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The Bourne Decimity by


This is a 'PG-13' story. The story is about teenagers, but there is no sex

involved in the story. There is some alcoholism, and some other things, but this

story is clean other than that. The story contains growing and shrinking and

pregnancy by an of age. If you have any comments or constructive criticism, I

would appreciate you sharing it with me. Now for the story.

The Bourne Decimity

Chapter 1 - Introducing Tim and Sharon

Sharon Gonzalez's rented limo pulled up to Tim Bourne's house. Tim put his

luggage into the tailgate of the Extended Tahoe Limousine. He then climbed into

the back of the limo and sat next to his prom date and girlfriend Sharon. Tim

expands the band on the course and slips Sharon's hand through it. He then

pushed it close to her elbow, but was not even close enough to restrict her

movement. He then pins a flower onto his tuxedo.

While the limo took the pair to the prom, both Tim and Sharon took sometime to

reflect on their relationship through the years. It all began a long time ago.

5 years ago, Tim and his father, Steve moved to Roswell, New Mexico between

Tim's first and second year. Steve and Tim's mother, Andrea, had divorced. Steve

got to keep the three kids, because he had a more stable job, and his income was

way more than enough to support the three kids, but Andrea, was fired from her

job before they divorced and that pretty much settled the custody.

Steve got a promotion from his job and was sent to work in the Roswell

Extraterrestrial Research Facility in Roswell, New Mexico. Steve had enough

money to buy a 30 acre estate with a mansion. Steve, Tim and Tim's two sisters,

Laurie and Bethany, lived in the mansion. Next door to the mansion sat another

equally as large mansion-estate.

That was where Tim and Sharon met. Laurie who was 13 at that time hit it right

off with Sharon when her parents threw a welcoming party for Steve and the kids.

Sharon had a sister Bethany's age, 3, as well. When Tim came home from school

and during the summer, Laurie and Sharon would baby-sit him until their father

came home from the lab. Very often their father would come very, very late.

Sometimes the kids will be in bed before he comes home.

Chapter 2 - Knowledge is Power/ Knowledge Leads to Trouble

What happened during those first years of living in Roswell is unexplainable.

Exactly a year later, to the day, something started happening to Tim. While he

had always enjoyed reading books when he nothing else to do, Tim began soaking

up knowledge from the books he read. It came evermore apparent the first day in

third grade. He had 100% knowledge of all the pre-year test material. They moved

him up to the fourth grade.

He stayed in the fourth grade until the mid-year break. He had learned

everything he needs to know in the fourth grade. So they gave him a fast paced

course to catch him up with the fifth grade. He would learn with the fifth

graders until the end of the year.

During the summer, he checked out 6th grades textbooks. He had them all learned

in month. He then checks out the 7th grade textbooks which also took about a

month. He checkout the 8th grade books, same result. It was close enough to

start the new school year and he started as a freshman in high school. He

finally maxed out of his learning. He slowed down to a grade a year by then. His

first day of the 9th grade didn't go to good. He took the same classes as Sharon

and Laurie.

Between the classes, Sharon and Laurie did their best to avoid Tim. They avoided

him during the lunch period, too. During his second to-the-last class of the

day, he had managed to make the four-time repeat freshman bully was envious of

him. The bully told Tim he would be waiting outside after school was over. The

bully also told Tim if he told anyone, the bully would make his life miserable

everyday. Tim told Laurie and Sharon about during their last class. Sharon told

him she would help him against the bully. You Sharon were as bigger as and

stronger than the bully so she wasn't worried about him. Sharon stood a sexy 6'5

and 200 lbs of pure lean, athletic muscle.

Chapter 3 - Tim and Sharon fall in love and Prom Nite

Sure enough as Tim stepped out of the school onto the front of the school, the

bully took charge at him, until he ran into the wall of Sharon. She towered over

him by a good 6 inches, and was very much stronger than him. Laurie and Sharon

didn't have volleyball practice that day so they went on home, and hung out

there until Steve got home. When they got home they worked on their homework,

while they did the homework, Sharon was so impressed with Tim being able to do

the homework with ease. Tim even managed to help Sharon with tough parts of

hers. That was the one major weakness of Sharon.

Sharon was a fashion model. Already as a freshman she was the most popular girl

in School. She was the unanimous homecoming queen. No freshman had won it

before. She was an awesome basketball player. She was a good all-around athlete,

any sport she tried; she was fairly decent at, if not great.

By the senior year she quit growing at a lofty 7'3" and weighed a lean and

muscular 320 lbs, a body that most body-builders could not even compete with.

She completely dominated other basketball teams herself as a one-woman wrecking

crew. She had full-ride offers by all the best colleges in the country.

Tim on the other hand was book smart and street smart but lacked a handsome body

and had zero athletic talent. He had not even hit puberty until halfway into the

senior year. He was 4'5" and weighed 100 lbs - even. He had a perfect score on

the SAT which gave the opportunity to go to any college without having to pay a


Tim and Sharon were complete opposites, but that was the sole reason they wound

up being total soul mates. What Tim lacked, Sharon had, and what Sharon lacked,

Tim had, it was a great match. For Sharon she could not find a single guy in the

school or any school within 100 miles of it. Tim had the same problem with the

girls. While they thought it was pretty weird and goofy, it made the perfect

sense to date.

Tim and Sharon decided that they would attend the same college no matter what

college it was. They set the Monday after prom as the day they would decide

which college it would be.

Tim and Sharon arrived at their prom early. They ate, they watched the senior

moments video, and then they danced. They danced rather well considering the

size mis-match. Nope, no two left shoes there. After Sharon won prom queen and

Tim won prom king, they went up to their hotel room and slept.

