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Happy with you're own height! You should be.

By Slipstream

At the age of 32 Dr William Defoe was a tall good-looking successful man, whom

taught and lectured on physics and biochemistry. The only thing missing in his

life was the love of a woman, but this was by choice for he had a secret that he

couldn't or wouldn't share with another!

It had started on an icy December morning 18 years ago. William's father was

driving him to school when he lost control of the car after hitting black ice.

The car skidded off the road and crashed headfirst into a tree, killing his

father instantly and almost killing William.

After 3 weeks in intensive care, William's mother was relieved when he

eventually came out of his coma. Although he really didn't have any long-term

physical disabilities, the Doctors were very concerned by a large dark shadow

covering the front part of his brain. In fact they were more than surprised by

the fact that William had woken at all.

Many weeks of tests and examinations followed all of, which led to the same

conclusion that although William would lead a perfectly normal life; he would

not grow much taller if at all.

William was never a tall lad and at the age of 13 he was only 4ft 6” tall, but

this wasn't strange for a lad of his age as between the age of 12 and 18 a young

man can grow very fast. Unfortunately for William a gland in his brain was

damaged and the Doctor's had explained that it was more than likely that he

wouldn't grow any taller!

For 2 years William returned to school and everything was fairly normal. But as

time wore on it became more and more apparent that he would grow no more as all

his friends grew taller and taller, even the young girls that he and his friends

had teased about being small were now taller than he.

William became the butt of size jokes more and more and also the vocal point for

the bullies at the school. But all credit to him he took it on the chin and just

got on with life as best he could, in fact he buried his head in his schoolwork

more and more and grew further and further away from his friends.

By the time he went to collage he was more or less a loner, and when he wasn't

at collage he worked in his basement lab back home.

The Doctors had done everything they could to help him grow but everything they

tried had failed. But William wouldn't give up and even if he spent the rest of

his life searching he'd find a cure for his height restriction.

It was his last year of collage that the breakthrough occurred, quite by

accident in the summer of 91. William was working in his lab when his mother

came down with a cup of tea for him.

“William, you should get some rest you know, after all you have exams tomorrow.”

“Yea, ok Mum…after I finish this.”

“Well goodnight…don't be too late.”

“Night Mum.”

William returned to his work but as he picked up his cup of tea, the handle

broke off and the entire contents spilled into the bowl of green liquid he'd

just spent weeks mixing.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He screamed.

He was surprised by the fact that the green liquid had quickly turned clear and

looked remarkably like water upon mixing with the tea. All his work ruined in

one foul swoop, dejected he got up and went to bed.

The following day passed by and he sat his exams and felt he'd done rather well

as he had worked very hard.

Upon getting home the first thing William did was to go to his lab to clear up

the mess from the night before. As he reached his bench he was shocked to see

that the liquid had turned into a hard soap like substance. He picked the bowl

up and walked over to the sink but as he tipped it up the contents remained,

vigorously he began to shake the bowl but still it didn't shift so he placed the

bowl in the sink and ran hot water onto it. To his amazement the water began to


“Just great, I've discovered SOAP!” He thought to himself.

As he placed his hands in the soapy water he felt a strange tingle shoot up his

arms causing him to withdraw his hands quickly.

“What the hell?” He screamed out.

His hands had turned bright green, almost to the point of glowing.

“Shit, shit, shit.”

Quickly he grabbed a towel and wiped the substance from his hands, after he was

sure he'd cleaned it all off he was taken aback by the fact that his hands

seemed bigger. Upon closer inspection this turned out to be true, his hands were

in fact bigger.

William received his exam results and was pleased he'd passed them all with top

marks, a week later William left his hometown and has never been seen again.

Present day

After a long day lecturing William was pleased to get home, he dropped his brief

case on the sofa and made his way to the bathroom. After undressing he entered

the shower and relaxed while washing himself with his size giving soap. He often

wondered if it would work on another person, for him it increased his height

from his regular 4ft 6” to a more commanding 6ft 2”, nearly an increase of 2ft.

He found that as long as he bathed himself with the soap twice a day he would

remain his current height. Suddenly he was shaken from his thoughts as his

doorbell rang.

Wrapping a towel around himself he ran down the stairs and opened the front


“Diana, what on earth do you want?” He enquired.

“Is that any way to greet your favourite student?”

“Quickly come in, I'll be down in a minute.”

Diana walked in and watched as William ran up stairs.

Diana was the University's spoilt rich bitch; in fact her family owned most of

the local property including the house that she now stood in. She was 5ft 9”

tall, had a face like an angel and the body of a goddess, blue eyes and dirty

blonde hair, unfortunately she had the brain of a dumb arse. The only reason

that she'd gotten into university was on the back of her family's money, as her

father would either threaten or pay her teachers to give her a pass mark. She

was frustrated by William for as beautiful as she was she just couldn't get him

to show any interest in her. William couldn't be bought either as her father had

attempted to pay him to pass her in his class, this he refused and even with the

threat of loosing his house he still wouldn't budge. Unbeknown to William he was

only still living there as Diana had begged her father to leave him alone.

William came back down the stairs in jeans and a tea shirt to find Diana making

herself right at home in his kitchen.

“Right then Diana, what can I do for you?” Enquired William.

Diana looked up at him with those big blue eyes of hers.

“Well you know how I'm falling behind in your class. Well I was kind of hopping

you'd give me some private tutoring.”

William was almost lost for words for she'd never shown the slightest interest

in his class and now she wanted private tutoring.

“Erm well I…”

“Please say you will…pppppplease.”

How could he resist that angelic face?

“Well ok…but only on the condition that you work harder and pay more attention

in all your classes.”

Diana looked over to him with a frown on her face and reluctantly agreed.

William arranged with Diana for an extra 2 hours a week tutoring.

