Giantess Stories: HELENA

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Helena opened the door slowly and entered the hallway, pausing only to shut the

door behind her she strode into

the spacious sitting room. Sitting down in one of her swanky chairs she

stretched her long silken legs out and

reflected on the days events at work. A power figure in the world of finance had

allowed her the luxuries in life both

little and large. Now at home she thought of her aching feet and the relief they

needed. She stood and picked up a

small pox out of her bag and walked to the door at the end of the room. Opening

the door she slid into her playroom

the smell of leather hung heavy in the air as did the musty smell of pain and

death. Placing the box on a table she

looked at her self in the mirror, standing at 6'6 in her crimson red high heels

she was a picture of beauty. Dressed in a

pure white silk shirt that really set of her auburn red hair, a knee length

black leather skirt, tight black leather gloves

and sheer black stockings. Helena contemplated having a long luxurious bath and

changing into clothes that would

strike instant fear into her many charges both male and female.

She decided against reasoning that the standard high finance attire and her pure

physical presence alone would

be enough, anyhow her feet ached for instant relief.

Placing the box on the cold stone floor she opened one end and stood up with her

hands on her leather hips.

Taking a small intake of breath she slowly voiced “out” in a husky accent that

just oozed sex and evil. Twelve mini

men ranging between four and six inches in height begrudgingly walked out clad

only in a loin cloth to cover their

tiny genitalia, they knew their fate was sealed “Quickly” snapped Helena “line

up over here” pointing to the toe of

her red shoe with a long leather finger.

Looking sternly she eyed them up “you have no names here only numbers, you are

number one” pointing to the

first mini man, “You are number two.” She counted them all off assigning them

all a new identity. “life as you know

it has ended right here.” mused Helena “I have been known to be fair and if one

of you has a problem tell me and I

might be able to solve it.”

“For example if number three thinks that the work is to hard and the food not

adequate enough, and he comes

and tells me about it, I shall take steps to rectify the problem.”

“I usually find the best method in solving a problem is to remove the problem.”

“like this”

With a swift movement of her right foot she knocked number three over and placed

her foot on him. Number

three looked up eyes bulging as the load slowly crushed him. Helena was just

about to turn him into a mushy mess

when she relented and whispered “not just yet , I've got plans for you.”

“Right numbers one to four into the other room and line up and don't try to

escape whilst you wait for me

because the pain you will endure when I catch you won't be worth it”

“go on then “she snapped The four mini men scurried off. “five and six at the

end of the room you will find a

pair of black leather peep toe shoes with spikey high heels on them, your job is

to clean them inside and out with

your tongues, I'11 be needing them later.”

“The rest of you follow the other two to the shoe crib find your self a shoe

each and clean the insides out I shall

inspect them later.”

Turning on her heels she strode back into the sitting room to look for numbers

one to four. Her heels clicked on

the marble floor “nice and easy to clean up” she thought looking at the floor.

She sat down on the settee “leather of course”. “you four over here by my feet

now “Helena barked.

She picked up four and stroked him gently “Your on fanny duties.” lifting her

skirt up she parted her leather

knickers and inserted him feet first in to her moist pussy, carefully replacing

her knickers she then pulled down her

skirt and smoothed it out. pointing to number one and two with her gloved finger

“You two are on foot assignments”

Helena kicked off her red high heels and placed her silken stocking feet next to

one and two. “I want my stockings

glistening and damp with your contemptible saliva” the two mini men hurriedly

got on with their work the sweet

perfumed smell of her scented stocking mixed with the accumulated sweat of being

encased in red leather for eight

hours filled their nostril's. Helena looked down at them and nudged them with

her feet, trapping them under each


“Remember all over the feet boys.” whispered Helena. She turned to number three

and picked him up the

Leather gloved hand soothing his trembling feeble body, “I could crush you

instantly right now but you'd miss all the

fun, she dropped him onto her skirt “clean it “ she cracked. Number three got

busy licking her skirt, Helena

occasionally moved her legs about so he got lost in the folds in her skirt.

She sat there for half an hour looking at her possessions feeling their tongues

at work. “right that's enough” she

put her feet back into her shoes lifted the soles up “lick” she commanded One

and two got busy again, with pure

malice in her eyes she slowly put her soles of her shoes on the ground, the mini

men trapped under this beautiful

giantess squirmed under the weight, their eyes bulging she, pressed harder

smiling as she exerted more force. Their

tiny bodies gave way with out warning blood

and tissue spattered all over her shoes, she grinned at her work orgasm followed

orgasm more than likely

drowning the little shit inside her. Helena stood up quickly number 3 fell to

floor with a small bump, he was dazed

but still alive. She put her right shoe on him the remains of number two muffled

his pathetic pleas, twisting side to

side with her shoe number three offered very little resistance.