Chapter 4 - The Blue Stuff

They woke up around noon. "Sharon,” said Tim.

"Yes, sweetie?" Asked Sharon.

"My father has working with some of really weird stuff. I would like to take to

the lab to see it, “said Tim.

"I don't know Tim, won't we get in trouble or something? What if the stuff was

dangerous?" Sharon asked him.

"We won't get in trouble, I have security pass that will get us in, and the

stuff is stored so it shouldn't be dangerous as long as they aren't open, " said

Tim,” besides, when were you ever scared of something anyways?"

"I guess you right, we will be careful, let's go!" Sharon rejoiced.

So they went to the lab, they went through the security checkpoint, and then he

opened the secure lab with his pass. They immediately saw 12 glass jars of a

clear-blue substance. They touched on of the jars and were shocked that the jars

felt so cool. "They stay at a constant 40 degrees Fahrenheit, pretty weird isn't

it?" Tim inquired.

"That is really weird," she answered.

"They fell onto the Earth inside meteorites and the glass jars remained intact

from the collision. The meteorites must have given enough protection to the

jars, and the constant coolness of the substance kept the jars from burning up

in the atmosphere," Tim informed Sharon.

"Uh-huh," was all Sharon respond with, as she was at a lost for words.

"Babe, I got to go to the little boys' room, I'll be right back," said Tim.

"Ok, Hun, I'll be waiting for you," replied Sharon.

While Sharon waited on Tim, she became more and more curious about that blue

substance. Sharon found a clean vial and poured some of the substance into the

vial. She put it in her purse where it would not break. When Tim walked out if

the bathroom, Sharon soaked him with a bucket of water. Tim was shivering and

laughing. That was Sharon's favorite trick on him.

They decided to leave and go back to the hotel. Tim and Sharon watched some

ballgames. They soon fell asleep.

Chapter 5 -- The Blue Stuff is out of the Bag

Sharon had gotten up during the middle of the night. She had a terrific dream

about the blue liquid. The dream made her much more curious about it. She opened

up the vial. The substance smelled like blue raspberry Kool-Aid. She took pour a

little bit of the substance, just enough to cover the bottom of a shot glass she

had kept from a bar she went to one time. It was blue raspberry Kool-aid, she

was convinced. She poured half into a wine glass that was in the room, and then

she poured the other half in another matching wine glass. Sharon put the empty

vial back into her purse. She filled the two wine glasses the rest of the way

with the raspberry wine she managed to get the hotel to let her have. She walked

back to the bed with the glasses. She woke up Tim and suggested that they have a

midnight cheers that they would be together for always.

The next morning they went and worked out at the local gym. Strangely, they had

woken up with such energy that they need to do it. They spent the entire day

basically doing whatever they could do to tire themselves out. They did

accomplish it; although it was close to midnight when they got back to the room.

Chapter 6 -- The Immediate Effects

Besides them being pretty tired from the day, they underwent slight physical

changes. They didn't notice it themselves. Sharon had grown taller by an inch.

The rest of her body grew proportionately. Tim's shrunk an inch. The rest of his

body shrunk proportionately as well.

There were a few parts of Sharon's growth that did not go unnoticed. Sharon's

breasts grew by one full cup size. Sharon's abdomen grew out couple inches, as

if she was pregnant for a month.

Sharon thought it was impossible that she would be able to tell that she was

that far along. Awe heck, the egg would not have even been fully fertilized to

even start the pregnancy. But sure enough as she did the at-home pregnancy test,

she discovered that she was indeed pregnant.

Sharon also thought she gained a few extra muscles on her body, too.

Tim also experienced a few changes. His clothes seemed a little looser than

before. He was used to being automatic about reaching and finding things he

found he had to adjust a little.

Monday morning rolls around. Sharon signs a letter of intent to Stanford, and

signs her full ride scholarship. Tim signs his full ride scholarship to Stanford

as well.

Chapter 7 - The Girls are Born

Two months go by, Tim and Sharon have moved in an Apartment in Palo Alto. Sharon

had her babies in an unbelievable 8 weeks. Not just one baby, there was 10 fully

grown, healthy baby girls, by C-section of course. Sharon's wounds from the

surgery carried 10 girls in the womb, birth marks, and a bunch of the other

things vanished the night after the delivery. Sharon now tops out at a whopping

10'3" mark. Tim diminished to only 2' tall.

Sharon got back into game shape in no time. In fact, she even got more

conditioned and stronger so much so that she was ahead of the veteran ball

players by the time school started.

Chapter 8 - A Monster Sweet Party

The dekatuplets turn sweet sixteen. Amy, Becky, Christy, Dana, Erin, Fawn, Gaby,

Heather, Irene, and Jenna Jones turn sweet 16. They had the biggest sweet 16

party anyone ever had.

Sharon has been retired from the WNBA for 4 years. She holds all the career and

single season records imaginable. She is now runs a girls' basketball academy

for girls age 4 to 18. She owns one of the leading sporting goods companies.

Tim has been the U.S. government's top research scientist. He is the expert in

all the Governments' major cases. He also helps all the national security

agencies and the military. He has a profiting research corporation as well as a

personal research company and the best non-profit research companies.

The girls are all in the 12 - 13 foot range. The girls can tear through 10 foot

walls with ease. They can level a building in hours. The girls dismantled all

known enemies of the United States. They also have a plethora of knowledge. Far

more knowledge than Tim has. For that reason the girls now help Tim in all of

his major research projects.

The Bournes lives happily ever after....

Or do they?

The End, for now.

Giantess Stories: he Bourne Decimity by ramsfan

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