3 weeks had now passed and to his surprise, Diana was true to her word and had

become a model student. Little did he know that he was the fly and she was the

spider spinning a web to catch him!

“Dr Defoe.”

“Yes Diana.”

“Are you free this weekend?”

“Diana what have I told you before.”

Diana looked at him and smiled.

“It's not that…besides your too old for me. It's just that I'll be in that big

old house of ours this weekend all alone and I was just wondering if you'd come

over on Saturday and help me with my revision.”

“I don't think that's such a good idea.”

“O' please…I don't bite you know.”

After pausing for a minute to look at the sincerity on her face he reluctantly

agreed, but only for a couple of hours Saturday morning.

Saturday morning soon arrived and William found himself standing at the door of

this impressively huge house.

“Not to late to change your mind Willie, you don't have to do this you know.” He

thought to himself.

No turning back now as he rang the bell.

Suddenly the door opened and they're before him stood a vision of beauty. Diana

was wearing a red sleeveless top and a white mini skirt that showed off her

perfectly shaped long legs. William even noticed the bright red toenails shining

in the light from her opened toed 3inch heels.

“Hi Doc, please come in.”

“Thank you.”

As William stepped into the entrance hall he was amazed by the shear size of it,

this one room was larger than his entire house.

“Wow this is some place.”

“Really, to me its just home…maybe when we finish I could give you a guided


“Yes please, I'd like that.”

Diana smiled and beckoned for Willie to follow her. As they began walking all

that surrounded the room was the clip clop of Diana's shoes striking the floor.

Diana led William into a large study and invited him to sit down at the desk.

After he sat she asked if he'd like a drink before they got started, this he

thankfully accepted.

Upon returning with the drink Diana sat opposite Willie and smiled as she sipped

her drink.

“Right then Diana lets get started as I haven't got long and I'm sure you've

better things to do on a Saturday.”

“O' yes, in fact this is going to be a Saturday I'll remember for a long time to


Willie felt a little uncomfortable by her remark but just brushed it aside while

drinking the drink she'd given him.

“Umm, this is nice.” He thought to himself.

Diana settled down and concentrated on the work that Willie had given her.

Willie on the other hand was finding it harder and harder to concentrate.

After an hour or so Diana noticed that Willie had a vacant look about his face.

“Hey Doc you ok?”

“What! Err yes if you say so.”

Diana smiled and knew the drug had kicked in, you see she had laced his drink

with a mind control drug, meaning that Willie was susceptible to her every wish,

in truth if she told him to get on his hands and knees and bark like a dog then

he would.

“Doc is it ok if I call you Willie.”

“If you wish.”

Diana then rose from her seat and sat on the desk in front of him.

“Tell me Willie, do you find me attractive?”


“Would you like to fuck me?”

“Yes please.”

She then lifted her leg over him and placed one foot either side of his lap so

that he was sitting between her legs looking up at her. She then kicked off her


“Willie would you do me a favour?”

“Yes of course just name it.”

“Well the soles of my feet are a little dirty and I was hoping you'd lick them

clean for me.”

“Of course no problem.” He replied.

Diana then leaned back on her elbows and lifted her right foot up and placed it

so that the sole was right in Willies face.

“Get licking.” She instructed.

Willie locked both his hands around her ankle and began licking the sole of her

foot for all he was worth. He knew deep down in his mind that he shouldn't be

doing this but for some unknown reason he just couldn't help himself.

Diana knew that he was totally in her control and for the next 48 hours he'd be

hers to do with as she wished.

After half an hour of satisfying herself that his mind was totally lost to her

she told him to stop licking her feet.

“Willie would you like to know what I've done to you?”

With a dry mouth Willie replied.

“Please tell me.”

“Well for the next 48 hours you will do as I wish, you have no control over your

actions. Now I know that you are fighting it deep down and the fact that you've

already licked my feet probably repulses you…but you only have yourself to

blame. You see I always get what I want and when you ignored my advances you

left me no choice and as I have the house to myself for the next three months if

I'm not satisfied with 48 then I'll just extend it as long as I see fit. O' and

by the way when I'm done with you, your finished here, no more house and no more

job…is that ok with you.”

“Yes of course.”

Deep down Willie was beating him self up and wouldn't let this spoilt bitch ruin

his life but his mind wasn't his own.

Diana got down from the desk and put her shoes back on.

“Willie follow me.”

Immediately Willie jumped to his feet and began following her.

“Stop.” Diana shouted.

Turning around she looked at Willie and said.

“I don't like you being taller than I, so from now on you will crawl on your

hands and knees until I tell you other wise.”

Willie dropped to his hands and knees and followed her from the room.

Diana had gone into a large room resembling a small cinema, she placed The

Matrix DVD in the player and sat down to watch it.

“Come here Willie, now you stay right there.”

She sat back and placed her legs on top of his back as you would with a


“That's good, what a great stool you make.”

While she relaxed and watched the film Willie was fighting himself deep inside

his subconscious for he knew that pretty soon he'd find himself in deeper

trouble as if he didn't have his evening shower he'd begin to revert to his true


With the film finished Diana decided it was time to have a little fun.

“Right then Willie get undressed.”

She was still amazed that on her command he obeyed her every word without

question, this certainly was going to be a favourite drug of hers, she could

certainly think of a few people to use it on.

“Hmm Willie we're not such a big boy after all are we.” Diana said as she

noticed his little pecker.

“I want you to beat yourself off until your close to ejaculation but you mustn't

come until I say so is that clear?”

“Yes Diana.”

“Good now begin.”

She smiled as this once tall proud man was reduced to nothing but a slave for

her to command.

After about half an hour she'd grown tiered of watching Willie toss himself off

so she got up and went to the kitchen to get herself something to eat.

Willie on the other hand was quite uncomfortable for on numerous occasions he'd

come to the point of ecstasy only to stop himself and as his member became

flaccid he'd start over again.