Helena surveyed the mess and laughed to her self, she took deep breaths her

breasts heaved with the thrill, she

was on a roll. Pulling her skirt up again she pulled four out of his little

moist hole, she studied him “good your still

alive.” Four was covered in her sweet smelling love juice “shame to let that go

to waste.” Murmured Helena. She

dropped four into her mouth and sucked off the love juice, carefully lifting him

out by his head she dangled him just

above her perfect teeth and promptly bit his ankles off. She threw him to ground

screaming in agony. Spitting the

remains of his feet at him, she lifted her right heel up and placed the tip of

it on his wrist. “this always amuses me

“she voiced.

Exerting as much force as she could muster she pressed on his wrist, he screamed

again as his wrist powdered to

nothing. With her left heel she trapped his contorted body, zeroing on his

kneecap she shattered it he passed out with

shock. She spat at him to revive him “You're not getting away with it that

easily “please no mistress” he begged

“fuck you” Helena retorted. She aimed her heel at his midriff and impaled him.

Helena pulled him off and kicked

him into a mushy mess just to make sure.

Smiling at her good work she went for 5 & 6, she found them engrossed in their

cleaning their tongues aching

from their task “hang on “ she called out. She picked up the shoes and took a

look at number 7 grabbed him and took

them all to the sitting room and sat back down. “carry on with your cleaning “

she whispered. She peeled off her right

glove picked up 7 and placed him inside, the hot leather interior almost causing

him to faint, Helena replaced the

glove on her hand carefully avoiding not to break the little man, just yet! The

tight glove showed up the weak

contours and minute genitals of 7. Kicking of her red shoes she stretched her

legs out wiggling her stocking toes

“poor darlings all .on your own aren't you” Plucking 6 out of the right shoe she

placed her size eight foot into the


toe court shoe. Lifting her leg up she unhooked her left stocking and peeled it

off, she dropped 6 into the

stocking and gently replaced the mini mans silken prison. He was trapped his

face forced up to her sweet smelling

feet. “kiss them with all your love” she horsed. She gently eased her foot into

the left shoe 6 started to fidget with

anxiety, his time was up. Helena heard his screams muffled by her slabs of

femininity and silken stockings, she

continued to ease her foot into the court shoe. Five made a vain dash for

freedom. Trapped inside her left shoe he

saw the huge foot edging towards him, spinning round he made a dash for the peep

toe. He tried to force his way

through however for the first time in his miserable life he was to big for

something and got trapped. With just his

head and chest sticking out from her shoe Helena looked at him “You stupid

little man, so predictable I knew you'd

do that”

She pressed her foot further inwards enjoying the pleasurable sensations of the

two mini men yielding inside her

shoe. Glancing at 5 his head was about to explode, she pushed a little further

with her foot. He screamed out in

agony. “piss off” she hissed. placing the tip of her right heel on his head she

pressed downwards crushing his head

like an egg. She was still aware of life in her left shoe in the name of 6.

Pushing her left foot inside she felt him

mould into the shape of her shoe and foot, with her foot now fully in she could

still detect movement. Helena stood

up and rocked on her shoes back and forth, bearing her weight down on her left

foot she felt her little prisoner give

way to the force of her graceful foot. Removing her left foot from the shoe she

looked at the bloody oozing mess her

stocking had trapped, she had another orgasm. With her left shoe in her hand

Helena cast aside the remains of 6.

Clenching her leathered hand seven's genitals were even more exposed, she tapped

his tiny balls with her heel, he

wailed. The leather was so tight she saw his mouth move, she tapped his balls

five or six times with increasing

viciousness, and broke into laughter as she smashed her fist into the wall.

Killing him instantly she felt her hand go

all moist and warm, “what a feeling “she purred.”

She stood up and walked to the ante room popped her head around the corner and

called out in an angelic voice

that belied the cruelty behind it “I'm going for a bath now make sure all those

shoes are cleaned inside and out.

Looking severely at the remaining mini men she tossed her two pairs of shoes and

blood soaked leather glove at

them, the remnants of one to seven all to clear for them to see, Helena blew

them a kiss, smiled “see you later boys,”

the tiny mini men groaned and returned to their toil knowing that in the space

of a few hours their miserable lives

will be over!


Giantess Stories: HELENA

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