced, expecting at any time to have my penis cruelly taken from me.

Colleen ignored my plaintive wails and again brought her tongue to the tip of my

now safely secured manhood. I could feel the course surface of her taste buds as

they rubbed against the shaft and traced a circular motion around the tip. I

became more dizzy as all the blood left my head and flooded my genitals. My

penis pulsed and shuttered as the pleasure built uncontrollably at the gentle

touch of Colleen's tongue. My buttocks tensed into a knot, prepared to push out

the seed within. The pressure continued to build and I began to gasp as my

breathing became more labored. My tiny hands clenched on Colleen's soft lips as

she continued to relentlessly tease my manhood. When I finally thought I could

take no more, Colleen released me from her teeth and held me before her eye. My

swollen manhood trembled seeking to be released to the final bliss of orgasm. I

continued to gasp, eager to release my seed, and brought my hands to my member

to finish the job.

“No, you don't, you pathetic pervert.” Her voice was sultry, but harsh and the

pupil of her eye shrank rapidly in her anger.

“You can't leave me like this, Colleen. Finish me off, damn it!”

“Be careful what you wish for, runt, I just may do that.”

Giantess Stories: Happy Birthday

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