An hour had passed and still Diana hadn't returned and Willie's pecker was sore

to say the least, but he still kept pumping hard upon it. The sweat was running

down his face and his arms felt like dropping off, and his dick, well work that

out for your self.

Diana had finished her lunch and decided it was time to return to Willie. As she

reached the study she sneaked in silently, she heard Willie before seeing him;

she could hear his moans and panting as he was close to the point of exhaustion.

As he came into view she could keep quite no longer and burst out laughing at

the sight before her. Willie didn't even look up and just continued with his


“Willie stop!” Cried Diana.

Willie stopped and immediately fell face first to the cold wooden floor, as he

lay there he watched as Diana walked over to him. Upon reaching him she stood

directly over his head with one foot either side.

“Willie are you thirsty?” She inquired.

“Yes Diana.”

“Would you like a drink?”

“Please, o' please.”

“Then roll over and look up at me.”

Willie summand up the strength to move his tired body and rolled over as

instructed. He now found himself looking up the skirt of this beautiful evil


“Is that a nice view Willie?”

“(Gulp) yes, truly wonderful.”

“Well I want you to feel repulsed by it, I want you to feel ashamed that you're

looking up one of your student's skirts. I want you to think of your ethics as a

teacher, is not wrong of you enjoy the view?”

“Yes it's wrong of me, but I have no choice.”

“That's right you don't…but as you look up at me I want you to be repulsed with

yourself but the more you see the more you want me, I want you to want me so bad

that it hurts you inside…is that understood.”

“Yes Diana.”

Willie was in pain for he knew this was wrong but still he couldn't fight

against her commands, his eyes, his body belonged to her and it didn't matter

what his brain was telling him he knew he had no choice but to obey her every


“Are you still thirsty Willie?”


“Good, then open your mouth wide.”

Willie did as she told him. So there he was lying on his back with his mouth

wide open starring up her skirt at her red panties.

Diana lifted her right foot and removed her shoe; she then slowly pointed her

foot down toward Willie's mouth. Slowly and deliberately she squeezed her foot

into Willie's mouth as far as she could get, by this point Willie was close to

gagging and as much as he wanted to fight her off he just couldn't raise his

arms in defiance.

Diana looked down at his twisted face and laughed aloud at his obvious


“Right then ready for that drink?”


“I'll take that as yes.”

She then unscrewed the lid from a bottle of mountain water she was holding and

slowly began to pour it onto her thigh. She watched as the water formed a river

on her leg and started running down it toward her foot.

As the water reached Willie's lips he struggled to get any of it as her foot was

so tightly packed into his mouth most of it ran off of it and onto his cheek

before ending up on the floor.

Diana began to pour the water more freely until it was cascading down her

shapely leg.

As the water got to Willie it was running over his entire face now causing him

to gag as it entered his nose and ran down the back of his throat and if that

wasn't bad enough, Diana began to wriggle her toes in his mouth!

He struggled to breathe and raised his hands to her foot.

“How dare you raise your hands without being told, now put them back to you're

sides this instant.” Diana barked at him.

Willie tried to resist but it was useless, it didn't matter how much discomfort

he was in he just laid his hands back down. For his disobedience, Diana applied

more weight to her foot forcing it deeper into his mouth, almost to the point of

tearing the sides of his mouth. Willie could almost feel her toes wriggling

against his tonsils.

Finally the bottle was empty and Diana waited until the last drops dripped out,

she was almost disappointed that the fun was over but she made a mental note to

do this again as she enjoyed it very much.

She removed her foot from Willies mouth and after shaking the access water off

she put her shoe back on. Looking down at Willie's pained expression, she

smiled, and also making note of the pool of water she stood in.

“Still thirsty are we?”

With an uncomfortable look about his face Willie replied.

“Yes very.”

“Ok then, well I want you to lick the floor dry, I do mean dry.”

Willie rolled over and began to lick the water up from the floor, although it

was a bit grainy, it did quench his thirst.

After awhile most of it was gone all that remained was the damp patches under

her shoe's. Diana stepped back to allow Willie to clean the last remaining

patches on the floor.

“Good, all done, now get dressed…after all we need to be descent for our guest

don't we.”

Willie looked up at her, he didn't want anyone else to see his humiliation and

she could tell this by the look on his face.

“Sorry didn't I mention it, Vikki's coming over tonight.”

Victoria Saint Clare was another of the rich bitch clan and she was just as bad

as Diana was if not worse. She too was tall about 5ft 10” with dark brown hair

and hazel eyes, a body to die for and the largest pair of tits on campus.

Willie struggled to dress himself as he was fairly tired and could feel a

strange sensation washing over him.

“Shit, it must be getting late…I need my shower.”

It was true already Willie could feel himself dwindling down to his true height.

Not enough so that Diana would notice but it was happening and how long it would

take was any ones guess as this had never happened before, Willie had been to


Willie finished dressing and could feel his cloths slightly large on him. He

took up the position on his hands and knees and followed Diana to the lounge.

Once they arrived at the lounge, Diana instructed Willie to lay on his back with

his arms by his side and his legs out straight in front of the fireplace like a


Looking down at him she said.

“Right then Willie, I want you to remain looking up toward the ceiling, don't

turn your head or make a sound…in fact don't move a muscle until I tell you

other wise.”

Willie just nodded his head slightly.

Ding Dong

“Right on time 19:30hrs that has to be Vikki.”

Willie lay there starring at the ceiling while he continued to slowly shrink.

After a few minutes he could hear the chatter and giggles of the too girls

approach, as there foot steps grew louder he began to tingle inside. Shortly he

found himself looking up at Vikki as she looked down at him past her massive

tits. She looked hot as always in her knee high black boots and black fishnet

stockings reaching up under her black leather mini skirt and a white top with

the words across her chest reading “The Real Deal”. She was proud of her assets

and so she should be!

“Can he hear us?” Asked Vikki.

“Of course he can silly.”

“Wow this is fantastic, you must let me have some of that drug…I could have some

fun with that!”

“All in good time…but first we'll have some fun with Willie here.”

“Dirty perverts looking up my skirt!”

“Well if you stand over his head that doesn't leave him much choice…now doe's


Vikki stepped back a little and said.

“Well what have you been up to then?”

“Let's sit down and I'll tell you.”

Both women sat down and Diana began telling Vikki about the fun day she'd had.

But of course she didn't forget Willie and instructed him to lick her feet while

she sat there chatting with Vikki.

After awhile Vikki asked Diana if she could have a go.

“Sure why not…Willie stop licking my feet and do as Vikki tells you.”

Willie sat back on his heels and looked up at Vikki.

“Right err Willie, erm…lay on your back and stretch your arms and legs into the


Immediately Willie did as he was told.

“Cor this is cool…Willie stand on your head.”

Again Willie did as she commanded with our hesitation.

“This is fantastic, to have complete control…and over one of the teachers too!

How long doe's it last?”

“It says 48 hours, but if you want you can just keep giving them the drug for as

long as you want.”

“Just think top marks in all exams without even cheating…when I leave here next

year I'll be 21 and all the years spent would have been worth it.”

“Slow down, not so fast…we don't know of any side effects yet.”

While the 2 women continued to waffle on Willie was finding his position most


10 minutes later

“Ha, ha look at him his face is really beetroot.” Screamed Vikki.

“Bloody hell, I didn't think you could go that red.”

“Willie you can get off of your head now.”

Willie was a relieved man and sat back up right, he felt a little dizzy as the

blood from his head rushed back down his body.

“Willie would you lick my boots clean for me.”


Willie went to work like a man possessed, licking every last inch of her

glorious boot!

“Look he's enjoying that.” Said Vikki excitedly.

“Don't be silly…it's just that he has no choice in the matter…but do you know

the best thing about this drug?”

“No tell me please.”

“Well deep inside his mind he's telling himself not to do it and is fighting

against our commands. But the frustrating thing for him is that no matter how

much he tells himself not to do it he just can't help himself…can you imagine

just how humiliated he is right now!”

“You mean that while he's licking my boots, the real Dr Defoe is in there

somewhere knowing what's going on and struggling to get out?”

“In a nut shell yea!”

“Wow, that makes it all the more satisfying.”

Vikki relaxed back in the chair and basked at the thought that the good old Doc

knew exactly what was going on but was powerless to stop it.

“Willie they look good enough now, I think you should work a little on the


Willie then began to lick the rough worn sole's of her boots; deep inside he was

disgusted but powerless to stop.

The night wore on and Diana had shown Vikki how she gives Willie a drink and

Vikki then made him eat food from the sole of her boot. The 2 women just thought

up more and more ways to abuse him and belittle him until eventually the time

had come for Vikki to leave.

“Are you sure you won't stay?” Enquired Diana.

“Yea, I' like too, but I promised mum I'd go to see Grandma in the morning with

her, but if its ok I'll come over tomorrow when I get back.”

“Yea that'll be great!”

“Good until tomorrow then.”

“Until tomorrow.”

“Have fun.”

“Don't worry I intend to.”

With that Vikki left leaving Diana alone with Willie once again.

“Come on then Willie time for bed.”

Willie crawled behind her as she walked up the long curving staircase. By now

his sleeves were covering his hands but still Diana hadn't noticed the change in


As they got to her bedroom she instructed him to curl up under the bed and go to

sleep as she was tired and there would be plenty of time for more fun tomorrow.

Willie did as he was told and crawled under the bed and then shut his eyes and

immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Morning soon came and Diana awoke to the sound of the birds singing outside, she

stretched and looked over at her clock, it read 10:30.

“God I slept well.” She said to her self.

Slipping her feet into her slippers she walked to the bathroom for her morning


After an hour she returned to the bedroom fully dressed in a pair of cut off

jeans and a tight fitting tee shirt.

“Ok Willie time to get up.” She called out.

Willie stirred and found that the drug had worn off.

“Thank god, now I can go home.” He thought to himself.

As he stretched out he felt kind of strange and the bottom of the bed seemed

rather high. He looked about himself he found he could no longer reach his arms

out of the sleeves of his shirt, nor his feet through the bottom of his


“Christ I've shrunk, but just how small am I.” He though to himself.

Diana was getting impatient.

“Willie come out now, don't make me drag you out.”

Willie struggled to crawl out from under the bed in his ill-fitting clothes.

As he crawled out and stood up he was shocked to see that he was face to face

with Diana's bare navel.

“O' my god, look at you your tiny…it must be a side affect from the drug.”

Willie looked up at the giantess standing before him with her hands on her hips

and her legs slightly apart. She was grinning from ear to ear.

“O' god the drug she gave me must have reacted some how with the growth serum

that has absorbed in to my blood and had a reversal effect of catastrophic

proportions.” Willie thought to himself.

Suddenly gathering his thoughts he knew he had to get away so he bolted for the

door but unfortunately his ill-fitting clothes put paid to that idea as he

stumbled to the ground.

“Well, well, I see the drugs worn off then, good because now the real fun can

begin.” Said Diana in an evil tone as she walked over to his small frame.

Willie attempted to crawl away but Diana just planted her foot on one of the

dragging legs of his trousers and halted his progress with little effort. SENTIMIENTOS ENCONTRADOS by iriana

Eventually conceding to the fact that he couldn't escape her he rolled over to

look up at her. She was just standing there looking down at him with a look on

her face like the cat that had just caught the canary.

“Now don't try escaping me…you know it's useless…and you really wouldn't want to

upset me, now would you.”

The tone in her voice was one of excitement for before she needed a drug to

control him, now she could control him on her terms, as she was now bigger and

stronger than he was.

“Stand up little Willie, I want to see just how small you really are.”

Willie dejectedly got to his feet and stood next to her all the while looking at

the floor.

“Tiny look at me.”

Willie didn't move.

“You tiny bug, I said look at me.”

Still Willie kept his eyes fixed to the ground.

Suddenly Diana grabbed a handful of his hair and wrenched his head back forcing

him to look up at her.

“Now then shorty, when I tell you to do something you do it ok…do you understand


“Ouch, ouch, please let go.”

“Do you understand me.” She repeated herself while almost lifting him off of his


“Arghhhhhh, yes, yes I understand, please let go.”

Diana satisfied that she'd made her point let go and smiled as Willie rubbed his

sore head with his hands in an attempt to alleviate the pain.

“Now stand in front of me so that I can see just how small you really are.”

Willie turned to face her and looked directly at her navel.


Willie took a hesitant step closer.

“Closer.” Diana again instructed.

Another step closer and his nose was almost buried into her navel.

“That's better…now lets see just where you come up to.”

Diana placed her hand atop his head and found that it was just level with the

beginning of her top.

“Follow me as I need to measure you, I really want to find your true height.”

Diana reached down and took hold of Willie's small hand and then began leading

out of the bedroom.

Willie was shocked by the difference in their hand sizes, he felt his hand was

totally lost in hers and her grip was almost crushing his hand as she pulled him

along so effortlessly.

Diana strolled along at her normal brisk pace totally unaware of the difficulty

Willie had just to keep up with her for his ill-fitting clothes were making it

really tough for him. As they reached the stairs Diana continued down at the

same fast pace, unfortunately for Willie he found his feet tangle in is long

trousers and before he knew it he was being dragged along.

At last Willie was able to regain his footing as they reached the kitchen. Diana

let go of his hand and rummaged about one of the cupboards for a tape measure.

Willie used this time to good effect and rolled up both his sleeves and

trousers, if it hadn't been for the fact that he was wearing braces his trousers

would have been lost long ago.

“Ah found it.” Said Diana.

Diana then walked back to Willie and held the measure against him.

“Wow a huge 3ft 10”, tell me what was you before?”

Willie looked up at her with teary eyes.

“6ft 2”, I was 6ft 2 this time yesterday.”

“That's what a loss of 28 inches in less than 24hrs, shit that's amazing.”

Diana looked down at him with a strange puzzled look upon her face.

“What, what is it?”

“Well I was kind of wondering whether you might get any smaller if I gave you

more of the mind control drug. {With a huge smile appearing on her face she

continued.} Can you imagine what it'd be like if I could hold you in the palm of

my hand…wow the possibilities would be endless.” She finished by biting her

bottom lip.

“Please no, you wouldn't, you couldn't…have mercy.”

Willie sank to his knees and begged her.

“Calm down little one…at the moment your just the size that I want you…but piss

me off and then who knows?”

Willie knew that if he were to escape her he needed to be no smaller than he is

now, and he hoped that with his growth agent he could once again stand tall.

The next couple of hours passed by without any real problems for Willie, in fact

Diana had given him some food and drink and her attitude toward him seemed to be

a lot more pleasant.


“Yes Willie.”

“I need to go to the bathroom.”

“Ok, let's go then.”

Diana then led Willie to the bathroom and waited outside while he went about his


“Come on, can't you find that little thing, or what!” Diana called from the

outside the bathroom door.

Willie kept quite, and for the first time he was on his own. As he stood there

going about his business he realised that being 4ft 6” wasn't that bad after

all. He began to wish that he'd never messed about with his height and just

accepted it. Now look at him smaller than ever, and at the mercy of this tyrant.

“Ding, Dong”

“Willie there's someone at the door, now hurry up and come out!”

“I can't, I'm on the throne.”

“O' alright then, but just stay put until I return.”

Willie then heard her footsteps fade as she walked down to answer the front


This was his chance, the moment he'd been waiting for, if he were to escape her

clutches then now would be a good a time as any. Slowly he opened the door and

looked both ways down the long hall, all clear. Quickly he rushed toward the

stairs, as he got to the top he could see Diana standing at the door talking

with the mailman.

To his great delight Diana asked the mailman to step inside a moment while she

got her purse. This was it, his big chance; he'd get the mailman to help him.

Quickly he rushed down the stairs as Diana disappeared into the study.

“Help me please!” Willie screamed as he reached the bottom of the stairs and ran

toward the startled mailman.

“Wow, hang on there young fella…where's the fire?”

“Please you have to get me out of here, please! You see she did this to me and

is keeping me prisoner here.”

The mailman bent down and looked into Willie's eyes and said.

“Now start again young man, what's the problem?”

But just as Willie was about to answer he felt a large hand plant firmly over

his mouth.

“Sorry about that. Young brothers, what a pain.” Diana said convincingly to the


“O' that's ok, I have 2 myself…great imaginations.”

Smiling broadly Diana replied.

“Yea, funny though I don't remember having an imagination like that when I was

his age…Sorry how much did you say?”

“Six pounds, fifty please.”

Willie was kicking at her legs and pulling at her hand to release it from his

face, but she held firm.

“Here, would you mind taking it yourself, as you can see I have my hand's full

here.” Diana said as she passed her purse to the mailman.

“Sure thing.”

Diana turned Willie around and held his face firmly into her stomach. Willie

continued to kick and struggle for all he was worth.

The mailman took his money and roughed up Willie's hair with his hand as he said

good bye and let himself out.

As the door shut Diana pulled Willie's face from her stomach and locked her

hands around his arms forcing them down to his sides. Bending down she looked

into his eyes.

“Willie, Willie, what a stupid fool you've been…I had planned on being nice to

you, but you've changed all that now…you'll regret ever trying to escape me.

Strange thing is, I'd have let you go sooner but now, well let's just say it's

going to be a long three months for you.”

“Fuck you bitch.” Willie screamed as he spat in her face.

Diana let go of one of his arms to wipe her face and as she did so Willie poked

her in the eye. She screamed and let go of the other arm. Willie then kicked her

as hard as he could in her sex. Diana cried out and fell to the floor in pain.

Knowing this might be his only chance he moved quickly to her head and began

kicking it repeatedly. Diana bought her hands up over her head in an attempt to

protect her self.

Willie was satisfied that she was unable to chase him now, so he made quickly

for the door. He reached up and opened it and ran out onto the drive, looking

back as he ran he could see that Diana was still on the floor.

He hadn't realised how long the drive was and could see already that the gates

from which the mailman had entered the estate were already closing.

Just as he reached the gates they'd completed their cycle and had shut tight. He

grabbed the iron gates and shook them as he shouted for help in the hope that

someone would hear him. He looked back anxiously and saw Diana sprinting up the

drive toward him.

“Shit, shit, now what do I do.” He said to himself.

Looking up he realised the only way out was to climb over the 12ft high gates.

Without another thought he began to climb, all the while nervously looking back

at Diana getting closer and closer.

He'd reached about half way when suddenly he felt a powerful hand grab around

his ankle.

“Gotcha.” Cried Diana as she pulled on his leg.

Willie held on as tightly as he could and kicked at her with his free leg. But

Diana just caught that one too, once she had a firm hold on both his ankles she

pulled down. Willie couldn't hold on against her superior weight and strength

and his grip slowly released from the gate.

Diana let him fall to the ground all the while holding his ankles tightly.

“Right then you little shit, you're in trouble now.”

Diana released one of his ankles and started to walk back to the house dragging

him along the floor by his right foot.

Willie struggled for all he was worth, but it was useless he just couldn't break


By the time they'd reached the front door Willie was spent. His head bumped up

and over the doorstep and then once inside Diana released him and closed the

front door.

Walking back to the little man lying tiered on the floor she placed her foot

across his neck and applied some weight. Willie raised his hands and took hold

of her ankle firmly, but it was no good for her weight was too much. He began to

gag as the pressure increased; he looked up into her face as she watched him


“You little shit, look you made my lip bleed, look blood. Well guess what I want

to see you bleed now!”

Diana removed her foot and Willie began to cough for air as she reached down and

picked him up. Before he could even attempt to kick her she threw him hard back

to the floor.

The impact shot pain through him, already gasping for air he found himself

winded which made his attempts to draw in air even harder.

Diana sat down on top of him and held his arms close to his sides as she settled

her powerful legs either side of him as she got comfortable on her knees. Once

satisfied that he couldn't move she grabbed his hair in her hand and began

smashing his head against the wooden floor. With each smash she would name it

something different.

“This one's for kicking me.” SMASH!

“This one's for spitting in my face.” SMASH!

“This one's for making me run up the drive.” SMASH!

This continued for some time until Willie was almost unconscious.

Upon realising he was almost out of it she began too gently slap his face.

“Willie wake up, wake up, damn you.”

This seemed to do the trick as Willie's eye's seemed to regain there focus.

“Good, we don't want to sleep just yet do we.”

The gentle slap was then replaced with a hard one across the cheek. Willie

grunted in pain as she hit him harder and harder.

Diana stopped to admire her work as she watched his battered face swell up

before her eyes and then the blood begin to flow from his nose and mouth.

Willie was in great pain and his body just wanted to shut down to block out the

pain, but Diana wouldn't let him, not yet anyway.

Diana got up off of him and placed her foot over his genitals, smiling down at

his battered body she began to press down.

A soft whimper left Willie's swollen lips. Diana realised he couldn't take much

more, and after all she didn't want to kill him…just yet!

She reached down and picked him up and was surprised to find he was smaller, god

yes he was. The top of his head was now lower than her navel.

She lifted him up to her face and said.

“Guess what Willie…you're shrinking again.”

Willie grunted and then passed out.

Willie awoke with a headache to beat all others, remembering back to what he'd

gone through he thought himself lucky to be alive. He slowly sat up and felt his

still sore puffy face and wondered just how long he'd been unconscious.

After a minute or so he wondered just where he was and these strange clothes he

was wearing, where had they come from?

Willie slowly sat on the edge of the rather hard bed he found himself lying on.

Still feeling a little groggy he looked around and noticed that he was in a

rather girlie bedroom, lots of pink and photo's of various men, none of whom he

recognised. Slowly he got to his feet and walked to the door in front of him, as

he opened it he found it led to a small bathroom. He walked over to the sink and

looked at his reflection in the mirror above it. He was taken aback by the

person looking back at him, surly it wasn't him? But of course it was, his face

black and blue and swollen beyond recognition.

“Jesus, she really did a number on me.” He thought to himself.

He leaned down and tried turning the faucet on, but to his anger it just span

around without any water coming out.

“Just what kind of place is this?”

Looking back at the mirror which was not all that clear he noticed the jacket he

had on. Stepping back he looked over himself and found that he was dressed from

head to toe in camouflaged army issue clothes.

“What the hell?”

He turned and decided to try and find a way out of this nightmare. Willie walked

back into the bedroom and past the bed to the door on the other side of the

room. He opened it and found it led to a landing that ended with a small

staircase. Slowly he walked down the staircase to find it led to a living room,

and there in front of him was a blonde woman sitting in the couch with her back

to him.

“Hello, excuse me…could you tell me where I am please.”

Not a sound, the woman didn't even turn her head.

“Strange.” He thought to himself.

Willie then walked over to her and stood directly behind her.

“Err hi, could you help me please.”

Still the woman didn't turn.

Willie decided enough was enough and walked round to the front of her.

“O' god, it's a mannequin, a bloody shop window dummy. God now I've really lost

it I'm talking to a dummy.”

The one thing he'd noticed was that everything was the right size so at least

he'd grown back to his 6ft 2” height, which pleased him, but what he couldn't

work out was just where in the hell was he.

He walked over to the door, which he assumed led to the out side world only to

find it shut tight and he was unable to open it. The other thing that worry him

was that he seemed to be alone in this house, just where was Diana?

Willie decided to try and escape through one of the windows, but found that they

had shutters on them that were locked from the outside, and the windows weren't

glass they seemed to be made of Perspex. This was starting to freak him out, was

there no way out of this strange house?

Suddenly the room began to shake and Willie noticed that the entire front wall

of the room was moving. Quickly he dived behind the couch that the mannequin was

sitting in.

From his position he looked over the top of the couch and couldn't believe his

eyes as this giant young girl pulled the entire wall from the house. Blinking

his eyes in disbelief, he looked again just as her monstrously huge hand entered

the room. Quickly he ducked down in the hope she hadn't seen him.

“There you are Barbie, I'm sure Vikki won't mind me playing with you, after all

she's too big to play with you now.”

Willie stayed down and shuddered with fear as he realised that he hadn't

returned to normal and in fact had indeed shrunk to this ridiculous height. He

felt the couch move as the giant girl wrapped her trunk like chubby fingers

around the doll. His inquisitive nature had gotten the better of him and he just

had to look out once more. As he peered over the back of the couch he could see

the giant young girl holding the doll in her hand. Suddenly she looked up and

straight at him, he ducked back down in the hope she hadn't spotted him.

Aimee had noticed his movement and reached in to move the couch.

As her giant fingers wrapped around the couch, Willie stood up and ran up the

stairs. As he reached the top he realised that it wasn't just the wall in the

living room that had moved it was in fact the entire front of the house. For

Aimee was looking directly at him with a huge toothy smile.

Before he could react he found himself fighting off her fingers as she

effortlessly wrapped them around his tiny body and lifted him from the house.

“Wow, a dolly that moves…I've never seen you before.”

Aimee was holding Willie too tight and he screamed out.

This shocked Aimee and she released her grip, dropping Willie to the floor


Willie landed with a thud on her feet; quickly he got up and ran between her

legs for the open door.

“Come back here dolly.” She cried.

Willie just kept his head down and ran as fast as his tiny legs would carry him.

With just a couple of steps Aimee was already past him and stood right in his


Before Willie could stop he ran smack into her leg and crumbled to the floor in

a heap.

Aimee reached down and picked him up again. Bringing him up to her face she

turned him around and inspected him closely.

“Cor, you look so real.”

Before Willie could say anything he found himself swinging around as she walked

back to her room.

The next thing Willie knew was that he was roughly dropped along with Barbie

into a large box filled with doll furniture. He pushed the Barbie doll from him

with some difficulty and stood up, he found that this box had three sides and

the opened side was filled with the crossed legs of his giant captor.

Willie looked up at her and guessed her to be around 8 years old.

“Err hi…my names Willie, what's yours?” Willie called up to her.

“Aimee.” She shyly replied.

“That's a pretty name.”

Aimee giggled at his remark.

“Aimee, could you take me to your mum.”

“No, I'll get into trouble…I'm not aloud in Vikki's room.”

“Aimee I promise you, you won't get in trouble…please take me to your mum.”

“No, now I want to play.”

Aimee reached in and stood a table up and placed 2 chairs by it, she then put

some cups and saucers on the table. Then she picked up Barbie and sat her down

she then reached for Willie.

“No Aimee, it's ok I'll sit at the table if you want me to.”

Willie then went over and sat next to Barbie.

“Good, we're going to have a tea party.”

Willie sat there while Aimee poured some water into both his and Barbie's cup's.

Once poured Willie picked up his cup and began to drink.

“Hee, hee, you like that?”

“Um, lovely cup of tea.” Willie said up to her.

“Silly, it's only water…mummy won't let me play with hot tea.”

“Silly me, I was only pretending.”

After a little longer Aimee reached in and picked up Barbie. Looking down at

Willie she said.

“Would you like to dance with Barbie?”

“Err no, no thank you, I err have two left feet.”

“That's ok I'll help you.”

Before Willie could react he found himself in her giant fist once again and was

pressed firmly against the hard plastic body of Barbie.

Aimee was dancing them about on her lap totally unaware of the intense pain she

was inflicting upon Willie. Willie tried to scream out but was finding it to

hard to draw in enough air, as the hard plastic breasts of Barbie threatened to

collapse his chest.

“Barbie like's the way you dance and would like a kiss.”

Willie suddenly felt his face being mashed into Barbie's, he again tried to

scream but as he opened his mouth he found Barbie's hard lips pressed deep into

his, all the while Aimee made kissing sounds.

At last Aimee parted them and Willie could breath in some well-earned air.

“That was fun Willie, could we do it again soon?” Aimee said as she mimicked

Barbie talking.

Aimee waited for Willie to answer.

“Willie, Barbie's talking to you.”

Willie caught his breath and replied.

“O' sorry, of course Barbie that would be great.”

“That's better now let's get changed.”

Willie looked up at her opened mouth as she placed him back on the floor of the


“Err no, it's ok…I err like the clothes I'm wearing.”

Aimee gave him a stern look and said.

“Barbie's changing and so are you.”

Before Willie could object, Aimee picked him up and began removing his clothes,

it didn't matter how much he protested she just continued to undress him.

Eventually Willie lay on Aimee's lap with only a pair of shorts on. He was

pleased that who ever had dressed him before made sure that he wore shorts under

his trousers.

“There we are, now lets see what we have for you to wear…I know if your going to

dance with Barbie again how about this.”

Willie stirred in her lap and looked up at what she was holding.

“O' shit, no way am I wearing that.” He thought to himself.

“Err, Aimee I don't think that'll suit me somehow.”

“Don't be silly, Barbie thinks it'll look great on you, don't you Barbie?”

Willie struggled as his giant captor pulled the garment over his head and down

until it fitted nice and snug. Aimee then placed Willie back on the floor of the

box and picked up Barbie.

“I know, Barbie wants to join the army.” Aimee yelled excitedly.

She picked up Willie's old clothes and dressed Barbie in them.

“There you go, doesn't she look good?”

“Yea, just great.”

Suddenly the bedroom door swung open.

Aimee quickly reached for Willie and held him firmly behind her back as she

turned and sat down with a bump right on Barbie.

“Aimee, have you been in my room?” Said an angry Vikki.

Aimee looked at the floor and replied.

“No, no I haven't.”

“Aimee look at me, have you been in my room?”

Aimee looked up at her sister and with a look of guilt on her face answered.

“No I haven't.”

Vikki noticed Aimee shuffle on her butt and then to her horror she could see the

bottom half of the Action man trousers she'd dressed Willie in poke out from

under Aimee's right butt cheek.

“O' god Aimee you stupid child.” Vikki shouted as she rushed toward Aimee.

Roughly she grabbed Aimee by the arm and threw her onto her bed. She bent down

and noticed that her Barbie doll and not Willie in fact wore the clothes.

She turned to Aimee just as she was running out of the room screaming for her


Vikki jumped up and chased after her little sister.

Willie was in a right old state being shaken back and forth as Aimee hurriedly

rushed down the stairs.

“Aimee, come here now.” Vikki yelled as she chased after her.

Aimee looked back to see Vikki catching up with her.

“Mum, mum help, Vikki's after me, help.”

Aimee reached the bottom of the stairs and bumped into her mum.

“Alright, alright slow down, now what's the problem.” Her Mum enquired.

Vikki had just caught up too.

“Mum, its Aimee she's been in my room again.”

Mum looked down at Aimee and said.

“Aimee is that true?”

“I only wanted to play with her dolls.”

“Aimee what have you got behind your back?”


“Aimee show me.”

Aimee bought her hand out front and showed her mum.

“Is that your doll?” Enquired her mum.

Sheepishly Aimee replied.


“Whose is it?”

“It's Vikki's.”

“Give it here then please.”

Aimee reluctantly handed the shaken body of Willie to her mum.

Upon receiving Willie's beaten body into her hand she looked at him and shook

her head.

Willie tried his best to move and splutter out a word but she held him far too


“God Vikki, where on earth did you get such an ugly doll?”

“O' I picked it up from one of those old antique shops in town.”

“Well I hope you didn't pay too much for it, it's horrible. Here catch.”

Vikki was lucky enough to catch Willie; she held him firmly in her fist and went

up stairs to her bedroom.

Once in her room Vikki sat on her bed and placed Willie down on the floor

between her feet so that he lay there looking up at her.

Vikki then burst into hysterical laughter at the sight between her feet, for

Aimee had dressed Willie in a Barbie ballerina outfit!

“You look so funny, it's made my day…god how I wish all the students could see

you like this. The once great and respected Dr Defoe reduced to the size of a

doll and wearing a Ballerina outfit.”

Again hysterical laughter passed her lips as she lay back on the bed.

“How I wish Diana could see you now.”

Vikki began thumping her feet to the ground as she continued to laugh


Willie fearing her feet landing on him got to his and made a hasty retreat along

the carpet toward the relative safety of the dresser. From under there he

watched as she continued to pound the ground with her feet.

After a couple of minutes, Vikki regained her composer and sat back up. She

looked down to her feet and noticed that Willie had gone. Willie was hiding

behind the leg of the dresser chair as she looked over.

“It's no good Willie, the dress gives you away…I can see the frilly dress

sticking out.”

Willie looked down and true enough the dress did poke out past the width of the


“Come over here now, if you know what's good for you.”

What choice did he have, after all he had no where to go. Slowly with his held

hung down he came out and began walking over to her.

She couldn't help herself and began laughing again as he trudged along looking

like a fairy that belongs on top of a Christmas tree!

Just as Willie reached her feet the door knocked.

“Vikki, dinners ready.”

“Ok mum be down in a sec.”

Looking down at Willie she said.

“Well I guess I need to place you somewhere safe…I think I know just the place.”

She reached down and picked him up.

With Willie in hand she walked over to her Wardrobe and opened it.

“Yes, this will do nicely.”

Willie was turned upside down and struggled in her mighty hand as he was lowered

toward a dark tunnel. Once near the opening, she released him. Willie fell and

eventually landed on his head in the dark, the space was too narrow for him to

turn so he had no choice but to just lie there.

He heard the door close and then the footfalls of Vikki fade as she left her


From the smell of his prison it didn't take Willie long to work out that he was

trapped inside one of her boots!

He lost track of time as he lay there but one thing he did begin to notice and

that was the confines of the boot were gradually getting bigger. This could only

mean one thing, he was shrinking again. When would it stop? Was he to gradually

shrink until he was no more?

Suddenly he was stirred from the darkness by the return of heavy footfalls.

Vikki had finished dinner and was returning to her room when she opened the

wardrobe door and tipped up her boot she was startled to find that Willie had

shrunk again.

Willie got to his feet and looked up and up at his giant captor, she smiled down

at him taking note that the once knee length ballerina shirt now touched the

ground like a ballroom gown.

“Gee's little man, just look at you, you've shrunk again!”

“What have you done to me?” replied Willie.


Vikki bent down and wrapped her fingers around Willie and bought him up close to



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